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06-28-11 5pm Gabe Feldman, Kent Stephens

Jun 28, 2011|

Gabe Feldmen, the Director of the Tulane Sports Law program, discusses the NFL lockout. Kent Stephens, the College Football Hall of Fame Curator, talks about the greatest college running back

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Good evening and welcome to our number two all the sports talk. Thanks so much to. Ronny Daniels and north of the break give Brady come to Obama offers break we will visibly gave them he's the -- of playing sports law program and inept now. Networking legal analyst. Trying to give us some of dates and his thoughts on the makes few days in negotiating between the NF tea in the India -- PA are we closer. To the in of this lockout -- -- the -- -- with 100 in eight days now can Stevens. College football hall of fame curator and also historian will be whether it's at the bottom of the -- -- -- it was his belt on today's topic waiting on. Do you think is the greatest college football running back of all time -- text and email it to this now as well. Says -- get to be joined by saint rookie running back mark Ingram. And visit with promising offensive lineman Steve -- and John Norris interim head coach for the New Orleans through to have one game that they decide to go and give direction. And then released coach -- And the ball you know the voodoo. Have missed on the opportunity. To capitalize only football's all audience here. Andy had a good season this season when that would limit the playoffs really could got to a lot of momentum in Lotta people behind them more. And oh with this point -- people in this crate and simple ball but it turned out to be disasters season without a coach. On north to -- balances that in their final game of the -- 2601 rates him and 866880. Hates him he's the number to get involved no right or wrong and to antique and -- -- 870. 870. Mean here's one no one as a maintenance and he would New Orleans saint. And the South Carolina Gamecocks. George -- yes. Had the trophy. Put. Dimitri did -- mistakes out anymore about George -- 82 am. Your number is retired. While you're still playing in. That's all I got to say. Is dating it was a neat thing the man had his Jersey retired. While he was steal active at the scoop. Now -- that that you -- I -- he would use -- to the phones we go Ron in -- Ron thank you for calling WW yeah. Week. The -- does call. People could grab it. What you -- tournament compensation account of the greatest quarterback -- USC OJ Simpson's. A man. And an Emil far away -- -- off the field but you're right don't feel Ron. That's -- bogeys to Jews and you know I just don't know what they'll double B is -- When you talk about OJ. Marcus Allen. Ricky bear down LenDale White jaws wide and Davis. I mean it's just unbelievable. Of the running backs of the come at a universal ago. They always tremendous people. Calling you but it victim. Ron did you. Did you like what happened to them and yeah but boy. It Hewitt these guys -- looked unbelievable. Unbelievable. -- -- in -- and a beauty that you. In Iraq anybody more recently it is called to attention. Well. Well economic goal Reggie Bush -- little bit you know he's not done as well regarded arms in -- -- that we didn't comment but. Most recent times -- -- that Ingram. Alabama -- court. Reggie Bush actually get -- again. I got thrown. Those as a duo of rod thank you so much McMahon I appreciate you are right in 22 -- man that's now made fair if they -- and you and you thank you for calling. All right do it -- be on -- Were caught so on the little picture. OJ Simpson eluded you like so much about religion on the legacy whatever they want the field or outfield nobody tragic. Yeah he was remember he had the we were talking to Joseph plasma -- golden Hawks. He had electric company when he wanted to line to Buffalo communities -- in the -- He was some Alan and I and he without a program back to -- Now OJ now that got to got to speed job -- that back in the day some most recently -- you -- you think is one of the better ones all the bad. Little that blew my older guys -- all go triple. In the fall -- -- would Daniel who way out of the gate this -- -- Manny full going to win 95 season. -- issue opened up against the 96 seasonably was opened up against University of Houston. And there was some loose speculation -- not coast and auto would allow. Kevin depleted game and I and the Indy -- a plane in the and he. And the all his name with BP right now and I'm giving them enough that you know of their and it's a -- text me and abused that. But they they were an awful game Houston and here he was I mean he's if you call of Boston Sports Radio show right now Daniel and you said. Who's the greatest Patriots about time he's one of greatest New England Patriots of all time without question. And he had he's had a had a great LSU career. Daniel yeah I don't know -- your own affairs all. -- got you got you BC did our operation argument pretty two's excellent. 868. The rates in the Pollard in the league from a Paul thank you for calling -- -- you. And they can't you can't find some. Just wanted to let. Greatest college running back one -- would guarantee it up at Warner and tell me. Is accurate and everybody. Mack Brown got him a comeback kid -- year ages you know. Which got Manny eight how the trophy I wanna say he's got between twenty and thirty NCAA records. And just eight he was EU without question Paul -- on that we all look what's fresh and I'm Cameron hasn't had as an and a band. Professional career but clearly. One of the greatest college football ran back to vote you just a horse and he was he he won't be reminded -- a lot of Texas fans of the way or orange. You know no one could catch -- -- just that fact. And he was physical yet it was bigger made CS and -- it was a great talent on the bag on your right. All thank you so much of the time we appreciate. Foster in Kenner follows -- thank you for calling WW yeah. They are at right tackle on -- -- all America and Julia. -- I don't -- -- and Herschel Walker talk is talk about. Ever Herschel Walker -- huge sport as well or your cars or you're out. And he just took a small. Ball. He was a jaw anyway he put the G in Georgia that's for sure. Truly you truly in and now that it we. We -- -- -- -- -- I don't let that he would've -- also host what about certain someone talked general trying to knock out pac. All yet they keep the a follows I would be -- put -- -- -- probably top three. The you want and he's a -- all put. Shall that they want you to -- This one year one I'd have to go far as well work duties are. Right Brian dale means thank you so much appreciate 260 when he says it. 8668890. -- in the coming back Mike -- New Iberia. Main hobby and Mary and then -- Pretty big as the greatest college football running back all the time. And gave film director of -- sports law will be with the -- to give us an update on. How things are. Going between the NFL in the NFL PA only closer. Probably -- evening the slot is sports Honda VW. Well we go. Do New Iberia for Mike Mike good evening thank you for calling WW real. Well Mike thank you for calling. I like about Mike over puts you all give you know this guy does meet its go to a hobby for Spain stand thank you for Colin. AP how much we just because -- I want to dominate like ward on young man Marshall Faulk. All year no question about it. And not only did produce in in -- Power but he also produced injury -- much of a -- remembered being. And I don't remember him and you -- and -- and it -- that some junior college. Like it was in California before or academia Roman on -- and -- as a freshman he had seven touchdowns against us the university of Pacific so. He could have been -- -- guns are could be. There certainly in the court yeah out double to expand would you mind need to clean him hammering out the big debate and get ready. -- Well I don't know what are you -- I'm out. If I'm bomb by your memory and an and I don't think he was a junior college players -- now -- do -- would just leave it that stance stand thank you very much. 260187866889. Do you -- in the one of the greatest performances individually as a player without question. What Moss from the -- up against was at university of Pacific. When he came into the school it was so yeah this is the second game three -- an 87 yards and seven touchdown. Honestly one may have been receiving -- I think six Russian. Incredible. Incredible for the anesthetics. And then went on to be. You know you talk about overall. Kitchen a ballroom of football being able to block the -- to go overall looking again like a Marshall Faulk. 26 so when he -- the 8668890. Seminarian Baton -- to Mary thank you for calling. -- -- -- Winston -- -- balance. What you are. You know -- There's how tough that things that basically. He had a good start and Dallas. But you know some type a contract dispute -- gets into his second season. You know when -- was with the Cowboys -- -- -- -- He played in seventy innings 71 there was that he went he went on to the Patriots in Napoli at. He played -- April they would Dallas in the in in -- were down to preach to you what the charges descended to generate gains in the in the -- the world football league we yea he was. The at a small school he made a big name poems -- there as you well know you know. There there are are just opened that doubtless yeah yeah. And I him and not imminent attack from a smaller school the guy we will. Bailey he got picky recently pantanal -- to Chicago bans it was a special team and like in the third run Mbeki was not the one who's. Small school which we're all in. All man you couldn't you couldn't go wrong order -- there though. -- -- say if he's not in a class by himself it would take loan to collar rule. All right let that consume 260 -- him and he eats it it rates in the now welcome in. Gave film and he is rector -- sports law and also. Legal law analyst for the NFL network and gentlemen it's being called on an awful lot lately game. Thank -- -- Matsui on another another round another session of negotiating. Is -- want to talk about gained as a game -- on your end. I'm glad that lets not let that it is one step for me. Realize it's in pro football fan's perspective it sport on the football and and I understand people talked about stuff that's happening on the field not the courtroom. I'd. People get tired -- getting frustrated wanna deal that happened but it would likely her head in that direction certainly -- Gabe -- am reading now that did some I don't know the end in tents most of legal route tedious stuff that has to be. Focused in on -- -- the rookies the rookie salary camp is that one of them the most pertinent things are discussing. Currently these next few day. He cabinet for all we hear that's what the bases last beaten united. Most of the focus has been on revenue splits and it seemed like they've iron data lead. Picture on the revenue split does indeed go to take care of and it hasn't been signed -- on -- side but the rookie cap has -- a little trickier. Because it's not just about. Scaling back the salaries these guys make when they drafted the -- to figure out how quickly they become create if you paint a lot last. The first Buccaneers he's got a -- back to appreciate you more quickly so it's not. These things making too much when they get drafted later on proven the question is what happens if they -- prove themselves on the field how quickly can get award. -- I hear -- full -- come -- out some say the fifteenth is this some magic number. That DD NFL PA that NFL owners -- things saying -- in -- fullest not too. Lose any preceding games that kind of revenue moving forward. Is there a magical day magic date they have they need to get something and now -- I think he'd make it different answer depending on the -- on July seems to be the general consensus. But -- put back to a place like twentieth like 21 you'd just been appreciated it period would be that much more compressed until thinking get the -- he's been done. If you look at the deal signed in July 20. Perhaps. Worst case at this point in the worst case looked a lot worse made him marketable -- cases -- don't get to deal down the middle of July you may be. Pre season game or two but it's itself did not impact the leg -- he. -- B no I look at the way people gauge. If they're close to a deal not close the deal like these. Not these home pregnancy -- has the potential to get to determine the sex of the baby because -- are. It's going to be a boy or a girl so you pay a third of four dollars and his thing and going to be 50% right at the time. With this thing so you'll grab it out of -- -- and all of was put together. What what is it coming always closer to get this deal done so we've we've still the same refer to the -- is. You know three weeks ago we got 0880. -- it didn't a day later all would believe that I -- using any -- to put on news. Apartment. Murton back to Atlanta extramarital sex of the baby that's one of the biggest -- and challenges Susan I would do it and you need things like. Not getting. I think that. This is one of the it is more than anything it is being in. Litigation posture which were stolen and it still. Multiple lawsuits. Pending between the players and the owners and there are a strict gag order that they're not allowed to really talk about the negotiations at all. Holiday is being contempt of court -- is tough to get into it and I talked to people who are more can. Did it anymore and in the NFL and NATO. And and so there's there's a lot of unknown. But our best yet it still again because we just don't have specific factual information. But our best yet is that they're making so much progress that we could get the framework for a deal could get that deal principal. Before July 4 I think that's what we're all hoping for you to get them before July 4 -- -- writing I'd like it came to like twentieth. And then move -- with everything and and the capital behind point to right now and continued between now and then I think. It made the paper now lead headed toward. A sign the middle to. So -- be safe to say about that scenario that GMs. -- scouts front office people in recharge their batteries now because. Soon as this deal gets done that's the basis daughter training camp with the inclusion the committee -- free disappeared. Absolutely after active GM's and their stats are gearing up they've been gearing up certain waiting. They've been hurry hurry up and wait mode. Because you know this is an NBA frantic period of free agency signing. Not only they have shorter window to do it and but it means more free agent on the market than ever before because to me to go back to that four year on restricted period. Hey guys 456 years in the league who become free agents immediately considered a lot for them to do between now and the start of the -- is. Gave fail many years director of -- sports law and NFL network legal analyst gave thank you so much of the time we appreciate. Thank you so moved to 601878668890. -- 00. I'm on -- two -- what is next sixty's as this mistake of the week mistake of the year goof ball is looking for attention. One of the Green -- greens Joseph Addai. I'm just read it takes people will know Joseph Addai with a few. So somebody from the Manny -- -- six weeks. Prefix. It's it and the book that is completely wrong. Coming back to Mitch and not Octavia. I don't know octave hockey arena like a top IC OC TAB. That's octave -- -- I don't know that do -- season out notices sport's top. It is the first of the day at WW Rio does comments. And jeweler. And antiques in her analysis they certificate for fifty -- it's in Metairie. -- calls away and veterans across -- -- says sapping him. And they carrying extensive array of modern antique in his stay injury as well as buying -- I've. Give it online Debbie -- you know. Dot com back to the phone we go and it's cool to meet on 95 -- thank you for Colin -- did you have. -- -- Get. Out restraint -- all time -- get it for a year from the universe Nebraska. Up there and nobody out but certainly -- trophy winner wins this in Nebraska used to think we agree meets. -- -- -- -- -- I wish I was just all -- -- to -- back and early eighties. Yet and you know he. He actually went junior college first coffee veal and -- who the -- -- who took over. After coach out bar codes Olerud was with a guy who we know followed him throughout his task to Korea and this pollen -- Kolb via and they got him accorsi does. He slid right -- you know he was one of those big physical runners. What to fifteen to twenty some odd -- but he had their breakaway speed to go. While older and crappy Q art -- -- read out. I appreciate -- I mean it thank you so much in 11 banner and Rebecca -- -- Ozzie you know two time Pro Bowl they made the Pro Bowl. I -- the best of the best at the at that we think what the highest level -- re its for coming in on line wind coming in thank you for calling WW yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- She actually man but they had the during a great -- to out you know college. -- an -- of those three had won the wood to one B well who. Nick nick nick. And Bo Jackson is -- -- now. Is you know itself but -- That. I go to my life today I thought I don't want to work the draft and have a lot. It was wanted. It is anyway news I actually we owner roll -- -- you know we -- -- -- In the hall of fame thing is we can't really compete you know -- this into it it was. It was -- mean I don't know because there aren't. Right way of course will be hit -- six enroll in the national plays at one point for for a oh but you know way. Maybe it that way to -- season -- -- expectations are low so we eat anything better than what we expect in the B bad. Right but Jackson became the -- -- it. Really and I got to -- man -- us so much for the call you have a great evening to 601878. Text this. -- 87870s. At college football hall of fame curator and historian Ken Stevens don't now can't. Thank you so much for the time we appreciate what my great running backs in college football history and not. Probably no right or wrong answer. Debatable argument -- if any thing but that can't we have certainly seen. Our Shea will be hard to say that a universities produce more great than Southern California -- we agree on yeah. It's early in the modern here you know when you're asking to be on one of the things that. People seem to. Don't take in consideration is the different years in college football you can really kind of draw a line in the sand and many different places but. It's very I think it's impossible to compare players that played in the one put in an era which occurred before the mid sixties and the players -- afterwards because. When the went to an area they have played both offense and defense and so the skill -- that he had to -- back and you really couldn't specialize. And so when you know either offense or defense so it's really unfair to the them. The old timers and try to compare them right to -- to the modern day players so. And many answers his -- considered to let Thomas speak two different sports when you try to compare players of different -- Yes -- especially when you think about a guy like Adrian Peterson he's in a time where you know. You're pass in the ball more on that it -- become more pay Santini rushes over 2000 yards in the season. We'll certainly one -- -- I think it's you know that -- would book style offense do you play and you know what conference do you play and and so and the other problem is. The careers of college players and so short. You know I think if you gonna ask me who I think is the greatest running back about time more I'm gonna say it's red grange. Illinois but the only two he played grant to a 24 college games. So it's it's much different when you try to compare pro players who play you know sixteen games a year for in 7810. Years or more so it's it's. That makes it that difficult as well. Can't when you look at all of what's gone on in college football now with you know paid athletes are not as obvious summon a novice. With a -- emirate the Ohio State paying you know what's gonna happen with Auburn in. And now Arenas seems something new every day does Channing Crowder is sane hypothetically. If he ahead. Soda Jersey may have sold this amino. What what do you what do you what is college football to -- because if even if they start talking about. Paying athletes or not there's still a lot of problems out there regardless if you gonna be talking about given athletes more money enough. Well I certainly hope it doesn't come of that but you know you'd go back to the beginning years of college football. And you have players that over. Playing for teams that they won't even enrollment schools. That certainly beer called train at the athletes. One week they'd be playing at Robert and inflict any player majority. And the Florida -- more -- the third week ago played for Florida so. There's always ten. I don't think corruption where you would doubt -- that had gone on us since the very beginning of college football. Yeah but still an -- even though did this happen and we were here now on the what do you see as the as as they're moving forward now these probable cause I mean. -- a city you can pay these athletes if you wanted to but there's still going to be some I would these handshakes. And I mean it's it's become a -- it's -- I mean let's face it it is abandoned in the NCAA is is to me is the biggest rip off in this whole thing. Well that's what -- plan force and -- is yes you know somebody's kids. You know that they that they don't have enough money to go out and have a pizza on a Saturday and I you know I mean it's great that there it would have free. You know room and board and ever tuition paid for that's wonderful but. You know they as they still have to live but. I certainly would hate to see them pay players because. It'll what do you tell the the swimmer -- -- -- -- of the madness -- that tennis player you know they're not producing revenue has -- Either try to pay them as well I mean -- a forty where you draw the line. No I think you bring a great pointed to camp because and you talk about Iowa -- leaders and athletes that I don't pay one and ones Porsche and that one in the can't Stevens all of college football hall of fame curator and historian. King you're getting excited about upcoming season. Well you certainly are and and the couple three weeks here we're gonna have earned their induction ceremony and we're gonna have -- -- off from LSU is going to be one of our index season. You're talking about great running backs and he was a lot of guys -- -- play and I want put to an area has so he was defensive back in the pros but he was a punter and he visits. Led LSU and receiving and rushing so he is one of those all purpose guys. Back then we'll put to an era. Deion Sanders -- -- too is well ranking well out. If that's regular could get confusing. Deion Sanders just you know got elected he will be. Inducted into the hall of fame in December and then in new York and then the following. July you'll be enshrined and I amusing in the south than and so they just look at -- the people public plan to let but. If he'll be if they inducted in the in New York December and then next year at this time you'll come to South -- to be enshrined. Can't thank you so much and openness that we appreciate it down. Thank you wanna go back to -- in Metairie injury also and ran the albeit. -- about the greatest all the greats running backs in college football history to 601870. 866889. -- Rooney seventy. And it takes me hates him and said this is with all due respect them. And welcome back -- forced off through 601878866. 8090 rates him and he is the number to get involved talking about great running backs and accountant football. History. And getting your football team takes me -- 870. Hates him his one in Dixon and Herschel walk anyone mention Bears and truthful that is happening in two innings giving all where he has. He was in the -- towards -- The list without question. And to the phones we go and -- go to. Damian manner -- thank you for calling Debbie did you live. On the answer. A lot and really goes -- -- a lot college football is to respond right back out of Troy Davis at Iowa State. Yet and you notre reason why is -- -- is which is there because of the way donate. Yet -- -- -- bay team but. This tremendous numbers -- and almost 5000 yard -- and I want. 5000. And yet what to Scotland and -- seasons. And teaching opportunity in. -- bound -- consecutive days here and I want to say he head. I don't know this is still a big eight record on but he had. Who -- it was half threes a 400. In one game and -- gonna say it was against a conference opponent I don't know was against. And the 11 Oklahoma team that wants him out of biggest loser he had almost four -- -- and -- With the game being played 13 seasons. You can't count that I was in her and -- -- and about it but just. He. Hit his senior year. Sammy goes and senior years -- And okay he had has you know in the moment. It anymore we'll have believes. Six they listen man -- ago. -- Damon -- -- -- -- -- -- that did you know give the other guys like it did through blown reborn in -- own. Is all confident in his own state and Iowa but Troy Davis wasn't a great college football and -- -- it in the most improved. Two Metairie for -- JJ thank you for calling WW -- Good afternoon. And -- Yeah you can you I can hear you. I write what you know go on about this -- the candidates stand on my mind is John -- -- from Penn State. And Tony -- from Pittsburgh. And not a great. I'm with you -- dorsett. It would be hard for me to give -- man no not at his own university. Lawyer that in an average of sportsmen Notre -- yeah. And I got it into Sammy panel aides say that it should he -- on song era -- guilt then it'll across the enormously put up over there Phnom. But when you're gonna camp today them and you look at that I mean it. Two main many more parity seen it is now on land Thomas. In -- recently married Johnson BA Kevin it was a it was a great college football player by -- BUB hall meeting gave him an odd and at a of his own universe. I understand that. Has been horrible that they just popped into my head making it count don't forget about it. Yeah nobody's -- it's abuses. Jay thank you so much mom and I appreciate. All right all right you. They keys out of his league counts in Toledo -- -- was bigger for the July fireworks shows he's a little -- on all his comeback called tandem radio -- -- Jay thank you so much we hope it goes anyway get from the wrist bad call about his face into the week and different than maybe some Green vegetables that inactive each. That be the case he can't his own -- A siesta here for the next few days. We killed in Metairie on line three will thank you for calling WW. Annika won that. I would in the last ten or twelve years and even broke wanna Ricky Williams records it's not born -- Ron being -- -- Wisconsin. Man he he had a good of numbers in college is -- fine. And just just phenomena and had a pro career. That everybody out body was gonna have been on our justice seriously he still got the most most rushing yards -- a -- -- history gives him a one I think he believed. Naked -- rainy evening and then you know that deceptive burst of speed you know yeah but. He comes to mind and even. In the SEC Shaun Alexander note not a good running back not you know -- neither one of these says that that's about I'm. No known over yet I got -- saying earlier where I don't know if you remember but you know Alexander wouldn't be. One I say greatest of all time but as far as individual performances that I saw -- -- -- personally. I saw I'm sure it Taylor's shoo in 1996 the two -- 91 yards and tonight. -- saying he he was going off and everybody in the stadium in about outside the stadium about him bad route in the country new. He was beautiful ball in the -- you couldn't do anything about. I will take you so much we appreciated. 2601878668890. Rates and he uses sports -- in -- debut February. And welcome back. To devote to go Crowley for key and can't thank you for calling WW yeah. Yeah I'll give -- -- and -- city but. The greatest. Shot. And should he he's pretty. -- we always appreciate out crowd -- thank you so much but he's -- -- first -- when it. Outlook that would pop up missed it but that's all right. Do you agree with what you -- blocked kick off return and changed the game there were brought to wish all is yeah. Can hit a ball and not. -- apple. Ball won't Jack where are you denying. Nobody. Mark -- -- I agree with you when you say in the viola argument -- was clearly wanted to greatest by -- we can argue all day long. Each individually who we think is the greatest so but I think he deserves to be in the commas and RI can thank you very much to 60187. 866 in his veins and you can call showed you say -- -- and nobody would midget. Now because to -- others in the. June 17 199430. For thirty film. The greatest it never came to be the greatest never wore us out -- at the time of the Marcus Dupree that was. The second best thirty for thirty years being you know that I saw that with great. And that you know from thirty -- -- a bag David in the West Bank it's good to be done by. Saints running back mark Ingram this -- sports talk on WW. BC news talk and sports leader -- -- gate seventy WWL New Orleans 1053 WWL or famine HD 110 -- New Orleans and WWL dot com.