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May 12, 2011|

9 time Pro bowl offensive lineman Alan Faneca has announced he is retireing and stops by to talk about his career. We surprise the one time LSU tiger with former coach Gerry Di Nardo

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Agony do you welcome the sports are on the ability indicates he can embodied there would be whether it's tomorrow a lot of on the -- you coming up act -- break -- just a moment. Reason there it's not offensive line man. From the Steelers Jets and Cardinals Alan Faneca would be well on his way to -- in the pro football fan of this -- -- -- -- Thought about retiring athletes in sports who attacked too soon. And who -- around the game to all currently LeBron James and Dwyane Wade at all rolling. In the NBA postseason you know they named that he read the Big Three that they can make Chris Bosh feel good and he's got some good things but let's face. He's not in the same category as wade and James Estes me that is mafia boss and legitimate Big Three it was hall's team. Paul -- team for Ray Allen and KKG Kevin Garnett got there. So baby dynamic duo. In Miami not -- Big Three who are. The best duo was in NBA history Corina was hanging on during the break arena thank you for calling WW yeah. Pay dilemma the other Shell I think you guys -- fabulous. I think Correia you tell us and you'd think -- He's -- late bout that and Malone and magic -- I think. Met all year and SE we don't think magic -- a big game James. He was right they don't know how would you think about teams. Green it's hard to imagine we can name the faces but -- that make -- showtime. It will be hardly imagine them when asked -- he would be -- me imaginable I'm Michael Cooper even Kurt Rambus coming off the bench him Michael Thompson but certainly. Big game James magic in. It -- those three day they were they were the that the centerpiece of that team pretty. They -- -- do you keep him with the post season now at. And we political career I want the ball to both nobilo is exactly the Bulls match up better with the heat in the do all. And the reason at a height they -- -- because they got the three because then. That way and didn't really win by Adam I mean they -- right the other -- it gave them a hard time. So you got a good chance -- to give to which goes -- for everybody but the heat. Remember it's been an also on there is that it puts them there advantage but that it was. It was pretty -- of him to quit when he was on him. Crime because he could've done so many wonderful things with football. Right he should just kept on the developer out of it think it's one of the greatest that one of the best I mean I'm sure it was at that time. But in my mind. Being he just was not. He can it get that because no matter how they do it somebody else will -- -- I'm acting career thank you so much for common and we appreciate. You thank you -- on parise can and you dig and you dig him it was sad. A -- a man argument -- -- would do well. -- -- -- -- -- -- Granted it together and build a championship -- went. -- -- 12 and three what they want for -- anywhere around our our -- -- fat but you're right you know as generous and it was a when. With Corey was out in -- to play every position a year Davidson. Now I mean we we talk about greatest players of all time sports on but gave their all you -- audience you can dog but. How you could you could say Woody these -- may be beautiful when -- won the how you -- with somebody above man to the cause he played every position would mediate behof meet with some -- -- -- look at it out but he Jordan's first retirement. -- to predict there he tried to her. Oh yeah they -- made a pivotal 18 streaking you'd be they would want history. I don't know recruit at that Pamela -- want them. -- -- -- Oh okay -- they world a tale but they when they won those two back to back a day they played don't give her own payroll but. -- they -- I don't know they would if anybody would be my dogs -- game like I don't know no your right KUD -- that you won those two goes you. Then I dig it thank you so much we appreciated. It's -- to grant Gaulle pulled grant thank you for -- But act we will Matic up and I'd be integrated that quality play all positions he started and while that. Betting every position. Yeah he should put the agreement. -- Jordan and Pippen. And bill well well well the play well and has. Know -- -- -- so you write and don't discount it's almost it's almost unique because you think about bird in. Some with Dave Barry Mikhail some with the bird and -- you can those guys are interchangeable and Bill Russell was -- I mean anybody -- -- -- premium yet. To be -- -- -- him I mean eleven rings in thirteen seasons. It was even Russell cousy and then have a -- and Russell yeah well he's spent equipment generational now. Game when he won when he was lose in the championship game you know. Now nobody came grant your right man thank you so much I appreciate got a bad we'll get to Gregory downtown and moved into it Alan Faneca. On the offensive lineman of the LH -- came out at these junior season drafted in the first round by the steelers' tremendous Korea there. Laid the block the smack down the Seahawks in fans Willie Parker's steal a Super Bowl longest -- on Super Bowl history. Of that one that was agrees to rule Wednesday was -- it went in over the Seattle Seahawks there. Anyone on the jets' policies and and the Cardinals leisure time. What talked Alan Faneca this is sports populace in the WW and welcome back to sports here it downtown. New Orleans Gregory jaundiced on line for Gregory good evening. Can I don't -- Yeah -- a -- Yuma. Yeah. -- Between rich and poor yeah. Eric. -- and certainly. Now like Dickey retired to let you know his final season loss in the final. Fall for -- and yet he was but I mean EU Darren had season though he was a big reason why they got to the pounds and 91. -- -- and he was on the 91 team in -- doubles. The -- Elaine May have been Greg react to be wrong right -- would you tinkering with sadistic roundly okay what do. -- and that need to whether. -- -- -- -- There right now that's ago Gregory now I agree with you on now for sure I certainly agree with you that well legitimate. Who'd just retire from the National Football League could be headed to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. One day soon -- -- a welcome in Alan Faneca Pullman LHU tiger Pittsburgh steeler. And of course New York did most treat them -- season with the Arizona cardinals' big now how are you my man thank you so much a dominant. Any time become to a -- you don't. Doing good now Allen. Why did you decide that now was the best time to leave the game of football. You know didn't have called the decision. Just. You know. Good about it -- into the it was gonna come to expect him relax a little bit Marek. I've -- my apartment getting married to. Give back family time and relax and -- influence imprisonment on the land and and look through -- it's not like two in the just kind of a normal rookie so. -- when you think about looking back on your career it was one point time now when you you've -- -- maybe some a live ball popping -- -- -- -- son just came arms as you know. Think I'm pretty good I might have a chance to play in this game for awhile. -- Yeah you know all the players like as I can't -- remember there does some plays. You know that certainly -- surprise me that I was able to do them are. Or you know market we've -- back random it to the piece of another. Or something like that. He bit definitely. You know -- that them. Alan Faneca is our special guest here on sports are recently retired in the National Football League Al and now -- look and bog down the -- -- time in Pittsburg. You know a lot of Steelers fans who like his senior stated things didn't work out but talk about today's. With the Steelers and at first take is back Allen when you don't know wobbly was the fifth floor. Of that leg -- -- and you had a decision to make whether the comeback for your final year or in the NFL draft and that was tough for. -- -- You know it's. The night before I had to make -- in bonuses in whatever it was 11 o'clock and the fact the paperwork and next day. -- -- that that fan. -- Lehman and you know it was still kind of low launch mom on the by calmly and that's not feel like you know -- And I thought about it on -- Is the right thing -- do mean it was you know -- it is so good that they override. And as my -- and so his friend than good time -- issue. It was -- to do so like you. Opportunity you know not the past so. And go home so you know our pick I want to cry a little bit dia a little detective remotely. But at least -- so -- it was partly. Put you know I haven't left I would never want probably in Pittsburgh. And you know one of the greatest thing that ever happen professionally it was who are. Did there with the coaches there in the type of system and in the aware that they've put football. Him in the guys and knows they took to play with them learn from there. Though it was you know one of the best things -- -- -- -- said there was a 100% the right thing to do for me. You know. Maligned seniors later in Pittsburgh. You know -- believe do movies united. You know its side you know -- lucrative probably and sent them to a ball -- but -- -- not ago it didn't wanna be goes over the believe. But that's the way it goes you know. We weren't as -- indicated that kind -- you know that. It's kind of where -- ball you know -- very fortunate to have spent changes and employers couldn't that that to her you know and you know it's on the. Now on you played a 187. Of 180 regular season games the one you didn't suit a pig -- guys that are already clinched. On the top seed in the AFC. Talk about being able to stay healthy you're durability they had to be as strong suit your career. One -- and you gotta be looked a little bit. True. -- famous so line coach Russ Grimm always treat movements that went on the parliamentary -- never slowed. Now don't you ought to open upon that a that a -- media. But you know it's just that really typical -- an article. So that the way to train and and and and stretching and doing and doing -- and all on the paint for a for flexibility because. You don't you're content of this our Packers are not favorable so so ligaments in the joints and so you know all that preparation involved here and earned. You know you have to play as insane as well to a keep the streak like that -- so all that combined to what our -- event. Visit -- Alan Faneca recently retired offensive -- in the national football and animals durable we have seen an inept though -- successful career. In each of his stops in the NFL including winning a world championship with the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl bowl. Forty Al take yesterday play where you smash what Dan writes out of that. Seattle defense and it had been reduced payroll allowed back into the longest run of Super Bowl history -- Willie Parker that was kind of wandered broke the back on Seattle. It -- you know -- we first. One there. But we we we've. Again would come at a pat oil well as well. Then. Second they do so hopefully it videos. And you know our government Stanton who had a chance -- -- we have had to get in the the hole in the bearded. You know united united. Down nine stance thinking about some of the house you know forward. Doubtful on the block -- that he's been around on the ground and look the centrally run down field street that is the championship 20. -- -- Alan Faneca could be on his way to came in the Pro Football Hall of Fame district time in the National Football League yet to be directed by the Steelers have played 187. Of a possible 188 regular season games. Long career well before Alec came in as a football league. He was it LA -- gentlemen that knew early -- Allen would be successful his formal coach Jones is now Allen we welcome analyst surprised yes but it. Coast jeered and -- bounced back coasted not on a turnover you guys in Belichick talked Allen posting. Well congratulations. Thanks goes on the -- a gold Gregory. Did. Allen. He it was a it was a great. Honest -- -- being around them -- He loved election it's really important that guys. Play. And -- -- that obviously you have great player. Who beat. The ago the great Leo -- but he was real student of the game you know work out. Porter -- important whether they're in. The pocket. Oh. Wait who won the game. And and -- made technical. Flaws could really care about. Our great want to. I'm not real outward. And be elected. But not not not. And you know Cotto -- remember this in I don't remember what week he was meant to be in the week in your first -- coach and auto in nineteen fabric of critically rice Auburn assault and I was -- a -- Jeff ball and I remember at one practice Allen made display knocking he had coached -- don't coach and auto was screaming. Faneca that's how you gonna be an all American keep making plays like day and sure enough he became on -- -- -- -- -- -- Allen had a lot of success early on -- as a youngster that was huge. So I'm happy I -- a lot of talent now and certainly a panel but I'm not sure if it. As important to everybody. Like one out I think you've gotten yet on the guys like album -- -- it -- And the so important to of that battle out there and true. So with power that. But not hold it. Allen in any fond memories anything that sticks out what the -- you had -- LSU buck coats and auto as the Boston. I appreciate all the -- words -- you know. -- and millions saying that about talent goes I'd tell people -- -- so cute -- all the time you know. Maybe be able to go on and you know play this game well it is. Hundreds if not. That have come along and that more talent than me. On -- it is never made and that's that's how hard you have to -- make him this week. A lot of it is his plan on going -- in -- There's -- -- the -- go to your school work together you'll -- those things and it's considered the long hard process -- then -- -- especially down proper. -- Yoko Romo as well about you know have a fun though that you grew -- -- that. And we talked about the -- Palmer hospital so people who you know -- -- in you know we had some good years but we have him in every game. -- -- We had on employment and and I don't think anybody. College football having much fun and he did out there and tiger cinema and there was since. They'd be -- a story about in in a week ago that. And Shreveport. Bowl game. Dictionary yeah. We played Michigan. We're -- practical but I'll open up the -- report paper. I -- were a couple of -- -- and the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I hadn't shot. And hill. Will -- and been in the league. Coaching. We're. Certainly going ultimately. We're out a couple of ago which. Will. Make up the league. And we would. And they now -- And I'll. Shut it like this we'll look at the game -- the Olympic break Welker you. That the public. Would do you know who blatantly. Strategy. -- -- -- -- have been -- you know they had originally compete bought into acting like -- do you know a -- payment the paint. -- ordered to around the tree and yeah. Well Florio we had a couple of them. And they were all is -- -- -- and have bola. I think it probably Beriault got more hours when it went back. -- actually -- what it meant at first quarter on them not hurt but the -- Luke. -- -- well there are part of that can play. What Garrett didn't I tell you what goes. DN -- lab and appreciate you stopping by will be topic do you. Soon during college football season -- -- thank you so moments. Tech and loved -- -- before you control your kicker. -- -- I -- Hank and I come back a couple questions of routed visiting with receiver attack offensively I'm one of the best in the game while he played Alan Faneca this is sports on WW news. Is 532 it's not the first news in a row and welcome back to sports visiting with -- factories there it's not offensive lineman for. The Steelers. And the Jets and last season with the Arizona Cardinals. Allen -- a good bit today were opposed to an auto and I -- days so was solved and as I am now all the all the -- and it's Davis Payne Stewart goes you lose the JET is it it it. I think in the three quarters when it band strikes up in Tiger Stadium what was the best of the three -- -- -- unit in your career. Avenue and the O'Leary or their duet with Tom much agree on it today. Question again in the media but on it -- football league in Pittsburgh what does some similarities and it did today at fame base -- issues fame. I mean there has been the closest thing or college fan base you know Bellamy took. The pass and then. That got to move of random that they goes to you know surpassed. Most vote to there and I think baton. He take that you know there there economy dropped out there it towards the end of the seventies early eighties then and -- spread across the country so that the everywhere enough. You know I played him in San Diego and Dallas. I've been trying to stated he just wouldn't think the home team would have been used crowd -- But I mean that was just a regular current ago place somewhere and them abusing crowd noise you know finally count in their own trade him. Allen now the year you -- in New York would Brett fault that you guys look like -- -- tea therefore while -- you. You come up you knock off a Tennessee team there was undefeated -- -- -- on a Thursday night you beat the Patriots -- it was a no retirement. I'll write their first millionaire see and -- -- -- AFC east amount of people hot. I talk about that season -- like you guys wanted in what was it like to play -- Brett Favre that year. You know you you know become the -- need to -- -- and this you know one of the best quarterback to play the game all in all the you know point four hours later it happened the military camp. I was should occur in the right there but. You know he's it's great players the smart -- you know the -- stuff that you bring it almost like. -- yard boy he's he's he's going to make things happen out there on the field. That's part of as great but that was. That was some -- you'd be great guys good and then. You know -- it has an epic game and far into the field and you know people wonder why he'd probably get plan. You know we're probably you know which -- and to retire whatnot but I mean he truly was it's out there have been on. -- game and he figured he'd go out there on to keep on playing him. And that's what they do but. -- and we were out there alone. You know we just we just couldn't pull it out down the stretch and then you know they drop the bomb situation. Sure are the coach Mangini never -- as starter though. And then Adam nowadays the year at UN is Super Bowl coach Paulus final year. In the other coaches and move on neckties you look close to a coach Graham and coach Whisenhunt go to Arizona. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Followed -- who it was candidate backed the boat and it was a bit. -- that it was it was just comfortable. True. -- -- -- -- -- So that comfort level was great true wouldn't be able. You know kind of shook some of those guys from tricks and -- blow inside into the of the play is go to bed early country yet to. -- -- along. Well but I'd regret your time. There's probably about and -- -- -- -- -- Alan Faneca Allan thank you so much for the time we certainly appreciated. And now we appreciate you joining us here on sports talk on WW congratulations on a great career Alan Faneca to this year on WW basis sports talk. I'm Deke Bellavia back into the WWL's the only other day tropical smoothie cafe to location. -- all those boulevard east in -- -- since -- and satisfied down at a club. And in satisfy -- political -- on goal with east in the ideal pain and satisfy their medical 35 real fruit smoothies. Using only the freshest ingredients. And they also all for breakfast the deal with ten -- that -- -- not now is on sale right now half price deals. Go to WWL. Dot com 260187. In Texas and 870 eights in the evening -- -- -- WW dot com thank them with the talent Africa. Well issue coach to coach at Indiana. And that obstacle today excess fail. And now Big Ten network. Analysts Jared inaudible those two that together have issued during the same time when Allen was there Nextel Gabe Feldman the director of touring sport tomorrow will be without about these new suit the players have. Against the NFL. And now when we can expect is TT side to give back to the the goalie negotiating. Process the China and out their differences and also. Talking about retiring athletes who spoke to one Alabama and says -- just a thought it was time at a great Korea announced and the move won't spend time with the family. Which athletes retired to soon. The last hour the -- -- bako and Jerry Rice. To make. He's maybe should -- the way you know when he met in got a chance to go to Super Bowl with the Raiders. You know Raiders were favored to blow to season. New course in -- for the camp bay Buccaneers. That would have been great on the glow on top you gotta wonder sometimes if guys again today champion team gained all wanted. Would they have left the game most recently Jerome Bettis did. -- speculation about retirement on that the use and he uses it for the books on the on to pull one out in style. And maybe who should have hung it up a little bit soon to 601 rates an -- -- don't if for some golfers -- digit first that they. Beat tiger struggles in his game had to do with all of his. Of course. Incidences. Golf course cities. -- -- now regular game always injury what did you do to them you know without talked about a lot of the game is mental. How does this affect Tiger Woods now for. Operation -- and Nittany also played some with a broken bone in his lip make all this has taken place since 2008. Can he get his game. Made this a -- to -- when you talk about. Physically. And mentally and a lot of things and Lotta time that they will focus in on the mental aspect of it but it seems to be did. The physical aspect of it is business as bearing -- not more than bearing. On -- weren't. Now we come back to talk about retiring. Barry Sanders and you know I act out like Barry Sanders and acrid and we -- I had a chance to meet him a total media road to Super Bowl a couple of years ago. January by -- in my parents is though. He says I didn't feel like I had to prove anything to anybody with an NFC championship game they lost this in this game went on to beat the Broncos in the you know Super Bowl. That year or might have been the year that the this game to beat Buffalo. But he had he had a successful career went to the post season ten time Pro Bowl selection. And attack and easily in the anymore records in his grants you may hold her -- art Emmitt Smith that surpassed Walter Payton or maybe. Imagery of what I had to surpass. Barry -- Jim Brown while I considered the greatest professional athlete. Football player at the US has ever produced. First round pick in a 57 dressed they would the Browns from 57 to sixty pro football hall of Famer. Five point two yards per carry. 121300. In twelve rushing -- You know he was also something -- -- don't know also. -- -- cross. Hall of Fame. Yes he wore us at Syracuse University to the -- ago. Hammond for Randy Randy good evening thank you for calling WW -- They'd be you know I'd have heard -- show was going to be about tonight that was two guys that came to my mind and it hurts and my question that I really kind of wondered what had happened the very -- Yes he was thought he would actually to -- time I'm sure it does those some dip thing but he was. Don't wanna I wanna say it was a promotion made it info Orioles a sub group and we had a chance in you know when you get to the Super Bowl all the who's who comes down he's as welcome -- we at at the game on deuces. Nice to -- can be it is real cool it wasn't like he was. You know. Disappointed that he retired it seemed like he was will calculated I think it was a shock to -- -- but. You know sometimes when you're when you're at concrete on something you make that decision you don't really old explanation -- -- Exactly you know army and I credit for them you know what to. Right immediately and probably still well -- he -- banged out you know a few more years had a -- but he you know that wasn't a topic -- It's that you know probably Jim Brown left out of football start making those movies and make him a whole lot more money than what do you make it. -- at that point there -- no doubt about it you know him and movies will make it as -- it is a football players and you gotta wonder if he is a it is -- tan he'd be he'd be quadruple rich you know. All right Randy I some words -- Brock on the sale lots of mental appoint you to conjure up into the conversation. Mean he's saying Barry Sanders Bears Sanders and fall of once is the way too late. By John Elway book if you could go out and stop. How about that Elway won the Super Bowl the second to -- -- year. At the so many years not getting and that win. In the in the disappoint you the year before he won his first Super Bowl they would thirteen 34 with these two got knocked out. By Jacksonville and in Marbury nailed saying mom when -- old uniforms any change in new ones anyways back to back in com came back in win. On the the year that's a way to go out -- -- out on top the best. Attack too soon and who should know sooner basis sports talk you're listening to WW.