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Aug 19, 2011|

Tommy Tucker in for Garland. Tommy speaks with Provost and Professor of History and Economics at Tulane, Michael Bernstein about job creation and who's job is it to create jobs. Plus the NOPD has charged one of it's own for faking traffic stops? Tommy discusses this with Rafael Goyeneche, President of the Metropolitan Crime Commission, and take listeners calls.

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-- Is taught in sports leader. The create date seven DW WL and now WWL and ask them at 1053. Garland Robinette show to climb inside garlands thing tech. Call final four -- 60187. Or 668890. -- seventy now from the heart of New Orleans. Sears Garland. Today because this Friday and Tommy isn't for Garland today and while I am leaving town. We will start today talking about job creation. Because that has been the buzz word. And rightfully so because so many people are out of work and now we hear the Bank of America is gonna Begin. By laying off. -- twelve to 141000 people and eventually could go and of the 30000 range. And we're gonna ask you a pretty jaguar opinion poll. Whose job is it to create jobs. Is -- the government. Or is that corporations. Nor is it a melding of the two and I know a lot of people. Seem to be conflicted about this because on one hand they want the government out of their lives but then. The same people who want the government out of their lives. Hold the president accountable for not creating jobs and taken to task. For going on vacation. And I'm not being an apologist for the president I know a lot of people in -- every even bring anything like this up date they automatically starts and all you global probably global. No I don't. I'm merely having a discussion about this. So let's put all that aside open ears and just have a discussion about this if we can because. I don't see how you can philosophically. Want to government -- life but -- Hold the president accountable for going on vacation when He should be creating jobs. So we're gonna get some factual information on his -- from Michael Bernstein who is the pro -- and professor of history and economics at Tulane University good morning Michael. On how good is it doctor Bernstein Michael. Are you doctor. But you guys you so much work -- ladies get the doctor Adams of the -- topic is I figured. Hey do -- favor of the fluid began. Tell me what's approved most of always wondered. Well the promised the problem is that chief academic officer of university so I work with the -- of our various schools to. You know count our programs of construction and make -- students states are being in the and better track you're able to get their virtual stuff. I -- it and it would do an Aries be a pro -- Marshall. Polish Marshall with the military this military position and also legal affairs and adjudication of dispute in the military so I'm not in uniform should be different that's a different. I how many people have you arrested just hitting -- that He might Fred Willard impersonation occasionally from the Christopher Guest movies -- Let's start with job creation here because we -- All along the campaign -- job creation job creation. And for the people that are unemployed I'm not making light of this that's a very very serious thing you saw this. Jobs here in Miami I think it was yesterday and on Atlanta perhaps sort tons of people. -- in line did to upload try to get job and and you need to trying to procure hard when you heard so many of them saying. All I wanna do is be able to provide for my family so quick doctor we bird -- who does it come down to -- it. The big government that creates jobs is that the president is it. -- unfair flu -- afford to get political in this say well you know within the president's economic approval rating down to 26% because He hasn't created any jobs. Tell me about the whole thing. Well the economy create jobs and I think -- you know that debates we currently have about what depression and Israel is not doing. It's really a debate about what can and should the government -- to enable and empower the economy. To create jobs and to drive the unemployment rate down. So how what can the president be doing what do and what should He be doing. Well the president and congress of course. Responsibility for implementing national economic policy. Policy that will facilitate economic growth. Higher levels of gross domestic product and in in two weeks ago. And it'll -- economy could generate. Good job sustainable jobs and more jobs. How you accomplish that as a mix of policies involving taxation public spending. The financial and monetary regulation provided by the Federal Reserve sport that's that's the joint responsibility for congress and the president. So has this president done any staying. Com to make it worse since He was inaugurated or is it that I'm just trying to find out who's. And in looking you know did you seems to me in this culture we've gone from response assigning responsibility to playing the blame game. Am I don't think it's accurate to say blame game because I think people are responsible for their actions so. In Yahoo! in essence is responsible for the high unemployment that we. Depends on your point of view in in terms of what the president answer has not accomplished something. Some would say that the president has battled with the economy and created this supposed to debt crisis and -- for weakening the economy in. A causing unemployment. Others and personally I would be more sympathetic with the -- if you would say that the president as hostile congress. He's He obviously his party does not control both. Just. The congress. And there's a difference in point of view the president therefore was not able to implement the kind of spending policies and taxation policies that would. Facilitate economic growth -- the consequences. Lower economic growth and higher rate of unemployment. President says he's got his jobs plan that he's gonna be introduced in September and and there's a different argument but. You know not being an apologist for the president I'm not slamming him either way I'm just making an observation here that politically. I think if you say you have. And add a jobs planet you're gonna introduce in September. And you're gone on vacation with your family and even though you never leave the presidency and it travels with you I think you committing political suicide do you think I'm wrong and Canada. I don't know that that political suicide. I find hard to criticize someone for taking. During sober. Eight and as -- say -- you know it's not as if the president has unplugged or disconnected. You don't sessions. I don't know what people are expecting to do extended. The -- clear this up on the talk about the reality because politics is not about reality is all about sex you understand it I mean you know at a. I see your point yeah it's. You know I suppose one could say. It would it would be better off. Right it would be better parents the president -- were during this critical economic time. Be that as today in the -- at the end of the day it's really about the policies that go into place. As to help the economy is gonna -- other people going to be able to find work. -- -- put -- into historical context and about other presidents and com. Is vacationing during tough times and just to be on George Bush. I I saw this this video of him playing golf when all hell was breaking loose in Iraq and and to be fair I I thought He was making a huge mistake is well he's just didn't sit right with -- Right -- It's funny what you look at the record -- that I think Ronald Reagan took a lot of a breaks from the white house of course well it's. Very popular president and I was able to implement a lot of its agenda. Jimmy Carter probably worked harder than any other president in living memory you know putting in twenty hour days seven days a week and his presidency of course. To prosper very well. So in the final analysis voters don't really care or remember any in his. I that would be licensed property I don't think it's about whether the president takes -- there it's about. Happens you know legislation. The president has helping to get through congress since signing on policies and there are factors in the -- So hot -- -- -- I hear about this Bank of America thing in in going to corporations creating jobs originally 141000 initially it could go to thirty. But then when you talk about executive compensation. Chances are. Executives at Bank of America are gonna get big bonuses because they laid off people and cut the bottom line. Yeah that's that's very disturbing. In its history shows and so when. We've seen this in in recent years in a recession without appointment being the major problem. To cut public -- To reduce the ability of the of the government helps stimulate economic activity. Is not going to generate very positive outcome indeed in the past what we've been in recessions circumstances with the government. Spends money to support orders now they're stimulate the private sector. Bought more goods and services itself. To support investment that has generated more jobs and better outcomes in GDP growth. To cut spending at a time like this just strikes me as self defeating. And that's a much from the government's employment from a corporate standpoint and not creation of jobs but elimination of jobs to take. The money that you save from cutting jobs and funnel it up. To corporate bonuses because you're saving the money the company money by slashing jobs but yet you've taken some of it back in terms of corporate bonuses was that. Although always the way in corporate America is servers that is somewhat of a row over recent. Phenomenon. It's certainly was not always the way in people spread between. Executive compensation today in the aperture earnings of the American worker it's speaker today it has ever been an art history supports. And it's very hard especially in difficult times like these to to justify that disparities certainly. As you say comedy funneling money upwards the top here. In the corporate setting is not. Is not facilitating better outcomes at all. It was that a change in regulation in laws. That allow better was that just changing corporate philosophy. Well I think it's. You put your finger on on both issues one is you know the regulatory environment and the tax -- and so forth privileged new forms of executive compensation -- Exploded the kinds of -- and in -- being taken by. Senior people in the corporate world and then. There's changing corporate philosophy where there's a feeling that they're paying these enormous bonuses is consistent with recruiting and retaining the best people. I tell you what if you can hang on -- I wanna talk to you about it will take some phone calls to have yelling get involved it's music so. 1878 toll free 866889087. Me about the creation. Of jobs and whose job visit to create those jobs and deal hold the president responsible or congress and when we come back professor are we really wanna ask you about how. First off -- week. Make it better. And what kind of time -- we look at that and secondly from the president I have a feeling and a lot of people are saying that he's gonna I introduce some kind of infrastructure. Plan. To put people back to work maybe. Kinda like the WPA was back in the Franklin Roosevelt days and I know that deals with debt and deficit it seems likes at some point we're gonna have to fix the country up -- that's gonna mean more spending so. If not now when and it's gonna continue to deteriorate and it's kind of like at the last debated how she have to put money into it so. We'll talk about that when we come back you phone calls welcome as well at 26 1870 toll free 86688908. Sadly. Tommy Tucker and for Garland it's the think tank on the big 870 -- to be well. Nobody covers saints football like the flagship and we got the pros approve. Pro bowler in the first quarterback of the season the playoffs buddy a bare hard nosed running back -- -- OK guys and one of the strongest NFL players ever Steve court. Plus the BA draft analyst Mike and Juliet Kate she's. Utility -- sideline reporter Christie -- -- Ron -- -- six football happens checking in with the since racing and racing radio WWL. GM have them and done. Doctor Michael Bernstein our gas He is the -- those and professor of history and economics at Tulane university and if you just joined as. Rose has nothing to do with -- of -- we cleared that up earlier tonight on through it again -- jaguar opinion poll whose job isn't to create jobs 91%. Of those logging on. The W dad WL that conversely in business they got it right professor not. Absolutely that the economy creates jobs and the role of the government plan is to see to it appropriate structure law policy and regulation. That facilitates the working out our product account. So when we hear on the campaign trail. The Republicans saying the president needs to create jobs when we hear the the Democrat -- whom whomever everybody comes to complaining about the other when creating jobs creating jobs creating jobs and making it seem as though it's a function of government. Is that an accurate. Well. It's an accurate in the sense that it's not as if the the US government is the primary employer and national economy it is our economy is based on private enterprise the government that you will supply. Obviously the Republicans. You know attacking the president BC political advantage here with a weak economy so they're making their. But make the claim that the president isn't doing his job what does all boils down to though it's an argument between the Democrats and Republicans about the the right policies -- To have the private economy operate effectively and efficiently as some. And I'm not trying to take up for the Democrats the Republicans I'm just trying to find out what's. What's true that's all I'm trying to do attacks that comes in. It's simple Tommy in order to create a job you must create an environment conducive to the growth of business obamacare in the shut down in the gulf are not those types. A positive steps accurate. Well first of all there's no evidence that Obama parents responsible for the current recession I just can't agree with the listener they're just think that's a red -- -- -- The slowdown controlling operations in the Gulf of Mexico obviously it's hurt the oil and gas sector -- region there's no question about that. Won't want. As about the oversight of the federal government in the gulf in the wake of the oil spill is and that's something people. Disagree about there Indy can outlets oil rigs operating means Lester. In that particular sector. I another Texas comes in here's the -- we talk about job creation yet companies continue. To use lean operating to eliminate benefits what do you think. Well and that's a very distinct point we now. We go to companies -- or are are pushing away from well offering benefits they're they're reducing percentage of time for. Force staff for employees that reduces access to benefits this is all because companies see this being an advantage to their individual bottom line. I think for society as a whole this is creating enormous burdens and expenses people are underinsured or uninsured. Health deteriorate. And the -- society spending even more. In not seeing the consequences of an adequate care so I. I think that we're actually cutting our nose to spite our face. Speaking of that expression. Debt and deficit the huge problem. The president his jobs plan the Talking Heads seem to think that it's gonna involve. And infrastructure plan. Similar in a way to WPA back in the Roosevelt days where you'd put a bunch of Americans to work. Repairing the infrastructure of the country that's getting involved. A lot of federal money and we have a huge debt and deficit problem but the question I have is. Just like with a house that's fallen apart the the it's gonna continue to fall apart the infrastructure problems gonna continue to get worse at some point. We're gonna have to address that it's going to be expensive when ever we do it it's getting involved expenditures whenever we do it which means. The unless -- funded in real time mean additions to debt or deficit so. What Wendy do that do you wait until we're in a better economic position but if you do then does that mean we add more debt and deficit and then. Is there keynesian dumb. Argument to be made that if you do it now. Yeah it's win win where you while that really would be win win lose because you would. I'll fix the infrastructure you'd put people to work but you would increased debt and deficit to explain all of that. Well. You know you've posed the dilemma very hurt very very nicely -- I think it's a -- we know our infrastructure is all or you know that. Inadequate infrastructure. -- all economic growth and reduces productivity. Right now interest rates are -- historic lows. This is the time to be borrowing money to invest in the infrastructure in my view to stimulate economic growth and productivity now if you do that. It's true that as copper and grow faster and create more jobs. And you need to start paying down debt. And I think the problem historically has been in the upswing in the business cycle and things are going good. We have not been paying down the the way we responsibly should be -- but now in a recession is not that -- line. To be paying down debt it's only gonna make the situation forces but it might students here in less is flat. And a country in the Paper saw -- the time speaking of big story about airport or airport is adequate we need to test it now's the time to do that. So you saying it makes sense to have some kind of program where. You you spend money to repair the infrastructure of the country you put Americans to work that money -- Stimulates the economy and and the federal government somehow recoup its money from that debate on the debt or deficit will He ever get it back. That that's exactly what -- coming -- an economic perspective if we play our cards right now. We should stimulate greater economic growth in the future higher growth and higher GDP. That we should be -- the deficit the problem as a political problem as we all now it's very hard to raise taxes it's easy to reduce -- Total political perspective but the pole position of public spending to combat recessions unemployment. Was based on the idea that you spend in crimes to make things better when things get better. And then what is spent and we have not been doing that consistent basis. And the wind part of this would be the infrastructure would be repaired. The -- would be repaired and it would then be a good platform for -- private companies and private sector to generate. More output and more. Hey I appreciate your time doctor. Thank you -- ever go weekend -- Michael Bernstein Roloson professor of history and economics at Tulane University will discuss this when we come back. And also connect with rap field going -- about this. Shortsighted scam allegedly that in NO PD officer was pulling. Concerning stand seat belt tickets and federal money in overtime and we'll explain it when we come back right now -- time for Debbie WL first news. Tommy Tucker and for Garland today as -- every Friday morning -- -- conversation about job creation in the president and whom do you blame men whom. Whose responsibility is it to whose job is it to create jobs because it phrases become. Really to catch phrases of -- job creation job creation job creation and -- studio responsible for the loss of jobs conversely because your Bank of America today. Eliminating thirteen the house about 1213 thousand jobs Begin with then they're gonna eventually. Eliminate 30000 jobs would you know. That the top executives. Are again and again big big bonuses. -- pardon me. Because of running the company leaner. And a lot of that money is going to be funneled to the tops of as that's it with but -- to talk to -- -- -- entity right now present the metropolitan crime commission about this. Short -- alleged scam I'll throw that in about. A police officer was arrested yesterday new loans police officer for writing bogus tickets morning Raphael you -- very good morning. You know first off before we get into the specifics of this what Pataki about perception and reality because it seems like. We we hear a lot more of this come from NO PD that we do of other police departments and just in terms of size. There are a lot more -- PD officers and their. The other there are several hundred more I think that the you know PP as. But. It's still it's you know the size. Doesn't. Necessarily justify or explain some of the things that that you see playing out in New Orleans. You know the the article that appeared in in the times Picayune pointed out that. Something like this happened. Inherent hand with military and police officer. That was falsified some of their overtime records on this so it is. I think the problem that. Crosses across all law enforcement agencies and He is. To combating this type of thing is holding the supervisors. Accountable on the way that this case was discovered. Juarez wasn't that the officer confessed to far you know reported himself. The supervisor that that was doing the work. Review. Fueling offers are grosans records. Discern that there was any problem there and He went to internal affairs and internal affairs investigators that. And that investigation. Resulted in the actions that occurred yesterday with the officer -- arrest. So that's the way it needs to happen. There's going to be problems in any agency whether it's a criminal justice shall law enforcement agency or any other profession occasionally they'll be some. So bad actors that will take advantage of the situation. And how do you stop that you need to be eternally vigilant. And one of the problems of these adult PD has had been -- with -- is that supervisors. War dealing an adequate job of supervising their subordinates that allowed some of these horrific things to. Go to the extent that day they have four of the Justice Department needed to step it. So because I guess you could look at it I was thinking about the issue could look at it a couple of different ways you can look at it is every couple of weeks or. -- a month or whatever the timeframe is. Here's another NO PD officer in trouble so and so is same old thing nothing's getting done or you could look at it as. Just because you don't see it -- that doesn't mean you don't handle but once the guy comes in the treat him and you start addressing the problem. That's when they get forced of the surface and that's when you know you're making progress right here is so it would seem to me that if you look at when the police and the prostitution -- on. And and another kind of an undercover cop and a cup when -- and tried to. I work an undercover officer yes listen and undercover officer and and they immediately turned a man. Com maybe in the old days something like that gets swept under the rug may be in the old days on the link this doesn't get caught so. The bottom line is if perhaps this is an encouraging thing. Yeah I think it is in that I think the police department is doing a better job of internally. Policing itself because only went in the if this police department. He's right it internally. Can it be more effective force combating crime externally in the community. Did the grant started in June. The Justice Department is in here. In the right set up in a police department to go all right Reynolds physically where they arts at ferret out corruption and to investigate the NO PD. And this guy has the temerity because that's the cleanest word I can think of to to try this scam well what is what -- and you can't speak to what He was thinking of but. Does this point two. May be. Culture of corruption. -- -- absolutely immediately talk to the as a twenty year veteran. And unfortunately. The problems that we -- You know laid bare. In the federal civil rights cases that have been tried. Katrina didn't create those problems those problems predated Katrina. And what we're seeing is you know eighty. Pretty it's an effort to finally change the culture and the way that your going to do that. Is to hold the supervisors accountable and that has been in the message. Under this new administration supervisors. You need to supervise its peers subordinates. Are caught doing something inappropriate you're gonna have to explain why you didn't catch what that's beginning to take root. And what we're seeing right now is the supervisor of that was responsible for reviewing the work. Of this officer pocket. And brought it and that's the way it's supposed to happen and that's the way it's gonna stop by holding these people accountable. So suddenly -- low light bulb goes off over my head in that. Maybe this guy thinks. Well age it's. A short maybe He doesn't think it's shortsighted because maybe thinks is supervisory either is too lazy to check or if He does. Minded then the Blue Line though that that loyalties gonna exist -- because of the culture than than nothing happens from there. And now be in the that's why you put the emphasis on supervises that's where it needs to change and that's weird is change in in my right now like -- up. Absolutely. Absolutely I mean He just saw after the Glover case. You saw the captain that was in charge of that compound where mr. Glover. Body was brought in. Some of these that the captain's subordinates were disposed of the body on the other side of the Levy in the cards that the car on fire. The captain never danced his subordinates what they did with the body. Never initiated investigation caused a report to be generated the captain was fired for his old patients. And I think that you know that type of mindset. Five Whittier captain commander lieutenant or sergeant. You have to hold the chain of command accountable and responsible. For properly supervising their subordinates. And today before relate to go to the management. Structure of the plan the idea of letting this guy from the IT department. Take advantage of this grant money to right seat belt tickets is that something perhaps it should have been restricted to the traffic department. Brown again I don't know I mean you know it's you don't have to be. Sherlock Holmes student to write the ticket force seatbelt violation you know so. I don't know what the procedures were how people were selected to go -- -- but any police officers should be able to write a ticket. For a seat belt violation but. As you pointed out it's amazing. That in despite everything that's happened with the Justice Department being here at least since 2009. And all the scrutiny and all of the emphasis on doing things the right way. That this officer. This year would attempt to scam the department and in the morning the federal government disease of federal funds that were being provided to this enforcement function. And the assumption -- have to be and I think that goes to your point. That somebody. Further up the line but have his back and -- Prove not to be the case which is encouraging. Night they durability the glad you now have a great weekend my friend. -- got it -- going to achieve president -- crime commission so when we come back a lot of phone lines to things for you to weigh on in on. First -- whose job visit to create jobs business. Or government and on the other side of it to flip it around. Who's responsible for the loss of jobs. In the country. Government. Or business. So you can look at it two ways and when it comes to this latest black guy for the NO PD do you think that's. An indication on back to my insect analogies that. -- we're making progress here. Or that the infestation. Is as bad as it's ever been I'm inclined to agree with Raphael on this I think think it's. You know you can hand houseful of termites and just because you don't see him that doesn't mean that it doesn't exist but then when a guy comes treat them. That's on mr. -- around. So I think that maybe this is a good sign that yet they still got bad cops there but they're catching them and not trying to hide it. So what do you think He would do when stuff like this happens does it make you more confident that the you know TDs didn't cleaned up or make you think that it's just the same as it's ever been. And as far as the job creation or loss. Of jobs in this country booty -- responsible. Business or government couple of things for you weigh in on Tommy Tucker in for Garland on a think tank wanna hear from. Talk show I'm sitting here going to take you calls to pick the phone and let me hear your voice back in a flash and big 870 to have a W. Pilot -- a lot yell at terribly concerned about the economy and about jobs and about. The president creating jobs then why isn't He creating jobs and about him causing jobs would be lost. In this country and also the Republican presidential candidates are talking about. Creating jobs -- what the government can do to create jobs are pretty jaguar opinion poll. Whose job is it to create jobs 92% of you are saying business 8% government and also too when it comes to the loss of jobs in this country whose responsibility. Is it. Is it corporations or is that the government that have led to the loss of so many jobs so idol audience very passion about this -- very concerned about the economy. Let's go to the phone lines. Week. It. Apparently -- weak. And it. Seven what happens here. Is it's easy to get caught up in political rhetoric and blame. Somebody but then when you try to back it up with snacks not so easy. It. -- Museums and it's easy to blame somebody and say yeah always got to create jobs and -- descent want the government out of my life. But you can't have -- ways that's all saying. You -- Text that comes in I spoke with mr. going to cheer about this very topic in just like you we tried to explain it away and explaining anything away about this guy riding way traffic tickets fact is. His agency and others are sensationalizing. The you know -- plight because it wouldn't be such a good story if it was. Little low was weak or little red in the PD so I don't know how we can explain something away and sensationalize and at the same time some a little confused. About this text. Another one Tommy obviously this problem with the NO PD is institutional. Let me get the phone here high tech -- city what's up. They've -- you don't. I got a couple of points to make no alcohol and won't support children to disrespect you you know. It. You look at our PP airline industry right how did it come about. Would delay the airline industry. Well believe the government subsidize -- or seen a single event to beginning direct credit created -- apparently trying. You know Henry Ford treaty normal deal so full debt sprouted all these different job. You know we can see it and we've created all these things but at the end of the day what happened is is just -- that the guy was talking about earlier. The corporate entities. If so which could lead at the top. That they -- to outsource everything out proposal while manufacturing jobs outsourcing everything to everywhere else. So that -- entities that they -- very top. Can -- -- -- you know continue to get richer that they don't care about what happens to good jobs and in the article. From destroy our country. By giving away the opportunity for folks to go to war so that the people who do work for you. Don't make what do you make. -- -- -- -- -- I exactly witches and talking and other people that are listening right now little's say no it's all. The Congress's fault -- it's all the Democrats fault for not -- business conditions that are. That are unfavorable to -- is not a sound young and. I understand which is saying -- years ago OK they were opportunities. In broadcasting. Put smaller radio stations. Dick created a lot of competition right -- to -- I don't think you can be activated until you know that you've reached the flyer on this program simply things have been. It's it's not necessarily governments -- to create job. I got to put. Chuck I got to go there's even any backlash and a VW. Hi Tommy -- the next hour world talk about flash robs I don't know if you know -- those are not but they've happened. In Minneapolis Chicago Cleveland New York in Washington. Analysts give that could be a precursor to the riots that have happened. In the United Kingdom and Isiah boats. Poverty and hopelessness or about lazy asses and selfishness. That in a play action -- you. Using taxes to --