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11-7 9:10am Tommy talks about the results of the CCC toll vote

Nov 7, 2012|

Tommy talks to State Treasurer John Kennedy and State Representative Pat Connick about the CCC toll vote

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right here we go I remember being in high school over -- Shaw high school with some I am about to doctors matter of fact I ending in civics class and I remember. What do these little inserts that they put put between the text in the book and it said that your vote really count. And they made reference to an election where somebody won an election by a hundred and when he votes in the northeast. As the amount 120 votes go to be even closer than that while fans -- -- 2012. And the referendum on tolls on the Crescent City connection I go to bed last night thinking that after after the reports that the vote to do away with the tunnels -- let them expire and it really do away with them let them expire -- long called for. And did it debt the tolls are gonna expire by the couple hundred votes that I wake up and find out -- I'm not so much at 5 o'clock in the morning that. Now of the vote to keep the totals in plays. Is leading by eight votes eight votes. Representative pat Connie joins us right now who is being. One of the big guys out in front and isn't and they represented kinda gotta tell you I've been on -- -- this morning about. Spending and politicians and running government like business if at all possible only when it comes to being accountable for the money in the easiest thing in the world is to. To tax and spend and just take money and and spend it did take as much money you need spend it however you like and -- the audacity election time to say hey look what I did for you. And in this day and age in corporations you know we're constantly faced with the challenge of do more with less and I think. You -- to be lauded one of those politicians who demands accountability ends and and who says no we're not just gonna ask people for more money constantly we're going to be accountable for the money we take him. And we're gonna we're gonna try to do as much as we can with the money that we already have -- with that we welcome -- good morning represented. It's sort actually lower taxes spent well there you go in and I'm gonna be all over the place here is so. He immediately did try to stay with me on the audience in terms of tax and waste and and I mentioned this you know I know we have a hell of a traffic problem on the west make expressway and I know we need to. Ramps on ramps offering ramps flyover transparent -- Manhattan even Lafayette street now. So if this bill heading excluded. Textile and and the language that said okay this money is bonded and and these ramps have to be built with this money chances are -- and for the tolls but it doesn't. No it doesn't now that -- were the problems and in the in the -- -- that language says that it's kind of ambiguous. You know they can be played with -- and not with just -- local politician of the statewide politicians so that's concern that I -- that's violent and Ford. And money from these cells have already venues front for the bridge down the road. In the past as -- have taken monies that clearly one of project enough when velocity couldn't -- it and DO DB officials somewhat still in control. Made that decision. -- -- -- -- -- They don't DO TD that was run in CCC. The Crescent City connection and now they would make you think that there there was and a difference between the two announced going to be absolutely different -- just trying to tell a story not trying to lobby because the vote is already and. Well and not necessarily have to understand -- that the the votes still being taken but I'm -- For military who you know it's been delayed for the Japanese coast because -- -- insanity so. You know votes are still being accepted. Plea and not -- where. Does it stand now is it's still an eight vote lead or not. You know I got a call at 2:30 in the morning from classic and those who was that the off morals office and he said we've that the polls are dead. Well we have a march -- put it on both sort of Saber. A 100% of the vote were at. And then now apartment now I have later I got three. That. We're down by eight votes so there's some confusion out there at the confusion like good. In the calls and -- -- I'm -- in my office you know the integrity of the system is now placed into question with -- -- of these boats go. Why did they announce on -- and be you know you want involves and opened down 4000 write in votes and it's the most votes simply tallied. It's kind of questionable it in in those who are in charge of the system need to give a full complete and open explanation of what happened. Inept if we lost by eight votes will deal with it but but but let's make sure that the process right. As far as the process goes tell me how are the morale wound up counting the and that trying to cast any aspersions at all on our morale and just wondered about the process. In terms of Orleans flag amends and Jefferson voting on this had fell under the Bailiwick of Arthur morale because. When he's -- -- that criminal clerk of Orleans Parrish knee he controls. He's in charge of of collecting the votes in report in the most of the secretary of state. But it's a Jefferson Parish wrote as well and it's a black woman's marriage -- as well but. So I'm just wondering why would follow -- New Orleans -- the. Is that that's the last. That's the last parish to reported numbers and when Jefferson Parish. The polls open that it clocked -- because we're counting votes normally there expect I -- -- other episodes ingested Paris you know the but the polls closed in the end. We reported absentee votes he needed absentee early voting immediately. Orleans parish waited too like 1 o'clock to report those numbers but when it reported those numbers we still -- and then also -- It's possible the votes that we that we built by eight. -- B that -- -- just you know. We go to whatever happens in the deal with it and trying to make the best of the of the situation. Opponents argue about accountability moving forward in confidence in the process but. John Kennedy say treasures scalding the morning John I don't. Only negative press but never yelled -- H -- Bank your bank and all I just want. The bar. We don't -- out the boats come out yet. That's. The beauty of democracy yet that side but I think it would bring her in debt debt debt. Have not been properly that I know. Everybody because. A locker. At -- It. But he cult like saw it happening but oh as -- Agreed that taxpayer. I feel like. How old hat trick or more or having the courage to talk about. -- -- -- I thank you John I appreciate your call pat when it comes. Is -- -- take a break -- -- talk about accountability. What it will only come back and also about the process itself in terms of make ensure that the voters accurate and and what happens from here and and what happens even. In the case of a tie -- it should come up that way because. You know have more votes were found. Last night knell was sounded did went from hundreds. Being in the lead by hundreds all of a sudden you're behind by eight. I don't think that's beyond the realm of possibility what happens. In the case of -- time you timeout maybe what 400 million dollars of money over 220. Years what happens then. And then if it does. I mean that the tolls are extended what happens in terms of accountability. Moving forward if if you see money that's not being spent properly of these on and off ramps are not built the fly -- not built. He can you do anything he used amputee due Americas were to be watching it closely I guarantee it matters there any. Force of law behind this again any questions comments use excel 187803. 866889087. -- Tommy Tucker along with representative -- -- Talking about the the vote on the to extend the tolls and -- Crescent City connection as it stands now. After looking at first as though the measured been defeated some more votes were found. And the measure is. Eight votes ahead in terms of extending the tolls back in a flash in the B 870 -- you. Tommy tiger being 878 have a WL first news talking representative pat Connick who. Nearly put up some political capital in his fight to try to get the tolls. Or allow -- sunset on the Crescent City connection as was the the the law until this movement was started in the legislator to let the legislature to get. The tolls renewed the governor. Very very silent on this a governor who was against any new taxes but then all of a sudden let the people decide on it and that goes to who was allowed to decide on -- some idea. Voice to comment earlier today. Somebody between fifty and sixty years old doesn't own a car and would probably proclaim themselves to be one of the eight votes. That perhaps put it over the top representative -- again and they said that they voted for it because they like looking at the lights. I'm at night they like looking at the lights on the bridge does that speak to although anecdotal. Does that speak to the process of who was allowed to vote on this and -- or is that just part of the process where. I occasionally when it comes a referendums people oh are all the time on referendums people vote. Eight on subjects there or on issues that they don't really have nannies skin in the game. Yeah I think that this commission is there some unfairness there but the -- got to live with that it's you can't you know at all. One way to think you know they have a right to vote but let the legislative candidates the legislature gave them -- right to vote devoted and so to get a deal with that. You know put. I was happy that did it take the fight to these guys and and and I respect them no they had 2000 dollar campaign. In the end we get 141000 dollar campaign so. It's. David personalize it right now. You know glass is one doubles with happens but with an outlook import to work with these the business community has has made some some big big statements. And everybody needs to hold them accountable and been saying they got to get involved and make sure. What started it but I think it's a fairly. Analysts say this represent I don't think anybody is against progress and and we all know that those ramps need to be built do you especially representing the West Bank so. Do you feel as though you've you've shed some light on this whole issue and that now DO TD is gonna do the right thing and if they don't. -- Obama accountable. Well immediately after the -- to keep but the pressure on. You know that's camping we we wheat -- port mouth grassroots emails you know go to the media with facts. And documents. That chilled the waste and abuse in the -- contained in that meet so many friends because of this campaign. That. -- just contacted me out of blows -- involved. And in the interest of the sycamore must Billiton and -- those endorsements and make to make it changed. -- legally changed anything is to get involved and that's with those folks who are angry right now they get involved and make it changed to can't. Be frustrated but if they go to taker told money's gonna be spent all the West Bank an attack is that neglect promised have to be -- that the global -- And because of the best for roads. In in most people are it was a mistake. And then it had happened to go to try to make sure it does it if they still that they wonders what. So if if they do we'll get of that process and a moment but if they do you monitor this how by. What -- watching it on -- monthly basis on on a six month basis you. You you look for reports YouTube contacts at DO TD do you take that test honored to a wide and I'm just wondered how. How you'd -- come up with a plan to make sure that. DO TD does what they're supposed to do this money. Well I think that when you look at the business community were -- but that the business owners were not part of that the chamber and those groups the mom and pops. So what do we need done on the West Bank. And then take those take those projects go to the RPC. -- in the so Larry -- at the Heinemeier. In every on the same page take that message to the government as a unit. Of Orleans Jefferson practiced very good about resisting this is that what the money spent. In in in marketing and then been -- That's neat that's what has happened. And I think the business community is some actually gotta talk to. Didn't really want it they didn't -- To donate to the campaign because there's always but. Alchemy about pledged to them if it does when. It and they may surprise to me it does well let's get together into the right thing this -- -- -- whether it's. And in terms of priority would be those on ramps -- or fly overs and every one column. -- in begets a major problems with the -- -- -- you know that saying that that's an a rating. The bridges and that's not the case. In -- practice need to be fixed those a couple of things that need to be addressed. We need to get a real grass cutting. Services. You know put to Tony Dungy an error or daily progress points out here that that was not -- -- they haven't had that progress 22 ounces 2008. So if I'm gonna pay -- what the services that look like solid. We want this everything's clean and and let's see what happens. But the ramps that that's the primary thing -- Being manhandled -- -- one that's what would have to be fixed. But the big huge bottleneck there -- -- -- this is huge. And we gotta you know -- the bridge. Those other things -- In now in terms of the process. Counting votes. If it's closed Diaz for a recount her daughter's out automatic what about in terms of challenging results. And what about. The before we get to that point just actually counting the votes they come in and what about the event. But tie -- Al though unlikely is something this close he could happen do we flip a coin do we have a revote if it does that time go to. I mean no photo or does the time means that. The tolls on Saturday have you investigated in -- I think it is a guy that potato go okay. It didn't pass and and the law that is exists goes that exists goes into effect. It do you think -- whistles away. No but as -- for the count I think this is this a serious serious though you have. It helpful aren't wasn't kept billion dollars was -- Being placed on pope's. For twenty years that's the scary part we have to make sure that the integrity of the boat is correct -- external Schadler an independent panel. To go -- in look at these these numbers in Orange chose an apartment. And make sure that it starts so the public can have confidence. That the proper vote was cast in the proper procedures were or world followed. You know we gotta get their integrity back because sprint as a lot of suspicion of they have a lot of folks poultry and -- as you can -- in. But we gonna do what we need to do. And I think it did in terms of bill and get a lot of text on this -- -- this -- with you quickly is there anything in the bill that would prevent the state are any DO TD whomever from -- in the tolls. If this does go through. That's possibilities told can be raised in the bridge also that the along allows the first to be proper times but the private company running so. That those in the past developing line again assists but. Those -- the scary things that we can't ING when adds let's -- -- wanna thank the media in the pressed for. Bring the issue and think those folks who have stepped up and it paid attention because that's I would get things accomplished weapon of but the public rises up and says enough to not but it changes occur and that's that's important. And do you have any idea timeline when you when you think we'd know whether this thing pass or whether tolls they are got a big. Believe it and at the time about Saturday. It was kind of crazy but but Saturday we should know something that it's. You figure we're in 2012 assures them -- it should -- to bunt by 8 o'clock last night but that's not the case. But even then that began that. Would hinge on any kind of challenges are recounts or what have you correct -- thank you represent appreciate your time thank you.

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