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WWL>Topics>>Terrebonne Parish President Michel Claudet, Jefferson Parish President John Young, and Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Norman

Terrebonne Parish President Michel Claudet, Jefferson Parish President John Young, and Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Norman

Sep 4, 2011|

Scout speaks with Terrebonne Parish President Michel Claudet, Jefferson Parish President John Young, and Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Norman for updates regarding the effects of Tropical Storm Lee.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And if you wake up maybe heading to church this morning assists a tropical storm -- still withers and a lot is still to come. -- let's go live to the WWL Eyewitness News weather center. Meteorologist Laura but -- joins us live earlier again. More there's a flash flood warning in effect -- Yes fort terribly wrong with this -- assumption parish is until noon basically that heavy band that's been aware much of the south story in the North Shore. A leading to some street flooding they are we have not had reports of which streets are -- flooding but. Normally the National Weather Service kind of monitors rainfall amounts of makes the kind of hit that threshold they pull the trigger. -- flooding so if you are those three parishes assumption of these terror -- try to seal off the roads were saying you need you know. Unnecessary driving just don't do that today is the -- stay put inside this. It's just such a massive storm and you and I've talked about this well we can anybody yes they were talking about it again today this goes over to Mississippi Alabama the Florida beaches a lot of people might have wanted to -- for the holiday weekend hopefully there are still enjoying it a storm on the beach can be fun but. This is this is just -- a reminder because if the center is to the west of New Orleans and this stretches as Far East as. Destin and Panama City this is a massive solar system. Exactly and -- a lot of questions you know. Various email that's -- phone calls it the -- over and I would say here in Louisiana note the worst is not over. Until that low passes east of us until it's in Mississippi Alabama and away from month. We're still going to see bands of rain -- -- through now you will have periods of dry spot so it's not going to be. All day range He will have been times where. I maybe even see it because side here -- -- throughout southeastern Louisiana but until that low is actually east of us and we're on that dry western side. We -- not clear yet we still have a chance for rain and even flooding rain. It looks as if the center of this storm is gonna go between New Orleans and Baton Rouge and and and had a little bit to the north but then it kind of curves toward the east over the over the nor shortly concentrate. Yet it's really good and decent probably loop to loops and it's all here. It as we've been saying it really doesn't matter what the center does because as we that this is such a far reaching storm that. If this that are meanders a little bit closer Baton Rouge or Lafayette or to the north or south it really has no theory on the weather for us were so -- bands of rain comes through. And it's still going to be wet and breezy and kind of nasty threat today in most of tomorrow so that general movement. Over a long period time it's what we wanna look at and the general movement is going to be northeast slowly. Today and tomorrow in picking up some speed TC Wednesday's it meets up with the cold front that's gonna quickly escalated out to the northeast and away from must. Yet you you and -- are not far apart our studios -- rather close a close together so -- -- we're getting a break right now but right I guys I see more coming and it's just it's interesting how. Away but -- so characteristic of tropical weather hurricanes -- the feeder bands the squall lines coming data and and then there's a break and for those who do see sunshine. Even if it's is even if it's brief -- this is not the eye of the storm because this right this is a tropical storm doesn't really happen I percent. Sure it just breaks in between the -- if -- your colony from Houston and saying hey. Is the worst of it through -- yes I'm giving you the alt click here but actually. For any of us in Louisiana this storm is still west of us it's still west of left yet even fifty miles west of left yet so. Everyone east of that from Louisiana to Mississippi all the way to Florida the rain is still going to be with us in period that these -- them through. Through tomorrow and it it would. At what rates will the rain will the rain come. It's been pretty heavy heavy we've had some totals this morning with some of these heavy bands of and into two inches in about an hour hour and a half so. It is a lot of rain we talk about tropical rain it's kind of different than those afternoon storms it's different in the -- you get. Threw cold fronts that come through and that sort of thing. It's just it's so much rainfall the rain drops -- achieved a lot of moisture the -- super saturated. And -- get a lot of rain in the short amount of time now the good things so far that think it's been. Helping out with flooding situation. Is that we are getting some breaks in between because when you look at rainfall totals -- -- Marrero since the storm began fifteen inches of rain if we had that all one time. We'd be toast I mean we have. Flooding reports coming in everywhere but the fact that we're getting an -- two inches and then a break another two inches that a break that's really been helpful this go around. And it's keeping most areas from -- needing major flooding we're having street flooding and that sort of thing but it's so far it's insane. Mostly in the streets were exposed to. -- for the New Orleans area Laura I guess this could be called the perfect storm and got in in a negative sense but in a in a positive way to foresee for some people it's not the perfect storm but a -- New Orleans area this was the perfect storm because it brought the rain we needed. It's we've really -- a lot of accidents inlet tunnel at the marsh fire out east we just had a reporter my directory -- -- through the -- And did it she can still smell the smoke smell in B -- -- but it's not as thick that was last week. And certainly with the rain it's helping things we know that. Certainly with some of the underground Bernie that may be going on it it may take a little bit longer but at least she says some of the smelled the smoke particles in the air can be rained out because of the system all of this is. -- what we live with on on this planet you know -- only know -- and mother nature starts a marsh fire because of a drought area. An area is dealing with a drought and if -- with lightning and and now mother nature puts it out with a with a lot of rain. It would be nice to everything just balanced each other without having these big pendulum swings back and forth but. We seem to like the extremes down here in Louisiana you know we we go from the driest August ever. You know with about an inch to half of rain total for the whole month now -- sign off September with a stationary you know. Tropical system that's not moving in putting fifteen inches of rainfall around the areas that we -- -- extreme south down here in south. Well -- I'm -- I'm fraud here but I had -- had moved I'm I'm I'm back now I've lived all over the country but back now so this is my first tropical storm since moving back from after leaving in in 96 so. The storm has has baptized me and it's it. Brings back. It brings back fond memories of being expect kid to being also scared but also experiencing the excitement of of some hurricanes and tropical storms. What if He had at that Fannie growing up whether it's me was just fascinating and it's quiet too -- today. On the dot ten -- having at this same time you don't wish anyone to have to deal with this latest kind of exciting it is a little something different you know around here kind of breaks up I -- that. Pattern it's been breaking up the here whatever the truth of it as. This that's kind of how our planet works that mean we we know that tropical systems are gonna form. That's the -- designed to move the heat from the equator up to the polar took to the polls that's how distributes the heat and the energy. And so this is supposed to happen that you mean. Unfortunately out there effects of that especially people living in coastal areas you know it's not always a good effect but. This is how exposed to work and as this probably will be the last tropical system we're talking about somewhere in the Atlantic this year trying to Laura are you gonna get any sleep anytime soon. -- actually been doing really get it it goes back to my a benefit. That I have. I can't fall asleep at any given point of that day I could be in the middle of Tiger Stadium. During a football game and I could fall asleep so I'm really blessed with that if it. This has finished my shift is up I think on home at the lion out like a light so yes I've been sleeping. -- -- on the other hand. He's been here. Throughout that the whole duration does that then getting -- cat -- here there in the weather center are up he's found some offices to sleep in and that sort things he's getting a couple hours here there. The last night out I went I didn't CEO of Lincoln and Ellison came out Al at 530 and look through the whole thing. All right Laura Bechtel meteorologist -- from the WWL eyewitnesses whether Sarah thanks for being with -- -- -- I can't tell her it's. I'm -- on WW well we continued to talk about tropical storm -- right now -- -- New Orleans were getting we're getting a break out of -- what is like where you are. If you wanna Collison and they give us an update on what the Weathers like or what flooding is like where you are -- show it to 601870. Toll free. 866 -- 90870. And our -- number is 87870. -- detects that -- mayor Mitch is doing a great job nice to have a mayor -- knows what he's doing and doesn't have his head up. But not for the finish. Yeah melee drew his gun. An incredible job it is nice to have great leadership at City Hall. -- had gotten coming right back for more this is WWL. Tropical storm leak continues to move more slowly than legislation moves through congress I'm -- glad you're with us this morning we are alive. Continuing to talk about the effects of tropical storm only it's it's not over right now in downtown New Orleans seems like there's a significant break. In in in the the the feeder bands the squall lines that have come through here by Terry you might be an area right now that is getting some very very heavy rain. I'll be sure to have your headlights on if you're driving if you have one of those cars that has the headlights go on automatically. Make sure you turn your lights on so your tail lights are on as well. And do not. Contrary to what so many people think they need to do. Do not. Put your flashing lights on. If you're driving. That is illegal. That is an indication that the car is stopped your no more special. Than anybody else don't flashing lights on. If you -- a -- show with -- do's and don'ts in -- a tropical storm please call us at 2601878. Also that's the number to call if you want to report or flooding -- high winds are just give us an update you. You're part of our coverage here live -- every W you are part of this. So give us an update on on what you see where you -- 2601870. Toll free 8668890. At seventy. And -- -- numbers 87870. And right now Michelle clawed they joins us life for terrible parish president of terrible parish Michelle welcome to show tomorrow. Are things better or worse than you thought they would be at this. Actually at this point I was hoping and burial hopeful. A while back that this event would be. Have moved past -- and -- would be on the drive side now but unfortunately. I just came through some tremendous billions of our brain. And hopefully it won't continue and maybe will get to break from time to time that up front ketchup. Yet because the senator seems to be moving right into your area right now. -- and parchment we've had a number of storms at the center has come over us and this is not one of the biggest one unfortunately it's one of the -- And that's that's a real problem. Yeah we've all been through this and in this is not a a major storm by any stretch of the imagination but it still a significant storm because. It's it's moving so slowly. And then and then like -- terrible parish for example this is the same thing with the with -- and and lower Jefferson Parish. You know even a minor storm is not necessarily a minor storm in in areas where there's water all around. Here are absolutely correct but. Screwed in our area the lower parts of our paratroop putt for title events whereas the northern ports are well. Who basically will have flooding event for major rainy -- So here we get a double whammy from all parts of our parish are being challenged because of that. -- -- times whereas step up reports with a tremendous range we've had. It is it's really a lot and yesterday we've received reports of as much as ten inches one of the people. Down ten network and my emergency operations center is trying gage picked up ten inches -- rain yesterday in our area in the days before we had five inches and that. Fifteen inches and two days is a lot but -- how how do little Bryant and -- public works people. My public works people out of work day and night and as of today and on knock on wood right now we've not had one home and -- on parish bulletin. That's it's it's amazing assay all the parishes and all the leaders have really done an incredible job I'm really really impressed with the coordinated effort and the it just it did that the message that everybody has been sending out what would you like to say to the people -- -- right now. I'd like to say this please be vigilant around your home that there's anything obstructing the drainage. Please make absolutely certain removed from drainage areas if you see a problem. Before it gets to be a major problem -- reported. To our -- PR office. If in and I'll give you that number to get my kid is. It is. 8736357. 87 736. Foot seven right. Please is -- Erica before it's 985 many. 8736357. And if you don't need to be riding around please don't -- today and try to let our parish workers do what they need to. Do you know people people are people are curious it's it's human nature to be curious and sometimes to go out and and destroyed a witness out phenomena like weather phenomena. Are you having a problem with people going out to just sexy. And I have a particular problem this morning I was sending along reached excavated to removes some obstructions and -- it could let people and there're and in about sightseeing here so that's a specific example of something that happened comment. Now and and one other thing please if you see water in Rhode. Do not speed through it I mean just please understand there are people whose homes and businesses are located on the side. They have no desire to have people running to their. And these areas and splashing water into their businesses and and school one last thing we do have still thirteen people and our -- down in -- on parish and they're probably remain there until the end of the union. -- -- taking care of them. We certainly are good all right -- -- a terrible parish president thanks for being with us and good luck -- you -- there's anything -- you -- -- -- on -- -- -- -- well. Let's please continue to pray and so far we've been able to dodge a bullet that if we get. You know two to four inches of rain in the very short term puritan. Economist longest -- while this -- ground missiles soft and so -- You know all bets are off so let's just pray that we continue to. Governor dodge the bullet. That's a good thing to think about this Sunday morning. At at at at that it but thank you good evening I mean just don't have it now all right excellent I appreciate you take time to view this. Somewhere on the night and Rebecca you're an Alan WWL good morning. -- mark. Where are you Rebecca. How I am. Point three miles from the endorsement and again and again what I. Well you've gotta you've you've got to be in some rain right now. Actually. It's just that you're. Yeah. I want to get better at the group of water and going EU bound. There at eight it's -- -- emergency board Eller and got that light and block. Up on the bridge any -- Old big very terrible because -- trying to blow you in the walker out there. Well you're such a high profile vehicle -- that any wind you're gonna feel that you're gonna feel it a lot. -- -- appellate Elan does break it all out. Here you. Will walk away now where you're headed back. I might find that you can thought better yet but I'll play it. Yes York I don't know why but there's something about female truck drivers it's sexy to me. I don't know it's just sex sexy if you -- truck drivers sexy I don't know why. I can. -- Job in the world because every morning and I. And I get the lookout I went belly up as they -- not create. And you know sometimes it you're you're you're right I've talked about this a -- a lot on the show recently with what happened in the in the northeast and earthquakes and all kinds that they. You know we live on a beautiful planet but this planet. Has natural things that that happened volcanoes erupt in their earthquakes and they are tropical storms that hurricanes in this flooding. There's tornadoes. We have to accept we have to accept that to live on this beautiful planet. Eric Miller. When I -- you I was just not. -- -- -- -- I thought I was gonna let it that the what. And here I. And I'd like yeah. Quite accurate popped up on the -- buried. -- I remember that bit in situations like that where people around you you think they would know what it is today and in the Pacific northwest I was in an earthquake and and their people around me who lived in that married you know what it was -- and immediately knew this is an earthquake everything's have shattering in and shaking it's kind of an eerie feeling. I -- And got out. And the eight. Year. Old right here apartment there in the back out well but it checked out. The activity on. Around that you're. Gonna go out and stop. I -- Rebecca you're it's your truck driver and end a lot of motorists are frustrated with truck drivers but I'm sure truck drivers are frustrated with motorist. For those who are on the road and for those who who drive on the road it encountered did trucks. What is it that what advice would you like to give -- what what do people do that's a big mistake when it comes to trucks on the road. You know about China. Now that shut out -- on which means we. Beat. -- Some -- at 12160. Mile an hour. They're not being able. To get out your way they're trying to. -- -- -- And you wonder why. Don't know any actor okay. And remember. That more and it makes. Not an hour it Bob it's I felt I. You. Got a complete the top. We don't. Worry we have -- the other end of the agent. From the time we my old that it not yet. You know it got me like -- -- regular cards. Advice you know female truck driver thanks Rebecca drive carefully. You know. We're good at it in enjoy your enjoy your rights in New Orleans. All right thank you to -- gonna show the comment as we continue to talk about tropical storm legalized here on WW -- Call 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. And here's our tech's number 87870. Is a text that reads. You sound sexy RU. No I'm not let's get an update right now with the dining centers. Opens. Live on -- Sunday morning as we talk about tropical storm -- I'm -- I'm glad you're with us if you wanna join -- -- the comical to six so 170. And toll free 8668890870. One of the people who has been working for the last 48 hours he's been -- he's been drawing he's been win again. Jefferson Parish president John Young joins us live on WW -- John welcome. The moment to tell you today on good are you gonna get any sleep. Well He we think it's actually witnesses. On the -- in a couple of now -- about -- -- -- -- We will weather all week we got probably -- or third -- ago. -- -- the morning you know we were struggle with that title -- not a that and the rain well tidal surge we have target band unfair. I really want a compliment what were the -- may have occurred and all of resident to treat Crown Point area. Recreation Department of Transportation what we have people down there and we have open setup the Guerrero. Have written around these packet to the web site this morning already and we're getting from -- the street drugs are not drug streets about what it. So that the optic you know the way all the port on the -- -- a lot of rain all. Cool -- there through 414 and Guerrero and well a lot of matters well. Quote to -- the twelve country. In John a lot of people love to criticize the that the pumping stations and and -- if something does it happened in the in the right way people want to -- it to be critical but the pumping system has really as -- been very very effective and you were very proactive. And in ordering the that the canals and everything to be lowered his lowest possible before this this came -- -- prepared. We weren't it was a -- metric. Cute have to -- A crude two well operated Padres on the street apartment and anti apple or block it. -- look at -- up operations there and Cuomo working 27 full. It was gonna continue to do that until well completely got to spot the little guys in in a lady at a rate job and -- really can't say enough of. It up to those of us who live in northern Jefferson Parish I think sometimes we we take for granted the job that you have Jefferson Parish is even a coastal parish. I've been some of the year your parish is doing very well but -- parish is -- dealing with some problems. Writing and I mentioned defeated certainly grant now that. This year Richard well we should Perry evacuate regret now audience that struck a shelter little civics whoever. Their common -- that culpability great. Someone we in bed with -- must stay down there. They have about a little one and sent to pull down list system altogether island but. You know they're very strongly million people and they do little job down there. Deal with the on the immunity -- -- moment ago. You know grand -- take the -- -- -- in a lot like it would have been better realize. That we Leo really cool actually when it comes to -- now. And John you know even a minimal storm in so many areas of this state including lower Jefferson Parish can be it it might be a minimal storm but it can still have a maximum impact on certain areas. Absolutely and and looked at -- at minimal tropical storm but it turned to rain all. It's pit stop to figure in the moderate all. There's doubt stolen -- when you have a date you know sometimes tropical storm like this adult blow in the so we'll move. -- Can be more than that. The there's this movie category one category two hurricane. Yeah and there's so there's more to come Laura -- Telus Telus is this is gonna last until -- late tomorrow afternoon or early tomorrow evening so it was a lot more still. To come -- The business thing where we're hopeful as we do we you know want in ship so that it's not blown. The Gulf -- -- group -- -- in Indian call will continue and that could bring that that tidal surge up or. -- feet that we we shall always available globally and we'll get a continue to be that true. What that would ensure that they will get a relief to see grandma. Erica thanks a rented John Young quite confident at a coffee shop on on Metairie road and He is it truly one of the best dressed if not the mistress politician in the area. A little a little wet a little wet now Belize and the -- All right Dan Jordan and president gives a parish thanks for the update. -- I did you managers with a comical to 60187. The toll free 866889. -- early seventy. And -- number is 87 the. We'll get back to your text in your comments coming up here we're continuing to. A cover the the passing of tropical storm league it's not over in fact Laura Bush tells says four of the New Orleans area for south Louisiana. The worst is not over don't panic this is not severe but there are things to be vigilant about. We're we're back with a lot more what I -- thank. Dave potter and you here in the studio to recover curators of what's going on an academic curriculum in the studio. All right we're coming right back before this is WWL. And you're part of our coverage here live on WWL as we talk about tropical storm Lehigh astute -- with a you can color show with the a. -- on anything the Q would you see as far as I know the streets are are are not flooding which is good news. However the worst of this is not over according to meteorologist Laura -- military channel four. Right now we're getting some light rain in downtown New Orleans but we've seen these these squall lines these feeder bands that come through here and sometimes it's very heavy sometimes it's. It's not so happy but if you're in night in an area where there's not heavy rain. There's still some rain to come because this storm is moving very very slowly just coming onto shore. And the -- is going to again there's no -- because it's tropical storm. The senator is gonna go between Baton Rouge and New Orleans and then head east right over the right over the North Shore of lovely concentrate so there's a lot still to come. The good news is the pumps are working are really throughout the state. And everything seems to be as as good as it could possibly be others and there's a storm surge there's some problems and look feet there's problems in. Lower Jefferson Parish there are some areas of this state that are being harder hit than others but they they always are when there's a storm like this and I had to get a text earlier -- -- has has some water in their house. I forget where this was but there are some areas where there may be some some water and houses in the New Orleans area things or things are as good as they could possibly be. However we have more rain coming it's the rain comes. At a rate of more than an inch an hour of the pumps are not going to be able -- And so areas that are prone to flooding as far as I know areas that are not prone to flooding are not gonna flight. But there's always that that possibility. On their that the pumps can handle an inch. Of -- the first hour. And then half an inch in subsequent hours after the first hour so if the rain at the rate of -- is is greater than that. Van. We're gonna have supply and you know where the flooding is stay out of it. Don't drive fast through it and again. A wide but you guys are more guilty of this then than women or whether it's a macho thing -- guys feel like I'm just. Discharge through here. Guys tend to drive fast through water this puts water in homes and in businesses. And that's not -- so don't be stupid. Don't do that. Also keep your lights on appearance amounts of heavy rain. And do not to put your flashing lights on because that's an indication that the vehicle is stalled and you're not supposed to have you flashing lights on while you try to. The Joyner show with a comical to 60187. Or report again you're part of our live coverage -- tropical storm -- Toll free -- numbers 8668890870. At a -- number is 8787 in the plus Leonard welcome to WWL. Oh do argue about good what are you what are you experiencing in las right now. Well right now we're in the middle of that -- Have a break it's cloudy -- little breezy. Not a major now. Yeah we've got light rain in in downtown New Orleans right now we've had some heavy rain and then it gets light and we have every right again. Well Leo I'm keeping up with an elbow into you with WWL. And that's what the reason I'm calling you got don't have enough compliments to my opinion. Itself but pressured -- and reassured about here in view and in the rest of the guys and gals there at W IBO. And thank you for being there and just keeping a simple -- it means a lot. A letter thanks for always we're always here for it is always somebody your four year. And again shall also Entergy. A little playing rapidly lost power here for hours yesterday. And up from the time that they've got to call to come on my powers back Olympus 40. And they had to go out to exit Velde lives. And to me that's that's pretty thing good. I know there are organs are -- -- -- thanks electrical on the show and and good luck out there Jefferson Parish sheriff -- -- Norman who now joins us on WWL welcome to our show sheriff. Good night things seem to be okay in Jefferson Parish right now. Although both are back you know wanna commend the citizens think everyone's been eating dark art -- absolutely have to -- don't you know -- -- show and it you know the traffic is backed -- Are relatively easier and not a lot of issues thankfully we've not had a lot of standing water. We have had a couple of incidences where there was standing water folks deciding. To do a little joy riding I understand that there's been a couple of states throughout the parent well and municipalities and and the -- incorporated area. The vote or vote for you guitar by which is a good. -- so applaud you for our arresting people for driving fast through water it's just so inconsiderate. It's not it's not civil it's just the the wrong thing to do and I. Ally like the door roses passing out tickets but I love affected your arresting people for driving faster -- hopefully that will teach adolescent. -- here it's one of the most infuriating. -- oh. And as being sharpened being involved in law enforcement authority election year than. -- computer folks talk to their fellow neighbors. A while you're driving through -- flooded area in creative property damage or that. It's helped the the incident quote we felt that pro -- -- What do people do that is it is it is there's some kind of macho attitude like -- drive right through this law. Lot bigger than an act of selfishness it's all about them about that and about the downstream applications that are actually obviously it. Our little realized the -- that they've put many people in. Both financially and outlawed by the strong and their property and how does that you know an -- total -- and in consideration. Or wherever they you know we have to create all of that -- -- filling in need in these events and everyone struck the top anxieties. You know we have much kilometer Jewish parents create -- situation that the -- laudable -- One of the reasons we made that aggressive and affirmative stance then and now hopefully ever boggle the art by absolutely -- All that -- on -- -- and around the have marshaled through morning and in the water locally higher. All the way up to New -- corridor where all pollute so the fact -- -- challenges out here. You know call for most of this area this was the perfect storm in that it brought us the rain we needed I guess there was a little fun and excitement for a lot of people but. Unfortunately our thoughts and prayers are with those people in areas like with -- that have been nine adversely affected by this. Absolutely and I don't want -- -- that -- women that particular. Have got a great job they all the power Ortiz as well. I'll look into your other chains throughout the proper. Bring an Altria that the resources to bear in dealing with a -- issues. Hopefully we'll have disputed again four you know toward the end there -- there it is now they're wondered what is dramatic -- like -- Well it always be worse than it that it is the good news is we have had some breaks. In between -- the heavier rain they're still could be some flooding in and opera Jefferson Parish and a battery -- it still could be flooding they are. Because the rain just gets to a certain point where it's so heavy the pumps can't keep up but right now at least the pumps have pushed everything out. -- you know I think we need to let everybody know and you're not a great job of doing that today we're gonna -- raised. So. Please if you don't epic Wall Street don't you know they'll go out there at all. I know a lot of books probably get a little stir crazy but. We get through this one pick I don't think it's gonna clear up or. All right Jefferson Parish sheriff -- Norman extremism -- I we're gonna come right back with your comment to -- text here to call a show called 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Activity and Texas -- texting -- 7870. Again. A great job by they've potter and can hear him here in the other room they're doing a great job getting everybody on the air at. Getting us the information we needed -- taking your calls as well. Live -- -- WL this morning I'm -- -- coming right back. Other Sunday morning there is no need to panic but there is a lot of tropical storm -- that is still heading our direction in the center of the storm is just moving on the Louisiana coast. The New Orleans area related throughout this area and the Gulf Coast Mississippi Alabama Florida. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Good morning. Good morning -- my question in concern is -- I am a lake view resident. This seventeenth street canal is that four feet aren't some and almost Buffy. Was -- measure. When will they shut -- -- one of our very right -- Are they trying to -- banking at China fruit that the levees will hold. You know we don't wanna have to find -- -- Well I would I would hope Darlene I would hope that's not the case as far as I know all the pumps are working and and I think it everybody has done. Everybody you know Katrina taught a lot of people -- a lot of very important lessons unfortunately it got -- took that. But to it it seems to me that everybody is is working in in concert with -- each other and and I don't expect anything to it to happen. Yeah well. When you right here by the levees in new validate that -- so much I hated your house yeah. And you know that this -- on that on yet and they wait until it can reach a certain I output level whatever. Well. Guess when you darkened effect giving you so worried. I I wouldn't worry Darlene I'm sure I'm sure they're on top of that I'm glad to call the show but I understand your concern -- go to pearl river Stanley you're on WW delicate time for our quick comment from. Yet show people report that northern and -- Spanish so or repair though politically in the quarter which is right what. We have images do penalized throughout. Ten inches in the last two hours here. I've seen that area I've I've seen area on on radar and you're getting some massive massive rain. Yes it has been common operatives. All right Stanley able if you get out and be sure drive carefully political show if you wanna be part of our coverage today. Of a tropical storm -- -- VW -- call -- -- 2601870. Toll free numbers 866889. Is 0870. In a text number is 87870. Remember if you need any information about to a tropical storm Lee go to our website there are a lot of links there are a lot of information Korea. I'm just go to WW real dot com and also have a question about anything you could call our show and if I don't have the answer which -- probably won't. Will make sure that as somebody answers a question Korea. -- WL I'm scoots we'll be right back.

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