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Jun 8, 2011|

The latest poll shows Mitt Romney and President Obama tied; if the election were held today who would you vote for? Also, Romney would be the first Mormon President if elected. Does this influence his chances of winning? Garland is in the Think Tank with Political Analyst and George Washington University Professor Ron Faucheaux to talk about it.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Sports leader. A -- seventy WW. WWL. And have them at 1053. I should go to climb inside Garland thing. -- 260187. Do you. Or 66889. -- seventy. Is Garland. -- we're not -- analysis of producers say what you -- whole area. Deborah real pretty opinion -- civil or -- since we're gonna talk for brunch brochure rumba here. Welcoming present to raise some latest polls marble we ask. And look if you had to choose between Romney Palin or Obama approved president who would you vote for Romney 54%. Palin -- Obama's 27%. A look at. Boom and Romney 54%. -- of course she got almost 64%. All together with the you have Republicans or conservatives. And popularly used. Saying to myself dual. Or re thinking to Louisiana to -- asleep when you think they're gonna say. Then sent it and couple pulls out there and couple's story isn't going to be very intrusive and and announcement -- for Mitt Romney when -- Announces can lose your bus tour. -- soon Sarah Palin gave them both a -- they're now a top the deal for the Republican presidential nomination. Everything I read says a Mitt Romney and President Obama at this point in time nuclear. Elections were held to the -- not -- -- unfortunate political analyst professor at George Washington university. And a former. -- new or leave me in thank you for joining us. Have a debate here what he -- -- you. -- he. Blitzer let's get into some of the numbers. This says. Own immune. -- they are brought -- -- as we or you Republican that to running economic Obama leads all other. Potential opponents tested in this poll. A leaves Palin and Newt Gingrich and parliamentary. Couldn -- I'm Michelle Obama Jon Huntsman. Palin fears the worst. Trailing Obama by seventeen points. In any of this is surprised treatment. -- this is basically what we've been saying for over a year ago -- while major is done considerably better than. Most of these other Republican candidate. In Mike Huckabee when he was considered a possible candidate. Old -- well usually -- Romney would be the best against Obama. But clearly there's there there's a difference now between -- Romney would do purses people like -- and and Gingrich shouldn't even Pawlenty and -- and I and I should say. -- some of these early polls or indicators of name recognition you know somebody like the landing. And in Jon Huntsman who are not that well known. I have a lot of potential to grow its candidate. But people like Palin and Gingrich don't because there will load in fact Palin Gingrich or better a little bit rob yeah. So lost so so they're not doing well right now that's an indication that it's going to be very or actually film ought to move up in the polls. And then part of the federal one of the things that that I'm very curious. Is in the everything armory and says that you pure candidate for anything the better Burris should get the more pressure against the more beneficial looters. This says in this poll alone Palin faces a daunting challenge. 64%. Of Americans say they definitely. Would not vote for her for president that's a new Iraq. 63%. Subscriber is unqualified. For the job and even among Republicans. 41%. Rule out voting for a but when you look at the news where -- -- print whether beyond. The Internet or whether it be network television she's all over the place. You know and and I think that's a great example of a perfect disconnect. It would be almost impossible -- -- and to win the nomination in the win the general election. Every just about every Republican in the country notion here is. And in the a lot of barter. And and 85%. Of them are not voting for or for president in not just local public which. That doesn't even get to independence and it doesn't get to of course the Democrats how social Palin is. Electability. Against Barack Obama is actually terrible. And and in the end if you wanna give Barack Obama the biggest favor you could giving it could be to nominate Sarah Palin all probably -- big -- Because neither one of realm. Come close to beating the Obama -- -- Do the poll also says continued lack of enthusiasm. For the Republican field. When you talk about Poland to you when you talk about Jon Huntsman and and who's the black candidate did McCain. Herman Herman can. Those named. -- is is are really weighed between now and 2012. -- probe well enough to where there they're viable. Yeah absolutely there's there's plenty of time you know there's two things happening in this presidential race that we haven't seen. Much of before number one we have a -- off a wide open Republican field. Through well you know we just reported to pull the other day that only shop -- percent. Over the Republicans said they were very satisfied with their -- entry. Only 7% were very shut slides. So clearly it's wide open and the other thing is -- with the online revolution. And we've seen in politics particularly over the last separate years. And more recently though that the social networking. Revolution into our -- revolution. That would seen in the last -- volunteers. It is now possible candidates to build very significant. Well you know among people who like minded supporters. -- -- like polarity Herman Cain or even people like Bachmann and punched -- in -- ancient oral. If it aired in in Ron -- for that matter if they're able to do while. You know to connect to catch fire at some point they could move up in the polls very very quickly. I don't know hold build a little longer. Or all right we're gonna come back we're talk to move on pollution and political analyst professor George Washington University. -- we're talking about the latest polls. -- -- All the so for announced candidates are falling are are coming down in the Leo -- are going up in the polls and if you've got portions of -- will get an expert in the field. On the review Gibbons called truce or 01. -- so we're told three. Anywhere in the country 86688908. Saturday. On the -- Sports -- Bobby Hebert and NFL is considering an eight game schedule what do you think about. Sports talk today 48 PM on WWL AM FM and dot com. News talk and sports leader -- we continue to. Think about the upcoming presidential race in 2012. President Obama and Mitt Romney your -- virtually in a dead heat according to latest polls -- more than ever. We were so good that I don't know much about you politics we called him an expert. Who got wrong -- political analyst professor George Washington university of runs one of the questions are there we're hearing a lot when do little reading on this subject amid broad. -- -- have we ever had a president. That was a Mormon and do any of the poll showed that there's a problem. With -- his religion. No wait we haven't had a Mormon president. We do real mormons in congress shouldn't. People who have served in major elected positions for you may remember back from years -- Stewart Udall secretary of the interior. -- brother Mo Udall was a major presidential candidate one -- -- push Harry Reid the current. Senate majority leader for the Democrats as mormons so so there or mormons in congress they're all mormons who have been elected to. To -- -- the state level but not -- federal level. There was one poll that doesn't came out -- recently. But he indicated that voters across the country said that try percent of them said that being a Mormon which makes it more likely. Go vote for. A candidate and being a Mormon would make and 25% sure they would be less likely to vote for Mormon. And 68% said it would matter now. Of 25% saying less likely. Is not necessarily an enormous number of book when it's compared to the 5% saying more likely. It is a fairly -- Which means that a fourth of the electorate would would be. Less inclined to vote for a Mormon without even knowing who the candidate would bait and and of course there or to mormons. Running for president on the Republican side right now one is Mitt Romney and the others Jon Huntsman. And and when one of the other big issues. Is whether or not Christian conservative. How they feel about electing a morbid. It because of some of the differences in beliefs and and theology and so law so mormonism is is certainly an issue. That that will be raised by a lot of people. Just like when John Kennedy ran for president of the Catholic. It's catholicism was raised as an issue we could keep him from becoming president but it was raised as -- issue. What was your predominant. Religion in Massachusetts when Romney was governor. -- is that. Solitude so what would've been the predominant religion and of course will they're you know I had an individual religion although they wouldn't they would have been more polished and should count. And -- obviously you guys have religion was not a very natural problem they elected him. That's correct and and of course is -- there was elected governor of Michigan. And from mormons so large so to clearly people get elected true nature offer actual mormons all the time. The question news you know what's the likelihood of a Mormon getting the Republican nomination. And in ultimately winning the election and and like the polls show over two thirds of the American people are actually over seven intent. Say that being a Mormon either would make no difference it would actually help. Whereas 24%. Say that it would they would be -- like political trouble. That's surprising similarly I can I can see some noted that suited gunmen are good arm in the book but seven out -- doesn't make them. More inclined to. Or now now though only 5% -- it's airlines is. Quite quite a bit when you add that to the RC through the 68%. Who says the that it didn't matter. The total will be 73% inserted either didn't matter what they would be more inclined which would indicate among. You know among seventy is 75% of the electorate according to what they say. The Mormon is a must not be a problem but the fact that 25% a willingness to say what likely you know makes it a political factor. I thought this would be ought to do job description but one of these units and then everything. Was who's pushing through a very similar planned. Four held in Massachusetts. -- similar Palin to President Obama and India. The democratic. Votes provided and pollute the new health care plan. How is that health system working in Massachusetts. Have you read or heard there. Talk dinner -- isn't in trouble. -- are doing well. Well well it is part of my job description of the -- won't keep me from possible. -- you say do so like -- radio talk shows just say anything you know. And -- you know of course it's a matter of opinion. Well from what I gather -- people in Massachusetts. Are generally happy with the system. It doesn't mean its without. Problem and it doesn't mean it's about some issue controversially. The generally speaking I think people happy with the system. And interest similarly. You know up until Obama care came on the scene. Mitt Romney's. Guiding the passage of the Health Care Reform bill in Massachusetts was considered is number one accomplishment. As governor of Massachusetts. Police -- something to put this issue in perspective here. Mitt Romney's health care bill in Massachusetts. But he supported and passed. And is now on the books. Is in many ways. Similar to Obama care it also has. Things in it that are very good level of obamacare because you're dealing with the state sources of federal. Nationwide program but one thing that should be shared vision and a lot of the things that you were included. In Romney's health care bill Massachusetts. Or -- supported by many Republicans at the national level for many years and so when when Romney was pushing this. It wasn't that he was dim -- he was doing helping a bushel for -- for -- -- -- -- the -- In fact the plane had the health care plan that McCain and Palin rain at all. And the presidential race just two and a half years ago. I had a lot of similarities to Obama care for awhile so the positions are well within the Republican Party is really changed. Zero and not touch that's significant. It should be pretty good to pinch runner. While it into the general election but the problem is. -- -- people who -- Republicans. Are dead set against Obama care -- -- -- the Republican. Leadership in this country is not an excellent job. -- that negative actual global Obama is health care program. And and have done an excellent job within their own party shouldn't have even done an excellent job among independent voters. So while go into your general election. You know I doubt whether. Romney's passage of obamacare would hurt him at all. In but but certainly in a Republican primary. You could rest assured that -- -- the Republicans warning against big. Cool never have to vote for healthcare bill. Cool cool gift and champions something like technical studies. Local attack on the vigorously. -- interest in let me bring in some callers. Mary I don't even know little corner while -- on the. To run pentagon. I would do wandering around the end -- but there. If he knows how wildly and -- -- I didn't want about it that the quality and -- Medicare on I think -- -- Social Security want to do away with it completely and it happened if at all. It's crucial -- Well I don't have. I can't certainly speak for rob -- in and an -- -- -- all shoes you know that he killed her disposition. Believe that he he has said positive feelings about Paul Ryan's Medicare proposal. It is not specifically endorse. And I think you'll see a number of Republican candidates for president. Cool cool -- appraise it without endorsing your. Because they don't wanna be on the hook for being for a -- would be killed there. Are Social Security goes. We really haven't heard a lot. From any candidate democratic or Republican in the last few years and social security. And ever since President Bush tried to do up. A private. Social Security personal savings. Playing out back in after he was reelected in 2005. In when that didn't go anywhere if it's sort of took that issue off the table. But I do think that there is so what you might call political concerns social Social Security. That. But essentially can be fixed for the foreseeable future but probably raising the retirement age. Particularly for people you know under. You know in the mid fifties or below or maybe even younger. Though that the deficit commission the Simpson Bowles deficit commission. I noticed -- raise the retirement age over time and went out figured out my two sons who are in their twenties. Equipment applied and they have been pulled -- in the history of the so so so a lot of people I think feel like they're -- by raising retirement age. Over time it may be putting some constraints of the cost of living increases -- basically keeps Social Security. Together. The big problem is Medicare right now and of course the big problem there's the the massive amount of -- people we're sure going to get into that system over the election but very few years is this gonna put a lot of structural. Ron bloom we come back for -- wanna talk here about an android -- James Carville right before you can among. He was quoted yesterday's -- 2012. If the job problems don't change of the economy doesn't change. I was going to be -- will -- for President Obama what to me is most intrusive and he's had to -- it doesn't change civil unrest is imminently possible. We're -- to respond to that when we come back. The station that keeps you in touch all day every day the news talk in sports leader of the big 870. 1053 WWL have a well dot com. We're talking about here from new approaches to collect. Clinton -- -- Mitt Romney you and President Obama are neck and neck. Rhonda mentioned this forward to break their dreams Karl Malone here in the hour before you and end. What prompted me to give him a call. Was that -- give an interview yesterday -- something I've been the most of those from realizes true in the in the polls and out 2000 Trojan can be wrote -- -- Obama. If the job market if economy doesn't improve like -- I think your car will -- all the -- American than any views you know its economy stupid but. The poll that we're talking about says in two equally critical measures 66%. -- the country seriously. Off on the wrong track and 69%. Describe themselves as angry and with the way the federal government is working. Carnival says -- it doesn't -- civil unrest is imminently possible. Do you think it's that bad and into this -- and what do you think consequences are. I think change is assessment is a 100% right I think it is bad in the sense that that more and more voters -- district of everything. There's -- of how -- work they're tired of the way politicians deal with things are harder or relationship. Of course some people will blame the Democrats some people blame the Republicans but. I think there's a growing number of voters in the middle as well as partisans on both sides who we just -- half they wear it with. The federal government's ability to do anything except spend money. You know that the one thing that the federal government can still do -- write a big big checks. When it comes time to managing Craig. In wanting things why it's very difficult for them to do anything in of course -- you know we've -- Donald they're in in in new regulation there's you know couple lived through that what Katrina oh you know with a landslide -- -- -- fierce itself and but but I didn't think there is tremendous political unrest building. You know not all of it is directed against the pressure in trouble which directed against everybody -- that's directed against Republicans. So that's directed against combinations. Well. I don't know if we're gonna say. Civil and that's where people actually. You know taking going in the street shouldn't end and and you're not violating laws or something like that. Which would protest but but I certainly think we can treat ballot box -- rest. Where voters will law will do if they can you want to protest -- But but I think the point there James makes is correct. A lot of people are are so upset about everything. That quickly find it difficult to actually throw. To accomplish what they want it we feel like both sides Olympic themselves. So they don't have a way to go kind of symbolic ballot box and if things get worse over time if the economy doesn't get better. Then who knows what kind of a protest would have. Of would you say you think that they're probably go through the ballot box to make changes does that. Bring about the possible rumored deal -- third party candidate. Or Ron Paul McCain. Getting here in -- as a dark arts. But -- it certainly opens the possibility. Of of one of these get a lesser known candidates winning the Republican nomination I don't think anything could happen in the police don't think he could -- Somebody jumping their races later is. August -- should come to -- Who who could win that that nomination -- money that we're not even talking about today you know. You could have Mitch Daniels and Billy Bob -- and pointing Republican governor is call a press conference at some point and draft -- bush too broad and -- you can have all kinds of things that can happen in the great. And so so so I wouldn't bet on anything right now in fact probably. With the exception of Romney. In. You know at some point in the near future. The five major candidates in the race just a few months ago with the exception of Romney might not even be in the right. Slows so this thing is wide open as far as a third party goes. I have thought for some time now that the country's been light. All right independence for their reporting while supporters of movement I think it's very right or something like that now the problem if you know there's a practical problem. -- -- -- Without the political money situation. The political. A campaign finance flaw -- the ballot access laws. Oh really geared to protecting and helping the to make recordings so it makes it very difficult to moderate Torre's. To get on the ballot to raise money to have the kind of political organization that they need to win national elections. But but if you had a candidate Mike Ross Perot was able to afford -- campaign. Could make a difference -- -- we forget. In 1990 true between. February of 1992 in May of 1992. Ross Perot went from being an unknown Dallas businessman. Running first in the polls -- present the United States. It hasn't spent one -- and -- campaign. -- it was all due to a powerful message. Oh well doing something different having a certain way and publicly that is possible now. You're. And again that's a terrific point that was before the Internet where you still have to go out and get. Petitions and you know he did it on on Larry King show into the talks shows and radio shows. Around the contrary. And you know and -- -- a little more time but now trumpet like that could could literally be going to matter based it was the right candidate getting the right message. One final portion of the poll showed that. President Obama got a big boost after the kill bin Laden. -- now they're saying that he's launched. The -- and of that. Positive event for America and has dropped in the cold again. Have there been any other president's at this point in time this this timeline and where you from the election that could come down in his percentage. I'll go being able to be reelected her being depleted. Yes you know what when you look at history you find that. There are some people who are actually in better shape -- -- Obama is now who were reelected and there are some people or in worship. And end and ultimately won an -- whose worship. You know. President Clinton was roughly about the same position content Obama would say it. It was able to be reelected at certain points. A climb over the last few months to a suspect over the next few months President Reagan go live actually in worse shape. A certain period. Gone before into Israel like. -- -- are -- -- the last question -- get a minute and I know you've given plenty of time underscores an Oprah got to have your. Who won't we talked about. People who don't there I don't think -- images are very high. And you see this town hall meetings and it's almost. Gray beard almost always gray beards and we've got the done a tremendous amount baby -- resume bitter. Going into retirement they're scared to death over Social Security Medicare Medicaid. All or big going to be the ones that decide this election. Well you know that's that's an excellent question and that's something we're not gonna know until Election Day. One of the things that Barack Obama was able to do with this last election -- Push to get out to voters. Under the age of thirty to vote in in the higher numbers when -- can't before. And in the question -- can still do that. And in India and can younger voters make a difference in 2012. And beyond the -- they didn't 2008. And it's a big open question because younger voters have not been floating. In -- numbers in 2010. And 2009. And and at some of the early elections in 2011 which saying. So so that's a big big question right now whether whether younger voters will vote. Well one thing I would point out is that the the actual turnout percentages of voters. Went -- in 2004. And then it went up again in 2008. So more people are voting now than they had been just. Just 101011 years ago but but there's still an awful lot of people tens of billions of people. Who could vote or clothing and many of those voters -- young. Brian -- always a pleasure I -- your suffering from a lack of crawfish solution better you better visit soon. Sure well I run good talking to think through the time we'll be back. You're in the think tank with Garland Robinette on WWL AM FM and dot com C news talk and sports leader. 504260187. The -- 66889. Always seventies. Everything Zimbabwean human -- Norwood James -- he was quoted yesterday as saying. That the job market doesn't change the economy doesn't change come 2012. Civil unrest is imminently possible. Good we have -- -- your political analysts out of Georgetown University as concern and questions -- he agreed with a 100% bucked. Doesn't think it's gonna be protests in the streets who's going to be protest by the ballot box. Born I was thinking when he was saying that -- remember. Thinking when we're in England was forced to do their draconian. Changes on the debt. Cutting back. Same thing with gruesome things Spain. That there wouldn't be in protest but there have been millions of people protesting and all through those countries. -- what's happened end and I would -- -- -- horrible side. I think there's a very good chance of that here in the poll we were talking about or talking to run about the truce President Obama and a Mitt Romney and a dead heat. It's beyond election was held today. Also said. That done 66%. Of those in pretty lowered sampling. So the country seriously off on the wrong track and 69%. Describe themselves are dissatisfied. And even anger. Or the way the federal government is not working. So our question is what do you think you agreed to receive 0187. Let's go to Jose in Picayune. Jose. Are you gonna. Do -- really big transfer and that smarter home to show that. And the question that I have is you know I haven't I have been able to look into -- our program today but. I didn't notice that you were saying if you were to vote -- eligible for Mitt Romney Sarah Palin. Art and your company but I noticed that you haven't mentioned a lot of the other candidate and I was sort of why they -- part of the same discussion. That's a good question the main reason it was wrong the year end President Obama because you're gonna that he Palin Newt Gingrich. Timbaland the Michelle Bachmann John Huntsman. Oh or seventeen. Points. Only from a minimum seventy points away from the Colombian President Obama -- reportedly surprised me Palin. Who what I grew I would think it very very popular in Louisiana. 64%. Of Americans say they would definitely. We're not bloopers present 63%. Describe her is unqualified for the job and among Republicans. 41%. Rule out voting former. So I got some. I think that's surprising considering the lack of experience that Obama had prior to his people president Dick compared dole Bob Palin you know or really any -- -- named -- listed. I think it's you know small compared -- And man and you know the media's fascination with Palin and oversaw canoe -- who's on national. Figure the other night. And he said do I -- well commence a boy who has given so much coverage to Palin -- nowhere to be seen in the yup colts and they said because she's a ratings -- people people either works or pearl or -- So she's brilliant she's really getting publicity than anybody else. I don't like to see you -- can -- that doesn't represent as much of as the same you know -- a lot of great Gingrich and Mitt Romney really represent the status quo. And hardly consider conservatives. You know especially Romney with his you know health -- build these past for his state of Massachusetts but. The person they are trillium are supportive of you Ron Paul as candidates. Despite -- small margin but he could possibly win you know he just his values -- -- but my own so it actually -- -- deviate from that and. I don't want him to go in and everybody knew everybody was seriously what were you hopeful Ron -- polar some lesser candidates. When you know we can weigh in my responses always I didn't know as a horse race. I thought I was voting on my convictions. -- and automobile if there's somebody else that. I think. Like like I've gone from a small government guy to right after Katrina I should welcome hypocrite because I keep asking for SBA loans or keep asking for recorded do a better job to keep asking for. The federal government committee and rescue me. And then after the BP also will. I'm flew back to -- a very small government and I'm willing to take. All the minuses bad that entails. And right now I don't see too many people other than Ron Paul -- Mean who does this -- candidate. Small teams that deadline -- the -- -- very much. Have a great -- to -- to -- -- right. -- right now your in the think tanks with Garland Robinette today on WWL. AM FM and dot com. The news talk and sports leader. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A column would nobody's talking about is technological unemployment. Which means that the more record are we debt as society of people but less employment there's always going to be. Detroit a good example of this because they used to need you know guide to turn every screw. Now they have robot to do more and more -- that happened Detroit's. Because there are all so hard what jobs -- you're absolutely right one in the answers to that is what is so everybody MIT and cal tech. Where they have duplicated the food and synthesis. Of the sun in a period we kept the the real. Schools they need to bring it to the public. Present your Jernigan has sold about a rate changes and work. But coming up next. Well we're gonna talk fearing there's a new -- Oh man who's taken out of billboard on the side of the road because his ex girlfriend had an abortion and you and approved so he's got a picture of him calling him an outline. Saying this is what my baby would look like except my ex girlfriend had an abortion so they're suing each other free speech. Verses so -- privacy and there's also mennonite college has decided not to play the national anthem anymore because there's violence in the.