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Apr 29, 2011|

Bobby Hebert, Deke Bellavia, and Mike Detillier take you inside Draft Fest 2011. They discuss the first round NFL Draft picks, including the 24th and 28th picks overall by the New Orleans Saints, Cameron Jordan (DE – California) and Mark Ingram (RB – Alabama). New Saints RB Mark Ingram checks into the radio huddle to discuss joining the Who Dat Nation.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to Athens 2000 and that -- continues here. -- Go to Brown's -- might TA this -- and come up big time. Tonight they have addressed needs and they have boasted that the defense of land which is an area of need and they have got the best quarterback in this year's draft and you know I was talk -- -- is a feel as you go what you think about pure runners hall chorus of between the tackles. What Mike you'll never is better than my meat you go back maybe with Adrian Peterson book guy that can run run opportunity that an identity -- -- a. We miss tackles and and he was a guy that got -- a lot to an Oklahoma. He's been a lot of Tomlin is shelved because. He was such a brutal -- It's a little bit different guy and -- because he's built short squat eight to the ground well built. And it's his ability to make so much extra yardage out the first contact. That is I cannot think that's the big key to any running back. You can have great vision and instincts which you've got to -- ought to make a lot of yardage out the first contact and that's something mark -- can do extremely well. The other thing out of this draft. Tin bottom with 32 selections. From the southeast conference. Maine and my father and I they're different than what we talked about two that was the big twelve that was represented here they did a nice job too but. And we -- about it my god I don't know Bob look at Beckett is number way the -- -- draft we've moved to may be seen if you know big teams to lose to a Wisconsin and Iowa -- -- -- take -- -- -- no I was faithfully. Know Cameron get camera would only one Hamburg with the Pittsburgh. So you're twelve. Easy that it that it just -- a little bit. In Ohio State well I think next you don't have a lot of draft choices. Come out but this year was that little adjustment period -- both think do is Andy Dalton. Still -- pick not picked in round one we knew about Ryan mallet. I think everybody kind of figured. Ryan would not be a first round pick. But all of talk was about Indy -- in the guys maybe. Sneak into round one in that way -- -- on them that next Drew Brees kinda. He reminds me Jake DelHomme -- beyond caveat -- -- you know it might. It took me. That does -- mean just because you're drafted in the first trial that you've got to be a Crowley are you what I get paid a lot yeah you can beat the future could look where Tom Brady and Drew Brees is okay. I think the big surprise here is that no one. Would take Dequan bowers -- goes to show you. All the medical and a lot of people saying all was all media driven no no no was immediate drove it Dockett guy get a lie no. Everybody passed on him in round one and did the reports we were getting what accurate about just. How big unit did that knew he was and nobody's gonna spend the first round pick on a guy. That's questionable medical now nobody could -- -- might get a second round second round he could be -- that. -- god that you -- book also -- heiress. Yeah outside linebacker -- LA LA not being selected. Got to bank stadium all lamp regularly because any moment now we're expected Lugo would lose say two running back mark Ingram -- of taking a look at Tony picked. In this year's draft the Saints make it's they were the Patriots have prior to that the Saints got a camera -- defense a lot of them out. With -- -- 24 picked ran offense continues on Saints radio record Browns on WWL I get you caught up Cuomo I wanna go at 1120 we will hear from crusade sort of -- mark Ingram he won't Jonas recapping what has happened with. The New Orleans Saints with their first pick which -- 24 in the first round take if it's Atlantic Cameron Jordan from Hal. In the same to move back up into round one a trade with the New England Patriots they give up -- -- -- second round pick and next year's number one pick to select. Alabama running back mark Ingram with a 28 pick in this year's draft topic and issue draft. Was Cameron Newton quarterback from the university of all it was a quick break it caught up they will be come back. We'll be just moments away from him from -- another new member of the Saints to the first round camera jaunt that was speak with their running back mark ankle that's the sports talk. -- draft fist on WW they welcome back off by allowing here my dictated by -- bad Deke Bellavia coming up to about fifteen minutes to hear from one of the saints' top draft pick in running back. -- -- -- football -- get -- and Mike's thoughts on where we all woke with a phone lines at 26 so. 187866889087. Let's go back out the saints' headquarters took Christie Garrett is heading back with a full recap of today's round one in the National Football League draft. This NFL draft -- is brought to you by Louisiana lottery. Lately their opponents grapple. Your best odds to win one million dollars drawing may twelfth buy your tickets. Right now we thought the Saints were done in the first round Anthony grabbed Cameron Jordan an event of -- out of California. With a point fourth overall pick in the first round the Saints jumped back into the first round trading -- New England to grab running back mark Ingram. However Alabama at 48 overall the seats in this year's second round pick in next year's number one pick to the Patriots. Chicago takes it gave Corey any offensive tackle out of Wisconsin with. Pick number 29 of the Jets follow with defensive tackle -- Roberson the Ohio State university's. Cameron Heyward is a Pittsburgh steeler with the thirtieth pick in the Green Bay Packers wrapped up round one selecting offensive tackle Derek sure rod from Mississippi state of course. Cameron Newton at quarterback from Auburn goes number one overall to the Carolina Panthers and LSU defensive back. Patrick Peterson is number five to the Arizona Cardinals back the draft as with -- -- might get -- BA and Deke Bellavia had cooter Browns. All right Christian thank you very -- and of course those in the top five picks and the -- speaks. And they were you looking around in the division a big movie the first big trade went down in Atlanta trading up from their original spot which was 247 all the -- to six spot. And they give up the last but I Florida saint Alabama wide receiver. Julio Jones and in other division the moves of plaza the first round Chris upon a quarterback for Florida State goes to. Minnesota other highlight with Detroit got richer and the defensive materialize the lets him down a consume and this year in the family so we'll get a chance to see those guys are close and personal. In the Louisiana Superdome but on news most important to us Cameron -- -- fits of laughter from now 44 in the first round by the Saints. If you want to move back at around one that they can -- with the New England Patriots. They exchanged -- Patriots and they get did Torre -- -- issued draft this Patriots get to say its second round pick if issues draft and the same topic. In the next year's draft to 6018786688. Nigeria today. Your thoughts all these Saints draft fully -- well defensive linemen in this draft. Well he could well have you know you talk through that we can we'll talk about a half by all we talked about it before it. That you don't -- -- the third team in it right in the middle -- -- to wail of the 32 selections. Defensive lineman. Via -- dollars -- -- -- and you look at his track record and it's looks like it has been. I believe both big and -- they could be a top five kind of big. You know when you prepare production. Colleges going away might and a block if they're starting Q work out like this. You look 2002. Ed Reed to the Ravens. Commodities did PP Vanderbilt defense. Dallas Clark. 2003 that are cold we all know in the years to these running back Steven Jackson 2004. Turnaround Rams Chris Johnson 2000. And they can tightened. Did you look -- -- in between and then god you look at Johnathan Joseph all the -- in the early going to imagine what their bagels and Mayweather. So. I think nobody hit the lottery. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No offensive lineman. -- to show you how this draft had a little bit of a twist to it. That you could get that type of guy when he pool and you don't you don't ranting you rarely see it -- -- Jerry. Got picked a couple years back but he's the only lineman Bryant led bunch at 24. Could totally go let it go to VO -- Augusta talked on my one -- they give a college Saints radio WWF. Hey guys guys do a critical that they feel do the brilliant move on the -- -- -- -- You know about Danny Beck who played played may have been the big tackle than like film like city about blow them have been -- did. I thought it was big blue ridge and didn't and then Morgan appeared to get -- guys. And basically. They didn't Green Bay that they Green -- would probably -- pick him. They expect me. The head as though that. So we'll let the camera. Both from California -- never thought of blame on camera Gerrard and then you know thinking they might work Hayward and I -- -- again I think they will be available. With the different Jordan just leave he felt that it probably following him get home. Could go both of them over -- -- what do you think yeah yeah. First of all you don't have a second round here so -- you couldn't predicament now wouldn't touch just. I've got a point nine. So. Reggie Bush is just and we knew it it's been blind you Rawlins. Lol well. Satellite he'd given up to me it's not sound like you even you would we've been talking about for quite some. None hole Reggie just Peyton. And as an assistant with the bottom as far as pray for your -- Ku already should be fortunate you've got to play when a quarterback like Drew Brees. He's always are. Where there's -- -- don't don't just make him I'm. I don't know I don't know let's go to basically he was given every opportunity hell yeah I -- and I think we all agree with it especially when you talk about all the running backs that was completed this year. And he was arrested a -- front he got we know aren't. He I would say what you know what you don't do when you get to a moment of fame well what he does he get a chance against the CL rooting good. Against the Seahawks he got lucky he'll want to be in there well and then boos -- noble one. -- wife Barbara turner last year. It was black sport given the Falcons yes I mean c'mon are you -- close to Devin Hester you can't work evidence to jog. Well look good well. Not many -- guy and that guy and can run we're all right on the bushes and gonna -- due to answer the call is questioned Cameron enjoyed. His dad was a tremendous football player in the NFL all pro player with the Vikings chairman six more Alou over toward ninety pounds. Give -- the -- a -- can stand up as an outside linebacker. Good pass rusher who would like -- I like about it is she's a technician reason pits. Very instinctive and he knows how to use his hands he's going to be a real good start and quickly in this league. He's a quick pick up guy and I don't expect he's you'll be seeing any downtime these will be frustrate -- Our -- -- will be here for mark Ingram in about five minutes it was speak with him -- a phone to go to bode take fall lives five voted thank you for calling. I like compared -- your pick up I think he's -- a lot like that it because a lot of them. I think the video without the ball I feel great about marketing group why not what tell us why you're not crazy about marquis -- What -- I thought I -- I can say yeah he'd go beyond a good solid back. -- and then -- his elbow and the new guys you have enough good running back what what reason do you have not to just wish all -- Mickey Loomis have done. I for what I feel better get they'll make you make him effective may be worn out but you know. But they're swapping people -- But out topic New England it would -- dog alerted us. Well they had to change yeah right about that and they traded out. Lorena is is ratified -- there running all I gotta think nobody it is with Chris. Says the reason -- get picked. And it has nothing to do with the talent he couldn't stay healthier Washington State yes he can stay healthy it didn't. You could make it out the pre season when I get me into. So music guy you don't put 'cause of this -- running right is always gonna have some down nine no matter what. That's just the way he runs the football and you could need extra backs and -- -- most ivory. Man that's a nice threesome that you got the back field. No -- is that they against Reggie Bush lesson if Reggie Bush his Willie did take. Want to remain dollars did you hear. I think -- do I told you ideals Latin music are you doing its elite eight just we let's review the city to a fifth streets is. It's been on nor Balco affair Reggie Bush eleven point eight billion Nolan will nobody nobody well so he's got humbled. And have an opportunity you know he obviously -- it would be an NHL what he did we talk about what you always talk about bank for you book. He -- we've -- thankfully his book he would he gate he stole money he backed up that everywhere and I stole money. No he did. The job by getting paid eight million dollars they're Reggie Bush produced eight -- -- sort of shallow actually here though no way he did. No way you guys played running back are you kidding me. Reggie Bush never made a Pro Bowl will with the Saints. And there always promoted subway commercials this and that. -- fluid they're -- -- -- what I was -- don't win it again now I don't know and we USC and it's no grip on what I did acknowledge I don't know I'm afraid you know what -- -- and let's face it why. So are you -- -- anyway I agree with new ones seem new year but might just hit the nail on the here. That is estimated National Football -- -- gas -- overpaid for what -- -- in one level you have to -- -- -- -- -- that is taking it as well I think -- about a block -- that -- wouldn't be changed the world they got guys coming out of college that you know better -- some NFL -- -- -- I don't know I know I I got a good to have -- moment because we welcome in the Saints. 28 pick in this year's first round of the draft. Former Alabama crimson attack -- Beckett now memo to New Orleans -- mark Ingram. On. Congratulations. Everybody here and I locations extremely excited and happy for you thank you for joining. Perfectly thanks Jeremy. -- Martellus so what was going through your mind now a lot of speculation you may have gone high in the strategy but he stayed positive for Bob -- points watch on television said. What was it like for you to famine when you got that call. Great just trying to get the call and helmet to act and faced some that there remove an absolute treat me. Colin and expect they're not the sort of dubious thank pat and get done and get to work and -- playing days and hopefully give their social well. -- How cool its ability is. You look at paraded about three miles from the slate scale in the off season that. That really how is the weird Morton just because you're right the back yard book but the last couple of months trading -- errors. I know I know it's it's creating no doubt -- that period late so just maybe down their training -- since January. I'm impressed the -- the dog. How many times I so hope disappears and is now out of you directed by them -- allowed them to be playing there is at the blessing and also thankful. And then out you know mark obviously look at our running back. To set up blockers excellent patient vision. You have the running instincts. But playing under coach David and all of the coach Payton it. Don't you -- get to play at the highest level in the NFL you gotta -- complete back. And always run the football but knowing your assignments. With the pass protection but also have the capability because pass receiver running back. Hopefully it's important for -- The other student of the game familiar Simon. No looked normal out making blocking schemes -- with the defense to present and you know how that's when a picture read half of practice more then. After that. Know what you do. Beg you to know -- -- -- handler that's thrown the ball receiving word that as a pro no five. And safety rolled over I'll -- rolled up -- know all different pressures that come might be given to leave so. -- -- important be a complete player not only have the physical ability to perform on -- also these two of the games we could know what you're doing on every single -- Market in talking to coach Saban a botched beauty you brought up the two things. Great intensity but -- game. And how quick cup pick up court issue worth sort of speak. So whatever they threw back to you were able to pick it up and he feels as though that's a great trade. For you to carry over in the NFL. To have that ability that they're not gonna he's wanted to you could get -- tables for the brilliant. And your intensity out on the football field he said that was something -- focus and intensity. That that you play as good match. He does this. So strong as for the game -- -- playing football and semi endorsement and I was wanna be the best. For a -- so that I can be and help out. So -- so whatever way that I can help them games certainly championships so that they that they had blown out well Karzai can't be your best quarterback can be. And give my perfect -- their success I don't. We're winding down with its new Saints running back mocking him he was taken in the first round of this year's draft to Saints trade with New England to get -- when he picked and they select -- on them -- We know you were given a potential robbery in the bowl Auburn Alabama you can really get into one now. You could tell the -- all year lawful always square off against the Falcons now. That tied friendship that's called value is safe he's about to. He knows bit. We triple dealt Alou -- -- -- -- but then again we're gonna go so it took Clinton who -- on the he's going to be try to put up went on to try to put it is so. And there. Within because that I -- -- meal without every year play against them. But -- not everybody is certainly excited this city is excited to have you here your camera -- on the part of off route one. Congratulations going -- -- to family thank you so much. And welcome to the -- that nation. Thank you thank you rich -- Got the first got out of -- -- we got there -- certain that out of mark Ingram crusade to run they take you give me bank now. Mark Ingram is a Saints plan -- distracted in the first round the Saints keep to play has also Cameron jawed with. Let's take a quick break and we come back and also a story is about. Another thing for him back who just pleaded with -- did father know -- that everybody live -- wanna talk about what this means for Reggie Bush. So we don't know what it means on what we know what between hit. Well at the dollar doesn't go back from the break common elaborate on we gave Charley casserly it's all hindsight now are rough time -- Bob Mario -- -- Reggie Bush. But I'll know it just look at the production in hindsight. Mario Williams says in the Pro Bowl player -- Reggie Bush coming back to all you call. -- -- -- graphic up draft fans they want nor does not one but two picks in this year's draft Cameron Jordan defensive end. From now and mock anger running back from Alabama -- -- -- radio WWL and welcome back we are -- good rounds and -- you're out of draws guys all of -- cooter Browns that they campus tonight. Steve gets it may take care was all the fives there's there's no way almost come on -- Dakota Browns they've got. Man does so many Beers you -- drinking here I think -- a lot of go to place like Green Bay. It was good command of our guys -- -- the variety of Bears you have here is doesn't get any better in New Orleans it does not -- beat him on I would be -- -- group of four to midnight 730 and I can't time the water. And then the we will be and it makes them all on Saturday from 9 AM to 6 PM time in essence the court offense addition of first take. -- draft a visit from ninth to eleven. Bobby Hebert was signed first Indian we will have Scott Shanle saints' lap back up. Was on our grasp of eleven and knew that you build a program followed by Saints safety out of tickets to sign from noon to one. I'll out of lakeside mall that Sunday morning -- dictated from two in the nude recap of the granted a special addition second -- the draft. My deuterium body bear Monday it is still was -- before four. This 7 PM twofold to go by the let's go to Shell met but just an on line forward Justin thank you for college -- radio WWL. Part of our got to say hello to mark Ingram. Then outside of our got a couple of questions Julio -- -- think they knew this volley ball this hard to -- our. Then my other question is because the bank possibly trade Reggie Bush for the Patriots Korea quiet at first round pick. That's great regularly were all going well aware of the UK trade regularly. Know what nobody took may have eleven point eight million. Everybody is gonna seek another minute group then I'll deal -- adding if you sat it to about a million dollar contract signing traded the only way you could trade gap but there's president -- -- -- -- not your payroll would put them money with the new agreement on my -- you with no agreement. Right you could you do let's riding right but -- they would -- yeah he's a top five talent. But every team in the NFL. -- -- -- first round pick passed on him because that's not a money right now there's no one rookie wage scale what you have to pay first round there's. C'mon you can't take your chance and you're -- -- -- all or save we get investors got a -- All of a sudden you've got a guy -- your medical staff. And then again we took some -- guys like myself but Mike may act. And you know boards and and everything about given out wrong inflammation they said on the injury. Well if it was -- not go -- every team past the mid round one. Larry Obama guy and he's got anybody yeah -- that means that doctors did not dotted and our green and make you yet they don't let you look at Reggie Bush. And I know it's hindsight now everybody gave Charley casserly kind of you know what's high. And you know coming out of college why would you -- it Mario Mario Williams over Reggie Bush. Well -- -- -- you look at it he chose Mario Williams I can't popularity of the lead -- one of the NFL's best edge rushers. You look at Mario Williams 26 years of age at 48 sacks in 77 games. Reggie Bush has gain a little more to seventy yards of scrimmage per game. Reggie brush we opening of the deal Michael Westbrook. The eagles' week -- the hard truth. Thirty dollar mark or forty all purpose yards right as a receiver rushing as a punt returner Tim Louisville went down fatigue does have -- starters. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and -- -- I these area which you have -- but you you do if you can't a year later undrafted -- did he averages 401 yards all purpose yards a game. Indian town gap so you talk about 01 into the Specter of yet if all expectations. Certainly would not even close to be Greeks thought been reached yet. The way is another guy who's expectation register lag all through one practice through one week. And has signed a contract with the -- to contract extension so it is go to show and I followed -- that -- read as good as play bandwagon. Was that damn Dallas Cowboys game that Haiti Cowboys. When Reggie practically gave -- that a Cowboys. He dropped a touchdown pass it didn't get a fumble picked him the ball bottle what about 1215 yard line. Right give Reggie did that -- Reggie UK and -- At a health risk he's supposed to be and that's says that a liability. What I seen that I -- we'll -- you -- would you really good about the -- who know -- -- and really we added I don't know if I'm Noah and our whole thing. -- who work out. But thanks for your -- Nuggets didn't you know I -- get a no -- it's gone his finish with the deal is global with Reggie you thing about it is. You know we talked about the three guys with the one guy coach Payton talked about so much in all season legible we got hurt my don't Hamilton. You have. We got this he was gonna -- the Ronaldo has returned battle of the deal you never -- have now have a -- anybody that is able are running backs. Which you look at Reggie all I know lawyers. It it it should've worked out it didn't work out. The only one who truly excelled. Mess that when a cart bashing as Lamar Odom. Lamar Odom as the game went from hair to the best six man. Reggie he's great camp guard action. -- -- -- and his career going away and every event he was -- so he's he got back when when we play because those -- the playoffs two years -- I should've -- winner of some because there -- -- -- wanted -- -- -- don't include animated or you don't know he. I'm really mental error. If you just stayed where you're like Lamar Odom. Maybe get married -- within his career heard elected and then a little bit this trade really the -- They make you crazy to go to the no all I know is Lamar Odom them I've been a bad thing. No matter what Rosie internationally and he was good before you really low though they look when the programs tennis career yeah. That's right but you know you -- it out out out of the more they tell -- again and again today it's not real big city on my three took me thank you for college WWL. Mean good book you've got to play good man who have been that bill. -- live for the moment -- -- -- -- wouldn't be very okay. Put the ball Reggie Bush didn't create your own deal if you didn't fit like fit. We've -- all the rookies Graham didn't do you know -- -- bush broke out -- okay right but don't look good look at it left the the group that's why we try to give a rookie down and out throughout the right no I don't I don't worry we'll be doing grabbed his bed without the big is this. They're from what I've been indefinitely by the thought that that what what it was about Carl put different dog is okay right. Reggie Bush was doing the sliding all over them so they. A lot of season tickets yet because the minute he jogged into our laps did all of the whole -- that we about his Reggie Bush. We'll get job try to be good that a brother didn't and that is so bad that can look to deal but I think. That's because the coaching staff who broke out of fuel and -- trip with dad didn't Gordon got let him benefit they. Yeah. Hey Colin -- the. When there's faith coaches. Would love to have Reggie Bush but at the right corner. Because I don't know that they -- -- before here. Live he has food with a group and got hurt it can't work out don't work complimentary that it was all of -- blood -- Am a lot of hate Narnia because not flu like -- didn't didn't miss a -- -- And aerobic chuck we check me like another outlet only year he stayed healthy and okay thank -- -- and our -- overall I. I don't if federal government no I such as -- you pointed agreeing that he couldn't stay healthy. And it just beat the do's that I am not to do that he and excel as a punt returner. Now to justify his salary. He had to have probably. 34 maybe five games like he did against the Cardinals in a playoff game when he had two hours seventeen all purpose yards to help -- -- Bold step up point that you can't justify that I wouldn't give him when you pay and the guys don't have already did in college right that's my point. -- hungry but I agree with -- I -- go to -- First -- all. Didn't live our lives they're definitely got the -- But on the other -- -- -- on the post and I feel that -- -- -- my improvement program group has done by the and then sure that it happened live how -- they would probably. -- we've never. Preferred to Matt doing -- been good at -- who you are the US food doing. The -- you go forward recruitment. Because of armed that we got you can you call it might. But god because we felt we got because things aren't important draft choices because they -- -- you've brought to look right right you know. -- -- playing again not aunt that I let anybody that's the beauty didn't draft we UP yes. These -- And yet about their values that you got to bank could've Duke by Chris may have -- it because you know they tried this a couple of years ago -- -- -- -- -- work work but they stayed pat and go Vijay and mighty get a much better right I know I'm a lot more excited and impressed. That we landed a more -- -- if we don't Landeta Beanie Wells full you'd damn right exactly. There no question about that you know my body is not draft. You got Malcolm Jenkins and really a great football player you can seize on the verge of being that layup offer a safe but. To me you've got to pull one he'll be a bit in getting you big need area of oval -- -- -- -- tentative and a Belle -- running back. Gotta battle that's crazy as many calls as we can't big night tonight for the black and gold they did to. First round picks to a fault for the first draft Everett -- defensive lineman from cal. And -- and girl in the 48 slot number 11 round pick for the sake ticket to the first round. Jordan and Ingram then their members of the New Orleans Saints draft this continues here Nicole -- thoughts H radio WWF who no one dollar lake Sam most sent to court. And don't forget now online at WW dot com all of today's action video here from -- around the latest from Saints can't. And and so much -- 0260187866889. 0878 he'd be doubly evolved to fix for the Saints. Tonight 44 in the first round Cameron joined defensive minded from the university of -- did the same swing a trade with New England. They moved back into the first round at the 28 spot. And they give up this year's second round pick and also the saints' first round pick for next year they get -- make Alabama running back. Mock -- taking your feedback from Lafayette for Kyle on line six Kyle thank you for college. Check out -- -- a callow at six. It would -- Would you. No -- -- this is that he has neither boy that's a happy night of our lives my life felt. I'd say yell war I'm so excited. About this morphine -- a bit because. I understand. Where this football team here. And he should knowing in this Drew Brees window of opportunity -- that this thing had. To be able to pick up. Both player of the quality. And the caliber of mark Ingram. This is put in their backfield he's used to take pressure off Drew Brees. Is he did -- I would say you guys right now I think -- different routine for him. And I used eight other guys wanted to have his nights the life. How do you. Are important that we look I'm lending me and they love -- we'll -- I'm like yeah. I look I don't know ahead of where those who phonetically all black car thank you so much we appreciate you called the Vienna as likely -- that -- it gave Cheney came two years ago mad. We'll go diseases of my call Bob it was almost a battle they would they -- Jason Davis. He's known as the greatest day in my life I'm -- like got to be kidding me man. Rallies fizzle positives. Seven bag and one thing I'll say about it I think it's a signature moment in Saints history. Yes because if you look at these guys even come close to how we talk and I'll bottle. -- and you put yourself back on the fast track. To get back to the big show enemy that's we are all this business is about is is playing. Did you get to the Super Bowl. Well -- I don't know I was I don't -- we don't is there we would think it was an okay you have to go back we talk about total package. Hi what he's done a college locker room back. You can't we get to go Beckett dog -- hard -- as they said after organizers drafted -- like kids there that regularly great bat he was a great Beckett -- -- -- case when you had a beer and he had exhibited Nomo would know if you look at it. This team right now our beloved New Orleans Saints. -- -- nation. The team is an -- -- -- bold yellow when George came in there was -- from school track yet it's again we're not a developmental mold. There are built to win now. You look at Drew Brees in his prime. And you look you know that 345 era when goals are you willing to take a chance again and up extra draft Georgia's just like what Atlanta did because they see their window -- and come -- without a doubt like. There in the middle of -- dwindled to win a title. India potential dynasty this decade like of the Patriots -- last decade because. You look at the talented young rosters would the Falmouth to doing. With the Buccaneers are doing they are getting worse so you gotta keep patient sort of step take a step back no we gotta win now. Yes. And -- just like to move a lot of people critical why would a team could go first round pick in Danny Watkins he's 27 years old. In my opinion is of Danny Watkins complain now -- if not got him for six years and he can protect Mike Vick. -- you know that that's what I'm that's what I -- -- on the Eagles -- doing his job he's doing what he's supposed to do. Acted as though to go to Liberia from Michael online seven Michael thank you for calling them because you. We're -- right. None of those foolish enough your career throughout this could save -- the -- 1000. I don't even know now would do that he -- doubt even that crazy you know you -- -- -- and they allow me through I would he do that everyday RD in the right direction. It's perfectly Randolph that was -- quarterback -- complete it before the allies are everywhere you gotta cut him some study that yeah but you know when you got McFadden and Michael Bush in the back to feel that -- never bitter they go they were struggling a raiders' weakness either -- Justin Fargas generated always elderly and they always had a running -- that what their weakness problem is quarterback. And the fact of the matter is they can't protect anybody right who's playing quarterback -- bad routes on line one Ian thank you for calling got you got you out. They got going off -- end. Man I'll look at this crap and nothing with the best night community fans that they won the Super Bowl and that midnight Super Bowl parade -- -- down. It was a great night. I agree I agree with you while you know quick -- -- expectations you have to be optimistic. Every you know well when all the negativity and I agree with you all the negativity you've heard the last couple months. Because of the labor strife then this is exactly what this town needed to get that jump start back all -- food -- football. And probably. You know easily -- -- don't care about how. You play to -- in the game that's -- we don't complain you look at you look at Atlanta. What the big that turner the burner now we've got one of those we've got Ingram you know he's got that potential would be even better than that. I you know that this Drew Brees and then and then thin -- -- our popular my buddies about how. If Jordan get to fifteen with the Dolphins we should think about trading up again before Tampa -- -- and he's Basra Angel. Yeah run they're really nice and sometimes you're lucky and sometimes you do they you know a year and you look good I anger him. He had -- -- to be like I believe would just be steady flow with Emmitt Smith. Steady. With the Cowboys you look at Willie -- big win everything was on the line that. Adds to the mark of any great Blaylock Emmitt Smith Michael Irvin Troy Aikman. They want not -- championship they won. Championships. Right plural went and asked -- it could be that guy to help recover back blow rabbit up -- it's -- -- a ball caused great day today if all the same talk that they sit at all the -- that's out there is -- ticket not one but 21 round -- Everett -- defensive -- from now. And mob ego running back. Faulk from Alabama where wrap up draft as they wanna -- -- and at this time battle takes radioed up because you know what might you think about it too. It's good to have some friends -- the other conference season because you know we we felt were gonna make a play don't -- use a little Ohio could get a -- Kansas City. But who moved up we're doing it and against Sedrick Ellis to salute to big moves the Saints have made you proud last few drafts with the New England Patriots. And it's interesting how. You know the Panthers -- Cam Newton the Falcons didn't Julio Jones the Saints get marketing group it's almost like an SEC convention. Yeah continuation did you -- you know would give -- like graduate school fifth set up the right. That's crazy and Dillon in Metairie on line to -- -- and David thank you for calling. I gotta -- -- okay. How much would they record I can't believe he -- -- They've mandate and that's a pretty good question no no we see way to raise anybody's game that I highest level. This -- because if if if Tebow who has looked over Kim Kardashian. I think even if he would succeed in football -- would succeed in life. You -- the only one of the shows I mean he would -- actually -- no money that. Yeah do you Romo -- I don't you wanted to say yeah right that's blue my. I didn't hear final college Bobby go first who's who got it but don't be quick to school here well. I think it's unbelievable day for the Saints organization. You know -- not just -- play should be -- nation where winning one championship. You know we try to be a dynasty because nothing we gotta take. Advantage about the situation have been a franchise quarterback. And a window of opportunity. And the next three of 45 years and that being we Drew Brees. So you have to have the supporting cast we address the defense. Held true on the offensive side. Where's like drew always have to sort of all what is third while Webb Simpson to ballots also in the red zone so no I think. Big -- eleven to five total of four look at that directed. -- even more solid on that -- scored far whenever we do have a regular season that will be back into his kitchen still. To me the team that concerns -- more or any other team in the NFC. Is the Green Bay Packers are right then that we right now -- Mike. My deal lives have done a lot of uses his many years have been in this draft show when it seems to be dead so many B shoals. The Saints would never act and they would always react to something. They're not easy to aggressiveness of the front office -- -- football camp -- Before somebody else. And I and I think that's the thing that's all encouraging for the Saints fans that ability to make good quick strike. Know you opportunity is right now and so then I came away very impressed with the tonight. These six out of Somalia policy and a group of sports -- midnight -- -- Didier by the gave me OK guys out will be out there come on out Jonas since Saturday where lakeside -- what to do for the -- is on the Saints. And it do draft picks camp -- -- nick and mark -- go to our website. At WWL dot com thanks all the five folks everybody coming out here take outta Browns what's Landry all excited to pit stop -- -- -- Melanie they're backing of studio camped there and Bob for all sixty mechanic Christie Garrett got everybody.

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