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Apr 5, 2011|

LSU baseball coach Paul Mainieri previews his ballclubs game versus Tulane with WWL's Kristian Garic

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to an abbreviated edition of sports talk on this Tuesday fifth day of April 2011 he's the cajun -- Bobby -- I'm Deke Bellavia coming up. On the program next now we're here from LA issue coach baseball coach pulmonary -- is -- first office series victory this past weekend oval miss. They'll look to continue their winning ways this evening here in New Orleans as they take on a Tulane green wave of town return to stadium Greer field. On the campus of Tulane University. Also on the program and a 5 o'clock Allah legal analysts attorney who does show earlier on a Sunday mornings. Eddie and dunks and Theriot will be where this is what talk about tomorrow the NFL and the players and -- they'll be any. It is now. I guess you'd say this you acting as an NFL PA. But they are decertified. They will go to. Court tomorrow to decide or have the judge in new judge here whether or not this lockout is fair or legal to the players' side of things. Who gave -- -- to explain what exactly we'll take place tomorrow. Long time what does this mean. I certainly is gonna be some type of appeal on either side here will get the latest from -- since -- it kind of have a two -- so to speak -- being brick at them because as a it's more than just football -- -- in the situation like the that this is probably. This out of football that you saw as a player when you and the contract negotiation -- lawlessness that into. Well -- -- -- -- -- this way that's why you know he's a job as a job no job is not a job when you're dealing with an entertainment and sports is -- dipped. And big -- trying to do is -- -- because imitate gave the field and right there you know it to -- for Gary Roberts at Tulane sports law. And he -- NFL network week have been added element and over again -- one because I think he's truly going to be objective right between the players and owners. And I think is hot right now to know this is right on what he says now you know -- and people kind of give in real hard time about. You know -- simple you paint. You know explained labor issues is not like dealing with the the local plumber union. Are the mechanic. -- any work. For a necessity peavy deal all the talent they sometimes when you say you try to be objective and I think you really do be objective that the into the B yeah a genetic makeup as a player because yes it's -- -- -- the men only so many -- oh anybody that it would have to understand that and -- -- -- you. And and I respect plumbers there because -- I they would have my tallest broken whatever I need -- modicum fix it. Doesn't know anything like that I'm not and the man -- parts Dixon a car. Until -- changed all that but I'm just saying supply and demand only a few people. Can do with the Peyton Manning and Drew Brees is of the world Duke Tom Brady right and you know and and I think you'd you'd really work at -- that I couldn't be a good plumber are good mechanic. But I never that was never an interest but he Briggs is down and you look -- their pace in. He said I'm not talk to anyone who has ever heard this type of situation. Was going on between. You know the players and owners right now where -- employees. Are trying to dissolve their union. And management is try to keep the players in the union you know why the management. And you can't marketing of the work first you don't want to try to keep the players as a union. Because and tied for us. They want -- antitrust exemption. Because usually labors to try to stay together. As a union and the manager is always trying to bust the union. Was like a reverse course. So Deke if you look at that whether employers are trying to dissolve their union managed trying to keep the players in the union. That's upside down. That's a complete reversal of how labor situation is usually play out. And the law was not -- needed. To deal with these type of situation. -- eagle at that are Sherman act that's like 189 and they didn't ever look into the future had a crystal ball. And deceit it's whatever come about right sometimes you look at management and layered this labored to such a unique situation. And that's what's when mr. Gilman. Feldman I should say says this. That's a complete reversal while labor situation usually play out and -- law was not created. To deal was beat these kind of situations that's why does this so unique. It was they would go since area who is legal analysts and of course that hosts feel and everything all things legal on Sunday mornings who gave his perspective on the helpless talk about. What we can now look forward to seeing or hearing tomorrow. When the two sides meet 2601878668898. And also. Last night the national championship game man oh man -- It was okay in the hands. Is an ugly -- you know winning the champ you know from Connecticut but as a fan right but I mean it was almost you know that the thing to -- in the really. Was. I won't put on an Auburn although those two teams did you Nate wants it to make their make -- was -- scoring and it was a -- -- -- game that's how will we wanted to -- It was similar to the what was it 2005 Super Bowl in Detroit between Pittsburgh and Seattle. It was his day there was a champion. But it was this -- you'd you'd never got go -- well it is not and then you know the casual and the to speak to parents is they might have been -- in the channel right now look up at the what was interesting last night before he CBS did it once shining moment you know there and the kind of salute to determine Charles Barkley since you know this is the first foul ball movement to -- I'll sports -- you need to make it when you lose to go to one I'm hopeful welcome -- New Orleans convention or off found that generous about last night Bobby is. I -- -- -- three ball before -- in the first half and it was 22 to nineteen right at the in the first half -- low scoring game in the in. 34 in nineteen Connecticut goes on on the and what -- The radio. Was don't hand with the TV because -- if you look at the weather right they have. It was like. Four minutes -- a hand on lap brought -- I don't know what was wrong with TB it. Huckabee can't debate at fault that idea in all the little things haven't second in odd computers showed thirteen minutes. I mean -- in the game and then in the second half rather than that the TV was like seventeen I'm gone -- This is wrong with the TV was fall behind the radio but it was it didn't matter. What -- they got kind of like they'll pay at the beginning you know Richard Butler. Considering the size of the school and all in the UK's status and their relatives with the -- I'm establishment. One guy that Timmy stepped for them was chased the gall. You know he knocked down some shots I need -- team needs to do that because they opened the scoring in the second half put a three point shot by him. And gave the -- but the bulldogs a 25 to nineteen lead. But that was it that was there and it was done -- when it was 2219. At half. Would Butler would delete now if you look at that and and it was thirty -- sixty yet that they that was the fewest combined points and have since you gotta go back -- World War II. Since 1945. -- Oklahoma State scored. 23. And the -- kind of tutorial scored seventeen more tolerant of forty points now Obama was ahead courts it. Team in the NB UConn can play -- on and they can have courts it. Summing in essence you can't argue who deserve to be -- -- -- a tournament in both the team will rightly. In the championship game -- a wise though you've been bell and TCU and there. Because then Connecticut would -- more apt to do what they feel combo which they can get to have -- him but they like to run more because they've got the best player in the tournament. And -- walking you know what was what was the greatest thing about that is that the and I think these -- more pure appears shoes right now what Jim Nantz asked him. You know he was MVP -- about warts may eighth. He is a graduate. It's my birthday. And his Mother's Day. Now he graduated in three years accord with Jim -- him as -- night thinking yeah I mean the in you know and -- mean may be the number one pick in the draft. These utilities smartest Salinas army that is more individual that is great for college basketball and a day in time where. Programs it's hard to get excited about because you have a kid for one year. And in football you -- by all means he's on lobbyists all morning -- and we got him for at least two more years. I am basketball. No no -- if you look at Kimba walker and what he accomplished and you look at Connecticut as a whole milk. They can give the group that credit that it winning a championship because of their defense they were much better. You know shoot in the rock if you look him a walker what he's the MVP had sixteen points nine rebounds and he was five of nineteen. From the -- all 44 from the three point range and -- UConn as the team dig a hole in one of eleven. In an three point attempt. So the shooting basically sucked on both sides with Connecticut had to land. And edge on the -- of side I mean Connecticut in this only played championship ball to say there to champion that they only shot. 34 and a half percent. When you look at Buffalo only shooting eighteen point 8%. Yet you could say. That they had an edge and then if you look at these big did this become by this. Connecticut now use we you know you look at this and you break down a game. You -- when they had more turnovers than assists. Connecticut had eleven turnovers and only six and says. But obviously is because Butler played so poorly if you look at Butler dig the bulldogs'. 1264. When that -- a terrible eighteen point 8% the lowest like win mention of any final four championship game you've got to go back. Tell you look at the entire game got to go back to even be -- the first -- when I mentioned before 945. Another of World War II -- 1941. Washington State had the Rankin and Butler. Surpassed that knows. It I'm a basketball fan and I think anytime you crowned champion that unique but as far as entertainment value. I guess Avila of the Pentagon appreciate the Connecticut was doing. Would become one I was like Kamal Butler. Dad going to -- almost the whole game. It's become you know this score in the paint. -- it until they ended it and get beat again the night. NASA jamming in the books the women's -- him -- -- it's and I take this in -- and Notre Dame to unlikely teams in the finals in effect on the players had to call tomorrow with a players' right or wrong with. To take his battle. To the courtroom 260187866889. You rate and an issue at Tulane baseball coach I'm an area the Tigers. Made -- a program right here on WW. And welcome MacKey is Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia at the bottom of -- avenues we'll hear from LHU coach. Pulmonary. On the program is Chris again accountable Kotchman and get his thoughts on tonight's big match it with two language on and it repeats XP team. 631 Pete's return to stating Greer threw ninety green wave -- the island -- Tigers that robbery continue tonight to mount Wallin. Right before we can alternate world Lugo to Christine Eric who is out at speaking tonight about the bulletin you'll it is going to be beautiful mind going to be chilly and windy it's -- I'd take this -- anything about this is in his shoe only nobody visits -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is. It privately which the new album opener they. About it now perfect people like you spring game -- his ground on swindle. In -- man in England allergies spring game on this Saturday via that is an audience in -- suits him via. And it's us both be inhuman and probably would be 80s80s. Facility you're going to be in going to be wish him -- -- -- it -- as a player -- -- -- it would be -- now. 26 so when he seventy. 866889. Easier to national championship game in the books how bad was it for you last night also the NFL. And players -- court tomorrow with a player's right Iran to take this battle to court you know Bob it's also. And it failed. And it is different things in and I don't if he sees the game but. Today of course and beat him we. What we're doing is we look at the different website you read certain things I look at certain things. And out of the NFL one of things they released today was how they donated one million dollars in players' charities. I'll put on it now you know date and as I even had an NFL calling me about long term health care. Now how ironic is that that it that recording on my -- though calling standing humans and and and how ironic that is all of a sudden now when you say healthcare they wanted to see what state you know you know now and know little about policy that they putting forward. From the retired players and players that long term health care so you know pitcher yes yes. In the good pounds and yes yes in and you can get yeah. You your wife also involve. Do you like 40% was insane it like it is group features like at the one -- it's all the -- yeah I -- thirty no no no just yourself and an annualized post don't know children know. That would mean that'd take care of themselves in a word about. You know I'm -- people who get out of Vienna Ohio and had younger kids though -- evidence and though the kids on the all. Dave primarily word about the ones that made the ground work in the NFL. And trying to take care and do the right thing right into long term health care and in. You can add that a policy because pretty much. What their offer and it is is something and I think it's a good thing but then you have to account inflation. Through released -- gonna have. Not a substantial amount but an amount. The c'mon you pocket. So when the -- in home healthcare got to go to nursing home. And around the world so it's a positive sign and they haven't and it's the -- no that's announcing its ironic and that timing. -- and it and they want to keep -- on silent on me all the the formal players they think you know UB UB -- like in this rad. Indeed if you are gonna signing -- mall with the players but. They figure silent slow put pressure on the president players look with NFL's doing right now -- just keep you guys quiet there yes yes it happened in the past players that -- -- spoke -- Renault might vehicles want to -- -- I would native Fred overworked I'll act as Super -- had argued this email I don't know if you read it yet. But it is from a two individuals coming for an NFL. And -- form players in a Morton Murphy he runs the green bay Packers and Jerry Richardson owner of Carolina so it'll be. Put their name behind these letters. They in his inning to all of the retired players so yeah it's the PR cat and mouse game that. They are trying to do the right thing as far as the former players who laid the ground work. Coming -- -- -- coach Tommy -- which on ELA issues sports network at 615 -- take on Tulane. At 630 tonight here in too long WW don't understand we are approaching full 31 will go to ocean grove the first news welcome in a sports talk on -- EW LA MFM and dot com it's a big one in charge in stadium tonight. As he LSU Tigers invade new laws that take on -- two angry wave or riding a five game losing skid. -- you feel pretty good about themselves after winning the SEC series against ole miss over the weekend our pleasure to welcome in now I'll -- baseball coach Paul and -- coach. The big series victory for you guys against ole miss -- -- that do for you for your team headed into the Tulane game. Well okay what did. It beating almost dead is -- two wins for the weekend got a record in the Yankee keyed a three and -- are over our record to twenty -- it really doesn't have any impact on our game against too -- I think that this this past weekend. Was a classic example of what happened the day before does that mean anything today. We agreed victory in Friday night and turned -- and lost terribly on Saturday and after losing terribly and -- you had a great victory on Sunday so I don't think there's any carry over effect from one day to the other. I think he's just a matter hope and we get good pitching especially it is starting role he would sit -- a chance to win and -- did. Did in the clutch it's 22 -- good pitching in this tour we did on Sunday. Can you give is maybe there's the good the bad and the ugly from a series against ole miss. Friday and Sunday were beautiful days Saturday was awful. We had outstanding starting pitching. On Friday and Sunday hits and clutch hitting to it tremendous defense. On Saturday. We just we had -- pitchers pitch four of them pitched well we haven't pitched poorly and unfortunate that led to sixteen runs for the other keep an unfortunate we didn't do much against their. Very good right handed pitcher that day only scoring three runs so. The overall you know it was baseball. The Christian at all I can say you know we we we played good in what some -- and some other ways we could have improved the won two of the three. He can be when the series and if she she got to be happy. Let's talk all about Mikey my Tokyo's -- bat rule changes and everything else they say what that rule -- -- lead in the SEC. Just about every important offensive category what are -- he's out of you just talk -- about them. Well I can talk all day about my keep my -- he's clearly one of the best players I've ever had the privilege of coaching. -- -- Not only that he's a great kid. No prima Donna in him he's it coach humble kid he plays hard to -- Tampa to his teammates he -- LSU baseball more than any thing. And that really doesn't care about his own individual accomplishments he's going to be rewarded handsomely for those individual accomplishments in time but he knows that but for right now he just -- -- a part of the LSU baseball team and -- dedicating himself to fit to -- this win as many games we can't. -- like doing it team responded that there a poor performers on Saturday come out and play well and jumped on this early. That speaks of him that that a character on this team a young team that. -- the question that speaks to the character of our team it is. You know you preach and preach and preach to them dead you know what happened yesterday as a meeting today -- to reality is your confidence can get chipped and if you if you don't. You have extra confidence in yourself and you know that leadership of our team on Sunday certainly evolved Ben Nelson gave us a chance to win with a tremendous pitching performance. It's a big clutch hits early in the game -- -- that tickets were enthused and excited and confident and went down played like. Played their way on Sunday I think it does -- chose an awful lot about the character of the team when they can bounce back that way that they did. LSU coach Paul and Barry joining us here on sports talk ahead of tonight's big nonconference match up between two schools Tulane and LSU. Get underway at 630 right here on WWL. -- up next few guys a big rivalry maybe it's not. As attractive on a football gridiron these days but it certainly is on a baseball -- you guys and hasn't really. Good games and the past. Always personally enjoyed coaching in our team playing against. Tulane. You know richt does a great job with their program and they've got good players have gotten an atmosphere is very unique player at church and also. And anytime we play to win it's going to be spirited ball game there's no question about. So we're looking toward coming down there and pitch can be great ballgame we you know we're excited about it it's till the last couple years -- played very well down there the year before. I don't know error oh wait I think we had a nice victory this started or 23 game winning streak is the longest in SEC history so. You know it's it's good it's a tough place to win. Certainly. But we're excited about the challenge. You've coached against -- Jones a number of times. What does maybe one constant -- one thing you can count on from his team's. Well I know this Rick is an excellent baseball coach he you know I enjoyed managing a game against him because it. He makes a lot of very sound baseball decisions during the course of the game and it's not. You know you never see and do something bizarre that's calm myself several times coaching against him when he's made a move and educating myself -- that was a good move. Well done correctly you know and -- and then enact complimentary way and -- and it's respectful way so you always know that he's gonna have his team ready to play they're gonna co twelve and and you know his players change from year to year but they you know they usually have good pitching and good defense and shouldn't be very good -- hitting so I wouldn't expect anything different tomorrow night. First pitch tonight between -- -- and Ellis shoes set for 630 pregame coverage starts is 615 right here on WWL will continue our conversation relishes skipper Paul and Harry Ellis shoot two aides have been big rivalries we talked about earlier you know the fans -- competent but. As a coach did you know do you get caught up NF need to get time and then look back on it there and look at it and then say. -- visit this is important is is it good for College Baseball certainly Louisiana. All I IE I get into -- I love tradition and history and rivalries and obviously two ladies had a great programs for many many years as it is LSU so you know you talk about two of the premier programs in College Baseball happens to be in the same state. And it's it's it's a lot of fun it's great competition. When the game is over you know -- this one team that breaking -- to -- the other and I never looked at it that way I'd I'd look at it is so it's a baseball game it's it's not solving world hunger or stopping or it's just a game. 22 teams you know competing hard to win. And then they'll be another game later this year or next year they'll be two more and so forth penalize. People keep records of who does well against two -- -- -- really matters -- -- in the -- -- I just think it's a lot of fun good competition. And ultimately you know we have to win on the weekend because in the SEC. You know work our goal is to make it to the conference tournament Hoover and when when we get there and get into the NCAA tournament and advance as far as we possibly can't hopefully all the way to Omaha and can win the national championships so. Along the way you know two lanes we played them twice and they're always great games a lot of fun. Enjoy the competition tremendously. Greatest respect in the world for their program and that's how we pretty much approaches. Coach -- -- as the wave end us throughout the weekend headed into Arkansas they sort of time out here I'd like. Bragging rights are on alignments LSU leads the all time series over Tulane to match of the started back in 1893. The action starts at 630 pregame coverage at 615 right here on WWL back do you big chief. I Christian thank you very much and we will collapse turgeon stadium. Right before we had -- off field -- sports network as -- -- it's going to be a sellout crowd tonight that -- Christian -- around. 315 he was told by the U Tulane and the department knew about. Ninety seats remaining in church and state so it's a beer beautiful. In envoy Ito about a facility you'd be hard pressed in the country affront to that a facilities and LSU had to write -- -- -- -- remarkable. Yeah right here in our backyard -- -- great college facilities and obviously it always helps. Wrigley -- recruiting began and it have a beautiful night for two he had no you'll wanna you know go to the game away and is obviously like you said it's going to be beautiful. But you look at you know added thirteen stadium situation between real issue in Tulane -- -- Tigers have lost two of their last three trips. The thirteen stadium remembered the -- gain. And now he met with Tulane the year LSU won the national championship and -- hear -- -- yet jumped on and that's it Paul pulmonary said. They were kind of reeling at that time that being. Tulane again Austin lead and were able to hold on and beat -- and that was the only instead into it -- who won a national urgency around had a much better season today. At -- -- -- -- is very similar you know and both coaches you know Coe Jones Grossman talk about conference play in how to -- peninsula could Tulane. They were seventeen and four entering its conference opener against. You know southern Mississippi right and then you look at Tulane now eighteen and the -- clubs at face a similar setbacks. You know and -- started conference play you look at Tulane is dropped two consecutive. Conference series. Conference we believe the two -- yet you know coached in what they got swept by Houston area out of the -- Jones in the -- you to you know look it is a big matchup tonight. But I'd rather be two games of both -- are all at five aren't conference play and have this from because ultimately that determines more so than anything music conference for a. Plugged in without a doubt if you look at Tulane you sit him reeling right now six of seven. And I don't really being in the big picture says anything let's say Tulane. Overtakes Ellis -- tonight the bottom line is LSU and at the goal at Arkansas this weekend at the -- that really counts in the. Big picture in and of course you know Tulane lose in two pitches and won his coaches Jones said. A freshman Bobby may -- in the best freshman he's ever recruited and lost emergencies and so they do try and found a way through it. Before they get into conference play in a good game tonight against a good LSU ballclub and. Yep and think I guess is gonna play itself out of -- coach and Aaron still has questions to answer you look at the holes at first base and in that feel. And you know he had high praise for -- Cunningham. His contributions at first that he kind of said. That he could do is go with the hot hand in determining that team's first base situation. In the future like you said I think it will play itself out as you go -- -- next few games the -- trying maybe solidified the spot. Have an awful it would joining LSU sports network at 615 pars at 630 Tulane and LSU tonight College Baseball. On WW. The mare and on sports -- opponent's guard Jarrett Jack. Stance that radio -- biggest game of the year -- and clinch a playoff spot tomorrow night. At the arena with. A victory over the Houston Rockets who looked like the last team in the west at the nine spot is still hasn't. Outside teams based in Phoenix has done bowed deeply at Chicago tonight's notables. And knocked him out of playoff but did you -- Rockets aren't done and know the run tonight you know even did David lose that -- -- tonight mathematically. Been out there and not now but tomorrow night they could be. Out of all weigh in of course they would be no -- to the Hornets in New Orleans when -- on night to clinch a playoff by the generous tonight Bobby this await these tricky as we see it. 1234. Interested best matchup on aboard the night it's a possible first round match of Oklahoma City Indians. Denver is unbelievable home. The plane in a ditty indeed it does not listen to what anybody sane and -- young and upcoming who's and they -- -- -- is gone you gotta be at the end they held on and on the head VO all antique anymore. Although Carmelo Anthony and in other match at the club is all right Memphis. Sacramento to Houston. Oklahoma City is that gamba Golden State's opponent in -- the Lakers and San Antonio in Atlanta. Now it's almost like San Antonio LA you know helpful because you don't know what you definitely if you seven. In your -- San Antonio was to -- if you eight you'll San Antonio is one. Magic thing you don't wanna play in Los Angeles in the third for -- nor do I think our business and diseases birds Mavericks right -- personally -- with bats with kids between and then have a tiebreaker comes in to a book is now. The last game of the year at Memphis -- and if that's who come up this week in the last game to Dallas. But he talked about meant there's nobody if there even man. He's -- calm down who not only who 786 Saturday but currently alien program. What dig and this that makes it into single and down the stretch and in the blazes in the sixth but. A game and -- -- bowl Hornets and the men and Memphis Grizzlies with five games ago. Yes like almost the play Ellsbury started big slate of NBA games -- night of course an -- A big a signal on what happens as follows a CDs go to tomorrow night as well as Portland. And a Memphis San Antonio LA -- but Oklahoma City all the teams in action tonight. Opponents at home Monday against Iraq -- that the game would join Jarrett Jack tomorrow evening and -- 5 o'clock hour prior -- the wanna -- game. At the arena this is sport's top you're listening to WW it.