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Aug 21, 2011|

Deke invites Sr. Writer for Tigerbait.com Brian Lazare and WWL Legal Analyst Attorney "Chick" Foret into the radio huddle. He also takes your calls on the Saints 27-14 loss to the Houston Texans and LSU.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And I'm very healthy the president go out on the -- this morning news live -- -- -- -- get to cram a lot senior right anti debate that's kind of rounds I'll be with -- moment. -- -- -- -- In the news LSU football in the news for all the wrong reasons to be talking about having your pre season ranked fourth in the Associated Press. First pole -- came out yesterday stated it's an off campus. And He should say incident that has taken place that is questioning. Several of the early shoe football plains -- on that at WW at that time we'll hear from coach miles later in this out to be a phones we go. Aid let's start off that's the of town for Charlie Charlie thank you for calling WW yeah. -- Not a great day good day extra LU. Well I mean at all of them I don't know about if this is classified in history. Well the -- and make him make you talk about leadership. And maturity pocket -- He would. Nobody -- all it's Georgia going to be sort of war. Great where the leadership maturity a -- we got one more data are you. But student right there and that they think about the ball but not the -- sure. Notes so -- -- -- what I mean you're you're right date date that's the number one thing -- You always go He would you do -- you go bags like if you all saw what they say. -- if you're right I can't argue with you if you back track and you go to the -- -- and if you don't breaker if you notice that. You know. A pretty good -- Got a couple of college ball but the other day we talk Eldred -- -- all the schools in the United States. You're not go all college all your -- college. Derek -- you sure. The water -- all home we ordered teach our goal right ankle but because tomorrow will be. If. Now on on on and -- it's it's ought to see his son does go to com ED does well and and He breaks cart feud but He doesn't get involved -- I'm -- talk about it you futuristic as a whole different thing. I heard -- -- He He He broke through so He should be discipline by the team would you believe that means you would be harder. Weighted mean you're an agreement. You know -- -- would this -- street not just tell you what but there's no more out in this country. Would you agree -- Whereas Charlie I can tell you this there's there's not as much morality as there used to be that's for fuel. I would that it would go up there any effect maybe obvious goal -- -- not live from the date I'm glad you just. It's common to wondered because this world it's all. And I do agree with because nobody thinks about the future. And you know it's out there we have gotten so Falwell I don't wanna go and open and competitive but just took -- we've got so fall way of Cole family and I mean just sit down. In in preaching family having dinner with two keys of the fathers being good mothers until we do that. You're right this country's -- go to him a hand basket real quick. Probably you'll want World Cup it would be Jimmy bought the ball. At the college -- a little knowledge about you want to do -- are out of school. -- could get it right. John you take care about it. Preceded. Back go to the phones we go stand and Jefferson staying -- thank you for Colin WW. Monday night and -- These problems and things that that it is more of one. At that. About the that He that was about it. On the news media that maybe it does do that in -- anyways and say. No -- somebody -- sincere that these players is gonna hurt him within a national championship and I came back on other side assets some war all Buick some oppose -- on message boards. Dave if these full play as good story of basically. Tournament don't play in one Amezaga is a freshman and ones Georgia boosted somewhat -- well that might be the best thing for the team. I'm right now apologize to that. It matters too long and. Windowless van I give them all the time so I'm used to it. My problem with that issue is that it that much about. That was involved in -- -- got one -- in the newspaper -- that they would they would let in the yeah. But -- -- and that has done a permanent but at least people on the net planning. Looked like we should be known something about the other that of this issue. I would and that would without you speaking. Another quote that the I mean these guys names. And completed. Loria will because the as a base. Standard deficit and an eight in. We -- go on sale you know -- that big with that big names out there those other guys I mean I don't. I guess we'll get their names of the you know with the comes down to it they press charges -- assault the world on a more about that later. There may be we'll find out you know something from those guys right now what they've been told is that you know don't say anything in. I'm still may be close to campus around as some of the key is private note these guys all that way involved in this but I haven't heard anything I'm just like you. Something about that then you guys as. -- the newspaper that program -- it. What does not only -- it then it actually in the opinion because they don't know -- -- -- -- that in that He didn't say anything Clemens. Do what I've been here. No they knew they were there what three reports out -- nice ban all Maria had wrong information. Yeah that's why that's why you one thing I would take you now Spain because of what I've learned. In a day and time when everybody says all we gotta be the first to -- it we got a break distort you got to beat everybody. That right there you could take dead flush it down a -- and whatever else is in there with it because amateur anyway in this -- -- time -- as sensationalized. Media. Sick twisted world where Ian and I love it not pay taxes Obama American and a I'd rather be -- anyway else. The people who use caution. Instead a big heyday He statistical bravado will be the ones that oh count and all the most because they won't be sensationalizing. And get caught up in all of this while we got to have a story first because. Matt to have at a T and now -- days with the ways of communication which would it FaceBook and all of us on this up. That people now thought to rely on set up actual information. From the quote unquote horse's mouth. You didn't four and five stories that up -- garbage to me. I come -- and -- -- break in the store I'm in arrested in saying what I hear. From the right individuals who have the real story -- given almost say this on a Sunday morning are ranked says that the -- brick story. But I need the big man -- tell him. A -- probably because I've been bitten people and tan and and and it really -- at at -- apparently is that when. But the you put into. It is more and make it it. Let's they would Q would you go out on a limb and say I turned forty as the economic maybe tournament called to maturity found. I'm at at at at at. West -- but take that -- the best compliment of the week I appreciate. All right thank you so let's get rid get hooked up well with Brian aside just a moment Randy and -- David. From the parents come and all you college with who -- brown -- us got to say this is fourth stocks that they wanted to decent on WW. And welcome back senior -- of tiger -- that found Brian less yards on just now and Brian. The top story at LSU the Tigers -- ranks fourth in the Associated Press poll yesterday right. I don't think so I think. -- -- He had He had that you're that latter Brad -- that would like on the on the crawl alone as screen that was a very minute. Compared to this other information -- -- what we've talked to several people Mike was whether it's eroded his moan about I don't know 1230 quarter to won't we won't point out with the Saints. Anything new you can learn. Well you know -- Believe -- anything anything really news that you know early or players have been named Jordan Jefferson. Josh John Chris Davenport and -- and you'll be. Question but that rouge police. Tomorrow morning and I get Apatow. Eclectic exploit in the -- naked Asian whatnot whether or not Eddie Jordan will be will be brought. Are whether they'll be any -- may well. I'll -- -- the board means that. That or individuals that being what -- -- -- the or people who Nadine. And being thrown out the boat ball. Though not the war people -- -- -- hurt -- -- at right. Oh what is it though those are probably the more individual -- had been -- more than any. -- would you say tossed around brand new meaning that toss around at being at the establishment of being in the so called it involved in a quote -- quote. Incident. Being involved in the -- -- Out so I -- not surprised when. You know over the war. Name last night. I get the it to the matter of waiting and everybody you know nobody's. Happy that it's more like you're out there that I'm sure -- -- -- calls and then somebody you know. They call on both gotten it done by the part -- export. The NL Johnson around ranking cared using them. Yeah now now and exactly you know -- 1 o'clock 1:32 o'clock in morning. Don't say it not been that crap in the bar -- dead. They drink you know -- little ravages -- you know drinking a little -- -- There is high and -- more. Bet there is -- Dumb deal on both. -- doesn't you know it. Out there at the you know damaged city individual an injury that -- uncalled for and I think we'll let that get it right that you. You know you have to be responsible your action. And not a people who didn't think we broke will bet you well at the board. I think it is the matter that now waiting and seeing what now. You know I didn't explode it out of Baton Rouge police after dia what's been -- are far more. Senior at a tiger made that -- as Gaza this comment today in mentoring crimson time they got some variant are simple as they wanna make the let me as his Bryant. Eight since you've been following coach miles and his team yet as any player would be eight and assists did did for a game. For breaking curfew and be if a player is involved with something way He has a running with the -- all. What type of suspension or disciplinary action has coach miles done in the paint. It's funny I recall. You know any. It didn't take -- -- and it didn't. See it whether it -- you know bring this. Let. Their fight -- just the two most street what you know Jerry Oliver. That -- Let it get that be to -- ago. And -- was you know note suspension you know He made him go through spring practice. Looked at camp on it -- -- -- -- -- -- And then net and He got paid the rent the forty you why He wants to and from the but again it was done a suspension occurred or in the all of -- -- Practice started -- yeah he'd been reinstated. We call. Guy. We call any -- Up hurry you know -- you know on number I'm currently never you know on the. We won the Eddie come out for what actually in different thing you know eat now wrapped itself. -- I can't I don't recall any of that may -- divert -- a great player in -- that. You know -- -- and what you outlet -- that they speak it is it any lawyer is correct it. And chart -- the L. Pretty sure that person will be and should be adept at right now if a person is. Arrested -- charged with a misdemeanor well may yet you know some -- I don't know I don't believe -- huge -- like DePaul university at that got -- -- one. -- -- -- Had to take it out of the Internet goes -- not sure about that I know for example South Carolina. Player get arrested. It out of hand and coached in an area that policy as to what transpired and it did. -- -- It you know get it -- got -- Mary at them. Baseball players incoming baseball players or -- -- You know -- ball. -- different incidents and -- you know. Is that the committee. Though. Believe it it's not a good at coaching would get them to you know. They went flat -- Went yet to make make these decision. What thing that happened. Everybody that there are a lot of expectation. On his Green this year and that brings with some inherent pressure well. He'd be -- Internet it is not the pressure even more on. Air on the -- every player out eulogy operative was under the spotlight. Because of how He had late will help you know. If there war on number wired. You know who broke curfew. And a number of players who were involved in this altercation. You know the -- and if they helpful war while it's going to be you know they gonna get a lot of -- that -- -- you know rightfully. Rightfully so you know that they're. They're representing their team and university -- don't do that in the proper way it will get what you gonna be held accountable for your actions that you going to be -- -- -- That I -- And you got again you gotta go just one quick thing here let's say because of what I've learned let's just say that sub. May maybe these guys ought negated some type a trouble most ultimate question now. Come on out info all you never lose -- spot to an injury. Let's just say move forward at somebody is suspended indefinitely and one of them is the starting quarterback. And GA and the Cubs team He plays lights out against dog lights out against all west -- before you go. It's -- Mississippi State did to me. That is the problem that comes from news that is more detrimental internally -- team at the break in occurred a few. And in everything in on sued after that that's just me. Well -- think if you had a situation where the quarterback you know it is George -- who spent the first game. And get Hartley goes anime women equally well he's the daughter I don't think people want to peak at any point. Out yet they wouldn't. Win or if Jerry Lee would you know okay. He didn't make them you know discussion -- player that felt we went you know. We in the light are other people but now He He -- has been alert she got. You know spend it let they would yeah partly regardless so. It's -- It's not -- -- or if they win and the guys playing well -- but it looked at what. Senior at a tied a big back how Brian does Brian thank you so much and the world be -- an even more close to you this week. Art Brandt thank you so much I come back to. Won't disturb the you have the flu Debbie Debbie and whose time 1130 the first Duke with Donnie. And welcome back to those conditions this Sunday mornings or Sammy Deke Bellavia these Chris coming -- -- noon and today talk a little LSU and Saints was going to direction of the -- -- thanks so much to crimson Tom but Burress resolved with Jay in Metairie. WW. IDB you know I think upgraded more. You know in the mean time. Yeah you're young man well. I think about it -- you know other group. You know another name. You know more current and I don't think I'm great that -- -- that. You RB alumni. In almost double. Any promoters and boosters given money to those schools. Howling out in get into the pocket that police -- did it's. Like before the season starts I mean I am not crazy -- Well I don't know I'm trying to figure out Beano before we declare what you -- from the state is why would they. Why would they get into the police offices if if -- mean that did that hands -- justify the means meaning what what the players DEA the withdraw from the get go because they broke curfew to police had nothing to do -- day. Yeah it would bat to change a rule and thirteen in black smile. I was taking responsibility for. -- thought OK so it is under the under your theory didn't they would had a broke the team rule and in the police and added directed him to go to displace. Away from campus and in -- some type of incident. Writing and none of the players which are anything but think they're just questioning him upon. Find out the fact of what happened. Right yeah I don't I don't believe in that I mean if you as -- me personally. -- don't think it that they want me. To count kids. My understanding. Is trying to handle -- -- you know. Yeah that they -- gonna analyze it all day loan and all year long and in all century Long Island democratic. Concocted that -- Well not totally out crazy not gonna say you crazy UD I did not. Quite high today they went out on the court before -- all right. -- in the game and we thought -- Sproles Ryan. Think that made it a little more practiced it you know drove over twice at night I think it would you. You know date -- all of coaches last night Drew Brees -- divisive debate they need more practice I mean there was. You know you can't just -- at the preceding coach Payton said it in his old in his statement He said there's no way to sugarcoat. A loss like that in Drew Brees says they look you know it's pre season but we did you know we got to. We got to get better and I think there's no question that they they need more practice and and it got time for I mean obviously but you know. As coach -- also think it's common d'antoni in two weeks from Thursday night is a spot of the season. Crimson Tom crimson Tom thank you for calling WW. I need to look. At the -- like to say that -- you know. And of course some of Alabama fans but I think that Alabama LSU Eric each other that -- -- -- -- -- rock or -- Alabama don't know what day -- that we did -- -- but wanna get right McIlroy and great things happen. Georgia opposite the way He played against Alabama play this year and -- played in the bowl (%expletive) like He does come into the hole. Any kind of like he's incompetent. Last out because that Jesus spending. I -- epic games out in the best chance to really think Denny's. You know -- and at the plate she. -- has -- And just a -- one last opted to win the open it up against number three or. I thought you know for the whole offseason that analogy which is gonna be horrible call or bad it is. That back straight should be perhaps liked it they'd face. And with the curfew that. -- about our Tibet -- about him suspended jail pain but because the got a ball -- has care he'll -- different things like that. But I can't understand that that'll -- it. Is that what -- Ryan Parent situation. In Baton Rouge who went there right car to pick a fight with the football -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You've got it's not an issue in which Egypt -- maintain college. Let me just say it is to you crimson not in and I had to bring up any time. Indy type of stories that happen in grew world of just in the last month the Soviet -- involved -- Are people that became high profile people all all pray people who are on on a high profile people. If some players are in trouble and they do get in trouble the people who on the other side and they may they may now have done anything wrong the people who were allegedly involved in -- some more allegedly. A take into the Haas bill Lennon and injured -- what have you. They will be ran out of town. It would be no different this and Athens Georgia. It -- in Tuscaloosa Alabama. And Auburn because -- and I'm not saying that's right I'm just tell you the way T ideas. That's was going -- is like that dude. What's in the and it took the ball away from the play of Chicago clubs in Iran is that's not the stadium. Because they did people see they take you or not He knew rock clubs that's the way our fans these crazy and rabbit as bad -- that's the way to go to. That would pick a fight would -- -- the -- -- -- the -- and lovable Beasley and yeah He. Police report that -- -- out of it is a menace to him. Now if somebody try to miss a -- him in New Orleans dead because -- it's. -- look at the Al that I wish you know but you know and let's I like -- played the game could be a game blah. Blah. Yeah and it. You know -- don't write him out. In the in the you know one. Don't putt coming back I believe in playing against a Tennessee. In the SEC championship game that year but don't -- -- Tom thank you so much. Let's go to Ryan He can't around got a different perspective on Iraq good morning thank you for calling. That I'll be a degree nobody but I -- College Q did the couple three. Bit ago. In my view of the in I seen out right so me you know you ID. Can't be in. Forty. I won't -- difficult bit sore and you know kids go out India outbreak in a lot to our role on a bite out -- admitted. -- every everything you're saying is exactly the truth but we knew law had a -- you'll volleyball play. If you and abandon something when you're associated with something other than being a student and even his do it. You saw what they -- in their right a representative. All of the university so it's a little different -- for players in and athletes and people who are involved in the university more so than yours just the -- student. I understand that but I also believe that there's still -- but it still make the. Right and -- it can be this can be a great. Most of learning mistake I think front from everybody involved but certainly. Probably a little more against you today a subdued in the situation easier to. Correct the mistake for the ones who may have been at this establishment and we're not involved in some type altercation. Andy can also be a different set of August is a disciplinary actions for. Any gentlemen -- Depend on what the course is with the all take it from there have been and you talk about a difference of right. -- -- -- -- You know -- you're a college quarterback and you go out and not say that what happened just at that but Mario. There's some guys got -- based -- -- don't you saw how far along yet the development that before you get aggravated. No I'll -- him but on the flip side of a two run I agree with you but when everybody is saying that owning an -- in everybody's saying I don't TV. And everybody says that on radio and may be insane if the three years. -- and if not regardless of who I am while what I think that -- in the ballroom is going to be any different. Right about it negated but I know and now I'm glad you do you run and they UD. -- -- -- Thank you so much appreciated lake view for John John thank you for calling WWL. Yeah -- Different view it as a party era in. Sure like. To learn from that on the thing that they do right and that such historical respect that all. -- football players. Not. What they do. They get the impression you that's not quite -- As I just LSU you could go globally anybody I mean it happens at all school. -- -- I guess we're aware mole which seems to happen a lot elation. -- -- before. And I think that. When you got the easy route which. It at all analyst football already brought here as. Are actually much aren't yet to get some of the I don't -- I don't believe I don't. Leaders in the anymore like message out when you bring the -- information go to the university of -- at a record number of Everest in Romanians. When -- in my I was there in his tenure ankle look at other schools jawed -- Alabama Arkansas our game you face the Ohio State. It's it's that they gave it was a -- in the walls region of update us on school alone not running with the law. There's like maybe eight. BCS schools they've never been in trouble whatsoever so well you can't win down here but this is I mean when -- you know 82 scholarship athletes in America it's altogether. Don't -- problem. Well. Indictment. Also at that. These and you you don't do wrong about him -- the do. Well I'm talking about a situation seems to control it. Want our eyes on his stock market and it would owe the taxes out of control the -- you write all that and I. Thought yeah. -- supposed to -- Played their sport. You we -- -- off that they that we have. I don't know I. They denied everything you're saying -- right at the end of the day how many how many people how many 100000 stadiums Manny to five -- bad route goes the high educational said well I know they don't that is it it was the football I'm not saying it's right. I am telling you the truth. That's all of them. Coming back -- home look in on the West Bank. Sports talk of the ability of this WW. -- -- -- I knew zero -- and -- back to the we'd go. Chris online no want Chris thank you for calling Debbie did you have. They did and -- great day. You know the bottom line is this. You're you're involved with an organization like this and you have the potential. To make million dollars later on down in the NFL. You were told the rules that the beginning. And if you -- all the rules there will be consequences. But what's worse about it. Let's say if somebody gave the suspension. Or let you know bet the (%expletive) out game -- that. And that keeps you from winning a championship. And also take away from other players like we want to get drafted him in India in a battle. And so that's the bottom line. Way don't say it doesn't take away from the other players getting drafted individually though if you get in trouble Kristi hit the nail on here because I don't appear remember. That eighty's movie to breakfast club. -- I'm in there and and a and a US the Bears played -- wrestler. And he's going to got to go to so -- TH -- -- -- -- Saturday -- the people these days is. You know what He says you master of sport is -- -- that you got call he's not he's that I. He's active -- is that I did things and I was in school he's at but -- and obviously you -- -- that you think the university He takes up I want to give a scholarship to eight -- You hit the nail on the hit all of these kids needed. Was whoever if there were some trouble in this happens all the time. He's taken money wave your pocket because I don't care how many times you think you may get away with soap and all you get when do you get ready to go to the National Football League. They do what our -- so -- -- deluxe background chick on each individual and if anything comes up as a red flag. Some so that's a market game two and has -- -- -- pocket that's coming out of pocket now don't played. The -- and and yeah that's bottom line is. The rules and -- -- body and we all have rules and -- that we get away all of our place. And there are better. And that's to provide structure and they went hand in so. I'd be -- in this thing. Adam gave you got to think about the future in perfectly. All right that followed the rule where -- train if the player can do it being you can't chase and every body a bit. Convenient go out there you guys you know and regard -- -- you're able to play you're not. Just ended you're helping your team and and that the between. When I am McCain and -- many -- as a change. No -- -- exactly right it's in like coach miles that this is a team. Issued no question about it goes back to an old number 80 ness of trying to unable to see the painted throughput. Emotional -- as you know is none of the good it can happen. In the wee hours of the morning and only in ninth in an issue vote you know that you don't arise you don't make you drug Bravo you awful as a the medical -- you'd. You know if you don't handle business mean now. Don't be now and it in the they do you have a right to yet but the consequences at all what else could happen and that's what happened He is the official. Attorney legal device currency area to the -- not calling now. Head Tom Hagan we have Jake already I'm Steve in this from his daughter go to Sunday morning she jet -- it. Very important and if college He loved the team we -- when you hear what is the most sunrise chuck ticked. Legal ramifications now what what does all of these these guys. Are facing the charges what do they care. -- you know there's several issues that come in my mind this morning looking at this. As a defense attorney and a practitioner my question is let me get the whispers about some things to look forward tomorrow number one. How many players are going to be summoned to the police department and it's not a formal comment I would anticipate. That the voluntary question -- like okay guys. We want to come talk piece of first question I would have it -- -- how many players show up the second observation I think we need to look for is. Who won't be represented in these players now as you know. When it's like players used to get arrested. I used to get the call but it but fortunately well -- they haven't gotten arrested lately it's. I'm a little light on snake bit but I guess that's the good thing. But in Baton Rouge normally get called -- -- in Dayton fisheries and older gentlemen will cause I'm old myself these. Fuel -- -- years older than me and Fisher and represented a lot of players you've got trouble over the years and very prominent well respected. Competent high caliber defense attorney I would anticipate will -- -- -- -- -- more represented one of the players. Well have to look to see who lawyers talk for the other players if in fact it represented. One question I would have is that the families retained those attorneys who who is paying for those attorneys and -- noticed all of these. Things tomorrow now I know there -- a lot of rabid LSU fans that it but He only look at them and ask these questions developed if this is a very difficult situation for this ball club. Hit day if I was involved in the case. I'm meeting with my -- I'm trying to find out on what I have. And tell me exactly what took place right we need to spent several hours today I need to talk on the people who live there I need to talk to witness says. I need to talk to all the people whose names have not been mentioned I'd need to talk to all the players who was we need to do a lot of work today get ready to put tomorrow. If you don't you show up. It's starting answering questions. Ticket issues -- what -- -- how come we hear about the players that the goal in the questioning we don't hear about the people on all -- how well He had a knee. I think -- just a matter. Speak I think that that would that we come out you know very and a I'm reading here in the -- again. Andrew -- -- would -- he's one of the fellas. Who was involved in this couple I would think the -- -- -- -- Declined to comment on the advice of award you're gonna be updated. This is gonna be investigated more and make federal cases in federal court you're -- and all the players you're hopefully we spent some time together discussed in this. Worked and know them swing the first blow. Who was defending the Vietnamese who was the peacemaker. This is going to be explored extensively conviction many ramifications the first of which starts today in that. All these players who were involved and looked like they would want -- players. They need to be counseling with these Warriors today to figure out what's gonna happen more because I would if I represented one of these young -- And I and I had responsibility of my Klein had responsibility. My client actually commit a second degree battery. Which hopefully we'll talk about it and he's not answering any questions got. And -- while my line to go in say oh yeah I seriously injured. John go yet well I -- admitting to commit a felony. The typical -- -- Amaro is the in my opening -- in the player on my represented the university. Obviously I'm representing the player. Now I'm worried about him getting a criminal conviction or audible words about him playing football it's not an easy thought process -- -- For a crumble -- put tomorrow. That client has criminal responsibility. -- -- If He had no -- or responsibility. If we read Jordan Jefferson that comment that each rep as. Presentation if that's true there's no one in the gap point. My son was at home now -- He went out as blue jeans and He -- -- -- you kind of break up the fight. That easy representation because -- you tell the truth. Tell exactly what happened we trust the system we know work. And will be exonerated to correct it was one of you call a few moments ago. Doug Morrow was the play Utley and tell you no longer but it could -- in Baton -- as and other district attorney so bad that not true so the question you have. Have tomorrow is. Approval at the find out what is my exposure if I have -- that he's an answer any and all questions. We'd be back on the football field everything's going to be wonderful. The problem that touchy situation is. You do something wrong what do you represented did seriously hurt somebody. And is potentially deal the other second degree battery because and you have to make a tough call you cannot -- to hopefully you have the -- that -- If the front that's not good do you think you've got to circle the wagons sport built up the defense so tomorrow. Going to be extremely interesting day it's going to be talked with these young man. I'm sure the ball is doing their due diligence hopefully. It helped these kids that the football players I don't think -- hurt these kids that football players the only does -- do which -- considered to be the right thing. The backs will determine. And somebody -- in the second degree battery. Watch out because they're going to be charged with -- -- there and be arrested process photographing -- -- -- and make a bond. And it's a whole -- -- at one thing we all reality. It is horrible. Play LSU football analyst Hubert sort. JB I don't know I think gimbal great information on the -- for ranger forward. It does it -- apple or do you think if -- wanted to stop the argument. After we find out about it you brought it up make myself so I will coordinate. Jake thank you so much bigger Jason -- he's so I could get deep thanks so much to keep the game day out of Deke Bellavia -- has been sent -- motor sports. On WWF.