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Aug 30, 2011|

Bobby and Deke talk to Dolphin Reporter for WQAM Miami, Greg Likens, Cincinnati Enquirer-Bengals Beat, Joe Reedy, AFC West Blogger for ESPN.com, Bill Williamson, Indianapolis Star-Colts beat writer, Mike Chappell, Reporter for WTTG TV-Washington- covers Redskins, Host of WSSP Milwaukee-cover the Packers, Steve "Sparky"and Arizona Republic-Cardinals beat, Bob McManaman. They talk and discuss the Saints, LSU, Jordan Jefferson and the Eagles quarterback's 100 million dollar contract.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The NFL scouts from. Brush do you -- -- Ford was great deals on sports for. To go deep inside the NF. Call 504260187. 48668890. Stress yourself fit and get ready as we go around the league is thick cajun cannon Bobby Hebert. -- chief Deke Bellavia. I -- home and on National Football League as Laura how they respond off in the AFC. East. -- the Miami Dolphins reported for the -- uranium. In Miami Greg -- Jones is now Greg thank you so much for the time and I know wanna talk will be about how Reggie Bush is doing but going into quarterback in camp. The big thing was what Miami would do at quarterback you know this all season. Bill Parcells is quoted saying you know maybe if He had to do and all of a -- would have taken Matt Ryan said it went with the offensive -- And there was a talk about trying to get a Kyle Orton is Miami's terminology and handing it was a latest on a quarterback situation for the pins. You know obviously basically good that's what they're stuck with them and they've been decided to the only veteran starting that they may it was Matt Moore would be our -- for -- the Carolina Panthers through. Erupted -- -- as Carolina did so. Chad I think the man this is there -- chance through try to -- -- -- which you had the opportunity last two years and it's. -- very inconsistent results. Which is sort of went through. A lot discontent among the fan base because as you alluded to Kyle Orton was out there that was a big tease him. Always followed Jeff are the general manager spoke during the offseason trying to really bring in a legitimate veteran quarterback to push that I think. That just hasn't happened now. Open that after a rough start against the Falcons preceding in a warm -- is really bounced back and played very well last year preceding games during a lot of people. Hope that perhaps it turned things around it seems to have ended a relationship that needed to do so with Brandon Marshall star receiver in Reggie Bush is really really helping him because Chad Henne. The one whose nickname just shut down Chad based on the fact that you don't want to throw the ball on the field at a guy like Reggie Bush is really gonna help him out of the backfield. Know Greg yeah and talk among the passing game and and Chad Henning. And obviously being able to utilize the Reggie Bush but since I got Brandon Marshall with badges are -- may be one highlight our our how's He coming along because. You know -- down a trial it's always seems like I yanks in a lot of real scouts around the league -- Brandon Marshall. Is deadly as far as talent top five receiver. Right yeah I think a lot of it is very mental for him because -- one of these stranger what more reviewing press conferences earlier entry here. He's sensitive to the world and -- -- sort of been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Something that I guess He -- -- a lot of his off the field. Behavior problems that He had especially domestic violence issues with the different women and that's what sort think if he's not getting that. I've taken care of any sort of being Medicaid and sought treatment for that up the -- Harvard medical center in Boston during the offseason I think that's been changed not only use. Relationship off the field with a and they can help your player on the field and last year He He really had issue with. He didn't get the ball early games you come to the sidelines and start cursing I was teammate. And especially Chad Henne in the off into coaching staff. From everything I've heard from the players have talked to that has changed this year he's kind of a new man and really trying to reform not only -- image which is -- of his relationships on the team. But talent there and so I think it's the mental part can be converted form into a positive -- each of DuPont this season or. -- lankans are Dolphins reported for the BQ AM ate him in Miami is with a -- about the AFC east I greatest cause Buffalo out of the equation New England Miami. And the New York Jets last night that I got a lackluster performance of quarterback Mark Sanchez who's the most pressure on QB wise. Brady hit any -- Saints is to have the teams went. Well I think it. Bring -- a real always sort of when you look at what He Iago -- those guys got healthy pretty current or you can get from him. Com the I think visitors -- not much pressure on him because. I'm the only thing for him and Sanchez now is the fact that. They just need to get over the operating doing what unsuccessful the last two years ago got in the playoffs -- Patten got back Super Bowl. When the Jets got the big back to back AFC championship. Game appearances would not be able to get the Super Bowl. There's pressure there Chad -- the only one of the three Pitt will likely lose his job and potentially losing the opportunity to start in the national. All week if you -- our success this here and before we are the European. Doing a lot of Dolphins fans down here is that. Who opposed to quarterback matched up even most statistically Sanchez in any event very similar support their careers. But winning percentage is a big difference as far as what the New York Jets have done compared to Miami Dolphins and the Patriots and Jets right now what could be the true leaders -- If He would Miami probably aren't those two. Hey Greg go to the David subsided a ball. Cameron Wake. Look I guess that his breakout performance slash your fourteen sack season. Then you have to expect obviously more double teams and I was reading where in the final two weeks the last season you know He failed to -- a -- so. As is that what He has to expect that being camera Wayne that hey you've you've done so well tonight -- double teams all time. Yet yeah I mean you He really. Had a breakout year last year after playing you know a more limited role as first you're with the ball so that you can before but you're right people kind of caught on and go with. The way the past brooks worked for the Dolphins use the want to from guys who could certainly get the quarterback game and the amount. So I think with the Dolphins have done. This offseason is sort of fixed that problem the last three games debated son Jason Taylor who got 36 years old obviously isn't what used to be but. They're only gonna use in the past person's situation to play opposite -- -- -- -- will free up. Also the double teams that we saw also. The defensive line rotation for this -- Dolphins game is clearly -- strength they've got a six different guys that rotate let defensive line so I think they're. If they get some of those guys. To improve it another year in the NFL that should open up more opportunities for camp where you're seeing less double teams -- the -- that. Greg likens that was -- Dolphins for WQ eight EM in Miami Greg thank you so much we appreciate. Our doors are great appreciated thanks so much now we take in on the AFC not for the Cincinnati Enquirer. They would be righted Joseph reedy joins us now joke thank you so much for the time and I was reading where our running back Cedric Benson went to serve. Twenty days that incarceration He chose October does that coincide with the big goes off week. Yeah I hit it coincides with operate Bobby hill -- report the day after. Indianapolis game and the attorneys said probably eat it can get shortened seven days for good behavior and what did you -- BA mandating I straight games saw. He can be backed -- following Monday and then for the next game against Seattle usually the practices don't -- ramp up until Wednesday. So maybe at the most one that you practice who missed the bye week related stuff. Joseph I know you guys have done the rookie man but will have been the talk in Cincinnati the Paper blogs and feed bag radio stations. About Carson Palmer I mean you'll what are is that this is -- ship sailed. You know with this franchise RB in the -- well and that I needed. It wouldn't surprise me if you reported next week just knowing Carson I think He won't. Body you know at this stage this franchise always -- -- goes against -- non -- I just stayed in the best interest of everyone. -- sit out the year gives it gives a little bit healthier and every game. Mandatory team doesn't always discussed in the Palmer Kirby and Francesca Seattle. In Miami that -- quarterbacks they are still going to be quarterbacks come that's not stops you wouldn't know that the draft order is. I can't say I -- grandchild or your marched the trade talk soaring up up a bit Arsenal missed this season. I think Mike Brown -- got enough of a larger over downtrodden and the ball not. -- people say that people think Carson Palmer place somewhere else and 2012. And Joseph what does it take Colin as far as the fan base new offensive coordinator Jay gruden are they confident. That He can develop the young quarterback can and and really make this offense efficient. Yeah I I think can I pick days they are very confident -- age you know would. I -- scheme and the lock out the way it is. It takes talent and and I think we -- Carolina game a bit of big measured step in terms of improvement over what patient the first couple games. In terms of what kind of game I think it's going to be more like for actual percentage community bring in a minute show which. Had a physical type running game. We should open up the pass which happened last week -- and or -- straight running plays. All the sudden AJ Green was -- down beyond bright tried on TV you don't -- the forty yard touchdown and two receivers are still young. You've got an experienced offensive line with Shalala she guys and they went into the -- -- chair MVP. -- you know what the next current trying to act like federal bench and I think it's been a while the young guys a little bit on the ground as well you know this was while the proper positions -- football player. Until -- -- -- on -- Davidson side of things can the defense -- if you look at what finished in the top 102 years ago. Get back to an all -- level have obviously struggling a year ago I was reading where -- all they gave up a run of twenty yards or more in twelve straight games last year. Yeah I think He I think it'll get better is He gave they've got some young talent. -- defense the -- Carlos Dunlap at nine and a half sacks over the but eight games of the season chino actions. At some -- -- some not as a child you know I think the linebackers for the improved with me -- watchman Tomas power. It would -- Maualuga -- the -- I think the question right now it's still a secondary Johnathan Joseph departed in free agency. They got Nate Clements but this is a unit the past couple years there's been wracked by injuries especially in the secondary. They've got a little bit of doubt there are it is going to be there is gonna remain deeply. He is -- Radio the Cincinnati Enquirer bingo is being Iran also covers the entire AFC north Joseph thank you so much for joining us we appreciate you helping us out. All right -- stopping the American football conference in the AFC west AFC weblog affect ESPN. Dot com bill Williamson Jones is now and deal with the Saints took on other Raiders. -- last weekend in Oakland for a Tony victory Alba would be pre season -- Oakland team they went. Undefeated in division play but just to an eight outside division how good is an AFC west in who's the front runner. Well I think gives -- hasn't improved division I think that you know it hasn't been that strong in recent years but I think. It's getting better and I think that He had to get this it San Diego at the front runner at this point even though -- Kansas City won the division last year. San Diego the powerful team and their. He would be NFL in offense and defense last year but it's -- -- special teams. They cut -- five games and they went 97 and how the quest but I expect and it will be to be improved this year. And then bill he's big and -- San Diego does norv Turner's future in San Diego does that the Chargers have to win a playoff game. You look at -- disease 4327. With three division titles three in three post season -- You know that sounds pretty good but then again you look they fired Marty Schottenheimer after a fourteen in. Two seasons so well what does Norv Turner have to do to keep his job is that when a twelve game or -- that is suitable. I need to get him back to the play outstanding and I made some progress again to Marty shut and I I think was a little different. There's some different had dynamics involved there. But you have ever get some -- -- play out He should be fine now you know that they. They're very conine and 788 began our push out there there could be a change and I'm sure there will be a lot of people. You know. Good to get a lot of very nervous about that if if that situation arises but I. I think He -- from the request He should be fun. Bill Williamson AFC west -- espn.com. As our special gas bill lets us over the top what makes his AFC west champion. They can't -- cease some rumblings they at the playoff loss to Baltimore. I was there -- rift between coach Haley and Charlie Weis is now the OC at Florida and know what the offense. Go on a different direction a lot of talent there would be wise due to -- take it did might. And I don't know they're division I mean the bottom line is He lasted only one year there. There was a successful year He would have to he's gone nine cities and we reasons and so -- that -- with him so calm you know the -- change is still going to pass the ball quite a bit bigger Jim Zorn a former Redskins head coach. Hayley loves to -- but also committed they've brought in Jon Baldwin they brought in Steve Christians we're gonna see this team air it out they've done everything came -- to -- quarterback. Matt Cassel. And then a -- that being said bill and things like -- against the best unknown player. In division if you don't follow they -- -- that being Jamaal Charles. I mean here the last two years almost 4600 yards rushing six point one yard average and and you throwing their 85 catches. Would just say like yeah you won a -- -- he's still should get a third is considering how well he's run the ball. Oh yeah they -- number one of offense run -- into the NFL last year and that's gonna make canceled better this is going to be a very very good it's going to be a very attacked. And I think community the cheap score a lot of points do you read about -- in the -- they're -- six point four yards a carry last year at this racial corner. And then bill when you look at his track Greg and John Fox. How long do you think it'll take him to turned a Broncos around and to be a winner again. Or you know it's similar to where He took over in Carolina. I'm not saying the Broncos in good should be achievable and jump our second year but. He knows how to build teams quickly easy easy break coached they're very excited about him in Denver. -- -- have a long way to go but I think the first step was hiring John taught to think you're in good shape there. And then bill what does it take obviously have fans. Tim Tebow fan favorite everyone recognizes him from his great college career but. To me it is just the way it's played out very Kyle Orton is the better quarterback right now and then He deservedly so we should be the starter. Well you know. If you wondered if you want totally rebuilt and she would Tebow as you point He will put that they wanted to do they wanna win right now we straightaway and right now. But you -- He's back and know you haven't Tebow until you play -- but it seems to me the way it's going to is that they're not really interest and find that out yet. They wanted dictate that Gordon is leaps and bounds better than people that great and they're gonna -- -- as long -- they have been -- AFC west blogger for ESPN back come bill Williamson bill thank you so much for helping us that we appreciate your time. Thank you are right now onto the AFC south but the Indianapolis Colts with a -- to dominate the south again this year and the retain their winning ways atop the division -- Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star Colts beat writers with a semi. Lot of knowledge that the in the last week Curtis and it didn't look bad. In the Colts game against the Packers they brought in that Kerry Collins in the this week taking Peyton Manning all the PUP list is that done consecutive starting streak still. Are a lot with Peyton. I think I still think he's gonna start against Houston. But we Kennedy well I've got the win -- -- permit others think. I've just seen him -- he's been -- so in the last couple days and I just think he's on track to. Next week or we don't tell put -- I just don't appear in -- going to be entered into Dixon's. And Mike you know you talk about him being on track -- just saying you know it's hard to tell a guy He can't go out simply because Payton is one of the best competitors that ever played this game but. Look at what the Texans a do -- defense right now. Is that malvo a -- judgment call that the coaches involved in because they've been very active in putting pressure on the quarterback is -- Well Peyton told us eight as far as whether they can be ready or not He says that he's told told the team that you wanted to be his decision that -- know. He can do what He needs to do it and is not gonna go out there and just play to keep the streak alive that you have. If you simply don't play. You know play a high level and need to be out there -- both. I just but I -- think when the time -- -- another ten days or so working he's gonna feel more comfortable. I don't know -- -- if you get -- nothing that's -- went on guard Kerry Collins is. It's it's clear they brought Kerry Collins and but the -- so I'm happy -- The prospect going into the field Curtis straighter so we -- that they've given themselves some protection there but again I just know lightly is that not normal treatment known out. I've driven He is in all I just think you can get yourself ready and he'll be out there and Libya are present I don't know what will be. Close relative to be an effective quarterback. And Mike when you look within individual in the AFC south. Obviously that's the cream and a crime as far as on top running backs. And hopefully you know Chris Johnson Nuggets and they weren't Calvin because I think he's about as good as against it. Which running back you'd think who will win that allowed a run the other as far as -- Foster would detect since elementary Chris Johnson. Our Jacksonville's Maurice Jones-Drew I was looking last year when they ranked first fourth and fifth respectively. In rushing yards so that's pretty style. Yeah yeah you know what I don't -- Chris Johnson but I mean. Kudos but how long He maybe Allen and I hit -- him presently being home era for the start of the season. Variant also got some. Korea -- -- an issue but. You applied applied reload guys did a big pressure on because it's such a big play guy. I really showed throughout sort of sometimes wonder about -- -- ability the government very lean on him a little bit too much but it's funny so some divisions. Are great quarterback division of the missile turned into a great running back division. Who would -- detrimental to improve greatly other. Running back by -- but. This is -- -- if you can't defend the run you yearn for a long six games. And then Mike let's Begin the quarterback position obviously you get a guy like Peyton Manning he's the poster child for a He efficiency but I know rich which rookie quarterback do you think we'll start sooner. Will -- -- Jake Locker with the Texans are -- get Cabral with a Jack Jacksonville Jaguars. I blog I just like I just I play like the map out about being picked up by the kind bogeys had. Injury issues hopefully help for their -- for -- -- actually keep. He's able to strip artist. I wonder if perhaps the back to the financial rebel for well of course for a lot of Indians literally has to -- -- wonder what kind of -- -- -- DeVine fit in. Did you feel -- got to turn to the rookie and go to heaven help a rookie nowadays the -- really really exceptional will be able to up. You know it's a major up and play at a high level especially with a with a team like Tennessee that demeanor Chris Johnson but I don't think it's fitting that the Tennessee record a rookie first. Might go boy you guys picked up there leading tackling and MC put his stay in Detroit and Ernie Sims. What does He need today defense He talked about stopping the -- he's also got its aggressive get after the -- It will be -- -- -- is a little undersized it's eloquently dealt with a Gary Brackett. And really put the defense and well like the bad news is he's played east started like 1415 games every year. Unproductive. Again I don't think he's a great linebacker -- that they don't need great linebackers of the that He. Good ones and I think he's Dubai that is impressive to be an outside does the weak side star -- Michael -- In in the nickel in your record of playing nickel linebacker try to. The guys that again it's a one year deal probably for the veteran's minimum so not a lot and Barrett -- I think He could be our realize picked up for the people. Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Bamako was the AFC south and focuses on the Indianapolis Colts Mike thank you so much we appreciate that you. All right we've checked out there AFC east they're not. The west and the south the Knicks were taken on the NFC east who comes out of that one and also Michael bit. Another hundred million dollar contract from Michael Vick would take care -- the eight NFC not. And also -- it and see where it sits around the -- defense is our sports hitting on all account. News talk into sports leader. -- -- -- -- for 45 years -- football when Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia -- NFL scouts. 04260187. Or 8668890. Weighs seventy. I'm nation's capital we check in on the NFC east. What day garage reporter for WT TD TV anymore -- over the Redskins in checks in on the NFC east bay. Thank you so much for the time and a quarterback battle. Going on a year ago at this point -- -- Donovan -- man's job this year mr. Beck and also mr. Grossman are vying for that spot does it come down to the final pre season game. I think -- actually does that they get kind of decided I believe that it will be John -- job to lose at this point. It's all things play out people Ian preceding game number four. -- tackle gets the job they really really wanna see where He can do it bailout is probability. Can't say they I mean it's and I can't count it and the opposite -- And of course Mike Shanahan the head coach like -- -- Rex who performed better than we've seen and the fact He started the final three games a year ago and looked good instead of Donovan McNabb. But they really want to go with the X-Factor that -- jump back and I think if things play out side Thursday night against the Buccaneers. And they -- -- even even mean they know what job. And I Dave or you look at the NFC's. Very competitive like the NFC south. And the and you look at the ease you know to have a repeat champion for the first time in seven seasons and do you think that's been our car. You know it's so why because it looked at it objectively you know we thought. I definitely appreciate the Giants would be better but they look like a train wreck right now Eli Manning looks like he's regressing of course we don't know about the injuries they have on the defensive side of the ball. Are the Cowboys I checked them out last night against the Vikings they're starting three rookies in the offensive -- so they've got some excellent question marks -- front. Of course the Eagles with a dream team that everybody thinks. It's gonna comment and and dominate that division I made me because it might be by the all you know He got about a month ago. How about the Redskins would do I'd say I I thought -- be one of the worst teams in the week. Events such a good pre season and it looks so much more confident that what we've seen in years past that I actually believe -- -- -- -- -- might contend for the division crown but they should be a 518 maybe there's slightly better. And now you know they were you look at deep fences and you know the reputations are on the league Wade Phillips. He's been an outstanding even so cornea then you look in the NFC eastern guy like rob Bryan. When you look at it very stingy defense is. As far as you know even less talent do you say the Raiders are -- and at times. So -- that would you will He make a big difference with the Cowboys this year. The old body that they can you know the -- -- need other pedigree they're gonna attack so I think what you'll -- down and they did a much more attacking style. We've seen in years that you know please don't -- the in other places before He indicate that -- and out I don't know how much -- He -- comparatively speaking to a Ryan based defense. I don't expect -- to get those guys really go on and really flying around the ball but you know what that means still. You -- leave those corners on an island so if they don't get the pass -- that they expect to get with Rob Ryan defense. Third quarters are going to be isolated -- economic big plays against themselves. I think again it's the way they approach but that -- I don't know one style that they would tackle spot. And Dave I'll buy -- get hit the lottery again just look at the contract Michael Vick just resign. And you big. 2010 season. After putting up unbelievable numbers the first six starts when He had. Can't tell yourself right instances 51 record He kind of fell Baghdad them fell back to earth than the rest of the season. Yeah I haven't bodies if you're still playing today you right back in on a contract like -- could -- that much better year than Michael Vick ever had yet if He did a great first half of the year. I'll last year I think -- got that contract. I bases won't -- one spot because of the money and actually put up up here in DC. We completely went out that the Redskins front I want to the last where they can't sit out. Yeah I think at the end of the people you you have to I don't Michael Vick I don't think there's any other way around that. He got -- that the -- to be a linebacker outside linebackers got to be a safety so you dot. I think one of your eleven away to try to take him away because clearly the most dangerous when he's on an outside of that pocket and He -- you make Michael Vick a pocket passer. And I see that they -- they -- think he's -- Atlanta or less than what you saw last year in Philadelphia. And even the Redskins fans had to be elated at how nice is it gone to a training camp out here and everything about Dallas it's not I didn't. A survey is certainly a nice some aren't our prospective down. -- clearly that there about a player -- -- aren't there you know what the guys today I said that. You know that -- -- much more professionally run training camp that we seem. Eight years bat than that Kedric Golston look at recent. Yeah that's that you guys aren't asking questions about Albert -- -- -- you know and we did. That then about the minutes they do have I have birds should fill -- the New England. And all of sudden you have beaten army but I knew it could be that simple without that would be a good without that -- distractions. And finally gave the New York Giants on TV last night that I lost the battle -- the Big Apple seventeen to three. It ballclub it's a veteran ball club music -- -- But they did not hurt by Trish into the secondary DC RF. I what does that do to -- now that and I'm a big more of what you said because of not only what Washington is done but by virtue of some injuries and changes in different places. Maybe he's a little more wide open and we think. Absolutely again I'd -- a month ago I never would have thought that the Redskins to be a part of that equation but. You know it's huge huge -- -- we want to write here FedEx Field against -- -- And I got to thank you don't want the shooting hand and know what Mike's gonna wanna get back to this year. That's that dead zone blocking scheme and they're gonna count in my power at that detonated punt -- the Giants. And they're gonna see -- those guys that are you know I heard Justin Tuck got a little banged up left by -- Don't know the severity but you know if -- third to end up there. How much -- on the pats. And how much can stop the bone blocking schemes so it's going to be very curious what linebackers are meant to be yeoman work for the Giants if they're going to be successful defensively could've been up up front. And that certainly beat up from the back toward. Reporter for WT PG TV in Washington come in the Redskins in the NFC east Dave Ross Dave thank you so much we appreciate jail. Anytime you guys they need to finish out of the fight of your knowledge. I think today thank you so much now covering the NFC north and concentrating on the world champion Green Bay Packers host the buses to station WS SP. In Milwaukee welcome Steve Sparky five wood to the radio Steve thank you so much for the time and Bob and I don't give Europe early Christmas present. On Thursday September ain't been all you want on the overtime but there is a. Yeah I got I would tend to agree -- the other all over it saying it's going to be interact with a bit backer He looks like. It's a hybrid into not bad has been more example. Running out no huddle hurry up offense side exhibition game. And I have been running our offense and Mike are big I don't want to talk about what I'm not gonna do that as much in the regular speed and it will be hitter out there -- if there and change things up this year. Steve we had a chance the -- and I were in the studio whoa where are -- -- his studio work in and we thought. On the Packers and the young Colts and we had a chance to see stocks young man a Buffalo who came out had a great year last year. He's physically incredible Maine and talk talk about way He fits in an -- He looks like you just do so many things but. Mainly just look like He can run over people. They can't run over people actually added about fifteen -- the multiple. I -- odd feet and really dedicated himself but He got more weight after getting hurt early life here early play the second half of the year. I think a lot of packer and into this year thank you net. They may -- Ryan Grant the other backers running back who got hurt last year and indeed the Packers like a Ryan Grant and had to pick up a -- -- essentially. Stay on this football team this year I have free agent after this year so. -- to see how -- Ryan -- get the ball -- how much change -- get the -- -- -- -- -- and right now they would be more in favor of James Starks in a balk of the cared. Now Steve -- know how many times and guys this question can the Packers. You know re -- considering. That if you look at it I guess you could -- in the salary cap era that. There have been just to repeat champions of the during that span. But then you look at the Packers. What the second youngest team I believe in the NFL. And Indy is certainly proved they can overcome injuries I believe what six starters goes on IR. I mean -- anybody did notice is like the Packers could. That sixteen guys -- -- last year. And that's the one bit because the magic carpet ride last year. I'm not radio station and -- can they repeat. Thought from a guy out in that question like that last year. Before they want expert in boulder rod but -- -- they could wind or the -- -- I'm so I'm expecting I guess you could say I'll read -- going into this year now. Aren't the team that would concern me. This Saints are definitely number lot -- let. -- addition there are old and I'm a big Alabama fan though and Mark Ingram an alum that backfield -- -- certainly the most the -- Under the -- the dream team in Philadelphia yeah they pan out. Justine tell you look at the lines on those preceding their looked impressive while I'm on offense and the pre season and now they -- got against the Patriots. Now they haven't had a winning record since 2000. And what they haven't made the playoffs in 1999 -- -- on the line are the Lions ready to roar does decade are -- it's -- in more than a decade. Because yesterday afternoon shadow a bottle when you respect most right now in this division into -- mind that the Bears. Or that the Vikings and Jerry -- former packer running back winner for Quebec communities. I -- that right now that pointed don't eat it Bears. Probably like Butler eat joins us on Monday and brought it on our show. You have been studio it says it but between the -- the Vikings and writes that the Detroit Lions. I had that point and the rain I'd say that is because what they can make -- back that number one pick from -- want to come back. You put it where it's due up trotting Corey Williams in that rotation. I don't gonna be a lot for holding teams to defend keep a lot I think at least that Matt Stafford felt that Matt Stafford can stay healthy. I think that Detroit game could be around 89 -- by the end of the year and if they get the spot on I think -- airlines and you're excited about the. Steele spoke if I thought host on WS SP radio in Milwaukee covering the Green Bay Packers in the NFC not. Steve thank you so much and I know will be called on -- next week. Got -- forty let me go out there we debated hit that they are afternoon shall I get your guys that take. And from the Lions are a dirty player or -- they violent player. No salute a good player fairly was -- Not I'd say I'd agree we did I'd say we are fairly land since these are very against -- -- soon to back thanks to -- and I had no -- I I just think he's a violent aggressive player not -- -- I'd say more -- -- -- would be definitely. A more dirty player. All what you got pretty short -- It's loud then it's time you a kid and we're about what the AFC US -- beat Arizona Republic covering many incidents in NC whereas Andy. In at Arizona Cardinals Bob McManaman joins us now. Bob thank you so much for the time in the last time we talked -- -- asking about the progression of quarterback Kevin Kolb. How is that going is He -- -- there FitzGerald talked to deal would have kind of book a report a relationship out there on the field. Yeah that's -- -- be back again they have chemistry is a word that they both use just about every day. After practice two minutes earlier over the obvious by watching it's -- blow -- -- hundred balls after practice company not. Trying to do one handed catch over the shoulder sidelined against the helmet and and I think He worries you like we were four groups competing catching problem for its hard that's true and I'll already so yeah. Chemistry working very. And out but when you look at that and NFC west last what do you think is gonna come out considering. You know and obviously the quarterback play event all of a sudden for a playoff in the playoff picture was the Rams vs the Seahawks I mean. A what do you think comes about the evening it's but it's wide open again -- was gonna come about. -- and then people like popular inside outside different organizations and all they can execute to Timorese. I get -- you can you can grab the benefit of the doubt but. The Cardinals a lot of offseason booted -- especially comp. And I would imagine it's going to be a race between those two changes to issues at quarterback for Seattle and -- its scope. And some of the old Welch or both of those changed. But it just looks it just seems to me that -- the -- pretty much run this division the last two outs Warriors. Got a big -- a question do you have a quarterback now they've got a legitimate don't want. Franchise type quarterback. The Brett -- still developing they added there are a couple of weapons you and then they I'd like what they did. I'm adding two running backs for Steven Jackson I still think they don't have -- wide receivers but not but not that caliber and her experience. Acute over the top but. They're making their way so it's good to erase some other -- nine and ten went 201. -- were bombing -- -- the Arizona Republic Keiko was the Arizona Cardinals and the AFC west in the course they do amended we've. Albeit paying close a tribute to Bob had a breakout game for you guys Patrick Peterson. Would magic cardinal fans are excited about him. You know -- and so is here as a parent. This -- Patrick today it's and -- They're here the fifth overall pick -- most people I was just overall talent available sure strapped. Tiger you have -- walker. He shared lockers with a little better guy and I just don't get it there He wasn't running with the first team until. Yesterday after Greg told her -- chilled out for the year. You know what it's way Whisenhunt runs shipped here is a nothing is promised to anybody especially a rookie you know wait your turn I just think it's too old school with a approach mentality I don't like get I think Patrick Peterson should have been running with the first team the first day of camp. He has that He didn't even start doing that until yesterday I think it's a mistake epic status soccer development even though we're talking about perhaps the best. Defense a player. That is available Richard -- a bit and I just don't like Connecticut put them back. Now Bob you know we mention the quarterback and obviously FitzGerald when you look at their running game Tim hi Crowley leaves goes to the Redskins. They draft rookie Ryan Williams well out of Virginia tank. Any Beanie Wells a member of the Saints and Anderson -- what are they doing heading into the season as far as they're rushing attack. Now there's there's still on the orchestra are around him but I can now I think you're Chester Taylor thought He was gonna be a real clear credential appears to the first grew up. Top. They're going to have to want to discuss this week or early bench we can I don't know who that is yet but. They won't beat you won't feel sharper than some veteran guys who have -- producing a nice pass protections. The potential future the most electric ultimately I'd rather play against. -- -- -- -- -- You know -- all the marbles about it or put them --