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Jun 24, 2011|

Tommy Tucker in for Garland. Do we put too much emphasis on our pets? Tommy talks with Dr. Amy Dickson, Clinical Psychologist with LSU Health Sciences on this issue.

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It's Friday and I'm Tommy Tucker in part -- today don't forget tomorrow. The entire WWLs death it seems like is going to be in Montague. The traveling road show going to be on eroded Montague. As they raise a house. And I wish you had more details for you coast of shoring is gonna be raising a house that I thought and would deet tails but I don't. Ten feet in the air above Ross tells me. And oh wait I do have more information. When talking about do is click here at WWL dot com. The head that's Carbone parish yet home improvement show. And then creation -- and Mike did tell EA and -- going to be out there as well and matter of fact if you go to the website. You'll find the -- that'll tell you exactly how to get there which helps me out because I didn't know where I was go one. Actually Bob they're -- and house thirteen feet. Coast assuring raced and out the house thirteen feeds are known home improvements -- we get a lot of questions from peoples in all. What's the best way honey do it while they're raised in the house thirteen feet. In years so Paul would range and I'll get it on at 10 o'clock and Kristian -- in -- retaliate. Will be out the air from. -- noon to two. And I think spuds can be wandering around throughout. So terrible own -- come -- -- Was seven WO we'd love to see we're gonna be in an air conditioned tent I believe there's going to be food. And a lot of goings on and so if you go to WWL dot com. You'll see -- the ping blinking on the upper right hand side where they get that picture of me I do not know. But it's terrible. Making and they have a picture. It's our guys. Oh. It's here's. Hopefully it's it's nicer Wednesday there's there's the pictures spotted. And now there's. Broadcasts -- Saturday can now all acted -- Oh lord have and -- -- -- that's when she will. Only fuel means I guess it goes back and forth and it. So anyway currency is smarter and there's we would love. To see you -- -- -- connect with doctor Jamie Dixon clinical psychologist. With the only issue Health Sciences Center a look at something different this hour today it is. Com. Take your dog to work day as reported by the lovely and talented chain rose. Now. Awhile back. Louisiana's BCA. Had to take your dog to this -- is game day and they used to do it at UN now. Where they had bleachers and I know because I took my dogs at this event. If they it's hard not to get people -- pay attention at a baseball game you should try doing it with dogs. Not not so much but then they moved it to the -- at the shrine on airline. And it seemed to work out much better I guess I don't know. If they still do it or not. But that's not the point. -- the this is probably the worst of all nightmares. In an Illinois family in shock. After this series of events. Unfolds for them. Fifteen year old Taylor -- stints home finds out that the families in the hand of the dog put down. Cancer stricken doberman Romulus. -- she gets upset about this if she decides. That she's gonna steal a minivan. And the dog. So she puts a dog in the minivan. Steals in the minivan at midnight in leaves with a friend and I guess they didn't really have a plan laid out from there. The girl is so upset the fifteen year old. She gets so upset she can't drive anymore and another fifteen year old takes. The wheels. The friend later loses control of the van they crash she knew several trees and utility pole. This fifteen year old young ladies taken at a hospital she dies of multiple internal injuries. The dog is thrown from the vehicle and is also killed the friends survives. One of the sheriffs and investigated says the case is absolutely heartbreaking our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of both girls involved in the incident. Nobody knows where the kids were headed what was the plan they only know that the young lady was so upset. That the dog was gonna be put down. That she's tried to steal it. And to leave she had just completed her freshman year high school get two sisters. And a brother. In this brings up. When it comes to their relationship. With pets. And families. Is it easy for the line to get blurred sometimes. Between animals and humans. And while I have three dogs like I love dogs. Get to dioxins in the Scottish Terrier. -- Barney and max. And -- of these dogs. But at some point. I think you have to remember that they're just animals. And also in these tough economic times. Maybe you gotta make hard choices we had a conversation earlier in some -- mention that their veterinarian had told them that. In his practice -- found that the that the the line of demarcation if you Willis about 250 bucks and that if it's more than that the family sometimes will opt to have the animal put down. Am I trying to get a soft on a down note or anything but. When it leads to tragedy maybe sometimes. In an analyst and isolated incident but maybe it's time to have the conversation about. Will we all think of our passes. Family. And again the way the poll was written is -- questions -- your -- as much a part of your family as your spouse or children. 83% of you saying yes. But when it comes. To choices. It's not it's an animal and I'm not trying to do I love animals allowed my dogs but. You know I dedicated private school and and I got hard choices to make financially and if if it would come into. The dogs needing an expensive procedure I would have to say no I'm sorry can't do it Jamie Dixon joins us right now our friend clinical psychologist with the LSU health sciences to. Help us sort it all allowed -- good evening Dagen good afternoon doctor how you doing. And -- -- there again I wanna take some calls on this and -- I'm not trying to hurt anybody's feelings but. -- sometimes you do have to separate the romantic from the the real world and and and and be practical -- Do a lot of people really do look at pants as building our member of the family dumping. They absolutely do and indicate that we're talking about with a teenager. Teenagers in particular are much more emotion all. Hats are off and they think they're backed branding somebody with an abandon somebody -- nonjudgmental. Nowadays we have little kids to reading animals when their -- arena are having trouble learning to read because. Animal can be such a nurturing presence and panel. The blind can't get blurred a little bit in a lot can be really helpful to family members they. Expand our allied elderly people that have a -- to care for live longer and are happy. Doctor added to IE 89 try to be on a Sunday shows and and I I don't I hope I'm not. Boy you know it's one thing to tell therapy is something it's something else again tests on the radio but. When my parents died I was able to hold it together. I have had to hold two dogs. In my arms and have them put down and I cried like a BP. Is is that a common thing or not. We're gonna make -- Green only comment saying if you think about. I mean my IE if bird dog that was my I had for sixteen and a half years backpack had been with me longer than my husband. London and let people in my life had gone to graduate school with me -- gone everywhere. They have extreme meaning Pratt and if you think about animals they don't have a lot Brad. But they give up a lot of companion -- and and they open me -- -- -- our warm with they used the other things that get talked around nine email. Bad humans should treat each other more like their animals treat him like that god -- -- you everyday -- excited the EU in -- Q. And they make us feel good about our an important sedan. And they are a part of our family and -- your parent's union they were getting older you have them for a long time you may have. Started thinking in your head. You know there's gonna come a day when -- be time for my parents think but it's it's really hard to lead an animal particularly when you don't. When they have an illness and they go before you're ready and we often don't have a lot of warning before they become so L and it's it's emotionally very devastating. So is it and I know use psychologists don't like to be a lot of times judgmental in and use these kind of phrases -- Is it normal or is it healthy. To let deadline become blurred between animals and then from humans and and I don't mean to be indelicate here I -- I'm really not but. I mean sometimes one person's head is another person's food right. Well and I think. We in American society look at cat and things GDP dairy differently and some societies -- looking at and died in getting paid. In some of Friday they are not valued and they are seen as a little. -- let me do this doctor just to get us off the hook let's look it up here because some people have pigs that are hats. And other people have pigs that are breakfast and a and again I'm not trying to be flippant about this but I mean so honey honey is sort all of them around. I think EU look at why. What society -- as normal. Attachment you know we have a teenager that doesn't wanna leave the house that they want to be with their talk all day every day we say that it's gotten that exact. If we had a team here that -- to access but with their dog in the morning that maybe has pictures of their docket their -- are. They talk different about their -- but has the full light -- friend volunteers -- sport directing. But when they get up that they know they can go home and cry in their dog with thick neck and then make them feel better that the theory normative staying -- -- Pat patted the positive aspect of their life. We had teenagers to -- difficulty. Connecting to relating to humans who learned through -- -- therapy how to start to connect to other humans and how that works through trauma. By being with the ports you had can be a very healthy part -- people like Al. We just have to watch to see that it doesn't. Go across the lot of rain and become problematic and in most cases it honestly does not this is a very extreme case. -- -- a couple more minutes because. Com. I got a text here that came in and I think it goes to. The crux of the problem you can answer your cell phone will come back and address the issue which is. I got a text that says this really bothers me that you would put your dog down because of a medical expense also you would have usable because it would cost you a couple of hundred. To -- it cheap low so apparently somebody getting very emotional about what I said but here's the premise. I have a teenage daughter that I have to provide for I am not independently wealthy and if -- him. God forbid a dog that needs 101000 dollars of of medical expenses. I can't afford that I'm sorry but I can and it would have to make a hard choice and that talk about a couple of hundred dollars. I'm not that much of a cheap goal in this techsters. The parlance so it if a parent is faced with their hard choice. What do you do so doctor Dixon will help us sort all of that out will take -- questions when we return as well -- 601870. Toll free 866. 8890870. You can Texas at 8787. Via text that. Has come in says I'm right below my wife's dog in the food chain and our house we'll be right -- Tommy and for Garland think tank in the big 87 need to have a W. And I failed favorite guests to in the world doctor Amy Dixon clinical psychologist with -- -- health sciences you know lying. Because she never stops trying to figure out what's wrong with me and it can be a thankless task handed down. You know pilot in that time. Daddy and I really do enjoy having you on -- -- jaguar opinion poll Asia -- as much a part of your family. As your spouse or children 77%. Of the people logging onliners saying voting on liners saying yes it would of the talked T about it. On -- some of the text to become an anti ahead 8000 dollars and my Golden Retriever. Before he was put down and I guess and guess and it's somebody that can afford. To spend that kind of money or maybe went and Dan I don't know is it common doctor for people to. Go into debtor -- the question I -- -- before we went to the break these are tough economic times and you got the logic and emotion fighting each other is often happens with all of us. You got a responsibility toward kids and animal while we emotionally tend to think that their family member. And again you -- colleges hate the -- value judgments or maybe you do I don't know how you -- draw the line between you gotta provide -- children. The pets are important in your children but their animals you only have limited resources. What's a parent to do. Again I think everything normally have to figure that out for themselves like you we're talking about. Is your pet could have a treatment for a few hundred dollars and it would make. Improve their quality of life and they could live for another year -- two years. That might be some being reasonable for your family we have the only -- can't afford a couple hundred dollars. It is not possible we also have people who view pat says outdoor creatures they don't -- them as part of the -- if they get sick they should just eight. Everybody has a different value judgment another thing that we have to think about Q is a lot of veterinarian but how you if that dog has cancer. Big money goes through many painful operations but not -- any longer and they -- cannot be cared. So be vehemently that have to sit down in that day. Will they help will -- help that god do we have the finances well with this in detail what what are extremely happy go without to do that. And make their own decisions. And then it seemed like you do what we've read about this family of this young girl. They hadn't made it is thinking yet about what to do with it in animal they were just discussing the options that she got so emotional. She was worried that the pat what -- -- whenever they -- gonna pay for treatment and reacted rather impossible. It would about that portion of this family dynamic and yes it's age appropriateness with kids but bringing the kids and of the decisions sometimes kids need in teenagers don't realize. You know dance allotted time it's it's dad's intimate trying to be sexist about this but I -- did it stands to it is. Remain calm and pocket while all Ellsbury can lose around him and maybe dance. You know making it seem like earnings -- mile he knows what's happening with the checkbook and with the finances and and mom and hopefully the couple's communicating better net but the teenager accuses -- why can't -- receive Fido. Weapons can't I can't receive fluffy and and and you don't as a parent wanna say because we're. God knows how close to total and complete fight it to ruin you wanna blurt that out that wouldn't help anything and you. Wouldn't say it. That well and with any curriculum that young kids you -- and sheltered young kid from meet the action. And the parent in the family can sit down and you read in and out and come up with a solution and then come to the child and tell them you know this is what's happening -- -- the white happening -- not legally into this happened they don't have money -- the Stanley had some financial stability which would only make the children anxious. But with teenagers that so much harder because there's a -- -- so much T. That teenager could they get knocked mine in researching cancer treatment and how much they caught then what would the life expectancy and day. It's hard he shut them out of his actions. So that feeling you would do in the right thing and trying to reconnect out taking in their values their financial -- What truly in the best interest that the dog you know and then mention a lot of veterinarian may say. Coming out it is going to be great for the -- it is going to be very painful and -- now work. That having the discussions with them back on the parent and the alternate ones who have it say whether it will happen or not happen. And unfortunately that -- reacted before it sounds like that the only could come to a conclusion and provide her with whatever support they needed. -- like I try to learn everything -- things every time I have you on I'm taking a note here. Panicky learning never a good things. Iraq I can't I mean by -- -- at. Do you have a couple more minutes takes -- causing I don't know I'm very good directory -- Dixon -- against city -- calls for example you don't you wanna. Try to avoid panic he blurted in front of the kids who might be able to help you with that right now -- time for WWL first news -- that we get it done. -- -- as a Garland talking about pets and family in drawn the line between two and as it stands now aren't ready jaguar opinion poll. Is your pet as much a part of your families your spouse or children 74% of you saying yes it was spawned by a story out of Chicago where a fifteen year old teenage girl. And a friend so family minivan because of Hanley was still trying to decide what to do with the cancer stricken doberman. Romulus as a dog's name and it just ended in tragedy of the fame and -- eventually. Crashed in the several trees need to -- that he pulled the young lady was killed as was the dog. And the families now dealing with that tragedy and inducted AB Dixon aghast. Clinical psychologist with -- issue health sciences. The light whenever she's witnessed. And back regular text that says my dog is more important than your daughter how you like that. And I don't quite understand where this is coming from I never said that you shouldn't spend as much as you want on -- Dog if you wander you can afford it and the the it's my daughter and the only thing I would question it is. If this person has children. Here's the deal doctorate in the army give myself on this corner that I've talked myself into you if this person. Doesn't have children and I would fully expect their dog to be more important to them. Then my daughter is to them I I understand it completely but if they have children. Then I think perhaps the dawn should be less important. -- children at some point right. People that have been attacked and children that -- tell you my god was my first child you know before I had children. I ate my eight life revolved around my dog in the locked because in the places we land and I made off with a friend because they had -- and we -- at the dog park and I feel like my dog with my first child and and now I have other children and a lot of people. Americans and I'm really high around pat. And that may be a person that has no children but feels that strongly about Bayer animal and they believe other people feel towards their children. And let me just say again if if it's your -- in you have the money. God bless you spend as much as -- like -- not saying you shouldn't all I'm saying is. If if it in my case with limited resources or in any and I will say this I think in any parent's case if you -- limited resources. I would make the value judgment and say I don't think you should make you children do without. For the sake of the animal because at that point then maybe your priorities may be screwed up yes or no. To a degree and mean what if that pet has made that child -- and the path than 800 family. Put huge importance on the -- -- to protect them from Har hello hasn't really. It doesn't happen that often but again at -- -- remakes there judgment in there are. Also ground individuals. Who aren't as close to their children and they're children don't call them they don't spend time with and they don't come -- they don't treat them very well. And they get great comfort at a -- animal. You I can certainly understand. Some people -- he would Spike -- well I get much more happiness. At a might -- led me it with me all the time and read and I mentioned. Then my adult children to forget about me and perhaps -- hate Britney that doesn't mean they didn't feed their children growing up because they're buying -- did. But people I mean we talk about -- people's emotions run dairy strong. I can we take some calls doctor I've -- at the doctor is in I've always wanted to say that on the radio. Aaron on a -- thanks for Colin you're and other WL. Yeah -- -- and number on caller. Well not -- where you choose to go for the dog. -- sorry. Nine year old actress name in early -- and Larry the all on an inquiry into what we -- is odd JE AM. What are we why to be put on my alien out that would be it. A day ago. It yeah aren't -- oh. Teradata Jeremy say it but you know my both my parents passed and and I held it together with these two dogs I could not hold it together on a crowd migrating. Cool -- crime but he is. An inadequate. He can may have to -- more public yet that you failed an. Art. -- I'll. You know -- just you know actor Andy. I didn't know where the old men or let -- -- -- it. Hold them at an indelible on -- -- -- can look at it an equal at -- 38. You'd have to figure out way. Right for you -- any change. In the mountain. You may think you're able to be in there you might not if he'd never happened it's happened before. It is it just looks like that dogged Billingsley. It you know I will see it happen but he's not scary it's not frightening -- should be a lot of thrashing around in things that dog -- check the -- want to stop. -- can tell you something I haven't gone through it twice war is their favorite spot that he liked to be petted or something like -- China's here. Did you know one if you can be strong enough -- is still -- and cry and do whatever you need to do which is scratches belly every liked it. And he's just gonna go to sleep and everything's would be all right from there. Yeah yeah currently -- -- -- it like -- look you know act on it Corey how old. And he. Somebody to love you back lucky. T ball and he went on. -- you look like -- are. Already looked likely. Which would -- -- you don't eat -- like a bear you out email. -- I think this thing to remember and it helped does and then not announcing -- -- -- be careful policy it is. By. Dogs the dogs that we hand. Probably have a better life and unfortunately a lot of children in this country do. -- yet on insane and I need to remember that -- Yeah I think must go and not giving them out and then I have. Bring in and and wake my husband to go and get laid back in -- -- we are. -- -- -- A hundred radio play an. Nino like caring god bless you keep listening because a -- animal I thank you for the call on him and asked doctor Dixon right now what about some. Some coping skills for people it unfortunately have to go through this with for terror ended to get over this because again it is like. Losing a member of the family so does some some good ways for -- and -- get through this. He knew -- she's already starting to do it right now she's planning out how -- you want to do it who's gonna be their first support her husband. That she'd been thinking about when we're preparing that about this in her mind. They -- they need to go home and if we not go back to work and chat. -- and because it couldn't see his plane -- Spain and everything's gonna come back for her but she needs to take the time to grieve. And then people sometimes put pictures up. People sometimes after the -- to be cream needed and spread your ashes over some Spain. Some plate they'd love to play I mean there's even a company out there that we'll take that ashes entry into the jam them. And people -- that Jan -- A lot of people go again need to -- Torre can dish helped her at the way to help other that everybody has to work through inner. Doctor I can't thank you enough free time I'll be have a great weekend we'll talk -- and thank you so much like Jerry Dixon clinical psychologist at the LSU. Health sciences general take a pause when we come back equal. Take -- phone calls caring god bless you willow was -- prayer for you tonight. I. VW. Tommy and for Garland thing tanked today is take your dog to work day and Bob -- -- we're just socket about. Now whether that's a good idea or not and having been here for Katrina when people brought their dog to work. We can tell you pretty much probably not such a good idea. Because -- dogs they don't get the office environment. Attacks that came in -- that is running your live by your choice -- same as a major child it is counting revenue to bring all resources. To bear in its life the same. As they made her child if he can't make that commitment than like animator -- around you shouldn't have a pet. You know I think that sounds good in theory. But what I think you have to constantly put money aside to provide for unanticipated. Needs. And if you have a child. And then you spend all the money you handle on saving a pet's life what if that child needs some things to save its life. -- can't afford. And I don't think he can do that I'm not trying to be hard hearted I love my dog Jeremy talk about crime and one handed unfortunately take that step with a couple of them but. I think people come purse is just a way I see it. Yeah absolutely think that all -- problems and better than people so well at times especially like you don't. And accurate thing and I love you unconditionally and and you know we always said dollar throughout the kid and they were always outside dog and my -- was one of these are never have a dog -- without ever had knocked out. Make a long story short -- -- law for the march again of this dialogue. So I was gonna try to -- for our last -- recently passed. And they like and a and a another dog. Actually will -- at a couple of days all the outside the next they're -- later material like both installed -- pretty well. Yes we keep development they're gonna keep the stalls. Anyway -- make a long story longer story try to be shorter. They wanna go to North Carolina the dog. Called -- nuclear power when they came back the dog we've -- in the house. Shortly after that my dad had yet several strokes -- the the one that really not to pollute never really recovered. And he became very irritable and very impatient. And without that little dog called I don't know what you have all of my mother or much else would have made it the ball really was quickly. That held -- together until my dad passed a couple of years here we've got to get in Rome and the dog to get their hospital bed with them and we felt like we had. You know reached a gold at least my father and -- hospital. Got to definitely a member of the family share thanks for calling you on -- WL. -- Are crying I am about my -- Cap with ear institute you'd ideally you we will find out why now what Colin Powell actually -- Yet that they are pet crematorium. Are there -- got in the back Arctic would ever be able to me how. She really need it that are happening they -- You know it aren't. You hear a lot of happy people. Gay people -- in the dog -- well. I actually I bought her. Company. That. Her -- and now we -- there you pay. -- needs to hike in. Arms you know on my arm at the -- Mean CNET car. That it pretty well did daddy didn't yeah. At least in heaven kids -- it. Well you know nothing and I'm. All back to. Call police are back. They -- Colin may be you know carried out will take a pause here and then wrap up the think tank find out what skilling who is in response today has come -- -- it -- say quickly is that. I always thought that and I don't get anybody angry here. But I always thought that the dogs were kids too until -- really dedicated men. Not so much outrunning anybody managers saying how it was for me back in a flash in the big 87 need to have a W. All right he gets hit about do it for another -- -- -- -- take let me quickly take Lisa Lisa can you do and about 35 seconds. To 38 seconds dead. I had my -- last month I. Leap but not yet not -- it -- eagle. You directly act in their care out of their -- money at the height. I'm saying -- jobs. And sudden I don't look at another dog right now but eventually I will. Share the money -- do so yeah. Don't you know I -- in any major operation stop and thank god I don't -- -- -- it do it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Get the regular shots in the regular care that they need students coming up next floors but how you do and I can tell me how you got what you are coming up. Well who would have ever thought that Republican Ron Paul and Liberal Democrats. Barney Frank would be on the same side. Of a rather controversial issue strange bedfellows bad choice of words but I had to get it exactly we'll talk about that we've got the recording that's Southwest Airlines violent you do yeah. Can't wait to get into that Egypt late how how valuable adequately. Well it's about two minutes it's really about ten seconds long that he intends to do this so don't microphone -- it was it was an accident and I can't wait to tell you one of the reasons that -- -- so upset with the play tennis community got a great take on that because so many people say things that -- what if you accidentally over.