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George Barasich, Billy Nungesser, & Craig Taffaro

Jul 27, 2011|

BP spent millions of advertising dollars to tell Gulf residents what a wonderful job they're doing and how much they care. Critics say the payments are slow and sometimes non-existent. Garland is in the Think Tank with the President of the United Commercial Fisherman's Association George Barasich, Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser, and St. Benard Parish President Craig Taffaro to better understand what's going on.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Sports leader. Okay -- seventy WW. WWL. And have them at 1053. -- should go to climb inside Garland thing. Or 260187. Do you. Or 66889. Only seventy. Here's Garland. I gotta admit every candidate the DP actually those can. -- -- No recovery -- including. Paint peeling them really heard about what your community your individual homework I hit tissue where it's 82 do you article. In the era of the prune -- storage. -- -- -- And Robert temple. Once believed the television commercials black oil dri BP. The promise to knew He could write to more than a year after the spill can impose still waiting for for payment. The who's who's supposedly twenty billion dollar foreign. They had offered him was and 13 what do you request it and He doesn't even know what I know this aboard -- yet. He's filed documents with the -- and showing you harvested. 309000. No group or its shares in 2008. 200 to 2002000. Not. The big. 41400. Now a member 309000. Turned to 2000 He gets. 41 to. One of his death camp and received. 75. Unknown that was paid forty ninth out. Both more. Than his payout. Even though He owns about. Serves as -- own. Lewis who won big government which are used to be on the ground. The question I ask -- Okay. Did you -- system we're. Still getting these calls. But let's see if there's anything to it. We're expecting -- Craig to -- Jordan as single or parish presidents in the meeting right now -- -- gets out. Or go to George -- -- toward the president united commercial fisherman association. George welcome back to the show. We're gonna look like you're much in building -- dancer who haven't had chance to drive non -- over six months Blackmon fair resident. -- -- -- -- I'm doing great good to -- He had yet or are you sleeping these days. We know all mom notre. -- thought. -- really an average -- out and stated that big state you know you on funeral home animal again you know you don't remember what sleep Billy let me let me talk groups are -- Deep tells me in their -- We're making it right how might do the -- -- memorabilia. I gotta tell you what we first brought the issue the oyster beds up. Can't bombard seem to listen. We got a team together He gets some experts toys to Fisher sat down some of them got. What they -- fair. And it seemed like it'd -- there. And then start to get blamed himself and direct became -- are some people would call me and say thanks bill that we got our check. And ultimately it would get it get there it just seemed like you know. We can't get this thing where we -- -- true. And and it has some interest actually these people. -- -- I don't get a partial pavement. And don't get an -- to walk and and it's frustrating and it's good so. It -- team like this late in game they should be able sit at the table. And -- yeah -- no look at me -- tell the truth and not happen. He George birds are journalists are reduce US suited to your article in wrong and you produce -- documents over suits. Sure you lost 200000. And they offered you 25000. It would it would just it would it he'd been trotted -- -- of the kind of accident or the way it worked out. In a mama and educator by real quick you gave them all information you needed. And as well you know about one -- -- become a lose money next posters for years -- -- some information. Look at not all of it. -- They calculated with steak sticking your projected income military not that you had with a trip they -- her watch again except without a little stock. Alright it didn't take -- -- William Bennett Cheadle while they open every thought that they can Jews and then -- cap -- that they thought you'll all watch. Attacked -- qualified to -- tool for which over the history that was all. -- -- -- all of port town heroes don't there'll be Italian hero though they're told they hate you can't account and six month payment but it -- that. So and their eyes if you -- there's a money back. Wait eight. Manipulated the figures but the problem luck and -- all my little remote -- let's follow a big capable of my general. I kick -- out -- or they'll put another -- -- a little bit about it. They'll -- -- and I wonder about I -- I need to arithmetic they have to prop. The and Hillary doesn't take a break moment when we come back to a computer news comes solution to our bones look push sitting marrying you. Send an. Five billion dollars in claims. Over 200000. Claimants. Largest failed effort in the United States history. Right illnesses can fund birds and they're doing even BP. Are doing a fine job and we just got a couple of crumbs two. Scrape up or. Isn't a much bigger problem. Give me call 2601872. Over here anywhere in the country 866890. -- -- Garland rather have would be if we call it the thing tech news was dubbed Tokyo. It's Garland Robinette a think tank on WWL AM FM and -- TV news talking sports leader 50426018748668890. -- seventy. All right we all remember who BP had successes we're doing the right thing. USA today yesterday had distorted that kind of contradicts that they talk about her number. Of people involved in the your golf insurance business. One in particular will fixed. Profits or not profits. Filed documents showing money harvested and we have orchards over the last couple years. One -- worse. 309000. Next year which 252000. And Kenneth Feinberg and BP fund twenty million dollar. Many people and Gulf Coast claims facility. -- offering 41000. Goosen. Vs 30250000. Men and may have more like this in the article. Sort of a number of parish presidents and represented to improve -- commercial fisherman on the line with -- to talk about the current status. Craig apparel has just -- -- Saint Bernard president. Craig -- joining yes. -- -- -- -- -- -- you're there design engineer may actually glad to be with you no good what what's the current status. Of the polling -- and -- Gulf Coast claims facility BP itself. Well -- the claims facility that's located at saint Bernard parish is news is still operational. But no real structural. Changes have taken place there. Which is and our our request all along news is that really than those outreach offices there are nothing more than information gathering. With so the decisions are still being made. Away from the areas and the people who are most impacted. So we -- with the result of that is. Many fishermen still have not been able to achieve. What they consider to be fair settlement. -- in terms of their final settlement or in many cases enough in the interim payments. To keep them going. I would think Jerusalem comments and two members -- for the B commercial. Residential real loosely whether big banking of the stocks or whatever. In your company would figures that show this in twenty caused me. To lose hundreds of thousands of dollars and it's so weird take take 40000. Army. I would I would say why. Or are you doing something this ridiculous. What happens. When the official -- in the -- present it's so good BP's secure in the -- The firebird the shouldn't make any sense. -- we we are told that we're we're not understanding the whole the whole picture. And let me of the city. And something you're not -- one I don't wanna beat up on Ken Feinberg but let me say what what my concerns are. Is that we've consistently. Been told that mr. Feinberg is an independent broker to deal with this. Crisis and to get the money to the people that need it the most well that's not a true statement He he's an agent of BP. And as such. A BP. Although they don't have their hands directly in the meetings. That's where his funding comes from that's where his patent his salary comes book. So we've we've Baxter and actually put put the request in. Let us put people in the local office that can help that the claims adjusters understands what's the real claim what's not a real claim. Not because we want to dictate the process but because. They really don't have an idea of what's the real claims -- from commercial fisherman walks in verses. Bartender. Verses say Home Depot The Home Depot employee verses the restaurant worker. They're not they're not having any success. At understanding what they real claim push someone who's directly impacted vs who's not. Continuously. Take change and formula to change in how he's going to distribute the money most recently talked about -- -- fisherman. More -- recently. You know we've had a a reversal twice on whether or not. Oyster fisherman can make the claim that they -- that we're damaged. He originally said He thinks that the legitimate claim well -- that word if that with a case that would allow oyster fisherman actually. Now receive payment to route to do something that's vitally important that it received their grounds many of them having to do that on their own right now. But they can't get that -- back so to choose to ask your question. The problem with in my eyes Garland is that. There's the problem solvers in the decision makers or too far removed from the actual impacted area. So I'm against proved what you're talking about in the US -- their article on. Horseshoe men and made virtually 500000. Dollars from more than that what was -- When you screw over to your period they are pretty important 1000 in losses. And his decade and one of his -- as mid 75000. -- the 1049000. More. Then they offered the boat owner that's who just. What you're saying is true to word the prizes is set up -- don't have any judge you wanna correct claim it is or a valid claim that is. That's in my opinion that's accurate. Billy none guessing you've seen in the same thing. I don't like to get declining number do we get off the air. M I'll send outset a bunch of direct began on -- -- -- -- Maybe fifth He had gotten a full payment solidly out legal defense that in for him and He would kind of response we get. And in any you know in. -- it has great access it seemed like good people that are it'll it. Disconnected. Eagle some of the people just like we had the problem that the Katrina. Some people really -- to help the people. And some people will get that job and there's no set standard. That notion that what you eight entering these people whether they audio or not and if they're not why not. And and why it -- quite different from the back. -- and that's the most. Our free then you hear these stories of people at great recordings. And the aunt and an outlook people are desperately need your commanding. And it just being there. Gentlemen Libya bring in some of the call him go for a lose all of middle school in America. -- -- -- -- If I have three question. But people. Two look at the time. A mobile -- Did He ever get involved muddied by hate signed up completed. And I couldn't do it too much that I do both to give money put so much. -- The -- anybody know anything about them. The money that we give give for the six region. Completed. Com we did we did not do any further once. Some little quietly as they put on on the armed. War that we had to bring a mature from so far away it drove the cost out. Hopefully can from the coastal restoration money we will which it will continue that projects. And and and extend across more coastal Louisiana. Yeah and then I'll add to that Mary oh we have. 65 million dollars actually allocated in the in the early restoration. Projects that. Really -- basically in front of BP right now for them to approve. There -- one billion dollars. BP has has waved around in the media that they've made such a great commitment. I'm not one single dollar of those projects has been released yet. -- -- go to Mike Mike -- whether Craig billion George. -- Don't -- -- -- are doing and gentlemen. -- mean what what can be done Georgia all on its store review I mean. If we've got twenty billion out there in the phone five billion measurements -- And we still all they have all these disparities and we're gonna. -- -- industry on the -- is Kurt -- believes soon cue from present a -- and more where do we go from here short. Christine you gotta do is get people like like my back I buy their olympians who do represent the industry to a certain extent. It's sacred answer the commercial freshman they can't say they're being everything's it's not. Look at the commercial fishing and 85%. What do network but all that in real -- organization. 80% of global being held out keep the occasion they. That's overwhelming majority stumbled won the first and we can do we ask mr. Feinberg a dual premiership season. Year -- complaint process this failed critically. Please help -- a -- yet we -- helping you understand our industry but don't take as few as a subsidy for the truck. Right out of the industry was shut down even before they close the season. Because we could not that He can dockside price plus trail that make -- -- Her last trip ahead at 32 boxes applauded fifty which is that he's astonished. All making it would not accept. I think age pensions that the -- to comedy. So if she doesn't give a substantive Sheppard -- people it's gonna collapse books -- exceed. I enjoy -- minute you know holder for another five ministers are more here from billion Craig is what they're going can be done in their. All right. Come right back what we're debating news the baby thing. Except for the people who were affected by it is kind of faded to in memory and an action but. We're sourcing news stories now we're seeing a lot of notes -- the soup rooted in free use student ruptured. Because wherever hard time convincing the rest of the country bettors who -- safe. Talking to a parish presidents. Talking to present new book commercial fisherman association. And on and -- love to hear from some of you fisherman also. And usually when coming up next governor audio Carlin -- and I would call it the thing that. Because you can afford to -- Can't afford not to listen the news talk in sports leader. 8871053. WWL have and WWL dot com. We all remember here BP oil adds. That should we knew who meant to write in their own serve the local Louisiana him that says everything is hunky dory or we're -- story neurosurgeon -- I got. Five other one come from a foreign newspaper in fact. I'm talking about compact which boldly. Every twenty billion dollar BP fund in what's called the Gulf Coast claims facility. And taking care of by Ken Feinberg the Euro overseer. And it's the same time we've got to -- multiple looks and the report which. Of people that have. Not just go -- and -- I gotta claim love they've they've got to lose seats they've got the documents. That show they made. Hundreds of thousand dollars running Nordstrom vote in one year. NBD turned round and or Feinberg or both. Turned around and offer some 40000 dollars even this decade and make more money. So we're talking about two a little follow -- story on just. How good or those commercials -- how truthful are there. Purgatory Duperreault surrender -- Paris president plaque whose parish president Billy non filtered George -- message president there are united commercial fisherman sort of solution. A -- and I still have a couple more question for you need steals more time but we also have Colbert really brings some of immune. Unlike your back. Your own with three billion short. Think you're gonna pick -- much portrait why why is there not a unbiased. Overseer of this -- -- distributing your money and any any entity government or or personal person. Quiet air out only once but we're BP you Kurtz in K old abuse occurs to dole out this morning. Yet debts from the beginning and why did the federal government defend BP. Through this whole thing cannot stand up for the people. Of this country and that's been you know what a lot of great men and women the Coast Guard. But they're actually out there. Protecting BP. Instead of cleaning up the mess and make it right and the same thing in the growing pot seizure obsolete right. The federal government should -- should look. Put the money ERM. And we'll be distributed and we're gonna make sure you make it right now a lot of them that do it as they see fit. And that's been a problem it seemed like the federal government. Has been and that would BP from the very beginning. A -- -- -- my -- it's got very good question. Did you did Craig do George did anybody when your meeting with Feinberg say look. Takes a -- like George -- -- short somebody from his organization or multiple people from the organization. So even though -- people if whether or not you're you're doing this right wait at least have some -- at the table that has the expert. And the toilet. And and well I -- -- let -- -- automate -- -- and when women were members who would do. Let's get a mineral. And it's been brought into question quote crossed -- road to disguise any -- tell you it could create a -- not. And the economy give -- that what you're either gonna chitchat there. -- -- why you -- it pretty. And then comment if there's an appeal process. We call like that won't NKK commit coupled import. It is unthinkable these people are gonna go to risk free and clear that Powell would have gotten in the way. Back. Garland -- and I can answered. Pretty specifically on that and then. The reason this is Craig I was pregnant girl and the reason the reason BP is in the driver's seat is because they -- language allows them to be. -- these these statutes. Others. Blog that they govern the language opened for the oil pollution act and that we that we guide to what what goes on and unfortunately those laws were written. In response to Alaska. And -- then about these -- when really what we need to have is an update of the of the legislation. That that takes that takes the control like Mike is asking for. What we have said it there should be an independent body that says this is -- the estimated cost of these damages are. This is what needs to be paid out until. As George said until everything gets straightened out we need to we need to at least take care of those people who have been directly impacted. And figure out along the way people while they're figuring it out. They need to directly to compensate the people and these commercial fisherman who were being damaged. George dude you're say upon birth date on what -- people on board. We have immediate pull the bill leading that this -- -- and -- don't like you eleven point reporter how to do it right. And it also in my certain minority Soviet shall we are -- -- it hard to return from back through a concern you missed the point completely. And that's been that's been the case over and over and that that's exactly what has happened over and over. That that eight and again even in this one billion dollars that it would that that BP is his put. Ford says as early restoration down payment. Not a single dollar can be spent and would be peace signs off and improves on every dollar that's going to be spent. And they you will negotiate what kind of credit they get on every project so again they have. They've manipulated beat the system because the law allows them to. Because otherwise it's simply. -- they litigious issue we go to court and it takes ten years to get through court process. And that's with the legislature and allow -- now so that's where the change has to be the change Kathy has been. Be put in place in the legislation. That forces the responsible party. Different than during a federal disaster. Responsible party in this case had to be made city to make those damaged individuals hole on the front end and not the back. All right looks sort of Venice and Dublin are Devlin -- women. They call it -- I am actually currently embroiled in the process and I gotta tell you didn't really disturbing I had my interim claim offer bella and -- about three weeks ago. And they offered me hair. Eight total 033%. Of what I was asking for. They they claimed. That I should have been able to see. 67%. Of my expenses. Which is why they came to that number. Now I'm in the charter fishing doesn't eat my expenses are my vote. My insurance. Mark Cuban and perhaps my extra source Dexter. So I'm not sure how you come up with that cycle and I asked to speak to one of the accountants. Mitchell maybe three days. Thirteen days later I called back consider AM to win on the call what that gets you when they get to you. Base seventeen out on the got a call did completely hand. Spoke to him and explain to him that my expenses were fixed and so what that you told them before. Well. These first time Saturday and I saw him at an explanation when all my expenses were and I gave them to where years of actions. -- problem you know not one of the larger operations down -- so you know we're talking what what is relatively serious flooding. You know air and the title well. You should cut out the boats. Well the boats or or my expense and I'm and that's how we make our living well -- and you -- lost. Well no I your whole. Shorter fisherman in the said the boat you can look at that's correct. And what you guys are against big government. -- mean we're all of. Get desperate gentlemen please took office and leave -- number in this claim number and I'm gonna call -- Barbara partially. And all our report appeal on this specific complaint. And let's see what He tells me. Guess you're quite enough -- -- -- on the -- all those. -- -- -- -- thought 04. And leave that informational with my secretary. And I'm gonna personally called for a buck and I would get it. Look back Peter show and let you know the answer right you don't you claim because I know who that is that I know what he's talking about and it's absolutely -- Dick. Really give us a number one part of it that your -- -- Or. 2464. Yard on guys who would move from one -- because I didn't get a chance they'll school -- little. What do we do governor of the -- right back. The think tank with Garland Robinette on WWL AMF famine dot com -- news talk and sports leader. 50426018748668890. Wait seventy. Well you've been listening for the oil lamps are I don't think you get did you leave you would be deep commercial when they say. We're concerned about what happened we -- particular review we've heard of me can -- -- Doesn't sound like that we've got to believe none -- Plug Rivera president get pretty Duperreault with the Saban or present and go Jorge -- -- present united commercial fisherman association. And Richard subcontractor hang around Richard come right you're the person one -- question I have for -- George. Well yeah. More than we do everything I've read says. You -- not being made whole. After this thing was done to you. Know we got a country abundantly obvious it would save -- We're here. To -- efficiently we gotta get into poverty comeback can develop a program where we -- -- compensated number one. Outside right now -- is steadily by Billy -- -- Bluetooth audio want to take everybody to each can't take everybody wanted to top. The other development program where the real efficient. Don't even on the the vibration at 200000 people -- that's what it's -- claim. -- that real fish you don't Cheney George bowers is just our -- Campos taken a point about about these people. We're historically been if ought to get be -- their fourth generation. Old people got decapitated or what really lost Alex or his. We got to this week we have to get out there and show that the seafood is still good until that happens we're not gonna get it right short track. They'll let -- live -- -- Lou let me give you a couple of can you tell me who -- -- right. Convincing Feinberg to come back and -- the right way you are meeting looking pretty. Which when you think the there a possibility. It felt like yeah events and then I knew that was the best and the options -- Craig who what do we do. Well I think it's it's it's a couple of different two years of approaches here one. There's no doubt that what should be established and that is that Feinberg -- should be abolished. And an independent group. That and that includes. Local experts on on the fishing community to commercial fishing industry. Should be established. To do nothing but. Put enough money into the into the work. Our revenue stream of those commercial -- to keep the industrialised. And take that first. Second we need the federal government to actually step in and do something that proactive we act for this a year ago. Take dictate what's safe you have FDA saying it's safe you have that -- -- the know as saying if they give by the testing agents are. Saying it's safe. Hate the gulf seafood. And integrated into the school cafeterias across the country. Now you now you have the federal government who's saying it's all saved we know the testing is safe. We know that in the commercial fisherman -- are going to deliver a sub standard product. Now -- the mindset of the American public. Now starts to starts to unravel I would not being safe and that the consumption goes up. If we can do that we have to both questions. Because if we increase the consumption across the country now the commercial fisherman can go back to having a market that they can harvest the cells do. -- you sound like a great idea of somebody who would listen Richard you're on governor veto preachers. They -- Bradley garments and things and thank you also are taking this topic and putting -- here we should actually be doing this every day. -- and perhaps it will story about me what happened I'm I was sub contractor from aren't what they hear it's almost -- happen. We haven't. But -- I don't know over the contract they were signed. But different hotels and restaurants to offer service which is on slip resistant -- treatments before. And I got an 181000 dollar emergency claim foreign. That they awarding. And I also will offer -- final claim which is. 24000 which we left in the -- -- don't know that I lost just in commissions. And to this date -- -- the -- -- -- out of subcontractor but the owner deployed to this date still have erupting between -- Don't explain. Now. I think what we've heard today there's probably no explanation no -- twelve more car. Only throws open up GMAC if confirmed as you know what we ask a question. -- -- -- twenty billion. We're just about at the end I think the first Bob billion. Once said that they've allocated a billion a year for the next four years. Other aced all of because they want they don't want that to reallocate that money and they -- -- not exceed the five billion until Mac -- when they -- neck. So that their kids fall on it and I don't know if that's true and -- always felt like -- actually it. And -- that's true that's that's criminal would go and several people live them venture that is to wait. DP it's set up the money to be distributed. A billion over four year period. And they have -- exceeded what they thought they would in this timeframe in and there are gonna stop emerge. Here yeah yeah -- confirmed that it. That makes sense we're for a halfway Doherty. Run out of time unfortunately the gentlemen have always say you're gonna play a form of millions -- pollution and and it's yours when every Anita Jorge Perez should show -- none desert prelude to -- thank you for joining. Thank you great great I appreciate it. Thank you -- and this double -- -- coming back. -- -- -- -- we talk about. Were fined thousands homeless veterans. Produces revenue up Leo we called this thing -- another -- -- 7 -- 1053.