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May 30, 2011|

Deke and Bobby take listeners' phone calls about LSU baseball, favorite sports movies, and favorite war movies

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Well for the -- -- McCain can and big cheese. I don't hear Walken and -- as Wallace in his mouth. Disease some Barbeque ribs. Because -- sort of proves that you or. Your memory Memorial Day right. I -- you till midnight with a hat and no just remembering and I don't reverent and I'm grateful ever by an answer because all agree and so it is that sacrifice their lives for our freedom and true heroes. Compared to these sports heroes -- sometimes you put up on a pedestal. Indeed officially. Does the golf world and it. To show you Hoffman and things are messed up and that's what can you do for the program. If you can play. You got morning one or two chances. We are memorize parenthood LSU what had up to seven chances. Now -- Public and it's Stephen Garcia who Stephen Garcia well he's the starting quarterback. And as these -- for the South Carolina game -- I mean what what he's been suspended five times. We're now I'm reading today that he'll be allowed to participate in voluntary simple workout for the football team. The school announced today. -- he had been suspended from the program since April the sixth. And now all of a sudden. This -- coach -- is saying stevens' attorney pitted team that are on a promotion area probationary basis. Instill -- to do some things here for the next to a three month. To prove himself worthy of being a student athlete it's -- Carolina. Birdies that it is they release body mercy we will give them another chance and hopefully can do the right things and represent the university. In a first class manner. Now. Garcia's status of being about by a waiting game before the start of fall camp the -- this team is scheduled to report August the second. But the first full squad workout August that are. But he got out to say that. Looking then what's our Carolina accomplished last year and looking at their history. And on the coach -- They gave -- captured their the SEC east division title. For the first time in school history. And now Garcia was the quarterback so they given him the benefit of the -- And I it's amazing the I guess more lenient they are with you in the gave you more chance to begin play Stephen Garcia couldn't play. He would have -- 45 -- he had in May be 11 chance he's having gone. The forward to the top and how big giant Mitzi was making a point about the NFL offseason in the lockout big John variety continued. Thank you guys and and if I don't if you don't continued into did you suspect. This story arts and Stephen Garcia to visit with the Stanley Pat Tillman. And that that may be what would -- -- that double -- sprain and understanding. Of what it's like rubio a football player class and integrity. But nickel back to the NFL or second I was making a point that today is Memorial Day. And that -- Parcells story is that my uncle who spot will all wounded in Vietnam. Won the first thing -- he'd be at when he came home. Was he Nazis and ticket to the states because he was listening to at all or radio. And Lotta arts made mention of the fact that the -- -- game last year part of the game brought it up. Which -- troops in Afghanistan and so open doubts. Some for the Saints but the troops over there they need things like professional football at home to let that joke. That kept biting the something special. This sport priorities and professional football other these these boys and girls fight for. The Saints this is part of the American fabric now professional football -- it was a -- and fighting billionaires so over. You know all the money while bodies boys and girls over there you know giving their lips or mention sports. Kind of messes do we sense of them over there are unselfish got out what what ball out what ball object. The saint that it stopped and bigger on right now and these guys but at least it can't sit there at the bargaining table and go back to work and realize. They're in our society. That allows them. To make the money that they are making. And it and it's it's often on the backs of people like the pats go into this world and and the people like my uncle and people like you're -- Second World War. And at all -- -- or because. Without them. Without their. We're not able enjoyable where you'll enjoy -- so ever get back to back to the bargaining table and let it football. He now well spoken will put. Its name -- we've patented know a great job but I appreciate he brings the passion. With full ball meets -- him the he's always the first call we have you know myself in my here they'd say -- -- and he does his homework and now we have we have to put things -- -- right perspective. And I think we all. In an issue you know really grasp it is like you are. I guess selfish by nature. You know you look at your family you know look outside the box in yourself and your family. And then I think a lot of times that the owners. And the players that I Timor the owners did you know realize. How much it's affecting. These different communities and cities. I have professional probable manages not. You know themselves and and the bottom line is for -- You know how much money is enough. You know and the of that no and I think big John well said about on the fan's perspective that no. -- ball. Is that part about life. Look at just to get away from everyday routine when you and director of Afghanistan. For them what their free time to go to -- NFL. None of that -- -- it's a great waiting ski in and hopefully we'll have that starts September. Two. Jeff him Marrero Jeff thank you for calling WW ago. Thank you -- -- -- -- Up playing on that or the guys put up -- I don't remember him but. My point on. Can't. Was how can you release the player now I understand why aren't gonna that the plane can cut him loose but it wanna quit before that can happen. So that made him eligible for element of CP. In it is because back the. Tomorrow because I thought he follow the rules yet you went to junior junior come. So what is why between Bennett -- was the motivation for thirteen points are acquired it could only help the Republican comeback but by and -- A pick another team signing only -- Other thing and I don't realize today when you're comparing -- when you're young career yeah you can argue with -- -- -- if you look at my eligibility is seen yet see the eligibility of Garcia. Is that it appears -- here. And that that's the difference you know like all of a sudden. You know he doesn't have any years left to play you know college football so I think -- circumstance. And I can tell you. -- the -- of the technique in the day I mean there's no if you go to anywhere you go on by and I hear you make about a point there. But you don't do you gone about it every -- it adds up to conclude about coach. If -- -- and I'm pleased by the police I think he needs a year later should -- he would be able to transfer so I'm. What you'd think so with the its agencies. Are like you know if you what do you. Always do -- Joe Flacco did the go down yet the alleged telephone I only made your dad -- -- he was at University of Pittsburgh and -- like his situation metallic Balco. Who was some more the older guy against navy and the more leadership skill because he was an English. But he still showed that he can play -- in the NFL. So well that that's the only Iraq right now if you now wanna sit out Marrero for Michael Michael thank you for calling WW yeah. There have been gone up another big -- you know up. I would -- -- -- that it -- elected do there was there I want. Well first I don't and I thank you so much for which you know -- Yeah and it's -- would that do. I don't know if I would go back so that. Yeah in general I don't know -- baucus and Uganda above Buffalo soldiers. And I like like the cool with the with the -- -- exit that felt like and -- also like that. We would look good move and also lacked that the yeah and move. Yeah and I and I hit it it to them and -- not matter who we don't look at the you'll you'll you'll you but what goes on -- -- -- We get beat but it was the other spot orders are that would relax -- -- but we get better right now I'm glad -- not. But -- we don't look at it we don't you get you know all of this type of people and let them know everybody it would be a bit. It couldn't handle -- -- but it you know ultimately it is all the property to be hopeful. Yeah and -- and an act and -- like you know. -- I like you say that because of the prejudices of certain people that. Even if they fought that are country they want and get the recognition may be about the soldiers. And and and that's. -- -- far. What will I -- And ready to -- ago. I loved her own aroma that -- -- and -- and I got to move. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're -- and then we'll have. Some line. -- -- and go to move I let him. One that there will want and didn't do. -- only one game Murton but I wouldn't it would deliver. -- was -- favorite Bush's favorite part in -- remember the Titans might. -- When -- get. Worried when -- Oh. Now I don't want to put it where exactly yeah. And I would be open to them but you know -- -- football for -- coach -- about it -- amazed. -- -- -- Now it would want to. Implement Biden well but to move. And that. Yeah he'll be well and didn't get -- August you were gonna put the we go to knock him. Out working to get you to do. -- my great great -- -- -- got to run to break thank you so much would you jump on us and you have a great ressam Mordechai and upmarket -- a buckeye sports back cavalry was post bail. Jim Tressel resign today what is me for the Ohio State University buckeye football programs is what's on them yeah. Yet coordination we will come together. And set the standard for the rest of the National Football League. Coming out. Jonas if you're missing pro football as much as we know we know York it's a chance to sound off Thursday Bobby now albeit Oceana restaurants have their act contact. Just steps -- -- in the world famous French Quarter it's off first we want pro football town on the step up tell us. Why you want pro football what it means -- you allowed -- -- family everyday life. It's on how we want pro football petition and the first 100 listeners come out -- Oceana. An official WW you know we want pro football -- -- -- And they -- we promote. Are promote our urgency. Not promote if we support the town hall meetings The Who dat nation. We can get national recognition. Q so we want to show that the Saints fan -- the food nation it is different. We're a step above. All the other thing B Seneca by the Steelers and the terrible now together and the Packers and you know the cowboy primadonna fans. Know we want to be special and different and be the leader. It like Drew Brees a leader look at the recognition he got. Get the players together working a -- right I mean people around the nation -- -- -- -- but -- -- he has VN fox whatever. No we go out there and get great support. We gonna make nationwide news and -- look at the fans Stepan. That the that the fans certainly not gonna put a -- not having the seasons so we can make a difference. And it's all the start this Thursday at Oceana in the French Quarter. And as -- baseball did not make the NCAA tournament are you surprised that you optimistic as -- I'm surprised the at a -- money on baseball. And also. On this Memorial Day -- favorite football -- football movie in what do you remember most. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Law LeBron and why the phones to go to Jerry Jerry thank you for calling WW yeah. There. -- -- -- Undoubtedly best football in my opinion -- Well yeah -- I mean that's pretty hard to be giving that the key because his -- his daughter Emma Rudy. In the destroy you witty things of that movie I mean no I mean. That's a few good from there but but no but I mean it just kind of coincide that's the feel good story. Where Jerry when you think about it its like how. Can you overcome. How can you just hang in there to blue collar. Type individual. Maybe not as talented but you hanging in there wanting to be a part of something great. No that that's I mean they got they get everyone Jerry likes that everyone I think can relate. Somewhat. The majority of population to a movie like. Really what should favor apartment movie -- -- -- -- -- keep. Trying trying to beat him in junior college he -- to go -- it -- It about. That was real big guy or that it and she -- It in and make it -- Am not sure you know what what all is it is hobbled secondary in this door you know. Right now yeah not -- dial now you know in short it's such a great. About just perseverance and had it. Been. Trying to be -- -- -- From you know pulled. -- -- coach -- Should be. I'm not. Out yet you keep you -- But and other when it got very close. Or maybe he did out of football. It's been derailed me. Yeah about the -- the boxer. Operatic right and right in it you know it's also history. I think every every person. Doesn't know much about the depression. I'll. Really happen you -- -- -- up and lately it. Jerry but nothing about even though we do have tough economic times on the awesome people are in this situation. Our circumstance. We still no word about. It's actually starving the most novice now did you have homeless people. When you talk about the depression in the top economic times that -- by pressure on on a dad and a father. Like -- you -- supporting Pete your family. You know that's always take that approach. And and and I don't know if I'll always carried this out because. My kids now they have injuries to silver spoon. And Akers always wanna give -- kids maybe what you -- accustomed to haven't. But -- when you look at the whole scenario when you break it down everything else is anxious Lang yeah. If you got food and -- You should be bitching about nothing. If you can get out the web. And united starving c'mon compared to the world and he became data respected and you pretty appreciative and humbled. One -- denied you know small rotten. Conan you know in the Rudy we compete we know favorite football in the courts. What is your favorite memory most notable point in the hall and root causes some positive Reid and become them meet. Once all the football players I'm that it rooting interest and gain. And -- come in and who comes off as he comes off resonates you know -- -- it would took and so all means that the main -- out for African home Gaines you know. But anything -- the -- one of those big Nazis it's like now -- the office. There. Right steak and Amy gave -- time. And in the next on his when he did you play by -- eighty. He found it comes out of Notre Dame you know on opening statement in. The most beautiful thing. As you know those the group now love Notre Dame football I mean you've never been there before and of course you know. Make the sand and -- player since whose face him the eighth and people with him there off the field. Right right yeah yeah but Rooney rule but dig a big big you know -- -- on the low -- a trivia. He got -- -- Dublin. The packers' hated you know -- the ball was -- to the Packers he didn't know exactly you. He didn't for their policies I suppose in the movie with the -- it policy had agreed. It Rudy would be of interest now that -- season but mostly that. So when there anymore and that's -- -- That's a great movie coming back Andre. Buddy induct the pat WWO news that would tell my favorite football movies on this one -- -- And what you remember most about it -- LeBron who would you go with with the game on the line at Ohio State news. But looking for a football coach after this season have interim coach now look physical tickle for the nudity resign. Jim Tressel and of course LSU baseball. It they get screwed always justice center. WW on whose time is 531. We'll go to first -- Sandra. Not in my in my calculation and in certain fleeing biased about it that I thought we were in. So we felt like we deserve to -- and when I saw some of the school's going out there in the early. Part of this selection show. Quite frankly. -- I mean think that they were. In the competition with us for through the -- and Dunn saw -- I was very surprised about some of the some of the selections. And I should go to -- an area baseball coach at tiger's not in the NCAA tournament. Are you surprised and are you optimistic or pessimistic about the future of LHU baseball a lot of freshman getting accolades but the Tigers. -- -- was colorful adds some bite to it but they were not invited to the NCAA tournament. Ohio State's Jim Tressel has resigned amidst all of the allows the buckeye football program is under the -- happening here -- happen. In August. And also on Memorial Day where -- getting your thought it tasted. -- salute or say hello to those who have done so much fun country knows -- fighting men and women given their blast to protect our. Safety to give us freedom here. And as a little fun -- the little football in the mix what is your favorite football movie and what do you remember most. About it to the phones ago Andre in Metairie Andre thank you -- calling. I. Think staying -- at all and if you don't take in -- movies or. My favorite war movie. It I think as a very well -- elements -- I think it was pretty accurate and never hear it mentioned the cult -- bridge too far. But I don't think that you popular any Alaska's at. It. It didn't take it and operate military operation that we actually line allies actually -- pretty bungled and maybe should never taken place that always liked it got a lot of will -- storms. He ultimately -- Yet you know -- I've heard a bridge too far. Now the first bridge moving ousting of the bridge on the river Clive and that was then no nobody I mean ousting of activism camera I could whistle you know we're like. Illegally -- -- exactly we want to know who was into a. Yeah bridge too far as the party does really well made movie and of course we did lose it. So so -- that happened on drew Meyer was that it and listed in the year in Europe than it is now. The European theater. It took place sometime. In the summer. 44 after. I'm trying to remember that the incident legacy in northern and eastern France and trying to decide how they were going in Germany. Then there was the line of turned currency in -- -- then sliding between Montgomery nine Eisenhower wanted to do it one -- much pandora does. -- one leg Montgomery wanted to do it a different way and night and I was trying to keep peace between the allies in. He went ahead and and used Montgomery's or in which is a very complicated plan that. Relied on a lot of things going well. Any any one aspect of the operation bingo well they could do. Just. Make a failure of the entire operation that's exactly what. Andre you want balance among non English you'd. Yeah I had questioned in the opening up and listen that question about just double recruiting system and in College Baseball in and -- Hey they're there has to be a solution that has. Baseball coaches got recruit really good players and they're too good he even showed the class has got to be a better way to do this. Blogs I don't know. Yeah I think about the players you recruited. And they commit to Ellis unit come and all of Augustin -- Major League and I and I completely understand -- but. The rooms of the -- there about a Florida man it's not like school is now in conference everybody leaves there yet higher profile school with. They -- -- and -- -- properly profile recruits in turn on the high profile recruits. -- -- is more likely be drafted in the weight unique in and so on and you go back to -- Davone Rothenberg yeah exactly yeah it's phenomenal. In this in the -- off animal a boatload of money he can't play around Miami team came abilities it's. Almost like that's fine. Thin line pardon upon about a -- Howell. You do recruit. -- almost as players to gifted that potentially. That he could make a lot of money you know and eighteen years of age coming out of high school. You know -- and I think its second tier players. But you almost maybe have to avoid those players think about that -- ones that you think you have a better chance of actually right bring it on campus. Somebody agrees with the lance called buddies and he's right a bridge to fall he would and they. Opening -- give it takes -- of Pascagoula buddy thank you for Colin WW yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- Payday you. On what Terry about it first outside. -- a -- on a goal. While. Five years one richer. And it was -- Under which you go. Yeah. -- Taylor you can do much with. -- column about was about where Lou and dusty. Is. And then in the marketplace out. And I quote. All of our. Within their -- miles per. They're out there like buying it. For four -- And. Was -- gave them like salmon chances and apparently a shoot himself in the foot. Yeah yeah Bible but what about on the on the and it got. -- you that you become and and not able. And that would be their. You know nobody but I know I know -- and the way you know -- yet you know that they instances. If you come -- to about this thing go on as many innings too. Which you know so Steve this these -- look at any and all these magazines has got knocked them out picked in the SEC east. If you backed him man he's got the best running back and that -- Oregon and Adam yeah you're right they got the best running back best receiver -- -- -- today out there. Yet Indian and he comes down what is best of my program. Not does now but you know long term in and it's obvious Pittsburgh. That nobody -- -- you know words puzzling not not -- us and Justin if you look at. You know Garcia he started 120 consecutive games with the game Cox and he's been suspended five times. But he just earned. It's going to be a fifth year senior he just earn a bachelor's degree in sociology. In May just graduated sociology. So you think -- -- be -- you're. Talking it is a geologist. It's. All all of the sport that -- -- -- -- about it. There are all. Collide what you've gotta you've got shelled out and -- -- -- -- and some people like some people vote and vote. You know by them but it -- and I hit a great embodiment at the end of the day. We all come from it you know some feedback noted you can dip it sounded tracking company different pockets now but you're right and a point land. Whether it's a Colts it's it's who have got to make that decision OK now you should know bad yet and indeed but. At that is I think guesses ride on the athletic director. Eric Hyman South Carolina Melissa what he says. Our main goal for Stephen Garcia at this time is to assist him in developing the decision making skills. Better needed -- managing life in general whether as a student athlete a person employee. -- -- Are apparent. Would sit at some others we have developed a list of measurable guidelines. Parse the even the file would be on your shock there appears on block I'm I'm just telling you they -- China they tell him okay here's his situation. And and hopefully do they think is he mature enough to handle this. On Obama but I mean at the -- and write it right how come nobody is system. This dirty bastard I've yet to be guru when you first dance but but -- know that -- it yet. Not Q if -- -- do. I'm Eddie how they got it to Rhode Island you've got to bow. -- can do right. After certain format and you're out of it possible for you know match. Let out a doubt buddies like you know if you -- someone at times shame -- you if you mess of wise you know shame on me. If you miss it -- bonds and those three strikes you're out at a at a lot of people and that's why he got Sosa hit a -- -- -- -- six chances. If you don't get it Dan hill which no big guys we've done everything we can do. And you've got you can like Nike just sit did you got a bold about you've got to go out they own your own now and you got to figure out by -- that they've given you and every day and I edited out as we've pointed yellow brick road we pointy green means Hillary means that you're not getting it. Obviously -- mass the plan is better in the one with all every Dwight. I think as you look at DeSagana where they were in the SEC -- -- as they did they captured their first individual. -- division title for the first time in school history. In the whole history -- -- football -- he was all quarterback so that's what eagle c'mon dude that you gotta you gotta you know straightened up. We need you we got the best start in Baghdad the best receiver. Come at -- Kamal we need you to be that triggerman that's go to -- in -- got the pat thank you for college. -- indicate. -- and at the world. Yet just dominates MO barbecue ribs that Deke brought the station so. Thing of making appearances pretty good. Look good the movies that are on the from my childhood was north Dallas forty where it. Mac Davis was basically play in. Eddie yeah well it was played treated jet. -- that played out literally in this case I haven't played Tom Landry and on the the most about it as you grow up as a you look at the NFL college football you think that as -- game. But it really open guys to put the business side. You know felt football was in the Cowboys organization -- him. We had occupied in you know the last of pro football. -- it between being hurt and injured. Like with society. You know you can be hurt and again that we -- but it -- play error in and I don't get ready. Yeah dogs -- did you know if you don't you know take this shot whatever and they you know you're Bigby gets someone else. And that kind of showed me the first time to -- and a and pars and job in. Part of and we did not Dallas fall anyway in his we go back and we talk about the Houston Apocalypse Now earlier. And -- was way above its fans too because it. It expose a lot of things if people hit her did what not to believe it or not it's all asked not suited -- playing pro ball I think you know. It's much -- -- -- is -- you work I don't know Bobby does seem like maybe bank the end because the game -- way more expendable with the -- -- Yeah what just think the -- -- -- like eighties that picture and Cowboys organization. And his filth and the reason I think right now in his beanie. -- -- where's the branches that owner where the -- the players at a capitol will get more cattle. Got him back as a sports off on WW yeah. She's -- pleasure to be back next year. Hand there's this disappointment of today I'm sure there will be a very strong motivate her for them. As we go forward. Because I'm sure they don't -- feel like this ever again I know I don't want to. Hand. I don't think we should be feeling like this quite frankly. -- how many -- -- -- -- dejected and disappointed his Tigers -- not hear their names called today they were not participate in the NCA. Baseball tournament are you surprised to 60187 you can text this at 87870. And you know Bobby. It's a big win I'll wanted to ask you -- good as you probably more on top of -- than I am. I know it was good to LSU and -- how quickly -- -- out when it would really hurt -- she within NC was at the success in Georgia. Georgia winning -- to game really hurt. -- village are all time -- majority of both filed on. They beat Florida because you got it right there I don't know -- you 500 to make it to right okay. God did it already. Yeah I got you right because you look at let's see some I was on. The team was in the all it was close and be. At the in in all it was a known -- -- we -- 22 points. And what was the big -- the -- it happened yet and could this morning. Arkansas Little Rock game means they were 24 of 32. And see their winning their conference it was that bumped down ammo. So another words deviated away and you conference tournament and you can have a better 500 marquis UK goaded into Dublin tonight at the Georgia. By their success and as the tournament had over 500. It right. Right will do anything -- -- on knows something about dig I'm telling you gotta get automatic B you can -- because Arkansas Little Rock is 2432. No but I'm sitting at a -- okay what Arkansas. Would have been 500. It would have been an at large bid I think yet to have a winning record to have and large did -- may be the case -- -- yet you've got some teams that won. Tournament thinking right right my New Mexico was 2030 and with a what I was saying the success like you talk and about would Georgia. Right like like and then get -- 500 should say when all of a sudden it's either Vanderbilt Florida in the finals. But Georgia having because of the success of the -- -- haven't over apartment directed and he had a great chance to be an -- is that correct. If the game. But it -- being mean to about food and launches from one cup it is. When they finish in the conference and obviously -- community who came with the seasons for the field most of took into consideration in making your conference tournament. Was more of a priority for the big event that yeah go about our piano that I mean. You know issued shouldn't guiding everybody's -- goes back and you could say what about those three games were leading in the ninth. At in Georgia one week in Florida. In the CB state and they want to lose those -- what they went one of those three quality in in in the SEC tournament they would beat me CB state they would of got in the ACC tournament. Would that have gotten mean -- -- mean they had to record. They did had a conference trip but they had RP. So obviously they look at their RP act it is their conference record and they say okay these things. What kind of wash out but they did make their conference tournament that's only explanation -- -- -- with. The evidence Jabrel I'm only had a -- also talked about an NCAA selection committee. And the saint John's situation. How all of us and athletic director of -- -- -- -- in Saint -- was on this -- actually -- -- -- politics and money and everything but who's to say with. Saint John again you know I don't know I don't know of analysis -- -- have issued of the union. You think -- -- notice everything California yesterday you think Virginia say they don't. Jason Taylor and QB or -- I'll think in there's no way they would -- -- a team with a middle of the pack up the active in -- seed I don't think they would name though I was thinking Morey -- she's ten forward again in the TCU or regional or that's why you -- and arise and I have won the way they were related activism more if you watching. I thought well then okay we you can kind of look at him in -- -- -- -- UCLA but disappointment in the way. Yeah because -- they the last two regions they they announced. Corvallis treated. What are gonna date -- you -- Connolly noted that some army in front of these here right and you in this TCU was a last Tuesday when a wannabe TCU. Mean now our topic at all surprised the dating not to -- lost money -- laws -- -- but it is like he said he took into consideration in the whole body of work. The conference record in an -- above Garcia you've you've got off to a you've got into it on a good start -- that of -- oh -- three down -- But who you beat -- you -- you can look in their crystal ball and I look into the future. You Mehmet the weekend TVs in the -- cal state Fullerton. And if there's no way in hell any Ellis -- diesel fan would have thought. We're not gonna make an SEC -- RB and -- him. Within an out of fans that it stated yeah one placement counts they knew they would tell you right in there. -- live downstate you know if you would that make the NCAA tournament. Are you man if I have people that would've would've biggest -- Mike Furrey crazy and I did I'll take the odds on that. But it's a unit told somebody would make even make the SEC tournament through there is no way to value craze -- no place -- As the win hands but that's of the NCAA's crazy about I mean you know it's almost like these that you. Should be a certain criteria. For all committee members it's almost like don't golf Q you know when he had best Embree best in show yeah. You could have the best I'll put it that judge in looking forward that dog what he's looking far. Didn't your -- -- -- breed is irrelevant what it was like this tournament committee. If the turn of the committee if you've got all you -- two -- you may be the best of the at -- is there but the -- on his committee. Don't have it may have. Mindset wherever tells what should look at -- with him before the team continue to screw -- after LSU what that's like the heat. His bulldogs who might have the -- and Bulldog in the whole country. But that judge delight bulldogs yet that's exactly what this is -- -- or WW yeah. Normally consider any time you put it in the hands of people to make these decisions. Do you run the risk that -- going to be getting the short end of the decision this is why we need to get better you know we can't put ourselves in this position again. LSU coach pulmonary the Tigers so surprised so a lot including a lot of national experts not invited to the NCAA. Tournament. Danny into all these he would leaders off he's got an interesting point we don't want about him up against the clock. They're 26018786. Exit eight a ninety rates of these Bobby bare and he going to be a basis sports talk and you're listening to WW. BC news talk and sports leader they'll create -- seven DW WL New Orleans 1053 WW LFM -- 6110 -- New Orleans.