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11-6 12:10pm Steve Spagnuolo

Nov 6, 2012|

Saints Defensive Coordinator Steve Steve Spagnuolo talks about the Saints victory over the eagles.

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Not just got out. Praise god is all I can say it was good to get a win. That the most gratifying thing really from my standpoint and he was at the end of the game look at for the school would see there was thirteen points and we had won football games so we're happy about that now. And the stats don't look good so we get hung up on knows. That a camped down at this point in the -- seven yard. Reception for a touchdown those things were trying to eliminate I will say this. I guys that create negative plays sacks tackles for losses so many turnovers which used when I was really really proud -- And all the coaches. The -- -- press conference at the extra camp with the coordinator -- challenge. Situation you know they get the turnover on the kickoff we have to while play -- on defense and we. Held to a field goals I thought that was pretty good -- guys played fast and confident. They just kind of geared it up a notch. You know there's still things there we need to clean up. The explosive plays you know and has some tackle and is it. -- just has to be better we just gonna keep getting but I did think we took a step last night. DEL one of the reasons for some of the few of those explosive runs we were very aggressive early in the game and pretty much -- he threw sometimes when you do that. You roll the dice a little bit that something can get out and did a couple of times but again it was offset by him. By some plays that we created. So that was good this bottom line won the game and happy about that so that'll. Hillis a sixth as a coordinator Steve Spagnuolo here on WW LI MF haven't come. -- Possible -- me. I don't know that I haven't had enough. Look at Atlanta now again I'm all worried about the Atlanta Falcons right now and what we have to do the best. You know it's got to stand honestly think people. Just by nature. Football fans coaches of the places and think -- that the answer to everything is just blitz. That's not necessarily to a specially when you play him for the quarterback. You know in this of this guy this past week it was good quarterback we felt we could do some things -- You know they had an injury -- line. Early and that made a difference -- cognizant of that. But going into this next game I don't know what it'll be it'll be whatever we have to do that when people -- guys play well aggressively and we will do. Guess we should have no I shouldn't have to defense of football is about being aggressive all time. Today -- Good job of that -- was a lot one of those do your reaction here was a little bit because when you commit. A certain number of people. In a blitz game. You know to navy Expos have taken and some on ice pass play in all of a sudden it turns into -- run and we can always gets right. Sometimes there's some holes that need to be covered up by fast play -- sometimes we fell back in and did that sometimes we did so. But you gotta be what you just got to know that may happen once in awhile but again you have to offset that with a big play of your own -- but we didn't. -- -- That I -- defense does. Now. I could take you back to some plays and this season where we've done that and it's gone the other way. You know because of the level we were playing against a whatever plays they had manufactured and expose some things so. He got a picky -- -- A day we played well last night and that's comforting. -- -- I don't know. That's funny you know it's funny when you just said that hadn't really thought. About that whole situation that you just mentioned and I mean that we just kind of away we go. We have taken approach I know coach Payton did in has been that way just in time it's it's a one week at a time one game -- time. While we're addressing right now as the Atlanta Falcons mean you have to have a little bit of foresight. Should something happen. You know kind of just been on that thing all year along. But we don't talk about it very often once we know the week is set the way the week is -- move on -- about people who plan. How would you react much conversion. He was -- first -- -- front page. While I'm -- I've always been. Impressed with current slots and when your defense of coaching usually reckon you noticed guys on film that really stand out just when you see crossover tapes and certainly play Atlanta he was always one of those. Explosive play makers he would always make a big to a 34 big plays and gain. I didn't know -- a little bit when he was coming out of college but haven't gotten almighty what this man is a true pro. It's important tool and he's is deep field and it's hard workers anybody in this building. And he's been you know really quite are quite honestly a part of our defense and kind of solved and that takes a lot of pride is a nice job now say this. What has helped in that we got his -- and Jonathan Vilma who worked out together terrifically. And if we can continue that do you think it'll. On defense. And leadership. And it's natural with that position. You know when you come to a new team is a little feeling out process you know he changed teams especially Woodson established team like the same time or. And I think now it's kind of found a groove at the two guys have a lot of respect from -- assuming it goes on Sunday. His next start I. That. I mean. You know what -- bill yeah him. Credit to him. And the guy he is and it's been up and down from him he's been Warren -- -- the -- a football field. Now I think he's getting a little bit of a groove and he would like to get him out there more often but we want to be careful you know we did feel couple weeks ago that he played a lot of plays it was unfair to him. In -- -- you really talking about a guy it was in his third pre season game. Last thing yet he's out here comes through you know makes cats act makes a big play it's tough lie us you know almost another tackle for a loss on approach -- so. And all the guys and myself included appreciate them Jonathan Vilma there. And all spent. The better. Part. Yeah. I think both have -- will play good games last night we needed data on the edges with the speed edge one game that they had. Yeah it was really impressive was obviously the sacks they're always gonna stand out we still got a long way to go. In a lot of areas and now I just yet before I walked over here -- -- and the deal -- -- -- -- -- that watching game film and I'm sure the other guys. Have done the same but as a group with bill Johnson and Travis Jones I think they've been. Working their butts off to continue to get better which we still have a long way to go on a bunch of things is this plays on there was still not very happy with. Saints physical -- -- Steve Spagnuolo era WB well I am FM and dot com. -- I got a bit once. You know we have -- out a way to find a way to. Not allow the explosive plays by them they find ways to do it against everybody again I haven't dug deep enough into Atlanta which put this -- -- now. I'll watch a little bit of that tape this morning when I get in here. Don't have a real good feel for -- but I know this undefeated. They don't want the best quarterbacks in the league they -- game the coordinator there I think is terrific door cutter. And the two wide outs and tight ends -- a lot of problems so as a learning that all out and getting a slight headache. Because. This is one of those teams you know pick your poison you know what do you take away. But we'll figure I'll put -- again. I'm not here. -- night in those games were a bunch of everything I mean we don't play big wide outs in the NFL we got Patrick can. Jabari -- they understand that you know score anyway. And we'll go out and be aggressive and defend them we don't run away from. Discuss that they were not going away from within the defense. Yeah. There's nobody. Bus garage where did he was more or less right now. Yeah I mean Michael Vick I think was trying to get to -- tight end -- I think this is really couple things it just as he has had really tight coverage which forced the receiver to tight and a little wider and Roman Harper just jumping up and kinda. I get in the way the flight of the the ball I think cause it just be off enough that took tight ends in. Patrick Roberts was the -- -- not everybody makes that play but he rob did. Most impressive thing was he has the -- with all the just take off and going he can run and we all know that Roman Harper. -- key block on you know Michael Vick. That was important it was he was the one that could play. Patrick in -- blocked punts. All it seems. And I think -- They were good and lucky. -- to have that you do believe in Atlanta today at all here only the ball bounced their way -- You never know when your year is -- when it's the other way I mean I've been blessed enough to be on one of those teams and you look back and you go. On that one play if if they've gone the other way we might not of you know done whatever but I. Some teams have those special season so let's hope they don't have a special game. This coming weekend but but that don't take any away from Atlanta. That's a good football team good coach take a lot of talent can be quite a challenge for us millions. It's your best. Baseless and one thing that people I saw this is her game live on -- game you name I thought that maybe didn't last little minute little looser. While so I mean this it this is not a black and white game you know the way we dryer up on Wednesdays and Thursdays we put in you know quite frankly. It only works out that way half the time -- mean players play and react and play off each other so public continuity on defenses. Learning each other you know play after play after play in the heat of the battle you know with the guys have fun and he's gonna do you know how to playoff from there was a lot more of that going on. Last night then I will -- just want it I don't mind but it worried about making mistakes just go home plate because on defense. If you do that you going to be stagnant stiff and in having him be successful in this week's -- I'm glad they felt that way hopefully they'll continue to do that we can have some decent results -- since -- yeah. So. I don't know that you have to ask them. Each game's kind of sat on its own. Played a little bit differently in. I don't wanna go back to the games now but it was a combination of a lot of things and hopefully you know we're making strides coming eliminate some of the things have caused us to have some bad plays. Hopefully. I know he's been a one once you get up those top five or whatever those guys are all pretty good but. You know he's won a lot of games. In this league. Again I think the system they runs a good one. The people the personnel people -- -- -- after the guys put together a lot of good plays form. And he operates that offense really really well efficient he's this is a huge huge challenge for defense this week initial week. I've got to go get to work. Anything else. -- what's that. At my dad's BC grad obstacle my dad he's. Proceeded. Saints offensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo here on W did you all talk quite a bit out there. Next match up a little bit improvement for the new world Saints especially on defense solid football seven sacks that pass rush finally. There will Smith and Cameron Jordan combining for five total sacks in the win. Over the Philadelphia Eagles -- like 2813 now it's on to the Atlanta Falcons this Sunday at noon. In the superdome the dirty birds come in unbeaten at the -- -- Kristian garic out of Saints --