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Dr. Amy Dickson & Marjorie Esman

Apr 13, 2011|

Tommy is in the Think Tank with Dr. Amy Dickson, a Clinical Psychologist talking about the six year old girl who was patted down at the Armstrong Airport in Kenner. Will this experience have lasting psychological affects on the girl? Tommy also talks to the Director of thee ACLU of Louisiana Marjorie Esman about the legal aspect of the pat down. Is this ok? Tommy also talks to callers to see what they think.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- Bridge -- seventy WW. WWL and have them at 1053. That show to climb inside Garland thing. More to 60187. Or 66889. OH seventy. Is Garland. Onion or garlic tape I mean. You -- back Italians -- Garland today. Think tank we'll continue our conversation about what the president may or may not say in how you feel about tax increases at -- jaguar opinion poll. But Katie Moore did a story last night on channel four and I'm gonna ask you. We take a quick break here will be back in a minute and I'm gonna ask you the good YouTube. And you have to type in it's kind of hard to find numeric six. Put the numerals six year old to. Guy gets patted down. Six year old patted down by TSA and it'll come up. Elegy to watch that video take about ninety seconds of your time and and I wanna find out from you if you think that's. Okay you are not. The thing. I mean that's really ease security or is that as an entity. Does that really have anything to do. With keeping planes from being hijacked but are blown up in this country. Or is that just again the illusion of security when it comes to the TSA. We'll talk to doctor Amy -- send a clinical psychologist with LSU health sciences. And why she can't speak to this specific case I would like to know what would because the little girl in this video is objecting strongly that this procedure. And I want to crime seminar a long time ago. And when we come back I'll tell you what the officers said when it relates to kids and unwanted touch is and what they could mean long term -- talk about then also do this I'll work. I am gonna say new and a friend. Played jazz fast. Jeff -- Dr. John John Legend and the roots hundreds more. I have news listen for Jimmy Buffett's Margarita -- when you hear it I'm getting give -- that numbered -- colleague here tolerate you win the tickets valued. And about a 120 dollars. Not know when I tell you to call when you hear Margarita fills a bit like can't be testing from -- WL AM FM and I'd come back in a -- Sure and New Orleans is -- on the lake front and -- 71053. -- and WWL dot com. Tommy and Chris Carlin I'm giving you some homework to go to YouTube and watch six year old headed down by TSA in -- and Armstrong airport here. I assert -- thin Crescent City that in Kenner actually about a week ago. T Moore did the story on channel four Brian Williams had it on NBC nightly news last night nobody knows. Really the parents are because the transient nature of an airport I don't mean that pejorative -- people coming -- they were not necessarily from here. But if you watch it it's kinda disturbing especially if you're a parent because you have a six year old girl. You say it it's kind of crude to say it but she's -- and groped by a a TSA agent the TSA agent tells her what's gonna happen but the little girl is seen I don't wanna do this. I don't know if she was randomly selected for the pan down -- the parents have a choice in this or not you can hear the parents -- -- some sarcastic comments at some point. -- doctor Jamie Dixon joins us right now to talk about some of the ramifications of this if any she's a clinical psychologist. With LSU health sciences good morning doctor you don't. And -- there aren't very well. Well into a job this is years and years ago. One of these bigger crimes seminars put on by retired police detective and he was saying net. In terms of child abuse and and did how children can sometimes become victims. Of -- predators. You should never ever force you child to accept unwanted affection in terms of the LC a good give -- like kiss even though the child doesn't wanna do that are going give uncle Harry your our friend of the family -- -- mud and do this do that. If they don't want to because an essence what that's forcing them to do is accept unwanted affection. From an adult in that could lead to an adult later on abusing a child because you're you're teaching the child and essence. It's okay. For an adult to force their affection on you whether you wanted to or not and and always struck a chord with me and wanna watch this video. I have -- Armstrong airport. And what this six year old is forced to accept even though. She doesn't want -- she's being touched in some very private places by this TSA agent an authority figure. In uniform I just wonder further on down the line did you could this have some some bad ramifications and a. And my bed detective with pain was appropriate we don't why -- support our children who do. Repeat unwinding what is her advances among others we want and then that they had ideas we have gotten the only thing banned. And -- Could have -- comic I think -- little around the country cannot patent we upbeat appearance part of my daily it would have been certainly even more at that in. If she had been removed from the Patrick figures and her security figures like it's never a good prank. For children who you -- touched on and a way to make them feel uncomfortable. I presume you've you've watched the video. Com what are your thoughts or your mom herself -- at your mom your clinical psychologist see you're you're looking at this from a couple different. Angles. Blue what did you think when you and you're also citizen of this country I presume you fly commercially. You act plywood my kid -- -- frequently go through a metal packed carry it and I don't think what's going to be happening at what they'll and I want. And that really turn wound I would need -- pat down -- I don't work for it and say. And I. Think that it. You know good and have to explain to children why it would have to occur Qaeda. Obviously something that hopefully the parents talk to her after word her pray that they were able to help her with bad. But I'm not really sure what that. Which everything have to occur we I play all the time with my young children and they've never been patted down and probably would've been more appropriate for the parent. They felt that something was inappropriate in the child clues there in their pockets collect appearance. And explaining this to a teenager might be one thing but explaining it to a six year old anomaly even though you begin to. To do all of this so if her parents it then to have kids. In the future and I -- TSA says they're gonna review the policy in and this is. You know -- it is my opinion I think this is just goes to the illusion of security and and it has nothing to do with actually keeping us safe when we board a plane that's my opinion if you. Disagree I invite the audience to call in but for parents that might have children. Five -- six year old that are subject to this in the future. What do you tell -- -- handle this. If he can't well hopefully we won't have to prepare our children being patted down the output. But I mean there's a pretty invasive thing if you look at it. Hopefully he I would suggest to parents now Ivy League this that the dollar for the media but I doubt that this is going to happen and in the future I think TSA is going to have happily training on the air and be very aware of that. I would say that if somebody has an issue with the young child going three security. Debt TF eight agent should they get the parent. Yeah I'm concerned about would be your child with cancer and what your child -- -- -- -- -- you. And you open it for me then you showing the meat and allowed the hearings. Indeed after the child because the child feels more secure with the -- in apparent good. Turn their child's pocket inside out our show that there would not being on the child that would be a security reacts to -- -- Doctor Dixon I appreciate your time mid it disturb me once again -- and quickly before we let you go from parents if god forbid this kind of idiocy continues and again that's my word not yours but. Leo what should parents students say come because I'm getting some text saying if anybody tries that with my kid I'm gonna this or I'm gonna bet. Ali do they're gonna wind up in jail so he can't do that I. -- back only end up and say I think it's distracting my child is there are a way that I end. How you wee bit to show you to do it knocking on my child. That should be alarming -- the airplane I but accurate authority here I'm not trying to cause a problem but my child with a -- And I don't want you tried that my count I'm happy with it -- anyway possible. You show you that there's nothing on my child that would be a danger to any of that happened -- the playing but you rip back only end up not. Offensively which would get the parent erected inclined even more -- -- distracted child. And trauma to the child as well doctor -- you always how this makes sense of a world that often makes no sense at all and I appreciate your time thanks a lot brought up doctor Amy Dixon a clinical psychologist with the LSU health sciences. Senator solo will open the phone lines now -- -- so 1878 toll free 8668890878. This a couple of different things first of DD think this really has anything to do with security or is this more TSA none cents. Because it's the illusion of security do you really think. Did this child and his parents know this is not been doing the no fly list or any thing. But I mean this kid was felt up and I think if this happens on a public street this TSA agent is going to jail. For child abuse. And conversely if you get ready to board this plane with your children. And your concern with safety. Would you give this kid a pass or would you insist that the TSA agent. Pat down this child. Phone lines are open -- 601870. Toll free 866889087. You're right now well. If you won a pair of tickets in the 2011 jazz fans. Six so WYNN. San Suu Kyi need to call 2609467. Or right now. -- hear the eighth column where you are gonna jazz -- With the VW out AM FNN dot. Reporting on WWL first news president Obama's deficit reduction proposals -- only work plus congressional reaction. Not sold on the plan find out join me Bob DelGiorno tomorrow. You only MF from -- dot com. -- later -- Bailey is one impaired tickets valued at a 125. Did jazz -- April 20 ninth through May eighth twelve stages virtually air. -- style of music. Unbelievable food and spectacular. One of a kind fine -- And Cranston -- -- this year is Jazz Fest offers special VIP packages. To see the entire festival from the front row. Only in new lowlands only a Jazz Fest for more information and tickets visit New Orleans Jazz Fest dot com. And no jazz fans sun com or any Ticketmaster outlet and be sure to listen the -- tank each week day this month for your chance to win a pair of tickets from. The New Orleans jazz and heritage festival in from WW well AM. FM and dot com some of the text. That are coming in. Concerning the pad down there. Six year old. Tommy -- -- video what a joke I would love TSA to try that with my son I have told him to -- anyone as hard as he can if they touch him like that. The TSA agents should be fired and beaten both on response. Its security is six year old could care less about that search coalition six year old didn't care because she objected. Another one I have not seen the video and I do believe there should be a correct manner but people who abuse kids to do wrong and should be checked. We need to watch the video because the six year old girl was. Pretty upset by Tommy I would have gone -- -- because I would have punched them out unacceptably can't do that. Another one and all capital letters pedophiles. If you don't send your child through X rays than they should be patted down criminals have used kids is panties before while. I don't know if the parents even had a choice in this -- they were selected for. A pat down but it seems to me if we have no fly lists. -- -- Are Americans. Citizens. Never been in trouble before -- no history. Where we feel it up a six year old. Is that really about security arisen about the illusion of security. Because in the history of all of this has TSA ever really foiled. An attempt. Skate on Monday Christmas bomber the underpants bomber of Hillary is lesbian workers because his bomb didn't go off. He -- his -- But had that bomb aboard the plane would have gone down. The shoe bomber of the passengers foiled that attempt another. Hijacking attempts as well were foiled by the passengers and TSA and I would remind you on numerous attempts. People have boarded planes with things they shouldn't have. On security tests of TSA. People were able to get contraband items onto planes that they shouldn't have. So is this really security here the illusion of security. And is heading down. And feel and -- traumatize and a six year old from this country. Really they keep you safer. Another text TSA is all nonsense an experience similar the last Colorado of everyone boarding my nine year old daughter was chosen for extra searching. It's gonna get to the point where -- files are working in TSA since their actions are in the name of safety. We'll be right back to your phone calls -- teams excel when they set any toll free 866889087. You'll talk to. Marjorie S -- director -- CU ACLU. Of Louisiana. As drove over to the president coming up at 1230 with his address. I had his plan to deal with the budget and debt and deficit right now -- time for Debbie WL first news and for that we go to Christmas. The station that keeps you connected 24/7. 365. The news talk and sports leader the big 871053. WW LF and WWL dot com. Johnny Tucker in for Garland Robinette taught him about this six year old that was handed down. And Armstrong airport is that the name of the family -- the Drexel season OB GYNN Bowling Green, Kentucky Helen Centanni. I executive producer tried to get name on -- but he's got patients all day long. They were returning from a vacation. So he really think the this so BG one yen from Bowling Green, Kentucky is the terrorists really. And that he's gonna put a bomb in his six year old daughter really. And as a result this. TSA agent agent has to put her hands all over the six year old girl and insider pay answer waist band ever plans really. There's gonna make you feel safer on a plane. Really. 2601870. Toll free 86688908. Semi Michael in Metairie -- you're on -- WL. Well thank. You know. I was there -- no -- -- if you don't get a -- oh yeah six. -- -- -- -- I don't see where the problem encrypted on the -- as world which in the imagined I would know -- so did you see the video. Didn't -- you know what you have now. These are they lose out because I can't I have -- and give -- and I'll let you know yeah I wouldn't mind if they don't search my grandkids or whatever you know. Well it you know I'll stick it right there you are you Terrence. It looked very roots and a wherever you live in any US spirits. The eight years but you know I don't know about dugout -- -- -- aren't. -- so we're gonna ask -- -- -- you -- so would go to -- to search your grandkids. What. What good would -- do just put put their hands Olivia agreeing to hit it upon what we're noble and good would it do Hollywood and accomplish. A big would it would be -- confidence in the governor's. Good you know -- know what they're cute Garrett. -- -- real problem with you. Grandkids terrorists. Yeah so why do what it did -- as agent feel that you bring. -- I -- it'll probably don't know what was -- cheered -- you -- -- -- you know -- I would bet. Generated if it was urgent search. You know but what good do I'll do when they -- -- Michael -- good what does it accomplish. It accomplished -- so bad it and given what drove it. Which it's you know. It -- to get a good you know what I don't like you don't know what it PH. I think -- bring kids might be terrorists. Just kidding maybe your grandkids do you think they might be terrorists. Who are already coming out. You your grandkids do you think they might be terrorists. -- I -- TSA surge intimate feel and a mop that's it and I didn't hear. Well I tell you I got through it I don't mind it Sergio Mikey gave -- bring a moment where would be. And I have no problem with their I think terrorists. Who it I'm there there what are we accomplishing nets and and they didn't hear. We do what we thought competence. I would be our compass. What what we're accomplishing with -- -- effort in futility until we lived in America from 58 years. It's -- -- you know you grandkids aren't terrorists. So why -- we led the TSA agents feel LaMont that's about nine given what with the whole goal his -- we're not a big job that spirit and the -- osu is their job so we let him feel up to kids. Well yeah I guess they admit that make a lot of sense of either Michael Marjorie has been joins us right now from the ACLU get any of that make any sense steel Marjorie or not. I really you know. It's unfortunate that some people think that. That fit the need and the right that we all have to be safe or early July. And turning into. And and over reaching. Church of innocent people. What would drives me crazy Marjorie and I wasn't trying to be mean no Michael. But he is where common sense and follow rules for the sake of rules -- never question authority. Gets in the way of common sense it drives me out of my. Mind appointment with my alone in this. Yeah you're absolutely right and it's interesting that in response to that the idea they -- now acknowledge that they what they call a one size fits all policy really doesn't make much sense. But they're recognizing. That this subject a six year old -- humiliation -- surged. And without even giving her at the dignity of a private screening. Would -- just alone with her mother in the and it can get agent. We detail. The it's the fact is that. The we don't need if you can't everybody -- board an airplane keep this kind of intrusive -- need to get a virtual strip territory get -- Because our government and access to information. About people who are real terrorists have to -- People who are really likely individually likely to commit to. And Cuban tenor and goes to the people we need to be focusing on education based on profiling that isn't based on anybody -- Middle East and it put on the flip. This is based on real law enforcement information that they have -- specific individuals. Those for the people who need to be subjected to enhanced. Search and direct it back. And you're just trying to get on an airplane who aren't on any suspect that -- -- -- to be you don't belong to the -- you know living our lives. Should be subjected to this country. Which is eggs. With the ACLU. Of all people to decide who gets searched and who gets. And I hate to use the word targeted but who gets more attention and then others when it comes to airline security because if anybody. And if any organization is gonna be protective of profiling. And be protected above. I'll pick -- on this one as opposed to this and I would think Marjorie it's gonna be the ACLU. And I'm not suggesting that profiling -- is what I'm saying that there is information different information about specific individual said that law enforcement hat. And that's the information that should be used. To do is to investigate this particular individual. I'm not talking about demographic profile for because actually that it supports wrong matchup is wrong is you know sticking pandemic and -- -- -- girl. From it but when when law enforcement knows a thing about a specific person. That's the person that they need to be questioning. I get a text as you say this Marjorie that says terrorists don't care about blowing themselves up. So they sure don't give a damn about blowing up a kid I want everyone getting on a plane with me strip searched. -- -- -- It may be true that terrorist doesn't add up blowing up the kid but that doesn't mean every kid who gets on an airplane. -- Paris and and what it means is that when our government knows. Specific individuals who are likely. That. And -- to the people who need to be questions and those people and if they're traveling with children and the children accompanied him. Many appropriately be -- it -- -- specific. Police and to think that that's pathetic person might be doing the rest of the car. The other thing that we have to keep that in mind. Is that every time we tighten the rules are screening. Company -- that way around somebody who is intent on blowing up an airplane can blow up an airport. That doesn't mean we shouldn't have screening prestige is of course we should. But it does mean and whatever we do. Somebody's gonna figure a way around and that's why we need to be focusing on the people who are spending their time and energy trying to figure out a way around it. And not on just a random family who just trying to get home to Kentucky. He is the other thing we have to remember. If it costs money in -- tax payers -- pain could be TSA agent. KK is subject all of us to this kind of treatment. And now that the TSA has acknowledged that one side at all doesn't make sense we have to question how much it could be costing. Subject everybody in this country to get kind of intrusive. -- what it doesn't accomplish and. Marjorie did you think of one that hijacking or terrorist episode that TSA is foiled. Can't put on an Intel but that means that I mean I haven't you know that doesn't mean it can happen at some point one. You know win a wild stopped somebody I've found something suspect on somebody to the public you know that's like proving the negative he don't know what -- Double what I'm saying is you know of numerous stories where people have boarded planes with contraband and -- it always I shouldn't have this box cutter Whitney let me go reported. That's right they don't always catch what they should -- and they do you -- get everybody to this kind of treatment. Will we don't all need to be subjected to this kind of treatment. And and in fact when when they had information about specific people that they know arm. Are engaged in specific -- to do harm those for the people they need to be going after. Any landmark dreams really -- Well I'm glad that as a result of this TSA -- now acknowledged that the policy don't necessarily makes sense and I'm hoping that they'll secretariat. The next six year old girl trying to board an airplane will be subjected to this kind of -- Hey thanks I appreciate your time but thank you will talk about this when we come back to six 1870 toll free 866889. The 08 Stephanie and I'm getting text from people who are saying. I'm in Vietnam children were wired with -- bombs anyone can flip out and decide to kill someone today even mothers kill their children. Yes that's right this this OBG -- from Kentucky news down here on vacation. It's gonna suddenly decide to put a bomb on this six year old girl and blow up the -- Because that's what happened in nine elevenths. Be right back and evidently. As New Orleans is feeling gumbo the big day 71053. FM and WWL dot com. It's Garland Robinette a think tank on WWL AM FM and dot com V news talking sports leader 504260187. The 466889. Always seventy. It's anyone tanks. Sums everything up it says that text shows that terrorists to one of viewers so scared you want everyone strip searched. I think I think that's. The pertinent point in all of this I really do. Do you really think. That. -- with all of the intelligence. Resource is of this country. With all of the the security resource -- of this country. Then it's necessary. To pad down there. The six year old daughter of a physician from Bowling Green, Kentucky. Really. And are you not letting the terrorists win if you weren't -- frightened. The -- even mind Richard Reid shoe bomber passengers subdued him -- Lindsay as saying. The underwear bomber Christmas Day over Detroit he tried his private parts and they only because is bomb didn't work. And passengers got involved there as well -- TSA. You tell me back to the phone lines we go -- in area and I -- a double WL. You know Don. I think it's absolutely ridiculous figure -- -- -- -- we -- get out of here we'll get to the point that we're willing to sacrifice. Our freedom. That it stands I think declared -- priority one wouldn't. So why do you think people are texting me and say and -- do -- well aware we demand and safety after 9/11 whatever needs to be done then make as saying. Com. But I -- the only thing that people who don't look good that this state beat -- Get issues we have already employee -- it I mean I can't speak -- -- people that totally disagree with them. I. You really apple which you just I don't know I would even went like -- they still existed that they've gotten two bombs that are in the last. Like two years and he has stated copied or but they stop and -- show girls. I think it's a little I think Israel's security I think the illusion but we'll see thank you appreciate the call Robert in Alabama you're -- W -- I don't -- what do you think. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Actually I'm gonna look outward arc. You know what -- look you know those are like the metal records are able you know. And also you wearing tight clothes certain. Yeah pocket every going out and while yes agents -- -- -- -- everything I mean why are you did every -- want. -- I don't period. -- to -- your point is Robert. Oh my point is why I mean it arm when it got there we are not they're Currie says we'll move on -- other. -- and or loner. Or AM. To who didn't wear anything -- market and -- -- and everything are already out there aren't. Why they're -- down. DDC. Clothing aside do you really think a six year old daughter of a physician from bowling green is a legitimate terrorist threat or not. I'd thanks appreciate the call to get appear we'll come back we'll continue to talk about this next hour signing on if you liked. At CC so 1878 toll free 866889087. We can also. You take -- -- city 7870. The president coming up at 1230 to talk about his plans for dealing with debt and deficit and taxes. Tommy and for Garland -- take a big 877 have you. As New Orleans as the Saint Louis cathedral WWL. AM -- John spud McConnell will be on -- one thought you raring to go -- of the 4 o'clock in the right no your in the thing tagged with Garland Robinette. On WWL AM FM and dot com we'll hear news talk and sports leader. Continue to talk about this next hour got an email from Patrick Hughes says the TSA agent was -- -- -- watch the videos -- nothing wrong. The parent should've let that tells goes through the metal detector. Well now I don't think so does a news reports say that the child was selected for a -- down. You can't be that stupid Patrick building was the parents that are wrong here I think you're wrong because. The parents didn't really have a choice and in terms of whether or not the TSA news this child's father was a doctor. In terms of who gets elected for pat downs. Maybe there should be a little bit of intelligence use and I mean that in both --