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Aug 17, 2011|

Deke, Bobby, and Hokie invite Jon Linder of WQAM Miami into the radio huddle to discuss the University of Miami booster scandal.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Any good afternoon and welcome to sports talk featuring Saints camp coverage a lot about -- -- guys on him Bobby Hebert. I'm Deke Bellavia coming up on today's program will go to practice update with Saints out there reported host of it's just sports -- care post Christians conversations with Tracy Porter and linebacker Jonathan could see it's. -- another cloud over the college football world but the cloud it's hovering over the issue diversity. It's not one that hasn't Dundalk before. Down in South Florida University of Miami seems to be now that the you know what he's hit defamed him maybe more so -- hit the believe the fans than ever before -- Coral Gables where now it seems to be able. Big warm cannot warrant has opened up an investigation that. There may be may be could lead to some of the harshest penalties we have ever seen it. Since the death penalty was levied on Southern Methodist University -- a grade pony express with. Eric Dickerson and Craig James -- my getting ahead of myself. I don't know but you have to go back and look what has transpired. And what is going on and -- timeline now get more into that would John -- of WQBM. In Miami and also Stewart men dale is a big time college football right -- For a Sports Illustrated SI dot com on daily. LSU a -- with violence saw a senior right at tiger made dot com what happens you'll hear from Saints coach Sean Payton. Later in the program to 60187866. 8890878. He's beaten them to get involved in the basically -- -- -- this. I don't know the Iggy you know hey. Love hate the media but at the end and they would do issues used just go about life. How you won't too because a few nice the media all you need to the media the media is going do what's best for the media. Why this all coming out now. Because college football's greatest dog and why you got to bomb on A-Rod when He did because baseballs get greatest thought. They had dead bomb in his suitcase a long time ago they've been having a bomber and -- No big getting older maybe thirteen fourteen months years and it went Yahoo! Sports that I can't go head down to you get a lot of but wait say to save by Yahoo!. But they fall USC and that is another one -- -- yeah I don't know investigative sports reporting is that going to be new business. And it seems like Cuba. And is anyone truly surprised. No come out because it is the universe if you go back. I mean even when they're promoting games like and -- day's play in Miami what they say is that Catholics vs the convicts Bryant. I mean you know I mean like I think Gates's -- -- was alma -- -- for the Celtics. I'm like fifty admitted through gates open. It deep you know probably the only. God now I am just really beaten down -- -- kick them when -- down Miami. Probably the only ones that were probably innocent. When they started turning around their program truly was Jim Kelly in my era. And that early eighty's right many start having more and more success talk do we sustain this success we've got to keep getting to play well. I would say it is now when you talk about the -- that'd be enhanced -- number I -- Johnson. Johnson to Ericsson extended Davis Davis to Coke or. Johnson. I mean we you'd hear about -- thirty for thirty. I mean yeah I mean I now what does He think He does this mean they go back further I don't know they gave me continue to investigate which -- -- statute of limitations etc. because necessarily even smaller but then He is from Ericsson. Which was heaped on Butch Davis when they went 83 in the nannies and -- go to the post season they had to post season ban against them but some way in between. Erickson and Coca there was foul play that would do notice this all falls on the Larry Coca most of it and Randy Shannon who relieved of his duties play this year. Eric Goodell did okay father. You know coach and -- PM -- say it like I think to be gone on all around him maybe in Louisiana native and eight years they were going home yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you look as of late. I mean the -- has been irrelevant the University of Miami has been irrelevant yes. You know this is not a static -- convict dabbled -- name and Miami caught it and not even on the radar people want to be on the radar in nova TV ratings but. That has not been the case and no. And you know what I don't care where it's that East Coast West Coast northeast any part of the United States. When he's alumni and and they hanging out with the players and they think the players really like him. C'mon I'm telling you that is that they don't really like cute. -- like -- you have in the likely you're offering and they gonna hang around which as long as you keep offering aren't given them. Will look what they want are you put your arm out. They like Q yeah yeah yeah you know you don't you know at the compliance offices and what university officials. Teach these -- basically put. -- look -- you look stay away from me stay away from that they weren't but a cold to take another player would tell you they can't they -- -- given you. You may think it's good -- it is. But you know -- years he's jocks and have yet yep that's just what this just what -- -- it and -- -- as -- and then there's no way you won't beat me wanna be. Yeah and there's no way. That. The coaches are some coach and a handful that didn't know about this cat and I know that they knew who this guy was almost a -- -- do that. They know what this does wanna be like all you grimaced then a young kid. What will make a mistake but the coaches that's inexcusable Hermann -- in any view. Then that actually he's more concerned that He says He you know -- young and I -- -- when I was coming out of high school. -- vitamin Garnett situation. That that and and I I was raised right in and neither did do my mom and dad and now it -- the decision is that I -- -- -- You know you're young and dumb and fully you know one and you've gone out their match thinking you live in -- on the hall. You just take advantage situation right and that and then not that it gets I tell you what it is because you don't have a talk about this. Jonathan Vilma. -- was exposed all of this. We'll award for coming go -- -- -- -- -- greatest players in Miami history to have these little -- before you ever attack could be those players down you have to put yourself in that situation. They say you would take advantage of the opportunities that they have it. RA but in the talk about that no that's like water under the bridge it was the same thing you are obviously relishing thanks so much as they hate USC. You know they wanted to bring up to Reggie about US CNN and once you know negative stuff when you just seemed like even Reggie said. And I think is truly the case you move lawn as a player. But I thought I could Reggie you know give the highs -- all that but -- He has a new life he's not living in the past and I think that Jonathan Vilma is anyone asserts that it missiles into Miami. They look at that now that one now local within limits is this a long time ago right and down. No I think to me there's gonna come about that make changes. It is yeah it is the penalty. You you waited -- -- that there of the -- the -- why aren't vs the penalty right and right now the rewards a whole lot better than the penalties were not. Only that but this this this thing to remove talked about this and I really I don't know I don't like government in sports but the NCAA needs to answer to somebody. If somebody needs to be investigate the NCA overall as a whole. Because -- investigation process is what I don't have enough people remember right eleven -- -- they don't have that I think what they have little tiny artists. You know they've got like cup when it wound up being like eight team -- -- to the source -- whatever forty schools some -- -- I mean and they we went over this hotel but the pain vs played all right Brian athletes and so forth. It's how much simplified the rule book so the NCAA really they need to get their house and all of because right they don't really have everything together -- leave but this is just. I mean when you talk about programs and we just think of that that team of the eighties in college football is my name. You talk about the USC wanted to store programs at Ohio State one of the most or programs have. University of Alabama won the most storied programs what they have problems before coming you go back and look at all these pro would you ever I don't house and ought to. I don't know but I know one thing somehow there's a wave Mormaset and other than it was like Miami and Ohio State that you bases but I don't think domestically even. In no pats already knowing that I. In their energy early and take -- at all or did you said it right then the programs involve looking eight look at Miami and the stroke that they have. You not talking about Central Florida. In Ohio -- not talkative like Kent State really -- I don't either speedy California back to other Mike UC Santa Barbara though we don't go by USC the flag did not doll who stole the top dogs it looks like a racquet. And it -- and it's shady very shady. Come -- we'll talk about that and also yesterday were telling -- about Drew Brees -- was talking Lou about his performance during training camp. How -- this investigation on the black and gold numbers against the best quarterbacks. In the National Football League over the last couple years that you may be surprised. At how our defense is made. The best of the best Luke will get today and just a moment this is sports talk you're listening to WW bank saint can't go over our approach hokey and Bobby I'm Deke Bellavia today the gates and -- -- opinion oh. Giants quarterback Eli Manning -- New York area radio that He is in an elite quarterback and clay as. With his brother Peyton and Tom Brady is well and also drew breathe easy. Can't -- vote online at WWL. Dot com and you can blog about it. 260187866889. Do you rate -- obvious they -- token. You grade -- overall talk about camp and so forth and talk about of the training camp this fall maybe it was not that he's Drew Brees and He Hayes. And taking -- -- from -- look at it the glass half full with that had anti. That may be true but you know maybe that's a good -- that our defense that it was still improving what we do that went back and look at the best quarterback we have faced. In the Craig Williams air which have been Peyton Manning Eli Manning Tom -- been rather mercker wanna Brett Favre. Andrew breeds. And you are giving you all of their overall their career averages which Payton man as some would expect had a higher than 94 point nine. Kurt Warner second in 93 point seven and Tom Brady and -- -- are available in the nineties. But win these -- quarterback's face the Saints defense the defense that. Drew Brees faces on a daily basis on the great Williams. They were all hill waves below their -- Tom Brady Bobby 21 -- 36. F 55 rating. Vs the Saints Peyton Manning a little bit below par He was saying his career rating overall quarterback rating is Manny four point man. 88 point five He had in the Super Bowl 3145333. You just you know oh you play right that is dollars and think in. That's and the Gregg Williams Stevens Chris -- you remember this game -- my god oh yeah Payton played in the superdome. Right I don't think the opponent but actually Greg lives that there is so big and that's -- That's what we do that drew on now then we don't we move down and we look at Ben Roethlisberger who has a career quarterback rating of 92 point five relation to Domi was seventeen of 28. One interception a rating of 66. Point eight. Mean Eli Manning has a career rating of eighty point two He was fourteen to 3178. Yards. One touchdown and one interception a 61 point zero rating. Vs the Saints in the 2009 season and in the playoffs Kurt Warner and a rating of 73. Point four. Against the Saints that's a point points below his career rating which is -- three point seven. And in the NFC championship game Brett Favre had a seven B rating his career rating is 86. So Bobby and I think we have looked at did it with look at both sat out now and I think -- -- can be an encouraging thing yeah there's also this encourage him because now you know. He Mayweather when He -- was ranked fourth by shared the right now we look look at the sea dogs game those embarrassing but overall total defense they're ranked fourth now. Well what -- Greg was saying I think as a fan base fell says. Well who not that we can get that at a monitor creating turnovers takeaways 39 but we had 25 ball we can get. Thirty or more turnovers and takeaways. Looks seventy that it -- sounds who bull run on the great wins and just sacking the quarterback. You know quarterback hurries the pressure's. Not all of that and -- -- the play and they got it taken because I know about this quarterback rating number. Then really. If you look at if you're 82. Is like 82 bonus eight point six or something. They you're considered if you can have that number -- -- it. -- -- are legit starting NFL quarter. -- there would be some US fivefold weekly basis yes stated three yeah yeah yeah only quarterback it has an eighty on this list and his face to Griese Peyton. It's Peyton and of course we all know the biggest play in a game within a section that Wright led to the Saints though that's so. Our defense against big time quarterbacks has played big time defense this time well you have you know I guarantee if you look at Tom Brady a 55 that -- can be found at his whole career. He's had a fifty PR if he'd probably have. Wherever I have main driver and I've been considered I've got to sling it all time but He really hadn't -- maybe 66 point eight games -- -- Eli 61 point oh. And even Kurt Warner and Brett fall well below their averages so I think as we look -- maybe some struggle alone quarterback. It may show that our defense and have also improve under his care. And then we look at these numbers against the big time quarterbacks in the. No no no that's getting it done to gain playing. To have that kind of production and have -- we hope we're four -- can always talk about him practice. When -- -- truly trying to be objective. My -- you almost you don't want to authenticate that you that is behind and you don't want that defense BK garbage behind you kind of wanted to be a dogfight a 5050 -- what where they're both winning. And as of late look at him. I'd sit tires they had been a 5050 deal on defense has had the edge on offense and Drew Brees politely said. Hate that that that's a good thing proud defense because. I think it's so important we talked about this scoring defense and Gregg Williams -- one thing being proved last year why I think He looks at that that. It it would our offense over the long haul we can hold any opponent into eighteen. Like 1819 point two game average no we don't win double digits every year -- and I truly believe that then. That's why they got a great point in -- What that that's a pretty impressive numbers -- to look and especially at these potential Holloway came all pro -- -- About the only name and they millionaires in Roger's in it just because the Saints don't play the right of all let me out at right. But at that evidence tried to let celebrate and Oki He was a that was coach gives defense in the -- late -- -- -- -- -- Thursday and I. But you know what dusty did you hit two of these quarterbacks Brady. Roethlisberger EU Warner and -- how much. And how great. Is our fan base -- all the patent on the -- was in the superdome. So -- home field advantage all. When I was there -- creative there's Hogan and He got it out any of those numbers to you don't do it that's why simply got to play hope. I'm able to fans make it different. That's why their first game it in the big pick you go just one game I just think like He came back to haunt us. In the post season Nancy's the only loss to the Falcons in not in the superdome. That's why I think if we keep beat the Packers their first game that could truly because I think the parity -- different. Come January they got a -- than you -- instead of us have had to go. When He made it seem like -- on the road and that everybody knows that tradition that the Packers have been one thing in if you can go up there do that it's a great time here to do it. Because nobody can go up they allow the snow and ice and -- different element to me. He's an on night well yes you do -- nice it is up there in early September -- -- I mean this at this ought to be you know. Primetime. It essentially going to be that good. To be appropriate honestly it. I'm not really expect in the Saints to win because. History is against own yeah say the changes format going to open season on Thursday night game -- the home team has never lost in. Are like I don't recollect and I got a nine -- there's some but -- -- -- yeah I say score plainly and Jake that would really surprise me I think. Yeah I mean I hope it it was kind of you have to say very disappointing you know we came made it it -- C championship. Now that was in the case in the first half but you have to say we laid egg in the second half at Indianapolis merely well we have -- right they're like how will will oval. What the hell just happened -- know Jason David what. But regulars say but I like that we're in this game had a chance to win all the so that we got we got crumbled but the bottom line is that. The home team yeah I thought -- and they used it there. I banished and I'm their advantage and we had a big advantage last year. With the Vikings haven't got that has and Helm again. I almost and you say -- completely outclassed yes I'll play them out classed them. And they -- you look at this quarterback no more reading Tom Brady at 55. A big that in its another investigation 55 -- and I never had that in his career for any game nobody -- you have worn out. Tom Brady coach Belichick will be -- -- -- -- that's less practice he's got better number I and that all almost six an eleven big game they raised in the white flag and it OK when it doesn't mean you never hear pages today. -- they -- come -- get to some calls also -- the latest on -- developing story involving the University of Miami football. Program with John Linda WQAM radio in Miami W video news times for 34 time the first deuce. With the general and welcome back to sports talk as we are just a few weeks away from the start of the 2011 college football season and on a cloud hovering over. I've prominent college football program we welcome -- now off pleasure. To bring it to the show John Linda WQ 8 PM radio in Miami. And I just thank you so much for the time we appreciate it didn't may what's the talk radio like -- what -- TV like down in South Florida right now. Well it's pretty crazy I mean you know the Miami Heat threaten the football landscape down here just a little bit that this area has always been about football always been about the gulf and it's always been about the hurricane didn't. Tried national titles the legacy that swagger everything it used to be here in new coach new attitude and then all of a sudden this giant bomb. Is Sarah -- dropped on everybody including twelve members of the current team. I'm here creates on campus. The new coaches unsettle -- there's nothing He can do about it and we're just basically living down on campus to see what's gonna happen. John aids day is they need any speculation. No we see all the stuff that seems to be a factual thing to beat deep they are sitting CA's. Do when they investigation is -- any -- the speculation on how severe. And no wind and if something may come down on his program. We haven't been told. Anything about that I mean you know talk radio here in Miami right now it's. It's all about speculation. The death penalty I think you could -- just an option I don't anticipate that but then again. We're talking about if this is true we're talking about a decade. Both of mistakes and and impermissible benefits that I know that stand out -- year statute of limitations that. Can can cut off peers in the past but I am and I'm understanding that we knew. When you have such excessive run like this allegedly pushed a 910 years everything's taken into consideration and in my -- gets through. This is not gonna go away. I there's probably going to be some punishment involved there's too much evidence there. Or at least there's too much out there right now that indicates something happened I don't know to what extent. I can't see this thing going away but I don't huge being the death penalty I think inevitably when at all certain down we might keep some suspended players. We might see some -- scholarships you might see some lost. Those opportunities but then again -- still getting going in the NCAA it's still. Actually in question and searching and doing everything they need to do down here at the university. They've done. You know like feeling his look at different polls around like public perception. Is that -- Nolan really shocked to surprise considering what's come about as of late in college football you look at you know a USC Ohio State. -- every university. It seems like you know being turned himself and so they don't have any you know bigger problems. But when you look at University of Miami Miami has gone way back to the tradition. Apparently it was irrelevant game in guarding Damon Miami's like they Catholics vs the convicts. So when you look at the youth is like come. I'd say the ripples 85% of the -- that they've been not even surprised this came about. Well personally all I think you know without knowing. Perfectly I think there's some sort of corruption. In and around every college football program in the country whether. Whether those violations are known or unknown -- in the college football to competitive it's a business screenwriter of break to it. Between the sponsorship in the bowl games in the boosters and the people who are making donations and you know Nike and all the other businesses it college football business and to get a great recruiting as something huge it -- other recruits it gives you a better chance to win. And I think it He was seeing him. We're beyond probation now I will say this about the University of Miami. Between the swagger days when they basically danced when they were up by five touchdowns and the whole Luther Campbell local loop that the rapper who who. Back in the day supposedly paid people Peru at the hardest -- still sort of but -- image for the University of Miami that they had the 35 thirty movie. The U movie done by ES PM. The up tempo like that are -- -- movie movie person named Billy Corbin and that's the area here. If you know that the US sort of can't stand and showered in this idea that that they kind of -- as villains back in the day and when you come across something like this. Nobody shot I mean how much I would be shocked if any school Scott at this point with the University of Miami. Yeah that that sort of villain thing and always lurking in the background and so when this type of thing is matched up with the university it only makes perfect sense to a lot of people. John and the WQAM radio in South Florida down in Miami -- talk about the University of Miami currently being investigated for about eighteen year process now for a a boost to that this -- you know access to the program -- they said basically reading these different things that I guess -- -- kind of came to a head so to speak Cora. Mr. Shapiro got aggravated at the head of compliance said during the Hurricanes surprising 31 to zero halftime deficit. To be a University of Virginia an ACC foe at that point in time. And I guess the biggest speculation will be in this to meet John is not that so much of the players and what they received good. The goatee if this goes the coaches but also people who are in the -- high Arabs of that -- promised. If they see a gap at these ball games they see him out in public or they hear about a no Miami's big would have refused global -- you got to got have a party like this and the stuff that goes in the deep -- that you read on line. It just be hard for me to believe that somebody in the athletic department didn't know that something was going on and I think that will be the biggest hurdle for them to crawl. Yeah I agree with few two great point I think there's a few things that really jumps out at -- number one. If the allegations that have been put out there are true. Then the first giant center of all this presidential -- so I mean there's a picture of -- looking at checked for mr. Shapiro. As though that there's no she just won that on the wheel of fortune I mean it's an Egyptian. It's honorable -- Yahoo! article and and you know there's an AP story that came out daily Kirby oh -- now what Texas Tech. Com those assisting allegedly assisting and mr. Shapiro in gaining some of the access that He was getting. It's it's showed it's so -- all the other that it just it's got my head's spinning and not to mention the fact that Kirby. A year ago the allegations were brought forward mr. Shapiro. Himself in trouble a year ago you know He was getting sent sent away for twenty years. And that He was already upset because it's. Do you still think we help players when they were at the University of Miami now kiwis -- a corner He needed help He needed support them any time their back yeah. Everybody took off to rule we don't. Cal Winslow John decent whoever they allegedly got benefits. Who wants to be linked to a guy that's going away for twenty years from piano for running -- almost one billion dollar Ponzi scheme. So here's jilted girlfriend attitude used to bring a sledge hammer down on the entire university and I I don't think it's a collector at all that -- -- cut it was very comfortable here at the University of Miami didn't appear to be going anywhere. Certainly takes a job at Texas -- Who really had nowhere and He had that but He was doing well for himself. Year in and got a vote of confidence now one problem is very. And they're both now that cross hairs of this investigation. -- it's a little strange but it almost feels that they took the left lifeboat off the Titanic. John and Debbie QAM in a Miami judge thank you so much for the time we appreciate we know you guys are real busy down there good -- would -- work. We are and there's going to be more problems so He feels free to get in touch it. And we assured us all being here. Thank you -- now we appreciate it and take -- this -- sports talk you're listening to WW yeah. And welcome back. -- next how the program could veto of a college football Stewart Mandell. Sports Illustrated dot -- be with -- also would take you with the LSU Tigers with Wright State. Which senior right anti debate back. Bryan and those all back to the phone to go bad root for pat on line want to pay good evening thank you for Colin WW real. I think you guys the question Korea I think at this point that's really got a feel screwed over this process it's going to be Al Golden. It about the talent that He replaced Brady came in and I have to believe that. They -- -- -- some of that circulating within within the college football world that maybe hadn't gotten out yet at this -- opinion. Where you know and and pat I think you He brings you bring -- great point but you know here's a thing down now this coach. He's basically let's face these group because. He could probably legally say look this Scioscia hired me you know all this was going on in the if you think and have a coaching profession. And He want to believe in. Then I mean had to see that look like you know. Like aware you're away from -- job to follow what I'm saying tell me any either a no win situation. I agree with you all he's just taught me to believe that no one in their program. Did not know something was. Normal million and that's why coach's wife and family ball. You like a military brat -- is why as far as say what the hell -- here we just moved here to move -- we might have to move again have been going -- no way. Plum job security Temple University the state AFL you have a great place -- they but that. I guess there's the risk of big time college football we'll talk more about that nixed outlets by BA BA gives us a practice report we have from Christie Garrett and also Christians conversation. Would defensive back Tracy Porter and linebacker don't think to see if this is sports talk featuring -- camp coverage on the home with a black and gold your listening to WW.