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11-4 1:10am Purple & Gold Point After

Nov 4, 2012|

After a tough loss “The Purple & Gold Point After” with the Big Chief was live from Baton Rouge at L’Auberge Casino’s Sports Bar and Grill. The Big Chief takes your calls.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

From the news -- in sports powerhouse of the Tulsa. UW now it's the purple and gold point after tiger fans but again. For your chance to talk about tonight's game to join in the conversation call 50 -- -- 260187. Or 8668890. Late seventies now live from the stadium sports book -- granola -- Bears casino and hotel in Baton Rouge is the big GT. Miller. -- A good evening and welcome to. The point out that the stadium bunker on the ability here on WWR radio in the Chris casino hotel come on out and Jonas is a delicious food uses it as food. It -- home cooked meal here and enjoy the point out that sound awfully LHU and Alabama. -- Holland and I -- Death Valley. LSU loses to the tied 11 to seventeen Alabama smooth save and the rest the way. Two conference games in this next week against extreme hot ballclub has only two losses and taylors are. There's -- dominate Mississippi State today it's not real 38 to thirteen. And that boy and I competed in thirty -- Alabama also has not after the game -- -- -- I think -- and -- -- Manuel -- Auburn. The day at the -- of the Saturday at the Thanksgiving. In the in the SEC championship against Georgia who -- 20 to defeat Auburn will lock up the SEC east Indian victory they would put him. In the national champion -- -- Your thoughts on tonight's game that you could -- office 26018786. Weeks. 889087. LSU did everything right in this ball game a couple of call -- what the book. They'll be second -- -- -- a couple of calls maybe that could be in the may need. If you're aggressive don't want anyone -- be aggressive at the end with the more clear opportunities and the -- Alabama. The city itself made the game and if you decide to go for the field goal and it was not. There as they visit the Alabama goes down the field. Native a can't completing four of five passes. And they win the ballgame when he won seventy -- Scarborough Jonas later in -- Accurate calls we go and let's go to new Raymond Huntsville on mine's five Raymond thank you calling it you don't. -- yeah bikes and Georgia bureau. Listen to you for years grown so low volume big talker on the old. -- Alabama football mostly in the role -- plan book the village you put a deal look pretty good. Implant in my hand if there was something in common. Am yellow -- at the end of the day and he. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And though they put it in the box and might as -- stop an album and a hundred instances that you are passing up on six about one. That know more about it and do your quarter. Book I just don't know auditing continue to do -- that the union -- -- -- went to Alabama advantage of by Tuesday what I did in the Barco by the Alabama were schooled. Yeah and you know that that that thing is is that you know Raymond you don't wanna give. Give anything all -- -- this week. Yeah you gave an opportunity and obviously he gave it to him because the opportunity was there when you got it relaxes the face twice you do it into the firsthand that you did at the end of the ballgame make -- two of their three touchdowns. Came would've bought -- wanted to ballgame so it was two minute offense there and it's a two minute defense and that's. That's what's hard to swallow because you look at all the numbers and if they did everything they had to do. If they had the ball bounced their way and them but they don't do and they didn't they -- win this ballgame you know executing and also play Colin Wright did the and a and I'm just out on the on the demands that the whereas if you're that aggressive on the on the on exactly all on the fake field goal in in all that it. Maggie you the biggest -- big -- or is it in the ball and we you to do that Hugo. You get that first down in the game result we're that was the biggest prize all on the back -- -- although if you called it a gamble call or risk call. That's what I mean that the media was that was the biggest prize day you left it open in Alabama when school. Oh yet it took it down the -- -- as the Alabama New Year's supported the man that hasn't -- people's provincial victory used. No -- that's that's what happened when LSU tonight rain that's a great way to put it prevented a victory. You weren't covered than yours and you go look and -- Worried that you welcome out of it I was that I went to look at a get a jump start of this week's game I was in Tuscaloosa last week and I was I was amazed that it that some folks that they would have me. In the state Alabama women's network nova goes off -- no call in shows and a lot of -- and. Law -- is one up there out there is that how it's out it's -- by Nancy if I if it were going owner and Auburn. Was going on in bad routes last Saturday I would have been only about 6 o'clock in the morning. -- Respect his own account. Okay usual applause -- two of them went albums of all the -- -- around the world. Former quarterback. -- I got yeah the article and all. They use and we're -- down in the mobile quickly lose and now who's. Restaurant would call him after the after the game that the network know that OK yeah that's -- isn't it oh. World group of Edmonton petroleum and you know here and there Lou talk a bit the view. -- -- -- Resilient that the folks have been no way they welcome me to talk football anytime. OK Raymond thank you very much of the -- in on the Alabama Huntsville Alabama LSU loses -- -- 11 to seventeen to the Crimson Tide. The cadet individual numbers that meant very good point 435 -- any yards passing. One touchdown. Jimmy you -- another solid night who has become a tremendous player in his conference point nine cares 170 yards. Three point seven yards per carry LSU. All I got two point eight yards the cares a team with a bigger more important element they at 139. Point match point bank Carrey's have a position that is it. It's not a number of they you'll look at in this ball game other than that the score with two outs in the most important. In activities. That LSU in statistically dominant it if that is the -- Tamil positioning and it would talk about the turnover battle. Mean it's stupid things over who will -- to at a ball game. And at home. It's. You know it's almost amazing that they did come out on top of this ball game but. They gave Alabama that stance and that's championship teams closed now and Alabama -- -- -- yet to give credit that. Met in Baton Rouge on line to the morning thank you for calling. That package Uga I Asia OK I -- well. Yesterday ever talking. Back -- murderer or quarterback Jeff -- are small greatest coach -- And now. Members great quarterback -- -- -- -- -- and that all went small for the great game plan excuse there yet you made a couple of because that's what those teachable conservative. And we need to make calls that they'll usually make plays well usually in his eagle. But you can't blame -- there -- many opportunities early on the game. Taken advantage in the first and all under twenty yard line. On document -- you see him. Out. -- mad you went out I was there with became your bag home values that round as they now on our own. I've got yep that is it is frustrating you know because. You know at the end of the day you know we're going to beat the north but man. You're you're looking at it if you wanna go home tonight and you could on that it. -- cellphone on on computers so when you click on what you look at these numbers that you take teams completely all. You see -- that team and only one in the and it's you know it's it's it. It's amazing I mean you know really we play them under and 10%. From -- every every one of the they can play give it time to match at LSU Clinton could probably put -- the -- that would have the night now. Are. Carpet and he did well you know what they got they got out of this is that you saw. You -- young man at Oklahoma tonight is worthy of the other couple moments because of the caliber opponent and what you have don't Milan and so forth so. You got where would you would you take a look back at that sort of allowing you know good or bad route thereby seem to have. That's obviously a huge problem is thought point you have to take on what you took out of his game movement voted the way he played. Yeah talked this week about how Alabama could. People are talking. Actor and now -- meant anything and everything he's a man. Anybody who thinks that ED ED college team owners vote in a -- Jacksonville Jacksonville is considered statistically. Win loss record numbers the words team and as a football league. They would be a wonderful point favorite over Alabama. Ran through would. Called them out there and -- and it NFL teams in union you know back birdies the college all all the pro ball -- maybe but the way to separates these now it's -- You've got 86 scholarship players admit of those 86. Over the course of time maybe points out over the course that maybe thirty. Of a company -- get a chance to play pro ball all April ball. Only NFL team they all perfect the best at what they do the very best with it. Marty and Arkansas on line pretty good morning thank you for calling debuted at Uga. His first arm and now. Good now where's that where back ago aware now that any party so you -- go to -- at night you can only back off all. Rahman and act I don't know I'm -- you know you -- -- -- simple rule double. A lot -- arts. Most time I got to. Our but Utley -- two calls all Weber calls -- Yet that they're more worried. The runner. That the guy in the back. -- had to come back. And I think -- punt the football. In Alabama a short field. Not before I got it. That's you grip the game over here Wednesday and kicks so long ago Indians Ellis shoot short field and they didn't -- it. And didn't and ended commander Alabama took command of it and went down and scored. And him that's in the ball and they come out. Kind of caught -- clock on its they throw it and don't complete the pass out these atop. Run the football on the football abominable -- keep their clock on. And and that part of football. Now on the fourth down like he's. He went sport -- it it's almost like. The -- of the day his past championship game with taxes he you know he -- And yet he -- -- -- -- -- -- -- he -- out there. Alabama and the war and had a and then Kyle Parker flying. I'll replied when when my camera irons straight up the middle on that numbers from cause and got. Young men and straight and that was it right there you know play -- -- and -- out. But I'm not wonder why they've they've played so solved there. Uttered by a little salt to hander yeah let it -- like an -- -- and Indian Wells and a half and then when Nate. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It was a -- I enjoyed it on the horse. Memorial. Cup this. -- huge on out there and I did when -- -- urgency you know great great job. Bernard Katrina in your own Juan Pierre. Like -- Lamar knew what pulled off its all you've gone back to the main Jones Arkansas and Arkansas State are. I've got to now how well how well that way from spring I was a bit hot streak and a beautiful night beautiful. That. -- -- Okay so you do ways -- again I grew up there are well art school lots -- -- I don't know -- -- and it's a beautiful place it is out there. ID say I'm -- you be safe over to implement thank you calling in. All right Alabama. Tonight 21. To seventeen over L issued 2601878668890. Rates and the voted rush L -- Saddam report always catches up with coach less miles on the game it is -- -- -- -- post game interview her and I heard on WW. Coach obviously. A tall -- swallow were -- here at the stat sheet while you look at some of these. -- of possession 3921. -- -- ten of twenty on third down conversions Alabama one of nine L issue 435. Yards of total offense on 85 place. Alabama 52. Plays 331. Yards so about a hundred yard differential in 33 please. And into the -- I guess that the final position while I was is a tough. On the swallow. Why is not at all tenacity utes it's. It's hard to finish second any time -- the good news is is they gave everything they had they -- the leader era. Their effort they left on the field and it. I'm proud of an era. -- tough hard nosed group of men and they and they care very much for victory. Yeah they came in here tonight. Everybody told them that there was no way that they can win this in fact was just a mere formality that the next team was -- -- go on into this and it appeared to me. Quite some time. They'll shoot underway so while. I'm I'm sick for my team I wish there were. I wish I could have changed things through very deserving. Of better but on the good news is we got a great team. This football Seymour -- Hang together and fight. And -- and gulf war and look forward to playing remainder -- schedule and with some very significant things to do. Storm does not discuss soon -- on the little things coach you and they take so onside kick great call plays there. And a bad off for Hairston the ball jump straight into show us a little bit and hits it on the nine and a half yards a half yard away and it just seemed like. There a couple of those things bounce your way made some mistakes and things like that and in the past Justin happened at that. Well via. That play were at their wish it was really. A play that that James Patterson can execute extremely well and it's -- -- -- he gives whose team. And then there and today bounced wrong in that bounced like this -- bounced all week so on. That would have been a great opportunity for our team to take momentum of a game you know we just scored seven. And the opportunity to take that position in the short field would really have been you know a nice job. Who was strong you know statement there now and down. But again -- and more than bounce right way. What's -- high political positives. First you play your quarterback zag men burger. Coming out party 24 -- The 35298. Yards one touchdown. Two touchdown passes were the one touchdown pass to our consistency -- obviously injury to take the lead. -- them burger certainly had an outstanding night tonight. Idea he came to throw the ball tonight and you could see that he allowed is on his ball yeah. Played hard nosed tough ball. You know relief you know just read it well made all the throws. You know or. He he's played in his better football leash he's improving here we are. -- in the stretch run in the nation should improve -- show I'm. He's he's done a good job at this point. If you were. Defensive football team we played a wonderful game on all -- you don't. Most away in the ingush -- -- two minute drive minute and a half drive. On a night where they really held Alabama and -- to get in until that last drive they were under 300 yards of total offense again one of nine and third them. Conversions. What would you would you tell your defense. Well. I you know -- element that they you know they played valiantly worked their butts off -- AM prepare extremely hard. And then today it wasn't their day will look. Lineup that defense again. And play very very difficult to move against defense we'll play hard -- so she defense. The rest well but. They it was a three day. Last question coach you got three conference games left Mississippi State. Ole miss Arkansas all rival games and there are still left plea for a year including a pretty good bowl game. Well -- The they need to win there's something that this program had us. It's not it's always been a team that expects to win. They went into the scheme against they've they've -- -- number one ranked team and really took it to -- the last minute. And I think that they'll enjoy the want. For victory. And prepare well and continued to improve. And in place last three. Playing hard. LSU go to mass amounts with LSU salmon reported Gordon rushed. At tonight LSU falls. Alabama 41 to seventeen wickets and how I played in the program and also a full school -- back to the phone to go speak seat. You know by U -- exceed that people calling WW. Would be achieved. Yet you do. I'm doing good man is just. You know accurate. Arm. Champions. Basically roles that program but do. You know maybe it would have been -- -- -- one thing. That -- voters went in the game have been limited considered. The last couple weeks without question. Sometimes mountainside let him there's other times where you know he's talked about somebody obviously he can -- and the Padres by. You know we always kinda. When Beckett 41 it was caught up and they are pretty much in the way he come firms -- you know he was he's predominant. But Blanco. You know and I mean he's dated -- years there right but my thing is what the purpose and haven't altered quietly. If you go to typical -- play. Yeah. You know. I'm with you are and how I hole all agree but I don't know that -- that analogy fits into that night. Because that -- -- I thought the game ram was was the bird. Part. You know I mean I can't I can't breakdown his game -- say that you know. They should have done in his forties -- done that more I can say -- about these games all the games pockets they did the night packing. You could say that they maybe follow through with an execution or you the question a part of well I don't know -- -- -- here -- in golf or there but it's all it is actual like. Game man name in what they needed to do -- I don't come away these games and it's that it may be -- more recent opponent blog I'll Tom. I I'm in complete. OK what what they -- office. What message that the must have -- cornerback -- welcomes the get on the night. Are like you know the Patriot gold on factually company. A big man it was hot. That was great I mean in my mind in a while there is preserve the thing. -- -- -- Think it I think gave good input into where rated a -- were. On that big scene now now now we right now Matt -- now you know I don't mind the coming together. Have the ball up to somebody. Would you you put it when you put it where -- under on this -- what does that -- it you know. This shows him the ball a streak going through him in that our president at least where is the key it -- -- some movement. If he can show was the he's got a it's gonna get something going in the the company ought to what you put him that you box Ramallah. Too tight it's somebody out at least try to run the ball wanted to backs you have -- anybody when you put him dual while it 41. Problem with where he would not have as the bracket we're going to go -- Alabama the it back pretty questionable right there where is -- anyway -- you -- -- we got. Them now. -- -- -- -- But I've made that -- and maybe I don't know about what he did he think he got negated by far to back. What is your -- Cuba that shot well arbitrary. Yeah. -- well I I I agree I don't I don't I don't I don't disagree with -- call that group is an element on which now be. I beat CD's that thank you so much -- -- Alabama to a oil as you said the team might opera I debate that -- -- is now the point at the bit to see him. It's the beautiful stadium bar group folks you know at some delicious they're not as -- the blue. -- Jonas it is worth the trip on out here in Tibet route at the news and I'm -- in the week and the Bears you know note you know. Mike now what are the message boards say it right now. That is a lot of frustration. It was a winnable game. I think a lot of people. Are hurting because they know the players are hurting on this on this little one that they had in. You know -- smiles in his post game press conference talking about some calls he would like back. And you you don't play this went backwards and forward you can watch the replay tomorrow night you can. Re watch on TV and in second guess in. You know -- You know you can you can wonder how many points were left. On the floor of the stadium because of questionable. Coaching and decisions. Didn't -- in the football game and whether. That last drive and now they put together should have been enough for them to take the lead. Might not whenever I get the latest that sound off on tonight's game between LSU and Alabama. Checked out at tiger made that Tom O'Brien -- post game stories we got a couple more and also contacting. All the recruits that were there this little book the biggest recruiting weekend of the year. And it was cute. Treated to a to an exciting atmosphere pressure even though -- lost this one. I haven't over here just just was there for that one -- about Nam that was that -- now where one -- Yeah and out on the that you would we talked about the pregame news you know. That it does does the rock that was on the they've been put on the film and Indy and have a good out there he knew -- -- trotted out again and it just that anybody. And so you know that that's a questionable decision. Especially the way they were converting on third downs and in in. Four down with did the play -- they -- doing and why you'd need that. I hate to me you're just trying to be -- Q why do you need an onside kick. When you're up four points in the third quarter. You know you you -- -- -- on Cape May be Hairston executed. A 100% of the time in practice. But. The intimidated at risk again in the short field. And then course you know aside just before you can market took -- Part of me up on the air you know -- get you good to on -- on -- -- apologize you know you can handle. Wouldn't he had what do you have to apologize for. -- yeah you know dance and I was -- their position to do things that he's he's not capable of doing why do you go pour into well. -- field goal against the speed that Alabama defense I mean -- -- authorities haven't yell -- which is not what's not really wanna -- -- vehicle he was two over seventy. No reason and I you know I mean I know drew -- -- director C -- -- stadium has -- in my in my backyard. I'd be shocked if he can run fast then a five Latin forty. But he's supposed to pick up twelve yards for a first down. That one inning you know like it's the personnel on the wildcat happening I think you leave Pittsburgh and made in the game and about all the -- -- -- -- -- to it -- immediate. A couple -- tonight the only reason why they got out of trouble and he is in the second in past 06 and eleven it was because they were able to get that it's a question that it and ultimately the game of all the time you're under the risk vs the reward. The rule out with so much higher. Late in the ballgame does that kick a field goal is that a goal for Michael if you -- boy they get the quality of the game. It is it's the same situation on the flip side if you hit it so. First down but today the game with so with that yeah I mean look I bet that the points now what I I'd I'd defer to keep the Dyson -- Yeah I mean to those calls you can make when you're playing a lesser opponent. And you'd be pretty much know what you're gonna win the football game that you did you did you do need to notes. And you know look. If you would just said that in the pre game it. What I met -- numbers are going to be on the night. -- -- -- -- -- -- Not a matter of -- -- deals you opted to put on that Alabama defense. I'm I don't know what you thought tonight but the best defense on the field certainly when Alabama. Every every number but the one imaginable -- favorability. Yeah that was the school you know now of course the defense so that last. You know -- that's another one more. You know I have -- -- Alicia Davis watches the tape in. Question his decisions on that one you know what what what is we know what -- would like to have back but may do it which Davis wants some of those called back in -- Yeah it was it a couple of days with the into the forest and you know -- scored drive. Welcome back apple -- for one -- both the school route on. Temple and maybe in the case to be defense was it was night. He did a good candidate absolutely nothing against LSU defense the entire second half. They look like John Elway in the last two minute. Now because they gave -- an opportunity to. -- 26018786680. -- theory it is now my three games that Mississippi State next week the ballclub that is. Boy it really right now started 70. Dominated by Alabama this week dominated at home. In the company and -- Bears at the critical moment is the only LSU team that -- Let's face it it's can be it can be ought to -- to get this week after playing so emotional when it's that a top caliber opponent Alabama will be off on the you know that the. -- way it can be difficult and the united kind of you know what it takes -- the -- and things it takes to win the football team you know so what -- they planned for you know I'm going to Atlanta. You get three games left against teams that don't really excite anybody. I'm supposed to win them all. You know also than your your wondering what secondary bowl you're going to because the chance to get into a BC has fallen on. Mike as far as that recruits tonight he -- the who's who anybody competing and I don't set those up and it usually takes place today after. We might and we -- -- anything and -- we -- the commitment of Christian -- to work. Last night the defense -- -- -- from Lincoln Nebraska so that again that was she's 23. But we got the complete list of confirmed. Visitors that we sell our own guys inside the stadium. Tonight that solely on the front page tiger base and we -- out every single one and so we have a full -- of small and through Monday trying to regional and -- comments and quotes than it is in the breaking commitments and -- -- -- tiger. I'm -- mistakes -- -- -- message to the season Jim model I want Jim good morning thank you for calling -- February. Good morning. You can did not vote with you and Mike both but. -- -- that thank you for particular call deny it helped I was with -- frustration that -- yeah yeah it really. I'll watch the game watched it frame -- frame but just finished about two minutes ago but the truth of the matter is. I don't know what people are talking about when they're talking about -- smile -- -- -- -- -- over The Who who did it all the numbing -- -- that it. I think. He'd think you'll. -- -- -- you talk about and smiled I don't know that on that aren't in the details like you know you've got this group of people like it never have. Like it smiled and they'd been in you know they like Nick Saban. Well what they've forgotten about it -- he would. That Nick Saban had it worse last minute losses in the history of -- if you football. Not that if -- able Albany it prevail if you put balls off the Arkansas. Omaha wedding date in 2010. Will be lost to Iowa in 2004. And made that part of the 200 people who lost its. Celebrate -- that the market for a liberal. You know -- we are. We didn't all. Almost to coach him dearly -- you win at the end. I went at it and if you got a lot then I wouldn't have mattered. Could I couldn't react in a row inmates were just out of Atlanta that night while the -- great. Coach anybody think anything different than that it's great that they need to some up an -- would do differently and things differently than I would about. But I think everybody in the entire stadium. Everybody in the impact space and everybody in -- and we pray that would do a bunch of things different in this game that he's been doing any. That's -- I think in the position we were. My whole quoted him at that -- cutter from Mike if you them being here. It we've -- In this situation you know it's it's a hard loss that you questioned some of the calls but I would rather be sitting here saying this you -- being. -- aggressive maybe a little overly aggressive attack. Rust that it is being stubborn thing you know reality he ought to at least they were active the -- might might remember that. I think it there's no -- is that going to be. You do independent you can say OK if he hadn't made this call him with a with a neck with a -- the play call should have been in. Had to been executed what that would result would've been. You know what the possibilities of scores -- provision in Alabama from getting scores. From those decisions. And you can play that game all day long -- -- -- thing if if the play call was different. But. Like you watch the game we needed it yeah. Okay ball where now it's the goal when he tried it for our team about it the -- you did there. You know men had inspected it and then the -- -- it the axiom is that if we let you get lucky where -- I IU I you're happy if you don't second guess it that you're not be invalid you know -- MI because you I mean -- you got to look on the backs that. What do you obviously he -- you know the team itself -- the world with what happens. They go down like you said yeah. Pretty normal if you talk about as bad as it checks and balances on Manny you could ruin your windy but that's -- there. Yeah he is -- -- forty scoring he's been inconsistent all year. -- well the seventeenth and -- -- you don't look at the if you could make that you look at it if you don't make it you delegate that to. But I mean if you don't make it -- went down in. Then you're you're put them in the same position on the field what they can just put it. Wouldn't think you'd do if you don't give the ball in the field to a team that's obviously proven he's using got a good two Dolphins. Well they did tonight and get it to retreats are outstanding month went on to both drought on the other -- Hurt our. Field but. Four guys on the in the it is you all things urges and it's just like Biggio -- it lord you don't need. You know you're just trying to execute in a football game you know what brought you here. You need onside kick in the third quarter. How much can you locked in Alabama in the beginning. In -- counters in. Hold it all everyday in practice for the last two weeks you know the real. Did it is is. Active vote to go by Scarborough tiger -- Beckham was with Alabama 21 LSU 72 point at the -- the Bears. Casino and hotel it's out of the stadium Barbara a full school book coming up in just a few moments. Do all of the Wayne on line 6 point good morning thank you for calling them VW. Did. -- but. It's. Like the in effect did coach. -- YEJ. Responsible. Stated that he -- its -- ball. So lovely little. He defeated the ED yeah yeah yeah yeah I'm posting it on. -- it would. He does what he does Dwyane is at the auto operations as a there's a little bit of what they called a Kouzmanoff peers after the game he has opportunity at the addresses team in the locker room but it is a booed a media report isn't awaiting another area to have. That a locally the locals fitness CBS station here at bat carried that. In -- -- after that there's opportunity of vote the media to interview players you can fill out a call about -- in his left in the game. And it is also there's a way to come up big -- that night at who they're breaking about the interest in the coaches is one don't want -- with Saddam report according wrote that's a weekly for you what I can talk to argue about his what he addressed the media. He did come out that there's there's a few calls making me -- he had that. Well. Sort of secretly -- you know would -- -- and good human you know please don't want -- line that scored a touchdown. When you know good. An -- -- -- the you know and when he took him -- -- magic game it's. The quarterback can indeed one now. -- -- now. And when he. Italian championship game and he would. You have to do. In the as Archie has been to QB he didn't decide if -- -- -- as well and do it. Yeah why you saw you you all -- and now my main guiding us that -- you. Yeah that that was January -- we week we will follow you now conscious of what to say say what you wanna say. I. I -- eat -- when he did he did say there -- that whether or not he came out. A coach is not all come out day. I saw that blew that call he's gonna play at a professional -- Mikey it's mostly. I am I wish I had some calls back that's exactly what you wanted to say he just wanted to say it different weight back on it that way -- that I can say they ought. On Monday speed so why you go to coach with the -- -- -- -- -- -- and mistakes and what he wanted to do a lot -- what you went out of what you eat and and Michael do. They don't do it. Back to devote to go they Saint Louis -- John on -- to Jack the morning thank you for calling WW. Asia -- ability. I'm in. -- automobile. We. Washed and not -- anyway. While it was a don't know game I think -- is that -- was a formality it was absolutely not and college and at the hot streak if we get blown out by any of that penalty. Pick and keep it to do it but now because we think we probably are. I've -- out and help out we almost putting away with some of those bad calls. I think that wildcat play it was really really. Really questionable call yeah we do. And I knew they were indebted -- Obama play in the heat on that all the bubble Napa new need to do anything but how but it helped coach -- -- -- -- -- you mean by that Ellis and the game is. Is just the absolute. -- -- -- Where you know him well -- -- -- that Alabama tackle walk away saying what we today. You know we can give a dollar -- and not walkways they would do well you know I had those few that don't they don't play their hearts out -- -- -- that they definitely -- a little bit you know it. Where the frustration because that he knows that those kind of arguments but. On our message board tonight and it's. It look like you know Jim -- and the Saints won a lot of football games that. You know -- and he was a good coach but -- just happy -- fortunate situation with a forty niners were also in the hands C west. You -- playing right yeah yeah I don't play well. You know it's kind of like should people be. In the percent winning percentage is well known won a couple of national title. -- can't beat somebody right in the you know in the opposite that well you can't know that in but. You know you got to beat them you gotta be emotionally the only it is may have won the here and -- and he should be content with that and that and there's an eighteen schools out there there spam. I mean not only an hour. They. Came out in the time out there trying to build globally we Pinto or like it up against floor and he went more frequently in -- Believe it and come out at me that a game yet there and again and it's paying paying and in that he'd -- -- -- -- and Ed page and knew he'd and -- about a minute and you know we don't -- and it straight people on the board and -- it can. I mean that would have been they're not gonna beat him in Chicago yelled that it. I mean it was a -- and now he can't be left. Any Speedo and beyond say I think. Yeah I have I have it I have a big did that tonight that they're just not be -- from a from the band with fans is that it was a a hell of a game and Mayo Clinic that they would win. I don't want to know what do you know and I am this call he was -- and we know I'll need -- I mean -- -- and Alabama and he. Rowdy all of a -- to get another win and record I mean he -- on -- run there in. This game is the -- but a lot all of stupid. -- not to -- you know after the quarter of all that well. And built public idiotic it would just maybe -- it plays you -- it up and they did a good job of it and they're. Much slope and I mean any and Jeter's -- I'm 27 stroke -- good job in pass coverage -- but it -- what -- -- a sudden. A questionable call that. They're proud that Africa Africa little over aggressive at I agree with -- was about anybody -- out -- tonight might I think it was about you know may be due in two books. You know but that's the whole club and that's and that's where this you know you hate it but it all comes down one game every year now with this miles Saban thing. And you know that was huge and it could have had this game and -- in. You know you can play some forward and backward you can talk about last year. That but. Because of what happened and I know likelihood of Alabama -- -- another crystal football is that the highest of anybody else and I'll. Today it big yet they got -- he can throw completions so you -- and you know we sort of thing you know these decisions in. You know that that's where that comes in in house how. You know how many national titles and I'd be in. You know how many not a question I think now my ears are cute and -- -- the -- that. Yet donut thing I think comes the question now is that after it after noting the three overtimes to beat. Pittsburgh. You don't go back this -- see the Pittsburgh some terrible losses of what they've they've you know they've got to bounce back against the from the big east standard. Is now is that you know Kansas State continues. -- -- you know take care of business to take care of business convincingly. Is if both of those teams on defeat somebody put ordered the conversation. You know which one would play Alabama is the did in the Kansas State. An opportunity to it to be a book Notre Dame I think that that will be the conversation now because that means. Yeah you know what they reset all the numbers the Barnaby Alabama purses you know who because I don't think it was so expecting. I Alabama to stumble I think that next up this game will be. Against Georgia in the SEC championship and that it if -- ought to have you tasted it executes Auburn because I I think that they. You know when you look at what they have on defense this side of the ball what they do offensively they would they give him up a better matchup -- Florida Florida's offense is this it's stroke and they. Unlike LSU they haven't come out of ratio yet in the UK about his show night Florida -- stagnant offensively. Is it fourteen points against supports Missouri defense that day. -- Mike what else is on -- brother. Well just. Two more stories and when I have been with you and so what web three stories that big list of -- and like I said tomorrow when we were open phone -- -- -- -- out -- these it is went especially huge recruiting began in. And while -- for thirteen as did the list of 2014. Kids is phenomenal. Mike I guess now the question is is is -- -- good -- you know and I obviously -- you. You lose a close ball game. It would hold the you know if it -- last year that that it was -- that you don't know you football team. Is degrade in my opinion the greatest note you put a team of all time. You know been good enough to win a national championship a couple of Alabama. You -- it again on the here again and another crystal football. You know it's gonna it's gonna get to the point. You know it it's in the morning and discussions about it is this another. You know Bear Bryant Charlie McClendon. Situation. Yeah and you know that's I think that's what it's more about you know that the whole Jose Padilla now Atlanta the ethic both on. You know people you don't that this is people who just if it don't matter who the -- -- the names are relevant they did just sit -- -- like that people who. Who don't like Alabama. Don't like Alabama because Alabama was with bear brown would like he's that it was always beat solid back in LSU that the names that they irrelevant it's Alabama LSU thing. You know yeah you're right right at that counts that that's how it plays out in the in the mountains and his success against Alabama. You but you know. Won the national championship last year that that was that's when that most people will never digest. And now that you had a game that you could've won. And now they're going to be on the way to another crystal football. And it's so it comes down one game every year. In especially when when Alabama gets the luck of the draw this year they don't have water -- -- at Georgia they don't have stuff Cahill on the big pass that was Q it. Johnny football polls on matters that next week. You know. Committee Georgia plays away we had a hand I would you know that the latency. -- -- aggravate that count Mike thank you very much -- it. -- take a quick break come back -- entry point yet Dmitri. Roy duel in New Orleans Alabama when they want to. LSU's seventy -- the point at Baylor -- casino hosts now in the stadium aren't real here bad routes on tiger radio -- you give you. A -- go -- last night at Death Valley. Ellis did everything in their favorites at the I don't know was on the school board as it was Alabama won one to seventeen over -- you give -- -- take it to 60187. 8668890. Rates and a full college scoreboard coming out. It just a moment also going to be too caught up on all of the brackets in the state -- in there appears to be announced the Margaret. -- saint Pierre who has been together since 99 and -- nearly as they decide to go to they had the in the new house that the as hasn't been wrong before now talk about -- -- today but it was a mild upset. As west of -- yet they count all the things the local at the match at -- each of the five classes and -- for you tonight. It will solicit feedback on LA a few. And Alabama and operated that warping you -- Who do you attribute his love -- -- -- or Alabama with a -- -- team you could vote on line it's operated day or people. At WWL. That count. New law all of that go to that was the industry put finish it up a promise that it appears that that already there -- -- I know what you thought about the what I did and again have lifted the show me. Lot of that was your goal and you're real -- -- you -- Antonio again able to analogies and petty and lupica a couple of personnel to. When it thing good thing and I hit and it -- -- that you know if if I'm Sidney question one is that. I -- I'll take the body -- hands I'll take the bottom and -- names because they were -- and ate that night was that night you don't all those balls who look at back against Florida anything any of those teams that they weren't kicked it made it look hits on the night. I mean -- Landry was Beckham was -- knew they were. They were in a rhythm they got a rhythm and everybody with a group a play caller was and so forth and so. I don't I don't like. The the wildcats that I'm like wow can't I think -- I think forward I think you'll go the more athletic as if -- gonna panic that bank if you put -- meaning he was okay. Everything gets going to knock down the -- now. And majority of it is I'm not putting him in the opinion and it all up because I'm not -- come on this and I'll put it give him Porter running. I don't think I don't think where is the bank -- gig going fans from that position Michael board. Like a -- like that he -- so my point is it just just have met burger and resentment and hand the ball up to one another backs. All right and it which broke open again at South Carolina that the area are you -- Younger. And then you know yeah. If you're aggressive if you're aggressive and act as a -- already be aggressive and not be aggressive you're aggressive in those other calls in the -- in Indy and -- -- -- he demanded that the biggest the biggest reward for media for -- gamble for your roll the dice a -- roulette wheel. Is at the end of the day you know if you make a field goal if you make a -- -- -- teams feel that tactical at a Theo -- about one if you get a first down. They don't get the ball back. What exactly and the and the fans that are compliant about because we need to make this field goal early in the game we the time in the first step effective Ellis shoot a three point lead. -- and Alabama territory run and downhill and run the clock down on the clock Alabama bop into and that he thinks. So forget about everything that happened earlier in the game you cute and left miles preach it every week -- a plate covered by you know approach and -- he has been and but it was don't want it any little problem and in worse than. John chances -- we play very good most of Shula the way in the game against the number one team in the country on their whole legal in the last. Minutes that -- -- it I mean so. And when people play and let my own coach speed at -- approving the Brit -- -- These coaches -- I like the man -- back. And it is a hissy fit there than there is there a difference pat and I thank you for the call that I am a little difficult does that -- you for your input but. You can not win those match ups and still be a great coats is he currently a great coach. Somebody who has been around football -- in knows more about -- he'd be better served. -- somebody great. All good. But I think even the greatest coaches Lombardi. Palace. Whoever you want me. They've had bad day and it had embarrassing losses so. I don't think I'll -- -- law office even a bad loss and that's -- -- game. Keep you from being in a great coach I think Don Shula was a great coach he was only coach to coach an undefeated team today they -- -- would say you'd. The thing he remembers most of his career and -- -- in the most is when he lulls. To the New York Jets with the Baltimore Colts as you know today the biggest favorite -- bowl history he's -- on him the most immediate thing. -- that was a championship game. You -- about preschool. In a game that's it was a great coach so. You can have a bad that you -- have an embarrassing -- several levels it's he'll be a great coach I don't think one or two or three or handful of games defines. You'll career in the earmarked certain things in your career. Because you got to the perfect example on one hand seventy you know Dolphins. On other hand. -- the Baltimore Colts so it's kind of a balance. In that the thrill of baker beg your defeat but he's still a great coach that. Back to the phone to go metric for Jeff on line to get the morning thank you for calling debuted at Uga. What are being tight. Made very few about it being that but he gained a couple of years ago -- thank you. Well I'll I'll I'll neglect -- got a coach Knight but. I mean you've gone up against 100 complete what generation you're our coach Nick Saban. I think they get the -- -- single -- that we had on a couple of their guys tonight. -- that the -- -- on the list wrote I don't really know I wanna -- -- which meant burger. What's been able to pull the ball until tonight if it beat by -- -- at saint Thomas More. A lot yet tell me that -- to forty from the game and I -- the best thing that ever happening in the attic out of the ball -- we don't. Once they had the sort of ball on its. I mean the numbers in the second half I haven't found out -- I'm just get. Balls but I out of pocket the BC open got a little break him down for you know it felt like it was just all want it second. He finished he finished the Spurs. My -- that's the. -- LSU is eleven -- team. Or many yards if he winds up with. Points a 36 to 96 -- If he's eleven in nineteen the first saving -- is a point five of 36. He go lose that would be fourteen. I don't. The F fourteen the seventeenth -- basically. 260 dollars. So -- -- that's that that's no the good numbers anywhere in the world you know it. Through. What are your output of why you -- -- forty York. Right now we had a couple of Carlos and yet. One up more that they'll that third down he -- now you know it was -- -- route when he DD Vick and Vick and -- York times makes me there was no way -- -- Beckett got that ball because as soon as Beckham turned his head around that ball was just I mean it was. Graham was right it's only. Like I say you know when you when you take his. It Beckett in the back after an overall. Activities this -- point 00 what really good came out of his ball game is it him -- and an -- -- maybe. Maybe they gained the confidence at that about a week and solve this will -- do now that but as always why it turned loose tonight gifts and in the the other town I don't know I really a. It would be out looking very gave it actually yeah. And yet the Bobby -- what you did it. Why did you pick it partner -- in a natural part it's -- me -- that but they let mile and a -- and they have been noted -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know maybe it's according to thank them well I mean. I don't know I'm not go to our topic -- I'll -- coached up but we had a chance that that when an underdog. That yet when we got the that the team I think you need to realize we reduces the developing a -- we don't have to take chances. And if he'd take chances that the sentiment to ski team that were not as it is then we needed to -- kind of -- between. Army. Some people with some some some people look at their away yeah yeah they -- yeah. I don't think they've been a littler I'll pull her play think -- -- yeah. Don't have a -- -- getting through like I don't think that lack of -- his game analysts say that is. Is what Al coached this -- -- borders without coaches I distinctive maybe LSU was. May be over thought themselves -- -- -- I don't think he was being anybody -- now coat tonight. If anything they probably weren't where Luke Luke residents. -- Didn't want to look at it or thought it. I mean I don't ever go back to witness what I wanna think that took away from this week with the doing these speeches that we didn't do all day long with that. Statement says. Go back it up it's closely exact words that you know it is for me as we always these teams. Play three times and you know in the years you've you've become comfortable with knowing their personnel and what they do but -- -- it -- With all that I'm telling you you still kind of -- expect the unexpected so yes I think they've they -- bought tickets that in his best in that situation I mean it's. It's a long field goal you know it's not like it's a -- with chip shot if not they can all the tickets range. And I'm looking him in the these coaches and all that stuff and as they've got to do they -- these decisions -- Am thinking he's 35 bowl 3637. Yards that they can look it is it is shall Hugo. Vietnam maybe a little let's call it against the fake but that long out wanna think about that ma'am. I'll watch him I'll watch it everything I -- because that's. He has successfully made those long -- Ogilvy here. I know our engines don't you watch that you keep is to get too long before the game and technical. Error trial. Yep and I mean you will be throughout the column to be reviewed junior senior. Yeah I think. You. Note we can. Get out of it mean to Gillette spot kick for your pupil and went up there in traffic and -- -- keeping close. It. Now he had he had an opponent mean -- you look at the beautiful and he does that mean is that. It's not only -- in -- and prior are at -- fort -- Right. But again I think and I think you'd look on the bag in the end of it yet thank you so much for the call you have to look at Hayward. What do you do out of that game that is the way it went though the -- field position that now comes into it you know it's. Where do they get the ball how much time is that time now all night in the eighth you know it's like one of the Collison or would you. You expect perfection. Every week. You know give him the week with you you expect. He would become a full scoreboard at all five of the state records in the eyes will play out of that. All its full roll it on line I want -- good morning thank you calling WW. Well. Motor -- the room at Butler the let the capitol -- -- pack of Alabama on the on the bus tonight you know and and then there and take that game away with a win. They barely old at all. So. That's not what -- take -- that they. Want birdies and one. What they -- exactly. And but they outplayed Art -- syndicate. Everything that was -- sit there and and that this was -- -- that you know I mean what kind of missed some your take -- an earlier Equant what was what's your take on. Now on I have been brought thank you so much for the call it's coming everything that LSU had in their favor. They dominated in the with the exception the score and I think that the tone of some of the things into the cause of Alabama debut and LSU. A great city but extremely well and they feel fortunate to come out of this game with. You don't win a championship -- you -- back LSU and Alabama in the what. Old man when he won the national championship. If they did feel fortunate to about it Tennessee game and we did. When Cody blocked that field at the end westerly -- you don't win it meaning teams. In the season -- they'll go back college pro high school with say. They would looking to get out of that one or you may you may even lose one sing well week. We learn from them it is going to happen tonight with Alabama they had been. So -- Ryan Malone took it right in all other than a small window the first half against Ole miss. They basically shown that they had been flawless and you know sometimes when they didn't look where others in a bit but they won't do it tonight. It was a rarity in this season by what by the other team is doing. And that was that was the -- that was the case that they -- LSU history at Alabama's and -- on like. Albeit -- we that do this and know though the team was bringing it to what they really work but Alabama. -- he was an opportunity and they -- and they scored sensitivity team they. Charlie in that Jackson on line for -- good morning thank you for calling WW -- Things Smiths statement you do. A pizza. As a heartbreaker look I got a problem. Is there is miles they'll shape -- to -- and prevent defense is the result that you davis' go. I this is just me I don't know I would think it's Davis as. The rain -- And that's what I think in this is what blows my mind has all of these fans go and that of great city buses and have terrible asthma houses. In doesn't -- in its butt and not correct I mean he's pretty much defensive coordinator of close games coaches to. And nit groups of 300 yards more -- argue against everybody. Concerns who has been the. Well we're favorites over the course at times David has been lessened the -- sort of beat because Europeans they would him a while and he's he's a good defense the coordinated. A million dollar guy and he's proud of them because they expect coach somewhere at a big school if he. Think that's the right fit but still he has in the eighties in the -- would have -- -- that makes the call but he gives service auto a lot of a lot away. Well I mean to me you know list opened the game a -- tonight or whoever and now -- and for the people would call. And complain about the game plan. Yeah there's a couple of calls that you know could not in the way Sean Payton and with a suitable -- onside kick in the hero in as a way to get those but to say. You know you may be you know coach I can't agree with you but I mean at least try and things that. Well that is right about now. We just thought it out route rather I'd rather be Sidney seeing a situation. You don't come away from this game they could hit okay. What did we do you know Eva Eva if you say what we did that but it didn't work out at least you could you put -- a good night's annual. We exasperated everything. We could possibly do now at times with in the two months yeah probably wasn't at times was maybe it's a big call him coach miles said that he says the post game. He would get a couple called back. But -- at least they went to his game what a game plan that was a lot better and less than the two teams play. They saw it through it you get off course he when he got about half fourteen to three and they were aggressive and I got no problem being aggressive sometimes a little too aggressive. But I'd rather be too aggressive and not be aggressive enough. -- -- The team and they played arts. Thought coach did great to appreciate Kuester Obama like I'm Obama which -- What's Hollywood you don't have do you work and he just can't go to legal. -- native returned him. -- I hear you are now where where yeah where you can't index of the dead you evaluate Dublin in Madison Iowa and Mississippi. I got used it. Yes there ya -- you talk about it to the hospital a day I got a couple of my doctors that it acts. Yeah yeah I'm on the New Orleans native I'm born and raised you'll. So I don't know your arms. Well you gotta do is go radio in the -- -- -- earlier did -- It's not a good idea probably thank you BC. All right well lenient in it's acts act now they call and -- him and the Tampa -- -- points -- training camp a few years ago. Back to the phone to go man to deal with Kevin on line I haven't demoted thank you for calling that UW. Hey I don't see what happens that -- right -- -- I'm good man you know what is it it seems to me that there's been a trend over the years. That piece this coaching staff -- cannot manage the clock. That that a couple of more concerns. And the problem is on the way the game. In the kicking that people that -- -- lightning all on the field roll the ball. You would think of coaches and and shall polling. What is in his players' -- to make him play to win the game. And it just -- to me it seems like as I can never do that smile on what he can definitely that. Back hall of really you know really -- the game in the -- they did they all struggled for years ago you. When you look at it one K -- what a lot of games on special genes. And and -- and he sent me basically. And we've all been has not been -- models. You know it doesn't do them well and just think that. There were you know not only that last dropped the game but it was simple. Shovel simple ball coaching call -- call in the game. You know throughout the game. -- Straight field goal I mean at some point you've got to put your players and he kicked the ball the you put it on the the what could be yet. And and you what you need to get out there and play the game. It is very -- or made disease same calls. -- clock management. Home. Not happen discipline Colin your teams not having your players focused in my opinion. -- which you would think about that. Well I mean it is it is some things but I mean tonight you saw amino a lot of things that this team had been -- on dates the need to improve on in May improve on. Again it's you know high caliber opponent you still think I mean tonight that number is on reflective of the of the win because you don't get escorted -- need to win -- ballgame but. You know I would say is that the purity that. Copeland hey it was a superiority. If he hits suit him it's like that before. But this limbo right now at I am I'm with you -- lead but if we you know we look back in time in and I -- -- does mean I'm not to make that who's cheap shot but. If you look at. What have been. Recently. I mean -- disciplinary. Action that -- -- -- very seriously -- They occurred. Crucial in the game you know who can double the I'm really you know. Where it was a group that you know you got the ball to thirteen do you want to push him back the 28 is a three spot right there that makes it different all the way to the end of the ball game now. That's a problem and then it is a -- but I will say is that -- upgraded that young man because he he come back he made a couple of good blocks and make their big play. Go -- to their full quota of silence that that was huge so -- At least they were able to overcome some of the things tonight and I thought they took its -- but I thought this team improved a lot. I would agree with you the -- that quarterback plays that -- the game. You really went out in a few dropped balls in the first. He's fought through that and that's you know here again you you've got a quarterback. -- And you look at it no more logical range for you -- kicker and you know -- at -- A shock to play an important game. It's. All -- -- scored on you know you know exceptional. Ball. Line and let my. Now want to control -- -- with one hand and that. -- well war will. Want. To go in. That you Wear and tear that discipline and crew and -- Who like to -- approaching players in these positions you know and not just been the you know look at it. -- He shouldn't have three national averages so well and we computers game. I mean he's should come out the QB -- could. Not play. Left Bob -- and you know now that lead purple and goal. -- out there and leave black eagle on that. -- my opinion is this -- has not. And I just hope that. You know everybody write these for these these work coaching decisions that I feel as team great great. Gains in the last couple years so I haven't. Thank you thank you so much for the call we appreciate you remember it was -- they can't fourteen to seventeen. 206 all it -- you know it sometimes and I. I'm able to come back when responsiveness on that is just like -- here -- -- -- goes on and that is the I'm kind of like you know right now my plan a water on line okay that you go by him with it here and beats the -- all. You know cause that's kind of what I got the last minute -- -- like that but hey you know but the Bucs talk to -- it would go. Got him make view on line to Pomona and thank you for calling them VW. The point the -- do. Right now commonly used the be called the column but yet they are men that they played a couple of you know as a hobby I -- he's -- an ego in the year ago -- red lobster you'll be sitting at. Pontificate at but really you know it's about this monotony. Oh look at people be more chip quarterbacks in -- copy shops. And and then you've you've you've got money in the pocket -- yeah I believe they -- it's one of those -- discount like you know like obviously when material that should -- We would -- that we got home underdog Russians they want every battle Nady was neat they want everything but the game. -- -- and it hit it you know we said back and look at it would not not my -- Fiat neighbors. And we like you know victory big twelve more points and people would you Rudy just kick field goals -- -- believe -- we left we left points available would. Inside it's there. -- You know important well look I got no problem with trying to be aggressive -- -- -- battles but for twelve was kind of like you know its existence more. You know if you will -- three on the taking chances probably would have made that. You know in all likelihood we win it for the fourth in one when he lines when it put. Now though don't wanna you know. Spezza. And yet gotten got a while to get right back at -- okay. We kicked pupil like it's three. You know -- at least they try to you know. Point being is in pro football you do 3.2 out. People sink our football out three -- kind of like his new system which you know something the three point given the situation any. Would put us. On the top and in he'd be where we left too many points went. Yeah it went if you have no idea what to say that if you got one of those threes you know it it it's a it's. This is -- we say confidence his usual -- -- in in what what situation you're in. It's huge Duke I had Alabama go -- school and they go to when he won 710311. To twenty. So it did you can't talk about -- -- Mikell -- you go senate Babin eighty. You can go off party a fifty ticket range to kick a -- you know that's a mindset of not so I hate our agreement yeah. Exactly you know so it's kind of like would go back there he -- people talk about. Well you know our coach -- game and Abel was he was it that you know he's who -- I can't believe -- losses came to these kids is causing incidents. We know god I've got this I've got to answer that could you not know you call that you do -- -- -- David -- have been able to do about it it was that the coach notre typical physical -- they've obviously if you. I know you live and live close to me. No because it back equality even I got a problem with your psychic you know something that was a bit. It was an unfortunate -- Because I don't think the younger you know when he was struggling and feel -- -- -- -- is basically the ball took I'd get -- -- usually being place. He about a about a -- -- points in his back yard clue exactly exactly otherwise. We still could but recovered the ball in it would be a genius call ya you know in in that could -- -- dot note talent -- way. Well did you -- that you ground you can -- he's done it all and I salute Dan Dan Dan did the magnitude of like old am you know to me makers you -- -- -- -- like that in -- Who that you talk about that but you know they were able to overcome it because they they were fortunate yelled at him -- -- it is put the ball on the ground you know. Exactly exactly you know I just think that we put Alabama in in a position. To win gave -- the chance to have an opportunity but like just you know it it. Well at the end of the game you know we we. We. You know we make the call and make that decision would we did instead trying to take the shot at the end zone. You know we we get out of them. Well I think every like -- at the end I mean practice today if if you're like if you being aggressive and not just that I have no problem that'd be in goal for man and they got a book they got a -- already left to go get the ball. You know you get that first down right day you don't have that you are you do if you -- your victory formation. You don't have to hand the ball off you have to do enough and that inning to -- -- in that article but it. It would be critical mass official about -- you know beat -- that's what you do because at the end. The biggest risk. It is easy is that maybe the same percentage -- risk you took that risk right there was far less of a risk publicity standpoint. It did a field goal fourth at twelve and a guy who can't run their fans rubbing it in on that don't have backside of it. You that the game became an Angel. Exactly exactly it was so worth it you know at that point we took the don't make the pupil. It pointing it we get twenty yeah 22 to fourteen -- -- goes -- scored first and win today. Yeah and hopefully they did it he's glued to expand and you know it just I don't know I just think that we left points on the field that we should have. And that's my only complaint I mean we just you know and I got no problem with with -- aggressive but I think he became a little bit. You know he got caught up in man I think you. Tonight and look look too aggressive it now I agree with that now -- -- to get -- -- a high -- coffee -- can be baby right. I doubt until a neighborhood out in lake view we said hello we appreciate you calling -- foot to 601870. 86688. -- the greats in the open -- -- we hear from me. I mean it's -- what you think about tonight's game between LSU. And Alabama you could -- bed and you of the artistic and look at the state playoff bracket Lance. 58 Buick Open he's awe of the beauties it's the same as at PNC on official but they are. From -- saint Pierre who is never wrong I mean he has never been wrong before so these that the -- round matchups in the state. Play out that begin this Friday night in the Louisiana. In the last 58. Of the 32 messier will be number one of rubble. The sixteenth seed get down Griffin who entertained. Local both 73 cent of my -- On if it's 44 seed they will be at an overtime loss itself. About 45 rust that will be at number 8000 -- that will be the Allstate Sugar Bowl prep football round -- game of the week. No but 48 -- Aaron -- will be at number five -- -- the bad route. But what he wants that would be able is that nobody well do Iberia. A rematch of last week six they gave it to cap balance. Has not but what it having him at number thirteen at the field. If you -- it to -- bedroom area team what they do it this year about what kind 22 over. Who Vietnam before a fitful. -- -- other matchups become a thirty get a break to that number three west Monroe. Have a nineteen Zachary is that doubled fourteen to Katie and a -- teams it played today will play again yesterday will make in the first round of the playoffs about what it -- west deficit. At about eleven jesuit. But what point seven -- down that that was six and a lot. But what is 65 vote if that number is seven parkway. That maturity -- hot field. Is across the lake it now but I can't say well. But I eighteen that it is just. Is it doubled 153. And rounding out the players back bays playoff brackets of around one of the 31 terrible. Is that number. To follow. Through -- will play seventy. 8668890870. Is beat them -- to get involved now who goes to class -- eight. The playoff record. Playoff begins Friday night. But 32. Saint Louis to that level one example of a seventy appropriate that -- was six -- black. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- but what they thought side is it double 5000. That was what they want back down at 35 that public well he's deficit. So what what do you think Michael if it -- with their team back there. Have a point nine wood on a street sport is enough before Tony's -- About thirty saint bought field is it that was -- lots. Of a nineteenth ranked but it is that -- fourteenth in the wrong. But way too accurate if it nova medical care while the city matchup at them with 47 ought to visit -- at nova six Bolick well. But what what is 61 -- and that was seventh saint Thomas for. But point three Alexandra is another team saint accustomed. No but -- nobody eighteenth -- -- -- bullet is that them with fifteen Washington variant in rounding out the players always say playoff records. The authority want -- Buddy -- -- at the -- to. Get that car. Now we move on to class three a -- It plans creatively out began with a number one overall seed at the -- you bet -- equals. They entertain 36 -- Ingram. The vicinity -- life if it was sixty broad. Have a wonderful west but he can't visit -- but I don't DeSoto. Have a quarterback goes -- is at number eight poser. -- -- 48 box below that of the five votes. Of the total up more Avant is that public well in a little bit vain to go to get themselves most things posting a first round game. But playbook but most of them up but there are a couple of thirteenth inning. Number twelve and I happen is that double for the run -- mapping out the top half of the choreographed. Second half bracket because create the but thirty Muster daughter. Is at number three units. Have a nineteen Devils now is it doubled fourteen bobbled field. But what it can easily handled visit number eleven Caldwell. -- what what is have a -- point is that it was six range. The the 26 I away will be yet it was seven Buckeyes but what degree of loyalty that -- team thought of being in. The play eighteen takes off -- with the victory -- hit it quite a -- fifteenth Wesley. And have a 31 Patterson. If -- end -- -- two good days of routes. Down the players to a bracket. But the basic state champion and number one ranked team in the country down Curtis Patriot other avoid these -- -- They way to -- thirty seconds the Pope John Paul. That was sixty kid that plays host to the vicinity of Webster. If that was wonderful book that he wanted people ahead -- -- -- episcopal. About 25 Riverside is at number eight pulled it. Nobody got a -- is that the book I went field. But what they want that many Tigers could have but wells but dog. But -- he well but please don't make listed as it about their team well. And mapping out those top -- but -- -- -- it but point nine northeast -- of them before it could be. The bottom they have that we've -- About thirty. -- -- -- bit -- -- three university top. Of an IT field that is enough before a team for a bit. But played Tuesday it will be at hand and take on the -- -- -- -- -- out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- George Washington clobbered at that point third seed they are at Tennessee -- lack of but I -- make off is it -- a fifty goal line and about 31 capital. Is it up with two you can't. They found few -- now. With the class play. Racked. The team that is that the double it because of the pitching -- state champion and Walker Cup cricket. -- I think there is six -- sacred heart. -- was seventy you know grow if that it was sixteenth save practice. But -- what -- thought that epic point of the event of a bank so the man. But point five Montgomery. Is at number eight point two -- Number 48 total this is it under the taking care what -- take on the -- what they've improved. What this and -- record no one saw this quote quote I have it would wouldn't it but I don't know what. Say they have it is at number twelve country day. But what else it is at number thirteen with -- For the finishing out the top half of the bracket -- a point at Louisiana new tech is a couple holes make no. About thirty -- thought that nobody dreamed of being captain. Number nineteen so it took applicable to the city with a double fourteenth seeded great. But what do you -- to bishop handed. Is -- number eleven white -- But point seven opposite camera if it was Saint John. -- replaces -- I thought it at number seven block. But point 36 to cap what is it -- but it Westminster. The final -- pairings. And if they play -- -- winning at the Braves beat saint Mary at number fifty over the and number 31 -- that life. Is up all that ain't gonna pick on the second -- -- the golden coordinate. 2601817038668890. A definite final score. Alabama Tony -- That I shoot seventy. After the game tonight. -- rights and issues that that report. Caught up -- LSU coach -- styles and here. It -- post game. Coach obviously. A tall form swallow were looking here at the stat sheet while you look at some of the east. -- of possession 3921. Though she ten of twenty on third down conversions Alabama one of nine L issue 435. Yards of total offense on 85 please. Alabama 52. Plays 331. Yards so about a hundred yard differential in 33 please. And then lose the U tiger said the final position while Morris is a top. -- -- Why it's not at all -- So. It's hard to finish second time. The good news is usually give everything they had they leave the leader there. The rougher than left on the field and is now a proud of an era. Tough hard nosed group of men and they and they care very much for victory. Yeah they came in here tonight everybody told them that there was no way that they can win this in fact was just. A mere formality that the next he was chronicle on and do this and it appeared to me quite some time. Though she had -- way so while. I'm I'm sick for my team I wish they were. I wish I could have changed things. Are very deserving. -- better but on the good news is we got a great team. This football -- well well. Hang together and fight. And now gulf -- and -- or complain. Remainder were schedule and with some very significant things to do. It was almost the discussion and so on the little things coach you and they take so onside kick great call plays here. Ben Harper Hairston the ball jumps -- -- is just a little bit and hits it on the nine and a half yards a half yard away and it just seemed like. There a couple of those things bounce your way some place and things like that and in the past hasn't happened today. Well -- That play -- there was she was really. A play that. James Anderson can execute extremely well and some gifts that he gives whose team. And there and today bounced wrong and I'll say this thing about us all week so alone. That we're gonna -- opportunity for our team to take momentum of a game you know we just scored seven. And the opportunity to take that position in the short field would really have been you know a nice job. Now who was strong you know statement there and now. But again you -- him more than bounce right way. What's the high political positives. First -- play your quarterback -- -- burger. Coming out -- 24 or. Of 35298. Yards one touchdown. You touched on passes were the one touchdown pass to our assistant to -- obviously injury to take the lead. Zag men -- certainly had an outstanding night tonight. He yeah he came to throw the ball tonight and you can see he allowed his on his ball he. Played hard nose tough ball. You know relieved you know really well made all the throws. You know were. He's he's played in his better football and he -- he's improving here we are. We live in the stretch run leash she improve so I'm. He's he's done a good job this point. If you were. Defensive football team we've played a wonderful game are all all you know. Most away in the -- -- -- two minute drive minute and a half drive. On a night where they really held Alabama and checked again until that last drive they were under 300 yards of total offense again one of nine and third them. Conversions. I'll put it would you would you tell your defense. Well. I I element that they you know they played valiantly worked their butts off the AM prepare extremely hard. And then -- up today it wasn't -- day and we'll look. Lineup that defense again. And play very very difficult to move against defense will play hard nose so she defense. The rest of the way out and let them. They wasn't -- day. That's question coach you got three conference games left Mississippi State. Ole miss Arkansas all rival games and there are still what plea for a year including a pretty good bowl game. Well -- We didn't need to win is something that this program managed. It's not it's always been a team that expects to win. They went into this game against they've they've balked at number one ranked team and really took it to -- the last minute. And I think that they'll enjoy the one. For victory. And prepare well and continue to improve. In and play these last three. -- -- That is LSU's that I reporter. And post game interview gaudy Royce with LSU coat last -- -- that a that difficult to disappoint laws. Through Alabama 31. To -- 11. Seventy -- at the -- casino. And hotel and then -- is a beautiful place folks I'll tell -- not to -- because we hear you you would be impressed -- right now. I'll look at -- right assists and a box of a ball that pistol Pete dribble on the bad -- campus and he's Jersey channel bucks a broken bit. All form a different great -- -- Kasten though Billy cannon Simone Augustus. Shaquille O'Neal Ricky Jackson. -- -- I mean it's so many there's so much him yet it's not just typical Jersey where. It's like black and white photos and they have lights behind there and dated a big -- celebrate his emotions go to the final four. The beautiful mean it is TVs everywhere you could be seen anywhere you back to Waldo. Utilities they were the beautiful bought you -- coming here one week into one it's been and I made reservations committed had a Eric thank you and you hear the world class of its naming game mean. It's the Bears casino. Hotel a caller was sore and opulence I capital with the things that you can be at the stadium Barbara. I mean come on out but tonight and I -- this -- that I had to nachos in the not so that they had here. Your whole family that he is Michael -- what I -- leftover like if you audits they thought that the stadium. That's they all about the Rio not Tutsis and they've got these things calm macaroni cheese bites. If the atmosphere. Also the great beard import on tap the greats that theoretically though Peterson things up with. Make it on this thing to do this holiday season you come into town because of the to do. From the -- should be it but just a couple -- get away you'd be surprised how relaxed and -- -- have an atmosphere you'll find here after the Bears casino. To take file full weight on line wont wait that people calling going to be that Uga. -- beat -- that although -- protect well. Follow me while I you don't sign are pretty good. You know -- -- arguing that want they'll calm. Credit credit courses or you know you're eight -- long I'm an independent along and bushel felt when -- -- -- -- -- -- created. Or terminal while you know week it is the first hand in hand. Has seen -- mean. Boy I mean what the playoff and also look to the category three in independence science go to bag that they eight point five years. As a net since they so you look at almost sixty years total with -- go to yet access. That's a -- outlawed at the root siren they're both they've they've in a -- disclosing -- also a lot of close games. But. I was -- Both vocal more happy they wanna be -- I've known him. Yeah it. There are kind of that view -- -- and her. Yeah ever ever get bank on -- here. It happens gives them deceitful you know. Spartan conditions. As right got to get ready to make you another thing I want to say. Changes are done this how. He went from being an aggressive. All game long in the last minute played pretty good. Yeah then at the end today at the end of the first half and the -- -- the ballgame Mets this. This upon like -- be relaxed man you know it was suitable to sit -- urges him more of -- get after you know. It was. And let's -- he. Crew did he was -- come out with a game plan because. -- and come in for certain what he has done all year. Right while you make it a bomber may have been good to hear from appreciate it now I would take up a quick break in and I'll come back give your schoolboy to wrap it up. Outscored by Alabama won one LSU. Seventy support -- on WW them to get too caught up on a school boy that. Tonight our game and Alabama won one LSU seventeen what do you say to you. Danny when you opponents if they made double OT in Baghdad. And any given day money if it beat it gave up 730. You know its fullest when basic question real cool and things. -- 62 points. He just they -- you had a bad day. I don't know what it Mason beat it out that it. Oklahoma State calls lot of -- state 4430. The Jarrett Notre Dame -- three overtime but they could beat Pittsburg when united point six. Solid just 37 Ole -- the end. Those are up fourteen but there is that it Bruno remains undefeated -- crowd -- seventeen to -- -- -- -- to -- able to -- yes. Nobody within our state 36 Arizona State 46. Oklahoma 535. I was they wanted. Couldn't have been -- 62 point stance according eight Colorado. Zero Colorado -- wouldn't be. Texas Stadium 38 Mississippi State their team is if they've -- Texas thirty want Texas -- -- -- -- big wins but Texas bodies they follow up to San Diego State 41 in nineteen. The press about what they -- they won't be able TCU 39. West Virginia. 38. UCLA 66. Arizona team. Look at 651. University of Texas San Antonio. 27. Other -- that'd -- -- it's not to zero Tennessee hit it fat throwing 48. Our -- this nineteenth also did team. Virginia 33 golf and I think six. Quick points 48 off the college sports teams Ohio State ridiculously. Too. Mean state article but it. Maybe state or if you -- with the team. It was too -- and rice 49ers 47. Sam Houston State seventy. Southeastern. Zero. Sutherland is five points Alabama gave him. There was -- talk that's all. Started the western state fourteen divine NFL coverage here ought to be done -- a lot of ball games. And my day is my -- that Saints game day. And we will have. Ever starting all day and all of our votes but the fans first take it Oceana restaurant with Thomas -- the course that it went like count advocate now that the Saints and the Eagles Monday night for the Mercedes being stupid don't all the time poked in the Bears casino. And hotel and a great stamp -- what -- announces they have little moment it's that the stadium aren't real we thank you maturity in it to the point after. -- back home to run Richardson. Will run and -- rent them. Spoke to Andrea be ability at Alabama playing Oilers used seventy. This -- up but after all the home for the Saints. The Hornets and the sizes don't just think -- WW you know -- more.

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