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11-7 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Nov 7, 2012|

Dave talks about the results of the presidential and local elections

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Nine minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news it is the seventh of November 2002. Wow and it is hump day he really it's Wednesday -- about I will not Tuesday is never ended. Knowing and knowing you know -- And yeah three hours of sleep. Last. Gasp outlined about three and a half and a and a watch. A fuel like stirs from for a -- him. And eight vote yeah that is the current operation and that will change. Between the yeses and the narrows and renewing the tolls for twenty years on the Crescent City connection. Eight votes when I left here at 1:30 this morning to go take my cat. It was like a few hundred votes against. The no votes were way in the where in the lead and had been for awhile had been up to 14100 again looked pretty solid did. But then they started counting the back in ballots. And those mailed in from military and locals living overseas. And when they finished that process we're told now. That there were eight more yes votes. Then no votes. Buys. Some of those mailed in votes in -- a derived. From military. And locals living overseas. Because the hurricane disrupted mail deliveries this is true and apparently as long as it's in the mail. It counts. Once it arrives here and some of the military one up to Sandy's own to help out from Louisiana. And that could be still on the -- Why now death and when did you ever thing. That the facts stand in mailed in votes would be enough to change the outcome of election. And it would be over an issue like two holes on the crescent. City connection ID and it could never have gasses are really -- -- -- -- it has me. Both -- -- keep this in line. They're gonna have to go back and check every machine. And how this happens I'm never really share at something and I admittedly have never quite understood. After election Louisiana. They pulled hard drives from these machines the computer drives that are used to record the votes. And they bring them to the clerk of courts office where there than. Plugged in and downloaded and the information is received and forwarded to the secretary of State's office and the votes tabulated but when they go and and open the machines themselves. There's a separate counter in the machines. That it's not unusual could be 24. It's different. Then what was tabulated on election night I'm in this case that could be huge -- now. Depending on how many -- machines or two votes off and which way they're two votes off. So I don't know that organ and no. Anytime real soon. Until they open up all these machines and wait a few more days towards the mailed in ballots to arrive. Whether or dot com New Year's Day in build a cross the Mississippi River without paying a coal. Or not that the Crescent City connection. Heading from the West Bank duties and it is say is you sent 820 year extension yet so a lot riding on Dennis. So many strong opinions on either side and you know we thought we might have a cliff hanger in terms of the presidential election that thing with decided. Less than you know it like ten thirteen -- just -- yeah BR clothes and a quarter after -- yeah I was issue there's about a quarter after ten or said that over. Barack Obama wins when he picked up Ohio. And Bhutto. That the Crescent City connection but -- on we're gonna have to wait several days. Before we get an answer them Pavel of the bridge and left the latency and what they're could be in terms of lawsuits on this is a lot I am honestly personally right now don't know what. If users receive it. It could be solved and they're pretty similar now Gloria they're bound to -- on the why tie it up a little bit more and hopefully figured out where this year because that's when the soldiers must either be extended or go. And here we are November when is it seventh seventh. The commitment that. There two months till the end of the year in our lives practiced some semblance of normal but not on this issue. What is it with Thanksgiving is to be there isn't that right. That's nearly two weeks theories. While. Turkey thank you David all right bill we'll talk more Turkey coming up next here at WWL. What do you think about the results of the election the presidential race. Crescent City connection -- Anything else that as your attention. This morning let's talk about it that made it 78 they call you don't want it that people Fareed. 86889. Year write them and they doctor Hewitt Christian -- -- -- -- And hordes of -- start Wednesday. Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday four days. Still the New Orleans Saints host the aren't defeated. Hated -- him. In the Mercedes-Benz. Just three days allows you get back and it. Posted a pretty darn good SEC yeah. All that it -- after. Doing live in the united. States of America it's pretty clear we eliminate divided states of America right now when you look at the outcome of the election the popular vote. Right now according to the tabulation from CBS news Barack Obama will have won reelection effort stands where it is now by barely 350000. Votes. -- all of the votes can. Passed in all of the United States of America. 350000. If you ever believed it one vote did not make a difference. I think that's got to be wiped off the table right now. I mean we're talking about a breathe -- -- Teeny tiny margin of popular vote victory for the president Electoral College he's gonna win might. 303206. In a landslide in terms of Electoral College presumably. But that look at the Crescent City connection to holes eight votes. It looks like he could win by now they're gonna recount everything they're gonna open the machine that it's gonna change but either way it ends up it's only going to be by a few votes one way or the other. So -- view. Either supported the bridge tolls and didn't vote. Or against them and did not vote you really -- have yourself to blame when it's all said and done because the thing is gonna come down to. And as many votes he can probably count on your fingers and toes when it's all said and done. Why now. To report. Back to the sunshine today -- about 71 this afternoon being clear. And a chilly tonight 38 on the North Shore 48 south of the lake. More sunshine for your Thursday highs of 66 and Friday mostly sunny high is 73. From the amnesties forecasts and our meteorologist Clark knocked out. Starting out today clear cool 47. Degrees at the international airport in Kenner and clear and forty. At the National Weather Service office in Slidell system thirties. Across the North Shore as well. Some places could see a little frost this. Speaking. Frosty. Mr. smiled that here Rick and Jerry. And you're a great mood this morning. Yes I guess it's our side. Hornets get back to action and just four days though we get a real. Barometer on how good this saints team may or may not be and the tigers went to Ireland to get back to action in just three days. A little -- talk about Kristian -- Sure do. -- -- with the saints they're back on the practice field today taken aim on the eight and oh Atlanta Falcons this Sunday in the superdome coach Joseph businesses on the back to work. We've got an undefeated football team come to war stadiums divisional game. They know what we know them the saints have won ten of the last twelve meetings with the Atlanta for the latest on the black -- log onto our website at WWL dot com as for the future. Of suspend the saints coach Sean Payton NFL analyst might -- the -- patent leaving New Orleans is a non issue. No question a body that Sean Payton will be back. With the saints next year they'll they'll come up with an agreement he'll be the highest rate coaching NFL. Ellis who's lost to Alabama means no SEC championship game this year but the tigers can still play in the Sugar Bowl Jerry palm of college BCS dot com says. If Alabama is in the national championship game LSU wins the final three games the suitable strongly consider the buy bagels. I think really -- they get competition. In Florida. Especially in Florida finished at eleven and Warren. They might even automatically. Qualify. The tigers are home this week he gets the Mississippi State Bulldogs the world will be the site of a new marquee bowl game. Between the Southeastern Conference and big twelve it'll still be called the Sugar Bowl a game -- started when he fifteen in New Orleans Hornets with money Williams. Was fine 25000 dollars by the NBA yesterday for public comments criticizing the league's concussion policy Williams made a comment Saturday night in Chicago. For the hornets face the bulls with first overall draft pick in the Davis sidelined. By a mile discussion we have in the warrants are on the road tonight against the Houston Rockets. That's a loyal to blaster. Missing some guys who -- you go to -- bestow book. 7 PM tip off on WWL FM -- 105 point three tonight today at four to be WL it's sports talk -- Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia once basketball begins 7 PM. WW relatively well five point three on road is Houston and Kristian garic that is surely look at sports. Anthony Davis as he played tonight. It's unclear unclear and others are not happy with. The way the concussion rules have been in forest in the NBA and in fact coach Mike Williams reportedly -- find. For publicly criticize it. The movies concussion rules so stay tuned folks. We'll talk more about that coming up at about 25 Mets needed tactician Garrick back in your more sports see what we're thinking about whether or not. The rookie phenom Anthony Davis will suit up the play tonight's hornets game four days until the hated. Undefeated. Atlanta Falcons come here to New Orleans. Saints didn't back on the practice field after finding their running game. Wins well now Chris Ivory really breaking. -- idiocy different now going into this game for the saints is there more of an emphasis on running the Boller or is that not the case when you're faced in the east felt. Bombing I think. Certainly wanna have that bounces they had on Monday night and -- their running game going I mean I think Mark Ingram played by his best game as a runner and receiver and then with Chris Ivory now in the mix. They they're kind of forced to change a little bit of their offensive approach at least on the ground game. The -- arrival of the more of those power plays with Chris sirens marking. Are you feel about him. And the I mean it looked it -- a couple injury questions in this deal with sex -- -- the last we'll find out more today. History for growing what happened it and ankle and you'll be out of -- camp today we'll be listening for your reports today as -- Wednesday but they plan on Monday if we get. The coach and the quarterback we met yet we have since coach -- bit and that Drew Brees that'll be later in the afternoon the typical. Of these together you get around 3 o'clock and -- Drew Brees will be roughly 330 okay so little later. During this but don't expect to hear from instinct after an -- quarterback Drew Brees will keep you posted. We definitely amendment to thank you Christian look at your forecast after this and talk more about these wild and crazy election results. 527 let's get to forecast for the channel -- whether senator and meteorologist Laura bucked now in that Eyewitness News forecasts and a. Mostly sunny skies for your Wednesday heights at 71. Clear tonight and to -- a bit chilly. Upper thirties on the North Shore upper forties south of the lake sunshine for your Thursday will -- the upper sixties and Friday mostly sunny with a high of 73. From the Eyewitness News forecast center right meteorologist -- -- Now right now forty degrees. Forty degrees in Slidell 47 in -- Texas today to navigate them and it's as the dome is lit up and falcon -- I don't know why the dome is all -- I was one of the same things I was heading home after the election coverage early this morning 1:30 this morning silence us now. Honestly I don't know another text messages like answer either. What of the Crescent City connection vote as a time. Who is who breaks a -- would never had to deal that here. 37 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition -- WL parishioners at the seventh of November 2000 and while it is hard Larry I don't know Wednesday all right in the last half hour. And they've found any more votes -- the guys that can make things don't look at around might be one under the rock one right there at midnight deal. As it stands right now still like 88 votes. In favor is that current tally of renewing the tunnels for another. Eight. Not eighty -- at 898008. Votes panel man and that's likely to change when they get some votes trickling in through the mail. Man that we're sent by military and Americans in the mean. And when they reopen machines and get the actual tabulation from each of the election machines. We could -- few votes change here or there so here we are on Wednesday in a secretary. Of state and others talking about own. Maybe Saturday when nine who may be Saturday. We might now. On land that's -- haven't activated that need seventy -- what we do at that time -- wouldn't grant time. In election here I don't know what the law as we have to find an active flip -- is an official at the make decisions that the legislature I honestly don't know I don't bailouts -- -- summit suggested well if that the tide has changed at all fifty cents. Let's let it down on the and it's their right on the I know I really don't know what happens -- that and although something like a scenario like that I would smell legal actions speaking of legal action very interesting now what's gonna happen. In -- western states where voters have well legalize marijuana. Ballot measures to legalize weed. Have been approved in Colorado and Washington State so there really as a rocky mountain high amount maybe not that here's the problem. Colorado governor John Hickenlooper. -- on Tuesday they would Hickenlooper Hickenlooper cautions that. Well it's still against federal law to present. -- -- -- -- One same kind of problem I had in California authorities people still get arrested by the offense is quoted don't break out the -- news or goldfish too quickly it is. -- -- -- -- From a governor. -- or again are a little out of joint. Prospect of legal pot -- there they rejected the measure for regulating marijuana and await them I'll call. Very interesting to states say it's legal but the radically the beds get they'll come and arrest -- and oh is it legal or isn't it legal and could just be the era of where the feds finally do something about the. It's. And. And a President Obama at one time had talked about supporting efforts to decriminalize. Or legalize marijuana but then after. He became president and the DA talked to music you know meant to you out Iran made and I do yeah adults in need you know groundswell support on the federal level. To legalized or decriminalized marijuana -- you know when you get that second term just thinking about it on the worry in this morning -- right -- and other analysts do whatever you want it exactly. You know if you gotta idea that you -- you're really believe and then just go ahead and push that -- doubters are gonna make any difference this tells me he's more interest in going down in history for. Fixing the economy. Writing that debt. Hole that we've dug in and again and may be setting up Social Security for the long haul I think he'd rather go down in history for them -- that the president that legally realize there are one. That's probably. In the in the words of governor rule Hickenlooper -- don't break out the -- news or gold. Two quick are right. It David here. -- this -- alive who directed the channel. War forecasts that are and they get. Are today good to -- meteorologist Laura but now you know. Crazy tired OK I left here about the time you woke up. Because we thought we would I was staying until the present that he connected tolls were and -- -- you're gonna be here till this week -- dad went home. Finally around 1 o'clock this morning was when the secretary of State's office counted all of the that were cast at the precinct rights and said that it we had failed. A day by several hundred votes yet voters it was that close yet. They decided that there would be no -- okay come next year but then a breaking news today when counted them -- in votes yes they could do that make it affecting your apparently if they counted the mail in votes minority arrived at the registrars offices right across the state. And it turns out that right now eight votes. In the positive on renewing the tolls is where the election stands as they wait for more votes to trickle in half and they wake up in the Nevada state verify the results too close to call. Too close to calls yes so finally around 130 left that went to bed for three hours a day back. You could have gone home 8 PM and -- still wouldn't it still would have been the difference right Dan again but maybe that's why I went to bed early to the public you know it is what it's going to be and so -- up in the morning and I'll find out what happened last night. Maybe 1015 -- -- okay president tolerances that lets her out all right well let's decide what the weather's going to be like what -- super magic fantastic. Forecasting skills tell you today. Well more sunshine Depp played in yesterday at clouds hung tight at least yesterday through the early after an adult sons were the after hours that war right -- today blue skies. As we. Cool temperatures this morning it feels pretty chill lots of forty out their north and south Italy. Yeah -- -- We -- even some thirty scattered about the North Shore I I think -- like frank Clinton Macy's and upper thirties this morning variety and now -- we get before it's over today. Well as we -- into the afternoon at the sixties for most the day we may top out right around seventy if you spot but that means. In the sixties for most of the day it should feel a little bit warmer than yesterday because the winds will die down a bit. And it's such a big difference what you're in the sun earth yet cloud cover and so it's more of the sun today it should feel -- mild. All right folks going to tonight's hornets game running on champions square this evening yeah. No problem that's not like Sunday night hanging at JP or Monday night -- where. Where we had -- showers they've been through this going to be kind of a nice night is probably one light jacket there are you know long sleeves that sort of thing once the sun that aren't the rest of the way -- the week looks mild seventies through the weekend and we have another strong front on the way from. Strong cold front. But it's even colder next week well it gets cold again out -- -- but through the weakening core I generally right -- all that roller coaster and -- -- to me. Love to make that wild ride. -- What wrong with people. A San Francisco activist heads -- let me get opera cats and her. Rest of her body is well. The woman stripped off every stitch of her clothing during a hearing any board of supervisors. Meeting where they were taking comment on the proposed public nudity band. That that the that helped the case. I don't think now. -- evidence of chronicle reports that the woman let her body makers statement she opposes the proposal clearly that would bar letting you know -- On sidewalks streets and public transit. But make in this at street festivals and parades. What's the outlawed. So the woman was led away by sheriff's deputies of -- letter she got dressed. So let me understand that occur in San Francisco it'll be. Illegal. To be naked on the sidewalk naked on the street naked on a trolley car or a boss well OK but. Nagin as its street festivals and parades would still be legal. Well immediate effect from it except -- simple if -- naked festival with -- he did but I guess they're saying nearly every festival ignition. Look out here may be but interesting OK well just to -- the trolley naked and asked -- about myself that next time I'll I'll try to keep them out from. Yeah yeah well. With the other is no place that. Thank you are have a great the rest Sacco. Some. White prospects delicate I don't want to like now live and right from the channel four forecasts that there sports is Kristin -- Fully closed thank goodness activists 5:49. This morning times is going to the early edition of WWL. Offers news. Man. Do you believe every vote counts now. Has that started to that in with you or do you still believe like one person and decorated their needs that is as long as we have Electoral College. Every vote does not count. Good point and it aid is -- the state country it's still accounts within the statement determine how the electors vote. But you're right overall. Not one person one vote in determining who will be the president of the United States I -- Southern Christian guarantees. I it well -- -- going to vote counts in this matter because. There you aren't that is port -- -- coach of. And the saints have had some great games against the Atlanta Falcons in the past this Sunday they'll host the dirty birds with the falcons only an eight no record. I will get to coach -- second. Well will move onto coach of it will go back then the saints have dominated the series of falcons over the last six years when he ten at twelve matchups NFL -- might today. Says -- -- all of speculation about Sean Payton the Dallas well he helped squash some of those -- Tuesday -- his patent will be back with the saints next season. Right violated it would take a brief timeout will be right back with sports and Chris and -- after this. Never happen. Sports time now I'm WW well for that saints sideline reporter Christie Garrett good morning Christian. Want a coach Sylvia in the saints have had some great games against Atlanta Falcons in the past this Sunday they'll hosted dirty birds. But the falcons only in a new record that rural. The part of the best team in football we would have agree with the preparation and new news there a saint to dominate the series with the falcons over the last six years when he ten of twelve matchups. -- -- -- all my details quiet the Sean Payton to Dallas speculation. The DA says Peyton will be back with the saints next season. Sean has always worked very well -- make you won't miss you on personnel decisions that we all know Sean has had a major. What Brett finger grip whatever you wanna call on every personnel. Decision. LSU tigers who missed out on a chance. At the SEC champs of game in certainly a BCS title game after losing to Alabama this past weekend Jerry -- The college BCS dot com says the tigers if they win their final three games we'll have a shot of the Sugar Bowl here in the world but the Florida Gators could be the obstacle to. Depending on. But what else happens around the country but eleven to one Florida might be hard -- down over two loss as the DP. LSU has -- to -- the bulldogs in Death Valley this Saturday new world will be the site of a new marquee bowl game between. The Southeastern Conference and big twelve it'll still be called the Sugar Bowl. The won't start until 4015 to Wallace wants food money -- was fine 25000 by the NBA yesterday for public comments criticizing the league's concussion policy. We've made -- comment Saturday night in Chicago before the hornets face the bulls with bush overall draft pick Anthony Davis sidelined by a mile discussion. Close those -- and includes money Williams are home tonight taking on the Philadelphia 76ers. They're quick physical basketball -- from you know with. Let's look at being -- who has been running into teams you play like we've bush. 7 PM -- -- on WB well FM 15 point three tonight today at four on to be to be -- sports talk -- Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia. Hornets basketball begins at 7 PM on WW LS them 105 point three. In the hi I'm Christian -- and that is the early look at sport -- -- -- no move Anthony Davis -- around for tonight for the war -- -- -- the -- Dave that concussion test that and from the independent. Monetary if you will. In the NBA a lot of you know. Emphasis on that like there is in the NFL wants a player is diagnosed with a concussion. Their capacity this series of tests. That are basically going to be cleared by the India as a right now. Now he hasn't passed that testament that happened today. I think he is not going to placement for a right now. Sugar Bowl LSU. Florida's only got one mom. We got to this got to play Florida State yeah summing it if all things being equal. They feel like they have a shot at being -- about between LSU and Florida being here and suitable. The tigers but if Florida has -- one loss and it's really hard to turn them down. They got a playfulness and let's say they won't play in the SEC championships -- not that -- was that one because that looks like it's going to be Alabama and Georgia if everything holds back. -- you mr. It's not terrible land where could be news staple holes Kumble capital mobile. Hi Kristin Garrick thank you stuck in about fifteen minutes or sports here and every WL IMF and the -- Forecast for -- Wednesday mostly sunny skies -- -- mild afternoon highs around 71 tonight clear and a bit chilly upper thirties on the North Shore and upper forties south of the lake. Will be sunny on Thursday a little cooler highs of 66. In Friday mostly sunny high of 73. From the -- entities forecasts and our meteorologist -- to Al. Next message today that it that anything that 38 right now in -- loose officially it's 40 am and archer at the National Weather Service that's 47. And the international airport scanner years guys all the way around them watch and a beautiful scene. Race on rise blitz guys. With the Crescent City connection. I don't think that though however. People who are opposed the tolls feel so good -- Made them -- right now eight votes Tommy Tucker is currently. Without the last of the mailed in votes and without opening the machines again in the official tally. Right now eight votes in the yes vote lead for renewing the told them that they will talk to pat -- later and I think if it's it's high dividends and tie then. The measure doesn't pass. So I think the why expired the holes expired. I don't think -- we don't alternate exit and it will. -- understand I'm just saying if it does. How lord almighty plus we'll talk today about the election and we'll talk about. Every facet of this our nation divided or use it was -- or sell a million. The winner -- and -- news talk and sports leader.