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11-4-11 11:10AM Dr. Amy Dickson

Nov 4, 2011|

Tommy Tucker talks with Dr. Amy Dickson, clinical psychologist with LSU Health Sciences, about the viral video showing a Texas judge violently "disciplining" his teenage daughter.

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Tiger with it and it's beautiful bride in -- weekend should be just spectacular. And we're not ignoring LHU believe me we're not -- jaguar opinion poll Alabama is a four and a half point favorite. Over LA issue is three points from home field advantage so you look at neutral field about a point happen anyway. Morning at point favored over relish you do you think the tiger's gonna win. With the morning have points when -- games straight out Orwell Alabama cover. And if you don't gamble it means do you think they'll cover of the mourning him win by more than four points. And as it stands now those of you logging on online and has that wait for the computer refresh I'll tell you we're gonna talk about. Nothing but football in the -- now with a big T. Deke Bellavia both about LA if you will talk about the saints. Tryon is steady their ship against the Buccaneers and also about high school football final week of the season. And as it stands -- those of you logging online think that. -- you're -- winning games straight out 66%. 18% think -- issue's gonna win by four and a half and 16%. Think that Alabama's gonna cover that -- half points. So before you you gamble any money. And -- know some of you have heard this before but for those of either hand and now say it again. Before you place any football that say they gamblers prayer which is. Lord please dear god let me breakeven. I need the money. With that look him in doctor Jamie Dixon there again as the clinical psychologist with the LSU health. Sciences -- seems like reasonable prayer don't think doctor hear -- -- If you it would order talk about now is serious in and I went treated to go do. -- WL dot com go to new shows and schedules on the left hand side of the page. Scroll all the way to the bottom that Tommy Tucker. And then wait for the next screen to come up and holy Moly is that a big old. Lots of ugly -- you'll see my picture and annuals the under Tommy's Olmert Texas judge -- daughter for using Internet. As is warning this video contains graphic images and explicit language is not suitable for all like ages links to external YouTube video. And doctor bear with him colleges walk people through their product process because. I really want them to see this video if they have not yet seen it because it is indeed disturbing and like if you've not heard this story this guy is a Texas judge. And he was secretly videotaping his videotaped. Beating his daughter back in 2004. She. Put a camera on the Dresser apparently and in what some some material over -- but he couldn't see it. And he viciously beats -- with the bell. There is some dispute as to why she released it now he says she posted the video because he told her he was reducing their financial support. And taking away her Mercedes would ever. The the motivation for -- in the video now I don't think there's any excuse would use the on videos so you look at the video and and will take you calls on what do you think this. Appropriate or not doctor Dixon as a clinical psychologist. One and one of the conversation you and I have had many times. Concerns discipline when it comes to children and corporal punishment as opposed to not spared their rides Boyle would child. Different times. Now than they it was back in the eighteen hundreds and it has made it will pick it up right there with. Changing times -- to methods of punishment changer or not. Absolutely. -- can. They say in eight years ago this would not at Indian child abuse that we can have any court that protected children and that's like children were allowed to work in factories and not go to school. Diet and now decades it up he's the site determine what they they get crossing a line in what he's far. But the universal everybody election this video that they cringe repeatedly. And it. Everybody he's been pretty much says it means that they over the line there's no need for that that can afford it goes on and on they cut. Dot com that goes on and on and on. And in our society that doesn't seem to fit the punishment. -- for what she did. And it seemed except that we don't get to see her actors in beating the one we get that she had pretty severe mark on her from now what they. Yes she was sixteen years sold she's willing pleading women stop. At beginning of the media video he tells life to go get these younger daughter to get his daughter younger daughter out of the room. He told a TV station video looks worse than it is and he was just disciplining. His child. Do you think doctor is from your experience and and you can talk about. Specific cases. If he had been wailing on him -- teenage boy do you think the reaction would be -- turner. Now I mean he clearly out of control in this video his angered that would fact that he's hitting her and hitting her hitting her. He even got into hot little bit and come back and hit them more. Well I'm not censure. Is people would think that that was an expectant -- a child as well. My theory on this and I have a fifteen year old daughter that is very well adjusted and and and very happy is. I never did put a hand on her nor did my wife because it never was necessary because we were able to to talk and and reason out any difficulties undated with time out in discipline. Of that nature in my thought always was -- -- and I'm gonna hit a child he can do it one of two ways you need to do it. When your out of control and angry. Which is inexcusable or you can do it. When you're perfectly calm. Which to me might almost be worse because then you're in a calm mood in your rationally deciding. To inflict physical pain on your child which to me almost. Seems worse but yet you've UC -- doctor I guess we still see it all the time we -- -- parents wailing on their kids and and I know I get calls when when there's a violent crime in. In night downtown new loans for example and people always say it goes back to parents in the parents need to be on the kids and and a a horrible story about some twelve year old and -- that. Dropped a shopping basket on a woman from four stories up and and it calls from people single parents need to be on the kids that. That they are there any studies that indicate violence begets violence if you if you beat your kids it may be date. Go on either abuse their own kids or or are violent people themselves. Absolutely there's a lot of studies that when children are those that kind of continual violence. They either become victims and entry domestic violence relationship because they think that that how they should be treated or they become perpetrators. And they go on to be violent bully in particular go on these very violently -- -- engage in -- lot of fight in school in the community he. If you're -- home at in the -- -- eight children coughing glad to be victim -- about their perpetrators. Lot and lot of studies even cure rate in the moment domestic violence in which child is not directly targeted for it. -- -- but they witness. All but the physical -- there's tons of research that supports that they're that. Aimed at old buddy would it just whack somebody eating at public object I'll -- -- it down and pop back up. And then they went into play interaction and they were more grass at an airplane accident just after having watched that. Having nothing to do within about. There's a lot of evidence. Why is inappropriate and -- whole point about calming down and then deciding. You know art by -- head. If the parent -- -- the topic of the nation and the parent con theory angry and when they're angry they're more likely that the child harder. They're more likely they eat things that are inappropriate when they're compact. I mean make a decision not -- and -- where they may make the decision to Spain and they're much less likely he used significant passport. Any link between nine. Going on in maybe her willing to it to accept abuse from a spouse later on in life. It depends what time you play that home like this like -- -- daughter EP ain't even once or twice and it was a measured -- They were hit so hard that they were Smart they -- afraid. That there was a lot of and nurturing -- -- Heatley and appropriate discipline. Very unlikely that child would go line it'd be a victim of domestic balance relationship -- they received repeated Whitney and -- And he says. A lot of -- -- -- to her and he and we wonder what degree of emotional abuse Ali it is. We also heard. The mother speak out they -- with -- rate -- in which is why she -- act appropriately epic a lot of people haven't. A lot of -- you -- about the mothers -- all in this poll in which a young girl. -- we really wonder about the climate in her home and what level. Physical abuse was going on what level emotional abuse or perhaps that need to -- Will it put her at greater risk for having to functional relationship. Romantic relationship doesn't at all. So is there is there any. Difference between boys and girls saint -- nominee -- parents. It it then we talked about dynamics Vegas between boys and girls between single. Child households and multi. Did child households and the effectiveness -- the need for corporal punishment isn't it in your opinion ever necessary. Does depend on the situation and I guess when it comes -- meeting and out I have a problem with. Well first off I don't think it's ever necessary -- but I would then have a problem with. The degree of it because -- you know how hard you're hitting in and do -- not submit to you might not be on the other hand. Race and it is the could be. As to whether corporal punishment. Is acceptable or not acceptable if not even -- -- and children code and our laws exactly what the buying physical abuse or not. It interpreted in this court here. That you are allowed to take your child in your allowed disappointment but your sport is -- that and that it be that the mean mark like a well. The beer brief scenes that you break open in you have used excessive force and it attracted me because we get darker in individual and -- ended. And mark show up differently you bring up a very important point had you what board is too much. -- -- -- Maybe there are vehemently that that I had my child won a -- my child one -- never had to do it again pat child learned and I think that that -- the -- -- -- I would say use that in -- is used corporal punishment and you'll that is effective. Are the only have a high degree of nurturing. They have a lot of the provision for their children they spend a lot of time money tree and teaching and -- and -- -- and and when you use corporal punishment if you and far between. And they rarely have to use it and they only use and very extreme circumstances where the child has done something eating EP. And it is not something that they use on ideally be sent her weekly based sister monthly basis and those children opting and that's fine but it. It is your goat can punishment. You're good to have trouble -- outline any the human and doctors will relate to go. I get -- parents children -- it significantly by watching and so they see you beating them. Every type your angry they learn -- -- and these children off they go on others when angry it's not about it. And repeat letter traumatized by seeing my picture on the -- They tell you for counseling and. No way it becomes like your pictures they watch this video. I -- right they don't expect her you're right did they slow and I appreciate your call and ran into this -- did not have a great weekend.