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Jun 20, 2011|

Garland talks with Professor of Political Science at LSU, Robert Hogan. Should a disgraced Congressman still get retirement benefits..and what should happen to former Congressman Anthony Weiner's campaign war chest? (46 year old Weiner will get $46, 224 if he waits til age 62; if he opt to receive it at age 56, he'll get $35,357 annually.)His Congressional account shows $365, 670 cash on hand; his NY city filing as a candidate for mayor in 2013 showed him leading the field with just over $4,515, 756.)

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

6889. OH seventy. Is Garland. Or the -- from radio talk -- have to talk about politics. The Olympic you can grow. There's gotta love a true 1% from Norwegian to Robert badly on. Who tried to put together and transparency. Vote. Of course governor Jim -- administration. In two transparency. -- -- -- governor used highly ethical and very transparent. Oh you may be a great governor but he's not a highly transparent. -- -- state. In new union. He's the kind of -- pigments. Total control. Of all their communications. And a senator at least said. -- be assured the governor in this. Bill that he had proposed. That they weren't making sure his -- security is security. Our conversation chiefs at anything that would endanger security. We're not be covered it would just really like the rest. Of the United States. And par. Public affairs research council. Verified is. That our state is he always. -- governor such broad exception. Just said as soon as friendly way to. We don't have any money. One point six billion dollar deficit ranked. And -- always been told. Me then proceed to -- to a point where. There's no money. Piece. I'm independent governor. No longer has the power. That our governor overstretched. -- members. Well and analysts as well actually. We found 200 million. This. This is the bill I mean this is the legislature. This is the governor this is the media. The shoulder at one point six billion deficit. Hospitals closing. Cost of college going -- college disclosing. Colleges. Forced. To to get together and become one college. And owner then that and the elderly are going to be affected in the children are going to be affect. Good reason to be forgotten -- -- I'm gonna happen. Wall Street Journal. Wall Street Journal. This weekend the death of the duopoly. Talking about do you really that's. Conditions of the Republican and Democratic Party. That they don't show him or seen much of a different sort of in the personally. They're not take up this. We -- boy Anthony. Could draw home. On pension and benefits -- from more than one million dollars in his lifetime. According to the National Taxpayers Union. Robert Hogan -- Simmons but beyond ridiculous. Yeah well the distance. For the latest. Part of the story with Anthony Weiner. Is that we find out of course now that that he has resigned his still eligible for a -- From congress that's quite quite generous as one might expect. But you know there are. And that give people will say that that this is fair he did not he wasn't convicted of anything he. He DDP it's not convicted of bribery or perjury or anything like that in the law does have provisions senate. In which members of congress can lose their pensions if they are convicted. Come to the course of doing their job -- of perjury or bribery that sort of thing and members of congress have lost their pensions for that. But his -- had not risen to that level. And therefore he will not be able to retire with a pretty nice. Benefits here. Well I think you answered all my questions and and is much. Yeah I would like to be angry over this if they I didn't have any idea. They have they have loads and settle -- community if you break the -- all -- congressman senator around the time you're saying they do -- -- -- Right into in 2007. The congress passed what that the I think that the times called honest leadership and open government act. And it was passed in part due to the two that but even bribery convictions and a member of congress to. -- shortly before that. And ended and it basically states that if you were convicted Osama bribery perjury or conspiracy here's some other crime related to. You're office. Then you can. Can luge or pensions so that there are compete in the existing laws of course not a lot of people are not satisfied with saddened and believe it should go further than that. And then there is a move afoot to to try to to strengthen those laws even more. Now I mean that's one side of it -- another side of it of course is that that people make the point that. Members of congress do have a pension fund on the air their annual salary as a rank and file member of congress who 174000. Dollars a year. And they contribute to four away in 41 K tight group of of a system here and they make a contribution to government takes center as well. So you know in the private sector to be competitive with the private sector. Offering members of congress that kind of packages not to. Out of the realm of the of the ordinary. -- and so I guess that's the other side of the fiscal argue. When you talk about a 401K type thing is that feel thrift savings -- I I think so I think. -- -- continual -- couple more minutes -- -- you give me a very good answer to my initial question about this can be but apparently. If I'm seeing correctly a laws have been times that if you break the law and even break the law. Have famine dot com the news talking sports leader. 5042601874866889. Point seven -- The -- of golf. Pension benefits were -- more than one million dollars. Will be going to Anthony Weiner. The hero congressman them resigned last week most calculations about the national architectures union. And I professor Robert Hogan on political science who -- June. Explained and and professor correct me if I misunderstood and then. He didn't break the law and our our. Federal laws that congress in the senate to put together the solution if you're brick wall when your senator Bure can lose your pension and you lose your office is that correct. I mean though those were the laws passed in 2000 so I've been following. Jack Abramoff and Bob -- And Cunningham. Scandals of right before then congress passes this pretty extensive law dealing with lots of things were lobbying and lobbying restrictions in the special disclosure laws and how much money used to lobby members of congress and one of the things it did was. It puts people into this idea that if you are convicted of bribery or perjury. And and conducting your office you can can lose your benefits your pension benefits. Professor I admittedly have videos -- we're looking a lot of issues. I mean they're the issue of -- As soon to visit -- Larry Craig to me. We're never gonna concern concerning the sex that was always between them. And their friendly. The one thing that I never see the media or even political analyst bring up. I would assume. That -- -- -- for lobbyists. In Washington and they want -- -- you do something that's not. In the best. -- in the in the good people or are on the foreign lobbyists. That that doesn't have the best of intentions. For the United States. If -- -- a winner or a bitter or crazy. In news before the media jobs -- the public does cannot blackmail him. Well I mean that's always a possibility and that's that's why do that the group is dangerous digital yeah apple and the reason I ask hasn't has congress from ever considered bad. And thought about making that part. Why you can be forced to resume. I mean there are some people who were sent crew wanting more peace in this men and yeah I mean for for that very reason. Members of congress could be. And so much. No I mean there there is legislation that has been pending in recent years that have looked as dead as. That they wanted to pass that has to do with that. And in fact the National Taxpayers Union has it has been one of -- that they advocates of a passing more stringent legislation. But you have enjoyed it's difficult to come -- with a law that I mean in some -- we're we're trying to. Provide. Some sort of of videos some. Or penalty for stupidity should shift it and then and and it's difficult to come up with that. Well I hear all the time integrity. Morals. Just stupid moves nothing -- and etc. but the vote was in the military. And I did stupid I'm thinking whatever. And jeopardize. This country. Or jeopardize my rule in the military. I can guarantee what would happen to me regardless of who was too good or not. I'm always been astounded to. The black -- It's not a real concern. By powerful people in our government. Them well I mean yeah I think if someone if a foreign government did tried to blackmail a member of congress and perhaps was successful I didn't end -- came out. I mean that -- -- -- perhaps to -- create an attack on the part of the member of congress and so when companies. National security for one don't interest store one. You know. Again keeping something under wraps so command and I think what one could make the argument that that there are protections against to some extent. The question is how how far you go fashioning a law. Without. You know jeopardizing. The ability of -- congress shouldn't it -- to talk with constituents and and at least discuss things with them. If one makes it launches stringent you -- think you do run the risk. Say there's some safeguards in place that. Do you really and blackmailed seemed like black -- would be pretty easy to avoid. Yeah I'm doing things we blackmail -- Right right Brian I mean I mean a lot of this comes down he did anticipated to couple fights so much -- this comes down to. Individual and so voters. And as the ability to really get these people aren't saying it. Infrastructure would I would think it even goes past that pardon me Vernon brought down. Would you do reenter the same conversation we just finish happening and we're legislature the -- from three years. One point six billion dollar -- we're gonna cut hospitals. Universities. Or people children. I didn't if -- 200 million. Now we're down two million. We're -- governor. That is the least transparent. A ball. In the latest polls show him in 57%. Popularity. Right right there with the government do voters other. Don't care are just too busy to notice for a. Well I think so I think today they are. Focusing on other things. But I mean -- that old saying you know vigilance is the price of democracy. And if citizens aren't going to engage enough to. Tiff -- figure out the the basics of what's going on in American politics and this is this is what they get -- they get what they pay for. And I mean that this is this a sad state of affairs that's what book aside as we spent so much time trying to figure out. You know what do people -- the state of public opinion in this sad truth is that the public is pretty ill informed about a lot of thanks. If -- my -- let me take -- a little bit different -- area of the reason I kept. Asking about the black mule in and going -- -- from different direction than than most of the media's. I'll meet Wall Street Journal did you read the death of duopoly. Over the weekend I did not know -- -- happened really really remarkable they. -- -- Just scourge. Are Democrats and Republicans in both parties. Virtually the same and there are totally oblivious to the public -- in the have to be some changes made Pearson texts wrong. Politics is a controlled wealth and power. We're systemically being desensitized. To -- ever reaching game four welcome -- Karl. We're making grocers were raising kids were paying bill. We we just don't have the time. To watch every crook which most of them are that what Texas. -- the politicians wonders to give up. They want us to quit paying attention that's what's happened so far Garland what you voters do bring about change in this issue come. -- voting in a new governor you don't really think that's gonna change anything. I'm real lose to U. As a political scientist. Is this the way it's always been. Oral or you hearing. A different room. When. I mean that's that's bloated and very fundamental question then -- that we think about it. I mean in some ways if there's there's there's irony in American -- -- you've got more educated people more informed people than ever right you have the Internet that don't allow you to educate yourself about a wide range of topics. But on the other hand. You've got a lot of people who who were concerned about other matters to -- the world is much more complicated today people are just. Especially economic time in difficult economic times people are concerned about. Simply keeping their job and and and focusing on that. But I didn't think what has changed I think is that the reason a lot of people get into politics today is a little different than it was in the past. -- you you have people who were really good at raising money. He got people who were are good sometimes that at furthering their own -- to but they're not necessarily having a concern. For public service in the way people fifty years ago did I think a lot of people went into public service along time -- or fifteen years ago and I doubt they'll. Four for purposes of giving something back to the community and having a true public concern about about -- know with the direction of the country the state of the candy with Elizabeth. And in you don't -- Do you start to go idly -- -- start to question political support elected leaders have been added their ultimate concern today. On one final question let's go back to. And -- -- arrogant. When he was slow thinking about running for the mayor's race in New York. He raised almost five million dollars you know what does she get to do -- not do without money. I I think this is my understanding that -- money that he raised if if you raise it through a state or local. Campaign. He may have to give some of that back making good money that you raise for congress however. He can keep that in account it turns into something sort of like a packed -- and he's he's able to use that money to get to other candidates or causes and he is he's centrists and. When he gives them money to two other candidates that that that buys benefits for him at a later date -- Eliot Spitzer got sitting on television news the great -- politics for a people forget. He gives -- money they're obligated to him he comes. Right there there are lots of reasons people give money it's too. To gain a friend or perhaps to to silent and listen he's cooked up. People will not a Matthews as hard on on issues that you're concerned about there are lots of -- ways that money can be used. A professor of Hogan -- true L first news decision that keeps you in touch all day every day -- news talk and sports leader. Big age 71053. WW LF and WWL. Dot com. Futures joins us. But what's that. Television children inside politics -- Something like that it is more like punching bag politics today. In the content -- reduce or Newsweek had. Senator Robert at Leon. He had a build build 57. That's do. They wanted to reduce the protection to keep many of the governor records for ever out of public view. And these are rules that the governor governor general was instituted to to open office. Public affairs you search failed to implement so this great idea because quote. -- -- -- Found it enormously -- governor such broad. Consequences. I had even. Received in an email when time promo. Elliott stonecipher. From. Our political analysts. And he had written this back in June said and governor Jim whose exposure. As the good government. And profile may finally get underway. And Marty grove was today's senate bill 57. Has been filed. Some in the media finally. Starting to report. On how close this administration this. And begin to report that it's not the gold standard of ethics. -- told us. You're also a pretty good. And then last week I -- message. Or this week -- today -- good message. Sort of moved troops Lebanese dead. The government managed to kill. So I etc. Edley. Want to kill it you gotta zone every moment right. One point six billion dollars in veteran. And he -- well. The governor -- is crew. On 200 million. Picture. Entry into the session. So and he's got movie. To exert the power of the governor over the legislature. Like prevent predicted in Italy go to them and say I don't should root for those. At least through the governor thought -- would thought it was personal as -- added to. All the reasons why there was nothing personal win that's. Just trying to make this governor office. As transparent. And others the United States. You know -- like trying to convince business. We're not -- south American country. So. Well it's -- -- at least civil we found 200 million. I'm wondered kid comes -- going because I wanted to understand what is happening with the bills -- under the new dornin. So that I had Eliot Cohen and and so that trend they found 200 million. And earlier you explained that tell you this this is more or pay. Then any -- government in the country. And have pulled up CB productions. Website -- colts moved one of -- -- to help write the state constitution. -- they -- constitutional lawyer. Lisa who's gonna constitution. He worked in the legislature Andrew wondered to governors. And believe me. It is no prejudice when it comes on importing crude criticism. And keep in mind none of her. Stone so -- for production. Or exactly getting rich. Or -- your years of fighting for good government. So that's why a -- blow to credence to. To what they say now here's CB's column. As I'm meaning CB bread house speaker Jim -- comments and Sunday newspaper. Again what happened the calamity this -- was facing. About the run off of its long anticipated fiscal cliff. Talker commenting in the states operating budget on the budget. -- and -- little one point six billion dollar revenue shortfall. It isn't quote. Pretty good shape. Pretty good shape -- his work -- advocate June 19 this year. Lisa B says bits on -- Coleman said the session ending budget showdown. Between the senate and the quote more fiscally. Conservative house. It appears that the house. Despite the senate having added 200. No. Million dollars in the budget. The supporters to sign up. Wanted to as approved by the senate. What didn't happen now listen closely. Because the next time we you're a governor or senator or eight. House member in this state say. And and we're gonna -- collusion prison. Do we have consolidation -- of your clothes can't just room. Well no prisons are college who will be closed no college -- will be consolidated. Or reduced. From four year institutions to new ones. Williams who do you really have been Melissa we're gonna have to shut down tomorrow hospitals. No state run hospital would be close. No dialysis machines will be turned up I was governor Edward totaled. Recommendation on why we need a bigger budgets. Well you know CB the poor the elderly to children. They're gonna go of the unnecessary medication we heard that didn't -- I am I gonna happen. Thousands of state employee layoffs. Become a massive. Cut back caused by revenues -- Paul Pillar -- Still thousands of -- traditions positions. Budgeted for the upcoming fiscal year. So treasury John Kerry's proposal reduce pay all by blood thousand dollars per year simply through attrition. Nobody would read loser drops. The same committee gonna do. Now accomplishes nothing Kennedy's proposal. To reduce the 10% two billion plus dollars in state consulting contracts let each year put things like teaching children. How to get more out of recess it's Eric -- in place. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Remember initially plunged from this massive. This -- lift the -- and warned. For almost three years. And he goes out. But I don't know about you I know what my. -- reports through the next leader took legislative solution. He knew nothing of the incumbents even the good. I mean how many times it's always going to be treated. Like chapel. Like ignorant children. How many time one point six billion dollar clip I -- it. The media -- it. We warned you about it for years. Even in these storms. Which we know really all are bad economic times. 200 million poop. Everything's okay and again. Your thoughts to succeed her when -- seven. Cancer free for thirty days. Barracuda dot com slash a time. We're learning. You're in the think tank with Garland Robinette on WWL AM FM dot com -- news talking sports leader. 504260187. The or 866889. Always seventy. It's. Soon so -- only. Ashley was the governor Google's popular to you is very hard but she's 7%. Here. After all the revolution city of senator Bradley's building got killed. Trying to force governor to have that same transparency. In his office that killed 49 states doing. A window and -- people. Our governor will do a pretty opinion poll says you feel like the jungle administration's open and transparent and ethical 57 crisp and I'm just saying no. Which may suggest if if the public. Had time to pay attention to politics. And a initially you know my my response to all this was my -- mrs. In -- -- give him the Europeans and a walkway into loosely. Fund politicians or whatever you wanna do. But than the public is Symbian number about -- thing you know would put got kids who have builds debate. We're worried about the economy we worry about our jobs worried about the future when your -- don't watch these people and this kind of detail. Well it's adjust that at least when you hear about it you change your mind. And imports uses are very concerned scientific very. Small little -- don't need anything other than. There was a gun on the couch and voted on this. Agree with me that this this administration definitely it's not. Transparent. -- what are your thought through Chicago. -- -- I expect if there's so many thought I just -- a laugh but it wouldn't take it back for just one checked into the idea am. Finally decided it's bell -- call that was -- Katrina flooded out about infighting jury build all the time and get on with all of it achieved so much to where I just can't I can't live in this city anymore. So when I -- -- ballot irregular lean against my howl which I could not believe. It was Coke is and it was Batman they had several departments doing this thing being with outlook our tax dollars -- I had to view to get the -- get -- -- -- -- -- I I think no that's not gonna happen. I went on -- campaign -- calling campaign Q. The code enforcement office the Health Department. So. It in the mirror what god knows what name they get -- and say here's the elite -- -- get out of here right now or I'm coming to the -- topic I'm staying here until. Either he beat the other pressures. What I got they called me back an hour later. And dance. -- -- -- didn't get to my attorney about this came not to last Friday and they had not gotten a culture that. So I think that is my -- warning -- at a EQ appreciate your disputed that sort of thing to do. And I think I'm not coming to your office I'm going to the -- op -- And somehow miraculously. I -- 2 o'clock that afternoon. In -- working on three year with Colin. Prevent advance the reason why a -- running the thing take up and challenge myself I started off. Sixers go being a very small government guy because the Katrina because of DPS said well you know we're gonna liberal big government because every time we get in trouble we need to amend out of during your stories and all the other sores on her the last two years after BP. A switch back to wanting very little government for one reason. Even if we can lead to big government or medium size of government at this point because that's all we're used to -- Schwab. We want. And I can't provide uses simple. It really over the court at this time I consider myself. -- well read person and a person do you know college the issue is and and really would like to be. More passionate that I am but I'm telling you. When I saw these multiple departments and our crop constant crying about money and each -- enormous weight and I chest. I have to admit Q I'd become one of the one Q I just Iranians that I've moved out and -- now -- no wetlands just didn't tell hunkered down and decide where I wanna go could I get up. I'm do you think we're all going to reach a point to I don't know I think we're very near and I think -- York one man's. Harry -- get your opinion prohibiting -- approve this because of social media. Because so many people were listening to talk -- -- really have time there. The rental car took their turn and -- -- they're getting it from me they're -- begin from all told jurors. The unit from Comedy Central the junior from FaceBook and Twitter and it's better. Do you think we're nearing the point of some sort of revolt. -- -- He now I would like to believe that was true however. Yeah I think that it's me there are other cities that are everybody there are just a -- big. Everything their children are doing just as much as we complain that we have to do here which yes like it very busy and they somehow still managed to. Hey at least the basic interest into their politicians. And everything you had about general I was so excited when he guided office I DIQ. I. I I was all I mean. You know like waving and it has been nothing short of a channel and I thought okay this was the smartest guy helping her. And look what happened here and it's like that BM Google and so I think -- what you had said before it's true I mean it is in branding and that. Our politicians are not going to you do what they need to -- -- recorder slap at home and -- -- account already agreed and experience. Tragedy York whatever happened that you know somebody had to jump up and take it seriously. And. -- aren't I wish I wish they had the intelligence your phone call -- wish I had more time. To loosen the net and WWL. AM FM and dot com. News talk and sports leader. Holding on to there would -- a little bit longer we're gonna. It is again in the next hour we've got -- -- a raft of stories and talk about your name and can winner. Gonna -- couple tough. Million dollars over his lifetime. Pension and benefits not much can be done about put four million. He controls all through the political fund that he didn't deferred simply won't James usability can disperse -- four. His benefit. And we're talking about Wall Street so front -- story that I would -- a -- -- -- Talking about what they're called archaic and removable. Republican and democratic -- Stay where there's governor -- who's your children. Three of them this is WW well. Nobody would call it. The three.