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Nov 7, 2012|

President Obama has been re-elected as President of the United States of America; are you surprised? What does this mean for the Republicans? Can we come together as the United States of America? Why do you think things turned out the way they did?

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And welcome back to our instant reaction to the reelection of President Obama -- that the polls were accurate there we talked about this day on on the show that we do ignite this cute show for me to midnight on -- Leo we've been talking about this going up to the election. People thought the polls were skewed and and I just I kept saying it if you don't want to believe the polls then. That's one thing but the polls are accurate and polls before elections tend to indicate who's gonna win. And the polls were very -- very very close. President Obama still leads in the popular vote once California started coming in in the Pacific northwest are coming and and now Obama took leads but it very slightly I think it's a one percentage point lead in the popular vote. But Obama was the clear winner when it comes to the electoral votes 3032. 206. If you wanna join us with a comments why do you think Obama won. Why do you think Romney lost and do you think there's a problem in the Republican Party. -- to join our show this morning our numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. In a -- number is 87870. The Democrats maintain control of the senate the Republicans maintain control of the house. And we talked about Sarah a couple of these -- senatorial candidates who are just speak very ignorant statements about rape. And abortion. And they both lost Todd -- in Missouri. Who was expected to beat senator. Claire McCaskill. -- lost this is the this is the guy who said that in the case of legitimate rape a woman's body shuts down. And you'll get pregnant therefore you don't have to worry about. Abortion in the case of rape and that is biologically. Ignorant and that hurt I think that hurts the Republican Party that kind of mentality hurts. And then a Democrat Joseph. Why is the -- which are now over Republican Richard of Murdoch in Indiana. Richard Murdoch during a debate is the Republican who said. Then if you get pregnant during rate. Advance God's. Intention. And Mitt Romney did a commercial supporting. Richard Murdoch. And after he said that Romney didn't pull the commercial. That was a mistake it. The Republican Party if it is to succeed. Is going to have to divorce itself from the far right mentality. I'll tell you who the rising star of the Republican Party is right now but your whole stay -- a -- -- -- your calls -- just a moment. I think the rising star right down the Republican Party is New Jersey governor Chris Christie. New Jersey governor Chris Christie after. Hurricane sandy. When he embraced President Obama and said you know honestly. I'm gonna be honest about this he's doing a good job he's -- I don't care about the campaign I care about the people of New Jersey. And Rush Limbaugh. Criticized. Chris Christie for doing that. That just show issue about how poisonous. The far righty is it is time. It is time in America. For the middle to rise. And drown out to the far right and the far left while the far right the far left have they -- their right to freedom of speech. It is time to -- Did people who are not far right and far left come together and show what this country can be. And I heard things in Romney's concession speech and I heard things in Obama's acceptance speech that leads me to believe that both of these men. Once this country to come together the question is. Will this country come together will Republicans work with the White House will the White House work with Republicans. Here's -- WWL pretty general opinion poll President Obama projected winner. Surprised or not. Give us your opinion I go to your website WWL dot com -- sort of remind you that tomorrow morning. A WWL first news Tommy Tucker will be talking about this also grew almost talk about a from ten -- one and spied tomorrow afternoon from one to four. And on this -- show tomorrow night for me to midnight will be talking about all of this as all of this information. Since then. It. Cool idea that you -- And apparently. My. Will. He do. It because there -- people who you. First of all I wanna say thank you for what you doing for our country. And the piano black dual. Aren't particularly. -- -- Actually picked the wrong moment that they haven't eat democratic quote I can how important you real -- eat coaching and -- it is important feet okay yeah yeah. Eight and the cardinals I'm like literally the humiliated. When he angle from one end and take it and -- the guy and he actually got. It will be pretty. Analysts aren't they were they were both expected to win their senate seats and they lost because of the year. There -- political stupidity. And on any any day to look at the what you can I. I actually -- Old. Like Chris Christie -- think that we all these so I called mom to eat. People up in -- -- people can't partially -- that we -- actually. Believe that it's gonna be at peace. Do you grow up pretty cool. Not being not being used to people and people -- probably it will be repeated on Peter Cook. Did -- pretty content to publicly take it. You can pick Republicans understand my -- Cool calm and don't -- I'm fortunate enough people already understand country at all because -- can't treat people. And how it is we're looking 8 -- I -- -- it is. -- simply. Can't look. It. Well I think -- -- were kind of losing you there but I I I think you're right this country is not gonna look the same in the future and I and we we lost you but I really appreciate you illicit or show. From New Orleans Billy you're on WWL. How are you can act -- good. I was hoping they Q could help me remind the people that complain about having the standard line. That they were well able to be able to vote. Early -- they could -- voted absentee and not have to stand in those lines and conserve their time. Well and it. I would go one step further I mean you're right about that Billy but I would go one step further and say that if you had to stand in line so why I mean you have the right to vote so you stand in a so it's a little inconvenient. You -- people around the world that would love to have that opportunity and you're gonna complain about standing in line what a bunch of cry babies. -- I agree with economic outlook gonna say crybaby you put a lot of friends that anybody but I think Taipei in just. It's just doesn't make sense that went out -- to be true in the country now. And that its people rushed to say negative things instead of being positive and is being grateful for what we have. I agree with your Billy -- to go to show thanks for listening. From Slidell mark you're on WW well what's your reaction to the reelection of President Obama. I am so glad you -- I think dead cat playing -- down. Course he took off without paying bet he'd get a lot to get accompany the country in a position that if -- and now you know that we're not there yet. And it -- -- around that thank you could get again. But I think a lot of the crater that was going home I think it's what carried him he didn't stand. You know when people are doing great the -- you know. You can't get wannabe presidential beta just -- -- things in that frame. Well you know I think the other night I talked about this so lots. On on my show. And I think Romney was -- on and on and on and on details of of his plans. Right there what what -- I mean you can. You you can say you're against something but what are you gonna do to replace it and I think that's one of the problems that that Romney had I I also think that. Eight and you know markets it's really interesting I mean you go back to. You go back to Bob Dole Bob Dole was one of the most respected moderate senators. On Capitol Hill -- and when he ran for president the Republican Party pulled into the right. When John McKee John McCain was a moderate senator. And they pulled him to the right and they both lost -- I don't understand why the Republican Party doesn't learn this lesson. -- -- And they and Mitt Romney Mitt Romney at a moderate governor a again a Republican from a Massachusetts this kind of like it Democrats. In the same way the Democrat itself is going to Republican. Right and they pulled him to the right and that was not a natural place for which is one of the reasons I think Mitt Romney seems so stiff. And insincere because. It really wasn't him at an -- for for Obama care to be based on the Romney care and then for Romney to distance himself from bad to me today that was insanity. I know. And they even if he had that -- -- -- certain things about it I don't like to know that it's okay blanket oh is god you know it's no good if there was great. -- if I I agree it's going to be interesting to see if there's going to be a war within the Republican Party mark and political show and thanks for listening to -- really well. Rodney welcome to our show. Parents really don't. -- well. Happens today is it a little bit disappointed. Mainly because I think they're. How -- which slowly -- is very little suburb. And I think that. Also received a medical industry group he taught them something that black doctors -- a lot of a lot of Madison. Because they're not gonna like being told what they can charge what they can charge. How many Beijing -- -- -- Things like that. I'm from yeah I got a big deal and get the economy even as saying things. No I don't think we know what's gonna happen I don't think anybody knows exactly what's gonna happen if flow obamacare does serve. Don't go into effect. I don't think word we know exactly what's gonna happen with with a number of things I don't think we would know with with with either. Outcome where there was Romney or -- Obama. But I hope for your sake I hope your business is good I hope it's good for Louisiana because I know we're a very important state when it comes to. Oil and gas tonight I hope that a President Obama is is friendly to your industry and friendly to our state. Barack -- wrong. Feel so you have a good night. All right appreciate you would take time to call from the West Bank Julio a year under the WL. That photo -- -- thank you for taking my call first folks in the I don't know I have to say it's. It's more of it's more of a sickness I guess. Or whatever I heard the results. First off. I think that they were quick to to jump aboard that train. Because they did it before the results were even now. It's secondly. I've been terribly shaken incentive in the room. Two people would vote for a four more years of the same. Reckless spending. Of the illegal immigration. You know literally. They're Hispanic and they you know they came from Puerto Rico so. You know we know what it's like to to to work hard and and and in order to get by and you know not having their hand out but you know loyalists -- hand up. And -- -- dishes -- read everything about this guy is just so so terribly able. So -- of the spectrum. Do you think President Obama it endorses illegal immigration. Our ability. He had to circumvent congress. Just to grant amnesty. To -- is it is treatment. So he can buy those votes. If you recall. But what nobody really you don't think -- think that young people who were brought to this country before they were I guess it was sixteen. Brought to this country by their parents they didn't break the law they were brought here by their parents. If they are going to school a parent -- military if they meet certain requirements I don't think that you don't think that they should have a two year opportunity to stick to stay in this country and to and to be here legally. We don't know that's very true but you know days. Just like with all the other bills what did. Almost 3000 -- of our financial health care seven you know you and I both know that there is more -- -- they would there's something. And and also real quick down you know what. Of gays voted for Republicans it's quite -- so he's -- -- I have to buy those votes. So let -- go ahead and say I evolved and -- now for same sex marriage is just like he did he was Smart it was very -- Men don't -- I don't know what politicians do that don't they all try to bide their votes. He took a step further. I've never it seems someone. Run such a negative campaign. And still get away with calling. It was it was very day it was very I was very opposed to that commercials that -- so Mitt Romney for guys. A man's wife dying of cancer I was very -- that tomorrow. And the Paul Ryan one where we're Schumer Graham has been pushed over the cliff I mean America needs to wake up. They need to see what is going on in this country if we don't. We're going to what we're gonna -- rapid clip. -- yeah -- right very very briefly what do you think this country needs to do. -- Quote first stop. As well as far as the Republican domestically the road to people like me who. Mark rubio Paul Ryan. I don't believe that we need to do there's so much we need to do. We need to fix our immigration. It's that big the most important thing the government should be doing they're not doing which is focused in on our borders. Securing our borders. And then protecting us from foreign and domestic enemies not constantly intervening and maybe -- or libertarian approach. Isn't isn't isn't isn't that what Obama did when he allowed the United States to be part of NATO and their NATO took the lead in any -- -- -- -- And we need to get out of NATO we need to get out of it out of all the duration of the dictating what's going wrong. And also I urge everyone to look out. But it taxes do as a corporate there's a there's a major world -- -- -- -- -- to implement I mean this is Gary's done. You know a lot of people are concerned about that you know holy and Timmy Timmy come together as the United States there's a country going to be more divided. He's got to work with Republicans and not socially every idea. -- can Republicans were Clinton. OK okay. I -- -- also -- -- -- -- -- number -- I don't know it's probably come late now but but everyone should definitely see twenty sixteenths. And -- positively for there. I think it's a mind blown. Julio and logical to show thanks for listening Donald Trump said the election is a sham and we are not a democracy. Another. Laughable moment. From Donald Trump. I'm screwed if you enjoy this with your comments following the reelection of President Obama are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. And it takes -- a 7870 hang on we'll be right back after this short break. And here locally amended number two did pass and this is going to give a lot of protection to. Gun owners and I know they'll be a lot of discussion about that also another very interesting you know local. The decision was. Out of about 300000. Votes but by only forty feet high votes. The citizens said no to continuing the tolls on the Crescent City connection. And you know you heard all -- the rhetoric -- before that that if -- if he goes to the state in the state is supposed to take care of the bridge but if it goes to the state. Then there's not going to be garbage pickup there's not going to be police they're not gonna be. Probably not going to be lights it's just not gonna be the same you know I'd like to think that that the state can can take care of it if it's supposed to. And the burden should not be on the the that the motorist who who traveled there Crescent City connection but by only 45 votes. This is and this is this is huge. So the tolls are going to be coming to an end on the Crescent City connection New Year's Day in 2013. It is concession speech which was an excellent speech. Romney said our leaders need to reach across the aisle. And put people before politics. In his acceptance speech President Obama said we are not as divided. As our politics. Suggest. I hope their rights can we come together and be the United States. Of America. If you wanna join our show with a comment our numbers 26 sold 1870 we're getting here is a reaction to the reelection of President Obama. -- a lot of people are are not happy with the results of this election but but that's the way it is with every election. There's no guarantee that your candidate is gonna win this is the United States of America this is what we do this is one of the things we do best. Free elections. And no matter -- they election is there's always going to be group it's not going to be happy. But -- some points. The people in Washington. Congress and the president they have to come together and work and do what's in the best interest of us. And there can't be this constant gridlock and stalemate over doing the work for the American people. If you're Arnold say what is our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Nine is nearly 76 number is 87870 here is. A text that read so the presidential prediction W already guy I I I talked about. Pound the the outcome of LSU Alabama does predict the presidential election this goes back to in 1984. And it continues today when Alabama wine. The Democrats won. When LSU won the Republican -- it's been that way since 1984. And Alabama one. The other night. And Obama won. Last night I'm scoop coming right back for more than a hero. CBS news. Well. You should have been. President Obama in his speech to supporters in Chicago after his reelection victory Mitt Romney had just conceded before his supporters in -- Republicans held onto the house Democrats will still controlled the senate. Correspondent Nancy Cortes -- the president faces the task of breaking the legislative gridlock it's. A better job working with the congress. Really he had not done enough. To reach out to them. CBS news special report I'm Jim senator. Tonight president of I'll actually blast site technically President Obama was senator reelected today he won. The election with 303 electoral votes compared to Romney's 206. I -- and Obama even leads served by I think it's still one percentage point. When it comes to the the popular vote here's an update on our WWL pretty general opinion poll President Obama the winner surprised or not. 37%. Surprised 63%. Not -- From Algiers run you're on WWL. Yeah I'll let -- wanna clarify so the way it feels they're right for you went to break you talk about LSU and Alabama. Was that when they played each other. Yeah okay why I didn't know maybe it's just depend on the outcome of the game that we -- bit. Oh no no no when -- when they played each other editor from from from 1984 and until now when -- she wins the Republican wins when Alabama won the Democrat won and that dug a hole -- when they play each other. Okay I. -- what I call about basically is I took a double hit tonight dominant 37%. And one hit was. On the presidential election. And one thing I feel really aided. The president -- President Obama. In his reelection. Was. Hurricane sandy. But that was something that couldn't have been for -- I don't I know -- wouldn't ever doubted it but it at -- Enron you know you're you're you're right wind. When there's a natural disaster like that's the incumbent always has a chance to it took to get in the spotlight. The incumbent also has a chance to would not handle things properly and apparently President Obama in the brief period between sanity and now and who knows what's gonna happen after this but in that brief period between sandy in the election. He handled things in the proper way and so he did he did shine and then he had to that did hurt Romney's moment in the spotlight. All right you know I mean every everybody in Washington learned from Katrina. Because responses -- had a lot better every place for every natural disaster. It is a shame that it took that -- teach him a lesson. I need the other thing has. I took a hit on was the average told did not -- us. Well -- and air America went right the information I have is out of about 300000 votes by 45 votes to citizens are saying -- -- to continuing the continuing then the rituals. I want the last thing I saw you it was difference I think of about 900 votes. -- they weren't out there whereabouts there -- we we discovered at tonight's. That there were 26000. Our early votes they were not counted and so than those were were counted so as I. The latest information that I have and and who knows this could change the -- information I have is that by 45 votes. No on the tolls. 4545. Votes okay. So it's it's not really dead yet and because they have not counted the absentee votes. Normally they don't count them until Thursday or Friday after the election. Yeah I do you know I I I I know that there were a number of early votes now I don't know about absentee votes but I know there are a number of early votes there were not counted when we first got the of the report. But it does if it does continue to shows that they're gonna be no more tolls but again. There may be some information that comes out in the next couple days the changes and. Right you know I mean that the thing people don't realize is he putting about 250 people. -- unskilled. Labor. Out of a job. Now I have I don't work for the bridge authority or any thing. But that that's just economics. That's just economics. Course you know that it is a big safety factor having the the -- plans of their. Because when they narrowed down the -- blames. You know you don't have people coming from. The west bank and they'd they'd drive fast enough as it is to get up is told plants -- you know they're going to be you know crew cruising through their seven. I'm hurt and our world and I know but there you know the that the police can control that -- -- so I think so. I don't I don't you know if this is supposed to be the responsibility of the state then why not put her on the stay why not make the state take care of it. Well. Either way you're higher paying far. Well we're anywhere we're we're paying tech we're paying for it now. And then it. It is all this did did the told money and so much and there was a lot of controversy about how that whole money where -- where it was Swiss fans. Then maybe not spent properly. You know it so it. I'm not going to dispute that a 100%. But. You know here you are put in the burden of another expense on the state this state so these crimes for money. Well the state needs to stop Ryan and the state needs to figure out a way to make things happen. We you know but. Years ago when. The casinos came into effect that would that would they're they're golden answer. And now they still get revenues from the casinos. You know they. They get although you know at a run you and I both snow there whether it's local state or federal government money is wasted yet it and they could then they -- Every every. Level of government could do a better job spending money. And if -- state doesn't have to take care of the Crescent City connection it won't now it may have to do as a result of this vote so. Make him do it and that's the responsibility of the governor and the legislature. Well you know and those spin off on that same situation is. What happens to the ferries. The ferries go to where you got nailed a five dollar charge for a vehicle -- crossed and pedestrians are gonna have to pay a dollar. Now you go to Baton Rouge there's no charge there's not going to be any charge on it carries up there. Why should you have to charge military -- here. Well we we shouldn't if they can do if they if the state can take care of the bridge in Baton Rouge and they can take of the bridge here. I -- eye -- state needs to be forced to take care of things. What do got to take care of the ferries are privatized and an anytime you privatize something and I'm sure you're well aware of this and the majority your listed probably are -- it ends up costing more money. All we don't care what you privatized. Because whoever you privatize unit to there and there's system make money and they're gonna make money. If not they're gonna get the state. Subsidize some on -- so either way. It's it's costing you -- I have no problem with painful across the bridge. I got no problem with that. But I'm I'm gonna have a problem because it's gonna cost me. Additionally. Another way to pay the state whether it works in tears state income tax. Are they put another. Do you think because it is if this if the state doesn't get this money from the Crescent City connection that. Suddenly our our taxes are gonna go -- mistake as the State's gonna need more money to take -- the bridge. Well. You gotta maintain it. How many cars today crossed the -- Heart of the heart they take care of the bridges in Baton Rouge how to take care of the bridges around the state. The state is supposed to do this it -- that's supposed to be their jobs. Why can't they do it why should they take on extra burden why shouldn't why should consumers why should motorists be paying for something the states should do. Well. I I guess it's you know for. The state isn't gonna maintain it with the police. As as well as the Crescent City connections beliefs. Well I don't know that he is that most -- we'll have to see -- you know and and ultimately this controversy that it is gonna come up -- concerning the -- like. -- I appreciate your call and done. I'm glad you're actively involved in the process of a voting let Ellis go to AJ vice from WWL news -- give any more information on the Crescent City connection vote. You know which is split into armed Calder and our information -- -- earlier vote early ballots. And the absentee ballots or -- -- that's what they were waiting on. That they have all been tabulated they were included so that our information for partners. It didn't -- she did Clinton do -- this is final now. Its final in the sense that it's an unofficial total in -- 45 vote different. It's something this close could trigger automatic recount either side of loss and something by less than fifty votes. They honestly would be crazy not to commander recount. Yeah it's -- when you think about 300000 votes in only a 45 vote difference that is -- truly amazing RJ thanks for that information or pictures. Are purely joyous with your comments we are reacting to the reelection of President Obama are you surprised. Or not. And why do you think Romney lost. Our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. A seventy. And our text Amber's age 7870 -- scoot and we will be right back on WWL. Decision 2012. America had decided President Obama has been reelected there winning 383 electoral votes compared to run these 206. And has a very slight lead in the popular votes as well. This is your chance to react the reelection of President Obama. Coming up in just as we don't take the show until 3 o'clock and then Dave Cohen. For five to six and and Tommy Tucker WWL first news more talk about that from a 6 to 10 this morning. More of your reaction with Garland Robinette in this thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- Talk gumbo from wonder for the be more -- and we will be talking a more about the election is all of the sinks in. We'll talk more about the election on the -- show tonight's from eight to midnight on WWL. I think one of the big questions is and can we come together as a nation. It's it's obvious -- how close the popular vote is about one percentage point -- -- I saw about one percentage point. Is that is a difference in the popular vote with Obama slightly ahead. That means we're divided nation. And we know how divided the nation has been. When it comes to congress and and end the White House not working together. Can we come together. Mitt Romney talked about it in his concession speech one of the things that still stands out in my mind about his concession speeches and it was a great great speech. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He -- our leaders need to reach across the aisle and put people before politics. And President Obama in his acceptance speech sent our road has been hard our journey has been long but we have picked ourselves up. Any talked about wanting to work with governor Romney. To move this country forward. I think that would be a great moment in this country. To see how fiercely these two guys battled. An end -- Obama did talk about that he said we've battled fiercely but it's because we both love this country. And I -- I think both of these men are good family men we had to we had two good family man running for president. And there was still talk and Obama's speech about coming together and working together. As a nation. I hope we can become the United States of America because up to this point we haven't yet and we haven't been through this election and there's been so much. Venomous hate on the right and venomous hate on the left. But those of us who don't see everything through this myopic political perspective. Like the far right in the far left we feel like we've been left out. We feel like we've been. We've been ignored. It's time for the middle. To get mad. And to drown out the extremists. And -- in the middle by the way doesn't mean being a moderate doesn't mean you can't. Make a decision that doesn't mean you don't have conviction. Being a moderate means that you just refuse to be part of the right wing culture for the left wing cult. -- your view issues based on the issue in not to adherence to a political ideology. Mike here on WWL. Yeah I don't screw. Ed listen man or big bigger -- comment on that -- probably had about that so. Because so little in the West Bank have degree which you why should be a good people who the West Bank you don't want to have to keep they have across that bridge -- money's being misused. And I use for the right things. Also. And then you know -- be delighted you give us some people they wanna sit there and you know New Orleans she was saying and keep -- de -- -- and it's like we didn't double attacks on a map. Well if if if the state takes care of the bridges why can't the state take care of that and. Period I totally agree and most of it become an on did the statement that the president -- was the -- -- statements. Now talk is cheap and let's see Woody's gonna do and that's my thank. Well I I agree I mean he's gonna have to he's gonna have to do more in his second term -- in his first term. And the president's is are you aware that there are a lot of signs that the economy is improving and the president has an opportunity to take advantage of that. Of let's see if he does indeed take advantage of it. And then you know the el Al ultimate question is could also be -- who with the Republicans and the Democrats. I'm going to run in 2016. So whoa wait one that you have to also realize too is sweet that this country that fixes because of the politicians would agreed and one in the field -- fairly pockets so angered the little guy you're absolutely right have to agree that you would the middle of everybody and Americans need to stand up and voice their opinion and you'll need to sit here and get this country back the way that it needs to be. This government is just way out of Iran is is going way off road and we'll of course. And I just feel like this is just like conspiracy theory itself coming down -- kind of get a balance. So low poverty. And divide us all among us those in east cost so much controversy. When it is just like its -- short but other countries come. Well it is just over I you know like I don't I don't think that's gonna happen we we we're gonna have to make some changes in terms of our. Our our spending is a nation we're gonna have to deal with that. Someday he really soon. And people are gonna lose jobs. Things are gonna change with the government but if if if your business isn't making money. Then you cut back and the government is gonna have to cut back and I'm sorry that people are gonna lose their jobs but there's no other option. Others tend to get this country back on track financial. Right we need to make more jobs and we need to try to get people. Whether -- not losing their homes and getting kids out on the streets lonely illness so many people that live out here and as -- and our own country they live week. That's homeless. And have been done about people that's homeless here too much hardly. To try to give people from start losing their 101000. Get kicked out of their own mortgages insurance companies get away with overcharging. People. You know it's like a no win situation for some of these people in his book you. And are now and and and Mike I see homeless people I I live downtown and -- homeless people. Every day in my life in in downtown New Orleans and I saw homeless people when I lived in Portland Arlington Denver and and in Seattle and Philadelphia. I've seen homeless people. Across this country and and many are homeless are really just through no fault of their own things things happen to -- some people are homeless because of who's very issues in hand and problems and things they've they didn't necessarily do good color show my face solicitude every WL. Here's an update on our WWL pretty -- opinion poll presidential Obama is the winner surprised. Or not. 35%. Surprised. 65%. Not. One thing that. I think hurts the Romney campaign. Why is. Not distancing. His campaign. From the ignorant statements. Made by a couple of senatorial candidates won in Missouri and one and Indiana. Todd Aiken was expected to beat senator Claire McCaskill. In Missouri. The Republicans would have won that seat he was expected to win. Until he said -- in the case of legitimate rape a woman's body shuts down. And won't get pregnant. Therefore you don't have to be concerned about abortion in the case of rape and I'll tell you it's really easy to oppose. Abortion in the case of rape if it's not your daughter or if it's not your wife. And there there's just too much judgments. Of of people. This guy taught -- made an ignorant statements. Any pay for it he lost he was ahead he lost to clear. McCaskill. And then in Indiana we also talked about this on the dispute chilly night here on WWL. We talked about this this Republican Richard Murdoch from Indiana. Well the Democrat won John Donnelly is a projected winner. Richard Murdoch is the one who said. During a debates that if you get raped. And you get pregnant. That's God's intent. So god intended you to get raped. Again. A stupid statement. And Mitt Romney did a commercial for this kind and even after he says this Mitt Romney does not pull his his head did not pull his support. One of the problems that Romney had was he was pulled to the right. In the same way that John McCain was pulled the right Bob Dole pulled the right. When. One is a good to finally sinking -- But you can't be right wing or left wing. And win the presidency. Hillary Clinton did not become the democratic nominee. In 2008. Not because she was a woman but because she was too liberal she was perceived as being more liberal then Barack Obama. And and throughout modern history there is not a hardcore right wing or left wing candidate. That has won a general election. We have the power in the middle we have the the the moderates have the power in this country. And it's about time that we had our voice. Heard. You know eighty years ago there was a termed it this silent majority. Well I guess that's what we kinda have become the silent majority. They're more of us that there are of them. The far right wingers -- minority the far left wingers that's minority. We. Are the ones who really. Have the power. To control elections. And as voters we should be and as citizens we should we should hold our politicians more accountable. We let them treat us this way. We let them get away with it. In two years there will be mid term elections. We need to seriously decide. Who we -- vote out you know and if people don't like congress. But they like their representatives. They like their senators. And I guess it's because they want their senators -- to continue to use the government money to do projects in in in their district. One of the things organ all have to come to terms with is we have to stop that at some point. The government is gonna have to stop. Doing things that don't need to be done. Or we're going to be in very serious trouble on financially -- here's a text that read so -- the recent Romney lost. Is that if you bring to light of what you think the problem is that you always need to provide a good solution to persuade your audience Romney did not do that. That's true. Romney was very critical of a President Obama and his servant administration but probably didn't have clear plans. It was all -- Anderson this many many times it was almost as if his campaign was based on the vote for me because I'm not him. Here's a checks to Americans. Need to be very afraid. Here's another text god help our nation. Well we should always ask god to to help our nation but I I don't think there is I don't think there's any need to be afraid. And no matter when the election is no matter who's running one side is not going to be happy. And right now one sides unhappy but is all of this sinks in we'll be talking about this tomorrow Dave Cohen from five to six storm well actually this morning. Tommy Tucker WWL first news from six to ten Garland Robinette tender ones but from one to four. And sports talk and then we'll talk about this more tomorrow night well actually tonight. Still seems like it's tomorrow night as I've been here since last night we'll talk about this on the -- show from eight to midnight one think I checked terrace our studio producer. And all those in our news department who did searcher are great job a great job tonight. Hopefully.