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11-06 5:10pm 2nd Guess Show HR2

Nov 6, 2012|

The guys continue to take your calls on the Saints win over the Eagles on Monday night football improving the black and gold's record to 3-5 on the year

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Welcome back. That second guess show Micah Terry along with -- keeping him obviously there are a lot of the so we'll slip a casino beach side and Hancock county Mississippi talking about the Saints beat victory last night when he thirteenth. Over the Philadelphia Eagles and big news all across the board WBL live -- is now available hopeful iPhone and -- uses that means you to listen to have a WL radio live anywhere you can -- your -- or -- and it's free. Just search for governor -- radio. In your phone's App Store install it you're good to go in -- -- votes to. Obviate the goalie everywhere you -- stay connected to definitely -- for the latest news sports weather traffic. Analysis and opinion yet complete deals on the -- lot that now at WWL dot com wanna tell everybody to review it shouldn't matter of saying get show. Because at 6 o'clock we're gonna move. And get a lot of electric covers a lot of local national coverage and we're gonna be on from six you know until we know what we know what we wanted to know what you can here right here. On the big 878 days -- what we're gonna go to Gordon in Dallas he's been waiting for some time Gordon you know huddle with Bob and Mike. You know. And now. -- Bent out of radio. The -- program. GB. -- sports commentator that hasn't picked up on shortly story cushion pursuant they could be in expect a Anthony and Jason Garrett yet here and now. -- that's like Jerry Jones can't see anything and let any owner they have coaches they can't make any comment. On Sean Payton would be tampering admitted that you connect the dots -- you could say Peyton has the home in Dallas. -- the connection with Ethan Allen on him and Tony Romo from my understanding he's -- -- why the Cowboys beat -- god Tony Romo could -- Jerry Jones. To get Tony Romo so it -- what has been the goal in the back of his mind not played double devil's advocate I think coach -- thinks he didn't. Turn around Tony Romo with Tony Romo on the verge of being a franchise. Quarterback but he's been such a let down at crucial times. I think solid day though Peyton makes it -- difference maker Tony romo's career. Yeah I agree with Bob a -- guy who's got. Uniform quarterback. That's that position understands that well I think he's the talent and Tony Romo. Promoted him to the scouting department to bring him in when he hasn't drafted from the same college yeah I agree with -- the only thing -- Gordon I think about it structure. And with the Saints and how it's working relationship that went very well a lot more power relatives now that you'll ever get with Jerry and Jerry admitted that that day. He's not willing to give up final say on personnel decisions. Why wouldn't let you head coach. At the final say on. Trades. On draft choices on 53 man roster and -- electoral would do that. He's got that we're here it's got a good working relationship with Mickey Loomis and the owner Tom -- And so ordered it doesn't make any sets but I understand what agents can beat -- to make extra money -- their client. But not dress that up here is perfect. And you know what I think you'd like to maybe -- what do you hear. Don't look at almost the starting local one again what you want plot for a year and you come back it's almost like you're starting -- again. And I understand that comment Dallas man I want and then see how that team has been -- That it's done they finally I say to play if you facilitate our state where you like a movie star -- New -- solid though it. It's like an international star in New Orleans he's more popular -- Brad Pitt. Around the world however when those Brad Pitt that you all of though. Brad Sean May get more pics in the Brad Pitt walked industry that he's he's -- -- you know not a rock RBI rock rock star head coach. It's -- -- -- -- with the -- on ESPN radio et -- look at their. Always want to help but -- has sort -- more. Noted that now and you know popular here. There and now he worked when he was that the coach here and more than say to Garrett is here and once they -- I don't I hopefully everybody's saying and you know he made -- -- You know Bill Parcells might -- them once a year and not being here I think if he thought Bill Parcells he'll tell you just what you said earlier that Jerry Jones. Has complete control of this thing and now I'm Sean Payton won't go -- it pretty controlled at the end with the law and the on the player personnel and other thing. They wouldn't have here now because -- you know Jerry Jones could live in the same. Time out an outlet. That the Eagles stadium he got. I mean they like -- on my daughter I don't QB John yeah. How many all of that NFL history UN it's doable in the unity coaches let. And now -- approval lightning look at Barry Switzer could break out our 2000 go to the got a special guy you know let you know. Take his -- -- him his money give him his credit but you know what it. To me it does make a lot of us that understand that connect the dots here but I think the setup here or not make it really would be lights. And he's gonna get paid the -- me go to the NFL so. In my -- -- he's got the best of both worlds here and again that that he has now more popular today. That he was that they after they won the Super Bowl. Now sometimes you might say well let's not look like pro wrestling. You get publicity for different reasons but just think about it Sean Payton is a bigger name now in the NFL and people understanding this league. -- he was that the out he won the Super Bowl. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- While the bottom line is look at Jeff finished with conceded a winning coach and he sat out a year look with the Rams made him look what. Andy -- heavier and -- -- -- review Davidson out of here he's gonna get that opportunity though he thought they'd put into the wall or artists take care available on all meant to NFC championship Kubel went. Come on how many coaches have that on their resonate. On the commitment this -- -- at the end of they'll believe me he has won the golf ball either way not born here in the second guess showing hey you right after we come back yeah. A. Second and goal from the eight. Over the Eagles had their problems in the red zone in two previous trips and able to get in the end zone against Vick is going to be sad fact of the twenty yard line. But it Will Smith who was unblocked coming off the right corner. Now was the car looked at Minnesota last night one of will -- two sacks on the afternoon. Okay we're gonna get some use here the Sugar Bowl site is going to be news site of the champions bowl the Sugar Bowl and you all of will be the side of the new champions bowl. Between the SEC in the big twelve sources tell ESPN. You all of was -- -- over the Cotton Bowl in calling him Texas. Two weeks ago SEC commissioner Mike -- -- we espn.com those two cities where the finalists. Sources say that the factors why the Sugar Bowl was selected was the SEC's long history in New Orleans. Decide you wanted all it in the two other us cities got to submitting bids were Atlanta Houston will reach cities you all and Atlanta Houston and San Antonio to game we'll take the name of the Sugar Bowl at the champions bowl name. Was that temporary place -- the first Sugar Bowl would mean the champions. Of the SEC in the big twelve will be. January 1 one -- fifteen. If the SEC or big twelve champion advances to the national semifinals. Each conference would then provide another team for the Sugar Bowl not get this. They will each be a eighty million dollars a year -- -- sources say. That's the same amount ESPN will -- annually for the rolls bowl. Orange Bowl expected to be worth fifty. Five million dollars a day somebody just win the golf ball here and it's you all Owens now with the Sugar Bowl it's like the new champion. You'll is hot and say that they'll have a hot right now not Detroit news. Written are audited every 6 o'clock how we gonna do -- but today's -- has announced that the clock -- -- coverage -- -- what's happened here at the civil slew of -- been a great that -- we can put. All the -- will have another great weekend of football coming up -- -- if you -- have -- that -- and it followed onstage. Morry prediction this won't pop -- down -- -- -- -- down your neck of the -- to be played on stage it is Friday says come -- down watching football. Hang out with the band and I think what they've watched the Saints beat the dirty bird going on Sunday right -- -- -- -- -- Read and also. This and they use it that's what's bad and did miss the action now for a couple of weeks then and now again now want to -- a lot of them -- you know I tell you what -- a hobby but probably they beat him relax in the press box. -- would get past the National Anthem with a wrap up a whole lot in. They'll they'll all very happy no question knew it would be all that stuff and -- -- -- getting hooked at that but yeah. No matter what okay he'll at least. That's right that day like. Yeah tell everybody a little bit -- while with the holidays come around which guys have played we're gonna have a great we have. Great feast here at the buffet for for what they've given what we always do in the -- who by cardinal have a nice holiday Thanksgiving -- so. I'll put that -- call in advance it if the times it is but you reservation for the move by you. We also have our win that promotion going on all we can -- -- the year where we -- -- great prizes on the weekends 38. But thirteen which TV's. Black and gold number nine jerseys of popular touch screen cut pats now. And up beautiful Camaro and -- at Silverado at the end of each month November and December they've out of if you -- -- this not because it's but dumb role but I had someone. But back actually two people are asking -- spotted outside a team that they wouldn't does -- plan for New Year's Eve here. We're New Year's -- were bringing back Bobby you're in the summertime blues he played our first two New Year's Eve. And you know he's very very popular and he just he just accident here is a great he's a great band from New Year's the -- all duels beane got awards section. At the beautiful out here so we also have up. Free party favors free campaign. At midnight it is a great place to be on New Year's. Okay answer the question real quick basic things so much but join -- we appreciated not what you stand by because I know this is what are your favorite moments of the show. Bobby got -- read -- the -- birdies early got a Devils perk of the day bombing. I don't know it is at Madison to a Pittsburgh they've been I guess potentially could make it that way. -- the -- for everybody else would fitness center. Listen we can start a New Year's resolution after Halloween a lot of though is that yours -- get a 200 dollar certificate good par. And nutrition package but only a hundred dollars the package includes. A ninety minute consultation from one available -- registered. Dietitians. Along -- 830 minute follow confrontation. So it network hitter back at them party that. I think that they hoarded -- -- think you'd die right. You know we you work on that but L what it is thinner. You keep it you know -- month -- right now go to my yards for a dot com. The only outlet fitness dinner get a dollar gift certificate. Good by the creation package while only 100 dollar. That's -- but does that and going on my duels on a guy come and get that information so okay. I know you always enjoy those moments of Bobby is that part of the day I knew it will be our attitude and -- don't doubt that got out of the other part of it. I'll look at but it -- -- that it that it. I thought that was on every week you know that. They think -- above and beyond -- we appreciated. Bob boat before we go back that -- -- -- to go to commercial breaks all -- breaks so you talk a little bit about it yeah -- -- Certainly Alabama and nobody -- of -- success in the army this that a win but great effort -- this football. Well Peter told me if L Hewitt accomplished all this not a thought no way to -- lose the game. Particularly you know you talk about Q -- talent that great football team who's going to turn over battle. Okay you're totally -- was plus two. And that they would about -- Alabama for the 35 to 331. Total yards. All of the dominant. Time of possession 39 minutes fifteen point 845. That Edberg would have passed a career high 298. Yards and basically I'll pay I'll play L overall AJ McCarron. It that you throw and Aaron that you all feel. -- -- -- our individual -- -- hill would have rush Brothers seven yard does that how in the world. They -- -- -- not thought coach miles. I don't know compute the right word but I don't know we had -- -- competent. Just -- percentages that you know there's a handful three -- 45 things. I don't have to with vomit that onside kick but just that decision now on on. Now because they needed element where it was gonna play that kind of game I think going Florida Gators did it the public confidence -- open -- burger. But it being displayed alternate conservative. The way -- -- -- Alabama's behind Ellis who wins that game if you look at it. I mean if you look at this second half by LSU handled the adversity they were trailing. Fourteen to three at the break it that you look at the second half. They just throttled Alabama. All the tied to 11 down home. Held Alabama to 11 down until that final drive. LSU's defense what -- boards 53 and out but they could not stop that last that last stop I mean I thought. The Vietnamese so brought a -- analogy fan and not know. -- statement was grateful that they came away with a win but it just goes to show you. That that was the bottom line is just win the game last year when -- issue at Alabama one night -- The shoe was on the other foot what was Alabama fans think get this we did that nobody Ellison -- the -- Well now the season out of what Belichick did this it is that there against like. Alabama made the plays they had to do to win the got to give credit. Applies that note on this and the line he used on NFL films but it was great teams don't always late great. But they played great when they have to do it again Alabama played great when they have to and again the use to -- -- -- you -- it will be news site of the new. Champions bowl between yes he's in the big twelve. And you wallets with -- and over the Cotton Bowl in Arlington Texas so congratulations another big get for the city and for all region. We're gonna go to not use -- now with shed row. Play action Braves. Rolling. Greene's touchdown. In the 53 straight game. And it's a connection now Marcus Colston. Work -- his sixth touchdown reception of the season. Juventus and all of a big 51 straight. Game which Drew Brees has thrown a touchdown pass that on the Marcus Colston and when you look at it over a since 2006. It's been right it's right at the top Larry FitzGerald. Randy Moss and surprisingly whose third. More articles -- as the guy that's caught the most touchdowns -- 9006. I mean that you are guaranteed on a trivia question most people might have gas fired bit Terrell. -- probably would have -- Randy Moss. I think not many would have put more principles that -- that the Greek god yeah and that goes to shield just. On how humble a guy he's been in yet you know you see you this week -- people received with Bob and yet he's not one level. Yet not gone well and -- that's how Drew Brees spread the ball around you look at Lance Moore Jimmy Graham every. And it -- never complains but he's still the third. The most touchdowns -- two six in the NFL autism and everyone they've heard of Larry FitzGerald and everybody knows Moss yes and at. You know what else it was a great accomplishment in in the game. Udall Bob Pate hit it to the detail. We Drew Brees when he lost that fumble. Do you know about all of the first loss almost as the season opener against the reds cannot call markets yeah and I nobody knows what we've been protected the football. So that that that goes a long way and might we also talked about this. -- -- didn't it is going to be a short week and we get a look at the injury report. Is actually going to be available at tackle are we gonna have to go with ultra yet all the tells rob because the drawing. -- if you're drawn to hurt you can't do a lot of things on and off the field but it particularly on the field you're trying to open up the block. -- -- And I watched the match ups they try to get with a core of human or like John Abraham. To put a lot of pressure on Charles Brown because never one day and they expected it to look at the film. Well what happens what you know it's against the Rams Chris Long which I'll run gave up three sacks and -- -- a lot of pressure it goes you can't flail it all round on Sunday. We've talked about it a week earlier argument -- up against Robert Mathis and shut him down so like givens missed the game a matchup yeah sometimes you don't match up. Well against certain people who dat nation definitely almost too new to the Saints game just listen to win. Jon Garland Robinette and the think tank Thursday when you have the -- player of the week. Call 360 wins to 609467. -- chance to win tickets to the sites or not -- game Sunday November 25. Don't miss -- -- Robinette Thursday afternoon at 1250 PL. The -- -- tickets from sites radio up WL him in Biloxi Kim you're in the huddle with Bobby it might. Okay in my arm great game quiet guy that -- it was that day. I we're ready yet currently in -- -- we were Agnelli. He thinks that way too much -- play being hit kind of can who didn't have interpreted -- yeah. Well Steve wasn't the head coach it was actually Aaron Rome that was the heck knows all the top line coach but now with that being said navy helped out the running game because. Madhouse -- -- best outing in. You know look he got a -- that's basically that first half -- we were able to sit at home. And run the football and listen Mike you said this we don't need a 104 yards on my party yards rushing and just get to want to wanted and you think thirty wins do. -- Well I'm going to be more right out of my game last night and -- out an eight dollars like oh my god. Yet in my I agree on I think it played so we -- best game of the year against a team with a lot of individual talent. When you look at shady McCoy DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin and Brent Celek and listen Mike Vick he's a playmaker. Well really flat and not -- not a great team right now and I think that it showed up big in our offensive line was every bit as bad as I thought it would be but. This you got to take advantage of other teams' weaknesses. And the Saints were able to do it so you gotta. I had and like to think about can't yet again last night I was we're real excited not like you play against Phil and that is week. Well they gonna have the same kind of effort if not even better because I have a better effort yeah -- about it because you look at meaning that I believe offense you know they had 441 downs now 18447. Yard. And I'll -- to run out anyone but the difference was it was only allowed thirteen points. That's the thing you have we've we've talked about it and we brought up the yardage part of it but in any kind of value could it give up yardage because the league is structured it's all about points. And being able to get teams off the field on third down. That is the crucial stats don't look at and right now. You don't look at that game. -- beating us out on a hundred you know night out toward about it that is alien or have you on me actually are long gone a long -- -- -- first part. That bar -- -- it was just unbelievable. Right about that Nike camp we appreciate that talk and will be that ball with the second national right up his brickyard obligates them. The wide receivers are big explosive. Playmakers. They can run the whole route tree they've got a hall of fame tight end Tony Gonzales they have an MVP. And Matt Ryan being undefeated I think right now the -- plays across the board offensively and defensively special team wise they're playing with great confidence. And every time we play them. When we've had undefeated teams gone in there with federal with teams going there it's always come down the last player overtime to win the game and -- it's always been. Hard fought contest both teams have great pride with. They are the better teams so far this year. Now would still be talking about the Atlanta Falcons and no that's not agree with coach I mean this in this these games have come down to. White knuckle. Basically final play or what time whatever you wanna call it. But the Saints have been the overwhelming team to win. Those final twelve games the Saints -- one bit double tickled to shoot the Saints have been able to -- the yield on the dirty birds -- detonated. I'd like to win and I'm -- your autograph but Drew Brees listen to sports talk Thursday at 535 -- the quarterback quarterback. Obviously it's exclusive interview with Drew Brees and -- have a chance to win we hear from pregame -- Equal you view that no -- Paul called them. And wins -- and every Thursday while an autograph Drew Brees nine brand new shirt giveaway every week what in our season. Brunette Thursday at 535. On a -- -- Paula Kolb evidently LE 71 remind everybody 6 o'clock tonight we're gonna have a local and national coverage across the board here right here on the big 870. We ain't going home and they'll all -- election results. Will be in the books Jermaine and Arlington Jermaine you know Ottawa thought it might. A -- hello my argument. Yeah but I you know I -- -- comment from aren't tablets pockets so I'm a little bit Mac so you can just imagine how much this on Payton's contract. As -- -- nipple area by the hole. Everybody thought I heard I've -- Galloway out here. And you've been you've found out real. If I always. The bodies -- On tape right. Chomping on loans. Outpost on the -- -- do it to be diplomatic break like that that you just the Eagles win. I'll probably like you know implement looking out -- -- you because my home it is. To put into all this discussion about that Patrick that. That it's you can do a coat copilot and cowboy country and nation to exit -- -- this once but what did you coach. Would you believe -- read Fatone. Jermaine the other that's a good question -- the question is why would you leave somewhere where you have some power. And a lot of power on personnel decisions who's gonna make your roster trades everything else and booked -- place what all of it's said and set the day. I want that Powell and I'm not willing to give it up so would you think -- both -- that it's a huge question real quick and -- bits that it may. Basically Sean -- every bit of the nickel Jerry Jones game. Yeah it -- What you think about it. He's a power that this plan -- all experts now you know that the men and mainly new business businesslike originals but. Payton has. -- room and you are. The coaches. Great coaches always look at the talent. Or how to execute noble profits won approval would breeze. Not -- -- Payton coached the money is guaranteed. -- -- -- -- -- That return Tony Romo around and it was went through with Tony Romo. Boy it is dot heating bills and it's like. You know it is north -- question always like you know whoever it even it would Tom Brady you have Tom Brady are you happy -- game. And if you like what you want ovals yet Drew Brees can't you win it would another quarterback. It is not read all -- you know but all I'll think what it you would turn around with Motorola it's noble all the fun. In Dallas put things got life. You know like is that you -- To remain as the other side maybe he knows that Tony Romo could only get you so far so you -- He knows that it won't say that but he knows what Drew Brees and new media. Yeah happy at the end absolutely right and the bank on that point. Corporate support to me about your absolutely right take a look at. All the injuries don't count -- to relate -- they've all walked out of that right. And number two. Go up few of you and Tom Brady Bill Belichick. Field walls Joseph Montana. Did you play. Thought they had an excellent chance. They have came through Reed -- in the same breath as the tech quarterback coach combination in European open and out we can walk with anything like that. I agree with you -- I think listen. The money everything else all everything all points in the favor of the Saints and what you don't know is what we don't know. He knows what he's got what Drew Brees put a wrinkle on his finger. Lot of emotion that glanced at our arrangement last year I mean even when they won that thing they want it's horrible offensively enough to repeat. The defense equivalent twice in the playoffs against Seattle in terms of who score over thirty point that you lose came on the defense. We have to look at also up -- coach pitch to look at all the look at what they have on the table from a team its respective in Dallas vs the thing. Allen might. Okay I'll tell you all the televised that the Devils Dallas right let. I think it's a lot closer than maybe what we think I know what they push you at the markets where you don't have anybody like that you certainly don't have a more placement that's a young couple on a back. -- a cause a good football player. Jay Ratliff is a really good player on the decline you can see it in the entries against him a lot more yeah all of the second guess Joseph. Right up this break you on the negates.