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Jun 15, 2011|

Regular Think Tanker State Treasurer John Kennedy helps Garland understand the confusing plans (or lack of) revolving around the new teaching hospital set to open in New Orleans.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Sports leader. Create gave seventy WW. WWL. And have them at 1053. Show to climb inside Garland thing. Or 260187. -- Or 66889. -- seventy. Here's Garland. You know. Six and 2012. -- certain person present and we're looking forward. I'll be telling you at least so far I'm a mourn those we can always. Change his mind and I won't be voting for President Obama. But not for the reasons of most people's in the -- saying. I won't be voting for him I don't think. Because he's filled I have a -- long term energy plan and and I personally think that is probably. The most important thing in this country long term. We'll have somebody comes up with a magic convention. We'll put that out there Reynolds also bring into the mix of the time magazine cover article. On five myths of the economic recovery and breathe those who -- the shortlist the -- is startling. And see. If you believe those five minutes in the so. Who would you choose -- -- could correct those problems and believe me if time magazine broke their massive problem. There's no lesser problem. Hackers. I mean in in in in the beginning of computers I had images of teenagers just wreaking havoc. But none of these or. Anarchy have the -- the use our. Computer experts these are foreign in panties. Even even mercenaries. That are doing everything from threatening NATO and hacking into the Pentagon computers. Packing internal I mean you know an International Monetary Fund a threatening NATO. And on and all and you know. There of their -- bustling security. In every direction and the world you can think. So we're gonna have very early -- is an expert on cyber security in and talk about all the ramifications. In the meantime. Once again we're debating the I guess who's in university medical sooner than they call the idea of the year and -- Training slash. Hospital doctor -- in the hospital. Here in New Orleans and John Kennedy -- Malone and John can correct me you put -- in my initial. Public image what's being proposed. But he and David bitter end. Who's the leader of the house Tucker I think that. Said maybe it's better -- did have a bit smaller hospital and then by another two in a hospital in the number -- there in memory. John is that is that basically correct. Yeah welcome to -- -- Yet thank you Carl thank you for and yes except actually beat the proposal that senator bitter. Speaker talker and I have put on the table. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The remainder coming from the HCA hospital that we would purchase. We would end up with 600 -- How can 600 bit worried if the consultants had 400 plus one more. Because they're not new -- edge. What the crucial -- dead and when we step back a moment. -- -- He is the 400 in 24 B -- One point two billion dollar proposed. It was developed by the the health sciences division of that issue. Which runs and owns most departure out. Its chief proponent is that is sort of they he had. Relishing health sciences chancellor. Bridge were good -- -- bright very capable. You should be secretary DHH -- governor mark. Under -- range plan. That's one that's been debated four or five years she. Originally proposed -- reached plane and would not. Require any state subsidy it would turn a profit or least break even an only child. A study was commissioned by the new independent hospital board. Appointed by governor Jim. To test the veracity of that. Kaufman hall came back there of these nationally recognized control and instead. If you build 424. Bed hospital. You're going to inject too many new pop gospel -- into -- market. And the project will not textbook and the fact it'll go broke without a huge exception to. Is that a hundred million figure. It. This is what Kaufman also it. Right jail. We have about two point eight Beers per thousand people. In the New Orleans metropolitan here. The national average. Is two point seven possible bids per 1000 people. If we build the 424. MB a brand new -- hospital. If we build a hospital in New Orleans east. And if we build a new hospital in shell media which is being built now. We will have well over three B -- Per 1000 people and called on all shared the somebody you don't go broke and it's likely to be the new Kyoto global. In reaction to that. We have offered a plan -- And actually what we have -- is we would just why. The governor ten and Kaufman hall the consultant. Who critique plan a -- -- reach -- to look at our plan in any other plane and that Kaufman hall is vanished a look at and it that it can think of itself for us to get this project moving. And frankly. To my very pleasant surprise we were called to be -- governor's office home Monday -- we I'm -- to Bittermann shelves because gawker. Four members -- hospital board. The secretary -- HH the mayor. And the governorship look. We have never agreed to plan say. We have never agreed on a number -- bench we've never agree don't cost we know there problems with the financing. I will direct. Coughlin called study your proposal but I won't just limited to your proposal he said I'll I'll open it up all mothers and my response was thank you governor. Let's do what I mean if you if if if our plan won't work what's plan one that will. I'm hoping that Ted Koppel hall look at everything on the table. Make brief visit planned a critique planned made it won't. More trade that out -- look people rehabbing the old tree area open -- any thing -- thank up. And I hope they'll do it quickly and make -- they can do it in -- day and that's where we are. John we'll get a number of people lined up blow Mormon doctrine here and also when we come back. A morning ask you bill proposed hospital in New Orleans east. Proposed hospital and say ignored when those are factored in. Is that why we're talking about 200 million dollar deficit. Or is there are more. You're in the think -- -- Garland Robinette on WWL AM FM and dot com. The news talk in sports leader 504260187. The or 866889. Always seventy. About. And new medical training centers salacious little. In the middle of New Orleans who have which was supposed to be kind of mega hospital that would compete in Birmingham and Houston and Mayo Clinic can etc. etc. Now we're talking about the possibility of they're being two separate buildings and maybe a third and in the another parish but I'm gonna John Kennedy on the line if you'd like to general information about this I certainly do because I'm confused still confused. -- John can you -- in the number to call is 260. 170. Or you can Texas and intimidated somebody. John is and so I was gonna ask you. We talk about a hundred million dollar deficit according to be consultants you have. The hospital and built. Hasn't parents have been proposed. And you mentioned editor of New Orleans these two is built in -- -- hospital bill. Regroup from two point eight per thousand. In. Good -- to three point oh. You'll know reporter -- to repent and so. Duo does that still entail a hundred million does that make him more. What could make it more. I hope it doesn't but. -- all look at it and obviously it wasn't the first study done right after the storm. The first storm price Waterhouse did the study is well when. And there're -- only. Certain number of people win the in the in the southeast Louisiana and and we we have a lot of hospitals. In fact. Study commissioned -- not back Kaufman all but two years ago. By the end secretary of health and hospitals haven't Levine. That the -- -- that's -- America. I think there are holding separate question and then to -- yesterday incident there and didn't. Under the -- a steady. They were predicting a 25%. Vacancy. -- for the first. Long period of of the hospital only 75%. Occupancy rate because of the fact. That book proposal social under the shall -- plan planet there were so many bitch. Now under the plan believe it's senator bitter and speaker Tucker not talked about. You would not have we would still have 250 newbie such as opposed to 424. New -- on bush reached plant. But we would purchase. The Tulane hospital which would actually give us more beards they just wouldn't be brand -- And your correct and they would be in separate facilities. We advanced. The governor's going to has come -- -- to take a look at that. But that's not unprecedented. For example right mail we're training our OBG wine -- students at devilishly medical school. -- -- And it likes that hospital. And we previously have even trained -- OBG one million. Students Perez mentioned. At it in Baton Rouge and Lafayette so which not unprecedented. For our students to be in and Dieter being trying right now -- -- like -- auction or they. They sure rotate among hospitals. That it did this you wanna bring them confused about where we keep hearing the hundred million dollar figure. As soon as dual -- You have talked million tons of what is an -- twenty billion dollar budget twenty billion dollar plus budget in Louisiana. And you have lined up. A mini -- -- sources all the way from attrition to the department who don't need the people that they have. And saving for more than a hundred million dollars for all facility. That you know I've been a male clinic in. Minnesota itself the middle corn for grain and attracts people from all over the world it's 1 central location. And it's unique. -- why does a hundred million dollar deficit price tag -- was -- the deal breaker when we've got so much. Where he's still in sleep government per your stock news. Well it may not be and it doesn't have to be if that if the governor and the legislature as a matter of policy decides. That's the best approach I will shape that the the hundred million dollars Serbs should be. I think the reason it became. A big deal is issue number one extra hundred million dollars every year which. Is a lot of money obviously -- -- unreal Matt -- to surprise. We've been told by the proponents of the shall -- plans and stay one. That the hospital would kick it could cash flow on and -- Number number three. The hundred million is the best case scenario at least according to the -- AK and the comparable study. If we borrow 400 million dollars. And the hospital even with 400 million dollars subsidy. Doesn't work in the state would have to step into its capital out like program and pay off those march. -- 400 million. Are the 400 million want me. Only social site gone and I think you can say this way but I thank you know. I don't speak -- obviously be a minute aren't look at this when it's it is a very good point. All of this is about trying to predict the future. I mean none of us can do that we may build a 424. Bit hospitals. And wish we build 800 bitch. We don't not. But what he'd do at least things particularly when you're you're spending a lot of taxpayer money usually try to the best. Independent. Cattle -- -- came to a bunch. Kaufman hall is. Internationally known. They call it like basically it. They're not cheap but you get what you pay for. And they which could take a hard look at this fine and what patient had. To just be careful. And that's when we put out their plan -- The governor actually adhesion directing -- involved not just look at our plan B if plan B that work. We can go to planned shape but can look at everything. And also about the white compliment all the you have any thoughts about what we -- -- -- it. I think call on all ought to look it rehabbing the old -- I think I'm in the minority -- but if it if it if it won't work. Let's find out one way or the other. Aren't good let me bring in some radio listeners towered powered your -- junction. I joined a couple -- Graham in the -- MD Anderson used -- for preventive tests thank god in the weight room and there was eight people from we -- from bush. To Lake Charles to -- any area. And wanting more consulate -- -- -- at this hospital complex is going to be -- in the long term and Anthony -- come around where I didn't get to people. The staff that hospital and talking about educated. Support people prepare increased support people. And then another thing is let's go back I think 1520 years in Tokyo hospital -- she -- That was -- to return to alternate ignorant that could support itself but the -- -- almost like it it was of Algiers point. And that's been a good number I think about all these things are much more peace or put developed. I don't look group we're getting short on time but looks conjure up. Questioned responded to lump won't we're gonna get through your staffing for John. One that I hope we have that problem. I would love to have that problem for the need -- -- -- to -- all these these these are are paying positions field. But. We just don't know the other factory and he mentioned the other hospitals. Yet you know the state is being asked to contribute not only. That. Money toward the effort of the of the new charity but we're being -- to paper more than half of the money to build a hospital in New Orleans east. And and that that we came up last night incentives to our revenue in fiscal buyers and you know we kind of looked toward the future under -- Obama's health care legislation we're going to have to add between 1000000. People Medicaid. The federal government going to help us with a complaint from that but we've still got to come up with -- our share and we just gotta be careful we got a finite number of dollars to spread around in our health care delivery system and that's why we're being so costs. All right can you say would be a little bit longer sure there is is so my -- are important to us. -- I think to the state they're so low number berries aren't really computers -- We have John Kennedy -- state treasurer and incidentally. For those who say we have John on all the time we're gonna -- others. French recent company don't like me and understand them they've got -- -- and -- my current form but. They're not coming on any of the -- -- I don't see him the newspaper and -- to loan institution whose. We couldn't get to Maryland because -- schedule Napoleon experiment. We call -- no ink. Which is a proponent of the hospital to the -- believed you the current. I do a -- Ellis shoes is touting. And Michael -- was out of town so we said we'll give us some economists and understands this in itself nor economists is done a study. Minister Bo -- the business -- -- -- can just do -- if -- than I was going to -- executive -- there's -- business plan. So you wanna come back I'm gonna ask you do. I -- an answer that the audience the question. What are wasn't John six years out with a side dipped by over six years are no business plan. I -- getting by helmet here. Double defendant in tell their side. -- -- -- -- -- -- I've been the Mayo and I see teeny tiny little town -- successful it's been part. -- -- Birmingham it's all in one little crude generic in the got a ton of people and like the caller just said. You go to Houston and even you go to Mayo income Minnesota you'll see a lot of people from Louisiana and there and it's obvious. We need some polling because a lot of people will do with the money to do it. While leaving the state board these big high -- teaching. Highly qualified hospital. The station it keeps you connected 24/7 365. C news talk and sports leader. Big 81701053. WW LF and WWL. Dot com. About my compassion not only didn't propose a new medical center -- the -- of New Orleans. That supposedly free year as most of beer a big job Magnatune. Profits sooner and it's -- some pretty good really. Puts New Orleans and and medical competition. Will -- Birmingham. Houston. And other -- hospitals. Of the god John Kennedy -- state treasurer on the line before we go to him. Are you welcome to join the greater appears confuses our reviewer got a question for jaunt through six 0170. And in the meantime for a go to John. Let's listen to on -- matured and -- he responded to disown. Whole issue and WW -- television news last night. There's just keep guys on the prize we form a finger tip away from having the most transformative economic development project is a state has seen is history. It's really important that. Make it really clear that we have to build the 21 century state of the art medical complex is gonna create somewhere between twelve and 171000 jobs. It has to be transformative those individuals that -- we don't wanna talk about. Refurbishing charity hospital to put a new hospital -- that that is often the table. The second inning came -- -- were on an agreement that abortion be independent come with a good business plan. The and this is -- what are you talking about this is not a critique of the Miramar longshot. But you know I would like us and -- much of the U regularly meet you would like asking the questions of hundred million dollars 400 million -- root of something that -- -- -- hundred million there was we're disappointed we're where should we might have to go to capitol -- and pay off the poor. Totaled 400 million ask him about the three. Plus bids per 1000. Peddling to the hospitals in New Orleans east and Saint Bernard and a -- and 12171000. Jobs were those figures come -- get. It's -- Reese L issue. The -- I've been around on the -- -- to contact any of them now -- so fully understand. He and another is -- in my general educational period. Couple years ago and I don't think there would come on the show understand that but they're coming on nobody else's show or going on nobody else's show and there. I don't see him in the newspaper and consume on television I don't see them depending this and when your fibers six years out. To not have a business plan and that's where I'm really. Really I had a business in my own. And whenever I went to investor or client I had to have a pro forma in my hand. I had to have been down to the tiniest paper clip. What was going to be you know I don't understand. How this goes to a consultant. How this goes to do with the governor. To the -- to the legislature will out of business plan boredom -- missing John. Well you're not finishing your your your visual. It's very accurate and we say -- I agree with everything -- it. I disagree going to disagree with is that. There's that this accomplishment all people can't look cute rehabbing no charity I think we audience that he should get on. And and some say it'll work others say it won't work must turn Kaufman. We have we already had a studio minute. What they don't want change -- is it can be done but it was done. The preservationists. Who. But let me -- -- the business plan -- -- business plan there has never been a business plan supporting the the the plan a bad doctor Sri. And heck -- Mueller were MB Everett's doctors -- with the governor or -- written -- in the legislature. Why not a business. What we talked about it Monday in the meeting with the governor and I don't speak for the governor. But I can describe what happened that the leading and he was that he was very frustrated -- I'm frustrated there's no business plan. Any turn to before members. Of the hospital board who were there the the chairman Bobby Garber are. Mr. -- Boller mr. David poker and should Darryl work. -- they were very prominent successful business people. Any turn to him he said I want you people you board members and your fellow board members to develop meet a business point. And he said look at look at the -- plan look at every other play in the -- Balkan thank and call on all. What they think they have won their own but he said I want to see -- business plan and we're not going to two issue any bonds are short real construction until I actually. That they just absolutely confuses me 56 years implantable going to a client or bone bank -- my little business. Inserted. Okay here we would go this one I'd like to do is gonna cost a lot of money. Maybe a little deficit through out of you know hundred million or so pursing its is where's your business plan and actually. -- I don't have one yet and they would say golf. You've been at this six years. In you don't have a business plan. You gotta be the worst. CEO and we've ever talked to I just I've never heard of this and I cannot get reasonable answer I know a lot of the guys. But you're talking about maybe they'll talk to -- and explain it to me. Well I would call the many Aspen but that the that the problem is that under the doctor shall -- -- planned his business plan has always been and we have a we have a vision we believe it'll work. Will be tried to build it any good doesn't work the state has to fill the -- And we can't. Ghost the end commit taxpayer money to that hospital. Were asking they're asking for taxpayer money for the other hospital in New Orleans east. When we know we have these huge expansions come and we need some reasonable assurance that plan naval war. Any plan they would work if -- plan would work they would borrow the money by mail and done it. All right boom when we come back I'm Williams to appeal that the news confusing me one I went to Mario. If they -- OK you can see in a hotel right across from the complex. And incumbent and get your attention to look at the doctors and several. -- -- If you want to established or this doctor. Or or or this demoralize. You've got to go to this on the unit to distance of Metairie. Or go to this other units that she blocks away and -- I don't understand. How three separate entities separated from each other won't work. It's Garland Robinette a think tank on WWL AM FM and dot com C news talk and sports leader 5042601874866889. Always seventies. Craving sugar in New Orleans where John Kennedy on its precursor. For those who -- where's your other side we can never get appealed his side to even begin. To respond to questions we have -- well my question for you. I don't understand how three separate buildings. Or are gonna work for him and I -- -- when I talk to be able have been used in Birmingham. One of the big benefits as they walk and one area and that's -- everything right there. Seems it seems inefficient. It's a very valid criticism. But let me talk about the good -- the bad the good news she is if we purchased the HCA hospital. Most of the bids that we will purchase will be pale pale. Closure to the 250. New bids that we would deal. We could purchase. Looming we could purchase it for eighty million dollars. We could purchase -- the HC AA bid for 200 in 28000. Dollars a bit. If we built them under the -- had planned the cost would be two point eight million dollars a bit. So obviously would be much cheaper. The bad -- GA he just pointed out we would have to separate facilities may be even -- include likes that. We're going to ask Kaufman hall to look at that they make -- it's a deal breaker. Frankly another option that that I'm sure compliment all will look at as well. Instead of building a 424. IBM hospital as as would be required under doctor -- should plan. Builder in stages. Start with 250 or 300 be -- And if it works. And I think it would work -- that -- we could gradually add -- the state is certainly court in the property to do that. That is been a proposal that has been talked about. But the proponents of the -- -- plan have always shed its 424. B Ojinnaka and and and I don't I don't think that's realistic. Do you and veteran -- -- have a business plan. -- we're going to I have seen a study done before. It's an old and ending it when -- first raised this issue which will ever issue in 2000 and or. They came to see me well before the storm and says -- And said we wanna build new hospital unless some way to consider all the options including purchasing. The HCA building because it was right there on the streets still is and and they said they wouldn't consider that. But no not done a detailed business plan that's what we're going bash -- them all to do and I will stand by their analysis that they could say that our plan is. Non starter will go to planned city but I will tell you that are playing -- Compared to be shall reach plan will give this hospital done faster. It'll get it done 400 million dollars cheaper. And we won't inject new it many new bids into the market. And will only end up with 600 total bids as opposed to 424. Bit on the -- -- now available -- brand new bitch. But they will be beards and the downside as you correctly point out is -- any -- that they would be spread among two maybe three different percentage. John I got about a minute no more mature in different directions this -- -- men I've been me and ask you this -- -- -- -- minute talk about reducing state government and city departments through attrition. And where you -- and emirates emirates summer saw how long have you been in office. I have -- In elected office since 1990 now. As -- is actually treasure it. So you you've been there are quite a while. I thought I heard unit conversation thing was gone and you choke. -- -- -- -- How many people have you read how much of your staff has been reduced and I don't remember the answer had you done that. Come on what -- you -- I have no vote I have warned of more. Employees. -- day. Then I had when I took office. Brilliant that what you say about -- the department -- to its. It's not emerge or adding they're just not taken away. And intend to but what about when we -- it may -- budget today. My total budget today is is the same budget and in 2001. Another department say that same thing. Now there are five departments. In government. That avalanche money Tuesday. They had 2000 backup. In treasury wanna. John I appreciate the time or a more masculine -- get -- cleared up in the end again for the people who are listening where is the other side -- the other side. Doesn't seem to wanna come out in public and answer some of these questions John Kennedy always appreciated when you come on. -- -- -- Here's in the. Been hearing about it for years. They're breaking and everything. Everywhere slides in and breaking the best security out there. Find out how I can trust anybody. After the numbers for record -- seven.