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Aug 22, 2011|

Bobby and Mike talk to KHTK Sacramento Host Frank Red about the violence at last week's 49ers / Raiders game. They are joined later by Kristian Garic live from Saints training camp in Oxnard, CA.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Guys don't like to tell you alone with the -- -- Bobby Hebert well the so those -- casinos. He decided Hancock county Mississippi in the -- -- home runs He has. Will be here until 10 o'clock tonight special addition of the -- -- show. From eight to ten will have exclusive coverage of the saints' practice sessions out and not start with a Christian -- and also hope you guys don't. And that coverage will continue all week long. Up until Friday QB getting that extended coverage of sports talk. And all that. Basically inside information right the only one place on the big 877 -- BLE 7 AM FM and got down. And the usual and now 6 o'clock hour mr. Dave hill wood from the civil slip put Dave thanks so much for joining us tonight. But added thanks for being here and all of -- them umps are but this miracle on going guilty and I'm glad it's here don't we don't we're we're gonna bring his crew out here from the -- say it. But it still hooked up these turn three -- its grumble already so I guess then you don't know what drama -- radio -- so low he's gonna take him. Yes Dave we think in a volatile -- the -- close I know David take carousel these bring as the sandwiches and we're go we're gonna put yourself up. It's a little left over rolled up the you know yeah they got your pocket and if that's. Dave Ellis was was going on here is supposed to open to liberties ride around it on up. And only in -- payment and and things that are happening over the next couple weeks hits look. Welcome this -- weekend up riled up for all American giveaway we've been doing all summer -- were given away Wal-Mart gas cards and into Saturday night. And -- -- August 27 were given way yeah Ford F 150 super have and also we have albums that's Jackson the great. Fats -- attribute that and you'll still be here this weekend never seen him he's great to see that. Labor Day weekend we yachts have BO for tradition they have riverboat loves won't know fan for tradition they'll be here Labor Day weekend He. Second the third starting at 8 o'clock at night in September also starts out or flat screen friends we don't for three years we're giveaway flat screen TVs. And that's is going to be it's a great time. I you know -- day when I'm also love looking forward to. They get into a mid season form. And thank considering the Saints are playing the Raiders on Sunday using don't have a -- teasing game on Sunday. Re going to be here the next data breakdown of the game next Monday between the Raiders in the saint. Everyone wants to see the same trying to turn the tables think they get off to a positive note. But I'm sore. You know a lot of gaming going on Sunday they'll be held watch the game. You know gets -- say to the rays really Mike is that the only game on Sunday on ABC night. Maybe -- that only UEFA don't SA title and the Raiders coach kids now come on there is slipper. And I didn't do a little game and watch it right here. That's right now you know don't return down sisters pre season domino watched the game and it was. But you know when when the Saints when the Saints won all their pre season games and they always follow up with a lackluster season well -- Dave let me tell you I said it's early to start the show today. Those inside yeah yeah yeah -- knuckle repeated but they've known some inside where all those pre season game we voted you had to go -- it but -- look. The three pre season games to keep Buddha nature optimistic. The three preceding games in 2006. The Saints were outscored 67 the third and we made the NFC championship. At Chicago and you're -- first six game 1015 of the first these games so -- you got to keep it in the right perspective it's. A mirage. And -- part of it. Team wise yeah me is is a big -- you really can't help team wise you can I think judge individual talent. In a pre season but team wise a lot of times in talking to open coaches about this. About a veteran may be giving you gonna. How hard it work your way I'll look at -- work in and then. That's going to be hit and you putting in different units you know really get a good game each other and have a few years back brought up to the Panthers. Had -- new England and the the Super Bowl. They were terrific in pre season and I had someone called me -- pain you don't they've looks so good so good. But I had someone from Vegas tell me you know that they're not as good as you -- on TV and what you see and -- it up. As the regular season game. You saw that that really wasn't realistic and it goes to show you it really is a mirage which you see -- he's good and bad. You know hey it's never to lie and never to Williams got it just you know just stay calm you know gave into some like you said. You know just get ready when He comes I think they will be ready. Come Thursday night against the Packers don't want the guy and of course details who -- been following this catastrophe in Baton Rouge but one thing I haven't heard any calls talk about his. I'll just wondered what do you think when -- think less miles did when He when He got that call at 1 o'clock in the morning to -- the neighbors -- scream and. Well that's a call you don't wanna just I mean I know. All of thing I'm saying is every day you see it somewhere. Someone's getting in some kind of trouble we saw -- argun. A couple of incidents with cliff -- with their quarterback. And it's seemingly every day there is some then. Maybe not to this extent but couldn't get someone all individuals in trouble and again yes -- I think it's just part of maybe as Bob would say 101520 years ago you'd probably never even heard about this but. Today that instant news age everybody look into tickets -- then report something. You if you paid ought not gonna cover this up anymore you're not gonna covered up is gonna get out. Well at all on those I told Mike is that. Coach miles being the leader of the LSU Tigers. That that not that not that you don't wanna take it serious. But it's over and done the way you addresses the new move on. You gotta be the leader of this team and get ready to play our game UK dwell on all why this happened though you disciplined team. The whole curfew incident and there. What you have to do with the four players to basically put those yet and I just go play -- -- -- compartmentalize and how you move -- not really well I could say is. No matter what you might wanna think about butch Davis and you might want to think he's a crooked coach as -- recruiting and everything else. What He did you get North Carolina ready to play LSU last year in -- will -- Thirteen guys kicked off your football team seven critical starters on defense. And He came within a dropped pass of the LSU. That goes to show you He was able to do it a much tougher situation they winless -- houses and right now. -- their last bobbled the fan base public coach miles it's all about production. You can handle adversity how do you -- fifteen an up and they look at that almost like got to kind of play our game. From now -- football terms it's almost like an eternity sound like a 48 hour period. So you have to go so compartmentalized. And deal with the negative aspect but also dwell on the positive this season hasn't even started. Think -- kids motivated. To go to become possible and against Oregon and take care of the challenges that come about Nancy C. Want to thank Dave hill put the game -- every week and you come Tuesday. Give a solid inside it was gone on here this it was good for you always take care -- -- appreciated all the love every year will be your original 10 o'clock tonight. Right goes. Then they'll look from the Super Bowl with the second best show -- -- good I'm not going to be a seven. I've come back and -- just don't like to pick along with Kate camp obviate there was not a social -- Be excited Hancock county Mississippi gonna go to gym in that period tell me -- -- -- in my. I don't buy my -- and I do you have split that I don't really know. Well the situation with the LSU and I hope the best for everybody because those people that were hurt but. But I really can't be anybody. If it ever go to college Iguodala will -- thing LSU players with. But all reality people out there the judges and Doug Morrow was actually DA in the I mean you know -- just -- you know these guys are going to play does not even any NCAA violation. There's not going to be any of the convention and you know He felt. But all the people get upset about that these people probably have a horrible thing. It's a big. -- benefactor and our attitude and a couple with pockets and pay for a fact that things can happen. You know jamaat I disagree with Jonas suspension I think that that that's coming down pretty quickly -- because it is not like -- breaking team rules. You are. Breaking the law. And I yeah I think that'll come out pretty quickly because you know what you got let's say hey visit. We got to move along with -- let these poor guys handle easily -- but right now we got a ballgame to take care of you. You take care of you legal issues and I think He support Gaza gonna get suspended. Or at least the first game of the season. Okay we'll cue it up aren't all right -- thanks for the call holiday in Texas how -- you not with the obvious my. Yeah like they don't want a cute doing the Mets have gone we can't beat -- streak of relishes scholarship for college scholarship but He misses a real. -- people that scholarship. And it was enough that you have to pay back. Nothing that allows him to go out at least here so let's put -- you know they did -- these football players. If they don't go up there obligation in this game. Let them get back situation production -- -- people -- football -- it definitely was -- they had to -- and -- -- is currently. And pick up 3COM it is. Covered football is nowadays -- book fair or applicable to look I don't complicate. They're well. Yeah no I'm -- -- you know at this stage now that. As -- of EC special treatment -- say if you get in trouble yet to give something back. Know that that as I gonna have an inside the real world and I just analogy -- -- than any place you look at North Carolina situation last year. You -- as well -- close. Won't go to Miami today yeah -- Auburn still investigating on the Cam Newton situation. In the NCA how to bring out. Well it is not a handle it a little further right I agree that a lot of it is not a -- But a lot of these players that are on scholarship. When you say take something back from they don't have nothing. At the start off with I'm saying most of them. So was a what you did it hi unit take something from one they don't. Really have -- the only reason why they have something and -- gonna college because they have an opportunity to play football. But it sure don't cure appreciate. It will be paid any college nowadays. I agree I call it how it I think two is as we get old do we say how can. And 181920. Year old kid putting was a bonus -- black when you a little weird and thinking I'm betting you don't just silly mistakes as almost stupid mistakes. You make now for some of these kids to escalate it to another level. Then man you really question that. But you know all of those that thinks we should let Dunn back who aren't real quick here but I'll. Use the sees something and really getting more serious and you can't covered up anymore but there is no cover up any more and all this. The air and it's not like bootleggers sung and Barry Switzer at Oklahoma. Well I this I can tell you stories. That those -- case who played who -- the Falcons cornerback played against them and with them. Who's done what -- -- -- only went on in Oklahoma City football dog vendor at football the arms. -- you've got to be kidding me. It was basically a -- football team and and -- -- it's amazing. What you got to win those days I was involved with some of that. On obviously a smaller scale. When -- like you said his day and age don't and it biggest players you have to be mature and you have to have -- to tell you that it's different. This is their responsibility you can be held accountable this the way it is. Chris is like night it is not like college used to be when you've got no -- of Barroom fight. And and everyone kind of you know make terrible who went about you know they're -- -- is not that I -- within days are over it's. Look let's hope both went back what you were when you -- college quite demanding. You know what you want when you don't listen to bundle of good practice and quit back in school it's okay Anne -- -- I'm -- -- thank you so much how we appreciate you calling Kelton Harvey Jeff you know huddled with -- -- might. Hey Mike and Bob and -- go through -- it's fun got a question for you. Might. With the Americans of Joseph Morgan. And the importance of course hero being. On special teams do you think every -- and his own ball. I'll let it rip and. Okay Jeff I don't think -- -- Devery is on the bubble at all I mean He he's gonna make the 53 man squad he's somebody Drew Brees really trust. He's actually -- stretch receivers and listen Joe's done an unbelievable job and give him great credit. As a rookie to come in here and He has not played like a rookie one bit these plays like he's been down that -- before. But on this football team right now. You want that experience and that guy they can stretch it deep part of the field and every is that god so I. I think guys on this 53 man squad was gonna be interesting to see how you juggle the roster a little bit though. Because you would think you gonna keep five receivers. It. What's gonna -- to five guy Willie B yeah it it would be Joseph all would do you make the right -- it's worth six. And -- cut it somewhere around yeah. You cut it and maybe a one last safety or linebacker but nobody Mike I agree review wow look at played -- waivers you'll never see -- and again -- Marcus Colston. If you look at Lance Moore Robert Meachem -- innocent look innocent animal for. Now you look at the competition between Courtney Roby and Joseph Morgan I think whoever they cut. Party even if they were to put Joseph Morgan. On the practice squad he's not gonna stay out of that somebody was either Paper and then I know I think even if they decide to go Joseph Morgan. Think Courtney Roby has done enough that He can be. You know we got 32 teams you could be somebody's fifth receiver. And impossible returner but he's also is the Pentagon -- on this -- top yes three as far as kick off when you don't put covers -- kickoff coverage. It might end up being. I don't know 67%. Are irrelevant -- you can hit out the end zone but still -- coverage no court payroll was a big. I said so that's going to be a situation. That the face look at the caller David direction. Record payroll -- he'll make somebody else's team REI had that opportunity. All right more with the second guess show right after this news break here -- the big 877 WLE 70 AM FMA dot com. America was saying guess you'll -- material indicate you can about being -- -- -- so was looking to -- -- inside and thank god counting. Mississippi online net on the line with -- -- break bread from KH. TK Sacramento. Covers to Oakland Raiders frank thanks so much what -- doesn't. -- new addition to your squad does today and I don't think really any big surprise anyone. Al davis' love for athletic quarterbacks at the I know they'll talk about him played receiver but I told Bobby. To me this is a deal where Terrelle Pryor everybody around him will say all the right things about him playing wide out. He wants to play quarterback so it's just playing pick up and Terrelle Pryor. And you have Jason Campbell coming off a concussion so kinda gives a little slow down your thoughts on the the Raiders pick it up prior also to. -- physical condition of Jason Campbell. Well I think I mean. You don't like that which really you probably moved into words strictly just the men -- You. Know no word hero and not that important we won every grand limping and -- pretty much slammed it down that He ultimately we wanted to so we've black well. Due to all of well today was the most when you exactly what they think alone. Mean people around the NFL do you implement the top -- -- mind around and we can have best teaching me and an an expert team to do and apparel like Terrelle Pryor. You ultimately going to pick something I couldn't hold our own report third round pick in a very valuable. -- looked good to grab cruised to a private. I think we're pretty the only quarterback could go ultimately. Can feel a political football player. And -- you know -- looking at the Raiders offense. Now -- surprise -- are ranked as high they were number ten. Overall but obviously is they're rushing attack. Almost 156. Yards a game number two in the NFL. And we -- look at the passing game so obviously that needs to be addressed. And now total defense you don't have also money more on number two overall. The right number eleven and in sacks are second best in the NFL so you look at the Raiders. Considering they went undefeated in the AFC west. What did they have to do. To make their turn to be a playoff team. I think you -- -- it -- -- -- -- -- -- Jason Campbell dropped into perspective you have to -- -- -- I think he's going to be OK guys being around a little bit don't think you can go check Jason Campbell alone would be inserted in particular little bit left and I think it's. His overall ability to look a little skew what you have a quarterback rating of 87 point five which is true on a roll and I think. Oh for the Raiders take -- -- do you have to are within himself the confidence to get the job done but I think you look better than average. With great quarterback. But it happens and look at. -- probably -- and got picked I might wind and the pitcher we've got to keep their own. Can't predict it appeared very -- through that there was last year because they don't have -- people aren't at a loss. Everybody back so I can do it -- hit a couple of people. Frank what do what do look at this football team and in -- draft one guy that really impressed me enough. I got to see him play a lot of the University of Tennessee and Harris Moore. Young man from -- high school in Texas in the last year you really look for the for the volunteers. Average almost 21 yards a catch in nine touchdowns. And man I've been here in some big things about how well mister Moore has done for the Raiders. Well they're big amused -- starter can't practice. And you hope that it would translate to the game in and take off for the real fair and they're important areas it has been insured and if you've been exciting. In the polls open Jacoby Ford western -- Read a lot of draft and have an opinion but bill well it certainly idea that was to go as don't want to keep guys gone and someone will be. Certainly productive dispute. Added you know frank obviously took them awhile but it seems like Darren McFadden. I mean ovals so went over 12100 yards rushing and a point two yards average -- -- You think he's turned a corner. I mean I'm just look at the numbers. Number two in the NFL rushing attack obviously Michael Bush also what four point one. What you think make thank you bill Paul Woody did last year. -- big automotive clubs last year Begin on the -- I can because. -- -- identify where you can be successful. On -- -- between the tackles and quit he'd call all of that is when He was successful last year your way and He you know He got -- the outside and He got the people who had thirty. Think it all out on our back integrated into what I'm not so I'm looking forward to -- the -- -- no less than success because. All the Democrats could get a W that's got to do last year. Frank young man who -- got a lot of playing time at L issue it was a quality starter for them on the right side then switched over to left tackle position as a senior Joseph Barksdale look. It was a little rundown on how well Joe's progress so in camp and in the early part of pre season. Solid middle of you've -- provided third round certainly don't expect me come in and contribute and a Joseph Arpaio has been pretty good I mean to the extent where numbers personnel are -- looking forward to him contributing a longer an option tomorrow. This year so it appears to be a a good pick and Rangers remember don't -- give -- opportunity to -- -- Zach Miller and you know me I'll look at -- and He was a solid tight end for you guys really caught the football well short medium range -- -- -- you bring in Kevin Boss. How what's the trade off on that situation for what you've seen from exactly that to -- I think unilateral -- -- -- Zach Miller had the unique ability to. Two runs export routes in and really. Turn it into your mind. Out into saving nine that can't help but do you think you've got robot mocked. And a very good at the goal line. And NB intermediate five and eight yard found out throughout so. I think I feel peculiar to me and Ottawa. Is to a pretty -- I think will be missed. -- the Raiders are -- just watching Brandon thoroughbred demise from third -- tie -- -- I would also is pure. And then outbreak it seemed like every team. Has high expectations for a particular player they don't live up goals expectations. So considering whether you were drafted and you put him on the high -- I mean look at Darrius -- being -- always questioning what the hell out Davis is doing. Drafted him number seven overall on nine and I look at two season in 35 catches. 49 yards and no one touchdown. Despite they give them a number of opportunities considerable playing time. I mean -- do anything they're really uniform are already thinking this a make or break year for him. I am definitely a make or break -- for them and and I can't truthfully you're mad because I don't think any more and has says that he's not trying a -- -- the bigger -- a good wide receiver. When you're drafted seventh overall in the first round. Look tune -- I don't think you ever. Become any league wide receiver but I can't be a solid. Hopefully make we're gonna stop there and been throughout his career put on I -- -- -- seventh -- -- in the first round draft that the country's. Bottom line frank this season won't basically turn on two issues how well they can replaced young did a quote about positioning can Jason Campbell. You gotta turn into an -- and it caught the bottom line of thinking goes down and goes through issues. Yeah and and and He -- -- underneath. Oh -- didn't -- it is such a great compliment you look like beyond come into the order not to mention the Dallas Cowboys. You don't have a guy back here I mean I don't exhibit -- great feeling confident to have two home. All solid number two -- -- -- -- you will include are convinced that the route of -- -- I don't have to do a little more conservative it. -- conservative this year. Put more emphasis on line back -- -- the rule is -- our roster and to make tackles because He can't play at -- bench group has been there's -- Frank thanks so much what you wanted to break bread from KH TJ Sacramento covers the Oakland Raiders and frank. We appreciate the time that you spent with the -- was thinking get show. What do you. I don't much like bread and out after we come back from commercial would have Kristian garic along with -- us. Well who is covering the practice sessions out in -- are more with the second guess -- Went up to this quick time out here in the big 877. WLE 7 AM FMA dot com. You might -- along with the game Buchanan Bobby Hebert reliability -- -- -- -- casino. Either Hancock county Mississippi and out not start California. We have out duel of hope you guys don't Christian Garrick and we're gonna go to Christian. To give us some insights on some of the early sessions of -- lords of Christian tell us what's happening California. Sure thing my first offer a nice 6070. Degrees so like light breeze and on any community whatsoever it feels a little strange. It -- a little strange Mike to watch practice and I'll be sweating buckets unless about 800 fans on in attendance today and only thing they were here two hours before the practicing and started and now they are. Didn't Bobby you'd be proud of The Who dat nation. They were out there given that chance so on and so forth if you caught up a little bit Kelly on some of the injury Arsenal players that are at practice today is. Clint Ingram the Saints linebacker returned to practice also run and I enjoy Dallas that practice field this afternoon Will Herring the Saints. New new acquisition from a Seattle during the offseason I did not always is not practicing at the moment right now -- will wait to get an injury update on him after practice right now they're going to do team drills. And of course Greg Williams greeted his defense today was I'm sure you can guess Bobby that's -- -- -- downs and more up and downs today in practice for the saints' defense at their performance on a Saturday night against Houston. Out Christian. Tom Johnson looked -- play this week is He back -- practice. The defensive tackle I have not seen him out here. I have not seen him out here -- any age is getting critical put -- I know you missed all at work and we've seen Mitch king yes make a lot of plays inside and Tom really. Has been practicing well playing well in the in the game we play to end up first game. But boy you know you've got to look at it another time out you know that's that's not a good thing. And you know Krstic you know what I'm optimistic about obviously terms salvaged employment are poised pars Troy bell. You gotta be available you can I'd be hurt had an outstanding game against the 49 is almost done any of all purpose yards. And now you look at Taylor now they cart him off the field the running back on Indiana. You look at Patrick Cobb who's going to be -- back into running back. The good trivia subbing it's a good sign. Have enjoyed fell because I think you know ivory will not be available. Come week one so that's a good sign -- also Chris still. I thought I thought when you brought this up. This is a good sign all of us see what the hell He could do because Gregg Williams has talked about him he's there Gregg Williams guy like there's a break Alou. Clint Ingram we all know last series He was hurt now is a hamstring. I mean. Here's a great opportunity for Clint Ingram to make you potentially. -- that starting a linebacker kind of like Danny Clark. Danny Clark a seasoned veteran He came in here. So I -- -- has -- to see Clint Ingram practiced throughout the week and she really does in the Raiders game. Because it's it's really might wide open well as outside linebackers can't -- you have to win the job you can't. Make the club in the -- yeah I mean bottom line he's got to get out. They like them fellas if they -- on that I had his ability to run to the football make tackles. And here -- with a once today -- early going and a walk through portion and delicacies was back working with the twos. So it looks like climbing up and get an opportunity. If He gets down the field when he's healthy -- you hear all the good things about these fast He can get to the thinking he's got a good pass rush and He can also run down ball carrier so. So we'll see I'm anxious to see him as well we've been here about a -- last two right on the last few traded yeah I make it didn't work out form last year and going back the -- -- second body. He's out here and he's got to a pretty big brace on his knee. But He knows He recognizes the urgency than He has been -- to make this team our biggest spot may be on the practice quade knows that He can't He can't sit out too long and still make this thing. Christian thanks so much like given us those those quick insights and -- won't be back with you -- later on during a program Kristian garic Vermont guard. 67 degrees. Man that there isn't or what what the hell is 67 -- you what to do -- 67 degrees there's nothing that's negative. You know would you better have a what you make it love whatever you do it 6% of the greens come on. A -- take whatever there's nothing 67 degrees could discourage you from doing -- -- not this time and yes these seven. I think you thinking maybe in the garden of being there's something. Norwood -- thinking -- -- that is them on him to be 78 evidently only 7 AM there have been done now. Back to the second guess -- might detail will be -- can about be fair -- at the civil slip a casino. -- and Hancock county Mississippi who would talk to you about Terrelle Pryor. Being picked in the third round by the Oakland Raiders. While also reports that gentlemen know Bobby you know a lot about -- Phillip king a former running back University of Georgia who was not selected in the supplemental draft. Has agreed to terms with the Minnesota Vikings somebody that -- Bob Bob Toledo Ohio and football with. What He was some T bombs and tailback. I agree Atlantic Christian in the they're outstanding running back at the high school level He goes university charge jealous she was recruiting them in the play also remember. You know He broke his leg and in obvious you don't like -- and running back could be in high school well to be broke his leg. -- opportunity to win a state Tennessee and kind of win. Out of the window and kind of up and down career at university charge yes and you know He never really was. He was the dominant no yeah no. Nothing close to being the dominant back like you were in that doesn't necessarily. You know you look at college athletes are. You know amateur athlete if you lose one. They didn't necessarily. It was like the responsibility to have to go to class and play football. They got him a lot of trouble has go to. And get -- here winning in mobile way you know huddle with Bobby might. I've got my you know -- elites. I know we're doing -- week so we -- mobile that we got as well enjoy the show they can do it all the time. Christian and -- were questioned pretty well while ago when it was earlier report from California about what Gregg Williams might be -- for the defense effort. Sunday after player tonight game. QB being concerned about that play they did or just something that. -- -- -- -- -- -- Welterweight and welterweight division -- tell you might set an early just look at the history. Of the Colts and pre season. When they had seven straight season they won twelve games a more. And was always on the losing end. In preceded they've lost like eleven straight games there eight straight losses in pre season yeah -- -- six and won his sixth. The last. 38 and you know boys might get a look at the Saints in 06 who made the NFC championship. We were outscored it three preceding games 67 to thirty. So you gotta keep it on the right respective ways yeah. I'll be honest my main concern with this football club is not recruit -- stopping the run. It's it's -- -- deep secondary yep did did not have a concern. It's that because we saw it time and time again and again without Malcolm Jenkins if something happens to them. This football team so a lot of trouble figuring out of the big plays we we saw that could happen that. What well hopefully it. Tracy's biggest progress with the knee and hopefully can comeback he'll beat him -- -- -- -- early games against the Packers Texans. Beat some.