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Nov 1, 2011|

Bobby and Deke go "Around The League" and look at the latest developments in all eight divisions of the NFL.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's been predicted. Looks like looked down field. Buffalo it's gonna throw back to -- looks to the get go. -- -- Proud -- -- Timothy W second that -- gets in the afternoon. And we go around the National Football League and we start out in the American football conference the AFC east division where there's no place like birthplace and the Buffalo Bills are in first place. With a five into -- fresh off of a B 23 to zero -- out. Over the Washington Redskins here to help -- talk about it from the right just the Democrat and chronicle beatles' beat writer. Covering the bills and the AFC east is sound -- -- sat out thank you so much in Buffalo five into practice and games. A surprise but people who don't follow in this season. Meaning getting them up and sound football and win an eternal about. -- they really have guys in the builder. There are right nobody expected anticipated that he would win five or southern. Especially beating a team like Philadelphia wearing what. And they've been great Robert repeat but actually they haven't stopped too many people they've really relied on the turnovers. And there's a war even -- -- overcome but just one that stopped the -- prove they can actually stop people put so far so good. Yeah they lead the league right now not sure what word that they would -- in the -- they -- at eighteen and it's been a key reason -- there. -- until. Itself you know looking back where I came from and play quarterback in National Football League I came help but be -- Ryan Fitzpatrick fan and I mean -- talk about a contract. That he deserves to me coming out of harm it. I mean and you look at -- -- peoples of the world we did if Florida beat Tim Tebow can hold Ryan pat Patrick says jock I mean how can you not love a guy like him. Such a blue collar quarterback and obviously his intelligence of the chart as far as playing that position. Yeah no doubt about it ride a great success story you know I can't believe in the I think 2000. -- -- cope with the Rams moved -- the -- -- look back -- quarterback in both places came to Buffalo beat it back Trent Edwards in 2009. And that last year can't get -- here it took all their games to realize that -- just want in the guy. Any talk about right in in the shop Ryan. And -- thought that -- -- an -- -- -- last year. He picked up right or left but -- what Bobbie you know that's what you've got that tech coach quarterback connection it makes a big difference. And alien Fitzpatrick are really on the same page -- can't walk with that kid can do it the real Smart player he'd get the right play. And you know his his physical Gilbert -- that have been. All that -- greens and mean Brady Epsilon. But the -- Smart and can play anybody -- right now. South island to already with a victory over new arena. This week at orchard park New York Jets come may have bought Buffalo can win this -- now they set themselves up to be right in the thick of things in the east the rest of the season. Yet that really they witnessed that those six until and you look at their schedule about the role that spoke up Miami twice. And then -- Denver and Tennessee covered the ball well in December so really you're articles or right there you got to pick their awful win. Beckett from the nine. So you got to -- but the Jets that are really going to be winning games and the first one involved -- on the itself. They can get that guy yeah it's hard to believe after eleven years -- no way out but that would be right in the thick of the playoff race. Itself when you look at Buffalo a feel good story a -- like Detroit. You look at the hard times in the economy and everything and you look I everything's pretty much every -- as you know it used to be to Boston Paige became the New England Patriots -- a look at the saint. Post-Katrina it's more than golf solved all state Saints and looking at the bills playing in a Toronto what Dave it was their first win in four trips since they. Across the border in this series is starting 2008. I mean I hi how -- as the game in Toronto as far as the fan base that they really take I don't know the bills as one of their wrong like -- that was their team. Well what's happened with Toronto on the bill had a regional like measures that and they got 78 million dollars late bite well why would receive. Names up there it was a great basketball for the bills. The game that trial the first three years did not go off well. About where we played horrible call three walks tall tree and I never gave the crowd and in the chair now. In those games. That's what was there are they got good start against Washington. They got the crowd behind them could go to the crowd what is -- at a belt crowd trial at -- five million people and there are a lot of -- -- -- but not that. Literally built there. The whole goal of the 20 series for Buffalo is to try to convert some of those NFL again. To -- and and then bring them back down the Buffalo. For the game at Ralph who stated. This game more than the other three may have started to accomplish that in this spot what team. Is now on the rise but it did get behind and Sunday and it was definitely a problem walk out of the first dot -- or yours. -- Ronald from the riotous democratic common chronicle -- -- -- -- in the AFC east now thank you so much for the time. Probably or. Are the things like that company at the flat though he takes the snap. We'll take a deep right so I think Smith. Makes good that's. -- five yard line. Looked terrific. Maurice Smith. Philly on the kind of a hold of -- -- the waiting -- that business that is the placement here. They're the Baltimore Ravens have the right down the lead for the parade and one thing. -- -- And the purple birds out Scola the Cardinals 243 music and it went thirtieth 27 you know -- talk about the AFC north division. And the Baltimore Ravens W in his team radio Baltimore. Am clocking him coming off a disappointing loss to Jacksonville. And Baltimore on that come back and won this game. It's heat with the media and the fans have put on a coach hobbled the most he would have been under. Since he's been -- -- -- also the heat on Joseph Flacco. -- that'd be a gamer. What you wanna stop the boo and and -- that to support a crowd of Flacco but placed on listing of the joint but he finish strong. Yeah he went on -- you're right about that are well is that you know is sort got beat. Credited with from fans and media here Baltimore cut all that as we actually have to -- coached to do but. Joseph Flacco particular offensive coordinator Cam Cameron I mean the so we used in the city at Baltimore the defense look and so good. For so long and we're used to having these situations where the defense appears -- performing at their level. And the offense just can't -- -- -- that -- that part it -- got a -- money on defense but I. Really wouldn't bet a lot of fire -- Continued to perform poorly offensively on kick in Cameron and Joseph Flacco knowing you're going to. -- -- -- this really pivotal game in Pittsburgh this weekend. -- you go back and you look at throughout the the standings in the NFC and AFC and it be hard all year right now there's atop the division in the AFC north Baltimore five -- -- Cincinnati with a top defense of Ivan too. And the two teams -- a square off this week Baltimore Pittsburgh Steelers are red hot at the coming off a shut down game when they -- it down in New England. There's divisions and had to be pretty good. It's crazy that this division and the part is that you look -- -- we're so used to these two games between the Ravens and Steelers toward determining written and that is and both these teams the Eagles twice the right away that will be. Art baker. Will really Cougars are scheduled and favorable and how they handle gains against the Ravens and Steelers -- the way but still be more. Both of these teams who in this game it's easy to say okay it got the upper hand. In the division -- the way. But there is the -- -- an -- say about that. And Glenn does -- -- -- the Bengals team again has kind of on the radar. And and it should be the I've always thought of them as as very opportunistic type defense as far as creating turnovers. But kind of under the radar considering where they're ranked and how dominant they've been you can look at the opponent. But he still get it done defensively. -- -- that they are still very strong and secondary that Joseph but no political player. Johnathan Joseph is to supplement that -- be deepened the strong. It's remarkable and then matching wits. In -- record and are in this week about any ball and in any EG Green speed. The greatest quarterback receiver combo. -- Current quarterback and rookie receiver at the same time. And the -- and yeah. Any jump out you it great -- you're really in the back there will be some Seattle without. -- and it's remarkable they're doing and again you know you keep looking at -- ball Pittsburgh Baltimore Pittsburgh or expert by. -- And we did this time it is and at the plate. The NFC west to wallet now sentence that got very good that vision -- I think their support in the AFC south so they -- you elaborate on that schedule and so the people so it and it it it means he's going to be in that they can steal a couple games between Baltimore Pittsburgh. It will be to try and. Demand Sunday in -- -- the best pro football -- I say right now in the game. Pittsburg and Baltimore teens it seemingly little Haiti to. Question is it true measuring stick for these minute. -- all that because it's such a fierce rivalry and it's marked by such top player. Obviously injuries the Steelers -- dealing with right now. -- linebacker position and catching -- but now. Fair here and perhaps now more what we're assuming that point about more -- -- -- -- to be surprised that Pittsburgh so that we saw their offense cable doing a week ago. I know that he'd angles are idiots -- the Patriots. Defense is not nearly as strong at the rate and our a hole offensively. But certainly -- that game it's that's clicking right now and Pittsburgh. And the that there is the time -- catch a ball or 11. You know -- is it perhaps. 1613. Game with three minutes left in that would be foolish sort of always in. And -- -- the Ravens stop the Steelers equal yet. -- and that's what -- -- -- -- him on the night. Did you innings to your radio and Baltimore covering the Ravens and the AFC north in Claude Julien thank you so much for the regular. -- can snap the ball it's. Not. It's. Not very good. I was sick Jordan Raanan -- But branded cars the forty had a thirty -- -- that hasn't always been as good. -- I -- goes all the way and they end so Palmer points and unless it's -- looks and Donald. -- -- -- -- Kansas City, Kansas -- six -- doing how are they sixth pick including two pick sixes and now has six this. That's what it was two weeks ago but the Oakland Raiders had a -- -- to regroup. And get ready this week as the Raiders get back into action they take on in AFC west -- The Denver Broncos here to help us talk about the AFC west and the Raiders. Is the Raiders beat -- of the Sacramento beat Jason Jones and Jason. This division has been -- all season long the Chargers with a slow spot. Rebounding Kansas City -- three they get their fourth straight last night and this week Oakland as the chances they -- the division by the beating a struggling gamble ballclub. Is his business as usual in the last there was a mall while the normal. It will all while normal. You look at news that raider you being a hundred informed the usually at the time -- are talking about what. Well you're fired -- And the other club all year what does this last year so they believe that there's visited there for the taking note they'd. Look at you know he can't that he will go well. It is going to be a -- -- extra minute between an epic. Now Jason what is the status now obviously had an open date. And Carson Palmer trying to get more familiar with the offense where ultimately you want it to be second nature now I don't know. Until you actually go out there and play -- will be second nature but what is the status right now going. Into this weekend would Palmer and and also the health and McFadden because I. That could be the quarterback's best friend if they're able to run the ball like they have usually when a guy like McFadden. The world are these if -- a couple of extra days are we demand for four days saw. Receiver is not what the hell be eight back with the car and how to walk on irony here. It put that down we all know that that not been an up side shortened or -- the walk on the other things yeah. All -- -- her real kick in the or something like that name on the LO. Those -- to be able to run -- but it is not. Air and I fought -- drivers like that we have talked about yesterday they had -- -- Well -- shot into the weekend. People out -- but Michael was pretty good right now the Raiders -- more effective defense need to have a live up to what it fit it would be for treatment a lot of money and the ball big game. And they -- you know usually get quarterback. Here a little bit caught up. Where the media circus so obviously be out by your -- is a week in Jason in the Tebow factor. Won two big in my house 45 -- -- last week in now gamble looks like a ballclub it's in disarray at the quarterback position. Guillen and the Raiders actually did they when people start last year they got and they were able to be good people and plate you know you better it is. That that we can -- get the record last year but. Eric if they can't somehow you know. It -- -- the depleted offensive team -- -- young quarterback struggling they can't be that came on Sunday. Got big problem be it at the beginning what hobbies can realize. Utley -- they'll they'll be negated by a regal -- San Diego. Or Erica a game or -- -- -- -- division or. Any you know I got a call. And at Jason if you look at some people argue about this it is it is in the conversation when you look at a guy like Philip Rivers you look at his numbers. And you know Barry can parable to whether it's a Drew Brees or Aaron Rodgers Peyton Manning Tom Brady but. The kind of like a franchise quarterback who hasn't won anything in it they mutually when some than he won't be in that conversation -- -- it seems like more than any other year. That he's turning over the ball and struggling even though you know they've born three and Philip Rivers has made more mistakes and I've seen him make in the path. Yeah that fumble that was yet. Yeah he -- to be. The quarterback you have to make it part of the game. Noticed it on the way eat turn over the ball. You know pick it more on the key call -- the that they can't hit streak. You know you're we're. Talk well well well to war or struggle on the ovals street right this year you know only. -- and out and beat aptly be. Every team that -- decent at a later date but all in yet law victory. Now you've -- the case feet of break and beat -- beat today. -- Kane. Are out there. -- like well the quarterback -- the people. Underrated will be -- -- one knee and only. Become a lot of luck in the -- back then yeah he will be more before. Covering the AFC west and the Oakland Raiders of the Sacramento beat Jason Jones Jason thank you so much. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It. Birdied. Good good Rick Smith put complete. And it's an easy times victorious this past weekend defeating division foe Indianapolis 27 a -- and now game behind Houston in the south division at five and three in a surprising matchup of teams. Just the game out of first place their respective division Cincinnati visits Tennessee this weekend. All the Thom Abraham show host on W in -- are radio in as -- a I'm a Graeme -- does. Tom thank you so much for the times in the tight ends up right in the thick of things in the south. Yep or they are -- -- might be an indictment. And it is. Apply for the Titans because. I got -- whoever it was you know to -- -- -- -- -- get that win -- -- the plan that. The worst only seven -- win. Ever received in my life and and and he calls up close and personal at occur and would be difficult to ultimately. And see it. I'll call to see -- -- that -- he is. And it's like it's Batman is that it is very important to the states is aware that not all over. And time you look I want your opinion on this it that you look and AFC south and what do Texans are I mean to me there's no excuse right now. Well like coach Kubiak and the Texans. Aaron boss -- seem like he's getting on a roll. I mean just our overall team to about under achievers that's been against the whole -- of the Texans I just think. That -- one they have to an AFC south they got to make drastic changes. It got into this year I mean because right now you look at their schedule there's no reason why that isn't a lot and and fight scheme that the worst. They had a tendency in the past that the paint in the second. The Titans -- player on New Year's Day the last game of the season and by then they don't have the division wrapped I think -- some very practical. But -- -- who react because. You -- -- Pitt that that team builder and -- for awhile -- put defense first of all are aware. You know it got Victoria and actual park than there. And then he'll get it done now -- numbers you'd -- -- real strong. The rest of the division's pretty weak and so I would think that they've got the -- Tom McCarthy Munson announced a day to Chris Johnson is still he's starting running him back although -- Javon Ringer has been good at times. Is there a quarterback assuming a running back controversy brewing in music city. What I mean that they get more of a concern and controversy because. Just like well you know of course you start thirty million dollars. But -- -- -- you could start and get six carries and what Warriors in game -- and on third down play. Warriors in there you know what it's crunch time. That -- here. Mean you're old story 11 workers jumped on the sideline like it out to knock it apparently it -- so you know enable -- fourteen carries. You were here at the -- -- shot it certainly arc and at all at the line at all possible politeness -- but what. It off a lot -- -- they don't stay in. Yes topic their power to the question at the mercy the question -- that is does the fact there's all arms superstar. Because on the order that you can ever get back you can't recapture speed and looks Eagles to a slower. Had Tom. Yet Tom what I've seen him -- highlights are animal rights as should say he looked tentative. Like he's. The second and all -- money you don't. That are. An uncle who are in -- and you almost all out on game. The played practice is -- baseball right at people so this is against -- And Albert pitcher at it and you're a little. He. He looked at outlaw came on the -- police. Covering their AFC south focus in on the Tennessee Titans of the Thom Abraham shoe was on W -- -- our radio national com Abraham Tom. Thank you so much of the time we appreciate. I write down take care all right Kevin Mack will go on the AFC's. The NFC east and on the west and we'll get Bobby thought. All on the side. It's around the National Football League here on some radio WW. Big kid who played the line of scrimmage on the center stretch -- -- -- boy outside dictated that. Carried out -- Halladay. They -- great so I rarely got Sox as you've heard bags made the play James had Philadelphia's got a flu. -- -- -- Are these wanna I wanna go here and afford. Well the -- season they were dubbed the dream team -- they look like it Sunday night as they defeated the Dallas Cowboys. 34 to seven we continue around the league is based on in now the NFC east focusing on the Dallas. Cowboys hope to report of the years in Dallas Ryan bonuses with -- now Bryant thank you so much for the time in what happened to -- cowboy. -- yeah it's an old fashioned butt -- it is what it was you know the this big thing decal which has done so well. Up until that point was what defensively the front seven that been outstanding and plain -- and get some perch in the passing game. Which you got a beautiful view a lot of credit you know that front actually much maligned as force protecting. You know it was a guy it was always on the run state games even so after the removal that would make throws. Put did he get tonight they knew they were -- -- in the running game they destroyed the Cowboys -- incidence. That the linebacker QB the tight -- were purported attack were group's -- blockers so yeah and then you got courtroom in the football but yet it will be 4 up morning morning -- if you recall all boys win that it was just a dominant factor went up front against -- -- -- And number I'm bought it at that -- Jerry Jones considering a division opponent like you said and just the good old fashion Obama will open. But then you look at Rob Ryan in in -- like Greg's then -- -- -- talks Mac and saying well. The all -- team boy insurers in like the Eagles played like the dream team expect -- will head will reflecting in training camp and -- I was surprised because I thought the cowboys' defense was actually -- -- an -- -- I don't know the Eagles Stewart's pulls them. Well you know. Yet it it was -- -- -- that was going into the game -- we -- it was going to be pretty -- close game because of what -- was -- with the front seven you know and the Eagles go -- can't you got -- -- there's so many -- pitcher and how do you -- and you know the -- we get into will be in the situation and talking about rob mine is. -- scheme wise that finger -- group outside threat at the Eagles receivers. And you know and talk about. There's projects have been in -- in -- so he's playing pretty deep it would -- shore leader -- linebacker during the game -- Wrist problem. So now we're playing with who would go pretty change in key -- you know who. -- age not what would they want to work and you get it played the linebackers haven't played and so it will it will be nice job of taking advantage of the state it was in between the -- in the linebackers are in the game. And get some plays here that huge will react. Tackling was poor are even times they had -- music guys the whole. Bring down note he's not able to do that and again like are talking about. The Eagles tackle did a really nice job keeping things down. That -- into -- -- out on the outside linebackers and makes things happen so. There's a lot of weapons that you have to deal with when you play with the Eagles opera one night it would it would put it altogether and it didn't turn over football which is something they'd done before. -- I'm Bradley Brian finally looking you know in this division you can truly say well it was one game new new New Yorkers and New England. Philadelphia city beat Chicago Dallas hosts Seattle UNA game in New England wins you still a game out for. Yeah absolutely and that's what did you know that the kind of a lot of guys that we were getting in the locker yesterday it was that you know what it is you know -- at one point and you know these Seattle and the talent -- focus on -- put -- behind -- you know on the Jason -- was talking about -- -- to -- from what what happened to you you know that Sunday. You know I'd make those corrections to go forward so you -- Seattle as a as a team that struggled a little bit it's surprising to me that they had the problems that they had a hole. You know -- the Cincinnati last week in a Gingrich sit down and bought some tape up on them and see where their -- it. Yeah I think it is it's a very strange that these guys because you know everybody's teams to have some issues but. I'll look at the Redskins line and a -- now who's the quarterback you know. Yet know that and that's exactly right inaccurately we talked about it you know couple weeks ago it felt like the Redskins did have a -- -- some players -- got some good skill positions but. You know we don't have quarterback. Bird park -- in the league in -- huge -- their -- and -- court correctly be lightning so. It through and beat Nadal and he gets to play our -- -- so. Yeah I -- for one week in like the kind of put it altogether and you know now they can play the players in the Giants but at the pats and so you know will all shake up after next week. Become the NFC east host and reporter for ESPN Dallas also with the Cowboys Brian -- Bryant thank you so much for the time we appreciate. Thank you get it right. Rodgers -- throws sent home. Favourite going why don't. It's. Less then could really hit Jennings. Good old Blue Jays seventy. -- Packers have to make you believe. And that was in two weeks ago they enjoy a week all is as -- they all the lone undefeated team in the National Football League the defending world champion Green Bay Packers. Our 70 coming off a back on the road this week on the West Coast against the San Diego Chargers -- a bust talk about the AFC north division. And of course the Packers might wicket -- on WNSSP. Radio in Milwaukee and Mike when you look at the Packers schedule one would figure. If anybody is gonna give a Green Bay -- owner wrote in May be San Diego Sunday. It could mean that the team right now you know they they did not play real well. Yesterday against the of the Kansas City -- he's solid big game in the way that Philip Rivers and that ball game and Casey wouldn't. I would in overtime and suck up -- the field goal but. You know still that you guys know an eagle on the road -- -- to the West Coast and here you go over there and play the San Diego Chargers Philip Rivers and gates of battle that they can. They give teams -- if you get caught. You know wanna out of an off day I think -- -- -- look at that could give this team trouble nobody's really talking about it wrote. Going to new York and take it on the Giants adding that one. I get -- to talk about the Eagles and the other Dallas Cowboys in the NC. Look out for Eli Manning and then -- you know Bradshaw and Jacobs -- ground and pound game and it really nullified he would keep Rogers a couple of up the opposite field. Now Mike a look at it staying in our look at the Detroit Lions obviously. They snapped a two games kid when a dominating victory over the Broncos on -- the Broncos -- look at him Matthew Stafford it's -- like. The only surety ill effects on that sprained right ankle that it sustain a week earlier I mean so much that Tim Tebow what they sacked him believe seven times. Two turnovers on the line it's an added that touchdowns and Tim Tebow he was not face him -- you'd say that the Miami Dolphins and I come back that he was deadly overmatched. And how the lines brought everything hinges really Christ the Broncos. I mean that that lions' front seven they had a mission that they were gonna let the Broncos spread about let Tim Tebow go about running the football they stacked the middle they went after Tebow had. You know you got a guy who is an experience b.s make bad decisions and he'd take a long time to get those bad decisions. You know you want to use the ballot on which do include bat girl and get to like get that Tebow. Well being or about the Lions is that because if you take a look at their record yet they've won six games and dropped only here this year but the sixteen AB I guess you could make an argument for Tampa you guys -- on the Tampa Bay has down there. But they haven't beaten anybody in the two teams and -- -- -- -- -- -- the niners and the Atlanta Falcons nearly two real good teams that they've faced. I think people are gonna start buying in and out -- and -- I wouldn't do it yet might still be cool -- And -- found the Chicago Bears if they can win this week at home all right for the devil put him at four and three. A Green Bay regardless of what they do would still be well ahead in his division Detroit is off they would be up a nice mix toward atop the division would Minnesota still a very distant for. Haven't this is kind of the way I think a lot of people thought you were you Richar to get the Chicago Bears people expected improvement volleyed. I'm not sure anybody expect agreed they'd be evident though the chance to go to -- you know after the go to San Diego but. You know that is that is going to be a fun race the following that could look like it could be you know a great X rod with the Lions in the Packers and then maybe the Chicago Bears. Who can get hot and you know you never know what you're gonna get from Jay Cutler but this is going to be a fun run toward the end of hopefully -- beat the Packers once again. Covering the NFC all focuses on the Green Bay Packers host on WA SB radio in Milwaukee might we might thank you so much at a time. All right we'll come back and taking it on the team with the second best record. In the National Football League. Out on the goal rush to San Francisco 49 as -- rabbit that would -- -- AFC -- it's around the -- here on WW. Second -- -- -- And we -- -- around the league and the NFC US sports director of kgo radio in San Francisco rich walk off as well this now reads. San Francisco's six Juan that's impressive but maybe more -- The nearest competitor a full game cushion over Seattle and a five game lead over everybody else in the way the. Yet you went through quite. I'd say it wasn't the hardball Brothers took up in the in Baltimore the Ravens and display that -- -- Now rich I know forty niner fans obviously appreciate with Frank Gore has done that a team in. And probably not a household name like a Roger Craig considering. The Roger Craig was playing their -- who will Bulls but. I was reading where. Part of franchise history moving past Roger Craig in the second place on a 49 is career rushing list. They what he ran -- 125 plus yards and a touchdown in the fourth straight game. To me and I've always said this to be truly follow football. Frank Gore is a stud he's a workhorse. You're humiliated you when you're losing don't take note of the fact that -- you know twelve -- 14100 yardage as -- guys but he is good rock solid ankle injury early on and struggled in the first couple games and there was talking now that we have a -- to step he'd gotten the big contract extension. And some people thought that you know maybe 2829. Years old she's a better -- gore. But he is a warrior you look at what he except which is the way the whole week grind the way he just you know sort. And your right or straight 120 yards rushing and touchdown. Effort in those last four games he's on target of break -- -- yet -- all I've neither. Career rushing records soon as well. -- all got -- elbows the NFC west and the San Francisco -- that Ruth Stevens on the foreign there for review. They sure -- had given up the fewest points. It's improved secondary and -- most. Here or linebackers. I don't know this or better than a lot of people Obama even -- -- Patrick Willis but. Ahmad Brooks and powers and in this second year from as -- Navarro on. Former court -- just -- how old you all day long. Rich thank you so much we appreciate. Paula helped saint Rose Steve get Lamar and not a big -- -- -- them often fought a seventy that aging and embody a ban on the way you -- zone tonight the.