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9-5-11 Mike Scarborough, David Carmadelle, BIlly Nubgesser, & Craig Taffaro

Sep 5, 2011|

Tommy Tucker gets a recap of the LSU football game with Mike Scarborough, Publisher of Tigerbait.com. Tommy speaks with Mayor David Carmadelle of Grand Isle to get an update on the weather there after Tropical Storm Lee. Billy Nungesser, Plaquemines Parish President and Craig Taffaro, St. Bernard Parish President also join the show with weather updates from their Parishes.

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Noon tummy -- period for Garland as I normally am. On Friday's and holidays. And a hard time restarting -- computer there we go. Com and he'll be back tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock loaded for -- I guarantee that. So buds off today is wells -- will be in for him later. But tonight. And Jordan Vigeland -- correct in his right the point after I mean the second guess show. Because a lot of people have questions about this with the rapidly departing tropical system but yes they will be liable on the beach as peacefully as silver slipper casinos -- come on down. To the silver slipper on the beach and -- county Mississippi for the -- second -- show the anti about the saints 53 man roster give retaken a Green Bay Packers match up. And here's the -- eyewitness account of the LHU -- game it's the Labor Day edition the second game show courts till late today under the WL AM FM. And god tell Mike Scarborough joins us right now with tiger bait died com. Mike guy enjoyed talking to you because you know more about this and I could never even imagined because I'm just a casual LSU fan. First off thanks to taken semi Labor Day to be with us. From. I -- wing guy will be used that a bad Seles -- take a break in reconnect with He had to six so when He sent any toll free 866. 889087. If you have any questions. From Mike Mike tell me your take on the game and it won't get to specifics. Its usual obviously if you live relished view but still. You know I -- particularly game that nobody gets kinda pushing in through all the golf the field distraction and a little less -- They came out they were at least it did well prepared. No but generally comes out in the end both had a very informative I think would have been better often. But it's still sketchy daddy had an absent from Cuba -- drops the ball so. You know what the biggest national games a year it's the first get into the year. And you come over and impressively and on national television. And I don't know -- don't record achieved -- the debt much bit of chemistry or any of the -- and there's along with the deeply to special teams the game. And -- didn't continue to do what they did Saturday and I think nobody knows -- put bookkeeping Soledad good. I gotta tell you you know in any announces on TV male point about this -- Oregon looked like they might handle little. Case of the jitters and -- and another plane a freshman a true freshman but. Many in terms of focus in first off its first game of the season you got a national. Did television audience so big you can have maybe. Case may -- you gonna be a little. Distract -- bit nervous but then when you factor in everything and it's been well documented that -- issue. Has gone through I think you gotta be. Not impressed but amazed. With what they you just said how less miles kept them -- -- how well how does it would what's the trick here -- keep -- team. Who is so laser focused on the task at hand. I don't know what that could give them but he's got every time if it hadn't yet gone back to Katrina and there's there's other things. You know He gets a proposal people vehicle pulled back its Kindle -- -- -- in the fight -- immediate but it. You open executable but don't. And Altman added that it can go to the capital of that the to get their content type of Vatican told that this could do and we're gonna puke. It is that the -- to the capital out into the into the -- coach. And you know get into it -- his constituents about that -- I wouldn't trade the other coach in the country. I take what we would get a problem with the phone lines are to take a break here will reconnect with you Mike. And will -- the phone lines to give any questions for Mike Scarborough with tiger -- does come about DL -- offense or defense or specifically. I Jarrett Lee to six so when He seventy toll free 866. 889087. He won't come ankle last night. How how far do you think this -- team can go I have a question about Boise State that really just man. -- no -- indeed these announcers were talking about if Boise State got by Georgia which they did and and they run the table yet to be in the BC ESP. Championship conversation. I'll see if we look at the schedule -- talk him but -- -- take your questions as well Italian for Garland today girl will be back tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock. This Labor Day -- you with us on this big 877 W tell -- Tucker and for Garland -- talking to Mike Scarborough tiger -- dot com. As it relates to the tigers and their impressive victory over the Oregon Ducks. On national TV on Saturday night Mike when we're to talk to the mayor of grand isle David karma -- little -- so we're a little pressed for time but again is -- How much of her on -- think these tigers can make is they look pretty good. Well I think you know there's only one game the rest of the season when they knew they might be an underdog and after the Alabama November so. Like I've said before we went to break I think this tells you football team. What they have all the ingredients I mean what you saw a red wing into a man with a new order in place kicker in in. The defense I believe is further and faster than last year. Found that they can stay healthy. I think this team can really do some special playing this football season. And it always comes down or a lot of times comes down to injuries when He comes in depth. Others seem pretty loaded up. -- they look at that look at the defense of -- that they rotate in and out Saturday to. He'll -- -- Logan had a played a very big game cut inside you get Anthony free Johnson. A true freshman that -- played a lot inside these. At number 56 might. They got from walker right I was trying to watch for him and it's hard to watch on TV how He do. He got from what -- said He didn't -- himself very well the football game of the things kind of -- -- -- -- -- The number of plays ability Rogen played in in how well He performed. And an eagle Ferguson came in at the end of the game inside so -- easily get Sam Montgomery back who's back from injury from last season. I'm -- in Milwaukee say about power Matthews just -- that if you keep deepens the player of the week. From his performance so. They don't notice about that is less miles grant him at the end of the game and bringing multi guessing the alma mater on you don't gonna. Here so what about this BCS now and then goes on LSU but many talk about Boise State and being. The what is that I did if they win the rest of their games being in the conversation about the title game but if you look at schedules. The only team Boise State is really playing in these Georgia right they beat him in the first games that automatically puts him in the BCS championship creek amana. Well I you know like they're they're assuming that if you know someone in the SEC that win the FCC championship game has more laws. And who -- you know look for Oklahoma it to get more -- along the way to win the big twelve championship. Well it's everybody's got warlords and their undefeated didn't by default they would you know be in the Indian and mixed. But you know the fact they played at Georgia in the rest of the way you look at their schedule. You know to get they've got TCU in November. You know the rest of it's pretty much. That mountain west scheduled that's that's what they're basing it off of -- there's strength of schedule so very weak. It would it was a guilty -- uniforms by the way suddenly I have ever seen. About organic that He compared door again well. And that we can't tell -- she's uniform -- clearly like to stick with tradition. You know she did the they're the change uniforms several years ago for Arkansas game the next one is since when they made that changeup -- -- the best book in one game or league uniforms that you've ever seen. What verbal helmet then went with the old gold that the true yeah that was -- gold helmet. I thought those were unbelievable. Is -- -- -- gold helmet as a diamond right well I mean the last thing you -- WL. Update coming to let the let us. I hate to -- -- black -- but -- you know as good as impressed. Because -- was the deadbeat parents and that's best opinion play. I eat a body image and their running game the one thing that sticks out is that passing game and I don't blame Jarrett late. But it still unsure about passing game and a fatal -- way to do. Would they need to do against these -- PC games they're gonna find themselves in a bad bad predicament. Well you're you're right they're gonna need the receivers -- need to do better but there's one thing that we didn't know -- -- a football game. Was the number one wide receiver Reuben Randle was there's no it has been noticed an ankle for the last two and a half weeks. That's what you you know -- -- -- -- Reuben -- There's -- the number -- got Russell -- -- didn't. They suspended in there working on appealing that the NCAA. In the the -- -- no doubt Beckham junior. You know as a true freshman in and I think he's going to be outstanding down -- stretch but they're gonna need to help him. I'll look chase -- on drug to football's. -- Peterson dropped one and in the rest away caused some really important footballs to keep drought don't. But to the receivers are have to do better I think at the opposite of what I can stay healthy and -- that running game and you bring along those receivers to help. But I think it'll be fun. -- wish Tibet but generally I really do. But I again like a setup man not a -- the biggest concern I have is that is that after Japan some because you can't. You know just like it -- it's one dimensional they've run the ball one abominable. Eventually what's gonna happen if somebody is gonna take him out but like I've got a question about. Thank you -- appreciate it -- quickly the market that nourished. Hey Mike -- nobody great playlist this breaking hook I want it to a I just thought but I BA there. How get his son Bebop but it -- game was bright side. I used to love that I know that I don't Bobby loves it gets -- It was just really cool and the only thing that I didn't particularly care order -- regain my. And not Tommy is went or they'll issue and what -- got that previous beat bands. And how they did was prevent them from scored factor against the very end and into it wouldn't let -- less drag -- back on their last general Oregon. I think you got the defense that -- it will -- -- and argument that they. And I think that that -- president Barack. You defense. And it's intermittent and make some -- drop a little bit any any comment about my. Just chilling plot -- -- -- Well -- -- he's talking about the fact that they were trying to of the defense as were were sitting back -- keep hidden everything in front of them to make tackles and and resident. You know continue to play either as a manner of -- You know the one is so aggressive. And -- resulted in in in. He get that cheap debt -- cheap touched down. -- BH to know what what Butch Davis are all Ahmed -- series. He -- that a lot I cannot tell you what one of these days we're going up against a good game. It's all bodies from the bonded -- but I thought it was an outstanding game. I thought -- she came to play and used the tools they act and the biggest thing and it out on -- -- -- And Europe when young player out there wanna play early shoot they've played a lot of players Mike. Alia I mean look it's -- They're that's what they left out there don't appear fresh from the can play you're gonna you're gonna get your time and look like -- just said earlier -- Matthew is his. You know -- PC defense the player of the week I mean look where He came from as a true freshman last year and amount on the cheek He could play. Tony debris. Out which meant you. Yeah yeah yeah yeah He loves Larry -- not you have that -- music we're not here at all. And I bet you don't you've got about seven don't -- bad. Barnett outlook although I haven't been -- doctor at all. -- He is a football players thank you Mike anything you would -- quickly for relate to go Mike. Because. You know within this week get northwest and a little bit of -- breed of -- Mississippi State game of our week is going to be. And did it that's going to be a tough one. And before we go to David carbonneau mayor of grand dial how do you -- They keep them focused when He comes to not a not having a letdown after the beginning -- story and. I'm no good you talk to have a let down against Northwestern State I mean there that's that's going to be. You know they're gonna get together starters in there and get them out as soon as possible and get rest because you play -- Thursday night the following week. But they like -- said that trip to start building that can be. You know bet they're well coached and they're going to be ready to play they're they're gonna love nothing more innocuous you -- -- to be a better football team they were last year. We'll see and that's what I guess what I'm saying an open it is not a dumb question but in terms of mean at northwestern in having come up dozens and it was a trap game branding doesn't. No doubt none of that that when you know. You know she can come out and play their. I'm very good thank you might appreciate your time happy Labor Day you can probably thank you sir need -- a tiger -- dot com. And and subscribe and get only inside LSU information. We go to grand -- Matta talked to David karma Dell may have grand I'll find out how they've been weathering this tropical weather Lee which is now. Downgraded to just a tropical depression I believe the morning David how you deal and take a long time I didn't permit -- minerals weekend -- Yes yeah we grow we evaluate -- -- we get old solar replacement. But we get a big concern is more it was to get Delhi auto the board. All focus was focused on smaller before daybreak in the we had a man -- it played in a road so from grand dollop or push off and then we went all the way to -- those of the floodgates. And the same time Bob we've met with officials there but like we got the inevitable about twelve known. -- -- an excel. And to get people back into the first thing that the fact they -- well armed -- -- make sure that we get -- people to come back again. Are these people -- be go to which enables it to three nights ago. It looked like -- -- will be accessible. I saw you on the weekend talk about clean and LA one and then you'd you'd working your rear end Dawson and negate. Clogged up and completely clean at this time it's -- they claimed. Dictate how many I got a good got to facilitate -- that I had -- -- -- and on the town employees in. Which are used it is that drugs are killed our guys back it's fired up you know to get only trucks and share well -- -- launch in Tibet oh itself. Big army trucks and well I rule of the water vehicles and John Young center represented -- Trish Roberts I mean look. Put all the problems we have a note you know they you know and defeat -- Jimmy Carter. You know we've -- we don't know like protocol or close together what else would you would the police are vigilant. Altogether invitational mark we we we we shall we used it is that -- these guys acquired over the wing you people get him out of out of your back -- I want a clean room. So excited you know people bank but the tides. It works in which -- the key to advertise so is that school. And -- syndicate could ignore it blows the water out that's a -- but clearly and so -- deliver electricity. Oh electricity came on a big stadium but 90% out there. -- -- -- Albeit big became Beckett did a great job we have a lot of -- electricity back on but it would take. So He understood what the wind blew his own lips I shouldn't stumble might have. My dad had electricity but if they do he's called studio. Will definitely should it be every bit the wetlands but everybody was -- All we have are on natural gas electricity and you know -- people to come back over that's what it between a counselor so. You know we we always say to people. We didn't speak to two players JPG glad they've opened the United States thinking it's anywhere in the world. Then we can have although Larry King is -- we could get a Credo that nobody comes at all spill but the -- restored -- like to -- Again I get to questions were you want about the economics one about the -- end grand -- to -- lose let's are with the economics. Labor Day weekend did you really hurts here. Well listen hints of it all up businesses as stock it would -- sure isn't and reference in the marine isn't. You know it is we had -- -- would -- -- a -- -- that ran -- -- -- red -- rodeo which is so well and also we get that we have so. The festival don't think we can own innovative bands playing there. Well windup and the reason money so this is too great weekend that the family and friends and everybody was kind of ran out. That would say it's obvious when you do a voluntary evacuation. Unaudited bring people into the camp -- the idea -- it -- got or to give back the Internet. The son of what you want to come out right now and people call my cradle to come back chick is some homes the residential wanna come in. And that's what we're so good together to clean up the road and Ed Ed do we gotta do. Look mom and two in the -- but directed -- all these people we're taught to get it cleaned up within. It eighteen bags more tricks again and we went back to small it cleaned up again so. You know we we wanna get the people back or get children did everything right and now we've all been. -- card -- and upper -- and John Young since a brand new bumps stated bombs. Oh we get to transferable and Russia who won't sit and -- which in my Verizon water vehicles dropped part of all the guys. They help police department in. We we portrait yet to even bring it through floodwaters -- really want. We came in put in place and we ride right now and looking at -- how -- -- the waters drop and so. You know we didn't waste the time we just -- -- to get equipment and and we get better and better and better again. People loved it calling it beta -- a couple of marketable at 12 o'clock today. I -- pretty interesting conversation -- Jonathan Myers channel four earlier about storm surge you know sometimes a prolonged event can be as bad as a powerful event that moves. Pretty quickly how much you grand did you lose didn't. Well it would kind of an area that's what I think this court put elected officials accountable so cheap and in all officials to make. All around Louisiana you know to make this call because but that's only a reminder of sit on the subject it's what are you and we proved legitimate we'll look to -- And in wonder what this will -- Cuba but ago. -- -- time population that at all and they don't want to give people child in India were trapped in here a lot of it can't than they would be able to. When nobody claimed the dead include page articles as an of people calling -- what to do. You gotta make sure -- can noted if you make the right calls. Where you don't look staple it -- to -- you can -- although all you know the family and don't go exactly as schools and seeing some delighted -- in the gulf. Expected that -- -- turbulent fumble -- The Beatles the -- it is stated that a couple people pushed toward that's what happened. And in India got to make sure that people are about Hillary Clinton had to -- it you -- We did point 5 -- between 11 o'clock -- twelve black we get everybody knock on doors to get everybody out. To get their vehicle and seeing their equipment it was bone dry within 45 minutes into -- -- war additional public groups. Thank you David appreciate it I'm and I have a have a good rest of the Labor Day weekend whatever -- left -- a separate -- don't look great job thanks so much thank you -- right now time for WWL first news for that quickly to Chris Miller this Labor Day in the big 877. WL Tom -- for Garland you will be back with you tomorrow morning bright and early -- 10 o'clock. And a quick programming notes. Code will be -- blood following me in about an hour and a half and then there will be. A second guess -- -- from the silver slipper casino. On the beach in Hancock county Mississippi the weather's fine -- keep you waiting and talk about the saints. 53 men -- give you take on the Green Bay packer match up. And nearly Canon's eyewitness account of the -- issue word in game Labor Day edition the second guess shoot a mod today. Fortunately under the WL AM FN. And god common case should not heard apartments perished. Has been impacted by the tropical system then moves through and Billy none disappointments parish president joins us right now morning -- you Dylan. Good how are you today pretty good and you busy tell me what is the latest. -- is -- is -- -- shift around. Out of the north and we needed there. Kinship there and blowing that water out and it sure would be more to me I'll try to Levy can launch below. He water near a border cart. Card to a portion little Abby I'll allowed -- order to get out pretty quickly. We're pumping it out now would. Well got a -- it'll be several day. So we're gonna Gordon caught it and hopefully we can get -- -- we open bar tonight. Are so people aren't content on top of the mission river levees. You know we at all or -- trying to get to war. -- man. And that people trying to get back toward home child on this. Yeah I heard something none in the -- say in the news last night that the money. Has been appropriated to raise that Levy but nothing's been done. -- it was appropriate to our congress. To build verdict or miles -- -- Jordan or miles. I'll try to Levy. In the import command on the west bank and federal system and no doubt that -- years ago Eddie cheered Cobb the core cheap pushing him back on the schedule. And bench Benetton a bit. On engineered this Garmin all the things they do before they go below. And now general -- says well -- -- or no money based on the new core standards -- -- just one -- or little go. And -- -- cut turner -- him sugar. -- that's unacceptable. Act which all with the corps of engineers. Disfigured from Washington. That impact our way a light without any input and local people. -- -- more public they're gonna. -- -- never worked and may never changed direction. And I'm certain literate myself. I heard there's gonna do is give the money. Those build elaborate mean industry. And will build a battle every quicker. And not I'm sure look at what bankrupt book. Other than a quarter engineers every -- to cost to wait orderly -- not. We you're a local. NI grade students can delay. And it's crazy dad does general -- which is -- comment like that congress all or -- hurricane protection brought. You -- you make a decision where you want in the Levy. In America -- it's 134 miles and miles just joking and gotta protect goal where none at all. In the other thing I thought of as -- -- this you know living in Belle chase and think in this is gonna because in the parish a ton of money because you talking about. A lot of overtime to move -- this equipment around I would presume maybe I'm wrong on this and if there's gonna happen every time they have a storm. You're talking about the the cost being shifted to the parish because the court can get their act together I am wrong and it's not. Are absolutely you know would be used to called open up all real. The governor and newspapers supported by our trove. We're finished with a starting to be committed quote channel that Colette. Unique -- -- channel and that her piece of that puzzle and the federal level to start our -- Sure enough already I million board -- all industry can put out would I would flooding. Oh for they've moved to -- Alabama. Is or that economic impact can mistake. Come to where people really not only Indiana. Heard gunfire -- -- short -- all that most mr. pure Alabama reserves beast and golf. We'll hear those jobs to those people leave as well so while this is a big issue. You ultra will hold faith and want the corps of engineers and make decisions. About how light and our future. -- would would go. I was ever mistreated. -- and oftentimes things aren't as simple as they they appear to be even in this case it is the money was appropriated and if they would have just done what they appropriated the money. To do not change some other big thick book of regulations highway 23 would not be flooded right now when it. Absolutely you don't if you look at the boards they won't tell you but I got to print out a win this project -- to -- construction. And it was at least two years ago so we'll at least there is very wasting tax dollars. It's -- corps of engineers would have done their job I mean He can't sugarcoat it and you go to college kids end up. They are they are the worst go to bureaucracy. Its cause and all the problems. That would try to preach they overbuilt and some various. -- they they surely don't do their job and others in conditions as Horton that we got to put up. Incredible we -- the bottom line Billy the daily Tony three hopefully will be open tonight. You'll hear it open bar by night all. And definitely but what oracle might make sure -- -- -- from people won't work from. -- -- -- -- Thank you -- Labor Day Billy nine gas -- -- stares president and that's not in. Obscure on the way piece of highway because a lot of people go to and then try to go back to work tomorrow morning diagonal slash you'll talk to club at saint Bernard parish president. Craig to Ferrell in a moment on the big 87 need to have -- WL. I'm in Garland who is -- on this Labor Day you'll be back tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock Craig to Farrow joins us. The president of same and aren't married she good morning Greg heavy Labor Day. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that it is Labor Day I was talking to Charlotte Randolph -- rouge parish president and I was thinking of oil spill in. Tropical storms announcing and you know what blood miss it be some else. You're right there's always up there and do. But what they get out okay. -- -- -- -- -- Well -- it out okay we. -- still gusting pretty good just in a different direction now. And it seemed like the rain is finally moving out rich and rain this morning. But we are we're doing our final suite boot. -- cleanup and -- -- the biggest challenge right now think inside the hurt in protection system boots. All things that are saturated that they all. And between kind of blow an island different direction. We're still seeing a -- branches or trees -- it's that's all over brokers. Other grown so wet in the wake -- so open water and on the tree itself no longer -- -- direction. -- The year they go lower and not ultra -- protection system recruits and it didn't sweep this morning. Doing their thing out who wrote to perhaps blow all the way to -- sound and -- -- -- itself. We -- in decent shape look at a couple of isolated situations where. -- the tornado touched down. On Saturday night. Correct. Were actually going through best it right now whether or one of those trees -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The most part it's it's now are just yeah people -- upper. -- -- -- -- Com. In terms of power outage DNA -- garner. No urgent she kept up pretty well at one point during the weekend we. We had -- several dozen people out there that -- on our current. And she got those good that the roads which got. Apparently aren't really quick. I -- we've been no outages reported a suit brought by perfect. Yeah I was mention -- -- -- and messages knowing him pretty interesting conversation with Jonathan Myers from channel -- about storm surge -- Monday might have been. It'd data -- -- anyway about storm surge and how sometimes. Because of the time the timeline and how much water is pushed in the I an event like this him. Almost be as bad as a big event a big powerful event then moves. Pretty quickly in terms of of changes since Katrina and Craig and and what the corps of engineers have been able to accomplish did. Did this event. Proved to be any kind of tests you're did you learn anything from any of this or see anything positive as a result of the end improvements in flood protection since Katrina. Well this -- this event I'll meet you kind of touched on something weird. But He can't really did challenged -- group and sort. Or there's has deploy. You are hurt in protection system. Or we call risk reduction to really wasn't challenged by the you've got. What we do continue to see -- here as a challenge related to just how much. Just how much water. Gets you watched at how quickly -- yours. He He was gay church retreat days for the bet you can actually. Ray Atlanta follow pure and urban. We had -- easterly wind blowing. And that they're pushy and stacks. Tremendous amount of water up into all marshes and I think our bodies. That that truly -- channel so we have that to a three day period even with very Adnan her Katie current. -- that's where the water comes from so that's always. Alert to our concern. In the star appearance -- it -- it -- retreat there a situation like Katrina. Where -- where should order a way ahead of storm surge that always creates an additional challenge. This time at the water on the outside it on the inside connections as gross it was really more management. Oh bring forward and and make sure there are -- -- art drainage system worked up. Anything you would like to tell us so we haven't addressed Craig lawyers. -- do pretty well covered. Now it's you don't. Do you residential. I didn't know our resident still pretty much what to puritan and how to handle these situations. As they go. He goes on it was weaker around the traffic. Because it looks more like -- You know people getting out about. Just be cautious as there there's still some wind gust blowing but remote -- Should be back to normal as court that they -- goes on hand. We've created through another. Yeah I think people are going to be pretty anxious. To get out I think a lot emissary crazy and tell you thank. I absolutely agree and are fishermen are are are trying to get back out -- at -- better. Turned up the net and start open water so they -- you'll get to that great Louisiana. Percy looks. And AM thank you Greg appreciate your time thank arch Craig are harassing him and our parish president and I get so bored yesterday when bought at the needy press. And started making the needy sandwiches. Just because I was so absolutely positively floored and flipping around the TV a thousand different times and there's nothing no lunch in China lunch. Until movie here are some in there and in my daughter and I get to talking about the need these images so I went gonna -- press. And we -- the navy -- just they're quite good so when you talk about that next hour as well how -- -- and what did you resort to. We'll be right back on -- Davila you know lines. Answer a boring Labor Day weekend leave it up for -- -- -- people. You -- the salary -- Cox news Mike gazillion AR WWL. NFL and college football. Analyst saints' roster is finalized. Big emphasis on special teams. Looks good on Paper money says very talented team. Looks like the cuts broke down evenly offense and defense very impressed with the team that's left will go through it position by position. And see how -- -- up. Eight against the Packers beat in the division. And then against the rest of the schedule and kinda look ahead to. Well the regular season because here we are Labor Day today weather wise it looks as though not only do we get rid of the tropical weather. But may do real taste of fall later on this evening. And into tomorrow Chris -- can update us on all of that with. The in the news the news coming up so we'll talk to Mike to interrogate take your phone calls about the saints' roster and so on Peyton of course registered got a contract extension. Then in the second half hour who did try to think -- somebody from saint Tammany parish to find out. The situation there. With the water and only -- subdivision in the other areas along the lake. That have had some water issues in -- also talked to Livingston parish uses gentlemen. Do we haven't. Livingston parish. My primary who is the president of Livingston parish reaches. And they've kinda got forgotten gotten forgotten in all of this they kind of got forgotten anyway they were forgotten in all of this then they've had some water issues. As well we'll certainly take your phone calls. About the saints are going to tell -- by the way there is going to be a second guess you know tonight. At the silver slipper on the beach in Hancock county Mississippi with the weather a lot of you might have had some. Concerns about that but you'll be able to talk about the saints 53 man roster. Of course give you taken a Green Bay Packers game and here's the canons eyewitness account. A real issue Oregon game I mean I didn't see this I saw less miles -- the it's around Matthew and bring him up to the front to sing the alma mater after the game but I didn't see the Canon hug his son. -- up so anyway Lil labored edition's second game show tonight you can. Come on down as they say the the silver slipper. And pass a good time at the silver slipper tonight. Point -- laid on with WWL AM FM and dot com. Taking a break for news then we come back talking about the same some nights the chilly day and checking in with areas north. About the waters Tommy and for Garland He will be back tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock. Loaded for bear I guarantee that is He is after every holiday when He saw students have an interest budget. Answer me I'm gonna go get some coffee. Take a break coming right back into the news and -- 870 --