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Sep 14, 2011|

Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia invite former Bears offensive guard/radio color analyst for WBBM Chicago, Tom Thayer, into the radio huddle.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to sports software although Jason Day a day early due to the game tomorrow night's LSU Mississippi State on location it -- -- course like Crown Royal saint issue from six to 79 we will visit with Saints offensive lineman Zach -- first time we've had a chance to visit. With -- -- to please show we'll visit with him and -- talk about the Saints. First game against the Packers and the big one in the dome Sunday noon kickoff. As a Chicago Bears come to town through the woods that come on out and see is that something went some goodies as well. Here at hooters on veterans boulevard in -- this week Zach Strief is always saints' special guest -- Also coming up on today's program in after the first break Saints have a report Kristian -- will be -- -- -- with today's practice report. Out on the saints' front looking at today's injury report those who did not participate. Obviously Garrett Hartley and Marcus Colston. Roman Harper with an ankle injury He did not participate pound Johnson defensive tackle. With the calf injury will limit participation and it wide receiver Lance Moore likewise with the -- entry. Limited participation as well look at the latest from Saints camp with Christie Garrett after offers break. Also will visit with a member of the 85 Bears championship team Tom failure -- bears' -- gaudy serves as a color analyst. For the Bears radio network can of WV BM radio in Chicago. The two angry way we're trying to even if Saturday in conference USA play they failed to. Also this past Saturday in the Louisiana Superdome a bit -- a coach Bob Toledo at 5:20 PM. Also that they would tomorrow night as the third ranked LSU Tigers are slim favorite on the road at Mississippi State. Taking on the bulldogs will speak with Brendon Moss subtleties in Mississippi State beat writer for the clarion ledger of Jackson. Mississippi -- I'm -- this evidence of Saints -- visit with Zach Strief. And your opportunity to talk with -- at 5042601878. Or toll free 8668898. Sammy and they would have QB to QB Bobby Nichols one on one with Saints quarterback. Drew Brees at seven team Pete you know. And now looking at the big one tomorrow night it is an issue and Mississippi State and that broken here with the coach Stan Bowman said. He had to probably about LSU's top playmaker on the defense is that a ball He -- coach Malone's thoughts on Durant Mathew of the -- -- mark you know me kicking game we gotta be sound reassuring -- -- tackle. Keep him contained. In the kicking game and you know defensively I mean. -- block them got -- in -- route running. You know I mean can they play good football -- he's comfortable. Coach mother was also raised about. Is this the most talented team in the third ranked LSU Tigers he's ever faced. Only faced many Kyle -- have been here. You know I think Florida couple years ago and they were pretty talented teams. Alabama it's been a pretty talented team. You know. Over last year the couple first round draft -- so you know I would shoot it right up that level all of those teams I think they they get a lot of very very talented players lot of first round draft pick from Steve. It was -- good -- to have. And of course will break goes down tomorrow but I'm a very much so physical post camp doesn't -- in. Picayune Mississippi from one of 5 PM there were handed off -- the LSU sports network from five to 707 and it's 707 it is kickoff between. LSU and Mississippi State and the point after tomorrow at the bulldogs for the Tigers post came on the other issue network now. Auburn nipping Mississippi State the last Saturday in a thriller on the planes in our manager and has stadium Mississippi State three cracks at the one yard line couldn't -- in Dan Mullen talks about. How his team has dealt with that difficult law. Since I've been here we've always rebounded pretty strong. You know on -- if we handle adversity pretty well around here and you know I mean it's kind of what are programs based you know I think he'll bounce back and be ready to come or. Did talk about how tough the SEC -- a nine win team you -- Mississippi State. And one conference victory came against that in the west it was against Ole miss they -- -- -- everybody else. In the western division now coach mother and asked about the LSU offense how is his defense trying to attack the type offense. We don't have a different coordinator this year on their offense different quarterback. You know there's a little different flavor to. From where they've -- -- You know I mean you don't really get -- you know when you look -- first -- every year the first -- on the year we go out -- study all that -- you know a lot of you're researcher -- offensively. Is going to be a little different issue with their personality. They -- well here winding up and skiing up about the LSU running back tandem of forward. And no way there. Well I mean they're good photo. Or are pretty physical runners who really like to run the ball between the tackles big powerful offensive line. You know it may bolt -- A great vision. When you -- Horrible to me really good vision that they she does the play developing in front moments. You know they're always make you break 'cause his whole both Lamar once they get pulled over -- when they get him. Should be exciting ever see in starve Vegas tomorrow night -- Theo Davis wade stadium. As the bulldogs and attain the third ranked LSU Tigers and -- listen to an all right the Oklahoma the Tigers this. Is WW. -- this offences is endless he's such a smart player. And he's so versatile. Sorry if this offense really can't run without him back there with the way he's able to take screens and get in the passing game and so run between tackles Sierra. You know he's he's a threat all over the field and there's not many running backs only to contracts. And that is it Jacob look quarterback of the Chicago way is commenting on former Tulane inside they'll star Matt Forte who is a huge part. Of the Chicago -- offense welcome back it's the Crown Royal court might think ratio from six to seven -- night we will be meeting with Saints offensive lineman Zach Strief. Final four to 601870. Toll free 866889. He rates and they we -- bring in now -- -- that -- -- -- of it's just sports. Kristian garic for today's presser report Christian take -- away. I -- was star with today's injury report some. Encouraging news for coach Sean Peyton Garrett Hartley with the right hip did not practice. Some wide receiver Marcus Colston with a right shoulder. Did not practice safety Roman Harper. Right ankle did not practice. Wide receiver Lance Moore with his groin was limited. And defensive tackle Tom Johnson with his left calf was limited. Certainly some good news and a number sixteen back an element -- at least at practice after missing two days last week before their. Game against the Green Bay Packers -- the Bears are coming off an impressive thirty to twelve win in the week one over the Atlanta Falcons this is a team that you know it's it's easy to forget it's not easy to forget really. That played in the NFC championship game a year ago in Chicago. The last two thirds of the season they played. Extremely good football complementary football. Both offensively and defensively in the kicking game but the film against Atlanta it was was was definitely. A good indication of the type of team we're playing. The Bears front seven is a big part of Chicago's success -- the played with great effort and energy. Peppers has done a great job the rest those guys up front are very active exits -- it's a real good front defensively. You know it's an experienced defense when you when you look at their returners coming back off -- last year's team so. They know and in a very well coached in their scheme and they they know what they're looking to do with each. Defense of alignment that they call -- -- -- -- saying that Chicago as a pretty clear recipe for success under coach Lovie Smith Lovie and his staff been in in that team. Have a formula and it's been very good do them when you look at their history in and so. They played to it on Sunday union you can see that on tape. Now to the offense and special teams for the Bears coach Sean Payton says. I was in the Saints we'll have their hands full. -- -- wide receivers kick returner Devin Hester that's a problem you know both as a kick returner a punt returner you know we heard this before. He -- before as a receiver. Get behind coverage in the game of their they -- -- time they always dynamic with the ball in his hands I think he's gotten better each year's receivers. -- Saints are a little banged up at the wide receiver position obviously Marcus Colston being out for about four weeks and then. Lance Moore being limited at practice but that would those injuries a generic you know get a shot -- more. Play tough you know it's the next guy out there and in that affects every it affects Robert. Last week Adrian Arrington was up plants was working that day in and looked pretty good so it's here it's happened before with Marcus -- before with several the other receivers -- -- fortunately we've got a group of guys that no more than one position they understand. That the scheme they've been in it long enough so secure we feel pretty good about you know being able to. Fill in the next player in the meantime. You know continue and continue the rehab on Marcus and can get him up to speed as soon as He can now know Randy Moss in the Big Easy this Saints don't plan on adding a veteran wide receiver we've got contacted any receivers. And and I'm familiar with TJ Houshmandzadeh that's why Aston and I'm familiar with Randy Moss we've not reached out to any receivers were in a position I think where we're we we're deep enough and we feel. Rivera about the guys we have. It Saints quarterback drew restock that to me today he's in the final year of his contract his agent Tom Condit wasn't down yesterday talking with stage manager Mickey Loomis. About a new deal for three in my agent and can make here and ongoing discussions. You know for me I'm trying to. To compartmentalize it as best I can't. You know obviously I'm involved to an extent. But you know I've got I've got. Other very important things to think about who each week as I prepare for the upcoming opponent so. That's why fired my agent you know and and so they all have a job to do. You know on I'm hoping that it that it will be done sooner than later. On to the game on Sunday now Brees would like to -- did that bear off his back I know this I haven't beat these guys have. So. But played in there and every time so all four times have been in. Chicago's three with the Saints and one with. Chargers obviously I was sure I got to think yourself an option if if if there's -- Lou Smith talked today about the previous three matchups at which the Bears want. You know we don't fit the schedule we can kind of play it you know. You have to feel the win on the road for everyone gets you know win at home. When I don't apologize to plan those who -- last three games here and look forward Cohen banners we. And Saints offense a lot of Jahri Evans says. It is teammates that was the wrong team at the time they played the Bears three consecutive years. Remember their previous three -- pretty well and I mean it was so we went through against these guys who really deathly. 00 victory you know against these guys especially at home. He's going to be great when you get to start the year off to. They have -- -- saint wrapping up practices up and hit the field again tomorrow as they get ready for Sunday's home opener against those Chicago Bears expect. Christian and obviously you know in this day and having everybody's in the media coach Payton said this a year ago it. You know you got to treat it tweet FaceBook called -- type of stuff you know like it's your own press conference but the the whole world would know so. Sad day. Welcome person I guess it was Saturday back and forth of about this small room and all that in. And a the first thing out her wallet and the William Hill that because that just doesn't fit into what this organization has -- -- got to follow it and it. -- -- -- lead you to back to square one because you call me -- would mean you -- absolutely no truth. -- I can see something's being a legitimate rumored to believe but that one had no Ellis is the most as a -- -- -- I think silly state speaker cooked up you know on these blogs and chat boards what are and so on and so forth and and that -- when He put -- out let me back to square one which is my original much which was it just doesn't sound right it doesn't sound like this team you know it's a guy that. You know they've been -- To -- the past five rumors and guys like parallel with that never. Cavallo a couple of years ago beaten another Terrell Owens or with an eight -- shut that down -- real quick came right -- that's not true so. And then that's one of the things that led me to believe instantly when I heard this. Mean certainly we wouldn't do our due diligence of trying to find stuff out but you know my original hunch was then I just don't see that happen then we you know obviously found out that. He wasn't even close to being. Anywhere near airline drive. You know one thing we talked to coach paint and on the coaches so Chris and as a success against the Chicago Bears in the last two meetings well obviously a closer than the one that was. In the NFC championship game but. One guy who is just really hate Chicago moment -- -- -- to -- 42 all purpose showed in his first game. Against the Bears He became the first player in Saints history to have more in the -- yards rushing and receiving in the same game. And you know Lleyton we've lost in overtime 2724 basic making knocked us out of playoff contention in week fifteen on -- Thursday night game. He hit to her an adult poker show what he's -- enough willow was six -- -- -- in in these games in almost -- -- -- -- So one would think that Pierre thomas'. Is going to be a focus this week the Saints offense -- I would think so too human history and He said the success he's had and you know he's from up there so. Kind of we got the best of especially going up to Chicago like they had in the previous three years like -- day is the the saint players you know are anxious to get this football team on their turf for once it's been awhile -- play. They played the Bears down and in Louisiana that was there and they the Katrina year 2005 when the superdome wasn't available so they have been down here I think it's. Since 03 so there brackets are anxious to. To get this team down there you hurt by provide Jahri Evans -- it's very -- of these guys' minds especially the ones that have been here. Since 06 and had to -- a fifth consecutive years. It'll be extinct but look you know this Bears team. A lot of people you know didn't factor that into the conversation with the Atlanta Falcons and -- to Green Bay Packers as a class a pianist -- I think they -- Sunday against Atlanta a look. We're not going to -- I went the length of the world Louisiana soul was in 05 the Katrina season in Tiger Stadium and that was the closer but that was one. By the Bears also Christian thank you so much -- And welcome back later on in the program from six or seven we will visit with Saints offensive lineman Zach Strief he's a special guest tonight. At the course like -- are All Saints players show your hooters. In a -- -- he's a member of one of the greatest teams ever in NFL history now serves as a color analyst of WBBM radio in Chicago the Chicago bear radio network Tom player. Joins us now Tom first off thank you so much for the time we certainly appreciate. My pleasure things happen. What Tom let's talk about -- what you were able to see. On Sunday the -- like -- -- dissecting the Bears offense that sect in the falcons' defense likewise with the Bears defense it to the Falcons offense. It was though I think one of the bears' most complete games they've had in awhile. Yeah you're exactly right it was a complete game I think it's a reflection of the quality coaching. That they've been doing since the edge at the start of training camp. You know all you -- that you expect that Mike Martz and Jay Jay Cutler. We're going to be able to evolve this system more efficiently through the eyes of the quarterback. Which is really been taken place on the training camp. Mike Tyson your offensive line even with first round draft choice gave screaming at the right tackle position is still a work in progress obviously what the trade up. Perennial pro -- future hall of famers Olin Kreutz hair stand. The defense has been making it to its -- guy like Henry Melton have really developed into a solid defensive tackle. In everybody knows about Julius Peppers and lance Briggs and Brian Urlacher. So they do you have star power inmate played. Like an experienced veteran team for all the opening week anyway. Tom what would would there be described as from your days in the days before you even -- -- that that game that Chicago had against Atlanta would that be described is. Traditional Chicago Bears football. I yes I think that's what the Bears fans want to see the Bears get back to even now they have a strong arm quarterback like Cutler in the mind. Mike Martz they really believe that the success and failure within that division. Is that you have a strong running game. That allows you play action passing downfield passing game yet. Read the -- series the weather in the field deteriorate. If you really do have a strong influential running game that's gonna create more opportunities for success. Tom tea form of the book -- offensive guarding columnist for the Chicago -- radio network is just Michigan as the Bears in town Sunday to take on the Saints at noon kickoff -- -- radio WW LA MFM and that Tom time now let's look on the defense to side of the ball -- -- of we heard some of the comments that coach Smith -- after the game series you know we don't get off the bus blitzing. Which -- get pressure with the front four and it traditionally and historically what Chicago has gotten a good push from their front guys even your playing days. It just allows the defense to do so it's not so much more with the back seven. And that was evident all game long on the note -- a couple of sacks by -- -- total Julius Peppers lewis'. You know phenomenal self but when they can do that they're very hard to defeat. Just not right you know I I think one of the keys of the success that the that the line there's a lot of pressure we're done with done with the line -- -- that the work that defense of line coach Mike fair and Rod Marinelli could -- for the coordinator here. When they go out there in the repetitions league goal through the defense that lined -- on. And they try to keep them. Quickly efficiently and powerfully -- that's the way they want pressure to be put on the opponent's quarterback. Like you said and like lobby of -- mentioned they are not blitzing team -- pressure with the front four. Try to run the ball effectively. In my -- everything and that's special teams contributing major way like they have been but it is the pressure from the front force team. What talent you talking about special teams the special teams was -- that they Robby -- of course it Devin Hester and He just gives you something and that dimension and looks like he's improved a lot at the receiver standpoint. But He just gives you something the way it. He dictates what you wanna do in the you know he's he's one of these few guys and I think that is kickoff rule. -- maybe -- -- avoided but if there's anybody's league it's got to come 78 yards deep it still has a legitimate chance to return it. It's a guy like chest and then when your opponent time. I you can plug away from your wrist punt the ball out of bounds too much so He really dictates which you do feel position wise as well. Yeah you guys you know in in the punt return games he's -- He has the ability He does freelance a little bit more. Bob what they're easy on the kickoff return game special teams coordinator -- -- does a great job of organizing the blockers in front of bomb solely they give them a crease or seen. Or helmet on helmet so He can avoid some of the first tacklers if He gets evidence based. He'd get him make a big play out of it and he's been able to expand his role as an -- receiver. If He got hit the ball in space outfielder on the line of scrimmage in space He can be creative with at all those so. -- has more about a multi mention on the team this year. But it's the biggest plays He has the ability to make that really lights up the sidelines are from the special teams. It's -- speak and coaches I'm I'm that you correct me if I'm wrong. Coach Mandela and coach martz coached -- -- coach Smith. As for eight coaches don't want to -- is that if that's got to be -- I don't know we get to near to all the coach we have to coach Payton but. Angel bit spent that time as interim coach in Saint Louis but boy take coaches on -- one team that there must be some kind of record. Yeah I think it is there's a lot of Eagles in one room and in the -- in the culture -- but you know. I don't I really don't I think Lovie Smith as one of the best coaches at this level. To be able not only to juggle the personalities. But make sure everybody is playing a problem overall. In as much as Mike Martz. It may be considered that as centered in Jay color have a great relationship. In which Jay worked very hard forums. Put a lot of effort in the meetings in right now is I'd be representing what what the possibilities. Of this offense are. And I -- I think that's where. Some of the most excitement -- -- in our had the Bears fans and waiting it from the off the side of the ball. Now there's -- -- against former Bears great and current color analyst for the Chicago bear radio network's Sunday at -- Saints and Bears here on WW -- radio Tom. Brian -- obviously dealing with more pressing issues right now more -- to death of his mother. Historically what we have seen when players do if they decide to play after something family like they've come out really emotional. And played extremely well. What is the situation now apparently at the -- friend returned to the team mates He entries got as much anyways He wants to be with his family whats currently going on with that situation. You know I I think it's up in the air I think that. Brian has He had golf leeway in that time in. All the space He needs in order to get as badly. In all of everything that they're going through in the last few hours to organize well. I I don't I don't know what what Bryant couldn't do but I know there. When He comes back that locker room because He has such a well respected -- guy inside that locker room in its sincere. -- since sheer enjoyment -- personality being out there gonna rally around him like a band of Brothers should. And it's going to be difficult it's going to be emotional what these guys around him when it though a lot on the team that he's gonna need. All right -- I know you us Saturday night in all your notes together. Did you have a chance to watch your alma Mata and enemies can regain -- what did you think of those uniforms. Com I didn't like I didn't like beyond shamrock on the Notre Dame alum and I would just like believe that alone and if you wanted to belly up the uniforms go ahead and do what I like the Michigan uniform that -- You know you look at the football side -- it can turn over in two weeks you're not gonna win any game that way. Plenty of action for the college football fan it was an exciting game by. You know say that three -- shamrock were the other day. And did it how you've been a part of some great robberies Notre Dame Michigan Notre Dame USC. Chicago at Green Bay you which one is the most tense. You know I I always loved playing the Notre Dame USC game out of the coliseum because it was such -- huge facility. And they would sell out every every year. And I never won a game at the coliseum however the atmosphere at USC Notre Dame is impressionable. What Green Bay -- day are Green Bay Chicago Bears. Bet there's a lot more intensity and professionalism. And there's a lot more on the line at this level between that rivalry. At summit should look at some great teams now the Patriots to close to going undefeated a few years ago of the great teams. How great was those I was at 85 Bears team. -- and it it was it was. It was a good team you know because we are so air and on defense and every one of those guys were. Cocky or that the next but they play they were great players and they had a lot of confidence. And gotten. When the time that they get to spend on the field they were getting at it. But on the other side of the ball fortunately we were definitely would -- -- in time of possession I think we led the league in scoring you know Walter Payton was an unbelievable performer hurt himself self. When you look at -- every phase complementing -- that we are able to do that and I believe that's one of the reasons. Why we were such a powerful unit is because we had balance -- ball all three sides of the ball. It's all finally I think obviously we can break this thing down and get to get a sheet out on the it will pay him quite all kind of things down I think it comes down the ball security. And the -- ability to try to get some rushing attempts in this game the most attempts we had against the Bears and their three meetings. Was in the last meeting in 2008 which the game with the Saints lost in overtime I don't think the Saints can afford to -- On too many passes and 455055. Passes in the game -- is what are the keys in his game as juicy. I think the Bears that could play up very very physical brand of football -- had so much respect for Drew Brees what do you mean the organization the work he's able to do -- Sean Payton I never consider that staying out of the game when they have. The intelligent at the line of scrimmage like Drew Brees felt. -- and they get the opportunity for the Bears the players' physical football game that's what they're gonna have to do. A lot like that Atlanta game this past week when Matt Ryan was willing to take a check down -- They were making Mac guy paid so watch them that they are just letting these guys that we saw tackle. They were they were beating up there who would ever able that -- carry the football and I think that's something they have to try to bring New Orleans but. It's going to be difficult because you got that -- just crowd support it's a golf stadium o'clock AM. And you know you're you guys are great football team. -- they have former Chicago -- great offensive -- in color color analyst for the Bears radio and it worked out thank you so much it was a pleasure have a great call Sunday in the -- Thank you my pleasure being on -- that made all right Tom thanks so much come back to Bryant -- -- -- you want to talk about Pierre Thomas Saints advanced 504 to six so when He seventy. Toll free 8668890. Rates in the and about an hour fifty minutes will be visiting with Saints -- -- -- -- Zach Strief on this week's issue with the Saints players show. Prodded by Coors Light crown this crew was lighting crown -- all -- -- -- Hutus. Well veterans boulevard Metairie or Saints radio WW. It's not a good defense in game for us unless we can take the ball away. Normally if you have a plus to -- turnover ratio you're gonna win named -- game I our players understand that that. They weren't turning it over we were taken the ball away and we should keep that going. Bears coach Lovie Smith Tony's team able to take the ball away from the Atlanta Falcons and that's what they did that's -- ball security will be. One of the top priorities in this game on Sunday in the dome. 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Rates in the today's big -- in a pretty -- -- opinion poll line WW that come the -- -- -- the Bears Sunday that dome. Is -- the biggest regular season home game the Saints can't -- you to vote yes. No or you could put it was September 25 2006. Against the -- I think these are both. Peak in their own way that when I was that was for the fans it was a sign of folks. Reuniting kind of people haven't reunion at the installments coming back because it was so much uncertainty about the city itself. Obviously the team and it would discount Blanco is one of those waiting to exhale moments for Saints fans whereas this one has been one where. You know you've been waiting we can't wait. To get a -- to Chicago we can't wait to beat Chicago and I think yours and I think they have a saint feel to it I'm expecting that at the same type of noisy. Atmosphere that was in the Falcons game that will be in the dome on Sunday I think a lot of Saints fans. Have been waiting work and five season now -- -- off some frustration. And it's -- show Sunday in the bill. To Bryant in New Orleans on -- one Bryant thank you for calling WW yeah. A area are being scared -- you are are you gotta come there. Oh yeah this is gone -- your -- -- not -- so 000. Football game between the spring air in the Bears and don't be hurt some of the players. Because what happened. What went up put it in if He can't -- -- game and party on April democracy in the water is bringing in and everything it will be real forward. You know it's. Is it can be you know -- I'm not look at what could be your real smart atmosphere and -- boy yeah sports prayers prefer. And oh -- like carpet or peered forward. -- -- You are or are. More prepared not sure -- day. Brian I would argue is up which you all will come back and if you finish a got to get to a great post offense and analogy is if -- and also. Last week going to the Saints impact this game good about a week away from -- Charles Woodson was fine 101000 dollars. I think that is case where reputation kill a player because -- wasn't had been -- book -- -- a lot of problems on the field and we'll talk about that. This is sports so -- listening to WW.