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11-7 3:40pm Drew Brees

Nov 7, 2012|

Saints Quarterback Drew Brees talkes the podium to talk about preparing to defeat the 8 and 0 Falcons.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Are gonna go straight down Drew Brees press conference at the same strain of Tony coming on -- -- match preparation for us. I think yeah. When you face an opponent is familiar as the Falcons. Divisional opponent obviously a big divisional rival. Twice a year you look at the history of our match ups you know. -- time that we've been here but especially during the Mike Smith there. And they've always been kind of knock down drag out you know. Fights that that and a -- you know one possession games and -- decided deep in the fourth quarter. So I think we know what to expect. We don't need any extra motivation. The play that we are have. How has the reliever. That's always. I mean that's always a possibility. You know they move him around anyway. So I'm sure that you know they'll. I'll have a plan or he just continues to do it he's always done which you know he. He obviously can wreak Havoc if you allow it he's he's one of the elite pass rushes in this week's field is. And after. But this is his thirteenth here pretty impressive. -- Yes. Yeah it's a short week you know it's a little bit different schedule. The others have big emphasis on. It didn't get your body you know right with just -- -- 24 hours less time to to do that and then quickly in the preparation you know you you get that extra day. So really Tuesday kind of became all encompassing it was they watch Philly put that to bed. Do stuff you do take care your body. You know it can jump start on plan. If things get pushed back a little bit today that way -- -- -- got a good rest. -- and you know being conscious of the fact that we're still only two days removed from. You know physical Monday night game in less than 48 hours so let's make sure that we're doing all the right things both physically and mentally yeah. Accurate. You know the other story to -- that mean you're you're talking to us like a said last 48 hours you know. From our last game so obviously there's going to be. You know. A little soreness still -- thing around so -- -- gotten you know by. Friday Saturday and Sunday. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah it's very impressive. When you look at them statistically and all of a all of them. Measures that you would say years winning football championship football and I think they've got what maybe the fourth fewest. Turnovers in the leader -- -- that. Second and fourth most on defense. If that's that's that. So they've got a great job at it accurate and taken away on defense and I believe that the least penalized team it -- so. Those two stats. Tell you a lot about teams this. And they're well coached we know that there are obviously very disciplined. They know. Understand when football and that's what they've done that whether you know. -- -- Yeah of course is a scare away and we immediately come out it's like trumpets can be free agent he has the ability over -- -- I believe that's it seems -- proportion. You know -- I kind of learned about it just like everybody else did but my focuses on. Our team and winning and a source on the it. It. That. That's charging for -- if we have to keep talking about the we we we really like I said try to just keep that on the periphery and make sure were focused on winning and just knowing that's stuff take care of itself on the outward. Helping him on the -- toward. -- Yet. You know have a lot of respect for Mike Nolan. Obviously Mike Smith is is a great defense or coach as well and so really this seems to be a blend of you know their their philosophies and -- the best of both. Yeah obviously personnel is the same in the divisional opponent you know a year. Your there's some use the personnel but. Every year there's new wrinkles you know so even if it's the same system you know everybody does their offseason study and they might acquire. A guy here -- there that brings different strengths and so you you you definitely can see some. Some new twists to -- to what they're -- But. There are playing extremely well. -- -- It. It. Depth charts impressive I mean he's. You know we have we have a we have a good problem which is you we got Natalie back you know and and you wanna you wanna get guys that -- such -- when you can't. I think at times guys have to be patient and kind of -- time with their opportunities and Chris I respect all those guys are the last few years and I she committed as a free agent young guy. The 2010. It wasn't until injury here. Quite juniors that he got the opportunity and really made the most of it had. Had a great stretch there in 2010 and I know he's your battles injuries himself last year that kind of thing but. I think for him just being young players. The you know a lot of cases you you because I just have to wait for that opportunity and continued to approach you've never each and every day. By KM to make the most storied chance but in the meantime -- and learn from these guys in front of me guys like Darren Sproles Pierre Thomas who got. A lot of experience obviously. Playing at a high level. On being extremely productive. You know Mark Ingram who is obviously great young talent. So we're we're excited to have mall and certainly Chris Ivory I think the more experience he gets more reps he gets the better. He had that very physical element. You see just decide stature. He's extremely powerful. Alms running back. So I think you saw as his explosive ability on the run. His ability can hit that hole all the cities by the safety Bigby safety expect had. -- he's he's he's he's a rare. Combination I think of speed and power. Yep. Yep. Yep. Yeah no I've got a lot of confidence Charlie brown and he's done this before in the -- sort of four games last year he's. He's you know played enough times before whether it's you know coming in finishing gamers playing some -- -- you know kind of you know blocking and at times. Have to work in the past form at some point but now it is nice full time tackle. At least in the short term you know I'm I'm excited for him this opportunity for him he's gotten me he's gotten better each and every year I think he's just been going for that opportunity and you know unfortunately it comes with another guy get hurt but. You know it's it's it's tough for his kinda. You get a shot. I -- he is. Out there. So much -- that did it for so many years and -- that -- you. Yeah. -- it's it's you know a lot of it's just discount again in the lights and so as we would say. So you know game day you got to prep yet to be ready. I mean he might mean he's he's got he's always has to be raised that play tackle you. A scout team all week came in and something happens and that is starting story back. -- got to execute our plan and you had to move you know. The whole game play your desire to play that audiences -- and tackles so it's it's it's a quick adjustment it. If he's Smart enough and experienced enough just from the past few years that he knew that -- -- it's a week actually Pratt. You know prepare he knows he's played tackle. And you know for for however long you know we need be that he can do. -- -- But I -- her. That is -- hat and everything unforced errors is that they don't -- on the on Kentucky coach you can tell he's he's angry he's pissed she's like his game and over that your. That ball gets tipped in Derek catches it he wore number nine -- this year right second that that flash and number nine street team. Can you passed everybody -- August that he catches it unbelievable like a real one -- right. So he had -- we we we he he's talked about that experience for critical. Not mean just when -- you know. Very mean. -- it's rare to have them -- like. Pretty. It didn't look at all. Not. Yeah it's hard it's hard especially since this is so fresh for him you know. And you know obviously just the fact is the divisional opponents big rival mean. For I'm sure he'd he had quite a hatred for Russert dislike you know when he was there and now suddenly the news -- the -- the script but. -- -- that is our -- -- -- dollar horse plagiarism. And I'm sure his emotions -- rerun time but he's a he's very called -- Personality. Is as as fiery competitors is a great player you know that he he's got he's got the ability to. Discount of -- those emotions and. We -- I mean. I I think. Mean it's. It's a big game because it's. I would say the fans probably view it is this hatred -- I mean to play. And it it feels like every time we played the Falcons it's always been such a big game you know whether it be our divisional standings and the meaning of the game more. Just the fact that it's divisional points we always know what's going to be. You know sixteen round bout. But. -- I I mean I think I think it's it's kind of obvious it's you know. There's there's an extreme I think competitiveness on both sides just known the type games. -- Yeah yeah. Of grievous error every one of our divisional opponents had it has the same meaning. Because it's worth the same. I think just the fact that you know as you look at the outlook of our division right now. Atlanta sits atop our division but the conference and entire -- you know so. If we wanna get to where we wanna go -- way. --