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12-15-11 4:35pm Greg Coleman

Dec 15, 2011|

Kristian Garic talks with Minnesota Vikings sideline reporter Greg Coleman about this weekend's upcoming Vikings-Saints matchup.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Greg Coleman KFA in Minnesota Vikings sideline reporter joining us now ahead of Sunday's contest between the black eagle at ten at three in a 211 Minnesota Vikings has been a rough here Greg but I -- thanks for the time we appreciate it certainly and my first question is Adrian Peterson have been plagued by the high ankle sprain you expect to see him on Sunday. Yeah I think jokers and -- and it's it's been about a month and that's about. Average for a running back with that type of an injury. Got a couple good days of practice yesterday and today you know no apparent setbacks. Sure you'd -- you can look for a good dose of featured traditional Sunday. -- would like Jared Allen what you're he's haven't certainly. Off the field as well they get some comments about the city New Orleans but we will we will necessarily get that as much as -- thought about is on the field when it summit. Seventeen and a half sacks. He's they -- a case clearly to be the NFL defensive player of the year. Well I think -- you know -- injured since he came over Kansas City. Mature as a player but also -- tourism in. In camp in the comments so horrible there were. You know a little -- law is in Dunning chipped. Injured -- probably. Jack actions truthfully say. But so this team and has article. And it would not hurt or harm intentionally. A person's. Missiles spirit so or anything else so you know I'm sure he could take those comments back is that we're sitting Jets. That he would but in terms of the -- and he's having Christian. It's unbelievable I was fortunate enough to. Had to play with Chris Coleman and keep the large and so those guys back in the day. Who had phenomenal years. But would -- has done this year you're needing losing yeah you know and it with a losing record it's just. Unbelievable he comes to play he's been a leader on this football team. Not only does the you know talk the talk YouTube he's walked and walked. In and we're fortunate we're fortunate and even in there's just -- to implement it to whatever whatever it is. You ought to win seasons so. Bill Greg Ryan and Jim if you're on hole please stay there Greg Coleman of KF a N radio in Minnesota the dikes silent report signal I was here on sports talk in. Greg for this. He -- a football team it ranks in the bottom third the Vikings in the scoring points allowed them a lot of yards in the air they've been vulnerable to the big play. Has it been injury bug that's done it for them or is it personnel. Well it's it's a combination. When you have increase. Like we've. It -- that. Defense and secondary. -- you'd you'd start with Antoine Winfield starting corner then. You sit there were some with a two ratio trying to comeback Chris Cook with his off field issues that we lose to say he is in I was in Abdul. But I think he's not a real job and goes down you don't we -- Beattie set up well off the street down in Miami. You know a couple weeks ago and he's moved into a starting position. So -- it has been out there and it's really been so different that -- -- list recently about well practically gave the players. But. You know if you will know if you know the secondary is is one of the toughest positions to master and -- Well in today's with today's rules. All the -- -- look at all -- all -- yeah you're right -- coupled with the new rules. So it's it's been extremely difficult so it's been a combination in the guys that we. You know ought to respect. Are giving the best that -- in and sometimes that gets you -- better and better quarterback. You know their best -- and not being good enough you can you can see skiing -- -- -- All those guys who are starting now. Word back up players they were second team they were specialty guy so they're playing there were special teams because you know that probably made the team. And now they're being asked. Two to start so that's Spezza -- an adjustment. To go from there -- special teams. And now but it could be a starter. But it's -- top quarterbacks in the league so coupled with all of that development it's just been -- Greg Cole OK if AN radio in Minnesota Vikings silent report -- it's not represent a great job I'll see up there on Sunday. In the all of America field Utley is now I bet that's what they call an opportunity this team when you get here I'd take care.