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Jun 28, 2011|

Lisa Babin of the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame talks about some famous Louisiana athletes

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome the sports stuff and the ability indicating came IV aids day it's getting a little off. Welcome to show them up on today's program Saints rookie running back mark Ingram will be this. In the 6 o'clock now also will be as -- director -- sports law program NFL. Network legal analyst gave them and get the latest as both sides resuming. Conversation today in Minneapolis. Promise and -- him on the court he will be would lose in the radio as well Stevens college football. Hall of fame curator and historian will be with -- on one of our topic today. And also the interim head coach Emanuel and John North with Jonas. In the 7 o'clock now. 2601870. 8668890. Beats him. The difference between these quote unquote as -- liked -- -- dog days of summer. And the other donated some as Leo -- On the lockout the hand. As he continues to goal but we will act. As we normally do in the dog days of -- and today. Into having one of the best -- running backs of all time in studio wanted to talk about some of the greatest college. -- ball running backs oval time from your era. We've got an old school out there and they made out like a -- greens. You can go back -- -- -- Jimmy Taylor soulful. And speeding up to the most recent running back the new weight. The LaDainian Tomlinson. -- in the eighties the Bo Jackson and Herschel Walker. And even up to the more -- folks to a currently Adrian Peterson's and so -- And what makes your choice the best. When you look at it I think we all look at -- it was all. So -- tossed into the conversation. Daughter's room which would equal the most physical. Just look to run over people beat -- everybody in wore down defense with those types of backs who -- Most -- I got him I think guy. In Bears and shake his lower half of his body always open hand but his body and the result would be insane. He would be moving forward while the defendant would be left in the track. East west. -- -- East west lateral -- You know you'd think you got to go north south but they're awesome backs. They could get away -- -- is now and the -- a little bit later down the field as the -- north south. You're wrong to streak -- one. All the stuff easily get the ball I am not playing volatile. Make it happen. And best overall and with house in fan this is 1260187866. 889087. Easing them in game on the diminished ring of some good running back in the Southeastern Conference obviously. When you go back a few years ago the appreciated monthan. -- and main effect make fan. And Jones at Arkansas. Obviously you think of the Southeastern Conference. What Bo Jackson -- it would Herschel Walker did in the eighties. Basically on the heels of each other. -- have to go with what Herschel Walker it was phenomenal and Bo Jackson. Audibly. One of the greatest overall and lead the vote -- am -- in baseball. And in football courses football records showed due to injury. But there's no right or wrong answer and you go by and the and you look at some guys their ability to carry this team. New Orleans native call highs and a Marshall Faulk. Nearly four yard rushing. Seven total touchdowns. As a freshman. At San Diego State University although albeit Diaz takes a claim Pacific the numbers to stake out at you. The way Emmitt Smith who -- negated. And you look at universities too many good universities. Had just a slew of running back silent count the ordained. And has been several more. Though -- 260187866. 889087. And then I think you also at the knocking him on. The faults all the negatives. Sometimes and I'll look at well mine -- but what about inane ability to hold onto the football. Ability kicked the ball out of backfield blocking back the total package. So who is. Is that just one. 2601878. 8668890. -- and the -- me. 8878. -- we're on the lockout game film and in the 5 o'clock now. Mark Ingram will be within the 6 o'clock now. Look at Steve Korda gentleman who blocked in pro and college football his belt as well. And of course of the locally. -- if you running back who was their best tailback in. 2601878668890. Rates and he would go to -- In the Big Easy chip thank you for calling WW only want took on -- one. The only one to let -- That's right that's why you know it's -- that's what makes it so far noble cause honestly I don't know if any one person and -- here and Jews say. -- -- it's this gas because it's hard I mean it's extremely hall when you talk about who you think the best ever -- anything. But he in this particular topic also. But I definitely agree I mean it's sad part -- projects -- also -- watched -- of -- -- -- a -- as a -- -- can't -- stop. And blow it -- -- career in. There's there's two running back Clinton probably could've gone straight to -- I school although they say Herschel Walker's collapse -- and it. -- -- what he idea I mean he was you know. Mean you go back to -- Ballou and believe he's gotten a big play against Florida would initially gave him over the hump over floated stroke when they went on the -- him too but that was. You know when you look at -- Herschel Walker. Ballclub. I think of Georgia football and it's in the disrespect anybody but he's is the first one that pops in my mind is three things about my matters a walk up. All go the Bulldog and Vince -- that's -- they cannot think that of a Georgia football to a. I agree it is but I mean and again but it Jackson you're the man among boys when he explained. Is there is discipline that -- by the would've -- Utley -- about going back then about history. And and you talk about there's atlantis' and two took. Any time you -- 30% it's something and you one of the best in the game in base that's what you are Major League Baseball you -- three RO above. You want you mean you Yuri -- -- you know you're you're doing good you do extreme new medical show you how difficult that he used to do. Well I just remember what it was but it based our Auburn and he wasn't ready for the pitch and all of a sudden he's talking with one hand to give him credit for home runs so. You know that well. Abilities. Really Hartford but it never match that that's for -- -- forty through your career yards at Auburn in nearly 2000 in 1980 and the low was seventeen almost 18100 -- but. It's hard to go against -- in Herschel Walker goes -- to go to a. I appreciate it you're great. Just thank you so much bad to the phone talking about great in and had great college great college. -- ball running backs who do you think is the greatest is it hard to lose just wanted to when you look at over the course of time. And that they nowadays it's. When you talk about a a running back picking -- You know 1617. Close to 2000 yards in these -- into hands with a pants is more pertinent in the back of the four holes from the four dollars and a cloud of dust. Does that. When he inning on your decision to lift the bat and in the potters were on most elusive. Fastest best overall. The data -- catch the ball out -- the backfield -- level -- back and it was rushing the quarterback. Could just do anything and you knew when the game was on the land. That was the all that was pie it was too. They will -- comb through for a known as a lot of good college. Running backs that we won't even hit on the day pockets he wanted to Bears are run as -- -- play college football. Didn't line up at the running back position in under the quarterback. And -- was Brian Mitchell -- the universe is southwest Louisiana later became one of the greatest special teams form was an NFL history a phenomenal runner. From the quarterback position when he got to me would even open field -- run you'll and you knew that about watching when he played pro ball when he got more to the scene he was elusive. Just phenomenal but it -- he would make this list that doesn't take anything witness greatness. But you decide to the -- ago Brian in Canada on line for Bryant thank you for calling. That'd be expected Michael. Ma'am -- I don't look at what a good idea of integrated approach -- in the pretty good in the college do what debate. He had want to pay it was a great -- front and back. It was a great I don't know if he would be the greatest night talk on pro football branded as the home dog against him right at the shore. -- -- I don't know I I agree I agree with you on but I'm saying that the -- was a bad rules in town after the explosion a lot to do it as well. RW much better -- -- almost we demand that he would be embarrassing you do well. Do paperback. And how how unique they were -- and not only their running styles but the way he carried himself real quiet. The Jazz on and off the field very very unique costs thousands and obviously. The very unique by the way they handled themselves. Okay -- thank you so much. 2601 until his resume normal fall and break Guerrero forward Justin Justin thank you calling WW. -- -- -- I wanted to go to -- the negatives. I agree that we can't -- score but when you -- -- Or did he did he have himself a launch in Tampa greatness would just. Man you use that line I mean that's that's a whole another category you donated in a roundabout way it's great when. What could have began and he's he's it was a he's without question -- thinking am. And I know and it just pops in my when you talk about that is you Louisiana Cecil Collins. Yeah. And the two guys they just they they couldn't ask for better long way for the plane to take off Justin and in. So to speak to Byrd never got up ground you know. Although it never got to ground yet he had a tremendous president season you know and then Ohio State was on the greatness that year and looked like he was can be the next. Great thing and and thinks -- fall apart. You are wickets that outs are not getting. That could be. -- my goodness I mean you got one -- was only a two time Heisman winner and ought to Griffin and of course an illegal throw. 820 and man I mean it's just so many. -- -- They just did it to go Amanda to go appoint two -- get to bring it up a good job -- says you know what could it be in Maurice color -- certainly could have band. Cecil Collins he wanted to best -- Tremendous front of was he. The one of the greatest no because of the way things ended nobody gets thought. 260 points in the as it takes the Jews OJ Simpson who is. You may see that -- look at them backstage. Now why OJ Simpson Marcus. I mean this goes on -- -- -- called LenDale White -- fuselage. Not a lot of takes Simien called those defense has -- you move main. Mike Bridget those goggles and big mouth he's when he was in the little taken a break he could see it hanging that it Hilemon. But he was the key -- coach Osborne Dolphins about -- come back to rich in the ninth or according slide -- some callers. But calling him a gay team remains on its gonna -- Greatest college -- Barney back of all time. Do you think it is what's the latest on the NFL lockout -- gave Feldman the director of -- sports law program and Saints rookie running back. It was one of the best I've seen in allows that -- you talk back yet. That would be yards after contact. Our own mark Ingram is -- sports talk you'll miss things if -- stuffing three running backs in college football who is the greatest idea. Estimation through 601 rates and it takes to -- 87870. Old school -- young guys soulful. Sued Vick on the navigating -- hit on. That meanie or meaning that were around the game when they came out says these will be only too but could have gone straight from high school pro. Here's -- go in the Miami Hurricanes but I -- back suspicion that I continues injury Janesville -- out -- Clinton Portis he has with McGahee and Frank Gore. Great takes there and Edgerrin James who would never forget. Probably cost Bob Toledo a chance and a national championship. A game -- that was scheduled in early September. He would turn -- wasn't it. I can't think it would. In Coral Gables but later was shifted to December. Edgerrin James went awful and UCL -- kept him from going to the national championship. And remarkable gains he made. And UCLA probably had a shot -- the national team team but when I think of the universe in my memory banks from power. -- I mean you could August is my opinion. It taught him well in his OJ and now it is on audible as those -- 2601870. 866889. Do you have enough about me this go to Richard in nine war rich pretty and thank you for calling. It was neat but it didn't go -- What a great. Two great one would be Troy. Dave Barry Sanders -- the game quietly to the pro bowls there was no drop off monopoly. The back to doubt I'll see those. And I've got 111. We did great programs. -- leading Detroit news. All of them back -- seeing action at tackle -- flag Karate Kid in the getting. Billy -- rich was at that point I mean he always got to favorites he was clearly one of my favorite players inserted probably my favorite Detroit lion. And embarrass and his -- Barry Sanders what you hit on is so true. Used foul was question. Isn't gonna be able to -- you know are you gonna be riveted to try and shake -- pros when the game does the competition is so much past that and he did in an alarming rate. And when you can averaged almost eight yards a carry. And a season in any kind of camp that's it that's out there in the backyard. Broke. If I asked her to -- you have he averaged seven point six yards to carry on 1988. -- balls almost. 2007. -- it's phenomenal. -- All running backs. I can do it which. Bar pretty high will be. You know locally. And -- an impact on game day. Don't want people almost whatever -- -- -- Yeah via via your right if he displayed -- whole time without question yet another what could it be in a different position. Corey in Slidell Corey good evening thank you for calling WW yeah. -- -- I stay out there like it -- call remember and we like our game it would not gonna get it pits and back. What it was like the big pick up -- -- -- it well now well you know big eight. Right I remember them I like to modern -- -- all. He had -- -- cause he went over the course attempt to do and a topic like the Michigan the research he had in 1988 which uses this season. He had to -- yards per game average -- he had fought 300 plus yard gain. That's incredible yeah -- And it is not yet. Career I mean that you are not look for longevity not to back but you know get gave it out -- still -- our. All you -- Korean joint in his rate when he was going he -- -- to reckon nobody would've gotten Amsterdam you know. The -- didn't jump and gave up in a spot which part smart. -- -- -- -- Yeah yeah it's a unity cannot give them -- on -- going away like they say sometimes bit ago. -- -- -- time -- too late squeezing cannon in James James thank you for calling WW Rio. I'd James dropped out to 6017866889. Rate in the coming back. Billy in Mississippi wants it on one no one made it Soto is -- an anti Ricky in Annandale. In two were talking about great college running backs why cause we got a a very government coming in here. That I got an ultimate compliment from one of the greatest of all time mark Ingram will be with -- in the 6 o'clock now with the latest. On the NFL lockout coming up in the 5 o'clock now with -- Feldman. A directive to playing sports -- here in you'll pars WW on numerous times for thirty. And welcome back -- about great college for a bomber and I'm back these dog days as some always known and failed to. Get their stuff together and the NBA could be in a lot now. Thursday coming up that's when there is expires 260187. Ticks me at 870. Eight -- is it takes you want to talk about the best he cheated and Marcus Dupree yet at that thirty of thirty. And that is a great and we intend to visit Marcus Marcus as one of the two running -- that. A former Oklahoma coach great and of course so world champ and go to the Dallas -- very switches and it could have made the leap from high school to college. And that was Marcus Dupree and also what is next for him back in -- in Mississippi. Wants to bring Billy thank you for calling WW -- I hate the Yankees looked like mark caller my concern as it's almost like being accused in candy so when he thought how about great running backs -- -- that you you've got a bunch of different sources don't. I am OK okay what I I got I got left are Earl Earl Campbell on the anyway he was a man among children -- that we any party. What he wages so that Tyler Rose has this incredible I mean in the eighties just in people say you know people look at a guy like our camp when isn't always could've played. He could play you know -- years in the pros and already played -- you know what would you run and had a hard your whole life. How many people sometimes forget how he ran needing just turn up Burnett weary Houston. He ran it way it talent high school here anyway at Texas in college in Iran and Wayans -- I mean get your body physically -- is -- Take -- counted for much as is or was being. And get that right after -- you know even. Even then -- have older when he won his later years and present company -- the right thing erratic already played well they'll swipes. Alia and in and -- and bomb -- -- do now. He he worked at right now Earl Campbell is certainly one that that's one of those ones -- Bears with this economy to jump from high school approved. Also you get more won't hear read or -- yeah and now we don't weed -- the 8 o'clock tonight -- that's it would take to the gates. We're we don't take it gets into the show is completely -- I've got I've got to look I appreciate electric collar and I yelled take care unit that Vizquel out -- -- -- picked you we knew that all while we're -- Well we had tickets may we give -- a big -- -- -- next. -- like okay Billy thank you very mites -- Avant dale for Rickie Rickie thank you for calling WW yeah. Yeah I'm Ricky. On. Our people. The depression and one completely. Oh that. Position as a cornerback. -- -- your neck and ball particularly well so you -- him -- his degree. I believe so it is the -- Athlete ever. I'm gutsy -- you're from -- there -- and oh you think you know. I'm proud of them detected but I am W and it. I'm so you think you have on your Landry Jones counted on as you would. I don't know I don't know market floor. I need to -- to be part of the boat yeah. Yeah -- interested in arrest them one early Ricky damn name talent and it ought to be you know to be 10 what do they say it's -- BCS busters. Yes that that's what I'm looking forward to look forward to a Oklahoma and Florida game this year I'm a couple. I've got a I got 200 Rickie thank you so much mom and I appreciate Kolb. Outright 260187866889. Degrees in the is the number two being involved leases the Jim full course -- -- -- the galloping ghost swayed back and they rig grange the mobile -- you know. There's some that are better pros in college in new better. And you know. College they improved. But our middle for game one night. And I don't have him as one of the great different backs in competition and has won a -- from the banks of prohibition but one of the best performance as was seen. I was a coach Fran was coach and Alabama man. It was in 1996. When shown Alexander. -- Again to -- when you know as in Tiger Stadium against that issue. That was one of the best performances. I have seen. But I mean it -- -- him -- the greatest -- the greatest college but certainly one of the greatest performances that would Shaun Alexander. Well it was a great event to say the least and with the president the Louisiana hall of fame foundation. Is what is now Lisa Babin where we had a chance to watch Glavine in person inequities. Right next so right where the hall of fame the new twenty million dollar was built in will be open in march of 2012. This past week in eleven members go into the hall of fame including three New Orleans Saints on Johnson Morton Anderson and Buford joining Lisa. -- evolve from Bob and myself thank you so much -- allow -- to be a part of this so great if Dan and I know it's gotten a lot of steam and a lot of momentum. And now it's time to keep the ball gone in the right direction because there's a little unfinished business to complete. The new hall of fame correct. You -- -- I really appreciate that and like yes we have a bit in the send them out one point belly. Million dollar that we need to -- at the power. -- -- -- -- it. Out -- sport let it now I am hitting trying to. Immediately figure out why dating to that -- -- this year and action tweaking and playing next year and but but the but the big and I think that's contrary to appropriately. -- -- -- these -- You could take out more information on the being resurrected currently twenty plus million dollar. There's going to be right there on fun street in mechanism imitate this will be is pretty in his ninth in the sport the studio Sunday you can vision in in all of -- and a go to LA sports hall dot com and Lisa I thought this class was a phenomenal to three Saints they'll go on and and Santa Monica has also coached thousand. A -- alcohol Hollis -- there was so many great ones and how walk probably one of the greatest if not the greatest LSU baseball player. Ever and -- all of this to be how is the one area in one be rooting inequities and know they have to be excited about it. But this is this is what we city -- -- this has art history and not all that the mayor a neck issue sales and other people. He donated in thing that stuck out of the attack ceremony was that. This is going to be the Cooperstown. Over Louisiana -- the Cooperstown down south is the Louisiana sports hall of fame and people would probably be surprised at how many greats are actually in. The Louisiana sports all of thing. Think when they visit and I actually -- -- -- name after name after name after name that are clean now in the eight. Threw out the country people well with the you know would have been a little look at it going to be like why how these people. Or you don't want -- and a -- career developmentally Indiana but I can't -- I can't talk. So we began on the community and it's extraordinary. And Lisa for those who in arrested him wanna get involved in May be I wanna help out how can they get involved in helping the Louisiana sports hall of fame reached their goal to make sure everything goes on without heats in march of 2000 well. Every every give -- more indifferent if you can't. At that listening area big -- with someone you can't clean contact and make. It's -- belief that actually. Dot com or by email account number 18. I. Know no one picnics. Can't get into one and I think that we can get out a lot. Lot of people giving at a level when we can get really quickly in the manner we get there the -- being that it is under no right. We are we on and on could be tip top level and and batted -- because we're at in the media. -- for sport it's something we didn't really what we've got a lecture that that he -- reflect that. Well -- Babin a ahead of the Louisiana sports hall of fame foundation thank you so much to gain and gonna keep the keep the this to the forefront as Bobby likes to say down in these parts because that is so a tremendous advantage and we. We've already marked down for 2012 are excited about the next year's class and is a lot of greats that are already eligible for the class of 20020. We should happen. Look at coming up next here that we can't wait to -- she got that we thank you -- I'm going into -- Coachella yeah in an accident in Alexandria and worked at an even bigger and better I'm twenty Els. Lisa thank you so much a god bless you take -- we will certainly be -- into. Aren't as some have NCs the end of the Louisiana sports hall of fame foundation. Go to LA sports Holler back compo you can get a vision of the stated on. A facility dale -- in in just look at all the greats. -- in the Louisiana sports on things and issues Clancy was phenomenal got some footage of the different things up on my website at WW. That comes up coming back big game Jermaine he wants it -- on a gray were beginning to Maine always with a good spin on it. In Mary on -- -- wants to bring up another great -- Collins and want it. Well. One Super Bowl winning coach say it could have been the greatest of old who's on there you hang -- text -- 87870. Thanks for a running back mark Ingram -- to the ninth 6 o'clock they needed to come here on -- -- -- And welcome back to sports talk talk about great college running backs. What do you think is the greatest mark Ingram will be were -- in the 6 o'clock now most recently as of late. Adrian Peterson. Tremendous career at university. Oklahoma. And when he rushed for 2000 year old. In his freshman year. Perhaps the greatest freshman year. As him just a running back in -- -- To me I felt like he was the best player in college football that year he was the guy who should -- won the Heisman Trophy. But because of an age old it basically answer man a freshman on a sophomore and thank goodness that Tim Tebow for that. The first sophomore to win it. -- begin now another guy they got it would deserving and Matt liner but -- Adrian Peterson was the best player. In college football that you sometimes it doesn't happen now. On the other gray one wasn't a good pro. But certainly every time they played. He was the daddy carried the ball the most. And had tremendous amount of numbers universal Wisconsin the Great Dane Rodney another -- in Collins but not in pro. It talk about Wisconsin -- -- this a school that -- and and and is a big time bank becomes now. But they -- -- believe him pound the football. Is that that's what they do. Big game -- online too big game Jermaine thank you for calling WW Rio. Local and all the all right you do I'll let them so yeah sure a lot of people should repeat the topic but I'd blow up the middle -- competitive right now. The joke. So. But couple couple the couple much -- it Ricky Williams will repeat in college in the you have a guy from Texas. Possibly -- -- -- and split their two. Goals. -- -- Eric may can't EM all malvo a special team guy and you know -- he had his moments began make camp was a villain. If -- let -- just pick one. And just -- one -- I'll go and have the gold for social walk. I mean he did everything he wins more. I mean -- -- one of those in my -- and it would eat where I mean. What shall -- the total can come out cards and not really respect and they PP it was he'd be calm about college. Now he was it was unbelievable big games remain basically. Herschel Walker are up and so like later in his career. All -- idea was on the -- -- and -- that but he was a push up until that time again he wanted to be freeway yankees do much how many thousand today you know. Pretty sweats and direction on what I mean you know encouragement out in the pro and college. Reggie Bush will go east west running back to mean. -- -- But don't. -- had been equally. It so I mean -- -- to. The glory -- -- a simple fact that I mean those two guys right there. I mean I don't know that -- I've got Jermaine Jermaine good hit on your brother you take care. You can be all right let's go to Larry on line three Larry thank you for calling WW ago. I enjoy it showed me thank you. All I actually won cherry -- got chuck Muncie. And a very extremely close -- Eric their. Eric Dickerson you know about what was about Eric Dickerson Larry is that. I don't know once he got past the first initial wave of defenders. If there was a birdie here at running back and I mean that in a negative way I've just seen. They were very few guys you can tell he's brought an upright he would just be running trade open ain't even like one of those big. Pretty idea out in the open field just run and away from everything. It looked like he was glad he's. But chuck Archie backed -- -- and we we -- the fortunate actually having or younger in the launched. But the strength and watching what he did it and chuck was a guy so multi talented. And just an unbelievable running back that gray issue which -- speed. And they'll bowl you over you need to run over somebody each -- Jets football on the back feel a lot receiver. Unbelievable to watch him four. I think coach Graham once there Hank strand said he could have been the greatest. Of the two months. Yeah I enjoy it okay Larry thank you so much to 601878. 866889. Disease rates him the use them you know on the ones -- enough of -- TCU LaDainian Tomlinson was a great. Ran back wanted to greats of haven't seen. Certainly in Southeastern Conference and all accounts the ball. Dynamic fan I'm on the -- -- can once he burst through the land that Ron upright -- Buren albeit tremendous amount of strain. And this pain issue in the National Football League. -- fan. The game -- and other rookie our own Chris average with a three -- in yellow -- -- average after contact. Although at 30 it's part average to Carrey that was active someone initially touched them they talk about how. Physical. Yards after contact you all the talent but when you didn't pound the zone yet. That is that those began the 21 on the third and short situations for the 12601878. 8668890. Roots and become effective bee -- got a couple pac ten guys. One of our most recently there was a tremendous college football running back. There is a team to a Cinderella season. Forbes Field has -- who is the greatest rush him back in college football history it's hard to name just one. And mark Ingram. He will be what is in the 6 o'clock now 260187866889. He rates in the basis sports popular in the WW. And welcome back to -- so 187886688. 087. Loss to pay no TV today they. Thank you so much for the Texaco migrate running backs to Texas eats them and he -- him Archie Griffin only player who went to a time. Rushed for nearly fifteen Mario is a season in three -- use. And and -- seventeen and twelve TDs approaching he won the highs and many don't know Archie Griffin. Some argue what the best in the Ohio State initially had the yell at them with C -- regional it was. What about aluminum and the -- -- University of Southern California that would have to be deliberate and thank you wouldn't. BJ in -- week -- -- Vijay thank you for calling WW ago. Any David Newhan and. I have abortion movement of that you you -- yeah. Whoa. I'm kind of caught between Kobe here part Reggie Bush because I think Reggie is as -- There's not as the greatest Emma in Collins. I wouldn't say one of the greatest college that he's certainly made an impact -- -- and Stanford I mean. Oh yeah yeah I mean he was he was their offense -- right. And Reggie I think he's earned -- show did that mean he didn't show me -- -- A lot of people cracking jokes about him never going forward always when -- -- and backwards. I think somebody image of the vote. He's seen. The coach Sean Payton yelled -- -- run the other way. And I think he's certainly come over they show a little bit at the what we've seen the past couple postseason. About him running over people. I think he he would be good in a couple of years in the NFL. I think who had been to be that not a Kobe -- have been repeated here. Thank you so much for the call that topic of the conversation who do you think he's the greatest college. Football. Running back and it was big with a very go when he comes in with a specific clock down saint rookie running back. Mark Ingram coming back to Ryan Daniel elitists offices -- talk on WW. BC news talk and sports leader they'll create gate seventy WWL New Orleans 1053 WWL or famine HD 110 -- New Orleans and WWL dot com.