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Saints press conference with Jonathan Vilma, Drew Brees, and Sean Payton

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Several teams but -- notably yesterday evening it seemed like the Chicago Bears and make -- -- push chip on his back to -- two year deal. The Saints have also come to terms with three rookies. Of this six rookie draft class this past that April. Including make policy great Ramirez and Johnny Patrick and have them lose you some young goes to the Cleveland Browns he's DelHomme a New Orleans saint. And really -- Leo goes to the Minnesota Vikings and other top news in the National Football League. Steve Breaston though the Arizona Cardinals why receiving go to the Kansas City Chiefs a five year deal. The Redskins have made a trade with New England that this in trouble defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth to the Patriots fourth fifth round pick. And quarterback Kevin Cobb from Philadelphia He goes to Arizona. -- that trade goes down and they get in exchange Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. And a second round pick. 26018786688908. Simply using them but it didn't call him. With the -- He can't get by being a -- -- some big news around the National Football League with -- here in these points. The biggest one obviously was the Saints keeping Reggie Bush at the Miami Dolphins. Mika look at it right now. That Atlanta is as frugal line -- the news maybe more concern. I'll lose in -- I doubt that Vikings. I think no matter what He did -- via an appreciated I think kind of like a Scott Shanle. But I'll look forward to him in the rotation which on -- is Sedrick Ellis and now that's not going to be the case you look at big question now go on at the camp. But you didn't have Ortiz and -- cans what kind of shape. Well defense to tackle Shaun Rogers the -- he's hell he's well on that if he's -- shape he's that b.'s mean as good as again it. You know. You know victory from the Redskins and Patriots. And you know and in that potential catastrophe it. I don't know you -- coach Belichick would be it would Randy Moss and that you think you might go to handle handler and so I don't know these big guys kind of feast or famine but they've been in shape and you know we had John I think when. Jahri Evans Carlton -- talk -- -- -- morning India at the end to tackle and they played the Browns. That's on Rodgers was a piece so hopefully brings that to the table when I think a lot of it's gonna be you know Bill Johnson. Who has that they sign him -- You know lock out in Matta -- one time so He really doesn't know where he's at right now so. Is -- Aniston from that port. I think because now that having Reggie Bush in the stable of running backs what kind of how was running back Chris Ivory surgically repaired foot how's that coming all. Because he's part of this three headed monster actually believe -- Pierre Thomas. And and obviously Mark Ingram. Now the -- and at times to Q had this out here now. -- -- speculating this will star receiver Marcus Colston holed out from camp. Now not now be interest in and you say oh hold out and he's been away from football it's all about leverage I mean look look DeSean Jackson with the Eagles. Same type of scenario Chris Johnson. Who arguably have not won them at two top two running backs at Tennessee ties that He might be holed an out but would you say -- and a distinct from the holdout comparison but would you say the -- DeSean Jackson he's -- it. Make that's 6000 dollars and the numbers He had that's a lot of production. For that Sam yet yet yet that it yet he's gonna have to justify. And and plus -- approach. And I think calls to people would be smart and that his contract will expire after the 2011 season. You know if He produces he's gonna get taking care of like Drew Brees you know those are key players even after this year. Going into the of 2012 season Drew Brees. Tracy Porter mark physicals that Robert Eaton take what the meant that a team. Everyone remembered forever -- Tracy Porter. You know the it would interception return to solidify that a world championship. And -- deacon and there's a number of things that welcomed the play about. You know injuries who's healthy in and all that. Could you -- -- a lot of times. What came about the offseason and you know offseason certainly look at Tracy Porter. He's expected to be healed from offseason knee surgery in time for the start of the regular season I can't necessarily. But the start of the regular season -- you got. You know that Robert Meachem and market cold -- they've fully recovered from their offseason surgeries you know now that's kind of handled things as of late. We don't know and poke it date is you know what the hell with some micro fracture surgery. -- -- and He will they drill little holes and helps the healing process. But. You know according to. When you look at Robert Meachem trainer. According to at sonic boom. Is that a Meachem is in better shape than he's ever in any year that he's never been. In -- uniforms so that's promises that those little things going to be look at that. When the practices full -- Really the opposite from August 4 going forward into that you know first -- of the game is the 49ers. Who's actually out practicing full speed and where they are condition wise -- that's gonna tell a lot. Weary at as a team and I know one thing the in and this is very promising. Is that I believe. We have the most wins right now if I can remember. Right now the Saints have the most wins in the NFC in the last five years I think about it who's you know -- -- -- -- -- Well the last five years that Nolan is one more consistent in the New Orleans Saints. You know in the -- -- -- before we get to the -- please press conferences and the quarterback. On the move Kevin Kolb to Arizona thinker for that they have got a good bit Dominic rubbed his component is on around me and the stick around pretty. Yeah I think it's a way to win. Football teams now He He considered -- overall production production the of -- Kevin comment. You know if it I'm a look at his numbers and all that but He got a pretty good contract and pretty high number I want to see eighteen million maybe guarantee. And I mean you've ever played a whole season as a starter. He won the starting job last year He got knocked out the first game so. That's definitely based on potential. And Arizona so I guess right now starting quarterback ever since girl retired I think He definitely right pleased the right time. In in the benefiting from that and then Bobby you mentioned they're a -- going to Minnesota and you sound -- now a Cleveland now. Well you know that when you look at a fan bases -- fan base two things that come to mind would have Sami. -- -- maybe quite. Didn't live up to his potential maybe expectations. But He had the ability to -- play cornerback and safety. The negative play that I think people remember a morning everything. Was in all of us that He was pressed the service in this -- cornerback. Annie -- got burned by Pierre Garcon and that skinny polls. And and I explain that coverage that they'll play in an outlet some young -- stuff He was the Bulls that jam. The receiver. And -- release outside is yet outside leverage leading jam him within Roman Harper was able to stop this skinny polls. As they were playing and double team inside and out so thousand negatively. Peyton Manning it right at -- army on. Look like this of percentages. And -- a positive note the last year and He had definitely helped the Saints win this game. Was when you have a DeAngelo Williams going to the left side in the superdome. He -- the Angelo was about a three yard loss. And and if -- we looked at it film and if you can't tackle DeAngelo Williams. That's the -- about a 2530 yard gain and we ultimately Casey does in this field goals. And the Saints probably would've got upset by Carolina in the Super Eagles and Dallas. -- a highlight D'Angelo Williams making that tackle run support. But I would say just kind of average. Type scenario and I think what helped him is gonna help him in the future in the trials look at it that he's does have ability. That labeled cornerback antsy. We are awaiting -- -- introductory training camp press conference here at the Saints. Practice facility in the media room -- jam packed with the television radio print an immediate reporters here. We will hear from the Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma also Saints quarterback Drew Brees and we will hear from Saints coach Sean Payton. In this press conference we will have -- it's it parity in the that would would take your feedback and of course to based. On the news Spezza -- not gonna have curriculum was pleased volleys have enough hours at a date that always talk to us slap easily. I would think -- the does that matter that he's got that bit bigger -- to tribal work to put a but for the latest on Saints can't go to WW dot com. Without them that they think they traded Reggie Bush to the Miami Dolphins you know part of -- trade is Saints in exchange to say it's not -- -- mania. Also the -- you need to. If offensive tackle -- -- bush tried to -- two year deal. They have signed a three rookies agreed with you there at six draft picks in 2011 NFL draft any policy great -- and Johnny Patrick. And -- yeah I'm excited about Reggie because. We just thought the -- snapped out now -- But I of these guys so that -- -- something and yet to pull with that helped and it's almost like one of those you don't want me to go to Tampa -- Right but QTDs move them in BA it's more of which you return -- -- which. -- chip right in the -- cap right now that's and I think it is very similar hurt this analogy. And it's on network it makes it. You look Albert Hitler. I mean -- Well mean not evident that -- is obviously Z he's a TPC you know what -- QB in the unbelievable the best ever. If you really want that accountability. Well the rescue team that motivate this kind of player the because they can come back to bite you so with the Redskins protected themselves. Instead it just -- out condoms that's why Patriots get a patent to the rule was because of you familiar with a pats coach He was gonna go to the Eagles. And the -- get that sort of held that 1 am going to Eagles could be motivated. So that's why it worked out the tree with the pace I think very similar to Reggie Bush look at haven't been this salary cap and all the money they had. Not -- have to face Reggie twice. Where now you get something for -- work at a tree with the Dolphins at most you can see him. Once every four years our job on the adult Oilers Kubel hit vehicle was shot like -- -- Vegas the number on that. We talked about -- you know this offseason now. Thanks Phil for Detroit you know Ndamukong -- emaciated they would pick that nick fairly. And then you come by in the view of a Patriot the fans a rotation now with 700 pounds. Vince Wilfork and now happening with it hosted -- bit -- replace them have now would have Haynes -- and one would think if you -- play better if Colombia and link it. If they get to give. Let me give it Randy Moss the I mean that they look would've been -- to Patriots but we points it is stopping the run yes and that's that bill Belichick's take you know like. I think I can motivate his guy very similar to Randy Moss. And now become even though. You know people kind of look at it with that Jets that could it do. That I'd say not so fast now I think if the Jets. Can land not salon at the cornerback. I -- -- the Raiders. -- you got to shut down corners and I don't think that's instantly see who has that and it's. It and everyone motivated and healthy playing in a high level. Well that Patriots Jets matchup and they they love and that in the northeast -- they would know that that happen. It's like move counter move me out again we are awaiting the starting of the opening press conference opened up training camp 2011. -- and -- All Saints. Will carry all the process and there aren't tidy Saints quarterback Drew Brees climb back at Jonathan Vilma. And Saints coach -- -- will be addressing the media. Momentarily for the latest on Saints camp coverage and also to saint goodies go to WWL dot com what's in top news they -- -- Reggie Bush to the Miami Dolphins. In exchange for safety that many of the Saints have also re sign it jump on the Busch truck left tackle to the two year deal. And they agreed to terms with three of their six rookie draft choices they both see great Rivera's and Johnny Patrick to saint on the move. You summary on ghost of the Cleveland Browns and maybe eight they'll go to the Minnesota Vikings happens -- the NFL with five and I just comment on the Redskins have. Traded away defensive tackle Albert -- to the New England Patriots. Arizona Cardinals picked up Philadelphia quarterback Kevin Cobb and exchanged a Phillies keep Richie in the second they would defensive back Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. And a second round pick. And in other news the Kansas City Chiefs have upgraded their wide receiver -- to go along with. -- should target the wing pro day now get Steve Breaston a wide receiver from Arizona He coached Kansas City. In a five year deal. -- I think two signings that and I achieved. -- and ends and outs of every team and obviously you know we're not in Jacksonville. We're not at San Diego or Buffalo and you look at certain deals. I was shocked at this I don't know He was the activity must be. Eric Wedge at all yet this safeties 46 he's on the purchase I heard it become an elite safety He was paid like an elite safety. The Green or a five year forty million dollar deal that guarantees -- nineteen million. He's -- fourteen million this year including a thirteen million signing bonus I mean they got I mean it was the even at a Pro Bowl level He must be -- me. And then the other guys it surprised me and I know He was dealing with some injuries I think that the linebacker. Pals -- PR -- they would have -- name is from Penn State right in the bills besides what six year 45 million dollar deal. I mean that shows a lot of money they have a lot to spin. But. I just think that I've seen Eric -- and when He got paid that Roman Harper eighteen gotta love that kind of deal. You know it felt like -- -- -- -- and then all of a sudden you look a guy like errant lateral moves all on the bird to become elite safety. Mean Roman Harper wasn't a Pro Bowl and they -- it and He signed the forty million deal it dollar deal in nineteen million that guarantee so. What first to keep the mama and I seen at a similar. Roman Harper speaking got to kind of like that leverage and you look at them more. 2601878668890. -- -- the is the that we get him we always the thought of the press conferences here there will be real there will be coach on Peyton. It will be Drew Brees and Jonathan Vilma Wilson because that will speak the last -- all those press counters to dent in their entirety here. On WWL radio that at that we will take your feedback all all of the things that -- do that of course. Saints running back Reggie Bush being traded to the Miami Dolphins within the program will go to Miami speak to Jeff Darlington Dolphins beat writer of the Miami -- -- another member of our. Pro sports teams formal Saints offered to -- the course. He will join us and the 7 o'clock hour and of course would take your text and we'll also take. You emails as quick -- -- recipe chief at WW. Dot com will probably also -- to give -- kudos to the quick work to. On the key moments a -- done in a short amount time -- free agency you think what is happening. Resigning things or resigned to upon bush tried who you media as vocal to the top two priorities. And already half of those rookies in the full we have those six rookies crested at this page here and look at three of the six in the mix. Yet in -- and also -- kind of speculating. Outside linebacker. Went with tickle me real three to market will talk about that was a big -- innings on rod is a pre lockout. But you know three year deal with former Seattle Seahawks linebacker back -- linebacker Will Herring and I think a lot of that. Has to do and a lot of these signs if you look on the back in and how they can contribute inspection team that's been. Really this saints' Achilles he'll leave him in the one. It's doable is now disappointing. You know like at times the coverage units we used to where they've been ranked. But you look at -- twenty UB twenty years in the next month. Six -- three to a reported one pound He was primarily a nickle backer. The Seattle he's had seven career starts and you know he's not obviously it's an opportunity feasible with -- come here with the -- Compete possibly to an outside linebacker spots and and now we don't know what's gonna happen it would Scott Shanle and you know he's going into teams and Danny Clark and July Dunbar -- if you look at their playoff game the -- is pretty active He had five tackles and a pass defense against the saint. In an opening round then the next week you forced a fumble. In Seattle's a seeding in the playoff loss at Chicago. You know he's a fifth round draft pick on are not necessarily a household name it. If you keep coming here in -- provide depth and compete. At on special teams at a high level at Indianapolis team that agreed acquisition what does that -- brings what does it mean -- -- him. I would think I mean the look at it Will Herring and Scott Shanle -- to all American boys. And it looked like you do it if you daughter brought Immelman they would be excited. In they look well rounded so let's say Shanle is 31. He's 28 probably. He came at a discount compared to Scott Shanle -- I think. Realistically that's about reason why I think the in my it went that direction seeing the writing on the wall. That whether speculation whether it be to St. Louis Rams it's that it angles that Scott Shanle will probably get like that a contract in this thing too willing to offer -- -- the. Reggie Bush tree upheaval. Go down as one it's more talked about all time. But you know one thing it will we'll look at -- and not think only time to obviously we will put. We can do owns it does that does that he'll mind me Malone are hurt the Saints. Does say dig and help my candidacy killed my anymore does it hurt the Saints or from a standpoint who lose its effect people see. I don't think now -- on the -- not. I got on dumping it and is that it would you say that they would do operatives say it right so with the addition of Mark Ingram I think. You know you look how many opportunities how many touches and -- The got to -- there is a better scenario for Reggie -- in New Orleans Saints and he's not gonna have Drew Brees throwing and Miami. And He might want more touches between -- -- that -- mean he's getting gain yardage. You look at Miami and the past few years -- they've run the ball. Mean would you say between the tackles Eddie given the ball better Ronnie Brown or Ricky Williams. I don't think so. So I mean idea anyway I mean you know you can throw out there and you look at Miami and all the hype. It was maybe the more over hot -- hype guys that LeBron James or Reggie Bush in Miami. All right 260 I think the 86688. Theory that if you podium through a lot of people taken that and Wales that. Of course the -- with the -- -- -- it -- -- so we can now well if the ball before both things. And not the basketball -- thing Leo and I holding pen anyway but did everything that He is. Is that -- crime is still argue Arab eyes aren't the top five best players already Reggie Bush is not even. It'd make it we goes Saints linebackers Jonathan -- now stepping to the -- about here it's -- camp. And Jonathan will speak. Drew Brees and shown pretty. But He has -- You're pretty or not -- will be here. Went through injury situation happened. It's not about the business side and I think -- just -- Yeah I mean is -- time where. Everyone is happy you know excited to play football again I'm at the same time it's tough because we know that. Management front opposite make tough decisions and that's one of you know losing Reggie. I don't have -- three years has seen other things is capable of the ability He has. And you know it's tough when you lose when you guys on the news and only teammate but a friend off the field so. On things like day it is important that this. Suck it up and say it's part of the business and you know -- both with who we have. Yeah you know same situation I just found out he's someone to Cleveland and went to Minnesota. On nauseam that before and I know that of the I paid well to go there and I didn't do a great job on the -- great job for us the past three years in house here. -- -- you know -- suitable with them so these are guys that I'm especially close to we've been through good times and the bad times. You know sad to see them -- -- that put them in the careers. To start training wing. You can have some guys combat it if it dramatic sit out. With different pieces such activities start well. You know everyone is in the same boat and so all the teams are in the same situation solo the playing field is is eating enough for us. Well we're gonna try to do the best job responding and reacting to a situation. I'm I think that charm. Greg Williams those that do a good job getting a great game plan I'm -- great practice schedule going. While we while we deal with it and that's what we can do is deal with it. And we we got to look at is a positive find ways to get the young guys are in here give them some quality reps all of the -- are still sitting out. -- give -- a chance to get some place I'm at the same time it's going to be a learning process for myself. For drew not only physically but mentally. -- And what about what you did with them come to this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- spartans. Well other guys that got drafted. I was fortunate enough fluent in that brief window. To get their numbers from coach. Was there will give them called it amounted to -- with this and I don't think they're gonna miss a beat. I think that we had real good work they were there as much as they could be it's that we had about 80% attendance on from the rookies. You can -- that's about 90% attendance -- you know they're really into it excited ready to go. The biggest thing in and -- the most productive thing was the mental reps that they were getting not only in in the film room. On the field. You know and I was available 24/7 they called me ask you questions. Try to squeeze and -- -- -- So leading up into our training camp now. The drafting guys you know they can go until next week I think get a good base in the offseason to get ready for a we're about to do Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma addresses the media until Campillo will be -- radio. -- trophy coming into the -- -- Harold and every. You know I think it's of a man's man to be able to handle things He would handle. Not to mention injuries and He had to battle through as well. The scrutiny He was under being as you said Heisman Trophy winner things that went on a deal with USC and and still have to come out and perform. On so I think that. He Hannity and believe I think -- He did a great job when He knows his time. He made the most of it in you know you never saw an outburst you never saw him off fired back at the -- things like that. He handed it all in stride together a great job. -- -- Do you -- -- you -- -- or. It's not like He sure looked the you know we had a conditioning test we just finished that. And you know He was able run has been well he's also coming off surgery on don't know the guys that. And Matsui looks apart from the years. Let's practice -- you guys. I don't know I think that. What we've done a great job over the years is being able to regularly when when it. When what situation calls for us so weren't pads in his -- here and get after it. And we do that if word not in pads you know we take a step back and we focus more on -- on the mental reps I think. Will be same thing you know we're not gonna back off it goes with his in full pads have pads whatever it is we're gonna go until it's at least He backs is down slows down. I'm more not in pads obviously we're not into -- being crazy and we never wanna get one of our players are. But -- doing it to work him. Like you guys are you know coming back from a Super Bowl trying to defend it now you're a different situation. You -- compare contrast to maybe where you guys are right now. You know it is kind of hard to compare contrast that we've never been in this particular situation as far as the lockout. You know we get back -- Have about 2030 new faces and -- before I never got a chance to see him in OTA's and mini camp. Really don't know anything about it and other names if they can play ball -- not so. This situation is different game McNamee -- He doesn't mean. Just because he's too. The new guys the rookies are coming and try to make a mark. I'm at the same time as He says we're not we're not the champions we're not defending champs we're just like 31 of the thirty teams right now so. You know we want to take. Almost take a look back to when word on that run to the championship two Super Bowl and really take that mentality communion. -- I think the past two years we've seen real good progressing as far as the rankings if if you like looking at stats from Tony something of wars. We've improved -- pretty much every category statistically last year. So this year it's really about. You know it's almost like building a brand. You know -- Use the -- of Madonna speaking of breaking you know what you're gonna get across the world so when it -- want to have think of Saints defense you know to engage -- -- takeaways -- relentless going to the ball. I think we're starting to build that brand I was still working towards it. And what -- we won't do is take a step back. Next week easier. What are you. Mean I can't either we're obviously busy year not knowing who's going to be playing alongside you can't openings that really test case He got here yes. I don't think it's too weird you know -- -- it's about turnover. You know so is not for long in the NFL. I don't know what I am excited about his ID get a chance did He was pretty much all the linebackers. In the offseason. Got a chance to work with them in the offseason with a two lane. Some excited about that. Because I I pretty much know what to expect from a lot of guys -- because he's coming back injury toll on them are signed back with this. Oh fool's game -- some the other guys out here acting wise for me to hopefully get those guys back then as I said tour with Martinez and an eight. And -- but -- and so feel like we're gonna we're gonna have a good group of guys. I'm pretty excited I think Mike is in the bag if we do W -- sports thinks I'm back down and -- Macias look good immediately looked really did ran very well today. You know he's one of those guys he's got a He had maintains it is again heard He -- when He -- so hard day. He's there to Malcolm's about it games that we had to control his temple and practice again for the games. To build interest me Saints radio WW. Off home one of the few I like trying again I enjoy I enjoy -- actually so. Can wait to get back here with the guys we leaving them a great time so far -- been an attitude about. 23 hours and you know we did the running to split. We're trying to get back to -- as clueless as quickly as possible. In practice -- Very very competitive. -- -- veteran group we don't have new coaches have a new defense to install. None of that so. We we know. What to expect we know Greg is gonna call we know the blitzes -- those American actors and I think we're going to be very very competitive. I'd be very surprised if. You know around the league as far as respect. And the fan base than offended what the defense and feeling tired and often breath -- Ralston done. But with the biggest difference what you have to do isn't takeaways. What is -- run yet there's practically -- you know it's -- met that goal and -- week he's considered. -- -- -- You know take you know take a step back and looking at this season -- this past season that we had. I'm of course we can't -- blow -- as we wanted to in Seattle. I think. It is not any one thing -- takeaways sex and I think it's a combination of all alone and include timing you know we've -- those impact plays. Where as I said it was gonna build our brand over here as a a top notch defense so well you know when it's crunch time we need to make those plays. A perfect example Seattle and we need to stop. We don't give up six yard touchdown run and you know essentially to the game. I think that those are little things that we need to work on. And you know this is gonna come from. Again relentless attitude. Intensity what will that instilled in every play every down and actually crank it up a notch and you. Corporate. Have a lot of extra free time I treated. Patriots -- -- start on which we did so you know it was basically same offseason schedule take a couple of weeks off. On a six week program. Working out down in Miami came appeared to go to gays are version of OTAs and offseason workouts. Game took another week off. Went back to Miami worked -- foreigners six weeks in here. -- -- Well you know I hope that the the fans. Are not so and raised door. Dissatisfied with what's happening on that they don't wanna come back I hope that they they wanna come back and enjoy the game football. I think that the best thing we did was start on time from both sides making a point making it an issue to start on time where fans don't don't losers. Money whatever they spent always tickets you know come to watch us practice things like that taking time off work. Because at the end of -- it is with fans we we genuinely enjoy the fans and want them come -- so that you know they're not so disinterested that they don't. You've got organize your. Life. -- -- -- Yes very very much so. You know you looked across the league in yet teams ahead maybe Dolphins show up -- maybe defense show up. They had you know maybe three days four days a week -- And a as I say we were there for the for the whole thing when. Literally for a month of me half of June. We got to work outs and a install. Judy great job with the offense outstanding defense and again it was it was like status -- for -- as close as we could to get it. To where coaches were there -- -- it and then it was good to be. -- -- All right if He thinks I'm back Jonathan Vilma interest in the immediate aid saint camp in the few moments. Being a few moments from -- Drew Brees and then of course saint coat. Show on eight and He comes Saints quarterback drew breeze to the podium right now -- -- saint radio of the Tokyo press -- here think it deserves on the bill. That quarterback to bring. Well. You know obviously we had five great years here -- Reggie and you know I think this whole offseason obviously that's been a big topic. And I think you know in the end. You know obviously Reggie felt like maybe. The opportunity for him was was elsewhere and yeah obviously this is kind of an interest in time period here. During this very quick free agency where decisions. Are having to be made you know very quickly on both sides. You know obviously this is something we all -- all knew was coming here -- there's a possibility of coming in. You know obviously he's he's on his way elsewhere. And we wish him the best -- Hewitt it can change our relationship at all. You talk about I am not thinking about what He went through. Being in the lead coming out being so Harold -- height quick double high central figure out how to handle it just your perspective what -- saw from him whether yet you'll. We're pretty yet still to this day I'm not sure if there's a guy who's come in the league -- with more hype and expectations and Reggie Bush and that's been obviously a lot of that's a lot of pressure put on. A young young kid you know who came in two years old. You know obviously extremely athletic -- there's huge adjustment going from college to this level and you know I look at -- one of his best years. As a as a professional. Was back in 06 you know when He first came in and He had. You know Deuce McAllister -- in -- -- tour veteran guy who you can really look up to learn from and that was our 12 punch you know back and -- You know -- it's obviously with with all the controversy of late with all the USC stuff and I mean. I don't know if there's a guy who's been more under the microscope and Reggie. You know around this week. You know for a lot of reasons you're the last five years. I think it at times He he's handled it very well. You know I think other times it it was probably pretty overwhelming form. You know but I know we as his teammates just try to be as supportive as possible. And you know when I look at the five years with him you know -- and we had some we had some great. Times and we had we had some great games some great moments and he'll always be a part of what we accomplished here. In these in these first five years -- and that's Super Bowl. Victory you know a year ago so. You know. Maybe I think the expectations with a player like him for him and for. You know vote in the NFL and and for New Orleans was a draft the guy second in the draft you know he's going to be here forever. You know and unfortunately. In this league there's there's a lot of turnover you know and for whatever reason. You guys see opportunities elsewhere or the other contracts. You know isn't quite which you hope for expected and you guys move on him and you know that's. That's just what you have to deal with at times state quarterback Drew Brees addressed the media here it's very very very excited bragging -- You know for me. Obviously them on very tight with with -- tire receiver -- But I'd say especially -- you know in the fact that when I first got here in 06 lance was practiced it. You know and and -- of watch this guy you know grow and develop them. -- become one of the better receivers in this league and certainly contributions he's made for our team. Here over the last few years especially have been. Pretty remarkable. And so I know to be part of this offense He is and and really just what highly respected guy He is in the locker room and the road he's traveled to get to where he's at. Is. Guys like that deserve. You know the best they deserve to be compensated they deserve good things happen to him and I'm glad to see that happen for him. Is it changing. Quickly as we -- here it looks like the -- pretty much everything leading. Still some balls up in the air on via how does that change of what's happened tomorrow evening practice change your approach anyway. That it doesn't change my approach other than you there might be some young guys in positions that haven't been there before getting significant erection or maybe year. You miss him and -- two on the offensive line an organist and some guys in the secondary. So. As you look at it you know you just understand that you don't have all the pieces of the puzzle there yet but this is. You know. Were on the fat or on the fast right now you know to -- -- fifteen days out before first pre season game. Obviously. We understand that the main objective is to be ready to play our best football come September -- we have to travel to Green Bay. But between now and then I think it's just a process of every day getting through all the install. Getting the young guys reps that need them you know we're gonna potentially play significant roles on this team. You know next week once we get all the free agency and everything else then I think the competition really begins -- offer for a lot of guys at their position but. For now I think it's really just getting a lot of young guys up to speed and being able to get out there and and you work through the kinks but but look sharp. It was right that you deal is that accurate -- -- active. On. Obviously I love a love bush drug that entire offensive line. I think continuity is so important win when you look at the offensive line as a unit. And as I look around the league you know that the that offenses that really. Are the tops in the league there are the ones that can see -- a year in year out consistently they've got that group up front that just. You know they stay together they take a lot of pride in what they do and -- trust and a big part of that here over the last few years and so. It's great to have him back and you know he's a guy -- that you know drafted mid rounds. Said. Work his way into the starting role. And he's actually made the most of it and really played big forces in some big moments of the last two seasons -- you images for it to be on the field Mark Ingram -- just talk about the running backs. Who will be lining up with you averaged yet. What we -- Pierre. Another guy who's who's traveled the long road our road to it to get to where he's at but you know -- got a four year deal prior to the lockout so very happy to see a guy like him. You take care of him -- and come back and that's obviously going to be huge part of what we do. Chris Ivory I think was it was a kind of the big surprise for us offensively last year you know undrafted free Kiffin. Nobody knows or stiffness but you know this guy comes and you know. Carrying the ball like he's on a mission run and everybody over in sight and so I'm excited about him and kind of physical nature that He brings. The running back position in our backfield and then you know mark. Obviously haven't had much time with him. And certainly none with pads on yet so. You know have the chance to get him out there and get him acclimated to our team our offense in the temple which we operate that kind of thing. Obviously I'm excited as to what I've seen on tape from him but not give him in the camp with those other two and Lionel Hampton let's not forget him he's a guy who. His future you force. You know part of him getting hurt last year missing all season but excited see him come back off his knee injury and some of these young guys as well. Read me all of these you know -- -- -- he's he's looked good from you know really throughout this entire offseason He was or guys. That sound. I think really jumped out to me you know as we did our workouts together and may and June just a guy who was there every day. You know he's been in this offense now offer for awhile so -- a lot of you know most most everything is second nature to him now but. You just I think the more he's a guy -- the more reps He gets the more comfortable He gets in that in that role and I think the better player He has. So -- shall rule book free love match. Does that change it. Don't think I. -- you know it doesn't it doesn't stop anything that we do offensively. But I mean obviously I can I can definitely say that when Reggie was ever split out or whenever we're pushing him out of the backfield. I was always looking to see who was -- -- out -- you know because obviously He did create a matchup problem with anybody who's covering him. So you know that elements. Was probably one of Reggie -- strengths and in. But it it been like I said it still doesn't. Stop our ability to be very diverse with our formations and personnel groups and you know we're still operate the way we operate. -- We're definitely an illness that you think that you're headed for a few. There. -- like to think so just because I feel like our. We execute our plan exactly the way we want -- there and in relief from you know from from day one. We had a plan to be there to four weeks in May take week off two weeks in June. We had phases for how we were gonna. You know. Fate ourselves in the seven on sevens and installing the offense and defense respectively and then having some competitive periods -- the same time be very conscious of you know keeping guys safe and making sure we we work you know. Putting guys in jeopardy in that regard but I think we got a lot of young guys. Ahead of the curve. During that process. So it you know walking in camp it's not as much shocked too when they get that playbook and district and they haven't had a chance to really see much of that so. I gives -- javy -- a lot of credit. For the job He do with that defense I feel like it was good work for a lot of our young guys offensively. And you know I hope it pays off but -- pays off as if we've honored in training camp and and you know put ourselves in that competitive situation game and we try to do better. But -- won't last time you come into work even earlier. Speculator. Yeah I mean yes. And I did I do that anywhere means that it's not like I'm changing anything I'd do. -- we're all excited to be in camp. We're all excited to get that playbook to get into the meetings to start talking football. To start studying the game again and down and really get down to. You know seeing who contributors are going to be on offense where vice confident. You know but we -- campus still process -- still a grind you know and still one day at a time and you're just trying to -- little bit better each day and you obviously. Work out those kinks throughout the the pre season. Listen we we open up Thursday night first game in the NFL season that Green Day Super Bowl champs. That's the game we're we're we're we're focused on us -- games on the horizon one that we have to be playing our best for. Throughout the front of the the CBA talks you know one of the union leaders. And you took some backlash from some -- some guys speaking out against you. Do you feel that now that it deals done. That people. Tennis you know calm down and not. Come after you in a negative light. I don't think you're for and other players refer to do maybe full smear ports like -- -- Right because you -- an -- -- for. No I you know the fact is that was a contentious time for for everybody you know all we wanted was a fair deal and and get back on the field and you know that process itself. You know what what 456 months of you pretty intense negotiations and obviously both sides. Just. Just trying to get something done that word. There were enable us to. You know put put a deal in place that would be. It fair for everybody and and obviously give -- labor peace for a long time answer here we are having agreed to retain your deal. I feel like there's there's great things about it for both sides I think we're all happy just to get back on the field again and all the fans are excited about. It's in their teams back in camp and and knowing that the season is is uninterrupted. And him and everything's gonna go on as scheduled and you know teams are gonna put you know their best players on the field and it's going to be. Active you'll fashioned American football. -- All right it. That will be Saints. Think coach Sean Payton coached they that the media following -- -- and of course birdie which -- saint -- WW Rios trio Ian. And back. Let me. We start with. Trying to just bring everyone up to speed. With the transactions. Today is we know it and the following players. Cannot. Be signed to their. Contracts until tomorrow at 5 PM but the following. The Saints and restricted free agents who have agreed to terms. Wide receiver Lance Moore. Two Mon bush -- Scott Shanle. Leigh Torrence. Crist -- And Jo Lon Dunbar. We traded running back Reggie Bush to Miami for safety Jonathon Amaya and and then. Swap of undisclosed draft picks. There's two players off of last year's team that I believe. Again they haven't signed with new clubs but have agreed to terms with new clubs and some young and Remi Ayodele. Of the 2011 draft choice or draft picks. The following players have agreed to deals in in our prison cornerback Johnny Patrick. Defense have been Greg -- is in linebacker Nate bossy. So that leaves. Cameron Jordan Mark Ingram and mark -- Wilson. Yet to be signed so. I don't think I need to go through the whole list I think you guys have covered the the list of undrafted rookie free agents it's it's been busy obviously busy week. A little bit unprecedented. Mickey and Rick ripe for -- pace key Harley. Really haven't gotten a lot of sleep in. Were taken the pretty good workload in and efficiently. Managing it is rapidly as we can. Today's schedule as a reporting day was. A team meeting which was an operational meeting that we had at 2 o'clock. In the end we had our conditioning test tonight will meet on football. The players have gotten their physicals they've kind of gone through and gotten their equipment. And then tomorrow. Will be into a practice schedule now these first two days will be non pats. A little bit about the challenge. And I I think this will help you 'cause I'm sure -- would ask this but. It is and until next week in and we don't know specifically which day. That. The unrestricted free agents can join us on the practice field. We know that they can be involved in meetings. Once they signed tomorrow. At 5 o'clock. But they can't be on the practice field. For any reason in 'til next week. When there's ratification so that that. That may or may not be around fifteen players I don't know that numbers dead on but the challenge that that brings you -- is a little bit of you know how do you practice said He Begin practice in what we're trying to do beginning tomorrow is start with our install. Friday Saturday without pads you know we get into Sunday Monday Tuesday. And then depending on. When the the rest of the players join our team I'm -- go back in and pick it up and and start again. -- -- drew briefly at the end. I think more importantly than ever we've got to do a great job with managing our time and -- and -- snaps at practice. We've got to do a very good job of managing. Potential early injuries. I think it's. Imperative that. We don't try to hurry. To installed. Everything we have offensively defensively -- in the kicking game. With the idea that we lose several maybe talented players down the road the can't pick it up and then. Aren't able to make the team because. Because they don't know what to do so I think the challenge for us -- coaches in this short time frame is two. Is to slow down the pace a little bit if you will. I thought they ran better than I would have expected. But the conditioning test in. And then try to get. Try to get a feel for where were at which individuals. Are are guys that we need to bring may be up to speed from a conditioning standpoint so we've we've got. A good chunk of time and we just have to manage it may be a little differently than we have in years past in and so. It's it's a unique year in in. I know this it's it's good to have these guys back. In the building. In. It's good to have these guys. You know back on the practice field so -- role is is coaches. As everyone in the organization is excited that. This has been resolved in and excited to get back to football so. I think I've covered as much as I can on the transactions if you have a question certainly Aspen opened up to questions now. Saints coach Sean Payton -- fifth in the media here. And talking about though some are free agents have come to terms the Saints including linebacker Scott Shanle will be back in black and gold. Over I don't know. Well no I think -- of the -- phone with those players is is. No physical activity so -- just be meetings about it wouldn't be. Anything that possibly would would put them in jeopardy so those guys are in good shape you know we're gonna have them. Beginning tomorrow. You know we're gonna have them in the meetings they can watch practice. But they just can't by any means involved in any and He drills. -- -- Well I think number one you know you start with the number. The salary number that was the obvious. Challenge. And then and then really you know speaking and I spent some time in the last. Maybe. Weaker too when we had a gap where we can talk to players that the challenges we -- a long period of time without being able to talk with our players and so. We spoke a lot like yesterday and we had several conversations. Because that the the first thing is hey do we want to are you interested can we Begin the process of finding ways to bring you back here and and He and I've probably talked three different times. I think there was a point at which we felt recognize that that the likelihood that possibly happening was it was slim. We began that kind of the direction of talking with Miami. In. Tony and I talked. Painful at times Jeff Ireland and Mickey spoke a few times. In and we -- gave B -- began really put together. A plan in. You know -- listen we're excited that he's got that opportunity and and I know at some point someone's gonna ask this question. On about him. He's. He's a dynamic player that. You know hopefully when you select players and we do this all the time in the draft you hope they can impact your offense your defense or your kicking game you hope that they can. Become difference makers and you hope that they can. Help lead you to a championship and He was able to do all those things I think. The challenge for him with with his arrival in New Orleans and for those of -- that were here in 2006. When He was selected it was it was going to be very very difficult for him ever to. To maybe live up to sums -- some people's expectations I do know this though in the league and around the league. He's a player that's dangerous in feared and well respected so. We spoke again last night in. After we felt. That. That this was kind of the direction it was heading. We spent you know probably two hours on this with Miami. And to Mickey in Jeff's credit and to -- he's credit Jules Siegel you know all the all the all the above parties. Really spent a lot of time on just making this happen and and really making it happen in in a short period of time -- this was. This this might have started the process might have started. Three in the afternoon with Reggie -- talking and then talking again at five. And then you know this one on for eight hours or so and then finally -- somewhere midnight. We were able to reach a deal so. That being said. You know we wish him well and and he's he's someone that'll you know with a walk forever with with VO nine team loses a Super Bowl winner here. In in his arrival here was uniquely different tonight than I think any draft picks arrival was standing city and you guys. That we're here can remember it. You know we were we were looking for momentum pieces back you know six. And you know whether it was the signing Drew Brees to signing is Scott Fujita. You know all these were were important steps in. But from a momentum standpoint when when we selected him it was. It was very important for the city's so. You know his efforts there are I think. There are very appreciated and I think that. You know regardless of how things ended I know that He is a ton of respect for the people in this building. We have a great relationship and and I know one of the big things that pulled him all last night was -- them. Believing that the fans here in in the unique. Opportunity He had to share you know for five years with the the fans here so that was something that tugged at him in and you know when and we move on so. So you guys. -- in the tires at least and there's rules but He can speak in specific Internet is that a player who -- so change of pace back role important for you do acquire. -- don't miss out. I think that well I I. Look -- the the skill set the Reggie that was unique and certainly Darren is someone that may have a a comparable skill set that would be a pretty good comparison. I don't know that that that's something that we've targeted initially we've we've got a chance to speak to. In three days. More players then. Then we ever have -- in a short period of time on the phone and in which unique is you know this is something that normally would take place in a month's time frame with dinners and visits and the wives with the players and tourism and now. You know it's it's. You know it's like. And heated saleswoman there just on the phone talking every one of these players and Mickey. Key and Ryan going through the numbers and in it it was. Very unique to single to say at least so. I'm -- certainly a player that that we evaluate just like all these other free agents I don't necessarily think the Mike that. That we turned around and in in targeted right away a different player that would be like Reggie I think we feel. Good about our depth at running back we've got to. Plenty of -- on the roster without going through all the names. But we we are always looking to -- it to sign in fine players that we feel like. Fit. The model. Of who were. Of who we are so I think there's still work to be done you know that. The challenges. Which is which is very different is that it's an ongoing process as practice begins. And so. You know Mickey periodically -- a meeting or will leave the practice field tomorrow will be on the phone there's there's a lot that. That is taken place and I think that'll continue not just up until Friday at five I think there's there's a wave but you know you guys are used to the free agency period. In that in the wintertime and you know that there's been a second wave and so they're all trying to gauge their interest. And measure you know who who truly is most interested. There's a handful players that that I'm sure we're discussing. In talking with their agents right this minute so. You always feel when -- away from the phones that something might be happening and it and it's a little bit uneasy if you will but. But I but I think he's and an exceptional talent you know He he's a guy that. That is. Very personal and in in is dynamic. Saints coach Sean -- interest in the media here at oak at Saints camp 2011 on Saints radio WWL AM FM and -- -- Part of why -- new York and well and -- Miami wanted to opera. -- trade to make sure He didn't become a free agent. It was. It was it was a handful of things. I think that. My Miami it was a team that that. I think Joseph and Reggie felt very comfortable where I know Tony very well haven't been with him and Allison and he's he's a very close friend and so than Tony and I spoken and Jeff Ireland and Mickey. And then we Begin looking at the logistics and so the you know. I can't speak for Miami but it in I think when they felt that that was a place that Reggie and Jules Albert comfortable. If this can allow them to deal specifically. With the player and so at some point last night to answer your question I can't tell you what time that there was. Permission in a conversation given. To -- to speak -- -- specifically and kind of go through maybe some because you know obviously.