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07-29-11 12pm Lizzy Post

Jul 29, 2011|

Tommy Tucker in for Garland. Lizzy Post, the great, great granddaughter of Emily Post, talks about the upcoming 18th edition of Emily Post's Etiquette.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tommy Tucker in a day coming up at 1235 we're gonna talk to. Is the pope's. Who is the granddaughter of Emily -- About a and -- syndrome. If you will. It is. Obsessive. Phone checking have you ever been talking to anybody. And he's seen a lot with the with teenagers and where they can't even had a conversation anymore. Without -- the phone every couple of seconds. They're constantly looking at the Smartphone to see if anybody texted him or if they have any any messages and on and off it's so much about. Being busy as it is about some kind of positive feedback. To see -- attention like attention -- cycle does anybody want to talk to me does anybody what do text me is anybody trying to get me. So we'll talk about that in and askew a thumb. Do you do you find it rude. When you're talking to somebody and right the middle of what you're saying they pick up the phone and and we insert about it now populated right to middle of the a targeting they pick up the phone may look at it and and check to see if they have any messages are checked to see if they have any texts or lord forbid it started texting. Right familiar conversation I find it terribly rude. We're gonna continue our conversation about. Raising the debt ceiling in the politics of it all -- Tea Party making America better or worse that is are pretty jaguar opinion poll. And as it stands now 55% of you logging on liners saying better. It is unscientific. And announcing that say that the results are flawed I'm just saying that electability is not a represented serving you while -- Log online -- WW dot com we'd really loved to talk to yet. At -- 601870. Toll free 866. 8890870. The other thing. I'd like to talk to you about is are you willing to roll the dies. On this debt ceiling. And deal with whatever happens or use so concerned about the debt and the deficit in this country that now is the time. To say you know what I am I am aligning myself with the Tea Party. And unless the senate goes along. -- -- Cutting spending deep spending cuts. No new taxes. And a balanced budget amendment. We will not raise the debt ceiling let the country go into default. And will deal with whatever happens are you ready to do that because -- me it's analogous. To put new chips. On a roll of the dice. Because she's saying you know what this is that this is our moment in time. If not now win. And -- siding with the Tea Party here. And I'm ready to do this. Ardea. Because when we had. Doctor Walter doubly when this review and no one and a doctor of economy economics in the first dollar an economist. Any say YouTube could be -- and and a higher unemployment rate down even more down housing market. Higher foreclosure rates and lower consumer confidence. And casino in terms of revenues of the government -- government is at its lowest amount of revenues since the 1950s. So your 401K. Can go down. The bond rating of the country would go down. Interest rates would go up. And that could lead to higher unemployment. With -- economy that is in -- up pretty bad shape with unemployment around 9%. Lot of people have these they are ramseys adjustable. Rate mortgages. And if the interest rates were to be bumped up by one or 2%. You could be talking about on 150000. Dollar house and I believe I got my math right here in -- gone up -- 179 dollars a month is the house's. -- a lot more than that you can do the math where people could be priced out of the house. They feel make the note they get foreclosed upon. More houses go on the market. The price a -- house and everybody else's. Goes down. But if you feel so fervently that the debt and deficit in the country is out of control. And you side with the Tea Party let me know I'd like to talk tea in just in terms. Of numbers and vote counting there's about sixty Tea Party members and congress 250 some odd Republican members of congress out of 435 C got a Republican majority. And sixty Tea Party members. In terms of Tea Party movement that means they won election in sixty districts in this country. But they control enough of the votes so that. Again it all comes to vote counting. Com. The Republicans have a majority but they don't have a majority without. The Tea Party and then we asked the question well. In terms of compromise. Is this about the principles of the Tea Party members are are they being nine even -- understanding. -- Washington works a text comes in the country will not default August 2 is a lie. Let's see what happens August 3 fourth and fifth nothing but the dams with vague on their face. And that goes of the question -- are you ready to roll the dice on this supporters in the texted this apparently is I do know this the whitehouse said. -- July 22 was the initial -- was the initial drop dead date. And that if something wasn't done by then. That there would be not enough time for congress to pass the necessary legislation. To get everything in place to keep the country from defaulting and they have since moved on that. So maybe there. Are -- that maybe it's not August 2. I don't now. And that goes to. Are you willing to roll the -- another text comes in DC eleven. Is another Y two -- I don't know and you look at what happened in Louisiana because. We heard that we were gone off a cliff. Kind of -- out we weren't. Got to go back to the question are you willing to roll the dice on this. Do you think the Tea Party members should compromise or. And now's the time. To deal with is debt and deficit reduction. Couple of metaphors. Are you worried boats. Healing to disease yet killing the patient. And very concerned that the fire in the belly is gonna burn -- house down. Quick note on a team party approval rating for the two year old two year party movement fell 32%. In a CNN poll whether you believe that are not the lowest it's been. Since Tea Party was first hold in January of 201047%. Of Americans say they -- unfavorable view of the movement. Higher negative percentage than ever an additional 7% say they'd never heard of the movement 14% said they had no. Opinion. Another text ends and before we go to the phones. Tea Party bad execution to a good idea. I don't know Tea Party is nigh eve we are being misinformed by the experts in the Treasury Department who were the only ones who did pull us out of the recession look how that turned out. Another when the credit rating needs to be dropped then maybe no one will loan him any more money and stop all of the raising spending that from a on the the question is. All idea are you willing to roll the dice. If it leads to. Even in the to an even poorer economy. So -- ago. No one quick text before we go back Tea Party -- Taliban of USA any group this extreme and unwilling to compromise is dangerous that from Susan. In Mississippi the White House deadline another text says has been pushed back three times before this deadline. And finally one quick text says roll the -- It's too Richard on the road hey Richard thanks for calling your on WL. EA Richard. Per Richards gonna go back on hold we'll see what his zeal is pat -- high -- Devin WL. Roland so far. Grand Bay Saint Louis. Least you're there. Bodies on the screen and full but I keep on until nobody is areas He wondered -- there's an image. Subjecting people that you it is -- only line I will be able to obstruction. And my belief in their own part of it is not. You. That I -- racial abuse well back in the seventies. The South Africa and on the report. I'm more ugly. Out well of the people. Situation when it. And obstruction of the country. -- you know. -- We've got to. -- we -- into this predicament. Would you war. Or not -- compact but not -- and programs it's time. -- -- -- no -- -- tell me about the racial component and insulin. What does that typically people in an -- you know. Probably on the ground out or open letter -- -- and -- -- either -- change in Poland -- in the armed. Well just because that's your relatives grand thank you for the call it doesn't mean that everybody in the Tea Party shears. Those views I don't wanna paint everybody with the same brush Marion and -- thanks colony -- -- have you. I could not figure out that last caller that's like saying all Democrats are racist because that the Jim Crow laws that the bad. Yeah I'm not. Now you can't do that you campaign Iran with the same brush. -- all right discount blip and casual and play it as you say it role but. But I would say there. First -- don't think that it would be eight default. And -- second or August 30 or December 30 our debt -- came in line. I think that they are going to be payment it'll just like individuals eight pills when they don't get ready. And I raised because this is not about the treatment and it about the decrease indeed. Rate of spending which continues to slide even went. Any of these agreements that are being man. But we you don't get a raise and you'd end up with the same revenues. Coming in your old. It has the war you're going to get you're not going to call you can't or certain things plan -- -- And you've got the -- but that's totally different. But then -- you gotta decide what do you here's the thing we retirement this during the break I was Simon this is young Jordan -- -- Jesuit graduate who again made the unfortunate decision of going to the University of Alabama but but He did do you try to raise them and and they make their own choices. You know -- -- regret about it and actually it. Up next spring of -- are. You are. Nobody. Ever -- it out front. -- -- here's the cameras and nowhere else but new loans the other conversation about high schools. Here's the idea here is a conversation and it goes to. Well if if you say you're engaging in scare tactics because you know I can hand -- -- undersea you know this -- have been trying to figure it out about. Treasury and money and we Eric comes from and what pile of money do you have to pay out of if you're gonna say you're engaging in scare tactics is -- did right before the end of the hour because you can't pay. The debt will then. If you gonna do that and then decide not the pace Social Security willed and you can't say. That you're engaging in scare tactics by senior not gonna pay Social Security because if you choose to -- debt and not that then that's accurate yes and. Well -- all the security in all want and a number of other payment from the federal government. Are automatically. Computer. Operated. The president would be important change that if He wanted without additional legislation. Which the court it would never eat out. -- they computer generated -- -- mean that that the monies where justice takes. Upgrade. But the Social Security Administration. That is independent. It already implement it all work on it already. That out -- that the payments are made the bodies aren't quite program in the computers but those checked opt out. Every month without. Look I'm glad for the president and -- -- so they're not want to. So where's the money common ground -- goes into that. Lately from income tax but from many other sources for example at acted. Countless number of deep impact. Import duties. You name. I don't -- choices when we get time to surrenders -- use so what choices then would have to be made. About you can pay the debts of then what would you might be able to pay gone back to your analogy. Beginning. The thing I haven't heard anyone say and where not comment about. -- -- Apple. -- mr. Obama at. After this is -- aren't -- out do. Program. -- budget act does well new program break for duke quote investment. So -- -- all is that net pay up and that it. What would He cut out. You have to say what you have right now which and we -- multi sport we -- the revenue. And we bought new program of the future that the president wants congress from. And I think the answer is no. Been. Giving Republicans political Lehman and and Mary let me ask you real. Went would be cooler quickly on a side note when people are talking needy Bynum obsessively check in the Smartphones and -- It. And when you're talking -- -- dvds. Conversing with each other -- finally they do every couple of seconds really can't even talk to each other verbally. The war. More. It's -- and artists like and nervous -- homeowners. Thank you -- Mary appreciate the call him right back into the WWW. Wells hurt a. The game. Charlotte beat swamp tours get a 25 dollar it's gonna get for only 1250 -- -- want to orders. Lets you explore the by use -- -- abundant wildlife and exotic plant life train navigators escort you into the waters of Louisiana swamps for more deet tails. Visit WWW judge John -- feet swamp tour dot com and please when you're taking the two are you see an alligator. -- Police. Don't seek stored in short game because I guarantee you. They've heard it a million times -- just don't do. Okay if you wanna win a free perks by if you wanna Winfrey -- bucks text W lying in the special perks code. 20357. Richard on a road hi you're on got a W well. That. A strike them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well short but it. Backlog or. Get about it -- -- -- -- That there are gonna pop art but they don't Iraq. -- -- -- -- right so you heard I don't know -- you've been listening but you've heard the you've heard economists say He. What could happen if we do in for a how long it goes on around now. Are you willing to deal with the consequences of that continue economically right now in your -- deal with the consequences of that. What are. There -- -- But I don't they backed the boat people. And watch -- April the government is completely at. What I. Right and understand about should do but. I shouldn't a -- my hair but it did. -- out. So if interest rates go up if people -- And how you put out of their houses implement trends or anybody abusing it if in capital letters here. If that causes of value -- house to go down. If if it's harder to buying cars the economy slows down even more are you willing to deal with Soledad if that's part of this again big capital letters. -- -- -- -- -- both senate. And it artwork. And it. Yeah you break it up Richard sorry but I appreciate your call we're gonna come back. And talk about this will continue our conversation we're also gonna talk about cell phone etiquette. Because. -- notice it up people Smartphones on the be honest I just got an iPhone and I've I've noticed that I've become. Composed of blood chicken and every so often to see if I'd been -- that are not on getting the bad habits to howls Archuleta when we come back with. A -- -- granddaughter of Emily Post. Right now he's always minding his p.'s and q.'s Chris Miller here to check news and big 870 WW well. Jordan they don't really this thing and now. I'm Manning -- of Rhode Island assistant reducing violence and -- the executive producer doing a great job Ross Manning master control. Gotta give kudos to him and Chris Miller. I helping us out with the news today I'm just trying to be as polite as I can because our next guest is the granddaughter. Of the famous Emily Post who is. I guess did the did the person that. Is forever associated with manners when it comes to. To this country and with that we welcome in -- -- good afternoon madam how are you. -- on connecting -- there. Was a very delighted me. Yet that. Brian you like all of a lot to. I I love you -- by hand desperately trying to it to find a way to move or or hopefully when in the future on the second common parlance really seeped into my heart and that's how America has emailed back and forth today it is my. It is just it's it's almost one of those unexplainable -- and economically to you know put my hand might have been touched my heart that that that's where it is for. Do you like the people of new loans -- I -- my gosh this city of New Orleans is in my mind one of the -- city that never traveled cute that understands hospitality. I I just. Everyone is friendly people say hello to you on the street they don't try to -- you awkwardly. Page. They smile I mean an expert city and -- You know it's still being rebuilt and everything just the attitude and the feeling and the encouragement that I feel like I'm down there is over it's like one of the reason that around the city so much. Liz -- moved away once in my life for about nine months a Las Vegas and and I was in a grocery store and you know here you see somebody to start talking to -- and it. And I made some comment to somebody there and in in denial and -- that literally grabbed their personal Demi is those -- greater problem. And -- I was only began as a lesson to me that. Other places are not like key year. No other other places are not like New Orleans you guys really know nowhere attack in terms of being community and being. Just basic friendly like you know what you're trying to you know China had to -- just. Connecting with other people letting that other person -- Heyman -- and for that the fault kicker than the ketchup bottle rocket artillery you know it's like. Other people find it weird when you even try to connect with another human being on such a basic simple innocent level. And what I love is that Orleans embraces it it is says hey I'm human you're human we can -- pop went -- their problem. Who. You Neal did that that's all I was trying to get an anti aids -- Atlanta means is that -- of the -- currently. -- great. Great great great great. And -- says that doesn't mean complementary that you're really a great great granddaughter into drinking problem and genealogy -- -- I guess you can't and before we get to the cell phones let me talk T about. Eating habits here and Crescent City because. You know we we tend to like our food and sometimes that stuff is so good Willie. We lead things with a -- that maybe we should know -- maybe just use our hands -- silverware would be more appropriate or maybe talk with our miles -- -- what do you think about. The crescent city's eating habits. I think that ornament mothers -- -- -- Sandridge and some of that falls off I use my my index finger in my to -- that he's not a puppet. Their right mind -- So I it is so good it doesn't matter. Sometimes it's. Testing is. It doesn't matter and and when it's meant to be eaten which your fingers that -- I don't know how you eat crawfish boil without your fingers in front and. Would it BO would it be possible for you to write me letters that I could carry with me and present to some of the people at restaurants like you just say look -- post improvement here. Possibly but as -- -- that got photos that you giving them an independent you are being met being granted patent act now approved it. I had an -- that every they have pictures of people visited every restaurant in town it'll be NC could find those alive. Talk about cellphones because -- This study that came out came on about obsessive cellphone behavior I gotta tell you I thought this is a very. Organic topic because I see. Teenagers especially. And young adults. Standing in a group conversing. And it almost seems like a nervous tic where every. Fifteen to twenty seconds. They are obsessively -- -- -- the cell phones it's almost like in the old days -- -- it would take a drag nervously off of a cigarette now it's been replaced. By looking at the cellphone. Yes now I think you're exactly right and and what worries me about. Aged that we live -- and just the place we are which technology yet at this exact moment in time what worries me is that nervous funny Medina nervousness worry you. He hit it. It's scary to means that that kids today. Are -- teens today are having a hard time focusing. Simply because they're constantly. Aware. Who might be getting in touch with them who might be commenting. On their FaceBook page you know. It's it's strange it's strange that I didn't you know cell phones were like -- really me who I mean my my first cellphone was so sick and so big. When I was in high school and you know texting didn't really even become ubiquitous until I was just graduating college in 2005. And it's it's scary to mean that kids these days are having to -- that type of anxiety. Can be at the pressure that shouldn't be put on them. I would really hope that ads as we learn how to live with this technology you know etiquette is one aspect of it. But the health and wellbeing and and our ability to focus since they present in the moment is another really big part of it and as a country as a culture. I really hope that we can find a way. To bring it back can be present in the moment and and put that phone away let it go to voice mail check your messages on your break. He doesn't have to be instant just because the communication has the capability of being instant. Well on average is study showed subject check their phones 34 times a -- not necessarily because He really needed check them. But because it had become -- habit or compulsion Lawrence Frank. Neuroscientist at the University of California San Francisco said it's extremely common very hard to avoid we don't even consciously realized. We're doing it it's an unconscious. Behavior and Anna's doctors said. Then He started that He too habitually started to do it without even thinking about it we sat down to figure why He said it was an unconscious two step process first. His brain like the feeling when He received an email -- it was something new. It was often something nicer note from a colleague complimenting his work. Or requests from journalists and help with the stories that each time we get an email it's a small jolt of positive feedback that you're an important person. So little bit of an -- diction in that kind of way India fine animal it -- erratic as I gotta tell yet. I got one of these -- on things about six weeks ago and I find myself doing an object and it every couple seconds. I missed the second half kicking myself on. How do. I think that's. -- -- -- Supposedly -- -- I I think and it's you know they say it takes something like. And -- -- so repetitions for something to -- common habit think about I mean. You try to consult on more content and that month so. I can see how you know I can -- about the bad actors like you and I am aware and being myself. Kinect in field creating get the positive reinforcement. As someone reaching out to me. I'm jealous of his email inbox I -- about any positive. I gotta take a break when we come back to get a couple more minutes -- talk about the etiquette of texting and checking your phone while somebody's -- entity because to me. I can think of nothing more rude but yet it's kind did. It's kinda tough to have the discipline once this becomes this habitual behavior. Not to do -- hang on -- pose the great great granddaughter of Emily Post helping us sort out some of the do's and don'ts of of the changing technology in how to become -- especially AF. Year here in the office with your boss or a meeting in somebody's trying to convey some important information to you hands of you get it taxed or maybe. What's appropriate in terms of thank you notes or god forbid condolences of somebody loses a lot when the caller do you text. I question -- C six 1878 toll free 866889087. In the world these changes we're trying to help yes. Keep up with -- integrity and -- 877 W. Tommy for Garland -- Lizzie to close our guests of the great great granddaughter of the renowned Emily Post in before we get on with the subject matter you are their books still available about. Manners and how to conduct yourself and -- been updated. I'll have absolutely we have been over 25 book collection. We really broken it down into into you know. All the different kind of -- stands in stages of the lights and my sister my cousin and my. -- are techies who lived in New Orleans for quite some time. I have just. We updated the actual debate book of etiquette that we are coming out eighteenth edition of it has etiquette. On the first day -- October 18. This year and we are so excited because they really does cover all the issues that we're talking about today and more. It really is is it really -- in modern book of etiquette at this point and it's written and it -- it just. You know it it's feels right when you read it it doesn't feel like you're reading a text book it feels like you're you're talking to a friend about it which is what I really like. And speaking of birthdays. -- is it appropriate to send a birth date text is it appropriate to. To send condolences text of somebody loses a loved one what it. Where where do you draw the line between texting and calling because sometimes. Lizzie it's a lot easier. You know you don't feel like get stuck on the phone it is solar go to decline party invitation it's a lot easier just to send a text. I mean it really depends on on your connection with the other person. You know my best friend and I were always texting each other happy birthday your -- as payback. That's sort of thing when it comes to that really doesn't really not a -- is important but if it came to something like condolence you'd you'd better believe be on the phone talking to her about it. -- at the same time you know I think I read somewhere -- 88 celebrity. Texted someone their condolences. When -- went Ryan -- of Jack task group pardon pardon the title. I'll hunt but -- that group when when He passed away recently. And I think it really depends on the nature of your relationship with that person. Sometimes what's great about text is that it is is instant and and you get your your point to the person right away and there's. There is I believe something really good about that. That being said I also love. I loved the idea of actually taking potential write something. -- the person they're offering the condolences to or at over the entities and that the wishes to get better whatever it is. When it comes to more sensitive materials and subject for the -- to celebratory. You know subjects. You really want to talk about personal touch and and text messaging just isn't the best way to get that. If you wouldn't wanna Texans are you grandma died didn't seem right. Would I email. Although I did you know went up my mind your grandmother who carried on the name after she passed away last April and it would you know it's -- I did get text messages like we work with the crew from History Channel recently. And it was while she was. She was sick and and actually remembers from the crew texted me their condolences and I gotta say I would not offended I've I've really felt touched by that so. It is interesting that even getting in the text form I'd still greatly appreciated them reaching out to -- moment emails. -- You know it's I it's funny that first submarines and the text seems more personal and -- it does doesn't it. Yeah you're getting that person's actual cell phone I mean you know as opposed to they're they're they're almost went -- emails which are business lines into. And it's more immediate for some reason I don't know when it is strange connotation. Speaking of the phones you can't talk in the somebody. And at the text goes off or maybe it doesn't. And use it -- -- obsessively -- -- -- in the -- year -- did the phone is just competing for your attention and you grab an opponent look in Janet wells somebody's trying to converge with the U. That Sunnis seems as though it is the most rude thing you could do MI wrong and a. I I completely through QII. You don't appreciate them hanging out with a friend and they're checking their talk all the time in fact I -- so far as often meet my phone and indifferent groom wore. Turn it off first started to vibrate and put it away in my -- and it's not in sodomy. If you have something like an emergency loved ones and hospital kids there with the babies that are whatever it is. Let me get a person now and say look I'm very chance -- might be getting calls you know or an emergency caller something like that. I hope you won't mind if I take it if that number pol. What you don't wanna do is is kind of give that reasoning out to have -- out there and then have the phone sitting on the cable like a ticking time bomb. And every time it goes off your -- you know. Oh well that's it -- in elegy for the one Q it's now you need to only answer for that emergency. And really need to put in your pocket on vibrate so that yes He can check to see if this is the emergency amber coming in and it's it's not that emergency amber. -- just ignore it. Area. The -- I hope they don't commit a full -- here but did do you have children are non. I don't. OK so when you -- if you have children and you know -- it's a different time now and everybody wants to say connected with their friends but. In terms of dinner with the Stanley going county data is it time to take the cellphone Upton and spend time with the family. And it's it's time to turn itself on off my time with -- with the family IE I really do believe in in family time. You know I -- I work with my entire family. And and then we get together for dinner at the phone's are are no nowhere to be seen they're not it's it's not something we pay attention to when we're spending their time together so whether they're little kids. Or whether -- all adults sitting in even if they're going to devolved into the matter it's it's spend the time with the people you love and be present and focused on them. I -- old fashioned question about a phone call you're eating dinner and the phone and rings you never know who it is if you don't have caller ID don't know if it's an emergency. So the answer -- I maintain the best way to answer that is to say. Hey hi how you doing in another person says He say hi were eaten dinner I gave Kennedy what's going on. Because once you don't say you're eating dinner once the other person gets into what it is they wanna talk about. Then it's kind of hard to bring up dinner. Right especially -- something serious. It ends and it is something serious you know you might take that that one to two minutes to -- to hear them out a little bit and -- You know until I'm so glad you called to let me know that. We're just an if you'll excuse me just in the middle of dinner and I would love to call you back in about twenty minutes after the hour would that be all right which you. Some emergencies we all know -- the immediate attention. But if it doesn't turn out to be that tactic -- I'm with you I see what I'm not -- why can't stay long on the phone. Because like I do you think it's important and some people will you know they'll -- they'll keep talking. And that's when you really have to give them in John and says sorry we really do have to go at the moment but. But I will call you right back okay thank you so much and then say goodbye and hang out you know let get -- -- going down -- content going on Sundays are cold and you've missed that camera. -- Jones Steve's gonna just with the phone in the gravy. Would you -- that they are my opponent grade student that. Thank you Lizzie a pleasures always saying you know daycare when you come down into loans come visit -- You are -- at. The pleasures always have a lovely weekend we'll take a break -- come -- wrap -- the think tank in the negated seventy WW.