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11-7 12:10pm Garland speaks with WWL listeners about the election results

Nov 7, 2012|

Garland speaks with WWL listeners about the election results

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

In the picture -- worth thinking about exactly. What we think we would be thinking about the real picture in the President Obama. Our operating -- borrowed -- -- a Bill Clinton told President Obama we have as president Obama's -- -- bridge -- I'll try to work with a rope up plumes do you think that would be cooperation in being does. 70% of you say no and I would submit and broad say it like this should we have worded it differently. If -- -- said -- scissors can reach across so I'll do you wanted to extend him at the it's a moderate I communication. Is let's do it to go ahead and I don't think -- -- probably be about same thing there's such area. What I defined as hatred. Between the two clubs. I don't seem anyway they're gonna work together. And all of this -- moved to the consequences are -- resembled second stuff here. The sixty minutes program about a week ago. Had. Every every you'd be the senate. Majority leader. And his. Opposite the Senate Minority Leader. -- names given to me right now. And they were duel in the interview side by side and and they basically said. We we hear the electorate out there and think there were not doing a good job. At least productive congress since 1947. But the bottom line is you know they did they send us back. On a regular basis say it's led the expected 22. -- as she reached out of the 22 -- up for a bid. 22 B. Incumbents and come back and I think I looked to the final numbers opened that virtually what happened. And wind when they were asked about the lack of cooperation. They did the usual it's not our -- -- sir Paul. So important things are masking here today after two billion dollars. In years of campaign. Who's candlelight -- -- on the virtually the same house something three dumping them. Republicans flows through three health suits not not much to make a difference. Not much change in the scented -- ordered to see smug change and come. And in the portion -- -- have. Educated people. If people that are blowing their receipts to go to Washington. And then move this country forward. Saying. That yes we have gridlocked. And no we don't know how we get past that because it's not our fault it's their fault. I asked that again after the selection what's the in game. They have very wrong and we're running. And we're right in their wrong. How to Wharton where we go from there. An -- we really bad. Upset about it. They said we should return them office and we did. There at the told -- vote on the bridge. Really. She brought his movie. Twenty years ago -- -- will -- this trip to put controls on it in twenty years. Can be -- -- Ted told so. Then we come back into well actually we need to anymore yours to tolls. Because of everything from lighting to a -- to police were two lanes available. And when the legislature draw it up eventually and Tommy Tucker correctly. They took all the part that guarantees that money saved with a brick. And basically in the vote to keep patrolled so of course it's only eight vote margin news does support. And I think they're more. Ballots should be counted militarily. Early voting that kind of things are -- might change but let's say it doesn't. Well we've I think -- said. It is okay we trust you more we certainly don't trust them all the time. We say when I -- give them anymore money all the talk in my bed. Highly educated. Neighborhood activists appear. Telling me that over and over again all my friends tell me that. I won't pay more taxes. I have trouble trusting with the money that they've got. And one of the architecture and it says it's because the people only you -- that. Don't preach holds. They voted for. But in voting for they said to the politicians OK you can movement. Two different entity don't forget -- acronym or PC here's something another -- of this City Council. And trust us. There was some money we can make sure -- of the bridge. But for seven years I've heard we don't trust. And now we do. So in congress virtually -- taxing -- that virtually but I contract. Soon President Obama. Vatican office. Vote for the throws to give -- -- politicians. More money. Because we trust them to use the money properly goes against everything I -- And let me tell you how complicated this gets. However comes -- more worn as soon. And she said she thinks. She -- in the younger generation. Less so very commercial -- very. Consumer. Driven. Society. More along the loans. Doing good. Concern about the environment. Not needing government mansion not needing three cars. That kind of thing. And and I think I show you some of that too. But then I have -- read things like this branch and I don't think anybody would argue. There -- socialist. Country. Will today's paper Wall Street Journal. Branch. Or losing competitor and forget liberal conservative. Socialist capitalist. Okay competed in the world. So what they're gonna true they're gonna reduce labor cost. Its exact opposite of socialist. They're gonna cut lower payroll taxes for businesses. To exact opposite. These. The French have laws 750000. Jobs. Over the last second. Because they can't compete. So now. They're gonna go easier on business. To give him more money available. And then. Cut the unions. The cost of labor. Those go to China. I know this oversimplification. But the look capitalistic committee. Tremendous infrastructure. Tremendous spending huge. Quickly growing middle class. This is so -- New York time. Young people saying no to -- in trying to. They say the environment is more important they've stopped two. Multibillion. Dollar projects. And on top of everything else the government. Frenzied construction of roads bridges on the real -- and all the infrastructure we've Serb who wish we could do. But there's so indebted. They can maintain what they've got. So they're thinking about cutting back on capitalism. Branch is thinking about cutting them and socialism. And -- at least from where millions view modern. Actually to be cut it down the middle little bit of socialism little bit capitalists. You confuse -- MI however chemical -- 0187. Drove created six fixated 170 rates nobody had seven tax. Common right. -- single people incumbent Tucker shrewd thing new program we got reelected I'm moving out of the country we hear about him grumbled plugged in the clubs. And I don't -- too many Paul -- sores on the great exodus from America. -- -- -- the ball -- on the your presidential election less than what do you think. Procedure -- no gifts this -- This call. Comments quotient. Of which -- India and at the end of the election landslide tuned text messages we give me a chance to avoid your approval disapproval of portions column Michael or -- governor bill appreciate it -- Yes. I think it's pretty simple answer. People all too well and attacks other people are spending other people's money and that's why that you think overwhelmingly. Voted yes. Yeah but seed Tutu voted yes their children make -- sense to -- because by doing man. You rule or believing. The politician -- trusting them. That they won't take that money and no other money is related to the broad terms of the things we -- In the in licensing and everything else that goes. Towards that bridge killing were trusting them but they're going to spend the money. Where they say they're going to -- that goes against every call I get a peer over the last seven here. Well -- I would say. That the people of New Orleans when you reassess some property taxes taxes didn't trust. No we're good we're talking about told -- No understanding we're talking about taxes when they were gonna reassessed property but they need more money for the city that. The citizens didn't trust and then. I know that's my point -- Wire they resident among those -- But says it's not their money they're not going to be tax. -- -- Do they -- as you are still going to have some of your money in -- bring much money house. I understand. Our little in the west bank and I travel every did you go to work. On the east bank and -- People from the West Bank go to east bank. I'm signal and understand whether it's common cents. Nobody goes to the West Bank so they don't keep it live on these -- it does not affect them so they won't vote board. Because it does not affect them. A quick forum for what benefit would they vote for. -- -- slight benefit going to cost benefit ratio. Well we're certainly since slight -- that there might say well you know everybody from that police protection. OK okay. So there are a leading. They're believing in the politicians when they say I gonna have -- -- it's not going to be up to you their programs cut short their believing the politicians. I'm sure you don't think that is a contradiction in the world we hear from the populace -- -- -- there -- a 100% basis. -- -- arguments still doesn't hold water I just think it's a lot better news is you know people are going you -- well it's going to be better. Slightly but you have to -- in their pocket -- let's play better improvement. You know I just think 800 Dixon degrees differently I would do it makes no entering the country there is there is not. They call. There is not. -- college educated neighborhood activist and then come appear exercised about crime exercised about police. Down when I say. Would you paid extra taxes no. Would you believe. A politician and they promise you something about money. No that's woman saying this is a direct contradiction. Yes we do. Trucks. Because if we didn't. There would have been no chance of those polls of the untold being voted back on -- -- again for people who just. -- in mind sending news. An eight vote margin for approval. And I think there's still waiting on some -- from the military and number of others. And that could -- that's my understanding at least up to the sport. Kevin Baton Rouge your version it's got. -- I don't wanna say about their election in our results. I just really bank that people are stuck on our own dogs are there are Democrats order Republicans. For the first time in my life up -- like you get a -- -- Libertarian Party. Our people take the -- out. Of least resistance and everything that they get they're so comfortable. Out even if they complained about it. They don't wanna step out of the box that they've created for themselves to do something different. There's never doubt my mind that neither Barack Obama nor Mitt Romney will jail -- -- should be done nor any other politician. True -- did this come to work any better weather can't impact on the have been shut the government on the program or any. They're just eight -- just amazing to me out people scream about it and -- -- -- -- the same elect. Look you do mover will have to loosen the short all I'm I'm totally. Hundred solid -- bills but it. No -- deal continues to. And boy there's probably better ineligible -- -- -- -- and mind that's been thirteen months from Vietnam compound in the bad situation. Lost a number of -- are -- people would come and they have been taught to apply to a certain way Tim Bush was certain way too dependent certain way. You know would tell you that didn't work we've launched a number of guys so we're trend to change and do something more radical. And across the board. And -- people who sorting and -- diving. They would totally against the change they were -- Brady -- -- -- they had been talked. They have been this is the way and I think it goes down to religion. I think it goes down to politics. I think you're good sound to the joining the club hopes it just feels comfortable we'd -- shaped. When you were surrounded by people that. Look like cuts and sound like cuts and talk like cuts I mean I have I have won -- colors and the other earlier hour. Call and say you know -- Romney was right you know of their of their whole bunch Babel little paperwork ready and and they just want -- the goalies -- only government console. Well again I go back to Medicare. Medicaid. Social Security. We aren't how many times if I had elderly people called the show. I wanna move from Alabama just last month. Sent I think who's retired doctor and -- I want to thank you. I'll put whatever was to 250000. Dollars in so obscurity. I've lived to be 82. Of collected 500000 plots. And we're living longer than ever. So we're getting or more. Than we put him. But if you talk to my generation won't save us up -- then they're not deserve it. -- you deserve what you put in me being with some interest or whatever blood. No you're pulling out more then week. I have about I'm not that is good or bad we just don't have that would be cause. We warned that. We don't wanna say -- gates being. Somebody in favor of so called government. It is it's amazing to me. Well our question for you borrowing as what is it going to change. In your opinion. Or something that happened that it can allow a third party candidate or Curtis a mortgage whatever party. Could be legitimately recognized as a contender and to participate in this election. I mean I have I have to I have stood at three experts I have -- -- side. And they said never gonna happen under any circumstances. That can't raise the money. The commission. That rules the debates or run by the Democrats or Republicans. It's a nice thought but it will never happen in a million years. And third decades of experience and one with a doctorate. I got to believe very -- they know who. The future. And and I'm sure there abrupt I'm not sure I would suspect. They're probably right coming back dare call from Florida in Baton Rouge in Tarrytown and more right after this. All -- -- huge Social Security news shows news is never filled the -- them. Facts when until super inflation I don't think one takes up more. One puts in from Social Security coach here is so -- -- journal not exactly a liberal publication. Social Security period up more towards retirees. Who know the beneficiaries and collected. In tax revenue in 2011 the second. Straight years that -- the case. Congressional -- journal also reports that project the gap will continue widening. As more baby boomers retire. And lived longer. CBO reports offer as a warning of the future noting that an aging population. Will eventually pressures Social Security. Two in security. They won't have -- opponents for what they're doing. Not good -- correct that what that means is they'll soon be paid them won't be able to do what they can play now. It was good -- Terry John Mark cure and a but I do appreciate the call. Hey good morning -- the running on the first I'm going two exits. Freezing our ability to the radio morning game might have heard the caller. The wand instead of ought to the polls that the to people -- and and you know. You know they they. They believe they weren't stayed on in all of -- thought. I mean for me now he the he sounds to me like a typical Republicans are in denial this collective. Well I don't I don't I don't know fed do drugs or Republican. It's just the there is no doubt in my mind. That'd -- your cup the American public open to see whether or not they quote crossed. Politicians. -- tax money I had I have never heard maybe I missed that. Where. American electorate says. I don't mind you being taxed because. Islam and taxes and I trust the politicians -- my money most people come closed virtually everybody over the last seven years. All I have to say just. What do you trust the politicians or. I hadn't Mitchell interim period the other day and if somebody do you do you agree that that they don't trust politician with a moon yes. Do you agree that they don't wanna pay more taxes could even trust yeah. Do you agree that they think you have enough money. -- more true got a bright though you're only getting more taxes from anybody. He -- -- and that's a world -- -- in game that I you can run that -- should you have to give them proved that your doing the right thing but I I'm just saying. You may very well -- That these bankers both ordered it to restricted to was bankers screws. They like the bridge being there in the light collection. But I like the wings have we have or whatever but it's still. A tacit agreement. That I can trust. That money with politicians. -- I don't know why that's hard to believe Vijay in Florida appreciated the call. Yes Alan. You -- he's talking on the firm. America a couple of -- ago was talking about the saints beat you all we're saying about getting more money back and you put it with a secure. It be an example of my -- and and I know a lot of other men my husband died when he was 67. And eat it eat eating any I mean much if he can't last couple years. You know I absolutely -- -- literally it's so bad it's a bad system absolutely. Well and it but there are a lot of minutes so -- not get those that are getting on her with that you know having. The reason. That he -- is running. Out of money in other words is paying out more than it's getting in. You can you can look at the demographers were living. A whole lot longer your husband. Died of what -- huge would you say. And I think the average major Louisiana 72. And -- people just living longer than 67 or. 72 in the rest of the country people who are living past Schindler do you actually works when -- set of Social Security. Good grief I don't think back then they average age was somewhere in the fifty years old range. And now we're getting older and older and that's the problem. Well and I can't Q and other Clean -- Act I have not heard it from anybody papers magazines -- on the news. But what about all of our government officials that have their own retirement they have they're all -- Dutch count your system why can't they go on our system. That'll put a lot of money back if -- think a lot of money. And -- back in this system but nobody -- ever and that they should change so I can't help but out city you know what they did we'd be helped a lot better with the. Through turn things and I don't have to papers and Romeo Paula Jones -- -- to do. The experts that I have -- and Social Security humorous side things. -- you that they eat what they have is comparable to what Maria but let's say. We don't believe that okay -- I don't think most people do right. We put him back in over and over and over again so back can be. Very much of a problem for a -- Right now you know that's the that's of them hope -- talking about the the -- talking about. -- security in and how we think. Congress and senate get a better deal -- we. Pretty soon we say that we've we've put them back here and over and over and deeper. I know he's got people complaining complaint and I have dealt with that I'd been on the boards for seven years. And they complain that they -- what he gonna do about it I'm not one of those -- called an official lunch while one person can't do anything -- again here and I do. You know and a good come with you and I appreciate the call -- really do. I did their -- -- election landslide. After two million dollars. And all of the hatred. That spewed. Out of these two clubs. Virtually go back to the status quo is just a I'm I'm sorry I I just don't tend to take us seriously anymore. -- we -- and change. Bed dead that we don't trust. And I think we do I think the proof that it is. We don't change to run -- changing. We must be comfortable with what we -- or like considered just. Given up but. Securities like who's giving up over the last two years good grief the hatred between the two clubs -- woods -- covered with a night. A little bit. Welcome back. -- thing good about the government out of the Brazil into bode well played as good product -- under the rubio pre should call. There are you should look at what you want to do -- that important -- to build absolutely gorgeous palm trees they're planning. And the question that was the mind what we need to bunkers corner incident cause and or go to -- You just triple -- you know I'm sure I'm sure that countries there in the -- thousands of dollars each. And gender and not made a hypocrite -- -- You know agenda and I -- road to ensure part of Mira bureau head to head of tourism to the cigar. We we have to make the should be beautiful one of our biggest ticket items its tourism. And we were talking about that -- us live with the expert for almost every government expenditure you really can't find. Wanna know or many reasons. As to why it should it be done. Putting comes down to. OK but where do we get dumb money and more. I did that last night across the country it was almost eleven billion dollars so far. -- -- approval -- about a cup back in the citizens eleven billion dollars more. It toppled would -- and states and municipalities. Already ago. We're we're still building new roads in this state -- revive forget what it is a billion dollar deficit. When -- -- -- our armed Arab are both a broad budget and they and when you look at the national debt. Sixteen trillion that's growing at four billion a day. Then -- of god. Stayed dead somewhere around three trillion then you got there and ended unfunded pension liabilities. That's another four trillion. You throw all that together and I'm sure you have some money do an analysis of those numbers and they'd find a lot of good reasons for -- but. You -- weird that we get the money in and be the best answer right here it. Private businesses sitting on trillions of dollars because they don't trust the economy. If we could just convince them. That things are getting better than they turn loose of that money and a lot of -- that would be paid down and are dead. Vs the GDP. Can be a certain percentage. At a 100%. Is a bad idea every columnist. I have law and says so. You. That I -- do I do appreciate -- It looked -- this one talking about when we say the we or one way and we don't wanna look at anything -- okay we're conservatives. Were for small government right. And we don't like those people on welfare we don't like people read that. That nurses. At at the government's -- Plug time magazine. September 70. And author of a writer so -- do an article so called one nation on welfare. More light on the -- He -- cotton shirt. One point three billion dollars you're subsidized. By the government. So we can afford -- at that price that cotton shirt. Fifteen billion dollars a year grows through forms reports. To do cheap fast food due to his daughter. The -- water bill. Don't -- come clear -- come in here. Covering the billion dollars worth of federal money. Four to bring more local water -- we needed over billion dollars here in New Orleans we don't have for broken pipes we're asking the feds for. I arrests. Subsidizes. Our children. 3800 dollar tax exemption. Her trial and more. For child care. The author. Ports -- don't deduct his home office. Three point eight trillion. In 2012 for everything from Alzheimer disease. Patient assistance. Slow service. Water supply report caps and mortgage insurance manufactured. Homes. Iron -- string on Indian reservations. Then you get into the more common. Deduction for healthcare expenses. Hundred -- four billion dollars a year. Energy subsidies so we can afford our utility. A 138. Billion. A year. Depreciation to businesses. Five point seven billion a year and it goes owner in order at all. We're wrong the federal dole. Well we don't want him that. That's when I say there's no difference. Between good. Two clubs. 20 article out of Dellums who majority of people in the United States. Still thing government doing too much the extra. The show multiplicity of things I just read to you that they it is subsidized. Who would soon be used could frank frank frank you're under over the bill appreciate ago. Thank -- I don't -- 200 showed there. I think authoritative. It's to they can get. -- monitor weren't -- -- I think look at some data base here. I don't -- -- unthinkable to Jerusalem to work together I mean that's not -- to the congress. That's what they did for about forty or fifty years they fought like crazy and -- and they had different basic believes that the actual words together but no more blue books and books imprint things change after this spot coming up. -- See I'm pretty opinion poll is going to be so with the election finally passed us are you related jaded -- just glad it's over. And we'll also talk about this super -- tight race about to tolls is like 88 vote saying that it their tolls would last -- but there's things need to be counted. Also look around the nation and see some of the -- the past like in Washington. They had they've they've passed -- legalizing marijuana. And also look at the Electoral College is just take your comments because there's a lot of people think it will my vote doesn't count so if we got away from that. Would people more more people go to the polls on US 70% turnout ruffling as well they respect in which is like one of the biggest ever. But washed -- we have eighty front Bernanke you know so if we didn't have the electoral college and it was a popular vote and would you feel like your vote did count who would you be more inclined to go get out and vote. Leo we we have been brief glimpse I went through three experts in that and they all said if you do away with the comes out. I'm more than those of like to do away -- like my boat company said there. They just crushed the smaller good moves more than that I have heard that argument argument you know -- We're Chelsea's blood several hundred children in the audience in the meantime have a great not. New Orleans -- them.