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Reggie Bush interview

May 15, 2011|

Saints Sideline reporter Kristian Garic invites Reggie Bush into the radio huddle.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome into WW LN FL man dot com on Saints sideline reporter Kristian -- at the Reggie Bush football -- third annual and a joining me is Saints running back Reggie Bush and he's got great numbers out there. Grade them -- a great turn out to kiss everybody have a great time kids excited being here in Indochina choosing a little bit off full blown. Plus he's a pretty good whether it's his escorts and hot as intimately knew -- in -- -- the California went with me. As I expect that did you go to as a kid. I I grow puts the -- greatest football goes -- like this comes back home to San Diego. After the NFL athletes come out and a great coaches like -- -- the surprise me that. Do come back. -- Community and couldn't do something similar and just getting back. I'd hang out here yeah. Mean when you knew this young move molesting. You remembers just had a chance to hang a ridiculous and they you know. I -- attempting neutral ball. Now there -- as a -- is gonna always remember. The marlins' current how much interaction you you have with the kids a lot I've been front runner all -- death tendency to let you know how to take. How to take a handoff running back had to do three step drop yeah. About QB Drew Brees and Marques Colston and him on that semitism and I you know. Marques Colston does this is Drew Brees does this season and they get excited to hear things like that -- -- -- Kevin does a Catholic and teach him how to. -- yeah. But didn't Peabody tweets that night of the draft first round draft pick marking on its stake in each week. It's been fun the world is due to clarify that does it mean what it would it will we trying to -- I think -- don't look at situation look at. All the running backs that we haven't and the most all right listen and take care of what that means big question mark -- so I was an ugly -- you know of their five by the back. Taylor thought maybe it was a message being sent to me that I was coming back enough. On the next day coach called me say this is the pressure at all you still want to hear most of the hardest things. The first and foremost for me is is that remain an enormous thing if I could have played in my whole career. -- -- rarely happens but no one -- remain sane and you know stay here. -- -- -- -- city won a championship here and I and the hope is to stay here you know sometimes. You have to do this side of folklore and in a you know everybody's happy to do -- at some point I'm completely. No matter who you are and that's much we love this game. Mystery shirt pastors -- -- my whole life. It's gonna come points are we gonna happen handled business out of it was. And partly frustration. Because not knowing it's sort of like -- -- -- my first of at all because. And I know that. That would include them when officers seemed to not pressure at all as a start maybe -- some senator -- -- Clearly they're not. I think you've heard me say it's. Warm here than usual your Jews. Much of the -- excellent arm all's well. And then he used. Feel a little bit regret about that and I maybe next time I think I -- everything they've baby owls and out. It goes along with those -- think before you sweep type thing and hang out. They're trying to get taken the wrong way yeah contacts. You know you lose it. That it happened this week two with a two weeks that that happened in the hole skip Bayless thing and on and off. I was on purpose that was on purpose but this late in a nother thing was on purpose -- -- All obviously fans are -- -- games on the most sheriff's obviously you know so they don't necessarily understand that this particular. You know when you have. However many chances -- it's. Did you -- -- the same risk. Column -- not play for anything he has some guys who get injured out there in the hole in the hole is an outing today you know excellent. Definitely isn't. When you weren't playing for him to miss out of the Brewers and he we're. We're trying to come to meet them with the NFL as a with a lot yeah. The players. I'm fine. And so that. Everybody sat in essence part just part of this party. You know football offices where he's been watching we'll see what happens. You know I was making joke of -- make light of the situation they're leaving little time we. Today is now. I'd lost tribe must read -- listen to the other yeah. Part of he had the day we all just won't go back and play football and we all. But I have a job to head yeah. Hopefully yeah yeah -- let it. Last January I talked G is about the possibility of taking a pay cut are you still open that I. Yeah. Gotten older have you sometime in the negotiation and and beat Sebastien where I need my agent and the New Orleans Saints have to come to having me into the two time. In the world I'm gonna be having things we have green and aluminum or some cause -- first and foremost let me I want obviously yeah. You look like here great tribute to stay in pretty good shape and united tendon that play our guys -- -- at least in great -- So it's good training camp and mini camp out of shape then I think everybody. Shouldn't worry about me being sick I'll be fine do you plan on attending some of those workouts -- -- and Mattingly -- out of ten from the workout today obviously yeah. -- got to take care of and you know. The business side of the 21 and and that's all I'll find a happy medium and sold everybody's -- -- of the your expectations. I don't know. We feel like maybe this couldn't with mark Ingram that it might prolong your career in the sense that -- -- Pierre Thomas and pulled and even a guy that shared roles in the USC would LenDale White. Right right and yeah I think definitely marking them coming computer right away force that's obviously why coach Jackson -- it felt like I didn't contribute to a so. -- -- who have absolutely have to find it may have more we can all be happy and and -- shared the backfield and and help each other out and a source who have split I'd definitely like that's gonna help us. It's like there's enough touches to go around there. Yet it definitely -- and end up -- impossible. Since they give you these were alleged agents of course an in the day you -- based on -- -- when I think unless you're just isn't great talent great athlete. He takes it builds upon his -- first challenge we all sounds decent run in an eight mile track -- barefoot I just watch a mile. Affected. Him to respond like that no he said he challenged me or he didn't he said he based amazingly he can come through my -- -- -- -- can -- -- -- -- do it. And every second or running a mile and encouragement. So I'd -- came up -- off from a table if you want to come and check out one day it was a duel one dale heard what the -- week because I know he can't. -- we can't have. What's more important Reggie Bush championships or money random -- Without question that's always the first four questions. Reggie thinks it's time and very -- person and nobody can answer some of these questions and get a great turnout got to keep doing great things the city New Orleans and hope he can -- yeah thank you Bruce and I aren't let them.