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Jul 13, 2011|

Publisher of the Privacy Journal Newsletter Robert Ellis Smith talks to Garland about how Facebook is allowing the police to search your page for information without your knowledge.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Sports leader. JJ seventy WW. WWL on FM and 1053. I should go to climb inside Garland thing. -- 260187. Or 66889. Always seventy. News Garland. -- help build and -- confirmed by Big Brother. -- -- Long enough to actually a lot of changes -- -- -- government. Does with our lives. I've picked up something over Reuters yesterday. -- area and Reuters reviewed Freedom of Information Act. What they found out is your Sloan -- from an agency is the -- through obtaining warrants to search FaceBook. Often gaining detailed access to all of our accounts -- or -- permission when Al to our knowledge. Up to me that's that's sort of that would be enough. I've a got a FaceBook page up would be enough for me to shut it down. Release and target further details. So in order to veterans in this. We're vesco an expert to a draw and as -- privacy matters. Robert L Smith publisher privacy journal and newsletter Robert thank you for joining. Aren't you won't what do you make of this is a series answers just. Well I know a little bullet. I don't share your alarm with a somewhat -- we shouldn't be surprised that the police. Hard going to FaceBook and perhaps joining in getting information. Many police departments have FaceBook pages and which could talk about outstanding cases than. Try to get information from people. And beyond out of course and he police department that has proper -- to get a search warrant will do so with the approval would -- important part here. We're live through its divisional problem here -- Without our knowledge one is Twitter. Not allow this. Well sure I do think below it cooperate with the police when that the proper legal paperwork in order they're virtually required to whether to subpoena. -- search warrant and most of the social networks and other Internet companies. Have said that they will cooperate with the police -- took. Coworkers and order the problem is that some companies will do it on an informal basis without any sort corners opinion means is no paper trail. I'm looking at three toward web platitudes. What Twitter is formally adopted a policy to notify users. When law enforcement that she asserts are profiled so. Twitter users don't get their profile looked up without their knowledge call tomorrow. That's correct but I'm sure figures -- torrent ordering them not to notify they'd have to comply with -- and that was not surprised -- -- the solution -- might. Either call for Tom DeLay -- that the police not notify -- targeted at present. Well I think that answers my questions and then boom sound like -- According uterine and couldn't soldier involved with the privacy related issues anything else you'd wanna have on this forum. All three trillion that we don't want the police shooting pretext in other words setting up FaceBook account. On their own under some assumed identity to. Trap people into. Becoming friends and sharing information. Not knowingly doing with the police I think that would be. Inappropriate and I hope that's not been done we don't know may have been -- and is being done but to me that does cross the line. Or what's the difference when the when they have a search warrant to search drug business search Wellemeyer I know about it. -- -- one would mean we know about it than in FaceBook or or toward really and why why is that not a problem. Well it depends how it's worded I feel comforted by the fact that there is that a judge's approval and there's a paper trail and which. The victim could Trace back and find out whether all of this was legitimate -- it is quite possible that. The search warrant include so orders not to disclose to the public that this was done at least through preferred to retirement you can understand. Point law enforcement would wanna alert -- The victim could very comparable to a proper search warrant for bank records or hotel records -- Airline records but the problem is that we don't want to police -- pretext and trapping people -- communicating with them not knowing it'll -- Well as is always in my letter bring -- experts because you're right don't sound like the big issue that I thought it wasn't. Certainly want to Reuters. Rooted out to be appreciated the taught him and the information. -- -- you talk to you Robert Ellis Smith polish her own privacy journal newsletter. Our -- let's go back to the debate over the your credit limit. With the feds -- pursuant. Couple of you do know holding on for quite a while -- come to you right after the. It's. It's Garland Robinette a think tank on WWL AM FM -- dot com. News talking sports leader 5042601874866889. Away. You started out there thinking this morning talking about. Pretty confusing. Offer from the -- Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. He wants President Obama raises only federal borrowing limit but 2.4 trillion. In three installments from for the end of 2012. Unless 2002 thirds of congress votes to block it. And most everything I've read said that. Because President Obama would have to lift the debt ceiling and excel to put. A lot of political fall out on him for doing and so. But even the conservatives. Some conservatives. In the house and senate. Protest at McDonald's plan. And because it would give up leverage. The GOP do Republicans think it has. To pours the difference. To improve government spending. Cut spending cuts in return. For the debt ceiling increase. Which you may was horribly convoluted very complicated I'd run pollution your own. Professional Posner. Former Louisiana legislator. Professor and now Washington State University political expert and he should actually. It's a gamble would vote but it has little something for boat. And then went on to departed perplexed as me the most. President Obama has said it yesterday. Look. -- urgent Arab. Or were -- figures. And Social Security was like 42 billion dollars. For August 3 the day after the deadline. Rolling taken in twelve billion. So -- he said we may not be able to send out to -- security checks. Disability checks. Veterans' benefits. So blood boil. This -- conservative state conservatives that he probably gonna conservative. Listeners shouldn't. That I would be. Flooded with colds and OK let's read to raise the death. -- Because of the last six years everytime we bring up. The -- problems. It'd -- programs Medicare Medicaid Social Security. And suggest. Roommates -- obscurity movie did you a year to sort of put him back to -- Maybe would Medicare. We could do known doctor distance. Medicaid. And maybe even reduce. These qualifications. Or increased. Qualification -- Anything suggested gets a highly negative. Response. Tries to run coach Sherri. Why am I getting today. From the governor bill pretty opinion -- okay. 69%. Of Americans say don't raise the debt the president says okay. You don't get these checks. In the vast majority have -- -- now it's 5050 now. The last two hours and 22 minutes. It's been. Very waited to own. We still human -- eventually -- and run actually ended premieres. Conservatives don't trust. That the president's telling the truth let's say what you're thinking direction so why don't you -- would -- Yes sir I am a mom had this man a lap. And I haven't yet got the right guard with -- eight tremor and what I wanted to call that you about it that Michelle Obama got like if people were assistant. I don't give me a break emanated -- award -- have a -- Obama comes on the air and says we're gonna. -- -- -- A million and how many do a -- Newport now. I thank my -- hurry. We're -- to diminish I guess you could the but I'd get raided ditto machine Obama got -- people worse systems. And I took that trip around the world called those two billion dollars -- -- that took thirty Babylon come home -- -- There were and I can read the stories that approach room when bluish. Took his troops and what -- Collison and center -- this is will we get into the conservative liberal Republicans Democrats. Aides did doesn't have any affect on fourteen point three trillion dollars that we. And it just stops. Any kind of communications. Where we come up with -- an answer. Well we just can't help but word this big government and always politicians finding their own pockets. You gotta be a multi millionaire to be a politician wary of their money isn't any -- -- count for something that's tax break I don't understand it. Well let's look around and hold you. All right it's okay if you -- not good solutions -- If I don't know if I don't get -- 1058 dollars on the -- -- wind speed and elbit. I'll be going back to the woods got battleship and it can't percent of bad -- I can do it. So you're I -- problem okay you're deliberately to. -- -- -- -- All the others that you are currently got a new book we have to raise the debt they want real word of topic or go chump status okay all right. No do we not do that we've got to cut spending and went -- to raise taxes. There are no two ways around that we just did not do it without cutting and raising revenue otherwise we go off the edge. And we will tank and not think tank it. And that's not what we want columns you know I wasn't a big -- in accordance front -- you like the tax break back there and they're nobody complained about. In -- seem like we got enough revenue you know to be in Encino home speeds of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. And Medicare's got to be dealt with its hard questions we're gonna have to bite the bullet for a few years. And and hopefully we can get back a little bit more all the -- prosperity but there's no way around in my opinion. -- And I'll give you my prediction and one I'm basing that on -- lately have been reading I'm lucky enough to have a couple of certainly. Some of these these hedge fund. Reports that they paid a lot of money for a million confidential as soon Intermune email just to read it. All the big money guys and it should say all the wounds and I'm -- Are heavily betting. That they'll come to an agreement. That this is just posturing. By teachers -- could clubs. Playing to the dogma of their clubs. And they'll come to an agreement. Eventually. Probably before August 2 the reason they point -- it is. It's too dangerous. Nobody knows. We don't know that the people on the street don't know if Timothy Geithner is right when he says boom off a cliff horrible. Bernanke saying there. But I've been economists on the show time -- time back to back. One hour with the liberal one hour with the conservative. Economists. Turn totally different idea. So nobody notes. But the experts and I'm really. Think these two clubs. To only take a chance. Because -- gay or perceived. As causing something. Like summer predicting. These ever growing independent movie I mean movement. -- mushroom. Like the nuclear -- out. Kevin and Covington Erin -- up. Yes -- orbit so response earlier question -- Bloomberg. -- -- conservative listeners should. It's not you know. Loading. In the poll. Heavily. You know complaining about. Six were oil imports were saying don't moderator that you are entering into were saying that it's because we realize that Obama's fear mongering. And it's not that I'm conservative I'm more of a libertarian I think there's a lot more. People who were libertarian leaning then you realize -- that the other two parties realize. We know that that -- there are -- it's really just one quote. Control by. The foreign banks don't believe -- JPMorgan. The do you you know -- Bernanke -- it includes those from from the big banks such. They're they're control that they've they've. They feed information to the media to get the Democrat people followers to go against Republican the Republicans go against Democrat. The only people tell the troops. But what you really helps shape this country -- the libertarian a lump all the people like. Those that people that you need at that -- -- more avoids. And you know shows like the Fox News but the -- show you can watch on TV news watch. It's called. Freedom watch -- -- judgment polyps and -- okay also like it is. And it's libertarian leaning and it's about restoring that does this constitute what our founders. When they made -- -- constitution. And what put all the people -- within dot pitch that died for this country. What this country you don't. And not for all -- you know. Mess. Haven't. I don't know imports are saying about the banks drew have never seen during the verifies that -- I have to agree with the other part of it because I did as that question today and run for insurance. Political analysts who have a lot of respect ports among Garland and it's simple the conservative Louisiana Indians -- and conservatives around the country just don't believe anything the president says -- they think it's not gonna happen. But he also said. He didn't say the experts and I'm reading. And in in private publications. Or saying they think it the two clubs are gonna come to an agreement because it's too dangerous. To take -- to August 3 or August 4 in order to see who's right so we'll probably get some kind of ridiculous. The agreement to where they're able to go to their dogma clubs and say -- the book we did. And -- -- much of anything other than we don't go over the edge yet coming bright. The station in the hurricanes and every -- storms. The news talking sports leader the big 871053. W. Dot com. Well we're. Talking about there's. Brand new proposal from one of these senate Republicans. And that's is. Basically they would leave it up to the president. To raise the -- treatment. And prevent political influence on the today actually that's probably of benefit to both parties pretty complicated but. Apparently both of them have some skin in the game Kristen undergo urine double up. A lot of garlic -- here. Colin I think what a lot of people this year. Did that -- so the whole economic structure the United States don't bury perilous ground. It's -- -- should stay. Sorry again but it got all the checks they -- a mail out. What's gonna happen. Big old go to the bank now what money Haiti would you have actual warrant on the back stock market sell off to get cash. I don't believe both parties I don't like you I believe all parties -- all. They both know that there's probably pretty common and the one thing nobody else -- literacy has. We're getting close to the second round -- adjustable rate mortgages but he took. Always gonna pay a flat out again. It's it's like a non stop -- tricky bit getting ready Iraq. -- and I do torture Bernard. Burton -- can. -- -- in front of congress return on the business channel. And you lose Syrian there's a good possibility of a QE3. Another perennial money and sending an out of the bottom line is from what I've found today there they education overseas and as the reason. There's a chance and so Borchardt talking about happening I don't know about run on the bank but certainly. A lot of experts -- -- think ruby or catastrophe. The conservatives don't believe any thing. Bill liberals say. So consequently they're not concerned about that they don't think it's gonna happen. Well I you know it -- -- -- nobody could get good drama like dole on the site Derek -- bridge. Are these -- Although you're not gonna happen. You know we've been India and I'm one of those because I've read enough to play like it's I have some. People around the country that have been kind enough to send me these very expensive newsletters. I get per quarter from hedge funds that they are involved in. And in virtually every one -- Branson who. Didn't bar the door if this happens. But. When you listened to President Obama with the fingers CBS news got totally gala being interviewed. When this thing I've sold headlines just as well we do the show President Obama says they won't have the money for Social Security. There won't have good for disabled veterans the. The you won't have bid for whoever. 170 million people. Aren't gonna have any money to put food on the table. When you look at what he said he said we may not. Be able to send it out he didn't say we won't. Now my brain says you name of the likes of Timothy Geithner. Paulson. -- And probably. A huge percentage of congressmen senators. Our former Wall Street or business people. They haven't looked at the numbers. And know for sure. So -- even puts a little bit has done in my mind but I think it goes back to. What the political analysts have told me during the show's. -- -- ain't gonna happen the other one of these stupid gloves are gonna take your chance. At aggravating the American public. To a point where they have to go home they'll come up with something. I understand that. But I big. You know -- to -- -- college debt that we don't have a debt. That speculation. We don't. -- nearly constant covered bridge and iron and I love about your nose. But others think he will probably. You -- can complement Soria had. I wanted to pollution -- broke we Barack. Not not getting your signal they -- going that's some breaking news for us. In the National Weather Service Garland has issued a tornado warning for lower plant commenced -- a little while ago sheriff's deputies reported a large water spout over the Mississippi River. Near beat your -- and just west of Venice and other locations in the series includes lower plant commenced Parrish again a tornado warning until 1 o'clock. From the National Weather Service for lower clock -- -- a large water spout over the river fears that it could cause some damage on land as well we'll keep you posted. Aren't there today if I can continuum where their conversation concerning me and -- let's go to Bob and blocked it Bob -- governor bill. I don't know armed -- that your name. Is. Our focus our net. You know -- -- conditions not being Christians are indeed -- The public America what our political policies -- Triad. One's personal income stricken state income -- photo and cut the federal income -- -- down to beat up. To have to keep personal income our home the only way to you alleviate this is happening. Good to meet critical. That some didn't that's been done and has no direct -- -- I'm expecting a net increase and that's during. And making the politicians. Make decisions. And are not popular. Muted iPod bones -- build your own party's. -- It merits as some sort of action. -- and I never subscribe to political -- I've. Usually comes up or. Liberals and socialists. All political the Republicans are effect. I believe -- aren't going to be our problem our -- feels a bit of enterprise. But it still believe that our country has very wool. Sure of that trust citizens to. Provide a basic -- Garnett Allen and their let me let me ask you this because someone visits they are not known racist. -- these two clubs to me. I would love to see actually blood if you fall down and get hurt really bad. I think you're killing us. Is it is all about dogma is is all about maintaining power but. -- events that I'm on your side let's roll the dice don't raise the debt to. 1 of the callers as smeared interest in question how -- you respond to -- since June. And I agree on them one point. What do you say to the disabled vet I had when -- appear a couple of years ago and -- missing one -- missing part of his style mug. -- that is blocked. I grafted onto it because it was almost destroyed. And on and on and on. What would you say to them what would you say the elderly were put in cat food on the table. More reasons to implement. Don't pitchers -- security you don't do that you disability -- Unfortunately into -- mr. I'm -- You -- call until -- the country is in dire -- specifically -- there's intro. Was real. First all in this appeals thing. -- -- also viewed so you'd say get over suck it up. I won't know almost -- get over ought to separate and it coordinator country's -- would you say. I think it to countries and terrible critical strict. How is that. How important it tells you how is that any different. Then I don't have an answer for you come to resume ventured you gonna go through it. Under the answer to computer to countries about physical box checked. And. I'm sorry in other words you're you're -- tigers but this is the answer I -- this is an answer again and I think it's a government. Quite frankly. We in that we had -- pre Katrina. We spent years in this state knowing what was wrong. But the demo don'ts and the Republicans. All of their -- lots of created a liberal Obama conservative. Was much more important. Than solving the problem. An hour long wait a long came Katrina and what happened. The disabled got wiped out. -- corps -- -- point to the elderly got wiped out. The upper middle class and -- glance. -- somewhat but not real bad look like the rest. And then everything got better. It here it is not. Everything racing isn't quite done it's all about wiped out in better. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Levy boards are Levy boards got wiped out. The district attorney government. We got a new police shoot we got new legislators. We pass new laws we eliminated. A lot. What to do stupid clubs fought for. And we and we rebuilt. We had to do it differently. Goodwin and the majorities. So. I'm saying. The watchers say it's ahead. That the elderly disabled. And etc. may go through this number one. Call your church. Number true. Look at these two parties. Today digitally. Today it -- to. Nobody else liberals and conservatives. Did to. Republicans in dim and don't did it today. Independence. Would have found -- way. To solve problems by accepting paying. -- Katrina. To get to a better place. I'm attorney -- to Leo and this is your legal minute in any personal injury case you only deserve compensation if you can prove you're injured. Well what happens when you were already suffering from an injury when someone's negligence makes it worse. -- the victim get nothing. Under Louisiana law of the person who causes an accident takes his victim as he finds him. That means that someone isn't a fragile or weakened condition to begin with and if an injury causes them greater harm than the same injury would cause -- healthy person. The wrongdoers still buys that injury. Also he is responsible for the aggravation of any preexisting condition to the degree he makes the condition worse. Sometimes that's difficult to prove and you'll need an experienced lawyer to do so for more information you can email me visit my website Greg do Leo dot com that's Greg -- Leo DI LC IO dot com. With offices in New Orleans or call me at 5223456. That's 5223456. How the -- in this economic and political climate. Can business and make money. Well I've got to parameters. -- have a product that works call me crazy but a buy something wanted to work but just as important to me in fact a little bit more. Surface and service people. Unlike people in my home but I can't trust. I don't like people my home they're sloppy. Don't clean up smoking cigarettes you name. Well there's one company that I represented. -- antithesis of that national air. They've represented either trained units you know towards something trillion. Not only do we have tremendous. Products in tremendous service. They're exceptionally good people work ethic like I've never seen now here's what to do. If you're gonna unit air conditioning heating unit and ensuing years or older they're bringing to 22 year train system. Truly can save -- up to 60%. All that money you threw out the window. Then. Only up to August 30% this year there's a deadline. Of political hero broke. They've participated in the -- rebate program. Can save you up to 3000. Dollars -- the cause of the new unit. Mr. mundane junior parts liberal Warren to -- that's about an 800 dollar value. Better Business Bureau rating AAA. Totally agree but because -- thing we can -- talked him in person national -- Six they won 20/20. Six they've won 20/20. The think tank with Garland Robinette on WWL AM FM and dot com. Who's talking sports leader Bible forward through 60187. The 4668890. Wait seventy. He's. Hank -- Think it's ever gonna happen I don't think that they -- just not start an out these checks Social Security checks that I have a question aren't and there's a money each. That this same generation of people put in themselves the -- and I get paid back something more. And what is rightfully theirs to begin random all right Paramount long. No absolutely in fact I was talking to your Social Security representative and Purcell and also what do you guys Colin entitlement -- entitlement. It's my money -- put into it. Venom and welcomed a son and entitlement to immunity is I'm entitled get a bird and been given to me uprooting their -- The problem is getting there are no more it's -- I hear -- I hear you Al I'm gonna make two comments like whole issue of Mac and a half bench eating out by all the people who -- leave their homes they were it's been funded Medicaid. I just say that they all that try to learn what they're gonna do it at all people put them on a street corner. I -- no way. That's society we used to be in the gonna tolerate watch and that levels -- -- actually but it just put these elderly people out on. You know. I howl -- I think you're I think -- writer with the short term. I don't expect these -- -- -- soon they'll they'll come Nablus some conduct. Cockamamie deal took -- good news they came to their base by August 2. But long term. Medicare going broke militants could not -- were deliberately went. Now if we go broken there's no money did you live -- through Katrina. You -- these poor people using the elderly you see you disable no please ago. And now are volatile northern win. Giuliani turned his commuter sooners and labor and neighbors. And I think. If these two clubs. Or destroyed. If we don't have some kind of different movement. That solve problems. -- sort of plays politics. I think it will happen and take era. Along let me answer that Colin you know that was an eighty billion dollars that we get with help -- -- into Pakistan like we're just not paying them anymore right now -- -- -- -- And that money back end it. Yeah it's a good -- -- yesterday ahead of Pretoria thought. Whom we found out via Afghanistan and Iraq. Death is about one trillion it to -- four point four trillion so I had this economy and has since how can we -- the war. Andy said because it's only 1%. Of our GDP it. And if we bring it home. It's a nominee we're gonna have. Is just what it would spend. So even that doesn't it. Percent of the GDP the American GDP yeah. Yes so another words. The big problem. Barack or. They Iraq War cost more money than any other America. Number we're at according to aren't Judy pretty it's fractured. Doesn't make much different. There's no I don't athlete I think that it was it is -- I don't think it was when brushed -- off but. They stripped over the -- Another Conan was but -- event computes -- economist open dummy that's who -- -- blessed common red. Right now you're in the think tank with Garland Robinette on WWL AM FM and dot com. News talk and sports leader. And this person very. Concerned when we come out. Governor bill opinion poll pretty opinion -- six -- -- percent of Americans say they're raising against raising his debt ceiling. If President Obama -- and outs of security checks disability checks veterans' checks -- you four against raising the debt. 52%. Majority of it against. I just run -- -- political analyst. How can conservatives. Go nuts. Ever -- we talk about cutting through security Medicare Medicaid. Believe or something. That might be caused him not to get. And said it's simply don't believe anything. President Barack Obama does spot coming up next. Well we're gonna leave the the opinion -- alone and talk about that Rick semen. Is gonna -- a board member of the national veterans foundation and he's a disabled veteran. A combat veteran come from Vietnam he's gonna tell us what what he thinks about this because veterans' checks a lot of things that were mentioned and then we're gonna talk about. What does the government do for you every day and what are you prepared to give up and what should they give up look listen and that's true. Spent mostly I want to hear that well they do a lot of stuff you know major drill. Here's what people or I'll give this up -- of the new ground here what else and I am -- problem -- -- -- -- about homework because there's.