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Update from Saints Training Camp

Aug 18, 2011|

Deke, Bobby, and Hokie invite you into the radio huddle to discuss your ideas to “clean up” college football. The guys also provide post-practice coverage LIVE from Saints Training Camp.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome our number 30 sports are we at all cause everything causes Pablo comes back to mobile 43. Seventy erase that row coming out and Jonas and we're hitting eight -- -- -- -- -- -- Saints just about directing got today's practice at the indoor facility just a few moments. We will go to the facility were Saints coach Sean Payton will address the media were here -- that -- the players. They've come to the podium 2601870. Is the number to get evolve to a 866889. A 0870. And on today's a program we're asking you a pretty fair dealerships opinion totally think the -- training game. Will rank or anything -- rank this season will be attempting muted middle of the pack there will be a limited warning. Or toward the bottom 21 through 32 Kapono alive and they -- about it -- WW well. Dot com a squeeze in Rocco before we get to coach -- no I want Rocco thank you for calling Doug TWO. There won't destroy whatever -- speech which I don't know it mobile early. Because I was about the -- you. But anyway I only saw about Iraq with things -- -- a little bit about no but I know Bob -- right behind it mom and dad at LSU games Billy come from. -- My opponent is that. We know you probably know to which his son play in major league football. -- college football that a lot of kids don't have a backhand that somebody got to help and I know it's college. Rocco Rocco -- is -- Rocco in the hole you point then you take my son has not been blessed. You know I was able to via my -- a truck you have to pay for that. He got a full scholarship. He's living in a nice Condo you'd pay for any of that. It is still causing me still actually put three of 400 dollars a month I don't know any any change any kid from certain. Now some of these kids. Along that did that they don't have anything did they and you don't like peak -- I've never understood is to me. Elisa -- Patrick Peterson like from Miami Florida -- wherever. -- to him for his family not to stay involved. But -- his career are for him to delta gold club back home He has. You know three time our holidays then because you can't pay party can't afford I mean to me that that's kind of ridiculous run we try to bond with your family and everything -- the -- yeah I. Yeah yeah yeah. Fortunate people problems dreaming about barrel game and this hit and created solid result -- I walk. You know and never -- it again. But it got -- like that but don't put bought back court. Kids now felt these kids need help some people helped too much and -- just the waiting game goes and -- -- they'll figure it. Some horny guy is that that you thought you grandchildren yup he's awful the ability. That was see it. Don't scholarship built -- and break you know Scott what you -- that but that. No no you I have to go out hit me. I don't know why you get a police this that I think they have that their resources as far as the money with the TV. Where you have some kind of independent force but that's gonna police beat these universities. But I don't know coach for at least He He He made a comment I wanted to do some what you paid him 300 dollars a game. And we just didn't throw much I Bears. Out there and then. Just evade them and they do something we got the it has to be addressed Jeff that is something you can't just stay status -- -- all -- know it doesn't need to be addressed. Well I would say is now the man who didn't show that we've -- He is a small -- -- -- So I'm not the Obama on the wait and see because he's been he's been beaten them to see how we address -- he's been a solid track record wherever he's being Connecticut -- issue. And also universe of Washington so let's see maybe maybe they do they will come of something that's it's been a mile but the you know. When you look at the things -- taking place and some of these -- It was it basically -- situation there where we just -- athletes got to be paid. This deal -- Miami. He's he's more about. The the university. Knowing -- claiming -- not knowing we knew if that makes any sense. Although a billion dollar -- who was around a football program. -- doesn't have anything to do with it at least need to -- eat right you know I'm saying it could -- He was trying to get the best players to go to the University of Miami. That's a whole different beast -- Reggie Bush situation that had to call it a money to keep some of the memorabilia. And Ohio State that's so different this Miami thing is complete lack of institutional control. We talking about down Michelle Layla who current Franchitti the basketball coach at that point in time. Who is now Missouri received a check from ms. -- individual and it came in and you know. The athletic director -- to point out how could you not know when these guys gala event all over don't -- you know always bowl Miami stadium. In being around these fights in history mainly believing He did at the university. -- and how Arabs did know so when they know they are the people in power. They have the youth to power the right way not the wrong way. Yet big that's why I think you are Marty instead. Now he'd be extremely disappointed in and it's it's when coaches are involved. If coaches and managers like you're saying that's why -- peak at this early in the show. Now that this is an article in the kicking Anthony center a person familiar. With the Miami situation said much of the ownership Carroll's. I say access to -- programs in recent years was approved. By former athletic director they got -- athletic director Kirby hope cut. Who has since left the school now he's at Texas Tech. And is there a hole cut of the person said a lot of chip here on this highlighted for a football games at times. You're 08 season plus invited him to select gatherings. Reserved for the athletic department's biggest donors. Well do it don't do it just like He did do you know so they've moving America gain some of Frank Lucas. -- -- that everybody it was a Volvo who go to coach -- yeah right now. Like -- bit -- -- -- somebody has to fit my head because when actually it's you guys. My wife hates Moorehead. So I'll be here. Okay. You got to get it. The start just quickly with the one transaction -- where we signed cornerback Quincy Butler number 26. Then we placed tackle Alex Barron on injured reserve. Chris every -- Romo stood on the -- physical listed as it did not practice today due to injury and I'll try to. Give you my thoughts after each one of these players in regards to this upcoming game. That was first group. Didn't practice and then not play -- -- peddler. Rome and Hamburg clothing room Tom Johnson Johnny Patrick -- Jeff Charleston. Fabian Washington with his hamstring. That group whereas did not practice -- I played turnaround for did not practice we'll see where he's at tomorrow you will be questioned -- Well Luke -- wasn't the same -- -- questionable and Malcolm Jenkins okay. He was limited to nobody's doing better Tracy who was limited. But then we can employ him in this game it's. And that's kind of been the plan all along. Jerry Evans. Did not practice ready to play in this game George bell but add. No not playing this game He was limited. Two players who works fused with. Their wives haven't baby Crist Rees being John -- smoke. So mad B just a brief walk through in the in the envelope fly in the afternoon over to Houston. Any questions on it you know it's not that. Like since the appointment of an absolutely and then. This sum total of what He doesn't kicking game will be critical in Boone's not only lose a valuation of players like him and he's doing well he's active He can run. The end. Each day he's getting better. What's the rotation anything how long it. Stars and yeah I think from a snap count somewhere between twenty and 45 plays and you know hopefully close to 45 plays and that may or may not get us to the half. But somewhere in that range. Just how important is it isn't for you have first string offense get on track in this game I mean I was here not too worried about -- unit but do you wanna see it him. -- well you mean you don't see progress week to week so. You know I think it's always important you wanna you wanna play well and then you -- You know. -- improved from the things that you didn't do as well the week before in there would be no different than what the second week the last 45 years in pre season of and so. You know I think they're gonna have more playing time number one and you get close to almost half of football maybe maybe -- just under that depending on snaps. He -- them head on there did you have a becomes an issue with Monty just couple times -- -- It was pretty easy to say news of those 45 people over the that was 67 or both and it's good amount then. And -- good to see him very you were going through a similar situation we just went through which is ironic but. They're great here in him. I just were to have wouldn't fit. And it -- the supplemental draft seems to have become more. Headline worthy because of prior I don't know if you -- ever taking correct me if I'm on the player inside the analogy of what it's like just I guess in general on the supplemental draft I think. Look I think guys are. Did you you pay close attention. To it and I know Justin in this will be the sixth year we've always kind of looked at it evaluated the players. And then potentially. Had interest I know the one year I can't think of a player but. I think you gotta pay attention to it in I think each club you'll have a feeling as to their interest. And I know was pushed back but we'll do the same thing in regards to their draft eligible guys that are available in that draft. -- -- And he's -- coach Sean Payton addressed the media out at Saints practice this afternoon and there were recant that four year. In -- 7 o'clock down to 60187866. 88908. Seve is the number to get involved about it basically now just so tomorrow's a light day a travel day and in the game against the Texans Saturday night. Yeah big you know it's a little change of plans obviously. You know with the luck help. And we thought -- have been in Houston all week in though watching the Texas and sink -- price against one another. With the change of plans in the QB in Knoxville are California next week then head on out. -- at the northern California to play the Raiders but I think it's -- going to be a great opportunity. A lot more challenging I think. For the defense obviously going against the Texans then. In order 49ers back job is is Florida is unheralded quarterbacks not quite you'd see. The elite of the elite but on the verge if He could do something you know with some twelve games. With the Texas bill signings -- considered a franchise type guy. You know -- know the Falcons were high on him before He went to the Texans and He went there and they paid him. And he's sort of great numbers within offense and so big challenge for Greg was that the Mets I'd be surprised it become after. Detectors as much as they did the 49ers simply because. You play them in the regular season again. And and then also -- that worked against the 49ers. You want you don't want to show that week in and week out where it's a tendency. -- might Nazi stuff that you see in -- -- his game until they claim the Packers and the Bears. Musically all teams in the -- the pre season they'll take one game OK we were colonel blitz packages. And already has not the first game I think Alex Smith and Jim Harbaugh might have in shock if coach Harbaugh is like almost welcome to the NFL. But a lot of times the big coaches to -- an -- -- of -- talked to one another and saying guess what we're going to be working on. In this game or maybe a couple of days and events but I think is give -- a big challenge. For the Saints offense going against the Texans. Potentially. You'll be even at his role because it could be a track meet tight game. This -- the closest thing to me to get ready this game Saints and Texans closest thing to what you see the Packers and the Saints. Because Packers great offense Texas great offense. Now that things don't have the defense of the Packers. But Wade Phillips I think is gonna turn at a realm I think -- good measuring stick a lot better imagine -- this weekend. Now having gone against the Raiders aren't trying to prepare for the regular season. Florida 37 hearings I -- we have Paul Paul's camp was a -- in Mobile, Alabama to 8 PM this evening come announcing a blow to -- And see Bobby gave me an -- guys -- this is sports talk on the home for the Saints and the Tigers -- listening to WW ago. And welcome back alone there -- pros Bobby bare -- OK guys on the -- -- be aware that all post -- it caused a hole is back in a mobile worth 4370 race fan -- come on out. And get the best deals on a camper or an RV here pulp balls that he's ready fan dealerships that the info away do you think the Saints. Running game will rank this season could be a top -- group middle of the pack. Or toward the bottom of the -- case -- the -- line at WWL. Dot com at today's part of the day is -- Brussels marina -- on -- -- baloney wasting any any -- us if you could just ten dollars. It's home will be out -- -- in the original -- mom also the best breakfast around and good home cooking every day it's -- -- marina. Great deal between us -- -- -- just ten dollars on -- go to my New Orleans perks. That 260187866. 88908. Simply using American involvement Bobby Terrelle Pryor quarterback of the Ohio State University will be. Available for the supplemental draft coming up at the front of the week but He knew I had to face a five game -- and the your thoughts on that that's something we talked about -- to move forward from there so. -- -- it sounds a little obstacle in Peru drive yes of future players can -- though that throw flyer prior hitting get a damage trouble. So you know five game consequence and I think the almost they couldn't let them make them -- should say 'til next year because I think from a legal standpoint. That you do in the winning record against the NFL -- a -- -- can say you gotta -- Williams -- games regardless the you know I was like Ohio State earlier they are NFL right now I don't think it affects his mind sitting in Miami and pick up put it this way He could -- five games He would have played Ohio State -- -- -- I don't do you see him playing in the NFL contributing I don't. -- mean how could you please go order try hitting that quarterback plays he'll get in the -- means that the Indy camp. Yeah he's going to be -- He can -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- practice squad on let me tell you know He reminds you of though watch I don't think you only get a quarterback. But as maybe a wildcat quarterback receiver. The kid from Missouri Brad Smith but I sign a big deal with the bills there was the Jets and I think -- Terrelle Pryor could be like a Brad Smith at the NFL level not -- -- corner -- that He can run. He's big. I think he'll make it more as a slot receiver. You know a big target you put him in a quarterback do -- while cat so I and I think he'll make it. But he's coming in I don't know solely -- that out of -- truly -- contributes a five game suspension if it works out farm. I mean really when -- contributed anyway. Now Hokies thinking you make. Man they tell me honestly yeah. I have seen that play I mean I think he's an athlete -- it yeah right he's like Tommy Frazier was when He came out Nebraska eight years ago I mean He. -- again that was highly touted for the Heisman Trophy. -- he's got all his -- anything else with everybody that will regret is going you need to be somewhere else and He says no I'm known as the quarterback. And then He missed five games and you sit around they beat yourself up book. Against the wall seem willing to address these guys. Went to rank them -- do it in and knowing that He comes in saying we have planned for him but He can't plan for him. And other -- CEO Brian. Where it's not like oh he's a seasoned athletes who saw I was if you go to DC today. I just wanna give you the Phil camp. Then add to that somebody of trying to please join me and ask this is -- as -- -- here at quarterback. I guess one of playing. Obviously it's all about trying to make a -- and be a professional tennis. Is being humble and do whatever ever in the NFL wants construed as it stays in Ohio State are over. -- -- -- Yeah don't go to those -- realize -- He better succumb to somebody else's rules than his own right now because. He'd been playing by his own -- too long and handle it downright bad. Coming back see -- we're -- -- -- -- -- cause in mobile 437 -- land row coming -- Jose at 8 PM this evening with sports talk W video news on the sixth -- 31 it's time the first news. We go to -- robes. Welcome back we're at all -- camp pressing because authorities have -- -- slide in a Mobile, Alabama where hitting 8 PM this evening coming -- next hour recap what coach. Sean Payton had to say or Ron Amadon are also known you do the Saints coverages dignity. We'll hand it off to him -- see how well He goes recapping. Coach Sean Payton here it didn't happen next now and also EST we had a very. It was a you don't know I guess we do this from Forrest -- since we have Alabama use of screen both. And we're mobile hokey but you never know what life is like a box -- -- was so it was -- -- -- It was good seats is the talk that we were hearing. And -- on this one we've done in training camp I think I enjoy it and learn about Niemi. If you would you say it was a -- -- DOD call anyone out to Seattle that was a nickname then -- one -- he's down he's from Alabama Tunisia Alabama boy went to Auburn and and until this year He had the record for consecutive starts. At the university of Auburn for an mad at least kemba and they're all ACC Alfredsson Glavine. He He wanted to break and then so he's an all pro day and I will go ahead for you -- now -- -- -- and -- he's become a guide it's really come out of nowhere. The battle for that outside -- back as you know He. -- jump right in there from the get go and and the coaching staff putting right there way up the depth chart it wasn't one of those things where He had to earn his way and they already knew what they are getting. -- I don't know I like to bat just from the they interview you and Bobby did was it yesterday afternoon on a lot of he's got to listen to a godspeed you kind of get an idea what his confidence factor is in. But today I mean look talk about. Good looking kid I mean you know I I mean he's well muscled. Eight He fits the part He looks the part. He speaks the same kind of language at that yachts and bill Muslim is Scott -- do that you know they did. They're professional right from the get go then I hit it. He's gonna make this team now as he'll be a starter I don't know but I mean a guy like that you can just kind of see it you've got to -- -- team that. He's got that hunger to be a hell of a specialty player in. Look his job every day throughout the year on the field and become a starter but he's gonna contribute to this football team win. Those are the kind of guys you that you light because you know wouldn't just just -- up to me see the confidence and I think he'll he'll want. He don't have some would do it this football team this year. If you hadn't fully nixed our conversation was linebacker and of course those are feeling Alabama. Guys made universe of all we're hearing it was having a great camp for the Saints to slide dale for Iran on line 1 run good evening thank you for calling WW -- -- -- This year the university of Miami's situation as. Really kind of -- me they were just completely out of control and the guy even more -- not a -- boxing because -- and so -- they speak and great getting to the point. I want there that you guys. Bobby and how key is -- pair -- NFL vintage clauses in contracts. I don't know -- in your contract it's up the next day. That the club and kind of let it be -- news that you know lucky amount you talk about the owner better as a head coach Larranaga since then you are fine yeah I don't know exactly -- personal contract but it's. My right I don't know about you don't know yet done that they have rights. -- -- you have a Condo in new movie isn't looking at my conduct policy and holed a good well or did did did you have the right to discipline and you put it that way do you. Here's what -- I remember a long time ago and you guys. Probably -- -- and Alex care resources and -- per year will be everybody's seen that now that he's not a long time. Well -- even a little older you get that. Thought so arrive -- you -- Harris when you bring out the time associated. We generally -- Carolina. And at Saint Paul horning was suspended it would have strides into the creek but anyway good morning and didn't do -- I just wonder. They look at me it's it's it's it's an ugly situation and Ali spoilers from the U and -- -- -- -- anything that Jonathan Vilma but. I think these guys should be fine or suspended a couple of games yourself could -- if the information has broken -- just. That's an -- we thing in and you can make you Begin began with the administration. Public around you know you can't really Truex something on on him pull some of feelings because you think it's right yet cynically draw but now what did not know how. Learn how you can do something from this point -- yeah you can eagle eighteen years ago so there and do you know no -- and -- -- -- it is a good and nation. Don't want anything to have a to Jonathan Vilma did village Jonathan Vilma. To be greater role -- they don't give a crap what He did in Miami Heat and the higher than -- here but the model citizen and I mean yeah. Yeah he's been outstanding. That you know what he's given back to the community it will Woody gave even. To Miami yet He He He maybe did some stuff that was shaky. But He just this year Woody gave about half a million dollars. The -- groin aren't -- humorous or Miami go -- four under it oh yeah I woke. -- so right now I think. You know it would be going already got a I have rules and in you know you can't -- you know He did something legal opinion as a consequence for it. To be retroactive now all these Miami players gonna get in trouble you. Studio 53 times 32 and you are back work there was an investigation an investigation on every every guy and it's in the NFL now. Whoever 33 times 32 is over half of them did some -- And you can't I can't go back to what happened two years ago ansari -- can't do that. Yeah -- and do you guys think they'll -- it to death penalty. Are used -- not participate. Well I think -- shake out anyway yeah if it shakes out now I think they realize that He didn't SMU. SMU is just starting to recover I think because of June Jones may be the right coach. But if you if you let him I'll continue to dead Dillon it just my opinion I think was gonna shake -- Miami didn't. What they could be deserving it is that they don't dislike us and you could that you get when you brought up to me. About. They -- under probation period. Yeah yeah from DC to the -- was Payne Stewart's number -- Johnson UH Johnson to Ericsson. Erickson to Davis Davis to Coker and -- Well that on the Butch Davis on his banking on his front and that's -- was coming off of health problems so that's basically -- Manning's. So you're talking about the mid to late nannies and the and all of -- suppose it would to Shapiro best -- -- at the beginning of the decade 2000. So that's did you -- -- about it -- let it warm yet based on reduced overall again. So I mean I don't I don't know if they're gonna give it. But I think did -- of Ohio state of the US CO Volvo Morgan of course to what this investigation has come through now and this is a Yahoo! investigation I think NCAA investigation. I don't see how they can't classify this as they're all most who lack of institutional control right which is what they've handed on. And an athletic director who used to be universe Miami isn't it was -- on me. Are the the board that -- and oversees the sanctions how's He gonna say anything about you may see Ohio State DC the watching this program and only know how can you not know this guy without associated with the program -- biggest over the course it just goes back to where it goes back from 2001. And now maybe a dozen players. All of a football team now so I don't see how Miami can't get at least what. More than USC and Ohio State well. It's likely documentary. You -- thirty on thirty what the ESP when asked immune. They looked like you said they're administrators and coaches involved though is that his situation. You know with with players. That's like to -- -- Ference forever not I don't think they. And they wanted to do something as -- -- the death penalty because how to SMU in -- heard that school they have. I mean I think that that's a great point that's what I was saying you know beyond me you. Bring down a death O'Neal's in my right now I mean you are crippling. Up program that is being a high profile program for -- -- that. Some people might sit there and say well you know that's fair to -- if you don't give one. The death penalty -- the other but the University of Miami this a lot like -- in new. Yeah yeah it'll it'll curt called the number -- okay a little. Tonight they look at guessing you know what were they where Eric Dickerson and all the big they were competing for national championships and I'm sure university -- say well how in the world could -- be at that level. But coach June Jones what it took 25 years. There recovered yeah I'll have you I don't know if you want that would run the universe do you. Yet the U Greta let's go to the West Bank fiftieth -- last three Disney thank you for calling WW well. -- fellows I just wanted to know I don't call you back and -- any. Reggie Bush. Where He ET. I'm when He came back and you -- patterns trophy correct in my round pick OK okay well that's retrospect bowl. I'm just not fair for them come back -- in -- had a trophy are. What I saw there was easy to take it from him you can take an answer tidbits from USC. But USC was -- to this team in college so boring year. Regardless of where they can read it was yeah not there and Reggie was the best player not so if you could take it from him to me he's still one I've -- -- Okay I see replied I'll look at pat and again don't remember I got it and then you actually budget got big and then I'll. Until my back. I'm not only you know what you are asking is not to think you say what we said about the trophy -- who else there was. You could He he's the one who gave the trophy nobody took it from a no no god no not take -- well now we don't know but. He's still -- He was still the best play college football do you think if Joseph wants that trophy and. Yeah I know and -- given how we defended Reggie it was dead. Man especially. LSU fans. That indicates staying USC sizzled hitting carry it if Reggie may be hurt USC all they wanted Reggie to then nation. Was to get all the -- uniform. Didn't see the stands on HBO about the whole year his seat fitting in in -- making all alone Lloyd lake in the USA things He saw that. How much do -- -- they would would make -- it. If I think you're ready to money Tim do you who gave it to him and all of the things that I said Tiffany went Reggie looking yet point five million guaranteed. You'll his weakness on their -- how you don't want Manny not know if he'd have made this guy 300000. Dollars not a visibility came up I'm not saying it's right. -- get through 2000. All this none of this would even happened -- -- water -- bridge. And -- that would feel like -- -- a relative -- somebody got something on you and -- thirty dollars in -- going to be hard headed and I give the thirty dollars. I mean think about it -- ten point five million gap that the team -- -- -- millionaire whatever you're tired and didn't get ugly if Nadal got tired. Yeah. Thing is with college players in this -- all of the porch on the as they have they have rules or regulations. Can you colleges make. Million maybe beyond all the cheers and put the compilation of all these. I cannot accept anything yet they give a -- 88 college education. But it too much they're impatient and you know where a lot of these kids come from. They clean up and they never ahead in the -- -- patients and then there's Arabs are minimal government glaciers and didn't need to change. Everybody got me yeah really really truly is not even the about you know what they don't have. He's just being able did you know you don't give them breakfast lunch indelible page you know the cafeteria to school and open all the time. You know what you do when you need money to do this and do my -- see his son his son again in the truck. He's got a Condo -- -- -- He still -- -- aren't dollars a month He gets from his follow. That's succeeded to guess of what about kids that don't have anything. So they I've seen his -- -- -- tell you the truth with that and I noticed there Carlyle elected Bob. When they get there on our -- it is harder when you give me. Give you sixty dollars a week two weeks and usually -- and then you know that they -- they always try to keep their foundation plan and go -- Eric mistake everybody I'll have all the little plays over in your -- -- Bobby and -- -- like got the coming back we'll get out since day one who is making and also -- in New Orleans east is -- sports talk on WW. Welcome back. We have Paul Carlos campus and cause for a 37 deranged man wrote in mobile we doing here it's at 8 PM this evening -- sports -- while -- how to go. How to New Orleans he's the key in on line I want can't thank you for calling WWL. You guys don't they can't you don't go. Good putt of about the Miami's situation. Of which was -- I'll -- totally different from SMU SMU SMU and inhaled -- I had no pedigree He has -- program -- program of any no. When they got Eric Dickerson and Craig James. I know -- the football players. Full what they give them the death penalty they were basically done because they were not. Tough not previously. To that regime comes in higher level with Miami. All the national championships. Even if they would put a multi year is still would come back if that's like saying. If. They like maybe Kim YE a big dose of illegal why can't the last ten years the canes have been irrelevant. As -- coach and I don't know. I you know look at the behavior yet did that they were they were top notch but didn't cheat and they even lit it. Throw them all the about it the guys and they -- if there. Where would you call relative Santo on the difficulty is gonna be all oklahomans total Colorado right -- I. National talk about -- -- standards in Iraq but in his right. Because Miami's they wanted to if you proved they could survive that within a -- two years you come back and be in -- -- about. Well it's because that talented again. Well I think players attend the -- peaked Florida Florida -- -- -- if you don't handle program and Atlanta goes on you have a lot of what I was saying it's still to me till Miami to come back like you took an estimated 25 years the -- got the right coach. They got Jean-Gilles there was terrible is still gonna be if they do get the death penalty if they had no idea how are you make awaits him. That what did they come back nobody will know 25 years I can promise you that no no no would be tornadoes and I think it was -- -- -- -- -- -- -- never -- they just made it to get a team in Texas university takes down there hell guessing you come out of nowhere to be that good. Because they wanted to name -- -- the top players this is sports talk he'll listen to WW up.