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Aug 26, 2011|

Tommy Tucker in for Garland. Tommy gets the latest on the LSU bar fight situation with attorney Chic Foret in studio. Also we get analysis from Host of Sport Talk, Big Chief Deke Bellavia.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah. Is taught in sports leader. Create date seven DW WL and now WWL. And ask them at 1053. Garland Robinette show to climb inside -- thing today. Call 54260187466889. Always seventy now from the heart of New Orleans. Sears Garland. Tommy and -- Garland today talking about Jordan Jefferson. And Josh. John's been -- turn themselves in. I have been saying Josh Jones as a receiver but I think Josh Johnson is a linebackers that have been ask themselves is is have been asked to turn themselves in -- Asked is turn yourself in a we're gonna compete here. And there in the process of doing that right now not that anybody shown up as far as we know because Jeff Palermo is. Can't -- the east Baton Rouge parish. Courthouse. Or the facility there waiting for that to happen and we'll find out as soon as it does. Ready jaguar opinion poll EF. Slash when Jordan Jefferson is arrested is He innocent until proven guilty or should He be suspended from the team immediately. 65%. Are saying suspended from the team immediately 35%. Are saying innocent until proven guilty -- for a he'll join us. It a little -- to talk about the the legal ramifications and take your phone calls and also as far as. Well what. What the LSU handbook says about that a couple of phone calls quickly though before we get set up Henry in Metairie -- you're under -- WL. Good morning. I like that data they used to be an old saying where it goes to jail loser goes to charity and it's that your question. And the formal police officers. Probably you'd put them. In jail. And then let the judge -- you know it that's the thing. -- hang on 12 let me go to new Jeff alarm all right here Jeff hi what -- has -- Well we have just learned from analysts He would add that Jordan Jefferson and judged -- have been suspended indefinitely. In a written statement coach last mile. Said that it is just at this. All the it is the right thing to do as far suspending these two players and that means that Jarrett Lee will be that starting quarterback most likely at night. 99% sure that's currently will be the starting quarterback whether it is an opener against org. I didn't have you seen anything -- anybody turn themselves in yet. No we have now heard or we have not seen or heard of anybody turning themselves then at this point so. Still waiting here at the east back urged -- president. So it's now pretty much. Level agonies of fancy phrase a failed completely a done deal because. Now excuses -- -- imaginations. The players certain themselves in a legal process is gonna play itself filed as far as yellowish hue football program goes. Jefferson's out and linebacker was -- gonna play much overall anyway it was He Jeff. That's correct me it was a special teams player back up linebacker not really been in the rotation. Defensible it was some the other alive but any time your. Starting quarterback to guide it you're we you know and as your leader into it these -- where you're ranked number of war. In the appreciate that eight people. And you find out eight days before the seat -- Saturday He has been suspended indefinitely. And charged with a felony. It's definitely gotten that can be difficult or that program to overcome regardless of Jennifer talent on the field it's just. The mindset and -- all the distractions that that steam it had to deal with now. Ever since despite last Friday. It's just been in dormant in -- in the statement that last mile. Centrality once again used the term that this situation has weighed that's heavily so it's obviously taken its toll on -- And you know it just stood to talk football for a moment as opposed to law. Which will do with -- Florian a second but at a football coach one times say that last impressions are lasting impressions and our impression. Of Jordan Jefferson perhaps might be that stellar performance He put on. In a Cotton Bowl against Texas -- -- You know there's another Jordan Jefferson to -- so before we and started. Think in Heisman Trophy and championship series maybe did distraction aside this might not be. The death knell for -- issue either. Well you know you'd ago what can go away and I see what I'm saying in -- I think either team rallied around that situation and in their game has been faced some very interesting challenges. During my smile this tenure and -- and more time -- not this game comes out on top whether it was. Hurricane Katrina and then Hurricane Rita. You know. Obviously questions about the coaching staff and time management I mean look at how many times this team has had back to back losses under a lot smiled at all. Nearly always rebound after a very difficult loss after controversy -- law. You know it they had that whole situation with. Tennessee you'll see that and they came back the next week and it'll play one other better gains against Florida. So a lot of different to what smiled as always seen true. Am shifting into a ball at their best performances. One and their backs are against the wall and everyone it and when the situation looks dire. And I'm sure you'll be able to rally the troops at least that thing is happening today not a week from Friday when the team would be leaving for Dallas the player or. They -- Jeff appreciate your time. You got it's a Jordan Jefferson suspended indefinitely. Jarrett Lee gets the start zeal she quarterback against Oregon at least Jeff was saying 99% sure we take a quick break. The only comebacks of uninterrupted time with -- for a talk about the legal ramifications. May be some of the choices. The Baton Rouge DA would have as it comes to charging either party it will take your questions. Project when we return like gone on we are all over. Here in the big 870 -- -- I had gentlemen joins us right now who Miami big stands for a couple reasons for southeast of brilliant legal analyst secondly. He has the most -- early dressed and a million users and -- fervor not but he's He is the most nicely dressed attorney in town and I say that the most. Manly way possible but you should win a sharp dressed man contest wording into clothing. My buddy Jeffs -- be thrilled that you're asking guests evidentiary on the West Bank like do you really do you thank you like it like it. Respectfully addressed game -- how does that all the time being that ties and the shirts in the suits now let's get on a series matters. About Jordan Jefferson now that he's been suspended. Indefinitely he's got and from what I understand from what gentler Toronto's and his guys never been in trouble with the law before. -- his football. Career gets put on the on the shelf renowned and he's got a legal consideration because as a serious charge of these -- correct at all. Absolutely time this is a felony. Turned his phone mafia once saying this is a felony. And it is carries a maximum penalty of five years -- imprisonment. And certainly He needs to be concerned about what's going on you know -- we talked earlier in the week about. Jordan Jefferson and his frame of mind likely quarterback the team next Saturday in those kind of questions. And really Jordan Jefferson as I said the other day He needs to be concerned with what happens today. Now he's in the moment he's in the power I'm sure -- Fisher got a phone call last night. And said mr. Fisher -- attorney -- -- the attorney for all for the suspect what's called. And the DA's office and the police department Baton Rouge called and said we've made a decision we're gonna charge to have your clients we need to make arrangements for you to turn yourself and I'm sure native -- for the last couple of days has been talking to a judge to arrange for a personal recognizance bond -- anticipate that that's probably been in place now for the last few hours. And Jordan Jefferson needs to be concerned. About what happens today. When He turned himself in he's got to be fingerprinted. He's got to be photographed. He is now in the system Tommy and I tell everybody. The further they you give into the system exponentially more difficult it is to get out. And He is in if He thought He was in the criminal justice system last week he's in the criminal justice system today. And he's got to worry about his criminal case. And what happens with that and football needs to go way in the back and He needs to concentrate. On what is He gonna do with these charge. The result of this hinge on. The alleged kick in the hand because again this guy Lowery is and another in other. People allegedly heard at some. -- -- problems and if you read the police reports some of them didn't even want it to the hospital one element of the hospital only actor's father advised him to. That's with the police report reads at least. Does it all come down to the kick in the head when He inning guy and grounded and somebody else. Kicks him in the head allegedly and and then to that point an -- trying to -- followed this but you've got. This big giant football player and it would seem to me if He really hold off and kick somebody in the head again I'd be dead so I mean hell am I make and stuff up my -- met. -- -- it certainly that's a medical question I don't think that's necessarily true. What we've learned that he's been charged with his second degree battery which is a felony. And that talks about serious bodily injury and the statute specifically says if you have bodily injury which involves on consciousness. Then that is a second degree battery and I don't know missed the -- was knocked unconscious. But certainly it appears that He had serious bodily injury and that's what the police have determined that's in the district attorney's office says determinant that's why they book. Jordan Jefferson was second degree battery and you know that's a felony and we'll see where we go from here nab you -- -- I -- in today's society everybody wants to fast forward and say -- -- does it end. Well I'm again -- possible landing a possible landing is is that -- Jeff and Jefferson pleads guilty to the misdemeanor. Of simple -- so if if you wanna ask me match victim of his hands my best guess is at some point. Perhaps Jordan Jefferson pleads guilty to a misdemeanor. And is no longer charged with a felony I have no inside information on that that's just a possible resolution. I know this is not legal and I know we can't live in a society without laws but I'm just telling -- What a lot of people are feeling in their -- from the reports allegedly. Nobody knows what's true what's not but we hear from. And allow -- we hear that He stalked his girlfriend about a restraining order we hear. He may have. Struck. His girlfriend's friend. And and -- when people hear this they think we don't want this guy. Allegedly author all of that it may be is a band aid that maybe had a good but -- common doing. Does any of that. Carry any weight in a court of law at. Absolutely absolutely. Any. Alleged victim's background. Certainly carries weight obviously the police department and the district attorney's office in these -- rouge parish is aware of everything that you just mentioned. They listen to that they've thought about that and eight. Proceeded with the charges today. I will give you our response on her when I was a young lawyer and was told to me by a federal judge and He used a different word other than the word I'm about to use. But his quote to me was chick. Even a prostitute can get raped so yeah you might have a guy. Who slapped his girlfriend's friend punched his girlfriend's friend had a restraining order put on against name but He still can be. A victim of a second degree battery but we're not privy to those facts police department is the DA's offices and they chose to move move forward with those charges. We hear from now the Associated Press article it says I think a bouncer -- the owner of the club. Is saying that this -- addresses mr. Lowery. Allegedly threw the first punch. First off how do you determine credibility on that in secondly if that did happen could Jordan Jefferson now say we know one out -- press charges against him. I was told a few minutes ago by someone who's very knowledgeable about the case that the police department interviewed all of those folks the night of the incident now. This is someone who should know what he's talking about. I've heard all the lies they said no they were not interviewed prior to but I was told by someone who is involved in the case. That they were interviewed by the police department that night it's certainly goes to credibility. Remember the place she eighties bar. It was just look at it from a legal perspective. Do they have any skin in the game what is their agenda do they have any buys. One of the possibilities is is that somebody may finally civil suit against them. So certainly that's out there. Does that way as a relates to bias or prejudice that's for every every want to determine. But certainly there is a possibility. That they may get sued. By whomever. As a result of the fight -- tea. In what I and Brett Brett Martel my dear friend who's a real journalist -- -- who who did a fine job and and in getting this information out. I will take yet. I don't think that the bar manager in the employees who talked to Brett. Talk to their civil lawyer before they made the comments that they made because I think they open up a lot of you know warms as a role as a relates to a potential lawsuit. But you know what would just have to see where it takes is but I would be very surprised. If the police department. Did not have the information. That -- had before it. He made a decision to issue arrest war. And in it would seem as -- -- Jordan Jefferson we're gonna say that He would have had to have sent it -- the initial interview right and we would have heard something about that by now. Jordan Jefferson about Lowrie hitting him and violent charges again. All I believe me at the police I don't think that's even on the radar screen right now Lowry. Being charged as a defendant I don't think that's out there now it may be as a relates to the you know girlfriends incidental whatever but. I don't count I don't see any I don't see any crossed charges. I don't see that on the table as humanize it is more but I make stuff up in my head Jackson don't all listen -- and they're it's -- Tommy because there's so many. Variables in this and you know everybody sees things a different way may look at Casey Anthony case and everybody knew what the verdict on that was going to be it was the opposite. So -- you really you know that everybody needs ask whatever questions that need to ask. I have no agenda in this -- and answer any questions but I have said from the beginning we -- and I first talked about this last Sunday. That the Baton Rouge police department appears to me is doing a terribly thorough job I mean they are really -- professional about this. I'm told that there was a meeting last night with a -- attorney's office and the police department. Now the DA Gilmore was involved is very professional he's been in the system long time He knows what he's on. So it appears to me that everybody is hailing this as professionally as they can. And the decision was made to move forward today but has forged Jordan Jefferson goes he's got to be concerned about this case and when He does from here. And Baton Rouge police departments and hold a press conference formally announce the arrest of Jordan Jefferson and Joshua John's today at 230. To be held at these -- now vin rouge parish emergency operations center on Harding boulevard. In Baton Rouge I'm -- will carry that here -- have you. But check I think the thing that. Puzzles me about this is usually and correct me if I'm wrong in the case of a bar room fight or any kind of fight. 'til the two people usually say He started it no He started it and then usually hand his cross charging thing us. Sometimes Tommy but it's fact specific you gotta look at the specific facts of what. A lot of times it happens that way lot of times it doesn't happen that way if somebody is truly the aggressor. And it and it's not a cross we've not had it here. I I my opinion is that as I stated with Don this morning on the show is. Is I can totally reconciled threats interview and information last night with the police report I think whatever the balances may have seen. They may have seen Lowry wrote the first punch in the second. Fight the first fight being dragged in the driver of the truck out of the vehicle the second fight -- when -- interject himself into that beating -- I don't really have trouble reconciling all of these statements. But I just don't see the exposure as a relates to missed the lottery and throwing in the first point. Other than perhaps if you wanna say the first fight was what happened in in the bar with his girlfriend or friend. See and that's what confused me and it goes to who threw the first punch because it would seem to me if somebody actually threw the first punch. To Jordan Jefferson the first thing out of his mouth when He talked to the police would have been hitting guys wanted me there is not and I can do that but that's somebody says. There are certainly. In crumble on the state Louisiana the defense of self defense. Jordan Jefferson if the faxed indicated. That He had a self defense defense I'm sure Nathan Fisher. Gave that to the matter of police department I'm sure Jordan Jefferson said that on Tuesday. But I've not heard anything about a self defense defense do you think Nathan Fisher would have presented that to the media if that had been what Jordan Jefferson had said no I. I do not I I think I think Nathan has shut it down. As of the other today I think that's the best decision that He could have made and we'll see if He makes any statements I did hear a short while ago. That Michael BM and of the lawyer for the victims. Will have up a written press release later today. Thank you for your time and you gotta -- anything you -- before we know. Born over to WW LTV right now to me live on -- at noon with my cause and I'm gonna -- and do some television stuff and certainly available for you only. Anything you wanna do but I'm sure -- Bobby going to be -- all night yet they did Chad appreciate your time and it's all -- -- if you do something tonight a chef duke brings some groceries by -- being invited. And you a big fan of that -- duke food I thank you -- -- right now a time for Debbie WL first news and your phone calls use Chris Miller. Because you can't afford two weeks ago you can't afford not to listen C news talk in sports leader the big 871053. WW LS and WWL dot com. I think she did -- VA joins us momentarily but first Dave Cohen RW WL news director. Joins us with the latest on the only issue Jordan Jefferson side I guess being appropriate word we just spoke with officials inside of the east Baton Rouge parish prison. And they say as of this moment neither Jordan Jefferson nor John Johnson been officially booked into the jail. Now there have been reports that the process that began over an hour ago. But again officials at the jail say they have been no official bookings as of this time we know that warrants were issued for their arrest on a felony of second degree battery. And we have WW -- that com's Jeff Palermo at the front gate of the jail He has not seen them coming in or out for that matter. But will stay there and continue to watch. But again officials inside of the jail say that neither Jordan nor Johnson been officially booked at this time we're awaiting word that officially. And a focuses on Jordan Jefferson for the and I can't -- the focus just for the kick in -- hand now is this wondered what. John's involvement would be my eyes you know the the initial police report that you can read at WW dot com. Indicates that a number of players worth throwing punches were involved in the fight. And the second degree battery charge against these two individuals indicate that police believe. That they inflicted the most serious injuries. On the four individuals that were hurt in this broad -- bar. Again these are allegations will let the process play itself out but police believe and they had enough evidence to get a warrant. For the arrest on these battery charges against Josh Johns and Jordan Jefferson because it is their understanding that they inflicted the masters and. A Dave Cohen LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson is a pretty jaguar painful and Josh guns that. Bag up linebacker I think he's sophomore special team players being being charged with second degree battery of felony. Coach miles in case you have not heard suspended both players and definitely did -- if you do the right thing as it stands now. 87% of you. Are saying. Yes big chief Deke Bellavia joins us right now oil -- to BO sports director BG played on it's moving pretty fast that it. Pretty good what do you think the effects going to be on the you know again -- Karen Garland yesterday talking about -- legal ramifications and you said you had was -- exploded -- get a chance -- Talk a little bit of -- let's talk about the actual x.s and -- now it seems as though less miles trying to. They closed the book and in turn the page if you will on this whole. Mass slowly be able to do that now -- It's seems a something's happened and he's saying okay you know like you worry about the guys -- -- -- at -- about the guys that I do. And what do you think is -- to be able to put this behind him and what do you think the actual effects are going to be at -- and Jarrett -- behind senator and and under center and not. Jordan Jefferson. It indirect and code. Here and He was supposed to be. He was the god struck into the spotlight is presidency -- I'll accurately. And and obviously the way so all you all that was the basic veered from the -- -- -- points. In Egypt and there it happened separate thinking in an old game late fees in the debate -- stalker and with. Allegedly -- but you know out we can't. Bit in the situation now as we ran a few more accurately no and now you can't be -- or. Couple that things are a big impact the it'll value indulges in will be available to the game and that netbook I don't know coach out of the ball probably talked about it they're not play. -- practically obesity you alert. But that you shall sometimes -- and so we've been told it training camp. I think it will be stolen can really really talk you talked about and Jordan took a lot of -- lot of the now in the media. About it directly. More so here if you just -- its first year in a big -- it jokes about it and so many. Interceptions that won't return for touchdown and it'll install that there. And it later when He came back doubles and now. The so you can't excuse me that that used a more definitive it is not the year either -- -- we've seen anything in -- that there shall -- to see the color. Mobile or acts -- giggle that they have like and a good year any due to -- -- -- now. Would gently back that you lose a lot. There was somebody please make an ability from the QB by the court shall much more Atlantic. Bolt sprint. -- but it's all in the ball well you -- -- on -- call now and now used to use somebody's. Big brown our group receivers didn't achieve the stock probable use the -- -- -- hit the ball that for. This is a bad situation achieved no question about it. It will all Spain. It is it is not it'll be pretty. Which is opposite acute should let the than 100 -- -- -- twenty in the country. It -- look into adding it to look at to a -- -- oh we kept you can be an electric that they can now. So you're talking about at all you gotta get that accurate credentials. Regular court has not. -- -- the content -- a particular. Unit or -- the countries that don't show that epic and huge. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- about -- -- an actual check yet there will be there you're so differently. Because nobody. Nobody. More criticism injured in the acute -- -- Korean secret transferred somewhere and start opt out -- the division one program. Because spot on where -- -- Well. Ironic or whatever He used his Egypt and they can change the become the leopard. That somebody in the medical field. I two questions first off in terms of preparation. And reps in practice. Was. Jarrett Lee. Giving equal amount wraps it was did do was He around long enough -- you need -- me understand where I'm going this. -- but the debate not a big deal because there you go directly talked about and -- late. Every man all you at all thinking that the court local -- quarterback He went out Italy got hurt -- and picked up -- -- -- -- you know because the alt -- If you -- in the you know what you're opting out so He could keep it at the rotations -- -- -- mean -- the -- -- the war and at Georgia and and -- the late yet but workable the first things so he's the only one apple way out of practice the more I like it. Because now He wants apple way of sometimes relief can be quarterback. That you don't have a quarterback and it is a few years ago in him what our success -- It came with full court. He talked about crime apparently text Lee and it'll just so you can never happened not that these background. -- -- Vietnam Egypt. I'll help you should there on I think right now you look at it this is the negative element of trust standpoint but now -- dynamic ultimately. All they view it later all of their view separated your backpack packed theatre receiver. Become more dangerous again like. And in terms of just doing your job what you're talking about before how does the coaching staff now. Get the team to focus strictly on your in -- and a -- from all of this other. Foolishness and man's. -- topic clearly that these young man now and ankle out that the technique that the people concerned about pop culture and called it. It -- thanks to the left and CE dot com or by late in the platelet process play out. It is illegal. The database -- This is you know what they. Suspended indefinitely but. Cardinal. Team that they -- that they cleared so beat it beat this strike anymore at this point you know but it strikes not all of the about it in the would it be that they should expand them. What's He do He -- it and you know late to court right. In any repeat it. You could -- elections in -- management thing you can say that -- but they have now. -- -- -- -- -- They never amount that what -- -- it always been ready to play. -- -- with everything now is that it is immediate the world mentality. And to the same -- that it. It galvanized and they do it can't be good bottle of -- All and all you think and you don't want it ever. Hope that you profit as anybody else's misfortune. But do you think in an -- roundabout way this could work out well for LSU made him. Great opportunity not enough to -- it away ball all of what do you wanna say. You -- cheer -- -- in the book on this are. Very painful it probably am. And -- it -- it's not like it or not do anything. In -- -- on the ballot and He bogeyed number. Andrew look at quarterback. -- athletic player that you use it'll you lose the quarterback -- out of office that bad at the football. And it's ethical but what you weakness you just upgraded. Got to thank you dig -- Appreciate -- time they GP LD is sports -- near the big 870 Debbie Tokyo could take applause and we'll come back but your phone calls and -- seventy WW. -- Eddie Jordan Jefferson and the backup linebacker I don't mean to diminish him but. Suspended indefinitely. As a deal with illegally issues. The violence -- major Nelson on a satellite on your -- WL. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Opt out -- it's a local school. But anyway op. They now as it was like. Control world record date litany ideal back to hear a lot it was too big joke at first then next thing you know somebody. You know a good bit bigger than meets -- been watching -- and and either way it my -- and -- -- anyway. Just get to. You know we couldn't we about young people and alcohol back then that we know now and I just think that. -- -- -- -- Jefferson's. Controversy the epilepsy years ago that you with. With the incident in the students there are some mobile media. And -- -- this is -- night daybreak you can't you I was spla also work as assistant coaches I would sure. Somebody either one of my trainers or or somebody you know maybe one -- graduate assistant -- That bar shadowing and whether they -- ordered not. And media outlets probably could've been permitted either course. I mean these guys are targets spelled it they've got now which some stuff you look back call. It's a -- the players are guns -- -- and draw them. That should have been a -- warning light in. And it just seems to me they know what we know now that would let my. Star athlete out in June in a social. Area arena -- -- call for alcohol going to be -- without some kind of chapel. Yet and about the shadowing but I know this major Nelson that if it was as much of a tradition is everybody said you would think. That the coaching staff should have been aware of it and maybe a more stringent bed check. Would have Dan. Mom instead of shadowing navy instead of a bed check may be an avenue where the LSU players live in. I understand now that Jordan Jefferson lived an apartment that but maybe they should have been. Some kind of check to make sure anybody was where there was supposed to be in -- stern warning that the LSU coach as club -- to tolerate this. This is over with we're not to do it this year maybe to. -- tradition instead of it's a four stolen instead of a shadowing them to the -- and they get where you go on thanks for the call coming right back under the W. Hi Tommy Tucker in -- Garland we are all over the LA issues story Jordan Jefferson and knives guns. Expected to turn themselves in if they haven't already that Baton Rouge police department will issue a press conference at 230. But the big news in less miles has suspended both indefinitely which means. Jarrett Lee is in the starting quarterback against the Oregon Ducks this Saturday but the following Saturday ready. Jaguar opinion poll that at least you'd do the right thing -- take your calls we come back if you're on hold hang on if not. Get on hold. Governor I'd bet -- 870 W.