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Oct 11, 2011|

Bobby and Deke talk to various reporters from around the NFL about how things are shaping up for week 6. JP Peltzman from the Record in New York about the Jets, Joe Reedy from the Cincinnati Enquirer, Dan Dibley from 95.7 the Game about the Raiders, Rich Lord from KILT in Houston about the Texans, Kevin Noonan from CBS Sports about the Eagles, Brian Murphy from Pioneer Press about the Vikings and Rams Sideline Reporter Tony Softli

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Sanchez will protect it looks like -- Rose right Santonio Holmes expect to do the end. Around and they kids are back within a score with 714 remaining didn't. And it's time to go around the National Football League you resolve in the AF CAA east would save these helps mend -- is it did to beat -- over his New York area sports -- and on the did tonight for the record. JP thank you so much for the time the Giants playing inspired ball against the New England Patriots put too much Patriots in the and then. Look at them now another tough when the coming up this week. At Miami I've been fighting game at New York should pretty much -- but -- JP way is this ballclub right now. That's funny. -- because -- just played at what they need to see more of I mean. That was perfect pass by Mark Sanchez to Santonio Holmes just to right we would come out of this could just. What you draw up. But they haven't -- and a lot of plays like that a lot of -- miscommunication. A lot of passes that not quite where they should be put. In addition to every week they could get healthy obviously Miami is this kind of reeling right now. And down -- OJP obviously court tried prides themselves put a with the defense and -- did feel pretty humbled I should say. When BenJarvus Green-Ellis rushed for a career high of 36 charged. First thought you know trying to stop Tom Brady and -- you know you have a chance. Realistically. Even though you know what -- in all three of four tires -- laws but. You let him get 136 charging him in the phase you know Tom Brady how can you realistically be the Patriots. Now I mean that's the thing I mean they. -- really an even put eight guys in the box against them. On the last drive they were more afraid to Brady and -- Patriots -- it would Green-Ellis you've been -- a direct snaps fourteen yards on third down -- yeah I mean. And since you make great point that's what's really bothered Rex Ryan is the cup week before that they got. Blown away by Darren McFadden at Oakland I mean it really hurt him wince when He -- can't run the board gets run on they're really kind of hurts shakes and there was cork. JP now in -- division you're doing them both Pro Bowl fined for one Buffalo sit -- because of the win over. And laying into him. Miami looks to be lost in the salt so to speak is this is basically hit a three team race now and you know we know their history shows what a team gets to be three in oh. I you know about 80% of them they -- to the post season in Buffalo bounced back nicely. New York though is -- dug themselves a little bit of a hole how do you see this eastern race shaken out as we get closer to the halfway point of the season. I think the Jets need to they need to go on a winning streak or otherwise you're going to look at what they've seen the last couple years to have to go in. To the back door through the wild card entry and I was there whole goal this season. Was okay we're we're tired of being a wild card were kind of tired of everywhere on the road which let's get some home playoff games -- go to the Super Bowl that way. But yes you're exactly right it mean. And you want to build the new look legit I mean I -- a lot of that game. In the press box get a day against Philly they've been replica legit team of the Jets. The just refreshing them in a few weeks so no I mean the Jets. The -- really have I mean actually Rex Ryan called the Miami game critical and he's exactly right. Now I JP look at it I was everyone's. Once their franchise quarterback and now what what is your take now all on Mark Sanchez -- I still think. That the Jets have to build the run the ball -- they just came. I'll put it upon his shoulders even like a Tom Brady are our Drew Brees type. And you get a 166 yards. Against the Patriots and everybody was -- in them. A mobile what is your take and and a Jets fan bases forest Sanchez though did they take the pros and look it -- on his shoulders over and I gonna win. Well it's it's a little bit book I mean I take the approach yet it can't be on his shoulders. Because I like just that he's not Tom Brady is not. Drew Brees he's not healthy Peyton Manning He used to me is not yet a guy where He beat Annika I don't know. Right now he's a guy that needs help to win He needs a good running game can you tell protection He needs all the good stuff around -- but of course if you guys -- probably seeing. At times down there I mean. Did you get the blame on the court -- expect going well the approach of coordinator. Brian Schottenheimer. We know who who to Drew Brees -- saying -- -- He's getting a lot of flack went. If something unfortunate but He kind of punching bag right now but by -- exchanges between -- he's -- He needs to be more accurate simply. JP announcement here is what -- to talk about the Jets in the AFC east JP thank you so much for -- we appreciate the time. Thank you guys appreciate their own right. Don't think waiting for the shotgun snap dropped straight back to pass steps up from the pocket throws it down. It is odd play AJ and hope yeah -- got snow and Gabriel Jeremiah greens and the angles get a touchdown and I'm 37. Saying and the Cincinnati being with someone a surprise early on a rookie quarterback a rookie wide receiver. But her right there at the top of the AFC novel but three into division. 174 quarter points in a victory over Jacksonville on Sunday. In -- talk about the AFC north and folks in on the bidding goes he's Joseph -- Joseph thank you so much for the time -- AJ Green Bobby had a chance to file this young man down in the SEC a tremendous player. Looks like He had no mister Dalton is on the develop a little bit report amongst each of. I think they've done a pretty good report so far isn't the one thing about this team is. Would that be and so young and inexperienced. It doesn't know that they are supposed to get only two or three wins then. In -- running for Andrew Luck Jim you know about the past history with Carson Palmer and Chad Ochocinco and everything but they've got a lot of resolve. And makes some mistakes but they've found a way to overcome alleged direct opposite of last year with the -- and eight. Now Joseph when you look at a quarterback like Andy Dalton. I guess five game -- three and two. Not getting that maybe the recognition of a can use them. But eight and you are observation that how's He looks so far and and does it looked like He could potentially be their franchise quarterback. I think he's I think he's got the poise. And the pocket presence to. He's got franchise guy and a lot of guys who I talked to veterans who have been in that huddle. Kind of the government does -- or tier guy right now I'm not as a rookie -- -- -- he's gotten one good thing about them as. He can throw an interception could make a mistake at least not gonna blow one he's gonna go to bat. The next series the next play which was a lot of these players. And it didn't quit this team in a packed out wasn't always the case and I think. That resolve and -- of perseverance -- to translated the glass and it im like OK we made a mistake. Why won't get on the the next or make our adjustments and move on and that's been key what went over Buffalo in god last week against Jacksonville. Now Joseph well when you look at NB ANC -- aren't. -- -- though bounce back dealing with a lot of injuries the rough is very good tie the team record five touchdown passes. Is showing a lot of moxie you look at ended the times three game winning streak. So what did you take this year going forward I would distillers. Are kind of been down and and and and do you see them. Maybe being the Steelers of all come towards the end of the season. I think so I think a lot of it's gonna depend on Roethlisberger at all and offensive line I'm prepared scorer -- who weren't about a sport that sit here talking about. How maligned it is and how much it is struggled you've got to wonder what -- Roethlisberger. Now that they -- nineteen year just when He hits a bad start piling up on them and I think we saw on that Houston game. They're definitely did date you know they'd be at a lot of injuries with Mendenhall. Three fever that kind of get in Indian old veteran group says. He gets kind of wonder if it's because they're tired and they've been so -- on -- in their first five games. You really don't know which Pittsburg seeing the guys and I think if you talk about surprised team like a bad angle. I think Baltimore are always going to be the favorite in their division from here on out but it. You know -- been treated -- games and -- we expect -- since about in November what not to say that. Angle particular can't just look like it did she hears the lower income possibly sweep. Visiting awaited Joseph -- -- was the AFC north division and the Cincinnati big goes agility and look and then it was interesting is that. The stats this past week that mean you're rushing yards -- Cincinnati would like to have but I found that the balance though some when you got their rookie quarterback maybe not so much. How many yards He did but whereas you don't want him throwing 404550. Times. Good balance their 31 rushes and 33 pass attempts not putting too much pressure on any don't know early on. And I didn't -- the one thing that I ain't been paying a bit in the past couple weeks to get the yards per carry. Isn't there I think it'll adult and actually what Bobby Williams now back at right guard. I think that adds a lot to this running game Andre -- even play a long run protection but. You know a lot can depend on trucker band since suspension -- had a case hearing what the. NLRB today I think it's going to be another month old or we hear something on Matt. Benson until this game which give a lot of yards in terms -- tall but average. Average in this Jacksonville game didn't barrel air out too well -- Jake -- definitely. Make it a bit for balance what this offense. Joseph -- -- the AFC north focus and on the Cincinnati Bengals surprising three in two Joseph thank you so much for the time we appreciate. Thank you guys I appreciate it. Toronto Cincinnati hosting Indianapolis Sunday at new. Genachowski plenty of distance and it is. Fifteen floor. 55. And now fifteen together Raiders delayed it by a pivotal point in Houston. I really gotta win that game or lose the game that's all right here I've shot a lot of the final -- okay but then they'll -- writers. We can't get a that's a motion. The emotion is just coming through for this franchise today -- -- -- club -- just saw big. -- a big to do was say it's well we're not doing very well you don't. A very emotional week indeed is again it was a long known as one of the Pioneers and asked if Obama has to wait on Saturday in Israel is one out in rewarded there. Past opponent Al Davis with a big victory over the Houston Texans where open now just sits a game behind San Diego in the AFC west division with a three into -- And every hear of -- with the Oakland Raiders and also be AFC west of 95 point seven a game out on the West Coast van. Thank you so much for the time and I can imagine from your standpoint programming. A lot in rightfully so -- to honor Al Davis. In fact the entire day yesterday on 95% of the game was spent honoring Al Davis -- did how much in his fifty plus years. In the AFL. In the NFL of course He mentored Bill Walsh cheerfully and 49 -- and -- looked. -- ponson owner Al Davis and not only too well yesterday guide on all the negative things obviously that -- Without Davis is -- you see about the uprooting of the team LA he'd left Irwindale. Are not pretty in the LA area in alert and captain. They're ten million dollar it's a long -- Well law -- the tainted legacy -- yet they would spend celebrating all the great things He did call. Then you know Bob and now we're looking back and talking up Oakland you know dynamic fan arrived there at the top of the league in rushing sixteen carries a 51 yards. They did they get -- rushing performance like they wanted. In and lets us know to dale a winning ball games in a variety of ways trying to Jason Campbell make him plays good defense making plays. Becoming more of a team and I think you're contending here in the west. And the next three games Cleveland Kansas City in Denver that 32 and now I could see them six and two before that there is a nice showdown with San Diego in the west. I see the exact same thing if you look further down -- scheduled final game of the year against. Those very Chargers so. When the AFC west could come down to that week nine game and then that week seventeen game because Denver obviously. In turmoil right now without the switch to -- -- -- a minute I told you all you need to know about the possibility of Denver and Kansas City certainly hasn't been. Up to -- and not put a lot to Jamaal Charles though it looked like two team division right now so those two matchups could decide that. No but then. Guy I guess on on on both regards I thought it was a big game but it Texans that if they gonna be where they want to beat to finally go to playoffs. You know they have -- sound edges Venus Steelers. And job and now they got to go to Baltimore -- not and you know the Raiders came to town and I thought no that was a game. It and if you are a contender are potentially. -- to be where you wanna be a Matt -- you gotta close the deal I know He threw for 400. Sixteen yards. But that was that maybe a little divine intervention by Al Davis amen I was looking -- gave the Raiders. Ford 73 to 278 day the Raiders only had 111 downs and like He was saying shut down McFadden 94 yards Russian. Well what happened throughout the game that even though the numbers thin line up of the big -- what those will be the difference of the -- overtaken the Texans. Or want to think about your divine intervention theory and think about three biggest heroes in the game they were all draft picks of Al Davis is that we're much maligned. Darrius Heyward -- -- his finest game as a pro. Coming near a hundred yards and at Pitt connection JaMarcus Russell who I know you guys know a ton about how it that's probably the most controversial pick. Al Davis is never made Sebastien Janikowski. Kicker take it in the first round. She can become the first kicker ever to boot three field goal -- a longer than fifty yards and let's not forget Michael opt. Safety taken in the first round I believe in 2007. By mr. -- He hasn't panned out. It looked really outlined draft picks. Genachowski -- eight and a half all come through in the raider victory and got a good deeply religious man but you can't help but think. -- some divine intervention at work. When that tech couldn't pull back drop dropped a walk. In touch down on that ill -- winning drive. Felt they ended -- that was the AFC USC cavernous with the Raiders far 957. The game Dan. Thank you so much of the time we appreciate. I'm lucky guy that I love -- you. All right and thank you very much -- shop under center. And -- Houston Texans who were in the dome just a few weeks ago. Losing -- to the New Orleans Saints sandwiched him with a victory over Pittsburgh but lost this past Sunday's desert to the Oakland Raiders. In a close had a chance to win at the end of the game. It what is now covering the Houston Texans and the AFC south division rich lord of KL IT in Houston rich thank you so much for the time in the what things are very tough for Houston right now a banged up -- -- -- with Andre Johnson and now Mario Williams it is they fight itself. Sawing off kind of -- coach Kubiak. Yeah and the -- founded B I really appreciate the you know with you guys can before I answer that question did you just say KE LYT radio in Houston. That's when I got -- monsoon season here. I assure you it's KI LP radio and it's good. I'll lament about -- city Rome Munich. Rich I do then how about once every half hour near a few proud that we've stayed here and is that a -- Oh boy oh boy that's bigger one. Travel around started it is you can probably there'd be your house like whoa what do you correct that cart -- I -- malcontent. I guarantee. But I don't start Europe. Injuries yeah. The knee injury for the Texans. Yeah I mean tomorrow Mario Williams -- injuries just devastating for this team. You know they they were without Andre Johnson on the offensive side last week and I think we saw. I almost a whole lot stat man for all say a little doubt -- just his presence not out there on the field I think you can say the same thing about Mario Williams. On defense toward this team he's done for the season keep the guy that has five sacks in less than four and one forced. Football games He was taken to this new system -- felt like a -- To water really is a shame and the pressure He put on pocket every down. It was on the field weather and in the dirt standing upright -- benefited every other guy on the field as well just as devastating a loss that you could have on defense. Now of ritual what is that fan base that it Texans in Houston. You look at Mench Robbie throws hope for his sixteen yards. I heard after the Saints game against. The fans given a hard time to match job and obviously against the Raiders -- had also to be the occasion sales like. That -- gives the -- dissension that look. Shaw was a fine quarterback -- is He gonna help us win a championship. I don't think it necessarily sold on that it is then I'll kind of has been in Houston. You know you know after that last play against -- Raiders on Sunday or through the pick in the end zone. -- they are killing him here in Houston you know despite the fact that this is the guy that's -- for 53 touchdowns the last two years. Over 9000 yards -- last cheers. He's also the guy obviously you threw the pick six on Monday night against Baltimore last year that ended that game is also -- guy who. You know I was unable to make a late game things happen against teams like the Jacksonville Jaguars in New York chips last year so it really it's a shame because He is and I think a guy. Boom may yet be a system quarterback but a guy who can play great quarterback for you -- If given the time what's been exposed this year has always been -- -- Larry Leake pitched He may be the most in mobile starting quarterback. In the NFL if the pocket breaks down their passing game -- central. Now -- how important it is that the Texans do bounce back they bounce back from a disappointing loss to the Saints beating the Steelers at home. I thought. You know from a -- standpoint that you got to take care your your home Slade in indeed the Raiders but now you got to go at Baltimore. And then obviously a divisional opponent and in Tennessee. So how important these next two weeks on the road. You know Bob -- we talked before the season about how given the schedule saint Steelers. Or Ravens. Raiders side you know Colts. Given the schedule if they were three and three past six games send. They'd been pretty good shape because if you look at the remaining ten games on their schedule. It's not murderer's row you can make a strong case the first six games of the toughest stretch of their schedules so. I think it I think it's very far fetched to think they're gonna win this game at Baltimore I really do as much as I still think they can accomplish their goal this season. And yet for the playoffs. I think the way that defense is playing in the way that type of offense is struggling without Andre Johnson struggling a little bit to maintain the pocket longer perks. Matt -- to find his receivers. We also got to talk about Bobby the lack of depth behind Andre Johnson at receiver how much his absence has hurt because nobody is a known as they'll pick up the slack. Jacoby Jones is the guy that has started for him eleven times they targeted him against the Raiders get one catch. Rich was the what's the ratio to you guys it's talking football He gained in Texas in Houston took. Texans inking Cowboys so many Uga fan makes then you audience mostly Houston guy has -- have to like oh okay Cowboys fans -- welcome and we know you. -- right now -- generally done anything yet what is it like over there. They're here no doubt about it but you know and I'll bet there -- New Orleans also. Kind of where they're. They're kind of everywhere they're kind of one of those teams that does. You have to say begrudgingly. Have the national following and beat the Steelers are one of those teams only the Raiders are one of those teams and to a certain extent I think the Saints might be -- But yet they're here. It's sexist. Everyone and He used -- knows Dallas owns us many times over from a pro football standpoint but you know they're they're very much going minority here though. Where is just did it give you just an example and in a full clog our first thought off our first phone call was a plea. From Shreveport Louisiana to put this saves for his Saints game on a Sunday instead that the -- doing winning Cowboys game and He was thrown out phone numbers so with fans could vote. So they could show in the local affiliate of there which -- -- -- the Cowboys so again as well find it down here. Yeah I think that's -- going to chased and then you know here in Houston with the NFL owners meetings here this week. And Arizona getting a Super Bowl. You know it's sort of renewed the conversation on our show today about the next Super Bowl in Texas we have won in Houston final four which is one in Dallas. And I think you'd be hard pressed to find anyone in this state who thinks the next Super Bowl in Texas Colby in Houston it sure looks like even despite all the problems they had logistically. And on game day that it would go there's simply because there's a 100000 seats in that building and it's -- state of the art building and it's Alice and they do have a sort of Cassius hey I guess you gotta say that's some cities unfortunately like Houston do not. Now -- rich changes subject a little bit only did they go and obviously everything's big in Texas Texas football and speak and University of Texas and Mack Brown. And how they were embarrassed of bond Oklahoma until -- that's ridiculous. That -- -- -- just the lung there's no way. Of the Texas program to status in a last year are now going to this season I mean who's had who's being hold accountable -- Mack Brown what. Well you know we all know last cure little train wreck at five -- and -- -- another year like that will be unacceptable. And will be out kind of season. Well we're new a lot of discussion about whether or not Mack Brown -- time has come and gone. And University of Texas so I think that's what's on the line. This season from Mack Brown that's says. I think I do see some improvement in some key areas even if these young guys that are gonna take their lips. That might be enough for them to salvage a five under or better season. This time around and I think that would be enough to buy him enough time to continue to develop the court he's got better true freshmen and redshirt freshman right now. That He thinks He can win with and I think a lot of people think. He can win -- but it's gonna take another year or 21 or not He gets that much time remains to be seen depends I think on exactly how this season fall out. When tough when Newsweek -- as well as Oklahoma State comes in out. I mean now the anyone expects them to win that game even now in Austin or Oklahoma State has not played that well historically. I -- here we go now rich lawn covers the Texans in the AFC south folk to beat I you know T. He's how about -- Ritz that I exactly about it -- thank you so much as we presented that. All right coming up next we'll continue around the league will go to the lives -- side of things on opening NFC east at the end see not a and the west. Bobby gave and the ability is around illegal and what's sauce on WW and. -- -- -- -- And that -- -- Philadelphia Eagles following his -- weekend to the Buffalo Bills welcome back -- around the league -- Bobby bare. I'm Deke Bellavia now we focus in on the NFC east and talking about those Philadelphia Eagles is Kevin Noonan of CBS sports dot com covering the Eagles. And the NFC's Kevin thank you so much for the time and from the outside look in the end you know down here in New Orleans Philadelphia just seems like to meet the ball club. If they can do is get a win that. They would just be able to kind of get over the hump and it just take a deep breath and maybe regroup a little bit I did and I know it's easier said than done but. And I think one win would go a long way we just given these guys -- -- just collect data whack confidence wise right now I think Kevin would that being said look they lost their fourth and rolled the longest skid a sense of five other acts of Andy Reid's head. You know I don't I don't think that's the problem because if you look at what's going offer furcal a lot of problems with this team. And I think all of us were little -- by the light of all these marquee names that they signed. But they've gone through so many changes this season they've in new defense -- coordinator who has never coach an NFL on the defensive side. David -- defensive line coach in new offensive line coach. There -- a bunch of new players and these guys really have accords with the you know what it's like this season. With no OT gave no mini -- that these guys really don't know what they have. They have a lot of talent did you guys know certainly Bobby Hebert knows better than -- That bill although it doesn't miceli had a two wins he's got to have chemistry. He got -- continuity you have a lot of things. But I create its a little bit early to rate these guys all. Simply because NFC east is not that strong. All these guys are struggling they still want to play the Redskins Cowboys the Cowboys toys they play depleted Giants again. So certainly they can turn this ship around. But the problem is is so many things are going wrong with them that you have to wonder if they can turnaround. Now Kevin being around Michael Vick in and I don't know as mannerisms what did you take on him. I mean I was looking right now as far as his confidence we used -- its authority. 315 yards past public touchdown but I guess a career where where's foreign assistance. And then I guess three of them coming on the Eagles first four possessions. And it's almost like a side note when you look ninety yards Russian. Gave them what 4948. For his career. And He served past Randall Cunningham and an eagle for the most yards by an NFL quarterback but that's. Almost because an -- against kind of a side note that accomplishment by Vick. -- and certainly they were told him you know Bobby Hebert knows this better and give us. A lot of times interceptions aren't the quarterback's fault one of them was a tipped ball that bounced up in the air. No there was maybe a little bit about but He was just He and -- hammered as -- -- that they couldn't step into the ball and follow through. And the other one really with the kind of a ball to receiver probably should've had kind of got knocked out of his hands. That's a little bit of this -- world would think that would with the that and certainly Michael Vick He hasn't played like He did. In the beginning of last year but He certainly not a big problem with this team the big problem with this team mainly -- on defense they cannot stop the run. They're they're red zone offense and defense is not good. There are a lot of different problems you know their offensive line is very questionable and they have a lot of time protecting -- Certainly picked stats if you look at them cold week that you you have to pay wonder what's going -- with his. Certainly a lot of that there's a lot more involved to attend that stick basically for the most part especially considering the pressure he's been under and that -- he's been taking. Really has played pretty well. A camera you know going back to would you say -- -- -- just the -- you think about it is dim as things have been for Philadelphia. You beat Washington his week in a New York is turnaround they're playing in Buffalo and Dallas is playing New England you can be a game out in the win column out of first place. -- except -- -- saying you know this is not the strongest even though and if he's. Historically has been one of the best division in the NFL but this year it's just not that quite that good. And you know and they know also dealing with the NFL where He only played once a week. Did you guys notice how emotional thing and get out everyone. Kind of distorts things over one game because you know you know a four game losing streak in baseball is -- there's less than a week. In the NFL it's like five weeks yeah and so you tend to kind of blown out of proportion -- setter at the same time they can't -- effect. That this team does have a lot of problems. That -- could be solved overnight. And they get a lot of I think has to do with the fact that they've made so many changes. This year and did have the benefit of an off season of mini camps and OTH. Kevin -- in the covers at the NFC east folks in the ring NFC at the -- of the Philadelphia Eagles for CBS quarterback -- Kevin thank you so much my pleasure thanks Kevin all right come back quotes hiking in the in the AFC not for Brian Murphy and also the NFC west at coney softly. This around the league sports talk WW. It's in your round -- Brian Perseus pioneer press cover. Minnesota Vikings. Don't know much about football but I know you got a horse named Adrian Peterson given the ball given the ball and finally He got the ball this past week in -- -- times and of course you guys got to a twenty to zero lead over Arizona rest was history. Yeah era with a purpose last week -- -- He was. A lot of anger and those runs and and when you see angry it's. She -- angry Adrian Peterson usually -- a lot of flailing defenders and that's kind of what the case or certainly in the first quarter last week Kia. It was a vintage performance. Brian you know Detroit and Green made a to have a stronghold on this division where does this put the Vikings in the band's. Well there in bad shape I mean -- -- the wind bottoms and China and relieve the pressure busts. You know they have a lot of holes and question march coming into the season and end. It it got -- and only got worse or they lost their first four games and not. Yeah I I don't think anybody realistically anxious to play our team I don't even think it's 500 team at this point. Kind of an aging team in transition. That Donovan McNabb. One year deal playing pretty poorly -- crowd. Based clambering. Into prematurely her rookie quarterback Christian Ponder you -- Head coach Leslie Frazier is only four games -- -- old time getting the Maryland. Fred Childers got fired last year or so there's a lot of moving parts right now I think returner find out what their identity is and you know it did it regardless of what Green Bay -- -- order here and and and that spurred some pretty special but the Vikings were going to be in the conversation anymore. Brian Murphy of the pioneer press covering the Vikings in the NFC -- Bryant thank you so much for the time we appreciate it. Picture all right rams' sideline reporter Tony softly -- now with the Rams all to a surprising. Struggling -- doesn't get any easier this week as they go to Lambeau to take on the Green Bay Packers Tony. What so what the Rams way to they go out -- disappointing start. Well you know what they just coming off the bye week I think there was a lot of soul searching going on both on the coaching and playing aspect of trying to zero what's going on what's gone wrong. I think their struggles -- find themselves an identity as a team not sure they've jelled yet. And they've got a lot of work ahead of them are twelve weeks who remain in the in this season it'll be interesting to see how they started off opened Lambeau Field on Sunday. Yeah -- Tony I'll look at and the Saints are gonna face number they go by Green Bay and Dallas then they come to you owns October 30 so. A big challenge you know we always say it is everyone are every team does have a blood could injuries. Well aware of the at right now as far as Stephen Jackson or just the team in general as far as health wise. You know it's you know they lost Bradley Fletcher during the bye week gonna freak accident -- Sims-Walker got tied up the receiver. Came down awkwardly and Louis based here also that was a devastating blow for them. There are ready weekend the quarterback position. They're gonna -- caviar rather than -- -- -- veteran players. To pull through this close and young players actually developed. Stephen Jackson is that pulled -- full strength. Oh he'll be ready to run on Sunday and simply for the rest the guys sort Bar Harbor are pretty -- He goes to St. Louis Rams in the NFC west -- somebody rams' sideline reporter Tony thank you so much enjoy the game at Lambeau on Sunday. They characterize things -- -- in hopes inroads on the news Jean-Gilles -- we showed again in. This means bored come on WWR radio -- is they need to -- anybody -- been. On the -- lidge alone could nineteenth. --