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Aug 8, 2011|

Deke, Bobby, and Hokie live from the Saints training facility.

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Well this -- the power of a -- -- with guys on. -- stayed there. -- -- final four to 60 point 78. 86688. It's the rule says he's ready jaguar paid him a long line of UW on that count which state wide receivers deep they have the best season. -- to beat Devery Henderson. Marcus Colston Robert Meachem. Or. Bowl ten years and also outside. You can't talk about and also getting fired up Friday night football season is preceded it. Back in the dole -- Saints and the books but no. Now much that you're looking forward to be. First BC gain all the next now. Might Scarborough I can be. A bit with a minute scout coaches up the in the but -- university on a -- it will be. And where -- The round National Football League today -- Green most. One of their all time defensive players. -- as a coach knows him blow away you know our system they -- the -- the you mean it. I mean -- that -- Micah. I heard coach richt I'd say well time -- -- -- promise them we. I hope that they you know. Which looked so eat it what is the the other side -- -- -- But the Patriots yet the dark -- he's been rock which you're getting out all the dark side in the National Football League. I still think this team lose in a raving about it. Because they have they've obviously every year it's the same because it gave him all the playoff on it hit the Patriots have recently and meet but. It felt like Stevenson bereavement you know one of those teams if you about a -- that it can be. In the east and AFC title all right yeah close to a with the Jets and the Patriots. -- balls all the hoopla Baltimore Pittsburgh. Maybe if you -- woes of some comments from the from the players the coaches don't collected. A top vote once that it breaks right at about things at some mole it's more height. It -- the that the injury but it media become it's become -- row games and as a football. Yes fancy and a medium markets. You know Oakland bank. The -- yankees. And the Red Sox. To it dead week in a row Purdue yet Jets Patriots I think you know it's all tied in hand in hand and probably. Obviously is agitating expectations. I think one reason why the Ravens Steelers are always there. Because they always have two and atop the dances. And when -- beat the guys are playing at a high level. I mean you have a chance to win I think that -- in the play. You know a lot of the reasoning and the look at that. In oh it's coming about now the season just around the corner. Friday night party niners come in the town. And I know his pre season generate this season -- That was one the most entertaining games. Was the Saints it was at emirates sisco the -- to the 49ers. It's a rematch of the Saints last secondly 2522. Win. Against the 49ers in week two. You know and Garrett Hartley converted 37 -- fuel at no time left on the clock when it kept -- knuckleball. He had it yeah in it was a crucial OK considering. But -- when -- you have went in and the Saints started out to -- -- to know exactly so. The -- -- is to this because that because I'm a fan of a coach Jim Harbaugh what He did at Stamford who beat me in his debut -- the 49ers. -- coach -- it is four all in the third pre season match out. Between the Saints in the 49ers considering in the regular season they've played each other a semi one time so a great kick off the season. The 49ers. You know haven't lived that the expectation thing I have to do with. There inconsistent obvious quarterback play and they wanna give Alex Smith and an opportunity. Dave Miller and those teams Michael like two point nine is this year they might be that our cars well. Wait and see. I think you put. The 49ers considering. You know you look at the whole team concept. I think a lot like the lines in the -- cars. Houston Texans in how many times He speculated. Right mandate and maybe be competing more. Trying to keep up with the Colts. You know you look they've greeted their defense. You know we'd Willis were wade phillips' running bad defense oh yeah you gonna have those you know handful of teams that. Gonna come out of nowhere and you know possibly make the playoffs you know that and only go make that well which is there. You know anything can happen you -- going to run it. Yeah. I'm looking forward to. You know kicking off the season. I think a good measure at stake as they should be a big advantage for the saint. All of a party niners. Considering how. Offseason went and leadership with the obvious with the price Drew Brees and Jonathan Vilma at Tulane. I don't necessarily. I don't know exactly with a foreign matters did. I don't think it was at that level with the Saints did this season. And that today in the couple of years since they've -- B. -- the most they've been there. And all part the third who oversees drug testing and National Football League. Was quoted as saying it's never been. The philosophical issue it's always been all the statistical issue -- talked about the new team here. Neighbor and a pack -- that by the plays -- week in last week and now where each to each testing it. The if they would -- on the first major US sports league to do it and then having it and if anybody. About -- For the 2011 NFL season and He came out there I think big and a bus and people -- -- after they were up with -- apartments dwellings with audiences that. He was disappointed in this town like me. A band I don't know if you see any stigma out there on the NFL that they don't test but He said my issue alone if -- conducted more than 141000. As. With steroids in other strokes but He would estimate how many tennis it would be. With the numbers and -- with each each including in the testing. And of course who players would may be appealed to and then all of a trade him right -- you have to be -- pat now but. Basically now Bobby comeback is being added to the fold and it's just puts pressure on all the league now with -- Well I think human growth hormones so full ball more and it is -- sport as physically. I mean you know -- gonna be bigger stronger faster and you know athletes -- players always trying to stay one step ahead of the system. And you know thing you know along you know like you do something in you know enhanced by performers went -- taken steroids and that was. The -- -- human growth Marmol they don't be surprised the number of players. I don't need I'm not smart but don't know enough about how long -- -- system maybe so callers can call love. That you know I don't know -- during the cycle like steroids. Policy utilize -- how long it takes to get out your system to attack them on it now yeah if you ever do. Utilized human growth hormones because because I know. It definitely does enhance your performance it does help you. I think fans they look at it and I think even before -- start against street with the steroids in the early -- that paid one down linemen. As big as strong as and fast as can be in not directly confront today because my son. You know team. He Bobby Hebert loses seniors LSU plays in the line place in. You know he's 308 pounds and as strong as an -- and I'm always -- him with. You know about -- got to think long term in and -- you know never. Looked at yet to be that desperately try to get that -- -- again -- human -- normal. But so I'm in a way glad. That being implemented that in the testing in you know you gain it's that. You know telling -- to to urinate in pitching that we yet have a blood sample so some players were kind of against that and I'm I'm glad that. You know now you know part of the Green and He will test them for him. Obviously -- talk about our receivers who have the this year the last three use in the Green Bay packer organization they've been waiting full. One gentleman to stay healthy He had a record may issues bought three receiving you know it's. And cope with school was it just that of course for being the best thought elbow by Green Bay Packers tied into Michael Brantley. But as He enters his fourth year Bobby he's yet to finish this season. You know as good of Green Bay has banned. If He finishes this season. And -- it was a repeat year but -- the National Football League you talk about the position combined for nearly 2300. Receptions. Oh with nearly 25000 receiving you know it and -- aren't any. A touchdown can't that's in the activities combine -- -- ago in the Bennett I think in this football league. But He with it did in the first quarter of the season week so I mean talk about how to reach Q Richard you look at the same topic it's a while practicing topic you'd better. You can look at like Ingram make you both -- a -- -- would you bring it again elected there Sproles and you hope -- state and Jimmy Graham has its your game you look at a team like -- -- -- an -- -- -- it would -- you know. A Williams I have -- -- Branyan Randall Cobb from Kentucky and give Michael Finley's date him. The date Jim Michael family. If you look at expectations and you know we have expectations with Jimmy Graham to Michael Finley might be. The best tight in whole NFL. -- regular I don't know I class at expectations and potential. -- and He took that would Rochus. Ability that they're saying you look at where he's at age wise but can He stay healthy. He probably. Governor people say this He might be the best hiding in the NFL. Nine you know we opened Jimmy Graham develops that to be that guy how important it is but we knows them as I'm all time mean look at the numbers it was at one point. Jana which are we just got inducted into the pro football hall of pain. When He retired you just look at his numbers. But He did numbers that are ridiculous are -- in Dallas. And that that that that's not only is -- -- in that you look overall even as a receiver. I mean when all's said and done hole but that's not the case. I hope we don't have wanted to -- more years left in him because I mean he's produced and that a Falcons -- definitely. Was upon an outside in the superdome game. And I have to look back and in my notes but policy had eight catches and like six of them was on third down situation on first down. So level we really could cover whether it was linebackers and safeties in. I mean Tony -- is stagnant in boy. If Jimmy Graham could have returned in that type of player not yet to be -- -- that Tony themselves but heading in that direction. You know -- Basketball player like in Dallas like reliable yet yet at and Antonio Gates. Mean you hit with a franchise quarterback you know you -- get those opportunities like thinking that was team everyone's old. You know if you are having a great season and He dealt with the union in you haven't single coverage and outside you should have you should benefit from that as a receiver -- The Saints organization because it Drew Brees in. Jim -- Meets him -- or Colston all in this -- of the Saints wide receiver if you think we'll have the best season in 2000. Eleven you tend to think it is -- the it'd be I had a breakout year -- if you -- or six so. 1870 or toll free 8668890. -- -- with these by the bad economy bases without. It was did you. Welcome back on our guys out by the -- care whose X 870. 866880. Write him -- the -- involvement -- -- you know also around and look around the National Football League date. It is diplomacy and Miami Dolphins. Ricky Williams now has a new home. And he's with the Baltimore Ravens meaning that the red elephant backfield of brown and Williams and no longer there meaning that Reggie Bush is. He is the guy down south brought Ryan Braun of course last week's signing with the Eagles yeah and Ricky Williams signing with the Ravens both of those has got to be pretty happy because. They go to motivated to. Well have any chance that voters who -- the Dolphins weren't going anywhere. And you know what with the Ravens. And you look at a guy what's his name Reiss -- -- ending -- their running back with the Ravens -- who -- who who Ray Rice who burned us. Mean I got you -- might think him. Get off here we need to show and a count and have all -- against the Saints in net and nagging if He He looked outstanding. And then you look they -- -- beginning a camel Tennessee. Oh Willis McGahee right. And then so that -- say it's Ricky Williams still wants to play. I think he's enjoying football this time in his life and you know kind of form of the -- When I -- a pay gap player yeah I mean you know an -- day was. The more and more those fans down in Miami are going to be disappointed. In Reggie Bush because they've taken away some of the things that. Like you got to watch what you wish for our home equity speculative vehemently to contributor is mean that that X factors on opportunity you know it looks more and more like it moving him. Because of from the off Ronnie Brown -- Ricky Williams he's moving more and more up the depth chart and he's going to be gathering of the countdown. They don't be disappointment going. Is that what you don't -- -- -- in the break the line of scrimmage and -- run -- the boundary and hoping it at a particular day it because now you and you don't know but now because of the moves they made. Fall Ricky and Korea and recognized him right. Although it may have been right there -- -- We kind of have a quarterback or am I -- it. It's a running back yeah I like Elena. Talented people last week it well he's going to be great net -- get out and people can't throw the ball. I mean it's a one dimensional -- what makes that -- go out Enron and I mean he's He is running the football that that that threat the pass coming that is completely gone right now. Yet know and and the one who made the wildcat name is is now in Philadelphia at Ronnie Brown you -- and now boy if you look at that. The you got to say in the NFL. When you look at the shotgun formation in Mickey plays that you feet I don't know they'll have a better three headed monster. Bit -- Michael Vick Vince young and her honey brown. You know -- Mean I -- -- this offense -- mind. You read right I eat this habit He has probably gotten no they -- Societies may have been that the thing you know they go to camp in the he's probably where the commitment I haven't been on how to -- -- -- -- don't feel like who who you don't get whose goal provoke a brown can throw the ball. Right right I don't know He -- that He did it definitely gained against the Patriot Patriots He killed and yeah yeah the that was here the Dolphins into them out in the Patriots have yeah haven't gained a year ago but the one division look at and the fabric. The pay out the second gain Belichick that's on the farm that He was kind of shocked shocked at first game data with tumors. Elena say it was almost two of party ours just in the wildcat formation coach David -- meant big and and other news today to and talk what is DeSean Jackson he's backing camp He have a choice -- He had to and they explained that a -- like. -- -- magazine BA's it in on him to become a free agent at the end of the year. It being came by day so in essence if his leverage is all right I want to long term deal with the Eagles and I was the Eagles have maintained. When you come minicamp but I'll start negotiating. One if you don't go to camp battle and we knew that I'll become a free agent at the end of the year. When He will go to visit it yet they still long you grant yeah so not elaborate and -- choice. Yeah so I had it or. And -- -- Jackson yeah that's. You know speak the speculation and and I think. Two teams in now look at at the saint. When you look at before. You know unrestricted free his game to the makes and it was right after the lockout I think contains. That had high expectations and -- waters of favorites with forty meeting He moves. You have to say with the Patriots and Eagles. Now they've made so Barry. I guess. Breaking news and you bring in Albert Haynesworth and you bring in Chad Ochocinco in the and you look Wednesday. Eagles have done arguably probably have the best cornerback now in the NFL's all. And that's a lot of pressure with that being said our Camaro it would -- Eagles. Have to do. Because that was what -- your favorites and I'll say well at the Eagles got to get better on defense. Well it rates He came around that's what they attempted to do. And and you look at the Jets and the Jets it's like in behind the scenes. What -- coach of Belichick do. In order to make my caller troublemakers but. I mean He does have the formula. And and might have to beat the Patriots way. Charisma would be it would Randy Moss. He said that single season record ever for a touchdown pass when He had twenty or 25 yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So -- to -- you commit one year and Collison. Tom Brady can handle him I mean they are all pull it -- Come back look at the -- coach Johnny Cris got a break the news that the idea whose time is 632. Time the first 2% -- Today's British -- figured I would Saints wide receiver do you think -- the best season in 2000 having everything is Marcus Colston Robert Meachem on its goal line at UW dot com. And in blog about as old news wrote -- -- it was about. The new book yet that you -- vaguely him Patriot yet and means to. Attitude to yeah. Adam now have to wait and see if that a cars but you know I don't know what the held the Patriots way. What that the Patriots way it's there at the same way winning. What do you do -- -- -- department -- would you do now you winning yet that you want that way. So that He called Patriots way who'd detonation ways -- way whatever. But you look at Chad Ochocinco. And you know. Obviously He wants to be recognized in you know what about me very narcissistic which a lot of club professional athletes or. People accuse me of being narcissistic which is probably true at times. But -- that is kind of comes with the territory. And I think has a lot is at times success can you have to be selfish incompetent. Are you not gonna succeed you can beat this game and not about to handle the pressure to look at -- Yeah. It's so big so when outlook Ochocinco. And we've seen him mussina when they play that one regular season game this thing is gonna cover. Oh and He was burning them but He put up the good with the bad is attitude. And now I can't -- coach Belichick's not bringing him in there and as He thinks. He's got it in the Patriots way I think along with it now if they don't abide by the rules -- the Patriots way I think they're cut and they know that. Ain't playing -- -- games and they look at Randy Moss it was all good until He kind of set about a new contract shoot mid season they got rid of poking. It didn't work out him the buy -- at a time that they got rid of them and -- -- to comment on the issue -- but Ochocinco says. You won't get He felt with the immediate now easily with Cincinnati witnesses when He first went that a Patriots start training camp. You won't get the same Chad you are used to and are probably won't be -- -- -- the media much. Probably not at all really I just wanna play ball and ride ride the way I've always been a chameleon. So I'm gonna blend in and do it the Patriot way which is win so busy saying he's -- tone down -- and makes with his new team just led. His play and doing the talking and -- it is that. I know he's not gonna grandstand ankle that Tom Brady like -- how you that element of ball pathetic gonna cut it no he's it be that haven't -- time he's gone. Within 24 hours of 48 hours. Just in my opinion the reason that I think this will work is because of -- the Bill Belichick attitude I mean. There are a lot of coaches that when players call the coaching -- out or the front office out -- -- to me naked clustered in and you could see it. Bill Belichick never changes. I meet three sets I don't care at -- old 66 and no He doesn't change. And I think Chad Ochocinco knows -- -- get to this guy right -- I can't believe I got up exactly and you don't want to their four and and you're right Bobby you're not gonna call out one the greatest players in NFL history. Input that guy out there where. Tom Brady now has to defend himself and meet you -- shall not make a real answer that yourself and needed a quick break you know yes. -- do you think you think he's gonna work out the pages are you know work now. But I think he's owed to a sixteen games -- -- its open policy idea come home and not know if He had that big game. They don't have a moment but I yeah I don't think it's going to be near like what was in Cincinnati. -- you'll get much of a clone that that that I don't see it happening and elected that I've made those are -- -- the -- It up there and He realized this organization is bigger than New York He was bigger than the angles or yeah. I mean it's been twenty years since -- -- and you know what you -- a decent run. A camera good football team and he's not gonna happen anymore you know I don't know they ran out turn on him and Hartley have the -- Went out and out another game like -- yeah. Don't nobody which it is due to the edges like -- speaks itself you know at the same that ended an 89 and approach -- by yet in -- you don't do. And it now. You know in the past and give his defense you look maybe being on the meaningless team. In -- look at Carson -- only one reason why I'm not a 100%. Behind Carson Palmer and He says look I'm retired admirably with the -- get me out of here. Is because. The amount of money in the contract that they they paid him. Mean it's not like -- one of the game with them being as the worst run organizational you'd and the absolutely looking at their scouting department. Which should be about ten. I don't know I'm just current number other eight -- outfit they have analyzed that one yeah. And now and I know Paul Brown you do what talked about professional football he's right of them which aren't -- But his son and all and that they don't know what the hell they'd do -- It is terribly run organization and you know what. I guess figure out what's coming to them. Whatever else but. Chad Ochocinco being in Cincinnati He was bigger than the organic and that is not going to be the case out there in -- -- and exactly when the fans turn him back on him even if the pre season games like there. Yeah really because -- -- -- -- angles. Yeah and He can get ago you know won this at the end -- supposed to be -- And I need to -- a little bit because those people out there I mean -- tune him out as quick as anybody else -- blue team. He's as quick as they will -- as they they would -- -- in which you look at you look at that that people would have been brought in there at the Corey Dylan for example running back there with them Malkin and somewhere -- an outstanding candidates who have -- on the -- yeah Randy -- everybody thought He was amount again Eagles up there He says it's only record for touchdowns in the year. I mean that Corey Dylan leave -- -- -- -- that policy aren't -- with our goal is like greater than some of the park and it's held its unbelievable. Whole is greater than some of the art. And that thank you know to think that there ago. You know what it's finally good to be with in oh will run organization. And you know what. In a dynamic and He got out that have any yet and -- -- -- it actually on hand actually realized at an event that showed you that you know I really am currently no place for you it up and rattle snake in. You know like. Go back sets and Eagles are back to reality TV yeah all right let's -- to a job in Mississippi on line to jog He can thank you Colin debuted a year ago. I don't. Right on the wrong about comments about Reggie Bush. You know and I appeared on our show and everywhere it goes so short troubled football bursting your -- Reggie Bush can't stay healthy. And -- and his athletic considered. That except for maybe -- Tibetan every year the Saints have a lot of probable people stay and help. And it and everybody knows about bush bush can't stale. And last year imports is lady and it took them and what took you -- to play it was over when -- ball. No I don't have a team that played fumbled the punt eighty wiggled dive on the ball -- Oakland than any other added adrenaline that -- gave the golf fumbled the ball you don't break his leg there. Having a -- that 20%. That no matter what nobody says -- all the facts. That you think Reggie Bush is the bad things. I don't know I outraged but I know one thing for lack of practice out here to get the ball on the ground -- -- defense certainly Harrison mine and after interviewing Garnett they Gregg Williams is all close and yeah yeah talk to just go -- -- Boller regardless of who's around. Not not not do you think while the football you watch do you think. That Reggie Bush is a lot better and Darren Sproles are you think about the same roller. Yeah I'd better and better irregular result and and there -- girls. Yeah one -- at I don't think you'll want your money precedent that it doesn't matter what facts so you mean not gonna change your mind. I mean eating eating Reggie Bush is. I don't know God's gift of football or whatever I mean you not gonna change your mind even though you look at every comparison. That he's not on the same level as Darren wrote man if it looks totally dark this -- a lot of time. Darren Sproles has it felt that you are red He has wiped out. Injured. Now what now. -- okay Reggie was healthy his rookie year -- -- healthy after that. I mean oh well He won't doubt that this Seattle -- in the playoff game He had a chance to beat the man against the Seahawks. And He wrote wrote you raise the white flag. That's second half and they keep finding. It. And it's that Reggie Bush said I'm ready to go out to be the man to Yasser. I -- -- -- but it Dolphins announce that we don't let you going you can call Miami radio okay. This go to dale -- land line they'll go to -- the call and to be a war Croat soldiers. So it's no -- definitely present I don't think the locals in the 20%. There is no matter what Reggie Bush does He -- He can be well. Put it like tip Barbara Bush you know hit it to -- You are on a good job aren't -- give credit right. Yeah -- who would -- the chino went in it would help complete football. -- what he's not. When you're healthy now on the field well yeah why he's been here you LT all season long should look like you. Be -- but you talk about be -- Red. Bull. Drew Brees right straight and he'll be forty. Okay inept side of the draft. No not much coming out and Marco. But one was three point. Like Robert Meachem -- and now why the moment did you know you do from the good -- out those two out of reach. Good pebble -- out you'd each year you're not. True and one human cost them. Extra. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- School. True. School. Fool that level where you can be strong and -- -- -- lightly. The you know we did it -- -- And. Well well look at Delco -- He can hit -- -- and it it would you gotta get the fans on though you see him back and appreciate the game how -- dollar Reggie Reggie. It's made it. It was things grow the -- we got things roll. Roll. These things goals. But but that's rolled that in itself that you know bodies they. Are like Reggie Reggie I don't know Sproles. Broke the old. So -- he's -- make them basically on that you thing he's good of news. You think about. I -- -- big fit into this top and Leo in the Ninth Ward this Woodstock on WW yeah. How powerful the game by the -- over the to the vote to go battery for -- on line three Chris thank you called it. -- guys called you know I don't know potential -- like -- -- it was a agreement in Phoenix we're talking about about what kind of soaking that made the play else wise it would not make the playoffs this year -- The Saints and make the playoffs this year and that thing was that the same tournament lives in the typical -- -- Reggie Bush won. That made that makes it. You know. Is that you know and they -- here. Yes exactly I mean that's like you can maybe have that argument and they wouldn't have signed Darren Sproles but since we have Darren Sproles. I don't know you can make that statement. Everybody you know you know dislike and beat on you know Atlanta's jock with you know -- weapon to sign that -- A bit outside of Lesotho and you know -- about you know -- in there and have a little bit in big splash and you know you've seen. Chris if you go back if you go back to add to the states which -- -- -- -- -- -- game everybody was -- Saints in 07 no wait. And these analysts are not going to -- tackle jump horses from year to year. They are at Atlanta again this year because they road Atlanta on last year at the the year before when He didn't do -- could the year prior when He went eleven at five got pummeled. All on the road against Arizona. Now they gonna rat Atlantic in the issue but it Atlanta let them down again this year. They don't jump ball from just like it jumped off New Orleans because they can't let down by the Saints in 07 no way it would have a when He jumped off of us it cost went all the way -- won the derby. And it's not partner I'm sure if you guys agree but I mean every player that that potential last this offseason that sort of that they. And to replace him and he's -- great. Great I I knew I knew that I'd greatly. As it is is that I think again it's really ideal. Because I think Remi Ayodele is the starter in the NFL and He got rewarded by the Vikings -- that it gets John I think -- -- this started got reward about a party niners. Let me racket and win win -- dale goes for the Vikings did you ever even dream that I have an opportunity an -- Franklin know little you know -- -- at the -- like winning the lottery and runs and areas in Miami needs their point. The thankless job like that when Eagles in the fourth and ninth and -- Olin Kreutz. Yeah I has been that this then the center of this past decade. Who I mean considering Matt Canada where he's at now. Now he's not going to be overwhelmed when He eventually does start considering it indeed it's known to the world right now. It could've been overwhelming for Matt Danica did an average -- Croat. And it is -- it is for us wrote. And it's gone I'm right where opt in for the last gosh I mean how this -- years has He been in the playoffs and in the antsy yet you get. But never got to the Super Bowl He. He saw -- Lofton as noble. I. It gets the Colts -- and last year lost in -- championships He says you know what I'm not worried about the money I think the Saints gave me a better chance to get it thrown out the. Edited and winning I don't make it you can notes that if we got there no with the -- in on her own little Ricky to me. About the numbers and we went rate equally. Oriental you're gonna come back here -- fact that they obviously nobody's made it to the numbers here. Yeah you may not around here when the nationals that thing because if they think their -- if that's there's nothing wrong I have no problem in the Saints and not make the playoffs. But -- your if your rationality -- reason is that because Reggie Bush and -- -- that you know you look at the number of what He didn't play that you don't know what damn thing about this football team you know you have thought of his football team which evidently Mike and Mike Stephen -- Smith. Having in about an older man that is team wanted out yet. What how this team did when -- was and I -- -- -- -- the Saints have a better winning -- -- presented without race he's in the do we have it yeah I hope you know I'm I'm a back up those numbers we've come back in the -- -- you exactly Mickey -- what they do their homework. Chile with the Saints have done went with the red -- on the football field what they've done without them. This is sports documents and -- did you.