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Apr 13, 2011|

Tommy Tucker sits in for Garland in the Think Tank and this morning he speaks with Cutis Dubay, Senior Policy Analyst of the Tax Policy at the Heritage Foundation about the national deficit. President Obama will speak later on what his plans are for the deficit. What are you expecting to hear and what would you like to hear?

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Sports leaders don't create gave seventy WWL. WWL. And have them at 1053. -- show to climb inside Garland thing. Or 260187. Do you. Or 66889. -- seventy. Sears Garland. And for Carlin today who is soft on assignment -- we have this Ed Sullivan used to say you really big chill free today. 1230 the president is gonna address the nation. About his plans into well hopefully balance the budget take care of debt and deficit in this country. The Republicans. Via Paul Ryan -- already. I guess fired the first salvo and -- a given us some ideas on what they would like to do the president is expected to respond today and give us his plan -- Kerry -- -- yet. Live here on WWL. And 12:30 sometime this morning no -- Before the show was over between ten. However there right now actually in 1 o'clock we'll give you more free Jazz Fest tickets. When readers like I'm supposed to we wanna say new and a -- the Jazz Fest featuring Jeff -- Dr. John John Legend and the roots. That's a group that's on a Jimmy Fallon -- hundreds more to I have to do is listen for Jimmy Buffett's Margarita Ville. I give you a number when you hear it to call here the -- color you when a pair of tickets not now. Numbers uneven on right now but when you hear it in -- tell you to call good -- can't be passing from the BW LA MFM. And dot com. Later on and today around 11 o'clock hour or so we'll talk about this viral video. In -- -- WL TV last night Katie Moore did a story on it Brian Williams on the NBC nightly news did a story. About it toddler. Though is very aggressively patted down by a TSA agent she objected to with a toddler did. I was very disturbed by what I -- I gotta tell you that was my daughter I would have some very strong objections to it and I know the parents opted for this is opposed to. I guess the scanned. But we'll talk about. The effects of that with Marjorie -- director of the ACLU also doctor Jamie Dixon a clinical -- colleges with LSU health sciences. But first we begin by talking about Texans. Eric -- I believe he's the minority. A majority leader in the senators poses in the house is senate I'm getting this -- -- but. He's a big shot in the senate is what he is that the Republicans. Palm -- earlier in the news I heard him say that. He and his Republican now keep this in mind. Is said that he didn't think it was possible. To deal with the dead in the deficit two different things without. Tax increases and I found that pretty startling coming from a Republican he said he didn't think that we could. Just cut spending ended the through spending cuts get our way out of this problem. And our next guest I don't think could disagree more strongly with Eric Cantor and the Democrats. Then that his name is Curtis. Do you bay uses senior policy analyst Texas policy at The Heritage Foundation a morning Curtis you Dylan. -- -- -- and thanks for being with us first a word about The Heritage Foundation you guys nonpartisan bipartisan conservative liberal. -- left leaning right leaning Tom -- a little bit about The Heritage Foundation. So -- we're nonpartisan we don't support one party or another but we are conservative. When they get conservative think tank in world. -- we support conservative legislation to current policy -- I and so let's get to it in terms of debt and deficit reduction we spent a lot of time talking about. The difference between the debt and the deficit but for people would have just tuned in we missiles start with the basics give us a brief. Explanation if you will about the difference between. -- deficit and debt. Well definitely one near a number that couldn't -- Amount for the government spends more than a pick and -- term revenue in any given year debt as the accumulation of those deficits. On the president today expected to address the country I don't think he's gonna talk about 2011 in the deal that was cut. On Friday night I think he's probably gonna talk about 2012. Angle and fla even -- and EnerNOC. I think so I think representative Paul Ryan Cameron but he Kabila to be proud of for the can budget for 2012 and beyond. Every -- is that the federal government spending reform -- ten programs like Medicare and Medicaid. That's toward the president respond to -- put out no plan that Cuba those programs their lead to bankruptcy. Let's talk a votes. Taxes I guess might be the first -- to and to start new year saying in a piece that you wrote on March when he first met. No tax hikes are necessary to fix the problems of deficits. And spending expand on that if you will. God had taken necessary to lower the deficit to you kept a level and to get the debt. The debt burden to under control and go to typically the government has raised about 18% of the economy and tax revenue. Below that because of the -- attention a but it appears will be back to that level and grow beyond that once he can't that they can recover. We can't spend and its historical average we'd have a deficit that was below its historical average to be -- need to raise taxes. That we don't have 88810. We don't have too little -- -- we'd spent too much. Bologna at the audience involved here is well I remembered neglected to say that earlier because this is complicated stuff and end it. Everything that you specialize in the courtesy that's everything that led me to get out of accounting and in -- Communications because my mind just doesn't work that -- so if I asked some dumb questions I ask you to be patient with me and any audience as well because. He did not all -- towns and not all of us serve our senior policy analyst in tax policy but I think this is something that will affect all of our lives as Americans. And I and I wanna use this hour we can to separate fact from fiction as I love to do here. And perception from reality so will open -- phone lines -- 601870. Toll free 866889087. If you have any questions. And you can also text me at 87 87 meanwhile tried to get your questions. They Curtis do bay let me ask you this Curtis did traditionally historically. Because question and I'll always have is as far as charted an uncharted waters. Historically when it comes to it. Tax cuts for. Do you read John IE in a defined region and because you know millions solid used to -- eight. In this country. How does -- country fair in terms of economic prosperity when. Taxes are high on those making a lot of money. General and pretend it remembers that -- that it is -- classification. There's no economic god moment there's with a political repression not. People tend to look at and compare themselves few others they're neighbors and then there are people that they know. I'm so that they they are doing better and neighbors they tend to think that there they could think they're -- it it or they could think there are not doing so well. And somebody who's making pay. You know -- that thousand dollars in Iowa. I might feel pretty but I do pretty well if you take that are important New York City your -- I'm kind defrocked. You've taxed the rich at higher levels we we attach rate that's tied at 91%. I think. The country we have to get slower economic growth because -- attacking at that rate. You reduce the senate to produce income very few people are gonna spend a long hard hours of the opportunity to sample 100% every extra dollar they -- -- government. Investor who. We can keep the content opportunity in the economy cannot give up the chance to spend money today. I don't know if you can have to give up a 100% everything he earned an investment. A business -- not -- puke I think on new venture or higher and a person if all the albeit income earned from taking on the -- and taken by the government. -- -- We actually find that when it -- to lower the economy grows faster because there's more -- for. People that people have been confident that it can engage in activities that produce income. I'm gonna ask you about bush tax cuts here because I think that's one of these things that are ubiquitous. Everybody throws the term around but I'm not quite sure that everybody understands what that means so if you will. A Curtis explain that whole thing to listen what was extended. In December. And where and that could go from here in terms of the Tony twelve budget. -- -- Welcome back -- 2001. After President Bush took office. He. Spearheaded a tax bill through congress that reduced. Contact rates for all taxpayers that we held -- -- -- tax cuts for the rich that did not cheer everybody who pay isn't competitive got a tax reduction. There's also another tat -- in 2003 actually sped up -- reproduction then -- actually cut corporate capital gains taxes and tax rate on dividends. We -- very strong robust economic growth after that second round of tax cuts. But because of and are key in on budget. -- rule here in Washington DC but those don't static it's going to last for ten years they expired -- -- to settle -- so we are coming up against that that deadline at the end of last year. President Obama's 32 doesn't -- the veteran the president. -- very forcefully that he wanted to. There was Patrick stable base for it for everyone except those making more than 250000 dollars a year if they -- married couple 200000 for a single. But we got to the end of last year and the economy was still very weak. And I let me is one of my time -- here Curtis because when it comes to. Distribution of income. In the country 200000. Dollars falls where. In terms of and I'm just trying to get almost an index if you will of incoming feel if you understand the question where does 200000 dollars fall. In terms of percentage of people make and -- kinda money. -- I don't have information on him right now but they're talking and certainly it out. Panned -- 5% of the folks are when people get political level. And the reason I ask that. Is and I noticed somebody right now that's made in 20000 dollars a year or -- 5000 dollars a year and god bless you because it's hard to get by. On that kind of money. But really 200000 dollars especially for a family given wounded mortgage and expenses and again I I would I do I'm not trying to selling Bill Clinton but honestly do. Empathize with you and and in essence feel your pain if you're struggling. 200000 is not. That doesn't make you rich. Well I get that that the projected classification and everyone has their opinion what -- what what region as you know I think someone making 20000 dollars they're. They're not hurting they're doing all right but they haven't. Depends AVF five kids in your living -- new long ones and got him in private school. But that's 40000 dollars right off the top did you -- -- him sending his -- is subjective thing and it's hard to disappoint them trying to make his. It's hard to who didn't have a cookie cutter approach to this is about. That's absolutely remember that that that competition changes mightily when you go when you move around the country to put it in your city. Right until 2000 you're put in any of -- in the middle income distribution. So it doesn't it doesn't make him a bit different but. And I think I think the we focus on but at the same with what I think we panel with the -- of -- treated because what's important here is that we raise taxes on a I'm most folks above those income threshold. Get tickets for economic growth because those are the jobs created under the investors -- a small businesses because not -- -- authoritative attack that the individual income tax code. They're the ones they're creating jobs. We raise their candidates we we get your job because for economic growth like I went before and -- another thing that's important point out here is that. It had before we did not need to raise taxes. To get the deficit the debt under control we have expended on the body catapult. When we create taxes if we could go along with the president don't want to and that's I detect the moderates. We're increasing the size of government would congress spend everything on our recent ad revenue and a much of the -- you know our. When you give it when you -- congress more tax revenue to get more latitude to spend more on the bond market we get a larger government. So that the two argument against tax increase -- are wanted slowed economic growth and to expand the size of government which this week has. -- Payer government because -- liberty about freedom and again and even. Keep on its -- a -- government book book and a group of well. I'm very good we'll pick it up here we come back to 601870. Toll free 8668890878. You can also text me at 8787. Ian Curtis an interesting techs that just came in. -- are they going to legalize weed did not quite sure what that has to do is anything or where it came from but I thought I'd share that with you were coming right back. I it's the think tank Tommy Tucker in for Garland who needed some time off he's on assignment will be right back big 878 MW. Because our world -- so fast WWL first news early edition with Dave -- every few mornings and five on WWL. You're in the think tank with Garland -- on WWL AM FN dot com and C news talk and sports leader 504260187. The or 8668890. Wait seventy. Italian you prepare you get a good guess like Curtis do bay from The Heritage Foundation a senior policy analyst. -- Tax policy the president's coming up at 1230. We tried again to get you prepared for his speech in the critically analyze the dead. Well what he's gonna be talking about so we give you some background. So you can aid to listen to what he has is say in balance that with -- Kyrgyz. Do you Bae has -- say a tax analyst with the conservative think tank C tried to listen a little bit of that limited this and see where the truth is in between. And decide where a word what you think about this very important issue as it relates to the future of this country. -- what -- do I get. When will they legalize read. That's a little bit in my life Kurdistan just so you know. What are you get a bill to the phone lines we go Josh in Baton Rouge hey Josh thanks for calling -- on debit have you well. -- I don't army. Have a quick question -- underneath the call and maybe there's an appearance somewhat. Though there are no dumb question Josh and that's why I wanted. To have Curtis on and he's nice enough to post is is a very complex thing go ahead. Both spoke part of an -- -- American Social Security did mention. Medicaid and Medicare. -- -- when I get my paycheck a look at the picture -- at. -- -- So much picking out for Medicaid but let's take it out for Medicare and Social Security now get a statement every. I guess year. Saying how much acted in a Social Security. As social security and Medicaid are going borrow. Where is that money going to be guy personally Josh I've put in the system. But straight hypothetically could argue that -- broke right if you go to the government say hey by the way you won't be. Bob Bob Bob many thousands of dollars because I approved because she should be a state. Do you know and if you know that you won't -- that's totally -- -- -- ever pulled on the American people. Did you not have an account anywhere without security. Here's the money that you pay into the system goes to take our retirees. The -- because. It's sort of a Texan and an account would that be accurate curtains. Absolutely it's the -- but. To help the country and keep people from getting angry about it but. Deputy permanent delegates are up eight save that you know you have this much you pay the -- and you're entitled this much. It actually -- that was fought back in 1960% to you're not compelled to. Is entitled to any. -- -- payment that. Basically there is no individual count. Feel that it's not a contract its attack. Donald and what they've sent me that your government spending that. Statement that says. -- not a the last statement I got I have like 82000 -- are dictating to it's not count but this is thank you very much into the market are stolen from -- But -- harvesting Josh and you know what let me let me take a break here for news because. If it can only get to take on -- Curtis sooner return because if it's not an account. Then from which you have something common what are -- saying of these statements. Reminding you how much taxes you paid -- you don't get a the statement from the IRS Josh I think it's a pretty good point you don't get a statement from the IRS saying Melissa's. How much Sony taxes you pay no lynched years and so forth -- you don't get a statement from your assessor sane is how much he paid in home taxes -- Or what have you suited to hang on Curtis who picking up right here Joshua put you on hold to. Because I certainly think there is the implication there. That this is what you paid into the system and this is the money that sweetened for you but. You just search courtesy of the supreme court's ruled that -- -- attacks is not account the and there's no money that's being held for years. So why do they send out those statements good conversation we gotta go and we'll pick it up right here when we come back Greg Miller time for WWL first news -- for that we go to Christmas. Really information station for the golf sells 24 hours a day seven days a week -- news talk and sports leader. The big 871053. WWL I firmly and WWL dot com. Tommy Tucker in for Garland Robinette today in a think tank on the president and about 1235. And will carry for -- alive here. On -- WL is gonna outline. He is a proposal for achieving long term deficit reduction Paul Ryan with. For the Republicans is already put his plan forwarded. In it calls -- some pretty stiff cuts to Medicare at least a change in the way Medicare. Operates and I guess Curtis do -- senior policy analyst. For The Heritage Foundation -- to get back to Josh is questioned the second about Social Security but. Did Paul Ryan's plan address Social Security or not. It actually it didn't give it that a proposal for comfort security that laid out some way to put it that congress can be forced to deal with a. That was not a market went that would want to disappointment in other words we were pretty happy to see the proposal and -- But it was more Medicare intent intensive than Social Security. -- -- invented Josh is questioned his during a break Bob frost tells me some. That. He reminds me is that on your Social Security save and it tells you that if you were to retire. At 66 I think it is what you would get her viewers to be disabled this is what you would get but yet you tell me. -- that. The Supreme Court rules that there is no promise of any -- -- as a kind of contradict. -- Well I don't content victory as much as it is -- to -- -- big lie we're we're told that security and this is what senate majority leader Harry had it. Is held and a twenty year. He came up because he's perpetuating the myth that there are days -- security trust fund. We're told that all the money that we pay -- goes to this trust fund. When in fact that money is taken any money that. Until we get paid out any money they could collect about the -- -- but doesn't get paid out and there's -- benefits and any given year. Except he spent by congress they spend like they would any other revenue. I'm all just here to discuss them with the regular general revenue but they haven't I hear you. I'm about period but that they've had a note because we hope the -- because fund X billion dollars for the year to put any file cabinet West Virginia. The first period up there is no actual money and post record it onto the -- -- from congress then that they promised the Tibet what they -- from the program. I live on the back for second. This. Social Security trust fund began home. We were and it still in the last couple years actually -- security tax rate much more than people don't benefit. There was this there was leftover money. We -- more people were paying in the baby boomers are more people working in pain in this and then work collecting benefits and and what's gonna happen is we're gonna get upside down on that. As more boomers retire correct. Yes or out of recession are actually and and the red right now. Michael back in the black for a little bit but pretty much -- were passed the time where we're gonna talk more revenue has been preparing. Susan there should have been this account holding money but they think people like congress and to your point. That you don't need more taxes because of what every you collect congress is gonna spend they saw this pool of money and they say they way you know we can spend that. We're not -- rather than and that money just sit there and wait for people. We can. Eight it's not me if I'm going off base here Curtis we can spend that money now and if we need to replenish it later will just raise taxes are pretty much what you're saying. Well it's liquid that before the incident that congress always spend every dollar cash or Buick collection and then have much to do it with borrowing. Because that that you can't give it don't matter what contacting you -- you can -- pot of money they're gonna spend that. Any other than any other questions Josh. All of it happening and I'm sort of captured is that what it would be purpose. The letter or -- the letter they send out this statement I guess -- college and I -- obviously it's not. And it just saying hide and not much money are taken for musical -- where you may get it back rolled the dice. Register ruin your day just it's basically inherited it didn't help -- -- -- Kodak had Curtis you know that -- rather cynical I guess but it's it's. They've really the truth it's it's the government's way of basically -- even telling you that. Kind of makes such a terrible quake retirement program when it really is -- -- Holland of these letters and gone I I I do them and can't that the program. Yeah I don't know. And then thank you Josh appreciate the call to Jonas LA -- -- aren't evident you well. -- Jailed on wants. -- you're about to lose you turn but thanks for calling Gordon in Metairie hi you're on WL. Group when Gordon. It up with me. I've got several comments within Belichick responded you don't want first -- -- You know that -- Diego have been going about cutting congressional salaries because after the start. They hands and I about it at least -- that I believe we said a word about the doughnut that they've been over the past several there is no different comments they've gotten so many. Employees -- these congressmen. Becoming congressional reveal more because you have to cut. Umpteen hundred I don't know what. But wait let's get the fact is opposed is that the fiction in the reality is oppose the perception -- what kind of a percentage up spending is anchored us. -- -- -- -- It if it's a small percentage now there's no doubt that. This staff as well I think -- -- is that that they had to adapt to be good proxy for the growth of government -- -- -- -- -- that and grown substantially over the years here on its sale I didn't say a word about a Gordon's on the where you come in -- And we -- have been there and in the comments in the -- when we're talking by the -- in the debt they've been talking about regarding dog with cutting congressional salaries. At -- -- a -- market and nothing is what happens if interest rates record going up. Although we got the pay to borrow money then the can be unbelievable. You're actually right in that. I don't think that the question of if I think it's really question we're glad the governor senator clear he had can be very soon we can see a lot inflation -- -- -- economy. -- that's the -- gonna have to recognize what's going on what that increases of all present. -- that would benefit -- the cost of borrowing for. -- -- the government goes way up and you'll it'll make our deficit larger going forward and make it harder for the government to borrow and. It's gonna drive -- interest rates up. -- Well it would have been -- it's doing is wanted to if the international credit market if they say we don't believe the US gonna pay it back when we went down. Or the Federal Reserve. Start raising rates they've kept rates artificially low for an old -- so almost three years now. I think he inflation -- into the economy which it's part of and I dated. Bill of essentially at the start raising -- not always split the cost of borrowing. Both of ground then no. They are keeping rates. Artificially low way low and they know that if they let him go up because they've got going on what it's gonna do them. You know what the increase in barring it was gonna cost them. And not to be cryptic about it courtesy interest rates go up first off how high a who would the primary go and secondly a you know -- -- -- remembers her so much blood. Was at thirteen and a half percent if the interest rates prime -- how high could go and the effects of that. I have no idea I could go to that's -- bandaged and attract. But what do what it does printed out on -- go way way -- and -- it -- the government for all of us I think you know had -- been kind of. Premature. I've been so concerned with actual people Asian crisis phone at that time at this inflation. Take it kind of caught off guard. They're really behind the economy is still really weak and I think you raise rates will certainly see Oregon growth. So they're about they don't wanna slow economic growth -- Iranian made it. I inflation keeps taking off and have a choice. I saw an article and even Newsweek and time to -- get them both Gordon it is talk about -- inflation fears unfounded and I don't know if the person who wrote this article had not been the grocery store awhile I don't know but. I am am I wrong here gentlemen either you want you Gordon heard listen in thinking that the inflation is definitely what this. Because you know -- -- will start going up after July 1. Send and you know -- tell you can't tell us what they'll go up dooming the markets are gonna determine -- They're going up. And Turkey Kurdish immigrant. It we have to do -- we did have its credit did that create some some think if there are. There are factors are out there right now they're driving up the cost of food and energy. That there has been an actual shot to marketing manager for oil. And for -- for foods that can read type of Tibet and that's separate from inflation as we look at it. Inflation. Prefer contraceptive is. Too much money basically that the present government spending way too much money and all prices Verizon. And so it will take a little while we can't figure out whether. How much of the group -- -- -- is from government -- -- too much money how much is it is from. President prices for food because it increased demand. Two pretty severe drought on the world or any president rising because of production. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm like I don't think there's no doubt that price around. I don't they're spending a lot of money and I'm more -- your phone calls coming up and also Curtis I want you to. Talk about tax reform. When we come back as opposed to just raising taxes which I think the president is gonna talk about when he addresses the nation. At 12:30 -- pretty jaguar opinion -- is higher taxes are needed to balance the budget. Who should pay -- and our choices are. People earning more than a million people earning more than 500000. People earning more than 200000 people earning more than a 100000. For every one. And I think maybe we should be given people a choice of no one here so we didn't maybe we can change as it stands now 52% of you -- saying. Everyone and Curtis I'm guessing you would answer this says no one. Well I would count penalty and -- the question -- we'll be right back and -- 87 -- evidently well. Tommy and for Garland things paying big 878 have a WL not enough time left -- Curtis do bay with the Heritage Foundation a senior policy analyst. Tax policy analysts the president's gonna dress country at 1230 will carry it for you live here. On -- WL healed -- put forward his suggestions for dealing with. The budget in debt and deficit reduction. Paul Ryan's already given the Republican ideas. On bad and Curtis you do in the time its remaining I gotta give you a couple of things -- here. I did tell us what you think tax reform in the big ticket items when it comes a Social Security. Medicare Medicaid and also defense spending. Until tax reform to start there. We should keep in mind puts him on that they're too contention the tests performed under management agency has a comment the way to improve the economic efficiency that episode. Right now -- as -- a huge debt in the economy. Because that's. Well must be difficult with pilot. And because the wage ushered it -- -- -- for. I'm producing income basically for a problem to work harder. And then take on more risk. So -- he has a way to do to fix those problems but. And to do that basically get rid of a bunch of what but. The talking -- record at the polls and I don't want to call -- not because they're not people there. I tried it legally by congress for all of us to take public credits and deductions and exemptions that are available task it. We want to see most of those -- that are economically I'm just I wanna see those wiped out and captured the lowered. To body amount that those those can -- -- that the polls would. Increased revenue until the new tax code get talent more efficient but we're not raise any more revenue than our current tax system -- -- before. We do not need to raise taxes. To get a deficit under control. The left in the country and -- -- -- to defend why -- cash for renovate kind of attract till it'll give up its OK okay it will lower tax rates. But he would have it happen to raise more revenue than our current task that -- would get rid of even more beaten more absolutely appalled. And would not -- reduce rates as much as they we would. I'm that way it looks like he's improved check out efficiently -- and if for some Great Britain in more revenue out of the deal. Cano gone with a big ticket items -- three really when it comes to. In debt and deficit and budget we're talking and and Medicaid Medicare social security and military spending. Right well. And that's really what it's done and that's and that's why what -- Ryan because he put out last week was so important. We cannot think typical situation as dire the situation and once we reforms such security and Medicare and Medicaid. And it's gonna point out that these -- are going bankrupt. They're going to bankrupt the nation if we don't reform them they're not going to be available as a social as a take -- for those most in need. Because -- we won't appoint a -- paper that. Getting ahead of the problem right now and taking them so that they are there to the responsible thing to do it. I don't think we -- what kind of negotiate the steps prepared to recommend for acknowledged problems. But -- -- period simply in Medicare and it is exploding. Because because both in the number of people who are aren't behind him because health care costs are exploding I think that's for Medicaid and the security. I'd just too many people are going to be drawing on it and these these. These programs these base speed welfare programs for creative and then Tony century when there are a lot more workers paying into the program sitcoms and there were. We carried the event without. -- no longer. Sustainable in the in the current economic environment. And we should be thankful for the -- the end to the into the Portuguese him again and the Spaniard because they've shown. How those twentieth -- welfare society. Collapsed now. That the -- people paying into them. Doesn't Heritage Foundation endorsed means testing for either Medicare or Social Security. We support for both for paramedic. For security. Well educated would get. And lower benefits include a benefit -- they would be as. As generous actually a plan wouldn't increase benefits for those. For those who are. Continue to -- means and a Medicare we support a premium support system where he can't -- -- -- -- amount of money to buy health insurance. On their own and. Well it can't get lower and support them and those who don't know he has about as someone getting bigger and bigger screen and donate a 62 answer on defense spending. And his nation does not support reduction in -- -- -- just did -- homework to engage in three wars want to have a Gary stated as pulled up there. -- certainly changes would be made to NATO military spending more efficient. I believe these babies is from those reforms should be port dad can I keep pleasure that we have enough resources at the dissemination. Curtis has been very interesting appreciate you spent in the hour with -- -- taking the phone calls we hope to talk he further on down the line. Got to thank you -- courtesy -- senior policy analyst at The Heritage Foundation your phone calls and more when we come back under the W. Sunny and they're Garland things then big 878 evidently only give you some homework before the next. Our appeared near -- computer go online go to YouTube. And -- then six year old groped by TSA he watched the video would have been. Here at Armstrong airport we're talking about it when we come back this -- says anything in the world to do is they'll.