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Jul 28, 2011|

Saints press conference with Jonathan Vilma, Drew Brees, and Sean Payton

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This wouldn't be. A trade that happens if they can agree to numbers so that had to take place they had to feel like they were close enough and on the same page. In this this one on through the night so they kind of went that way. -- just on the phone immediately can only be you know right now I all the with him do it we could we could've talked in person but He was out -- -- and I was at the office. -- -- Well. I think a fair question would have been if if He wasn't traded in and did not want to renegotiate. His contract then it would have been hard for us. -- -- To keep them on that number. Basically those numbers that it. He did yeah I think He really wanna accept an offer and I think injuries more than that. I would say this and and I don't wanna speak for Reggie but I think. This was a decision not as much about money is it was maybe about. An opportunity for more involvement or for being a little bit you know -- this is a team Miami that. That is thin at that position. And it and I'm sure that. He felt that -- there there were. A lot of players at that position here so I think it was about. You know become an. A player that could get more touches per game and I and I respect and understand that completely we talked about it in in this was it was there there were. Real good discussions we had. So I think it was more that than it would be the half a million dollars one way or another where the clubs were I would I would bet that He would say the same thing tomorrow whenever He addresses the media. You had not chosen to released and players in the country today it was an idea about -- -- be will probably have an announcement tomorrow but nothing right now. It is possible. That's what -- -- where Scott Shanle -- Or better. I think I I think I did. You didn't mention airing it see agree. Yet you know what I I gave you the Saints on restricted and so. I -- I really can't even comment on you know well tomorrow I think law have more information. You know were -- five we can. We can do that but. More off to him everything that -- had him. -- I would say. This I would say two more weeks -- here's what we did from a schedule standpoint that the concern we had when June began was that this potentially could -- middle of July. -- -- I said the coaches on vacation in the early part of June. With the the good news bad news deal the good news is it if if no deals are reached then you don't need to see you back the week before training camp but if the deals reached that cut the bad news is that you know you need to be kind of within range to get back here on short notice and I think a lot of the teams did that so. That being said though while I I would say yes to some injury you know. We had a lot of time the -- worked in the spring in that early part of the summer on whether it was future opponents are research. But it. In it a situation like this there's some aspects from a coaching standpoint that you really can't control and and so I'm sure that it. For all the other coaches in myself included felt like a long record yes. Bill and we put in -- -- -- they thought there and it -- most teams how that worked help. -- -- -- -- Well I think there's a couple aspects of of why we. Conditions in practice and in the offseason I think you first start off with the conditioning phase I thought they ran well today and I I think that. That aspect is important you get nervous when you're away from your team for such a long period of time. You get nervous for a handful of players that. Excuse me that. May have the battle -- wait. Yeah you know I thought He He did well but but. I also think there is. There's a schematic advantage in regards to veteran players that know what to do and I think and I've said this before. I think I can envision this happening you know six or at least. Without with -- all the work that we needed to have done. And going to -- steps in and going through what we went through there. That would have been difficult to go through and certainly the practices -- -- steps would have been different. So. We've got real good leadership. In this locker room and and that was it it was a time for them to a specific time for them to take on that roll a lot and obviously it appears that it was well thought out. Well organized. And in and the lastly I think there's an aspect of ownership that the team has with. Being together and and maybe. You know going through some tough work together that always it is is beneficial I think to the locker room. The rushing attack us here so we'll run books they've last year when He when you -- waited till the season. You Trinidad and -- need right. I think this Bobby I think you'd be it be easy for me to say you know we would have been healthy -- around the ball -- -- the ball better I think that would be easy threes say in and we try to be your own worst critics when we're looking at those cut ups. And so you know we're gonna have to deal with more injuries this upcoming season. That being said I think there's a handful of things that. We can improve on from a technique standpoint in in not just one position group you know that that all of us coaches included. Certainly are gonna make. A very. Well thought out effort to improve those numbers. And in heaven that time to study the cut -- she can make your notes and now we can Begin to apply them is we install these plays in. You know -- -- -- rule installed a run game beginning tonight. Can point to specific things a year ago we didn't do was well. You know that would go to the tight ends that would go to the fullbacks in the running backs and so that that consistency. I think that you're alluding to from a nine to ten. Who was not the same in. And is yours you know injuries certainly can can impact that but it would be too easy to just say that was the only reason. But there. You know we feel we feel pretty good you know -- were monitoring Chris Ivory. From you know his. His Lis franc the the screw in in the rehab he's gone through he's doing well you know He won't be. Ready to go tomorrow but. I'd be guessing if I tried to put a timeframe on it so I I think he's got at least a couple weeks here. But he's getting he's getting better and his rehab has gone well Pierre Thomas. Pass a physical ran the tests today and we just got to monitor his early snaps. In and take a look at him so overall though I'm excited about the group. And have them this summer with with your medical staff they come back. Do you expect them to her. No I think. I think it's good question you know your concern is the weight in your concern is the hell you know there's -- there's. The list and you go through with the trainers and I think we'll know more. Even tomorrow and the next day when we actually see them move around in a thought they handled the test well today the running test. But. But that's an that's an important part of getting them back in the building in Indian a little bit more hands on at least know where there rat in so. It was more an update today here's what we think. These players -- rat and then quickly trying to get them up to speed. I know this and wanna sit down either tomorrow too long after practice I'm going to be able to. To hit these injuries specifically in regards to who didn't practice. And I think cover him. Pretty well I think it will be a handful players will be a few players that. That we failed physical and and we feel like we'll get -- yours so. I would I would rather wait the full list after this meeting in and have. He ran well He ran. Separate. Chris Ivory -- separate those are a couple players that that you know we wouldn't see practice them all but he's. His rehab zone well it's its own pace. And just got to continue to monitor. You know he's running full speed ahead right now but. We'll monitor it worries that Saints coach on -- in the media here on WW race. That there's no. Now everyone everyone that was supposed to have been here and that was signed and able to be here was here and then of course. The young in the drafted rookies that are unsigned. And obviously the US face. We're not. All enjoyed. It and kind of the same is is we always do you know week we. He spent more time with your family. You know -- back. In the office a few times to catch up with -- I think. You know staying on top -- with -- street -- was gonna look like whenever. Whenever the process began that we were back in business there was psalms. Question as to who was going to be a group of -- 'cause there was there's a difference here between. A few of these players and so. You know but really spending time with family in and stay in touch with -- in in pretty much like we. The important thing it's the war a lot of fun. They. Absolutely it's been awhile and I think that. You know the great news is when you when you come off an off season and there's so much written and talked about for you know basically all the way up until. The last few days. It -- at least what was waiting was was a ten year deal. That everyone can say you know. That that's. That's pretty strong and and that's really credit to. The players in the league office. You know that is. That is good news for everyone. All of us to be excited to to be out here and to see them hopefully we can practice outside it's it's rained it seems like for the last 67 days. Our plans are to be outside in the mornings I think everyone has the schedule if we can. If something should happen we'll try to you know let the fans know that the practices been canceling and we have to go inside so. But we are we are looking forward to it. It. -- -- What you. -- Well I think this I think let's talk about like in the kicking game you know that the player that was involved in the trade we made last night. Jonathan mine is is is it. The relatively unknown player for a lot of people you know if you you were paying attention Miami Dolphin football but He was sect of first your player last year undrafted out of Nevada. And in a guy that excelled in the kicking game so you know finding speed finding players that that we feel like in. Can impact us in the kicking game and in in relief. Helpless a week we've tried to even in the process of signing. And in and going through this process of free agents you know how valuable or or how much. Role that they have on their former team. In the kicking game in the same way with the rookie class so. You know we start by really paid attention to the personnel that we think can can help us in that aspect we have to pay attention to the rule changes I think that the kick. Coverage units will be a little different as the return units will with the changed going to the 35 I do think you'll see more touch backs. So then we pay attention to the amount of time and in -- given to certain aspects of the game. That being said it it's it's no different in the run game study yet I talked about earlier it's it's the notes. It's -- the coaching changes. The player changes to personnel changes and really really trying to look at it objectively and say hey these are things that that. That we got to do better. -- Or and I both a lot of depth at wide receiver like either. It -- -- now He didn't moment. Confidence. And I think this. About Adrian I think that. There's a point last year you know where He had an opportunity either. To go sign with another team and and He stayed with us on the practice squad we were able to get him off on the active roster. I. I would certainly say if you asked him that question He would say I'm ready and and I think He is too. And so that kind of depth in that kind of competition. Is is important you know. Today in the conditioning run all the newly signed players wore jerseys because you know it's hard to get all the names down right now and so. You know guy like Dan Dalrymple trying to see who mr. made that time. He's not gonna know the name he's got a number and then and then we figure out who but they they did well but the receiver group you're gonna see some young free agents as well that can run. But Adrian is is certainly. Work charted his craft and in. In his very smart player I've said that before so. I'm anxious to see him in in sees progress. -- It's something settlers practice attitudes that. It's it's it's really you know it's teaching time and so -- you know you're gonna have one. Padded practice in the afternoon. Whether it's weightlifting whether it's. Classroom meeting whether it's teaching walk through it it just it just changes and so you. You're you're wrestle with you know I wanna use your allotted time. And in -- some specifics about length of total length of hours between. And those -- the things that you just try to mapped out and then in and make sure rate it does this past. Does this past the the test is this okay. So we've looked at it in and tried to apply use some of what we've done and and yet we've we've made some changes to the schedule. I think we've always been in training camp outside open and I mean I think we've always been. Yeah typically it's been outside open inside close and obviously not closed media about. It's just logistically it's hard if we go inside to to try to Begin the process of bring certain fans are so. I think we felt like the morning was the time to get the practice and you know we wrestled with the idea may be doing meeting. Walk through whatever we do in the AM practice in the afternoon but I think. For for a handful reasons I think we feel more comfortable getting practice in the morning. There. Last few days and that schedule -- it it like anything you've ever experienced football. No I would say it's it's it's. It's a first I think it's. The last few days would be similar maybe to the last few days before the national letter signed in college you know it in. So. A player can agreed to a deal here and and tomorrow at 5 o'clock. Sign with someone else and so. And then if you walk down the hallway you would say it's it reminded you of being in college maybe the first day recruiting began in -- on the phone wrong you know. But the difference being you -- actually visiting or they weren't on their visits so that was done on the phone. -- and you Begin to you know utilize. All the all the resources you have who might know this player had a week. And we separate ourselves just like a recruiter would do in that would be maybe good compares and with the specific players that you target in which separates you from. From the rest when when he's on a couch at home with his agent in you the difference is generally the contract does. But. You know -- you when the jump balls you know when it's even that He Eddie do you separate yourself and and that's where I think Mickey in. Key Ryan and -- those guys they're really. Have gone. Into overdrive here and that's late nights those guys have. Been here. You know for a long time now and in so the minute you know they arrive in the building the back on the phone with the agents. You know coaches are calling the player you're you're trying to work the triangle of securing. This player's commitment in that would be a good analogy with -- -- National letter. -- -- -- -- here once each radio WW European -- and that. -- you cover her or more liberated more able to focus on football and not. I. I don't know I think. I think by the time we got to this point last year I think. We had had. Turned the page and you know there were few things certainly the opening game and you know here here we are playing that same type of game this season but I. I said this I think a year ago there's a progression. Of turning the page and it's not just one afternoon or one week -- -- happens over a period of time and I I think we we handled that you know we had a we stumbled early and then we got on a run. And we we just didn't play well enough. It in the end in the post season and so. Certainly that that leaves a taste in everyone's -- that that we hope that we can build on. You know we certainly have an expectation level -- of wanting to win championships and recognizing. That's the challenge that goes into doing that in in so. How do we get better you know had a week and we run the ball better -- we cover kicks better had a -- defendant. The deep pass better the things that we can look at specifically and say hey this is what. This is what. Caused us. To not have the same successes we had a year ago and in there some specifics that you can look at and in some of them. Really. Came up in that last game against Seattle. -- -- -- Yeah I think. For a lot of teams it's it's one of the harder positions to find in other words once a handful of these players sign. Then that's kind of a position of need for a lot of people's so. Certainly won't work paying attention to that you know we feel real good about the players that we currently have and are real mindful about. You know signing additional players in in in finding the right fit but I I think it's important find the right fit -- I think he'll be as many mistakes made in this last week is there is there will be good decisions. You know just like. Happens in free agency only just gonna happen in a week or so or two weeks and be a little longer. So I think that. You you've got a target in in in really have a plan when you when you go after someone. Well 89 man roster. Primarily done -- logistics wise -- numbers. When you conducted a practice. To make sure. If you do have games that happened back nothing you can. -- Yeah. That's a good question I -- the which interest thing is that dynamic of ninety's. With less snaps. Right in other words the roster limit his expanded but. The practices. Have changed some so. I don't know the will stay at ninety's. You know. Very long you know we might. We might be it yeah we might be it. Eighty years seventy -- you know I just think that. We we just -- -- we really got to pay attention to these early weeks in. And be ready to midstream adjust and the schedule changes then we'll announce it all the sudden maybe we need to. Tinker with that and we we just gotta be flexible enough because I think this is uniquely different so. But but it gives you a chance to value way early on no ten more people. And it gives you a chance to get a fourth quarterback you know at eighty you're always do we want a back up kicker back upon her a fourth quarterback or -- we want to. Put those spots at the running positions receiver corner. And then typically training camp there's always a hot spot position that seems to get it was some injuries in. You bring guys in so I think ninety can help you in that regards. That we got to make sure that we've got some for the ninety's do. We don't view of that rule it's fourth quarterback this you personally know physically will be easy. And. It -- good. All right that is Saints coach on Peyton -- in the media here of opening press commented this thing they're good luck. -- As we Brett things -- to coach Peyton. Joking around with the media some of the high points that He -- out these conversations with Reggie Bush started talking with him several times on the phone yesterday received in the -- to work -- up and it would be feasible for both parties. In the -- just did not work out that's what they treated. Reggie Bush to Miami also coached Sean Payton. Saying today that basically they had a team meeting at 2 o'clock and operational meeting in the air conditioning test He says that the overall the team ran better than expected. On the conditioning test in cases that may take a different route this or is it kind in the past how things are structured because of the -- CPA and certainly the practices no more two days and of course no TDs the offseason workouts. This past off season He said the Saints have players were having meetings at night. It also got their equipment and I've taken physical. Today also as far as transactions aside from the Reggie Bush treat a coach John -- sand it's obvious they agreed to terms with wide receiver Lance Moore. Also to mom bush tried to -- -- in most recently. A good news for Saints fans Scott Shanle will be back impeachment was cut salmon. Also they have agreed to terms with the cornerback -- -- safety Chris Reese and at linebacker. -- line. -- Coach meetings but they say their coach but He makes He says that. The Europe players can be in the meetings once they signed contract but can that be on the field until after the ratification. Of the union in the -- -- Of course the I's dotted t.s crossed in the CB but that's where we stand right now all the latest is up on line at WW AM FM and act and -- that -- -- college we started off of the left before clock -- some more an afternoon news developing in the Patriots making some marquee move today. Getting defensive tackle from Washington -- Haynes worth and just within the hour. The New England Patriots exchange for two draft picks. Treat for Cincinnati's wide receiver Chad Ochocinco. Took two -- -- players once -- thought to be the best at their position to be -- to tackle. And receive all the way to New England -- paint or to the Patriots and wide receiver Chad Ochocinco and the -- of officially released quarterback. Didn't you don't want to in recapping coach John Peyton addressed the media politics quarterback Drew Brees and done -- -- -- the high points which they talk about the trade. To Miami for Reggie Bush there in exchange the -- -- Safety. From the Miami Dolphins Jonathan Mayo and also the saint agreeing to terms with some of their own unrestricted free agents as we sit lane it's more. Such a month bush tried. Also my back is Scott Shanle in July dumb balk call effectively talent and safety crews recent three rookies -- in the fold as well they have -- any policy. Cornerback Johnny Patrick and Graco Ramirez. As well so they have it will come back it. A thought from our pro smoking guys on him by BA bailout catching up to do and then later in the program who -- with Jeff Darlington -- the Miami Herald Dolphins beat by the and former saint offensive -- member of our sports -- -- -- the first take Steve -- TDs Saints radio training camp is on the way the first practice in the mornings get within 8:50 AM open to the public. Of course weather permitting it your home for the New Orleans Saints your -- at WW. Now another traffic update on the big 870 WWL. And WWL on FM at 1053. Putted up. 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O'Reilly auto parts the official auto parts store a NASCAR better parts better prices every day. -- -- Paris New Orleans presents. Cowboy Mouth. Live -- August 20. -- -- Cowboy Mouth. Saturday night August 13 -- On stage Aristide in error. I -- well bowl and Mardi Gras. Available now. Cowboy Mouth dot com. Tickets are on sale now at what 874 point 3000 that Ticketmaster dot com -- New Orleans dot com and it -- box office but not in the show. Most between one or older to gamble and in a casino know when to stop before you start him we problem called 100 like you can 4700. Know everyone is in the same boat. So all the teams are different situations so the playing field is -- -- enough for us. We're gonna try to do the best responding and reacting to a situation. On the I think that. Sean. Greg Williams -- that do a good job in a great game plan on the great practice schedule going. While we while we deal with it and that's what we can lose you. I would we don't look at the positive find ways to get the young guys there are in here. Give them some quality reps all bets are still sitting out on get them to execute some plays -- the same time it's -- process for myself. For drew not only physically mentally. And that is safe so I'm backers Jonathan Vilma and all of our resident -- okay guys on him by BA bad He got to be revving up about ninety minutes to press comps are well. But out fifteen minutes of press comes to Jonathan Vilma Saints quarterback Drew Brees. And Saints coach Tom Payne will get into those more in the 7 o'clock out what happened they -- it's -- that -- the Saints have. Moved traded Reggie Bush to the Miami Dolphins in exchange for safety Jonathon -- also the saints' most recently have released defensive back Randall -- Saints have -- sign off agreed to sign back Javon bush tried. Offensive tackle to a two year deal coach Tom -- also signed the Saints have agreed to terms with linebacker Scott Shanle and -- Dunbar. Safety Chris -- and wide receiver Lance Moore to saint on the move. You Sami on the go for the Cleveland Browns and really at -- go to Minnesota Vikings and three of the saints' draft picks in the mix Graco Ramirez. He is with the team along with Nate bossi and third round pick cornerback out of Louisville. Johnny Patrick of the top NFL news these New England Patriots very active today picking up defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth from Washington and also most recently. Getting wide receiver from Cincinnati Chad Ochocinco in exchange for two draft picks. Also Kevin Kolb -- the Philadelphia Eagles have been traded to the Arizona Cardinals and exchange for philly's defensive back Dominique Rodgers Marty. And the second round pick the Titans are officially released quarterback Vince young and Arizona wide receiver Steve Breaston now -- member of the Kansas City Chiefs guys you had to. It would coach Payton had to say -- it was total for New -- bolts on here and available. Breeze him. Well I mean I think it just to show a date get I mean those guys are on top of things all the -- throughout. They -- -- little accountability -- Gino meant nothing really different for me and Drew Brees get that they can feel the same thing ultimately you will flock that you gave here. Earlier state later -- Now that amendment that would always do -- ago it was exactly the same thing felt. Well I mean and Spain were like its moment here and -- -- in the during the four month lockout but it doesn't really look like. Anything has changed with the players being in ably get old at him and work -- at two lane He took it upon themselves that we don't want we get to continue on like nothing that. -- -- -- Well you know a quick look at areas that concern. You know based on what you -- world championship and what occurred. Last year the obvious -- that the coach Peyton. And obviously you know a lot of fans what -- excuse we had so many injuries at running back down disseminate running back to the rushing attack. When you go from numbers six to 28. Sort of common sense thing is obviously. And everyone's excited when you bring in a guy like Mark Ingram. You know -- be somewhat like Deuce McAllister Emmitt -- I mean then you know he's making approvals and anything to having the highest level at that position. And now what I'm excited looking forward Tuesday and I think at times. Coach Payton and Drew Brees and I think they feel like. With any consistency at the running game and like it is not just injuries that technique and all that comes about when you have a third and one. Or like first single -- that pin that. -- shouldn't be in the position a lot of times that you feel like to be successful you have to treat people. Where'd you it is common and there like so what if you know running that's what we're doing and get that yard yard and half. You know almost the lines that you got a break -- Backbone and yet the backbone of -- opponent like Eagles a playoff game 2006 when there's like a rugby -- -- with Duke's. In the six yard line off that's the wind just push and the Eagles backed by -- thing now. With Ingram hopefully that's the case a lot of times you have a 31 are inside the ten yard line rental situation that you can't run and and and not always maybe having to throw. Now that being said. On the -- -- -- side two areas now said this before okay I think if you bet in Vegas Nolan would have cancer in this season's all said and done. That the defense overall be ranked higher than off and yet I would -- period -- global sport that often been a mistake that the one very big difference in this noble runs is obviously to takeaways. You know we're talking at this time last year. That I don't think we can get 39 takeaways again if we can -- at least thirty -- in that I haven't won a five something. You know I played the same type defense I think with a vicious on Roger is He will be more disruptive it sounds like he's in shape. If He gets the help the you get more takeaways. -- awfully obviously Manny manufactured a pass rush. You know we always say that the best. You know pass coverage of the pass rush took him and He was Sosa like they tried to address that in the most glaring thing hold -- talked about this too -- In free agency household name not household names. Of certain players is what we gonna do in special teams that's one area. After assume we'll they'll look at to get better I don't think you really have it with a clever to return -- units very mediocre. So I think they're trying to address that an endeavor to get better and that things. He's Bobby a bit -- guys out continuous Saints can't -- two year -- at WW it. There's a guy who's been one of the microscope. Than Reggie. You know around this week. You know for a lot of reasons -- the last five years. I think it it at times He he's handled it very well. I think and other times if it was probably pretty overwhelming form. -- know but I know we as his teammates just try to be as supportive as possible. And you know when I look at the five years with him you know -- we had some we had some great. Times you know we had we had some great games some great moments and he'll always be a part of what we accomplished here. And is Saints quarterback Drew -- speaking on the trade to saint -- the Miami Dolphins for -- was welcomed back all -- Bobby did recognize them with us today already -- -- opinion poll online at WW it accounts -- to treat Reggie Bush. To Miami you think it's a good move or a bad move coming up the next. How will will go to Miami and we're going to do -- with Jeff Darlington He is of the Miami Herald Dolphins beat try to get the feedback what's going on and felt Florida as they picked up. Reggie Bush will be Jumbo almost an offensive lineman. Steve court in the 7 o'clock now how do you feel about Reggie being traded went in them tapping on news from the saint standpoint. Some moves it had been made the Saints released defensive back Randall Gay. Coach Sean Payton also letting the media note the Saints have come to terms with tackle -- bush tried to wide receiver Lance Moore. Linebackers Joan I'm -- ball and Scott Shanle and safety Chris -- the Saints have also signed three of their. Six draft picks. Cornerback Johnny Patrick -- defensive lineman Graco Ramirez and also -- a policy those three of the six or in the mix and to Saints all the moves. You saw me on that -- to the Cleveland Browns and maybe if you -- to the Minnesota. Vikings for the big news in the NFL. The New England Patriots very active they acquiring Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth and most recently -- I've received from Cincinnati to -- Ochocinco. And Kevin Kolb finally to trade get it done He goes to Arizona from Philadelphia in exchange for cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. And the second round pick and the Tennessee Titans this -- basic quarterback. -- you know coming back next now if they get the thoughts of a Bobby and healthy we'll hear from coach Payton Drew Brees and Jonathan -- -- would open up the phone lines it's a sports don't. -- listening to WWF. BC news talk and sports leader they'll create gate seven DW WL New Orleans 1053 WWL or famine HD 110 -- New Orleans and WWL dot com.