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11-7-11 11am Mary Lee Orr, Dr. Mike Robichaux, Dr. Robert Dickey

Nov 7, 2011|

Mary Lee Orr, Executive director at Louisiana Evniromntal Action Network, Dr. Mike Robichaux, Ear, Nose, & throat Doctor seeing oil spill victims in Raceland, and Dr. Robert Dickey, Director of th FDA Gulf Coast Seafood Lab join Garland to speak of the health hazards from the BP Oil spill.

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-- -- So we don't we. Over concerns of these -- improved. -- At least for the first you're down through Green gulch who -- a work. With scientists to I think that the testing is being done up nothing could be wrong about them from Washington. Stage two or Iran Oregon's number -- that -- and he tissue sample group coming back pursuing the diversity from the -- -- of studies in his children but for a number of years haven't done anything on it but. -- -- in the blog started seeing in news reports and did and they just increasing. Exponentially. That there could be a problem out there with dolphins could be a problem out there -- -- -- could build -- problem out there with human -- it's. And I did show last week when the toxicologist. A -- you're. A couple of scientists. And all of them claim there is a problem infecting one toxicologist. This was his quote epidemic of disease. Respiratory diseases that he could tie directly to the BP oil spill. So serve well. If we put down on obviously it scared a lot of people who try to find out the other -- of historian and old so. Those that believe there is a problem and so in this Sam -- The first victim coriander goose okay it was sort of doctor Robert de Cuba the stricter view of Diego coach who brutal and doctors soon -- the yes and I appreciate it too soon or -- with the we have Marilu or executive director of -- -- here and environmental action network. Lady who's been a -- protect the environment here for very long time Mary welcome to show. If so which Arlington morning Craig William Boyd thank you and doctor Michael -- -- your nose through doctor. A -- feature from Graceland. I try not meant for from where I grew apart communal and totally didn't -- the -- that would won't cure all for the go couldn't do do one of us. All right I'm looking you know article out of -- the news. Doctor -- which it says the blue the gold for residents who were tested troops thirteen five times more ethyl benzene. A highly toxic -- component. Failed to Bruce could be compounded by toxic poisoning. From the chemical dispersants sprayed on the oil slips. Is that a correct quote. -- Well I can't protesting those numbers all I can tell you settlement commission and I am sitting. Tremendous number of people that have an adverse effect -- -- this. Than your previous caller. The dark you have already. Let's talk about pulmonary problems -- to a pulmonary problems since -- for the most port. What we're left with is some severe neurological problems memory laws. Extra interest capability. Seizures. In advance and everything else changed to beat. We're gonna become a recession than they know there's a period. -- they. The you're a -- biological aspects of district which has recruited by the way severe abdominal pain. I've actually been getting worse. Oh look no further exposure so it's it's been fascinating and -- seeing that whole. Portuguese people. And and is the same time you we have not seen in the past and and what we -- to enter some correlation between the oil spill. Well there's no question that the the people that because they'll. Potential exposure. Week I can't say which any degree of certainty exactly what it is because. Future that will -- feeling like -- the correction achieved at least it'll make crude which is troops toxic and that if a student loan. And -- that the combustion products and burning all this material. But don't plan to correct it seems to be the you know. The number one component that you -- that -- involved to the mortgage videos because people that was close to dispel. And didn't have to each other components. Because he'll look identical symptoms and other we have seen people who are identical symptoms that are really bizarre. From -- they'll they'll Mississippi Louisiana and -- You resort what are what are -- soon. I can just reaffirm exactly what doctor Mike says from the beginning. In 2000 and deadly started getting calls first. About air quality because they're burning of the Blake people having respiratory problems people god chemical pneumonia and overnight is how. -- and doctor Reich said and then that progressed into even more serious side effects people who were vomiting blood. -- you name it and I would here and I'm still hearing it from people on a daily basis that they're having health issues. That they believe very -- being exposed to the crude oil and the correct that. And I can like this Q let me we have a world record here one point four million gallons of -- that went into our beloved golf. And and a lot of the folks feel like it's called in their health affects how we attacked it helped doctor my car -- actually -- actor Mike helped us. -- has a lot of folks. We did filed with filed until blood testing which included a host of ten chemicals. And those folks they had very high level. The chemicals also had a lot of symptoms. That doctor Mike with describing it and most alarming and if that is okay neurological problems -- seizures and things that they're progressing -- now. That this where I get confused you're so many people experts and none are experts in and doctors. Talking about the potential programs Cora to hear is what upon known Cora to Cora to 9500. Compounds -- daily commerce current correction is not a hideously dangerous substance it's a soap for oil. Most overexposed and consumed components that are a core 29500. Every day without ill effects form require that a substance be toxic and that there would be exposure to that substance. Without having both toxicity. And exposure. There is no moral -- There's sort read that in in I have little who a problem understanding. How the core exit due to do is getting drawn -- in the industry line to health problem. I'd wanna be told to doctors -- scientists and explain that. Well I think that for one thing you should know that corrections and and other countries. -- Brandon and. Collected and that's that's -- quite true what. Let's not completely true is it's not abandon or other countries it's -- within 83 miles distance of the coast. And that's for the same reason that is not used within three mile distance of our US coast as well. Blade and gone without respect a lot of the folks feel that. It was -- closer than that to them that this is that the community is saying. But if you actually look up I'd be happy to send -- PR chemist to put this together the health impact to -- crack that crack at dispersant. It headaches nausea vomiting diarrhea abdominal pain dizziness chest pain that site is. Ear nose throat and lung irritation decreased lung function difficulty breathing respiratory damage rabbit breeding asthma attack an eagle on the things that really are scary to me. Which -- the -- toxic effects damage to red blood cells genetic damage indication how reproductive and developmental damage immune system damage cardiac rhythm mark. -- you -- -- damage increase the -- chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Those are factual health effects from collected back when I wanna add in all fairness if you make sweet crude oil. And -- it together it becomes twice this toxic that you don't know we got that dumbo here. Both the correctly and the crude oil mix together how can really tell you what I hear they hear it on a daily basis. And doctor Mike and I talk all the time from someone that -- some folks in taxes Louisiana. Mississippi. Alabama and Florida that same symptoms -- saying things happening to them and they're very concerned and very frightened about what's happening to their health. Doctor -- do you see your a -- effect between the police -- -- -- aromatic compounds and correct. No actually I don't Garland and I've lived on dauphin island for 25 years and I was -- your bill and and -- it's -- Leo it's only forty miles south of our of our coast. On the dispersants best questions seafood or not a cause for concern because you've mentioned the -- -- dispersants are concentrated soaps. They were -- when they were applied to the open gulf -- enormously diluted after they hit the water. As you mentioned the ingredients of the dispersant just taken individually are also used in many consumer products from toothpaste and mouthwash or some of -- -- And there are not harmful unless inhaled or or consumed in large amounts. You know some of the symptoms that. On this or mentioned -- yes secure if you get major exposures that may be -- I'm not a medical. And you know I haven't I don't have that background for that. In -- it's common for a lot of shall choose to wanna inhale also just hum. But the federal and state laboratories. That were involved in the spill response -- tested for dispersants in the -- foods and in the water. They were not -- concentrated in the -- foods and the vast majority of seafood analyzed showed no Trace of dispersants. Only three to 4% of the samples analyzed showed a Trace amount. With absolutely no danger to human health from seafood consumption. So it's. I think you know your your perceptions or or write to our -- to -- Little -- of whom we come back and also. And Missouri and -- -- I look back 2002. There was something called the prestige. Disaster. In Spain all the -- spend twenty million gallons. Of oil in the Atlantic Ocean K five years later. Epidemic of long in -- -- vascular diseases. I think we had for more than twenty million gallons in this area. Is this -- this is where I get so confused. As soon. What we should be concerned over who come and play back thing to think Garland Robinette. Part of we've got a good coach Sean Payton. -- conference coming up -- -- good football. 113 soon. Premiering with the portions here we're talking about Louisiana seafood. Merely your executive director -- Louisiana environment election network really what what. Connection do you see that concerns you most in your questions about the secret. I actually were I believe that only NGOs nongovernment organization that actually went out and did a lot of testing Garland. And we went out there with a very open mind and I'm hopeful hard because this is our state and we love it. We work wet chemistry and it made a protocol and what we found to make a long story short or high levels of total petroleum hydrocarbons. And the poly aromatic hydrocarbons boy I got out I'm Hannah Montana I got out PH his calm and we were concerned because. Where we tested the water looked clean leakage is sensory testing which it was a new word for me we did actually now -- people would. Actually found very high levels and we were concerned and we continue to test for a whole year and we are read testing the areas. That we attempted before. And I think it's a little alarmed that I'm concerned every one knows the stories of other -- bill than what happened to the ecosystem what has happened is some of the fisheries. No we've got -- fishermen -- we love the water we love our way of life and our communities. And we just feel that we can't afford -- to put our head in the say and we have actually see it company happening out there. And the dispersant. Antidote a gentleman. The dispersant usually. If he created from the tissue very quickly. It's very very difficult to find on any dispersant with the ethnic issue. God we were testing for the total petroleum hydrocarbons in the PH is and how come -- little flag that there are alarmed that we just continued we need to continue. Q test and of course there's universities and other large bodies that are doing that right now and I think advocate paying and I know. That this gentleman I'm sure his organization is getting -- at twelve. The conduct to Dick he Missouri and mentioned the PH is the opponents include cool aromatic compounds. And -- of wanna reduce the pitcher you have PHH compounds and oral. Is different from the composition PH compounds. Produced by come bush and we get to PH is from burning couldn T -- and forest fires and cigarette smoke. And etc. therefore it's fairly easy to detect. If this element come from combustion or from exposure to oil. Is that incorrect. No it's not incorrect the profiles that are different for those three sources but -- They sure a lot of the current -- is just different amounts of a different ones in other words they're profiling. Good the exposure. Should be obvious. -- -- types appear to -- than Clinton oil. And not in combustion project product through. We you'll see some of the same PHH's. And combustion products as you see an oil. But the ratios of the different kinds of chemicals. Changes. That if I can get to your question about the total TPH that was just mentioned again. PH ages of the compounds of concern because those compounds are not produced by living organisms or plants. Can. Those are from oil or from combustion of organic matter and they are the ones that are dangerous so that's why we're monitoring and measuring knows. When they talk about keep key -- which is total petroleum hydrocarbons. And that includes other kinds of hydrocarbons that your doctor Soria mentioned before the Dallas traffic hydrocarbons. It's dangerous to go that direction because. Many natural compounds fall into that compound for example -- were actually coatings on planet beach. On the coatings on marine algae and sea weeds goes or Alan Faneca harder carvings that are included in that keep PH number. Many plants marine bacteria find geology. Animals produce large amounts of hydrocarbons in these materials are part of the food chain of the. Doctor rumors true I read where workers involved in the cleanup on the from those sorts from boots and certain. So -- and scroll -- oh with the workers who were Clinton Hazmat suits. In the number of sued. Testimony here that they were sprayed with -- -- to -- they were in the boats. But I've received. A -- from scientists -- to -- -- The flight paths he claims. Of all of the core two plates in it -- absolute best majority. Of aerial spraying was to own -- I'm -- 300 people moral water depth. With -- only a couple of exceptions. 99. Point 0%. A -- spring and not your concern not only nine. Pursuant plus -- spring was not anywhere near the population. Is up what you've seen. Well look I would take issue with that. Amber wait district started -- just made their stand up on the back my neck if your organization. And the groups and starting this control and illness is related to oil exporter they couldn't find -- in the chamber pot. You know this is just ignore -- lead in the wind because we have some extremely ill people and to listen so this. This esoteric discussions about the scientific basis so this track we have real people over here that are getting real sick. We're not just control issues and -- and preemptively to rid of that really worried about those things for the most portable portable people that I think every day. We'll get progressively worse. And they are there's so many of -- believable and that these guys can't find them they don't want to -- OK I hate to -- remotely about this. We're in -- Feels the same -- about the link you doctor Mike I'm just so frustrated and figure this -- they'll just. Lesson that the possible impact that this and -- English in this comet to pursue this person made that you won't get. That didn't spray it over all populated areas is just absurd. The people Brando had a tremendous amount this or the patients who work night chat. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- since then there's no question in my mind it was from the explosion is chemicals. All right I really apologize we've got to break for the coaches a news conference. Need we will get your back he will continue to talk about his everyone thank you for joining.