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Deke, Bobby, and Hokie live from Saints training camp. Sean Payton and Drew Brees speak at post-practice press conference

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to an extended edition of sports -- so you guys and a big -- below the Saints continue his. A continuing wrapping up practice in the indoor facility we'll hear from the cape He came by the event Christie Garrett later in the Al also will carry coach Sean Peyton -- At today's practice the -- on what the new CBA in places are today the players officially ratify the new collective bargaining agreement. Some of the highlights in the players -- voting for the CB to be through. Include blood testing for eight CH human growth hormone for the first time they hope to have the testing procedures implemented bye week -- the NFL become the first major US professional sports league to use blood testing for -- The eight. Now if took mr. Roger Goodell will retain power there's been under the current conduct policy in the collective bargain agreement. Steele being hammered out by the league's players' union has always disciplinary actions and looks like now players may be able will be likely. To appeal suspensions under the drug policy to -- independent arbitrator this is all court. To league sources think releasing running back -- Hamilton earlier date. As well and also LSU -- -- quarters the creek ball is now the quarterbacks coach and LHU. This is new to him. Being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease offensive line coach -- now. Will be -- new offense according -- data rate jaguar opinion poll online at WW that Compaq has come -- ranked fourth. It at HUSA today coaches poll what is your biggest concern. Belongs to the 2011 season is the play of quarterback John Chavis is coaching. All or is it the LSU tiger young -- a lot of talent but a lot of young players that you think about. I'm missing and Drake and Evans the Kelvin Sheppard and -- to -- one of the best defenders in all of college football last season and Patrick. Patriots to 601 late seventies beat them but again it all hope we penalties. Yet let me ask you this I mean. Maybe in some degree with coach credits or just going strictly as a quarterback coach in only can do right now. Is Tony in almost three -- Jordan Jefferson curiously. -- -- -- That. Could that -- advantage to the LSU offense that. Now he's got to do is worry about in his time on those three guys. You know hokey. I think I would say in a way yeah. I would say in the way you because of whatever tire now they coach critical what hand and obviously we'll have to see you know has hill who got a comfort in his family. It's just strictly devoted to the quarterbacks. I would say it is called beat you to form now -- -- -- -- Alan -- what will be the original game -- his followers. Would be right there would feel would rather be in the box -- and so forth like that because. I think it in and -- like -- if I'm sitting here doing the -- by myself. And I know wondering about myself it's one thing. But all Wednesday if I'm sitting here and I'm saying well -- he's supposed to be with the Thursday. And the Hokies not. Dan I'm like well I don't -- He was won't be here and I'm just trying to translate that into where it's a young man is in the quarterback position. And he's going all the Columbus coaches won't be winning it and hit up when He comes off on a sat last straw to chalk talk. It is going to be there between He -- in there you know how does that affect him because I would feel more culpable as a player in my coach will they had some type capacity. I am mean I don't know a whole lot about Parkinson's disease. The not knowing UT's shakes and in one another but. But I would just think that that it right now He can put all his energy into those three guys as opposed to put -- All of his energy trying to all right I gotta get an offensive line meeting room and I can't deal with those guys that I got to go to the running backs I've got to go to wide receiver. Try to go to the ideas because when they break open a -- Everybody's going in their own little room and he'll be broken down by opposition. Now all of a sudden He guilty and he's got those three guys in eighteen to sit there and pound it in them and found it. I think grown agreement with the if we don't know 100% right but we're all in agreement -- that. He's still gonna have a lot of influence of what the offense does. But Nelly He didn't have to spread himself all throughout that the opposite side of the building He could just work on -- three quarterbacks. To meet I think that should make him better as. Quarterback I think that's a great on Okinawa agree with that I don't think that tiger fans who followed coach miles and his staff all all concerned at all. And it is followed preparing get ready. The biggest concern with tiger -- has been. I guess you'd say maybe. The -- old -- tackle put the question marks about. Certain things that happen game date. He followed saying I don't I don't think -- but I don't think anybody -- would question preparation. Also -- I'm just trying to think in the last -- there. I don't I don't know talkative look go back and look at the game would you say well LSU tanked. In noting taken way out of some people go back what you know you couldn't beat back take -- -- and deal with Troy. But you know that always is is more -- guess you'd say. A little problem solved in the to really point out. If you lose a game like that we you don't lose in it was a MI were remembered that if -- that you lawless. Like Alabama is usually am a likely coach saint Lucie and then all of that you may be right you you would remember them -- but that's been not in the case of let's not however. The biggest question marks in this have come a lot on things that take place own gain any of that can be you know and we'll see because you know. A quick thought had never been on game day with him. And you know so we'll see how that transpired this year so it's I mean I got a competent now have a -- -- You don't question now no I think it's a little -- -- because I mean look let's face it he's going to be coach in three quarterbacks this foul. And that's it. They'll be some other guys in the room -- walk on some of the freshman and but those are going to be very -- that he's going to be yet ready for game day. So I'm not those two this year that. You know with -- it's a reduced capacity. I'm not -- no real worry about that outlined by the end wide receivers and all that. He can focus in only three and possibly make him better players than they have been the past. Do the -- to go Hoch and let's go to blame him bullish on line Warren wind thank you for calling WW real point or two. -- -- -- -- But where's the mayors and a palpable for actors. Obvious no where cracked cracked those proverbial game they would not be on the field in the but He. -- where it was going to be able for the -- just not being -- to be on the field whether it was a coordinator. Well ultimately we won't know that -- them through a lot of that would depend own at the hotel where coattails that you know. Does He feel. Al McCain make it to the doctors say you know it's all right -- is -- finally I'm here here's a whole other thing out there that. There are some coaches that feel better about being in because it's accuracy the entire field Agassi was known all. There are also other coaches that say I would prefer to be on the sidelines because. I'm getting in a -- as soon as that player comes off the field. Regardless of position. He comes off the feel like it immediate contact me is today I have no wait for him -- -- -- as -- so. And then again. It. I guess number one you'd have that answer. Coach grant -- that. You know what where do you feel the most comfortable right but if He is a condition health why. Says that you know you really can't be out there on the field three and a half hours to court for game. You -- be able to sit down -- all like that so those are things that we don't know but I if it was me. And basically he's relegated right now to the point he's a position coach. If I'm a position coach I wanna be. And I've never been a coach but I would wanna be right you feel this is my guy came off the field a grand -- immediately -- them out. What did you see right there and start discusses that whole thing was -- Right field silently his team faced faith and you pull out the little chalk board wrecked and start on things that. I would think did that when He would want but there -- I don't know the status of just how far He has witnessed parkinson's of these. Who knows gets it in front of the veteran. Vote to mentally I don't think in Byron knows no and let me it's not like Michael mouse and -- It's it's a tough situation it's not dire straits. The economy of Japan but is that true that they knew a way before we Newton and we you know would you see what goes all. If we do see them meaning it's. Well I mean it is okay it's something that if it's if something like this don't take place this is the best for the right. I'm but I -- effect Kahne you run counted -- where would you rather be. During the course of a Saints game and would you rather be up in the press box for your mobile field -- has been studio. You -- way you wanna be right but. Until that whole thing is they brought to him -- nobody really knows I can't really answer the question no point right there because. I don't know where coach -- order of the week was the rather be up there looking at it from the Eagles view are down their divert that -- Exactly come back to Nathan on the road and it's a bit. Practices -- close to repeating time and him we're gonna hear from Saints coach on -- look at guys out on the -- it it's a sport popular thing to WW. Fourth with the guys down and out there but yeah. Few moments we'll go to the indoor facility -- six. -- it gives -- standing by him on -- ice and so they have -- -- well. Head coach Sean Payton. The medium manner as a saint Safina so practice here at the indoor facility. That was close the public Bobby -- is back in the it would assortment you know a program note that the saint practice get to the rest the week in. Friday Saturday and Sunday is 4 PM to 6:45 PM those or at the outdoor field. And open to the public our sports talk programming will be 48 tomorrow. The end -- Saturday will be completed 8 PM. As a might TA also Steve Cole will be joining us and on Sunday local from four to 8 PM practice report on the field -- and I believe me this week in. And also you'll hear from coach shown -- Bobby you know while we know waiting for -- brings coach Peyton. Well known that you jump -- -- Steve -- will let us it was soon as coach Pete Sampras capital is available you that is about what happened at practice. Well I think and hall of very spirited practice. But I don't know is is to me it's just natural when you're inside. You know dealing with the elements that a little pep in their typical. The offense and defense flying around the ball like we've seen ever practice a lot of special teams work. You know coaches in -- and not just the normal special teams coach. The coaching manic put -- eagle but also Sean Payton Gregg Williams -- Coach Williams said this in the past -- million dollars as a team you feel like they all contributing. Obviously trying to get the special teams better. I thought overall. You know they look like David Price in the whole offseason. OTAs mini camp. It was great cars by Jabari Greer Drew Brees put their right in their alliance more along the foul line plus thirty yards poke it looked like it looked like. Practiced them one for yet more army. Comes out there in. Smoking I mean smoke and look like me and is the be ready to roll. They work at some blitz pickup. Looking -- like Brees to Lance Moore -- a plus forty yard gain Brees to Meachem post -- a great catch. You know plus forty yard gain of some big defense made big plays the Dolphins. Were able to get a share of their plays and Will Smith would have had a sacked. Twenty the 24 lead towards the better in the trust factor. He would have interception return for a touchdown that that was against Chase Daniel He squatted on the slant route. -- -- A couple of times hole. Going against -- you know in addition they brought him in here. And all of -- -- tackle to manipulate bull rushed him twice. When them in this a blessing had a sack. Now the most impressive. You probably got to get on the practice field. -- Reggie who you know I could be missed and -- goes I mean at that the great -- is on Darren Sproles you'd like. It was unbelievable I'm just saying the same things the same great speed quickly she's got a Reggie Bush. I mean it's like you do miss a beat with Darren Sproles packet today it was almost embarrassed and a couple of times that the pins. Where'd you thought they had to hang out of my simple swing -- And if it'd been wanna -- 'cause they would pick out one hand on him because they took a wrong ankle and say look -- very another running back. That's a 56 our game. There's -- just -- that in that 2530 yard gain -- because him didn't. That -- get the corner now Adrian Arrington. Beating the better of Phoebe in Washington got him in the ring even though He posted him a sixty yard touchdown. That would He beat him by at least that good four yards. Johnny Patrick could play indicate that Lugo draft -- could play badly and a nice picked. But He also got arm and the -- That was -- and the pattern and Pathon. A deep ball He beat tutors. And he's along with three -- -- Abdul. On the little money out as I've faced all caught it out of in about a six. Its very name is yet a softball -- I hope -- always -- it right -- got me today he's on bull. Yeah it is an all right -- -- beat EB ice that have doomed Pierre way equated yeah is about about a cute it's -- I don't know where I was Muslim any time -- from boredom -- -- But that they had it was exciting and you know fans that remained cheered loud and clear when He CDs dive plays. You know whose team has had some good plays -- doping -- had the advantage. Were you seeing five plays and sixty plus hours in the passing team. Not yet had the upper hand yeah odds say over on the defense you don't like -- said. I made some plays leads aren't you know you need to gain a sense that a house ten if it's a point bracket for him yet yeah so. He didn't like you look like a veteran out there and you know junior -- -- in the pattern and false there. I mean here's a guy. -- And how would you look at. Have to look at my notes I think it was an -- in traffic. Faulk coming in that in my nose but I junior -- They wanna get an opportunity I think he's been in general and He bull -- -- a couple of times. And now is that to the court skylight panic as you can and quarterback and sack him. They were waiting moment tennis coach Sean Payton is that it takes at the practice. It's let's seeking it would Christine Yankee confused now he's in the -- -- And that Christian is they appear to cause that came out there let us know. Practices evening now let's talk about the field coach -- should be at the -- a moment here. He -- he's actually walking over here right now -- got a perfect timing as he's. Meeting with -- people on the field you know they have some VIPs the come on here you know watch these guys every every day -- But they maggots on that talks those guys also have a conversation earlier. With general manager Mickey Loomis is the players right now are kind of wrapping up their media sessions. If you -- -- and a lot of -- -- no surprise Drew Brees and quarterbacks are still on the field and or an awesome time and things but coach Sean Payton Izzo work his way over here. Will be over here and just a second and I think and the rest of the media. Is that still gathered around some of the players and coach Payton is waiting for some of that here accomplished -- the signal that coach Sean Payton will be come with a podium momentarily here on saint radio. WWL am -- and it dot com and here's coach Sean Payton. Saints coach Sean Payton and -- practice in the in golf facility. This afternoon. Practice open to the public to mom Friday -- go through few transactions. To bring us up today. We signed cornerback Jermaine McBride. Who was the USA. From Arizona. The following players we waived tackle Mike Smith. Tackle -- they'll be tied and Harry clarity. We waived running back CJ gable. We wave running back while Hamilton. And we waived quarterback Ryan -- Those took place today the following players remain on the failed physical list tackle Charles Brown with a hamstring. Running back Chris Ivory. Cornerback Tracy Porter and defense -- Greg Romanians. Guys did not practice because of injury today Michael a lot of us wide receiver right knee and linebacker has -- Butler left hamstring. The only guy limited in practice today was mark parson. Cornerback left hamstring. Obviously was first full practice. With our full roster. From a scheduling standpoint we moved it back. To ensure that. The ratification process took place. So that we could have a full practice with -- everyone here. Well they handled it well with. And out of the temple was good overall so I was pleased with the with the first time out the whole group and dealing with nine -- in. Will the logistics of the any questions. And I think this and and I said this earlier. Coaches you know in our. Going on our six year now that was probably one of the most difficult. Decisions in. -- employer that that I've gone through. You know he's done so much. To. This day and get healthy his work ethics amazing you know he's kind of what we point to is the type of player we're looking for in. It was becoming more difficult for him with the depth we had a running back. With with a few these younger players that are out there and and that was our decision was but it was one we made. That the world to him in. You know I think he'll have a good shot at it possibly sign and on another team in and if not we'll see where. Things take -- but that that was difficult. And you know. Yeah I mean He He he's. He's a guy won't talk about Jonathan it was real important what we do offensively you know we came in obviously from the Jets. He's been here for a long time and has been a big part of our offense. He's very intelligent. We think he's good football player and and certainly we wish him best. That being said now you know we've got some young players it'll take reps will continue to. Pay attention to this process and and you know we're we're fixes. I think you're still gonna see. A period of time where although it's slower you're still gonna see. A number of these three agents. Beginning to sign with clubs and in the next week and a half so it's a little bit unprecedented are unique that you're in training camp and and you're still going through. The recruitment of the signing of players but. But still who knows where like. I think you can Barea I think your young center it it may take a little longer I think of veteran senator. Depending on his experience. They're they're still though. A period of not so much the quarterback center exchange but. The understanding of how we called the fences and how we handle protections you know in the running game I think that comes a little quicker. In the passing game though there's a lot of communication. That takes place between drew. The center that's echoed out to the guards and tackles and I would say that that's that it will the quick -- her pass protect. So glory hole. One entering last reclaim -- comes here for a team trying to get back when another -- how important to have that kind of voice in your locker room that it stunted and comes to a program. They know how to do it. Well I think it is. Certainly a plus you know he's he's a guy that. We think is a hard worker he's a guy that you know was converted from being a linebacker really college. And in did a good job with a conversion and Green Bay. His film was. Was real good and -- and a guy we really targeted. Once free agent free agency began in fact I think you've probably the first. You'll -- we signed outside of our own roster. In that first days so his experience of being -- fully understands. Offensive football now having been been on that side of the ball. And certainly understands that winning culture. Saints coach Sean paint on -- on WWR Reggie and I think there's probably some differences there are some things that they they do well you know your -- hopefully finding someone that can. Function well as a blocker and as a receiver and and I think he's someone who also is -- a good job in the kicking game and in given them snaps and specialties so. That versatility is important especially for that position. Things are going to have the day not knowing you can a couple of guys out here for the practice. -- Well I I think that we all felt like we were gonna have them I think it was really merely a matter of a win. Purposely I think most of the teams I know we pushed practice back. Two to allow that process take place but I think we felt confident that we was gonna happen and you know I think by the time our players were vote and you know I think it was already. Ratified we were kinda like you're taller somewhere in the presidential election you know there's. But anyway. You know about the schedule worked out for. Yeah. Correct for a yeah you know I wanted and certainly there's a group yes that's birdie put on the pads and and I felt like the other players. Could handle it you know we watched the total number of reps but we had good contact. In certain periods of that they handled what would -- a lot of guys on the ground. I was occurred with that. Part of that I think was coming inside in the heat but that help a little bit as well. It will be on a little bit of an adjusted schedule here tomorrow Friday. Saturday and Sunday the next 3 days with the morning being in the meetings sessions teaching session installs session in the year in the afternoon be in the practice. And I think that if I think everyone has that the justice schedules you know that works. All the way up until Monday's day off you know I just -- Stay with that rather than what try to turn around practice tomorrow morning. So it. -- I think what. I think it's I think it's understood -- I think the position coach often times the looks going the refs to make sure everyone understands that you know rarely do you do we ever take a rookie and just put him. If the front line and yet I think there's. I think the players understand. Now I think what is key to. Our organization is that. You know we're never gonna -- anybody's job so that there's going to be a lot of reps. A lot of pre season games a lot of snaps for guys to move up the depth chart. Or move backwards in the depth chart in. And I think that process has to happen. On merit. To have that credibility in the locker room I think that's something we've we value a lot here we pay attention to it. And so regardless if it's Mark Ingram. Cameron Jordan Marcus Wilson. Or quite honestly you have -- -- from another team there still would you know that. That act of having the community and earn a spot in the starting rotation would. We've got a lot of time and yet those are critical decisions as we move forward but. But if your question directly I think there's a process that involved position coach periodically if there's. A unique situation I would talk with players you know we've got to. Veteran tackles in here that that that team won it before the clock down and Shaun Rogers and Abreu Franklin afterwards and I would clearly make sure the both of them understood our vision for how this is gonna work and and I think that that communication's important. -- Well we played Friday we're gonna have Monday off so we looked at Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday that's for. Tuesday Wednesday 56. Thursday. Seven Thursday will be a practice you know we will look at Thursday's. Like an NC Thursday with the -- they're gonna get on Fridays so Thursday will will be in pads and in. We'll have a good record. There. I think the concern would be I don't wanna be in a rush to have everything and so -- one offences and then we're playing the game than we. You know I'm comfortable that. If you know so I think mistake is to try to get everything you know in quickly rather than. Really take our time to make sure were hit it right and in. And so I think will be real dude this is about the install him and how fast we go and and will be able to handle being. If there's certain element maybe that we normally would have in for the first pre season game that we don't have them. Will be able function as it is his Saints coach on page -- in the media here and to -- -- Saints radio. Well number one I think in any any good for on you you you never see. These tackles points sixty snaps and so I I see. Rogers is a guy that can play the nose in the threes that are Gilles has got a place with three in the nose Braves a guy that plays the nose I see those three guys. You know him alone and work inside and those -- Those -- when He is snapped. Many would argue for them and we have a few guys look at that that are out here right now so. I think they understand that that flexibility some of them have position wise. Is. Is Hermann and and that helps if you feel like -- play along the defensive line. No I don't I don't know I think we had a rotation in years past I think. You know we've always gone into a game with the idea that we were gonna we were gonna have to roll guys through and it and it's been. Between Cedric and Hargrove and we've seen snaps were Welker and came inside and and certainly -- and so you have to keep fresh. But in this case it's. They're different body types and and I think we're we got bigger. You know I think it's obvious and you know hopefully that's gonna help us. -- Yeah I think. Listen I think the hard part about it is just the work that he's put in. You know he's a guy that. You know part of the lockout I mean you would see him every day I mean there wasn't a day that went by that you can see him in the facility. Training rehab and get treatment. And you know -- the injury He suffered a year ago. Was was was very unusual New England. He was important obviously in our 2009 season with his role not only in special teams but. You know it was it was rare that we at all those backs healthy whether it was Mike Bell Reggie Bush. Here or Lional at some point during the year usually three were up and one was in the -- And so. There's some guys I think you just growing attachment to and you -- And I think a lot of that factors that and in. And that's why it's that's why it's that was difficult. Coach your first real look at it there Sproles. Obviously you can see his quickness and agility He he's someone that is explosive through the line of scrimmage. I think he's very intelligent. So you know he's he's. Throughout this -- process paying attention to the meetings. In the scheme in Washington and he's got a burst. He was impressive today first day out in and what he's a veteran player that understands. At a practice in and certainly he's picked things up pretty quickly. I. I think the challenge with nine years I don't know that the practice schedules. Necessarily match tonight. In other words. The roster went up and yet the snaps to some degree went down so I don't know -- will stay at night and be for long. But we are going to and you'll see this tomorrow we are going to. Take a ten play here at the end each practice with the younger players an additional fifth quarter if you will to get more work. For the younger guys that may not get into this script early on and so as a coach who's trying to figure out rotation He knows he's got this. Seeing her come at the end of practice that He can make sure the young guys all get the reps and and I think the concern is. What the concern for all of this is not making sure good player if so build. You know player like -- Thomas. Three years ago who was a free agent that for some reason early on doesn't get noticed and all of a sudden. It's out of the building or Chris Ivory or so -- you know and so. I think that that period is one way to help try to gather some more information and see these guys. Getting reps and -- so we have enough time in the first practice you know we have three hours which we never come close to. But I'd like to see that additional period. To spend more time evaluating -- -- Stood yesterday you man Greg out. Special teams that. It's. It probably is it you know I what I want to coaches to do is to make sure that all the watch in their position groups and special teams because it's another opportunity to evaluate -- -- -- in and how guys move around so. You know the these snaps these practices. You know from start to finish are very valuable and in the evaluation has to include the kicking game has to include what they do on offense and defense so. I think we've tried to make more of an effort as a staff to pay attention to. All the players especially the younger players now there handling the drills and other handling the assignments in the -- It. You know what. I'd like that I'd like to think so and yet. I'm hopeful that that He gets picked up by someone else you know I'd like to see that happen. And and I'd like to see him have an opportunity. I don't know I think. He'll have some interest there's enough good tape out on on him as players -- Is a special teams player and then as a running back but. You know what will always try to keep a short list them but hopefully he's not -- hopefully use some -- you compete for the spot laughter. There. I thought He handled things well today you know all these all these guys have been. You know coming from another team He to someone is a quick study. I thought He moved around well securities as well I was impressed you love chances to take here this evening with them but. But he's a veteran guy that understands temple and understands. You know these guys it might be called differently but they understand principles of defense you know whether it's -- pressure coverage. -- they have a pretty clear understanding on how it's played and that I thought He handled that for the first practice pretty well. Green 43 might be keeper. -- -- Yeah I needed some good things Darren did I I was. It's just it's a different two different body type you know and in even in the nine on sevens -- the walk throughs -- you -- kind of hit some of these. Holes that are a little tighter for some guys so. There there's there's definitely a little bit different tempo when he's wrong. We were here in your life right now under the WL and a message for the fans that are listening into a bigger body and about turning out for them practice. Well we're gonna go here Friday Saturday Sunday in the afternoon. You know we notably warm but. You know my initial comment at the start of the week was as -- -- squad in the morning and in if we can beat the heat in. The very first practice we're out there and mornings that will listen I don't know the ravine and He is going to be warm in the afternoon so -- great we look forward to seeing him no I think -- -- I think this is the time if you if you want to see -- whole team practice you're gonna get. Some really good practice time we were going to be out there for two and a half hours. And and I think that. And then there's they're gonna need their rosters because certainly I do. With the with the change so I think that being said though we're excited to have him. All right if -- Saints coach Sean Payton interest in the media and he's post practice press count to be in the opposite you likely painted them all the practices open that the public. On Friday Saturday and Sunday the Saints will follow the same regiment a 4 o'clock to 645. Practice of course that is so -- meeting. So come on -- in the gates will open 45 minutes prior about 315 -- -- -- little. More -- -- the next few practices all opened the you to -- nation on the outdoor field for a 645 tomorrow Saturday and Sunday it will have a -- for you. Ideal home with -- -- to listening to Saints radio WW. Welcome back and I broke hope you guys and Bobby -- there -- Deke Bellavia today's pretty jaguar thing youthful long -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- Tigers can write it for a before in the country according to the USA today coaches poll. What are your biggest concerns for the Tigers heading into the -- the play quarterback coaching. Foyt counted but yet you know -- -- -- losing three saw the players say Kelly chipped it Drake Nevis and Patrick Peterson vote on line. At WWL that come quiet take out the current candidates mystic I was Greek restaurant a forty dollar fifty produced twenty dollars what they serve. Authentic Greek and Mediterranean food at located on the court of law calls -- in west esplanade. When mr. garrison from its and then -- daily specials available it's the perk of the day if you buy two Winfrey perks books only got to do -- -- on special perks -- 22035. -- Final four to 60187. New topics that were review everything to coach Sean Payton. -- to us say momentarily just a few moments ago and now Bobby interesting -- He was they have the it about -- -- about how -- Is that He can do some things in -- -- -- that the others can do well he's -- -- he's real facts He -- you know you wanna. Almost make a joke about it because. A table at the university dynamite -- small packages. I mean their powers Stevens is the smallest saint. You'd say maybe Darren Sproles might be like 120. But I mean come on Howard Stevens and united in the league leaving -- -- station. When Darren Sproles and all that makes sense. I mean -- dollars look at -- and when you look at him out there how little He -- but just how explosive. It's amazing though He could slip in the high school game because of his size. And you wouldn't know but never no never noses and it will all white guy who who is that. I mean ease that -- president you talk about running between attack and I think we have overrated without seeing him in -- charges uniform. Make. Not just one or two runs but probably hit Hines Ward and Reggie running between the tackles and being productive. Well looks like how did He get through today. But that's -- has made his size could help them. If alignments occupying a defender. And looks like there's no article because he's tiny and explosive He can hit it -- get it. In all of a sudden like his no article what it is gains six or seven yards on a run. He did not decline almost incumbent -- yeah I mean we actually got that stature. And He can go from -- corner from sadness. India I mean -- That's why rounds and then he's going to be improvement over review it. And and yoga and and and I said this all you in -- reporters about 20%. That no matter what they think Reggie ball bush walks a Lawler. And you can't tell me any different. In all I'm telling you if you truly going to be didn't say did you see this and if you that'd be objective this upcoming season. Don't look at like because Reggie is probably gonna get more touches and Miami anywhere here and get their act and it definitely yardage -- Then look at the average. -- touch you know whether you're running the football privacy running back return yards not. The told the art when will what are you averaging when the balls and -- hands. Whether the -- like a runner you know well received four yards or more you getting it done look at C you know if Freddy's. They say he's averaging could be averaged four yards a carry rushing so that's getting it done -- you know that you got to stay healthy. But if he's averaged a four yards and Darren Sproles is averaging. Five point -- and that that speaks for itself. What are you doing upper tax and just the first right. Told that there are those people out there that are Reggie lovers. Just wait do you see this gap and I know bunch of them I am -- and how they've seen the Chargers played their He has -- You'll see what He brings to this -- aunts and special teams yes. And OK okay you know it's not a good thing you know it's -- morning any of Alaska's all of us weakness. Got opinions and you know about that with -- -- -- but you know goes on there Sproles aside. Warn anybody hunter Reed gets an -- and and and that they're freaking count yet you -- Drew Brees and his side. I mean -- on -- say he's selling all right right after the Saints quarterback Drew Brees -- particularly through. All of a sudden have to make schedule adjustments so. We we did that strategically -- and obviously things got pushed back a little bit this morning discus and obviously there was a lot of issues and just a few more to. To work out the details and but in the end you know I feel like. And there are a lot of advancements as far as benefits them and health and -- ago. That's what's most important players here about Goodman's departure in building -- trust in exchange and yeah. Com obviously good he's -- a ton of this team this offense line for the last five years. You know and about several the first two years by Jeff -- worried you know He came and started a few games during that time and then. Obviously he's a three year starter here. You know the sort of untouchable championship -- I mean I can't say enough about what he's meant to this team and and and that you -- just like. Every year and you you unfortunately have to see some of your teammates go elsewhere. And it sounds like you know he's got a great opportunity there. I'm so I'm happy for him his family and an opportunity. You know but now this opens up a big opportunity for -- I think he's done a great job thus far during camp. He's just trying to maximize his opportunity He understands. You know the the fact he's competing for the starting job and in only his second year you know I feel like he's he's come along way from when He first up in this building where He is now. It. Accuse him and it's nice that you -- to -- -- there and yeah. That kind of funny to me it definitely. I mean look at how many of our guys we signed back. I think that says a lot about them and and what they've meant this team in this organization. I think it says a lot about our organization and Mickey Loomis and Sean Payton. To bring these guys back to reward them for what they've done but also. You know there's a level of expectation you know that comes with a new deal and I think. All our guys understand that you know they understand that when you're being compensated. And how -- it in the past but. -- tortured -- in this team's future and so I think with that comes -- a big responsibility and you know but but certainly that's what. You guys work for the opportunity to become a free agent and into. You know signed a nice contract and be rewarded for you know their hard work and you know for what they've meant -- this thing. Who. One -- I don't know into the wrong guys that -- here. Quotes about being back at practice altogether the defense starts Corpas have been lost the first -- day of competition against -- and to me it He got right back in the competition mode it. That's what we do that so that some. That's why you play again for the game to compete. You know this is -- this is our I'll let you know become on the fielding and you're able to compete and you know obviously we're working towards a common goal here in common objective. But right now during camp it's all about. Every time we step out here how can we find a way to beat our defense and offense and how we -- our offense so you scheming each other. And and you know you. You try to pick up on the little things that you know the other side of the ball is doing and you know because -- -- around here it's all about winning we wanna walk off this field feel like we have the best to the other side of the ball and it was as great of a full squad out here today and you know I felt like obviously quite a few free agents that haven't had a chance for.