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Oct 7, 2011|

Tommy, in for Garland, talks to UNO Political Science Professor Dr. Ed Chervanak about controversial comments GOP Candidate Herman Cain made on TV

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

No it's Friday it must be need Tommy Tucker and her Garland dean Rodney Dangerfield of radios these Bosnian girl broadcasting. The answer is not a announcing the morning and hello again everyone how idea. Little goofy today because I got a flu shot on Wednesday. Now locked into the newsroom today. And I mention that to Dave Cohen my good friend Dave -- news dragged here WW Ellen Davis an interesting way of putting everything in a context. And He says well have you ever had the flu. And suddenly my jaw dropped. Because I realized. Well not really haven't. And as next question muzzle IG get the flu shot and I always wondered well gee I don't know. I guess because a pharmacist asked me if I -- didn't tell me would be free with the insurance. Eddie Ellis media people of it's free it's me absolutely given to me I'll figure out what -- doing that later. And subsequently I had some chills and fever and a lot of headaches and and a little mini case of the flu is what it was in the flu shot -- -- decision then you do whatever you when your doctors think is best for you but. It affected me so much that I had to miss work last night and then I'm still feeling kind of bluish. So I guess in my own personal case just my opinion I you have a choice of either guaranteeing. That you get a little bit sick. Boy are. Rolling the dice and not get in -- it all in in this case I I decided to get a little bit sick. And I think a next time I'm gonna roll the dice and gamble one night getting sick at all because. I really haven't had the flu alone time so I don't know and yelled the when I'm gonna talk about the flu shot here I'm just telling -- -- -- a little goofy that's the reason for. I should say -- fewer than usual we got a good. Show planned for you today we're gonna talk about. Well fraternities in the noon hour vets based on a suit that some parents are. Are filing and then we're not gonna talk about the specific liability of the fraternity were returned -- fraternities and sororities. In general the good and the bad about those. Spanning 11 o'clock hour to talk to a guy Michael Ellsberg. He is the son of Daniel Ellsberg of the Pentagon papers fame. If remembering him here wrote a book about via American dream in the -- it did still viable but in a different way. In all askew if the American dream is still obtain a bowler is an at risk command alt. Is kinda tied in -- occupy a Wall Street in yesterday they hit a protest here occupy new long ones it's. Happening in Los Angeles happens it happened in Chicago and while I don't think these protestor really -- accomplish anything I think they do mirror and reflects something that's going on. In the country that is very real. Which brings us to do. Herman Cain and our first guest. One of the leading the Republican candidates for president Herman Cain. Says that. If you're not rich. Many at the quote here He says I don't have the facts to back this up. But I happen to believe this is Herman -- saying this thing happen to believe that these demonstrations are planned stunt -- I keep my Wall Street. And orchestrated to distract from the failed policies of the Obama administration. And then He goes on to say. Don't blame Wall Street don't blame the big banks. If you don't have a job and you're not ridge blame yourself. It is not someone's fault if they succeed it is someone's fault if they failed. So are -- jaguar opinion poll is asking you. Is He out of touch with the realities of everyday people Linda. Is it your fault if you don't have a job and is it your fault if you're not rich joining us now to help us sort all of this out doctor Ed Sherman act our friend and -- a political science professor over at UNL mind. Obama -- morning doctor how you Dylan I'm fine I'm very very well sir tell me first off mom -- -- Herman Cain. I killing me here is a political chances by -- saying something like this story is seek further solidifying himself with his base. I would go to second match and He is solidifying consult with the base we have to remember who was audiences and the nomination process. That's voters in the primaries tend to be more partisan. -- more ideological. And soon need to get their support if He wants to succeed in attending the nomination. Tom what about it it being out of touch in and catering matches -- is -- is of course the presidential race is a -- procedure you gotta get the nomination but then. You gotta win over the moderates and and that big best of the band's -- sea of people if you will in the middle. -- -- ultimately ultimately decide who sits in that Oval Office so how would this message play with them and then there'd -- what nine point 8% I think is a number of unemployed -- right now their unemployment rate. -- camp today nine point 1% unemployment when one. You actually correct you know one of the things about the nomination processes and is that that you do have to appeal to Kennedy's hard -- And then you have to pivot to the center for the general election because most. Voters in the general election -- moderate. And so that's the real difficulty that it faces but He needs to really convince. Supporters in the primary ticket and then nomination first and that's why we can get -- -- hard line rhetoric. But how hard is it to benefit from something like this is the same Cindy. I'm pretty absolute kinda. Kind of thing and how do you distance yourself for what the first Apollo this message play with those people in the middle. It's coming into play very well. You know he's basically speed king to the hardliners on on the offensive rugged individualism that. You know people are responsible for their own success and failure. But you know lived reality for a lot of people that are structural forces out there that are preventing them from getting -- you know we seem. Millions of jobs disappear. And that is difficult to get the job and so those people are out of a jam looking for Jabber and look at the statement saying this -- just completely out of touch. -- decided -- a Wall Street movement they. They don't have a clearly stated mission goal in a mission statement if you will and and they don't -- these very complex problems at least is a way I see a doctor and and while they don't have solutions and maybe they don't really know what they want I think they're tapping into something that a lot of people in the country. Our -- do they know how to fix it no did they know exactly. What they want and probably not but it is Dee -- -- think that. They do reflect a lot of what a lot of people in the country are feeling her. Well he'll certainly. They're probably tapping into a lot of the frustration that people feel I mean verbal -- we -- -- with the Tea Party movement on the right. Depending on the one really took them seriously. Initially when they came out. And so now we're kind of thing and on the other end of the spectrum where it goes on the more liberal and are kind of getting out there and expressing their frustration as well. But you don't wanna see somebody in any goes I guess to the political message here. Wanna see somebody dressed in in -- -- with make up on their face and I think they serve to do their their. Did did their whole mission here a disservice in that. All you Dylan is damaging your credibility is. Is there's there's some kind of better weighed just politically speaking to him I'm asking you to be an advocate for them I'm just asking in terms of getting your political message forward. A better way they can go about it do you think. Well. You know it there is no kind of you know contrary to determine came I don't think it really is very well planned a very well orchestrated and that these kind these kind of -- would take time. Until you get someone to step up there and you know become -- leader -- -- articulating some of these. Frustrations that people want to express. Through their actions. So. You know I don't know but under undermines you know their message. But it certainly get the media attention that they're looking for. I'd get a couple seconds and hang on maybe take some phone calls of people listening tour I'm very well to six so winning seventy told freak. 866889087. -- doctor ensured connect our guests -- professor of political science over. And you know we're talking about occupy a Wall Street and Herman Cain statement that. -- if you don't have a job be not rich and blame yourself. -- Ryder Z out of touch with the realities of everyday people. And does this help or -- Herman -- chances to become president in do you think that the occupy a Wall Street. Movement is on to some thin or not we'll be right back Tommy and for Garland -- tank on the big 878 -- if you I'd look we're getting it back direct conversation about Herman Cain and how about blaming yourself and politics in a moment but birds. When they get back to this flu shot thing for a moment to fix something that I messed up and I didn't mean to do this while you are sick so well what did you sign a little -- anyway. I know I mean -- physically -- yet at well you're right both ways at no point. Did I ever say don't get a flu shot but ice -- nor did I imply that anybody Els said. Don't get a flu shot. What I said was Dave Cohen was kidding around with me as we -- around debris you would you like to take it from here and we talked and said. Eyes on -- couch all day yesterday I got a flu -- so I -- and had to call in sick last night so I took I said why would you do that. Let's stick around just guys joke and Dave Cohen did not say don't get a flu shot. I didn't say don't get a flu shot I specifically said if you listen to the podcast which you can. That's between you and your doctor I didn't say don't get a flu shot all I said was it has me feeling not so well. So please please we don't wanna kill thousands of people is. So one colors set I think so dramatically. Get a flu shot if that is best for you as advised by your doctor or you think it is best for you. The only point I'm making is if it's or if I subtle little goofy than usual -- it's because I'm feeling the effects. Of that debut didn't mean to imply in anyway did you now I mean yes someone should follow the advice of their medical professionals and if they feel of their risk or need a flu shot obviously they should get one influenza is a nasty nasty diseases that kills thousands of people every year. And makes people very very sick. Now most people who tell you they got the flu don't really have the flu if you get the flu if you get influenza. Now -- just LSU will likely be hospitalized at a minimum be down for two weeks that you will not be able to function so at no point did we ever tell anybody not to get a flu shot we we were just kind of -- around and I repeated something -- perhaps shouldn't have that was said in ingesting manners so and I understand your frustration with getting sick because he's got a little bit over the fellow feeling fine and -- the inclusion -- got my flu shot as he's just to me they do give you a little bit of the flu see your body can learn to and I just to get a lot of the so perhaps in the future in February when thousands are down with the flu. I'll be feeling great. I continued we'll find out I'm just whining now so let's clear that up. So debuting not a medical doctor let's clear that they -- play one on TV right so why did you ask me to turn my head and cough earlier and just you know I'm just playing gets a joke. Thank you Dave. I have absolutely nothing to say that other than that did not happen and it did -- his play and I thank you. Doctor Ed Sherman act politically did we cover our soldiers now are not what if it was very good I thank you I don't forget except for the last part. I give the phone lines are gonna quickly to Stephen in new loans who has a comment or question they Stephen. -- good morning. I was just gonna comment on hurricane I was I'd jump on the bandwagon from the very beginning I'm -- gonna vote for him. Could you gotta look at his record the united dad worked three jobs and He wasn't given -- bones and and Steve Jobs you know well you know He just passed away and she was adopted and look what happened -- -- we have to get out and we have to work you know went and to give us that handout. But -- -- -- you delineation as Steve Israel time constraint. One Herman -- dead was working those street three jobs. And LSU and then doctor Sherman an idea think it was a different time -- think those same. Conditions exist. And well one reason might not because. Big companies it bigger companies have blood big companies and they've cut back on manpower in a lot of ways you know one person doing the jobs. Of three so there aren't as many opportunities and I know -- and a lot of situations. People would have been laid off. I have they have limited skills sets and it's easy to say you'll go on engage yourself retrained but for somebody that's forty of 45 years old. Another company is not gonna look to invest allotted time we're training in those companies have you gone to get a job although it is illegal. To ask somebody there rage there are ways as any human resource sort corporate manager. Can tell you there are ways to find out how old somebody is and I think it's pretty. I think nigh -- to think that a company's gonna bring somebody in that's 45 years old that's. Just got a midnight newly minted degree in computer science and say you know what Fred you are our future. When -- people graduate -- 23 and 24. That are gonna have a lot lower salary demand and perhaps be a lot more computer literate -- this newly minted 45 year old guy or girl is. And and -- the company's gonna think that's their futures at least that's the way I see a doctor Sherman act what do you think. Well it's -- different economy today. You know. You know we've seen a decline of the manufacturing base over the last thirty years. We've seen lots of jobs go overseas because we do a much slower over there. And seems to be greater emphasis and entrepreneurship and so if if you are not that kind of go getter you know. Start your own business type of individual that much more difficult to go get a job for a big company today. And is start your own business. In terms of the do unwind and providing what kind of service and how hard is it in terms of banks lending to get their capital now. Woman entrepreneur or so I can't really say for sure but you know obviously starting a business is difficult. I mean we need a lot of people to start from from scratch knowing He mentioned Steve Jones who started out in the garage and you know. Built a multibillion dollar business in 74 right. But you know it's it's those kind of -- -- pull ourselves by the bootstraps type stories that really kind of lends itself to people believing end. That the American dream that it's still there and it was killed there I mean people you know this is still this is the land of opportunity. -- millions of immigrants come here. So that they can build a better life and have the opportunity to. Become wealthy. Seem what do you do for a little. Comic actor. Some don't -- And you feel as though you have room for a limited advancement. Yeah I mean I don't direct the school -- warrants to buy it I'd chose not to go to college and it's really know where America a development that. But the thing is. You know I chose it you know -- -- right -- -- -- -- that they get laid -- but there are jobs out there it's a -- or not it's -- sector by. The pinging that you need whether -- not going out eat or not going to you know a movie the sacrifice what you had. Now. I came and. Always yes. How do you define the American dream Steve. You know it it's -- -- saying you know adamant that moral values denied that the police you know. I'm I'm here at Q senators to minister to people on increasing got on either -- Now and that's where everything in the end whether it's a restaurant owner or multimillionaire. That's what I'm into that mine Green. So -- American dream is to NM not using this word pejorative Leo I'm really not. But to basically gives you mentioned pennies eke out a living so long as you can pass along your religious beliefs that's all you want in -- happy with that. I -- Taliban that are currently touring around and you think that is the American dream. And my American dream and that's a lot about this country premarket country I have. To do it to do whatever growing up I was -- wonderful white and and child and they're very happy because it is secure because. -- -- -- -- -- On a taxi driver salaries. Is your life's work. What does she do. -- -- Hello -- -- I think is Steve I appreciate the call. Professor before we let you go. Looking forward to the Republican field. Do you see anybody coming in that we don't dig -- -- right now after Chris Christie announced that he's not he's out in Sarah Palin says she's outer. Is the fields and AEA to make it's only the Kentucky Derby good. Pretty wells -- not. It appears that it's pretty well -- that doesn't seem like there's anyone else so there and horizon. That people are clamoring for. And so. Campbell probably see -- through I've been slow in the in the contest. Up until the primary start in January. On the -- along those lines -- you -- since we'll keep our Kentucky Derby. Analogy metaphor what have you gone you're ready to pick a winner not. Alive until my students that. You know even though -- -- the republic of some kind of gone through this. You know we love dearly loved in that cycle. That in the end up probably in my suspicion is that Romney will win the nomination because. He has the best chance to defeat Obama. And there. Well independent depend -- you know the state of the economy. If if people Begin to believe that things are getting better that's in the president's favor. If things continue on the same track and people feel things are not getting better than the president and -- end up being a one term president. This has to be pretty remarkable turnaround for the economy to recover substantially in the in these few months -- It's just fiesta convince people that things are getting better even though you know they may be slowing the main -- the long term but that He had you know. Plant that perception in people's minds so things are getting better and then that's it that's tough task. Likely early yells and ask -- likelihood of that hey thank you professor appreciate it all right thank you thank you professor. And doctor Ed Sherman act up political science instructed my alma mater UN no we're gonna continue our conversation in a moment how do you. How do you determine the American dream you heard Steve for how do you define it for him. He He said eke out a living but I think He was the end not to be disrespectful to him a bit disingenuous because He talked about watching his pennies. Indian and taxicab driver and He was happy doing nandan passing along his religious policeman -- says his wife was a banker. So maybe that's what was paying the bills that -- how do you define the American dream and is it still attainable. And what -- vote some. They did corporations have they taken that away or not I have some opinions on and I'll share with you we come back right now running late time for WWL first news. And for that we go to Chris Miller and. WWL first news it's 1032 I'm Chris Miller on your official -- Doctor import Garland saga about the American dream Herman stay Herman McCain's comments. -- jaguar opinion poll Herman Cain says if you don't have a job and you're not rich blame yourself. Is He writer is He out of touch with the realities of everyday people 45%. Seen out of touch the remainder. If you mathematically challenged like I am 55% are saying he's ranked. I think he's out of touch I think it's it's dubbed great narrative. And it's so wonderful story to say is some of the text are coming in saying gone get a job that's you gotta do. Well -- it's that easy. I really don't. Because I think what's happened since deregulation under Ronald Reagan is a lot of bigger companies have come in. To buy a big companies. And think as a result. They've eliminated a lot of jobs and you got one person doing the job of three. I think a lot of those people that have lost jobs are between forty and fifty. And I think as I said earlier. A 45 year old guy and say Fred. You're our future my friend we're gonna devote a lot of training and resource is do you because we know in five or ten years you're going to be 55 in -- yearly guidance that'll lead us into the future. I don't see it that way plus I think in terms of salary they know that if they pay that guy a woman. A -- salary they're gonna be nothing to disgruntled from the beginning. And I think if they bring in the younger person they can -- -- lower salary. Chances are if it's technology driven jobs they're going to be. More astute from the beginning because they were raised what you will that is -- somebody 40 -- speaking in generalities here that. It tried to catch on later on in life. And in terms of health insurance in terms of timeouts -- the younger person's gonna have a lot less of that then is -- person it's just sanctuary early true. Individuals again different -- groups individuals and unpredictable groups are but I'm telling you big companies look at that. I I also would think that. As a result of of what's happened since deregulation and a lot of bigger companies taken over big companies. I don't know what's happened as consumers because you would think in terms of running lean that. That the savings would be pass on of the consumers because we you know we did the companies are run and lean -- you would think that. Well as a result -- that the prices would stay down but they really haven't prices have gone nothing but open menus they won't. Where is that money going in any answer would be executive compensation which is gone through the roof since that time. The numbers back this up you can -- Ambien a social issues and say I'm being anti American. I'm just telling you what the facts show. So you tell me what do you think what is your definition of the American dream do any of the people that are. Ben and you can looking cloak yourself and in the in the flag and say America greatest country in the world. Red white and blue go on and get a job they feel like. But those are bullet points that doesn't reflect what's really going on in the country and and the new -- has said He came out yesterday homeownership in the country because of the bubble in the crashes at its lowest point since the Great Depression. Fax numbers figures so you tell me what is the American dream and is it as attainable as it ever was. But like denotes who's six so when He said any toll free 8668890878. -- it's America all you are offered his opportunity would would have. As jobs it is beginning to wonder what would have Steve Jobs and inning Huber another Joseph on a street Herman -- is correct and another. Com I think that people always bring up is. It has Steve Jobs or they bring up to Bill Gates from Microsoft. And there are incredible success stories but by the same token I could bring up names of people would've won a lottery. Those are pretty incredible success stories to in terms of final lottery take -- getting an incredible return but there are tremendous amount of people that don't. So it's easy to point to the Bill Gates and a and the Steve Jobs but is that the anomaly or is that. The norm. You tell me the phone lines we -- Jose intake. Unite -- under the WL. Economy are you -- what I'm doing okay in the solution on how are you. Doing very well thank you and I just what I tell you that I'm a big fan of yours and I look forward to a day where your -- in the think they are really well let's get what did you get well thanks. But I look at it is that you know on. I think the American dream it's just been able to succeed and be able to practice whatever religion that may -- and another part might be an interest in perspective is I would think part of my American it would be able to make decisions without the mainstream media. Trying to ping against smart fellow American and thinking what what they feel like I should believe and I think that that. And a big part of the problem that our solutions are coming from the bottom up is because we -- so. Concern would pick in the Arctic and target and regurgitate it that you put you know these bumper sticker slogans and we're getting anything done so. You know I think some you know some good dialogue amongst aside each other -- would really benefited greatly in terms of being able to find solutions to these problems -- the horse horse horse when He -- -- doesn't. -- actually -- a personal trainer and they are well consultant company so I'm self employed. So is your potential unlimited. Or have you plateaued -- Q do you feel as you can make as much money you want. I believe that their art you know I always thought -- -- for opportunity and room for growth but. You know as you put it earlier you know the economy has changed drastically especially over the last forty years it's simply been on the -- in system economic. Are you write it -- the little -- to to swim in a little pond with a lot of really big aggression official beer and down. -- answered question I don't feel -- that opportunities that I like to be available or available. -- -- should be aware that the American dream suggests they should be the same time I believe and taken initiative and just Arnold -- I you know where she. You know stops all the guy. Companies like Google. I'd still looking forward looking ahead ten years and now you silly personal training. -- -- -- -- -- long as I'm not you know able to maintain my health it's something I really enjoyed doing. Why is it's something that would change human if I had to support myself absolutely. Do you bet. Well are unusually uncertain and funny and I really liked it possibly consider getting into politics not -- as -- care -- or perhaps as a campaign manager or. So along those lines and which you know actually brings me to the topic to -- -- and I agree with what Herman -- says people do. To take initiatives people need to take responsibility for their own finances and their ability to provide -- themselves. But I also agree with you that the climate has changed -- things are not. -- in the favor of small business or self employed people and I really feel though that we're. -- Americans given the opportunity to go to a public education system prepared just to be a worker -- In order to taken steps up. You know towards getting better or past due most cases find yourself extremely excessive debt to go to some sort of private or state university. Actually start your career in the negative you actually torture career at deficit or you -- money and I think that. If we're gonna start securing our our futures. We've really got Astaro better than we we can't keep putting our kitrey disk assembly line public education system where they come out. Only qualified -- -- clerk people at Wal-Mart and in May be some rare cases you'll get a doctor -- lawyer and they're the that doctor orders to start out and excessive debt so. -- I think we've got to really look at the entire system and say hey we're throwing money at a lot of problems grow money problems or get any better. That is exactly what Michael Ellsberg is gonna dress in the 11 o'clock hour he's off authored the education of millionaires to keep listening to -- thank you. For the call and -- we're gonna take a break here come back in and take some more phone calls at 2601878. Toll free 866. 8890878. Text comes in and says. Tommy we are all living the American dream -- pour this is why it. America is. Back in a flash and a big 870 -- WL AM FM and dot com Tommy Tucker and her Garland talking about the American dream and about Herman Cain. Presented you don't have a job He had ridge blame yourself busy writer is He out of touch with the realities of everyday people 58% -- -- -- 42% are saying out of touch and let me just say this. Mom. You know earlier I was sorry about big corporations and -- a lot of people off and one person doing the work of three inning and quite frankly. Sometimes corporations get top heavy with management. Sometimes they'll have meetings and they'll say look you know we're in tough times we all need to pull together. And they'll ask you to do the work of three people. But sometimes that. Executive compensation. And I'm just being honest here you'll see the exact -- and a Mercedes is in the BMW's and everybody -- exes so making a big money while you're doing a work of three people linking get a raise. It happens. So you wonder in -- -- -- it was gone in there until we're all in this together -- overall sacrificing together well apparently not. But on the other side that you got people trying to start small businesses -- -- small businesses. And a government regulations. Are killing them. I've slowed to a couple different people with businesses. Who are saying that sometimes they need they need to hire somebody just sits make sure that they are in compliance with everything they need to do for me neo C -- ABC DMG every other agency of the federal government. So it's such as corporations and government has a hand in this too. Which is that how it used to be in seven innings. So bad sectors in this discussion of the American dream being alive and well you can't just saying and on corporations. He got to be fair and say well you know what government as -- handedness when it comes small businesses text comes in. My mom came over from another country -- a button worked three jobs now she is a business and owns three properties. I learned from her now I own a restaurant it's not the climate it's what people are being taught. She taught me hard working you'll get what you want now go get what you want in stop making excuses now I don't know what happened in his individual case. But I'll tell you this but I don't know what the climate was on this person's mom came over. And worked three jobs but if she had a business and -- three property she may have been and ended in a situation. They give her her offspring. And advantage. Since starter on bears that monitor of this person has their own business and not. She says she taught me hard -- you get what you want -- of this -- able walked into. Three properties and our own -- in their own business rose will be different than starting from scratch. Bill North Shore -- here on double WL things are calling. -- Bill you better show up quick David and and authors say David you're under the WL. Yeah -- got timing on the list until you for -- three minutes here and not excessively Cecil listeners that's right. Couples saying a plot to. I do that there was -- the American dream I think American dream continues to be it's up to you to do which would like unfortunately the government has. Fixed this up to where an -- lot of people think that they are old -- give me an example where trouble can learn this New York. Our two prior Wall Street young guy that had a fight with fielder Jewish fellow. I -- knowledge you to talk well you didn't watch television and because. They had it covered incident. Sort of close circle get a job and the young guys I didn't watch television then Mozilla descendent -- that particular show -- like Elijah every show. It's unfortunate Brennan will be unfortunate that a deal once every show yeah it has to be content. -- and -- way of entertaining yourself you've got nothing else to do. And I got other things is doing this is there anyway this young folks you know we are gonna go get a job at seven dollars an hour. And I unfortunately took out the big problem. What do you do for a -- David. I return in 1984. And founder and 1986 -- I didn't have enough to go sort of started out of my own business. And 1997. Though the worst not forty years ago just thirteen years -- and this is our starter with a sort of small group home for older people. Well hunters and on. The facility what does it just old elderly people -- their particular you know and you -- they don't get any government subsidies album lives there. There I'm sure they get. Help from both the family as well as a Social Security. Okay so what about -- -- you -- Social Security are doing now you don't have any more time so -- social security and the government's. Money is helping the people paid your business. Generally I think it they're using my those people pay them over the last 4050 years. I GMT know the numbers show that they get back far more than they paid and they -- appreciate the call and once again. He can't say the government -- in the -- -- visual profiting off that we'll be right back on seven have you.