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Sep 12, 2011|

From the Silver Slipper Casino Mike Detilier and Bobby Hebert analyze the Saints game against the Green Bay Packers on Thursday night.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Saints Monday Saints Monday on WW LA MFM and dot com the flagship station of new York New Orleans six time August 2 -- sixties and second guess -- Saints and win. With that KG in camp and -- BA there and NFL analyst Mike did you call 5042601874866889. Zero late seventies. It's accidents at 8787. Game now let's go fly. Do the silver slipper on the beach in Hancock county Mississippi here is pro bowler and the first quarterback to lead us into the playoffs. But hey there then. Mike -- Good afternoon everyone and welcome to the second guess show like that to you along with the -- again and obviate farewell -- at the syllables with the casino. Beat decided Hancock county Mississippi. Couple -- business they have the big board up that night. Boy these Monday night game between the New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins got a hold to. People would now build it up those sports are viewed area couple five doubles -- if not McDowell. Knew that it negates that but He also 105 point three FM and on the Internet at WWL dot com. -- them some bad news which it does have an effect are -- on the Saints but today. The Carolina Panthers announced that Jon -- their all pro linebacker lost the season on Achilles does that -- when Nazi you know all season long. And Eric Berry a young man tremendous football -- University of Tennessee. All of America in there first from nick had a huge impact in his rookie season with the Chiefs lost the year point eight CL. What do things that -- In game of the season that you really hate to see is the injuries start to see a lot of rules wallop the Saints had the injuries that went with baucus -- That you'll be out Puerto Bob weeks because of the broken clavicle so you know to sort of situation where you just got to fight through it but for the Panthers. Yesterday. You got the sees something and that was really special because Cam Newton. Broke the rookie record of old she ordered by a passer in this first game of the season I think everybody bottles are a bit it's that guy on there. With that type poised to prolong the football that we we've -- an impact -- his way to -- the football downfield. And that was a huge surprise and it believe me. If that was a surprise if you saw the down. That the Chicago Bears did to Atlanta thirty hit well. You Lotta thought the Bears who gonna win that game but not in the manner in which state He would pop the old -- Disintegrated the Atlanta offensive line they may now a team like we had seen in a long time throwing the football although the football field. That was not what the properties and best there rock oriented football team. Man they got home in that first game bottom Bears. Well like and you look at that and not -- now because I think we can't afford to start bottle it too. That the Bears know what -- to get away game -- old school where football win in the trenches that they have the most dominant. I believe you know these companies pass rusher in Julius Peppers. I mean -- you definitely you know put faith that last week that it be aware where Clay Matthews is it. And obviously -- -- -- health actually couldn't handle Clay Matthews will push rod. We'll be able to handle Julius Peppers you know without help but it wasn't about that kind of game like Peter not one party should want. Matt Ryan can throw 47 passes. Yet 319 yards but if you look at it yet costly turnovers. In it Michael Turner rushed for our yard that He did -- give them. You'll end -- the tenth and beat Jay Cutler everybody want to throw at Jay Cutler and an a plus we talked about purely arms and He can make all the throws. -- colors as good as anyone. Now hopefully we get that back Jay Cutler you know constantly against the Saints because you'd get the bat back Jay Cutler -- those Falcons then. You look at the -- what they sacked -- five times and what. -- got sacked four times yes so that's an area that -- what I have to get out to have an attitude caused the fumble but Mike he's you know. He's still not -- -- when He to a 33 32 passes. He's still had a quarterback rating of 108 even. We've thrown all of those facts the key was the security blanket particular night that would hit me is Matt Forte right here from Slidell. It -- all purpose yards look at it they -- running. The football receiving at a 158 total. He had nine yards and five receptions. And 68 yards and sixteen carries and -- you throwing Devin Hester. -- -- -- I guarantee it impacted Robinson guarding Devin Hester that I know Jay Cutler it's gonna get the chance. Well whoever Pat Robertson is guarding and things like right now and Mike the guy that. Really impressed me considering I don't know viewers him make a break here but he's been extremely disappointed. About appointed physical specimen. -- on the lines that are cobble it does Roy Williams. Roy Williams came up big yet only four catches for 55 yards and that's a big target so. A look at their I was I think -- east they'd probably gonna have success which Jay Cutler Cutler because of his own. -- -- loses starting rookie right tackle -- -- -- it was their first round pick last year that the parents people more sacks than any of the team in the NFL which. Six yesterday's start off with four and believe me a couple times got really got racked up and take this -- Football way but you're right about the other sport. Is Devin Hester and make sure you don't want him the ball. Yeah whatever you do well on it -- a bounce a -- -- nearly -- coverage team get down there and I'm telling you. And I talked to -- -- because -- heard it about this with a real good but returner. And He killed me I'm just telling you throughout all of you to be at a -- that got fourteen touchdowns. Can't all want -- kickoffs is the greatest return -- double what ought to help -- jock strap. It might get another guy that's a household name now -- -- -- look like you know like he's ready to roll you think he's older maybe you would slow down like it Ed -- He has that much of an impact you know every human genetic -- and it's action. Is Brian Urlacher. And He made that interception He bill that -- like the twenty year old and then all of a sudden. You know school would score Matt Bryant fumbles He picks it outscored notre twelve yards to make it 36. No I was shocked. At the Falcons got there as -- not that much by the miracle that was a Butler but that wasn't like well maybe that breaks the goal of the Falcons wait till the Bears. Well the Falcons and humbled them. And now -- very disappointing. Performer to Europe Falcons spent considering out of fuel pick in the NFC south. Well the Bears have a lot to do that. Know the thanks again have to be on their eight game to be the -- I still think it's safe they're better than the Bears. But but it's not an elected I thought now I thought the Packers are better than the -- but I think the Saints have batted in the Bears. But all of those between them like minus one minus two that's like if that's the. Barrett's foot that Bears football and that's why you lose that you look at it Bobbitt and Patriot used to always tell me this Mike it's all about winning. You've picked the mistakes later on if you look at this game with the saint bleed Green Bay. The Saints racked up all parts of the seven you ought to allotments. From Brees completed third -- -- 49 passes against the best secondary pro football. Full -- nineteen Norton three touchdowns -- you know talking about -- bit today dynasty. You don't talk about down here about the Saints defense -- yeah it goes to show you that -- In line one yard away in a two point conversion to see it over and over time you know it goes to show you how this week is the Packers last year -- the second points in the NFL. No bloody Green -- talking about how bad it benefits is it about that they won that game Thursday that it gives you Wallace. And I believe you have to watch the games of the -- -- ball game. Played all we get along with that Thursday night game on me that was a should doubt but not opt out of you're gonna see more more that Ian bell. Point totals forty points or more. Come on it and -- need everybody is not a track meet and basically blaze the trail. It up put points on the board the defense. You want a pretty good defense that made you got to put points on the board to win this week and -- -- the bastards want to do. And -- even a team as conservative as they walked out on the -- back up a lot of points. And -- might look at back at the break also got to give props out that Darren Sproles. You know we were all over Reggie Bush had broken him when He had that unbelievable game against the Cardinals in the well when He hit it that you know where -- Well Derrick Rose to fifty record Bobby puts on the -- uniform. -- this thing gets old right -- it is not about you that they gave 78 evidently LE seventy MF MN dot com. Welcome back to dislike you get -- like -- to you along with the KG camp obviate farewell lap and so it was a casino. Beside him Hancock county Mississippi on a program note tonight at 630 opened this late go to show -- coach on pick appeal of the night and that's 7 o'clock. It'll be -- secondary coach Bologna open -- one killer body also that we will join. The Monday Night Football game in progress at 730 night between the New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins -- be followed. What Oakland Raiders and Denver Broncos Bob last Thursday -- situation not converting. The red the red zone and yeah that was something you brought up in the pre game. Yes I don't like I brought up the look at third down could you got to eat fish that often it is a high profile. The best events there right through -- it watching it succeed. On third down in in the red -- When you look based -- last year the Saints at the number 13 down offense in the NFL. Now surprise that that's something that they had -- number 53. Down the so it did you look at that situation what happened yeah. Will we like the double 13 down offense who were outstanding we were nine of 1464%. Anytime you're around it -- that is outstanding. -- horrific. On third down at the -- at the Packers were eight of 1267%. So Greg was handled the look at that number that you look at red zone efficiency. The Packers before before in the -- all. We want the plot and that's that has been for. In the pregame if you look at red zone offense as good as we've been our offense last year we sucked in the -- all of the profits are number 18. I'm 32 teams. The Packers are red -- defense while -- was somewhat well thought thought. You know we -- to capitalize. On that package the bits but it just didn't happen and Reid said it best you know they break it down. And Andy said look if you look at it. The Bulls clerics that in the hole gave. It's red zone efficiency if the Green said when you get a good read all five times they cut away to one touchdown you're not going to win any games. You look at to think that scored one touchdown kicked -- field goals. It five red zone opportunities. The what you want a breakdown the game and how close was at the end. -- the Saints are pitching in the rental like the Packers in overtime and to have a chance the -- it -- sure. Bottom line is the Packers offensive line played a lot better in the saints' offensive line at the Saints defense -- middle. You spent a lot of money of a real Franklin. On on Sean. All you did you call their lives after college -- gotta play it you know their names like Vijay Roger. -- -- look at that they -- the -- I believe we know that's who we beat out make guys that event also looked at tackling it was kind of similar -- what we've seen in the pre season. I think. Now and I think you have to play great like who read on the back yet but the wind I think that the dual Malcolm Jenkins and Roman Harper played terrible. At times Roma are back. Good coverage which is great throw -- error rocket but Ozzie bullet Malcolm Jenkins. Now He wasn't available and that's the golf game but I will call back and look at that at that that they. The TV they could handle it all the voted. And look comedy play them up objected and Roman Harper did not make no dictate play good they can't play average. They got to play great but it that -- -- And help -- they win one got absolutely well with mark -- yeah yeah data on please in this exotic and get down a dark though like you rob Patrick Robinson oh my god. Let it come prepared because if you -- prepared for this game. And get ready as everybody RPI Jay Cutler whoever -- Max I would make detectives who is Patrick Robinson -- Nickel or ride I've not thought it was ridiculous like. As we get ready go to break callers they get there if you look at Patrick Robinson. Any weakness that that game even if this. You don't admit this. He says not at all this reading you know nature of the late with players throughout the game He goes I don't think about those ads focus. As far as my technique and being real focus. I think I played a little nervous also gave up it would -- would be nervous everyone has but like the united human athletic. That's just not ready plus game and welcome eight even if that you know no way the value of -- admit that that. Not being focused in one of the biggest games to pick up the season -- -- night NFL and a -- and not focus. I don't know if that's supposed to be what about top cover guys that many good. What you bit of focus now good night everybody is go to focus on you yet to be thrown the ball in your direction everything on this you. Bob got to give props out to young man from -- -- high school -- -- -- yesterday. You went to the game as the part of the San Diego they get hurt on opening -- all. -- country's currency kicks though a quarter start -- the first time he's ever picked up noble that are opening. And three extra points. Never kicked in the game before other -- that's on our. He helped San Diego beat Minnesota. Props to Mike did a great job under some -- there right and expect that. You would be to god hit the forty yard field goal watch if you belong to you you'd that would -- -- You don't like -- it's amazing if you just watched professional football and you know -- talent as you look per capita. Look every weekend. Now you focus on this they'd look at all the other teams it's amazing how many river Paris. High school players now in the NFL influence they have look at Ed Reed. They convicted until the river Paris in that court or right there they have great professional football players. More with the -- just show right after this break -- outings. Welcome back in the second guess you don't like to deal with a cajun cannon Bobby -- -- -- syllables of the casino beach side and Hancock county Mississippi you heard bits about the games in the NFL season. Now we wanna hear from you were gonna go to the local lions' big John in this city because you know how to with Bob and Mike. I got a -- I ya know. -- -- -- You know you get the privilege and honor of opening statement Thursday night like we did the things that really needs -- rookie Avery won't wait until the following. Some days that's right well you're right I you know tough but they don't want these flight. I really -- we got a Mulligan this week here so because balls or at peace throughout the so I don't want. Of course we don't want to when the position we need -- don't feel like it's so we do it right on the makeup or Green Day. You know last week when I was over -- show guys I did say that the game was going to be decided in the trenches and and Bob and Mike you are the arc on it can -- that you know obviously very much about what's around especially on those. Short yardage situations and you know there's there's not -- more on lap of the offensive line. -- to gel on the defense to want to get -- Iraq you know become you know there's only fifteen games of the season. And you know Brian Urlacher certainly isn't if it was any chances to tell and say yeah it was. Peppers about you know they got up from Europe and and -- this the Texans come to town. The following week in the and that that's going to be a tough out all our all I can tell you that you don't pick out of people week -- and I think everybody -- -- this schedule last week before the Green big game looked at that says you know what Jacksonville caused him to reward that you know negatively accountants -- that's that was. Now I've added and Annapolis in -- but -- Manning not Peyton any athlete steps -- look at why you you know that that is you have to get. You know 1112 win that -- with -- you know double digit. And you know what that. Good because they'd like this thing we -- look at Vegas aren't reported season might we your favorite. In fourteen of the sixteen games now who are favored against the Packers. That went from like four or five points and then it was a but -- still they'll be very disappointing. Mike if we're not even though we're horrible all the water right now I think we don't have you know 1112 win season. Well one thing about it beat John they -- proud group -- and that is game Sunday you. Because everybody remembers that NFC championship game. Not loss but a lot of people that went there took a lot of small views Katrina at small sort of speak. Hurled Adam throughout that game and a lot of people remember it and they've been waiting for the Bears to walk on that film there. RPI will be in -- number waiting for them walk on that they're guys that -- you mention what the Texans did yesterday that does come to the pin out. What that that really it was kind of rough to watch even though I'm no great fan Colts -- Without Peyton Manning. And and -- what happened in Baltimore yesterday was it was very simply because. What about what I thought was two very old football team. Getting it handed to them by two very young and upcoming. Football seem to -- in respect to visits and I think the thing they pay extra. Going on right now especially in the AFC -- with that. Would attack isn't that what McNamee youth movement. And also with the Ravens finally looking like we got this -- was number and make this deal look like a very very old football -- What you don't make -- you look at the Steelers in the Ravens an -- that equipment has been. Joseph Flacco Ben Roethlisberger you look at Robin -- yet won seven straight starts. Against the Ravens. But all of a sudden he's 220 -- want throws three interceptions. And that was the key. I mean look at the Ravens fourth -- team bracket seven journal to mimic a playoff game. Last year when they beat the Ravens thirty when the 24 the Ravens brought up and have time to what they want to seven. But that they turned over the ball three times in the third water. They've got this thought the Ravens got three the Ravens got three takeaways in that third quarter but it started that when He went seven advantage to build on that. Note to meet Flacco -- matured in that game if Flacco. Does that give it up -- -- -- result the Ravens I think that article Arnold on his -- John I think you that game was the two opens at that right McKinney. On the left side Michael -- right. Did you dream Harrison's name more -- quality at all those guys -- -- in the hip pocket. The entire game you gotta give credit. And -- the roses do Flacco but may not think the thought of that game -- Bryant McKinnie at left tackle Michael lower right tackle. And CL let pressure all the -- lack electrocuted them. If it did Ray Rice runs Bible seven yards that they were able to keep its human -- all balanced out running back pick John thanks so much -- -- -- we -- -- -- -- you don't second -- you'll -- -- this -- out. And -- -- 77 -- BLE 70 AM FM and not. Went back to the recognition you like to deal indicates again obviate bailout of the supposed to the casino beach side and Hancock county Mississippi. You know programming note tonight 630 it would be yes thanks go to she'll head coach Sean Payton. In at 7 o'clock tonight -- -- -- Tony both in the secondary coach with the Saints 730 tonight we're gonna join the New England Patriots Miami Dolphins. In progress and then later on tonight Oakland Raiders that we brought schools wall to wall coverage of NFL football and go to the park the third out this. -- You know huddle with Bob and -- you. Are propped up. If I was coming to add to that -- a man of the Volvo you already did it go who's not a book. Roman -- come home game. Yeah we talked about it. Yet they'll let that and I think Roman Harper. You know we've -- a lot of money in hand I think Greg Greg Williams. -- and I got used to areas where Roman Harper has excelled at the -- -- -- He -- on the top of the NFL it forced fumbles and He also. Top among safeties and -- And I it but I but I thought that but -- but -- think Roman. I mean it was supposed to be that's his expertise make it tackles you had some wits against the Packers. And normally you don't see that even what Malcolm Jenkins. No if you look. They're all. Yet out and look at that's not a -- -- after fourteen yards 83 points. Four to fifty this Seattle 399 that the Packers. Note that that's discouraging. And I plus that Roman Harper Malcolm Jenkins. That you can't play good -- -- -- -- -- -- even directly great. Yeah well I don't know I am not again He played from Shaun Rogers and Franklin Dallas. Now look -- -- -- that all the time to put in that creek there but now that it happened neck. Yeah. Yeah. In. Well we I'm not worried about Randy Moss we had basically five yards offense if you take out those sacks. You know -- who will be it'd be efficient how they can spread the ball around with a lot defense showed a hell you know have to play a whole lot better. Not sharper with that Dick gave I think the when He report He was talking Mickey -- On the sidelines. I think we there yet at the panic. I -- this team needs to bring in a veteran receiver a big -- yeah so and Randy Moss to me doesn't give him with this football team go out and get it got TJ Houshmandzadeh. All you know. I think he's a guy that would have been much better in his office -- Randy Moss. -- -- never brought in a guy like Randy who's been. A bit of -- -- not a bit He has been up for Madonna and other places you bring it a big receiver that can run short -- You ranged up passing. Routes that's what this football team's gonna need to export of five weeks but that's really not all markets most of which only which wanna call. Big receiver on the roster. Yeah could you look lance -- we don't know when he's going to be available. Obviously you know him -- Drew Brees on the same page can you look at the -- that Devery. And now -- and arrogant possibly you know you look at -- guy he's getting he's not a big responsibility he's tall but he's getting he's not what you face now. So we have a really don't have that like when you look at. As far side we'll meet Tim you could say he's more burner -- just maybe not as physical like knuckles then. You're saying so to speak going up by a rebound but -- know that I'll be interested to see if they just gonna stand pat -- out there and can't stand pat but but -- it. Get big you bigger receiver that big target in essence that's what -- reached really likes to do in the red zone. You want that big presence there. But but it -- do stand pat do you think to me if they don't make a move that means they think lance -- going to be ready are available. Against the Bears they gonna trust Aaron did that. And I would ask you we trust that you don't go what are you go -- As well no not right now. -- an answer that question well what deciding yes you're right at this time body on the negates that -- evidently LE seventy about human dot com. Welcome back -- the kicking game you know -- in the closing moments of -- of one of the salary issue as they have been batteries and you know Ottawa Bobby -- -- And that's what I went to the game in Green Bay ahead I'm in my life. Kind of like -- was the Super Bowl. Don't know how to how to the fans treat you the packer fan -- went -- like if -- Phantoms over. They treat it like all first class I mean the lady behind the apologized to me full. She was you know just being that good pack of pain and don't knock the Saints play in Yankee cap young children but we don't mind -- yeah. It was first class people first class facility but I'm sure Bobby knows already -- -- I would walk in. The hall of -- And as a pitcher Bobby -- in. -- -- A black and white pitchers in and all but I. No way am -- getting -- already Q why are somebody in that they. Function as the lone touchdown in the black and white picture and you just don't want to pat you by itself is that what it's accurate. -- well. I -- a picture of it and not if you got email on a semi web site I'm not certain that He. Yet just just said it does that at the big chief Steve mill. Okay but. What -- might get a kick out of it than I get -- in doubt because He was met a lot of money with you on his backside look at but this guy out and you don't read your lights on Jones -- little. -- -- -- -- Reggie White football court. And knocking the crap out of -- -- -- he's one of those but no we actually talk about a heartbreaking. Record now the Saints are liable feel. Are now won it three. An album we played it that was the game might win Ricky Jackson got the car wreck that He broke his cheekbone. We were up by 21 points. And if we lost that game -- -- -- -- -- 3730 so we're up -- what they -- what -- that was you have a cow -- before Brett Favre. And now -- you know 91. But yeah how might that -- -- it goes I thought you know we're -- basically like to want it or. That the the three and a half or some idols like because ultimately I don't give me. You guys and some but the most vivid memory was watching pony and you're on the silent yet solidly in the but it would have it any. And lowly aero. Out of this wasn't quite right -- with the second -- show. Right up that is you know break you know the big 878700. LE seventy MM commitment dot com.