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Jul 29, 2011|

Dr. Robert Hogan, LSU professor of political science, talks about the impact of the Tea Party on the debt negotiations

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tucker in regard we have spent the previous hour. Talking about the economic. Considerations of this -- in ceiling. Negotiation -- 02 and a colleague going on in Washington and ready jaguar opinion poll had -- hand. Should Tea Party congress members hold out for deeper spending cuts even if it means defaulting. And economic disaster for the nation's and the way that wound up 58% view. We're saying no 42% of you were saying yes well I just talked to Dave colonial where it changed that now. To ask you if the Tea Party. Is helping or hurting America. And to help us sort all of that out with some facts. And again to separate the fact from the fiction in the perception. From reality is the actor Robert Hogan a professor of political science no real issue. In Baton Rouge I don't professor. Thanks -- the time witness you know you look at what's going on. In Washington with the debate over the debt ceiling it and it intimately jump in here and ask you one thing that puzzles me He has. You look at the vote that was. The lead canceled every once in in the house last night in. If and I got this written down on flow chart because of trying to understand if the house. That controlled the Republicans controlled house candidate. A bill notes. They can't compromise amongst themselves. And then Harry Reid in the senate. Is gonna take -- over. And then craft the bill or maybe kind currently there crafting a bill amendments can go and -- will house Republicans can agree on something. I'm around the world to get alike with the Democrats come up with so I don't seen in game -- miss something here. I think you've got a pretty right there means not only mean. He's got the Republicans controlling that house and the Democrats control and send any of the democratic president. If that wasn't enough division the Republicans themselves as as a coalition. Do not have. Unanimity here -- being -- there's certainly nothing close to it. Which which they need in order to to go forth with with -- this. Inability. Two to come up with a compromise among themselves. Is. Causing them some severe problems here yet that's -- So. The division within the Republican Party now as it stands. In relation raising this debt ceiling. I read an op Ed piece by David Brooks yesterday and He -- these negotiations that the -- nations if you will in Washington. We're kind of doomed because. -- the lying keep mood keeps moving Brian at no point. Where any of these things written down in -- release to the public it's almost like you go in and had to buy a car and well wait a minute first is that you're giving the floor mats and you said the on decoding was improving now we're back to 23000. And I understand all this happened in is that an accurate representation and a. I I think I think there's there's there's some accuracy there I mean I think what happened is that the Republicans. Mean if He -- -- step back and think about how well does this came about I mean we're talking about. -- significant cuts. Even that the Democrats are talking about significant cuts in the budget in part because the Republicans and the Tea Party collection push this issue. Until this point these sorts of deficit. -- debt ceiling limit the votes were not. Very contentious. Some people took symbolic vote against it. And Barack Obama being one -- took a couple of himself in the past. But most of the time these things have been pro forma. On the debt ceiling is increased. But the Tea Party. Coalition within the Republican parties sit well. If you want us to vote for this you're going to have to take to make some cuts and and future spending. And everyone's talking about spending cuts even the president the president attempted outflank. The Republicans are saying hey let's have really big let's think about Medicare and Medicaid and so security. Changes. So to some extent you gotta say He parties had a huge effect on and in many ways they've why. They have set the tone of the debate the debate is not important but how much were gonna cut revenues are no longer on the table. So many respects they've been quite successful. Now that's to their credit if if if that's the kind of if that's what you want. But on the other side of course is they'll know -- to just step away and say you know we got most of what we want. A lot of these. Tea Party Republicans are people who are highly. Ideologically. Committed and they don't like any sort of compromise they don't wanna take council vote. They don't it would take forfeit the low they want the whole walls and. And they've got and I think one of the problems is is -- these people land. It appears right now I just saw -- is that the the one of the things that bing -- due to changes bill. It is not commit to moderated in any way to get Democrats on board but in fact he's making it. Moving needed more conservative direction. What there what they're -- now -- -- we're hearing. Is that it's gonna require a constitutional. Balanced budget and in order to get to -- the Tea Party support and that makes it even more likely to be something acceptable to the fact. And it's it's -- -- fine if that's where you wanna make queued to stand in plant your flag but why has to be tempered with reality because if it doesn't pass the senate you're just spinning your wheels origin. I mean they've got to come out with something and and. If they've got to be bill that -- the senate has got to go along. And it looks like what's happening is dissent is going to just basically reject this house bill. They were gonna rejected yesterday in their really really are projected now. And it really does. I think give give the mayor to this to the other side here gives some it's gonna it's gonna. Give the Democrats and upper hand here on and I think ultimately what's gonna happen. Is the senate is going to come up with a compromise piece of legislation and the health is really gonna be forced to accept it. And what's gonna happen and you gonna have a are enough Democrats in the house. On board with it and enough Republicans that it that it passes in the present -- side. I have to laugh when he's saying really really rejected an innocent. That that at no point did you envisioned in years in Euro -- in the pursuit of your doctorate in political science did you expect if you wanted to hear yourself utter that phrase it up a tactical error. Yeah really really. Rejected let the so. At some point would mean compromise and -- I guess it comes down the raw numbers. In the house and how many Tea Party members are there in the house now and how did day. Get their hands such is that a disproportionate. Amount of power now when it comes to it derailing any kind of meant any kind of deal John -- tried to put together. Yeah means that there's there's about six years so part of this coalition. To -- OT -- -- at 200 and actually I'm not sure if it's. They've got -- Thirty or so very vote majority. I was trying to count -- leaders try to assume. It's and it is deprived. The need to -- you can't do. The big key question you can't do anything. We can't have maintained with mostly Republicans support with Al. The air support you -- some Tea Party absolutely. Have to get -- -- The alternative is to to get some Democrats on board they are still few blue dog Democrats out there for fewer than they were twenty years ago. But He got I think it's some of those fiscally conservative. Democrats out there. Could be brought on board that discus the constitutional amendment proposal is not something that could -- to win their support. It's it's this is this is made to win the support of those hardcore. Tea Party activists Michelle Bachmann and who's the leader of that group and we heard her yesterday. Mean she was there and she's not there girls know. Considerate that it resembles nothing that she is going to support. Yeah and that to -- she is adamantly opposed to raise the debt ceiling at all. So. -- get some of these really. Adamantly opposed ones and then there's some that can be bought off but now by an -- -- not like buying -- -- Years ago mean these are people who don't necessarily or not -- except pork barrel projects. -- it happened except committee assignments and things like that. What they want is they want. They want a policy that is ideologically pure. And that is something that's very difficult to satisfy in the legislative process as we head is not the interest. You know promised hey look you know you might get a primary challenge the party's gonna kick in to 300000 dollars extra. That cycle worked with these sorts of people they're very principled but they're preferable to a degree that they are willing to compromise. -- along those lines of text comes in it is too new or any of your listeners give Jews three specific examples. Of what is considered extreme in quotation marks in the tea party's platform or is this a perception created by the media and -- I only it's the part about the media. If you consider media I can tell you I don't go into any meetings where there is any com. The agenda is setting. That the meeting where there's any. Did dialogue where there's any memo aren't they memos -- emails ago around that say look we need to hammer -- and we need to do that when that's not the way it works here at least despite the public perception so I'll let you talk about professor of the -- -- is specific examples of what's considered extreme in the tea party's platform. Well I mean I think one of the things that. That happened and I don't like to use the word extremists sometimes like keys were at a reasonable but are are -- on things like. The rate in the debt -- It's just say that you're not going to raise that and just say look we can get the money from somewhere is is. He is ridiculous and in a way. We -- we simply do not. Have that ability we would have to shut down huge segments of the government and use that money merely to pay interest on the. Interest although the debt we are I mean just saying that you're not -- under any circumstances vote for that is. That that's the outfit that extra -- pretty extreme. Another thing that a lot of people say is that notion of a balanced budget amendment. A lot of people consider that to be extreme. If you look carefully at that the balance the budget amendments have been put forth. Again these -- things have to pass with two thirds support both houses of congress and then three fourths of the states have to dot except. And that's saying that it what would they generally say is that if you. Want to. Spend more money. You have to have a supermajority. With in the House of Representatives and the senate to do that. And some people say that that. That that is pretty extreme is difficult enough sometimes in the House of Representatives has -- right now -- -- just in my bare majority actually has two thirds. Com to say that you know you're going. Under all circumstances you can write -- constitutional amendment to say. -- applies to normal circumstances as well land -- emergencies wars disasters. A lot of people say that that's -- -- in the yourself it'll that there far more even in the states are hemmed in in terms of their budgetary. Laws. State can borrow money IP you know limit the government the federal government's ability to borrow money He might be limiting the government's power to. Tax and spend it in ways that might help stimulate economic development. Numbers two minute as stimulate economic term wellbeing. More to win wars so. I think some people would say that. That part of what some of the Tea Party people want -- rather extreme. I we take a break when we come back and only only heavy until the bottom of the hour all of the phone lines if you have any questions or comments for the professor to 601870. Toll free 8668890878. Specifically about the Tea Party or the the workings of the congress He Z here's you chance he's a doctor political science and LA issue. And I ask you professor when we come back when it comes to the Tea Party drawing their line. In the sand about debt and deficit reduction in the -- the cut camp. And it. You know third -- -- cut cap and our balance that's what it is. Legislation refusal compromise isn't about. A morals and principles or drizzle is it a little bit political money of it today when it comes to. Being freshman in Washington and not quite understanding that you do have to compromise -- especially when you're talking about a democratic. Majority in the senate to get anything through and as a result of that nine -- today. Are they may be. Play in with some pretty high stakes here when it comes the economy. Of the country. Phone lines are open our guest actor Robert Hogan a professor -- political science doctor political science at LHU and Tommy Tucker in for Garland back. In a flash in the big 870 -- you. Tommy Tucker and her Garland Robinette Friday edition of the think tank talking to doctor Robert Hogan and professor of political science. And will issue about the political. I considerations. Of all of this debt ceiling and difficulty that's going on -- in Washington and professor when we talk about the Tea Party and after those of you just tuning in it because of the vote counting in the numbers in. Washington of the Republican make up. Of congress John Boehner and the Republicans. None Tea Party members can't ignore them because if they vote as a block. You better get some Tea Party members or you better get some Democrats because they can derail whatever deal. John Boehner hand is and the in the non Tea Party Republicans. If you don't get Tea Party members they don't get Democrats those so that's the way the votes shape up and when it comes to. Deep part Tea Party members. Seemingly being so one willing to compromise in the end it seeming like big big big getting gain of OK no and and TE. First they get no. Tax. Increases then all of a sudden we're gonna start cutting spending then all of a sudden we're -- Have a balanced budget amendment that that was the progression was a non. So we keep moving the line and we keep wanting more and more as this debt ceiling date advances that we spend an hour Jews now with. Doctor from UN known economists talking about some of the disadvantages. Of the economy that could ensue. If this debt ceiling is not raised. It is using is about ideology is is about morals and principles or could these members these freshman members DC party. Men and women -- were elected in 9 November of it may be within ninety when it comes of the way Washington works and that sounds pejorative but really if you go back to the founding fathers in the constitution. To which so many of them refer. I mean -- yet had to have a little bit of I toward compromise right. Yeah and had absolutely I mean a lot of people are are saying this about these freshman a lot of them. This is one of the first offices public offices they've ever had -- And they have fire in the belly in and that a police about a certain that the federal government should do some things -- other things -- -- they fervently believe these things. And it is difficult to make the cut make that transition really from my campaign. To governing and some of them one perspective is that they're having difficulty making that transition and learning to compromise you heard yesterday. John McCain being a little frustrated I think what hurtful voicing its frustration with the Tea Party. In saying that you know in in essence said that they need to dig through Cuba the program and understand that compromise is not a dirty word. It's what -- I mean you obviously you look back in history. The nation's founding had to do with compromised. That the constitution that we have today. That was written and 1787. -- was itself a result of of huge political compromises and when you understand it that way that in essence is what democracy result. So and the president quickly before we let you go Kazaa and -- to leave it. 1130 when the president took to the podium last Friday -- miffed about the way the negotiations were going on and and talked at some point about not having user phone calls returned did did He hacked off both parties saying -- congress kind of cut him out of the negotiations at that point. Well I I think that that He was cut out but I mean I think He was reacting to being cut out in in in many ways and I think He was also trying to appeal. Two independent voters and to the broad swath of the American public as someone who lose. Wanting to compromise I mean He keeps using that word come over and over again. And I think that's what a lot of the American public want to look at public opinion polls a lot of people -- compromise. It is a good thing let's let's let's get both sides together and and I think a lot of people view that is. Both sides coming together in the middle and compassion for people like the notion of compromise most of the time. And that's the title that He is trying to strike. Certainly. As these. 2012 our 1212 elections approach. An immediate thirty seconds a look at new crystal ball and tell me what happens. I think -- happening you're gonna have a proposal that is acceptable. Two there's going to be you know -- content. Contingent of Democrats to. Find it acceptable but it will be a compromise however. And that is where it is people are maybe cutting up his nose to -- -- It's not going to be as deep of a -- And the cuts or not could be as meaningful that we planned for example about a Meehan a -- as He has truly you know. For the dollars and He wants to cut his proposal. Is coming from drawing on the war which of the wars which are happening anyway. So it's not going to be as deep or as meaningful. And so. I think we have gone through this whole. Brouhaha and in the end we will not have gotten. -- Real meaningful. Changes however both sides that. Will be able to claim victory. And say they did something and they will be tell constituents. That this that they fought the good fight. And you know -- and some respect stand up and -- I get a but the did them a balanced budget amendment dated there's no way they get Steve dissent that is there. And now now and yet got it two thirds of the vote and that that. -- like if -- in got to get. Their 53 Democrats. In the in the chamber these have to do it's 60000. And that's that's not stock. And the deep -- party you think -- will let that go. I think that whether -- not have a choice I think I think it compromise bill will probably come out of the senate. And it will go to the house and enough Republicans not probably very few of the Tea Party people are none of them supported. But you have more moderate portion of the Republican Party and most of the Democrats supporting it. Doctor hang on 12 I got to ask you one question off the edited to deal with a text is an idiot diplomacy at time -- minutes. Our I do I do unfortunately I know that I ask a question got the hang on 12 time -- W offers news that we get a Chris Miller. The immediate collapse the US economy followed by two parents taking it to -- -- upon my worldwide depression the likes of which no mortal can imagine. Followed by a week to several steps and a postscript yeah Iraq. Both. Little clip from the west wing there. Talk about the debt ceiling so this has come up before. And -- -- wonder. Is it. The end of the world or is it routine ending years ago say a little bit of both are ready jaguar opinion poll now asking you. Is the Tea Party making America better or worse. And as it stands now this is recently posted -- get the results for you deceit. What the numbers saying of like and click on this my computer and and really working. -- -- -- There. -- -- gonna get it'll have been English. 75% of viewers saying the Tea Party is making America. Worse and a couple of questions out throughout their -- year just like I asked the professor when it comes to. The fact at first it was about -- tax increase than it was about cuts than it was about the balanced budget amendment. And wanting more and more and more is about principles or is it about. -- Being naive when it comes to the workings. Of the congress. Because got to realize you get a Republican majority you don't have a Tea Party majority. In the house only sixty out about 250 something Republican members and the senate is a democratic. Majority. And you have a democratic president. So it's not as though with sixty Tea Party members you gonna be able to go in and steam rolling your way endless. You can hold up the vote on something like that debt ceiling which is what's going on which brings us back to the conversation we had in the 10 o'clock hour. -- The doctor of economics from you know doubling. And some of the things He said that you're looking at is if the country defaults on the dead is higher interest rates. Could lead to unemployment. It could and I don't think he's engaging in scare tactics I think he's just telling you what could happen. I definitely higher interest rates which could affect mortgages. Car sales. Could cause unemployment and in term -- could herd of very weak economy as it is now. So the questions I have for you. And I'd like to talk to you about this right now it's easy XL 1870 toll free 866889087. In revisit our prior opinion poll. These -- the questions. Are you ready. To draw the line in the sand right now and may there's your place to plant your flag and say you know what. I don't care I have to pay higher interest rates. I don't care if -- some people who have adjustable rate mortgages get priced out of their homes. I don't care if it slows down the car business in the country and as a result people get fired laid off. And then as ancillary effects of the economy the whole thing slows down and what ever recovery we have going if there is one. Gets stilted I don't care about any of that. Now is the time to deal with deficit and debt and now is the time this topic. Even though the economy is weak I don't wanna kick the can down the road any any more now is that time. To do what we need to do it even if nobody's gonna move in congress. The senate won't come to terms with this and that that Tea Party won't come to terms with this because is seems as -- the Republicans and the Democrats can work out a deal if not for these sixty Tea Party members. -- changed from. No a tax increase. To the spending cuts to now a balanced budget amendment. Unwilling to compromise. Are you willing to take the whole thing down -- to see well what vague as Garland said they Katrina moment oh by the way you for a one K is probably in the suffer. As well according to doctor -- Ari are you well in the hand that fire in your belly. Even though it might burn a house down. And are you will and they cure the patient cured the disease even though it might kill the patient. Phone lines are open its 601870. Toll free 8668890878. -- I don't know what your philosophy is. To see if it matches that. Of the Tea Party some of the -- that -- coming in the tea party's stance is extreme. In sense in the sense it goes against the status quo. The American people put them in power to make extreme decisions well first off the American people didn't put them in power people in sixty. Districts. In the United States put them in power not the American people. So let's not lose sight of what's real what's not. Especially cuts in the budget. If we don't allow them to do would we put them therefore again -- being at sixty districts out of 435. We are headed for disaster if our credit rating is compromised in the dollar is replaces the world's monetary standard. We that would be enabled print more money to pay to -- dead in this country will see a disastrous breakdown of our economy. Much worse than the Great Depression. Let's aren't the cuts and the politicians salaries we need big change in government reform all these politicians have no business. Making what they make a living in luxury while they spend and run our country in the ground. No no disagreement there but. To the point of is now the time for compromise. And then deal with debt and deficit to war are you willing to news stick with the Tea Party members. And say you know what. No compromise damn the torpedoes full speed ahead. Tea Party voting on the platform they use to an election Obama compromises Republicans doing what He says. OK I get the text but to the bigger issue. Are you willing to deal with the economic ramifications. That defaulting on the debt. Will hand. Another text comes in Tommy Elvis horrible things you said we're going to happen have to happen eventually. Well according the economy is not necessarily because of the economy were given a chance. To recovery and you have to believe that it would. Then if you were to deal with. The debt and deficit reduction. And spending cuts. And not default on the debt. Then the interest rates perhaps would not go up. You wouldn't have people play. Foreclose on their mortgages because of the ARM's because of the interest rates going up. You wouldn't affect sales in the economy at least that's what. The economists are telling me. Tommy your part of the scare tactic it's going on in Washington now. The beltway is gonna have to figure out a way to compromise. Your what is can be. And possibly. And I don't know it just text means but I'm not scaring anybody I had a doctor of economy. -- economics on for an hour. Who studied this for his life's work. Telling you. What would happen. If the country. Fails to raise the debt limit in force what does it defaults on. It's payments and the with a triple -- bond rating remembered that I had a political scientist on eight doctor political science tell you about. What is going on in Washington. With the imaginations there so I'm not scaring anybody quite frankly whoever texted this I don't know what you're listening to. So I think you're contradicting yourself when you say I'm part of the scare tactics menu say the beltway is gonna have to figure out away. To compromise. Tommy at the damaged -- dams Republicans would take responsibility and stop laying blame this problem would resolve itself you can't spend money. If you don't have another one says sink the ship to salvage it so this person willing to roll the dice and see what happens. And I just wonder if you were to wind up losing your job as a result of this or your 401K. Tanks. A year and a half for two years from now. Would you still feel the same way. I'm not trying to scary I can't guarantee is gonna happen I don't know it's gonna happen I hope to god it's not gonna happen. But at this point in my life. I can't put that on the line and roll the dice. That's all I'm saying what do you think we'll take a break climactic phone calls Tommy to record for Garland Robinette think tank. Seagate seventy -- sound exactly -- Garland. Must. The Texans and thanks three showtime and we do have many smart and serious leaders even in government my opinion is Tea Party is a far out -- far right mouthpiece from now another one. This is getting depressing can you change it up a bit and talk local issues I get it is important and how long can we beat a dead horse. That is out of our hands well again Italian. If you find yourself auto worker the interest rate goes up and you can't buy a house seat can't buy a car or you can't afford this He can't afford that. It's will be a local issue do you. And as we do here -- W -- sorry I I could talk about dumb. The saints -- I could talk about it. It is open house about a guitar about a nice recipe for some creole tomatoes salad that I don't think that's gonna really help anything sickening head in the sand and I can do anything at all. Bob Dylan concert idea that it. Another one Tommy the other night you said don't listen to my 401K can you take a 50% hit now hoping to recover in five years or so. No I cannot because I keep taken 50% hits. And it goes back to where it was I took one with. With that 9/11 or before that I took one with whatever bubble that was before that person came back to where it was. I took one with. At 9/11 came back to where it was took one with. Did the most recent Wall Street mess came back did not it's it's it's still not back to where it was at a bottom line is inflation keeps going along a whole time. Silly teams come back to where it was -- meanwhile inflation is killing me. So no I can't take a 50% hit. Craig in Saint Bernard thanks for holding your on WW. Change. You lately comment bit era. We can't access. In every area in this country not. Just think government I mean -- -- -- and business personally and personal finance. We lead our country driven by self interest. And unfortunately it's in every area. You know lots SI mean -- even look at churches. I mean it and I and has its -- -- you know trying to. You -- elderly people out of him money you know it means in every area. Educate think. So you know how do you are you on these. I mean it's built in the capitalism you know and every -- on them also on the -- -- capital -- how do you mean. Moderate restraint that is so it is that motivate me. The water problem has been also -- which very motivates people and excess motivates people can't gamble motivate people did these banks. My question is you are you on the Internet and -- product American entry. DC United States it is conductor revolutionary Iran apparently. Tried you know market it. It monopoly hold at least. Different movements in. Problems are out -- -- Excesses. My question is how you you have undo all of these excesses. Yeah I don't know Craig I think that's an interesting. It's -- the story or -- question and and I'm working on a show about that on capitalism -- and I don't give too much to win right now let me ask you about this. -- debt ceiling you've heard tunnel and you've been listening you heard the economists say what might happen what's likely to happen if it's not raised here at the professor talking about. The other professor talking about Tea Party and and sixty people in congress sold enough. A lot of this and and in quite frankly the truth is moving the line first it was no taxes. That it was cutting spending now it's a balanced budget amendment maybe because they don't quite understand that you do have to compromise in the founding fathers knew that that it was. Now about a mile away or not than it was about compromising with people who are not the enemy who just have a different vision for the country. Created spending is out of control and something has to be done so. Date do you want the Tea Party are are you willing to roll the dice on this and is now the time and tinted. Draw the battle lines and and let the nation default on the debt to cut spending the war. And is a Tea Party making America better worse or just those two questions what do you think. Pot I don't think it's parties so eight in your country words. -- -- -- -- added some debate you know two. The problem. And -- my deal is at its I'm not smart enough into it to figure out. You know. I'll look particularly on the economy but. It -- in the Mullen acknowledged that. Very few options at this point -- the print money. -- you cut. It. You'd better reduced job and these economic activity which currently -- small people which parent. Will it -- of unity at Lansing com. And it's it's it's a vicious cycle of these it is -- good. Option. Yea it's a complicated problem glad you called coming right back at a big 870 -- W sites on the docket for Garland quick tax Tea Party has -- in congress for six months. And they are the problem in this instance if you count votes they would be if you believe a compromise. Should be reached on this raising the debt ceiling because again the effects are. It started -- holding out for no tax increase then. They held out for. Spending cuts then they held out for a balanced budget amendment. And they aren't completely against compromising and according to. I everything you read according to our political science professor and that's not the way Washington works and if you say well. That it's time to change what works in Washington or how it works and you would believe that you have to have a super majority because if just with enough of a majority to stop any vote. Then nothing's ever gonna get done in the even the founding fathers knew that. Netted Metairie hi you're on -- WL. Pagan on its army. First thing -- say it does say introducing collected in the Arctic in the slaughtered as. Harry Reid John Boehner and -- President Obama Obama's stand on -- podium and He says. To solve the debt crisis -- need to compromise and do things my way. I think it's a very telling consider when -- get -- leadership but but I wanna make a comment about the people ought to outlaw I want to make a comment actually about the -- Did you see -- about forty seconds Nancy got to get going. Okay well you go to file over the president makes a decision that we're gonna pay the interest on the debt. So let's say you're critical that is what you pay the interest and the minimum payment you're not the ball -- ACC a community interest and and make the cut somewhere else. Well it could pay the interest -- and stuff. Fear -- people that we're gonna go to into the well this is ridiculous and it was He -- BC news when He says no Social Security checks. It probably went -- -- that we need to hear the default first got you got to run thanks to the call coming back under the have you. BC news talk and sports leader they'll create -- seventy WWL New Orleans 1053 WWL -- -- HD 110 in New Orleans and WWL dot com.