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Aug 23, 2011|

Bobby and Deke listen to the LSU Press Conference at the Baton Rouge Police Department and discuss the status of the 4 football players that were arrested at the a local bar Baton Rouge.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We Hebert and Deke Bellavia featuring -- guy -- and Kristian -- live for the Oxnard California. Rookie imports like you're ready Mazda and by holy ground Irish pub Sainz radio putt. 50426018748668890870. And you can text is now at age 7870. Hi welcome back in studio Bobby's dad because of a pro personnel help you would don't slap at California. In about 8 o'clock now in the same speed off the practice field Williams Saints coach Sean pain and any other players. That does come up to the banner at oxen are kick for a rainy legal counsel concierge of the -- in nation is what is as well. Before we get six thoughts on what he's just taken place in the latest on the LA -- Alleged incident that took place -- of campus let's go to the press commented haven't just moments ago partially or from a can out Sargent Don stone Indian chief to lean right of the bad route to police department you idiots talking dogs don't. -- people. -- know what happened. Morning and the press conference involving. I'm just the gators before LSU football players they are trying to make. So players came in this morning -- -- -- They sent down. They gave statements. Without investigators. Attorney was present during the entire time. We believe that He -- if He is very productive as a result of these. We have obtained some additional information. -- witness information that don't really need a never our intentions. To rest before football players when they came in this. Strictly out volunteer we -- coming -- your strengths. And and that's. Ruiz definitely given us favorites are just saying allowed to have to continue all win there put their daily business. We will continue our investigation. Based on -- on the information they gave us today. Witnesses. Pretty much still -- up. Finding mission. To conclude our investigation bruises and inclusion of -- people believe that when they saw him leaning out -- state police headquarters. Around that they get up and now released and free of any pending charges. That that's not. We're still conducting an investigation. As a good chance then an investigation is over. The rest we'll be better. That's pretty much the end Justin what happens. Great job and we're we're not gonna get into the facts of the case I'll try to answer as many questions as I can. Related to. Was taking place from the beginning to now. Again now would be out. Actually to. That that's what I was saying earlier that time we did receive some additional information. That we still it's very important and I. Then we need to look into it. That there was no reason that we had requested. Those four gentlemen comment and talk to me there's two sides there was. They have their size they have their -- That's a possibility. Football players. Names were mentioned today of course before football players who -- there. Providing us -- some additional information from different parts. -- LSU football player. No they did not I'll believe that they're -- one. -- -- We need to -- Jeff -- talk to them. -- make himself -- I believe we would. It's been these type of resource -- -- all of our really invest. Haitians are handled pretty much the same way we do this again is -- profile case. We got thrown in immediately to resolve it means because that's how -- Of course it isn't qualified we have multiple victories we have multiple cars is implicated in two. -- -- investigation. So the amount of time is taken to. This investigation. Does it take to complete the investigation. Not outside the -- Very much still a possibility. As to win it would include. That's unknown you can go on from another week to ten days. -- depends on the availability. Of the witnesses that we have yet to talk to. Any any new evidence that things -- During that time. We have all. Fashion report about. Eleven we have to -- and -- have beaten them and memorable. Course we do have outstanding charges at this time I know there's a lot of confusion as to have charges involved. We're looking at charging someone -- was simple battery and our second. If -- Evidence supports the allegations. Made against. These four individuals. Football players or anyone else that may come. Yes someone movie -- -- I don't have an answer that. -- know they just. They were there were quite gracious. They came in this morning willingly. They gave -- statements willingly. They were. -- -- They were interviewed separately. This is. Illusion this case this is just day. Forego this case and they continues in this case until we find all the we're still. Fact finding mission and we still have a multitude of witnesses to the interview and this -- fourth -- And they are young lady -- we spend the resources for more football player. This that is unequivocally yes we have an individual that has. Three fractured vertebrae. We -- it to. That's citizens of each and every citizen the city of good. To do whatever necessary to bring hope. Traders described to. Plan to do. Sufficient evidence to do that this you have to be seen. It's our hope -- pain that we are able. Together enough evidence that would support. -- -- an arrest warrant being. Sure do some. One in this case. Has some contusion is. -- head. And those. -- -- -- Injuries and pain. We're looking into that whereas before. Professional medical. How these injuries may have referred. I'm -- himself. He brought out in today's. Statements about the LSU football players there. -- -- He's just conjecture. As I stated the for each. Player was more and for the interview. -- -- -- -- guys individually. In the interview -- Order in which -- investigator. Each on the LSU players can get their statement. Had no knowledge I don't know who. -- first two and I. You left in order. They finish interview they were pretty good. Just waited for. -- -- -- -- -- -- Right now. Completely Cleveland. We have conflicting statements. Ortiz. I had the -- Inflicting statements. Of support. DL. One version over. We version of play LSU players. We don't have is we don't have. Eight version of the objective third sporting. To either either party involved in this since. Inclusive video evidence that was. Until until until that until we're able to sift through the evidence. Sears through the stables and arrive at the true this may take some time. -- -- Chris give -- time. You go to this case the ridiculously. Systematically. Here allows. Do the job that we need to do. -- results now. We will give you his -- give your result. It may not be in the confidential nature. Because there's always visible over the that could -- some. Collective. That's and that again is there anything that maybe -- Witness statements. Discredit. -- great individual statement. Physical evidence Trace evidence. Things of that. I hate to speculate. Kim but I understand that there. Coach miles and probably be in better position to answer that question. I can't say this for the record there to. On the LSU. You director. All the way to coach miles. Most gracious. And helping facilitate this investigation. They made their players available to us. Without the leg. We -- most right. Have some video evidence but I know. I don't want to. No one has cleared. Maybe the allegations. Investigation is still home. You -- these additional witnesses. Until we. Ten the Trace evidence that we have this close. Maybe even this well. Around there. Pollution. This case is still. Unfortunately the other you know receives you grow. Believe -- Have a release. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This administration. He's very open. -- jeopardizing investigation into the media understand the need to have a good working relationship with the media. Same. Some vision and integrity in this edition. You ask me to speculate. When you speculate you get into trouble. They gave their side of the story. Perception. This story which -- your statement. They provided additional witnesses that day they knew there there that they knew there that night and those witnesses say there. One down and I get this thing. It's. -- -- -- I don't know whether we can do that. It's -- civil suit is 50. Courses now. And others who. The full press Columbus -- solicit an -- -- -- the aussies Johnstone and she's doing right hander Lisa Bowman a lot of inflammation and citizens -- -- and Brees go to break down boys at the break legal -- -- the -- nation in. Legal advice about me Bears -- soon there's gonna lose so what this means. You're. My season it's -- huge selection of new Ford trucks and -- right now as all 2011 must go precedent for a new orleans' oldest family owned Ford dealer on Jefferson highway near Hickory and haren and would -- credit terms very. All right welcome back to sports talk just turned into his charities. I'll be a standard response press conference I -- -- his -- -- spokesperson NT Dewayne. Right now the top the next our own Jeff slam O'Connell with the defense attorney or legal representation it is. Of -- LA issues so for players that were interviewed today Nathan bishop who had to interview for you coming up in the top of the 5 o'clock hour trip for -- with -- Belichick. What did you draw out of everything we see it put a timetable on a particular race spin on it educate the tiger fans. And I know you know let's face it this is real life a lot of it's important from a standpoint of I'll -- truth getting just this year but from a timetable there's a game next Saturday September 3 so fact all of this investigation all that. And come back facts facts facts deep the most important thing in the practice of law in criminal laws civil law in determining who wins and who loses on the fact. I am so impressed with the press conference we just heard from the Baton Rouge police department I can assure you based upon what I just heard. The Baton Rouge police department won't get to the bottom of this they will gather the facts they'll make a decision as to what to do. Based upon that the the evidence that is presented to them. It was terribly impressive what He just said as a practitioner as a lawyer whether or B is a prosecutor or as a defense attorney. He sergeants don't set all of the right things. He said we've talked to witnesses on both sides we don't have anybody -- independent He would use the phrase objective third party version. I promise you within a week to ten days the Baton Rouge police department. Will know pretty much what exactly what happened. Whether or not He shares it with the news media the public I'm not sure but I'm equally as amazed with the amount of sharing. The the Baton Rouge police department has shared with the media at this point. Me and most investigation you don't get any of this information. This is incredibly informative. They certainly realize the seriousness. Of what's going on both through the victims alleged victims in this case. And to the alleged perpetrators in this case. They're gonna get to the bottom of this and now we'll tell you based upon what I've heard so far what He said today. I think he's just a matter of time whether -- seven days or ten days before somebody gets charged. He talked about an individual or three fractured vertebrae as He talked about another individual who could contusion is on his head nose and hands. And when He made the reference to right and left. The injury to the hands he's talking about was on those offensive boost -- of those defense and moves was He punching someone all was He defending himself. So it seems to me they're too. Individuals who perhaps have certainly won his series injuries second degree battery one who may have serious injuries. The Baton Rouge police department will get to the bottom of those. I'm so intrigued. By Nathan Fisher who is a extremely -- a lawyer. Bringing in before people today the for football players to make a statement. Those four players got married today. They got married to their position they got married to their statements whatever statement they gave today is gonna either come back and reward down. And they won't be charged -- they'll be acquitted -- charged or it's gonna come back and why don't because if they got married to a story today that's not true. I think that was the worst mistake they can make would -- would be to go in and get married to that story. Jacob a quick quiz and you pressed for time and so all week. A couple of things that was saved bio chief for Wayne here I -- Wainwright from a band which police department at it back midway through since. We're getting conflicting statements from parties at the scene -- One statement on one support one version over the LA Shue played -- CC is what we don't have is an objective third party. That was my guess in the players' parties signed all the victims parties that would does that mean. It easily semi blind date he's got two totally different stories somebody's not telling the truth. Isn't that isn't the alleged victims and their supporters or is -- the end of the LSU football players and their supporters. They both can't be consistent one of the sides is not telling the truth. And I think within the next week to ten days based on the actions of the Baton Rouge police department. We're gonna see who the police department thinks is lying and I know those are strong words. But you can't have issues as serious as this. And have two totally opposite versions of what happened that has to be some middle ground if it's one closer than the other somebody's not telling the truth. And out -- a -- now going to be narrow minded here of just how LSU fans think they look at this team. And they're looking at September 3 when they play Oregon you know they look at all this and yet it probably takes them off. Because they look at it is disrupting this season their football season and are crazy LSU fans are sobbing and if I'm coach miles right now. -- the court system know that that the the football season does not influence the cord system so when you say seven to ten days. While -- ten days this September to second. They played they -- against Oregon so I think you say like giving the best hitters -- is football team and coach miles that until this is all said and done. You almost have to. Suspend these players now. And if they are acquitted. And then you ninety -- while the team or whatever debut you place him back on the team and as far as the first game because at a time constraint. I think in the best hitters to the team would -- be better to penetrate get this and not -- day after day as He prepared argun. And gone back to the fact Bobby I think coach miles and L issue football team and perhaps the athletic department let's hope they're getting they're doing when I'm getting ready to say. If I was representing coach miles individually if I was representing athletic department. We're already conducting our own investigation. I've hard company counsel whether it be -- foray or anybody else to go in check this is your test now. You go out there and the next 72 hours you come back do you report to me and I wanna know exactly what happened I don't -- sugar coated. I wanna know exactly what happened. A one means you tell those kids on this football team that you have my full authority you speak for me. US them exactly what happened you come back here you reports mean have they don't want to answer those questions and they gonna answer to me. Because they're all my football team we're not -- we're dealing with this from NL -- football perspective and as a football coach. I'm taking control. I'm gonna see what happens with the situation as a result of my football team now. The Baton Rouge police department of the district attorney we will fully cooperate with them they need to do whatever they need to do to to do their job functions and will help a minute where we can't. But as last miles. I'm the captain of the ship. I'm the one -- gonna determine through my own investigation. Who's wrong and who's right and you need to be penalized and if they haven't started their own investigation. They have their party they need to do it tonight they need to start investigating the start talking to other players and they need to make football decisions. Based up on what happened last week at shady balk and He needs to do what He thinks right. For his football team and more importantly for his program and for the university. Well until He would be an odd needed to hear would -- him out their mouth when they said. When the investigation is over our risk will be made to me you got no choice but to -- in all four of them because unless the police to Obama's going to use can be arrested. You got you gotta do that -- -- you've got to protect the integrity. Although football program and get prepared for our games and one that you can't wait till last year and Robbins -- when the investigation is always. Hallway a rest will be made on arrests will be made what some -- wondering. Well you can't wait till the last minute and then that's what I'm saying -- in dividend but now and move on as the leader of LSU football team the coach miles. And say hey Jerry -- for you the guy got to get ready you got ready to roll and lead this team I think you're gonna see based on today. In the last miles really athletic director somebody's got to grab the control of the ship broke quick and you're gonna see something drastic happened within the next. 48 out and we will had this boy allowed in the 7 o'clock now -- coach less miles addresses the media should parade. Thank you so much bald -- sides including information is always the legal counsel. Hope the -- a nation concierge Chico story I think institute change your foray that's Gundy -- -- up to this and will. I'm here for your brother and thank you so much come back with all plus Jeff memos conversation with LSU's. Unusual everything the players and got an improving interviews today Nathan Fisher landed -- happen next now this is for Tom. On the home with a tiger as soon as the WW.