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11-07-12 10:10pm Open Lines

Nov 7, 2012|

Scoot discusses with callers the outcome of the Presidential election. How do you feel about the results? Do you feel we can come together as the United States of America?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And we continue to react chewed the reelection of President Obama. So what happens to the Republican Party is there going to be a civil war in the Republican Party. Was one of the mistakes. The problem that Mitt Romney was not conservative enough. I think the problem wise he was pulled to the right and the Republican Party has this mentality. Of going to the right. And adhering to hard core values when it comes to things like abortion and same sex marriage. And that is not going to. Enhance their chances of winning the White House. So what do you think happened to Romney why do you think Romney lost. Why do you think Obama won. If you wanna join our show with a comment tonight our numbers 260187. He told free across the country are numbers 866. 8890878. And a text number is 870 -- I get to more of your -- coming up here in just a moment from New Orleans Jared you're under the WL grieving. Period when you do that good. I think that this election was a referendum on on two issues. One is changing face of America. Minorities. Are becoming more and more. Important. Empower poor areas. They become small business owners and and go more frequently. Kidnapping and the -- Chairman but I'm gonna let you go on but I also think that it's it's it's bigger then. It's -- then the number of minorities in this country it's it's all so many people who are quite in the majority. Who. Understand that this country needs to be fair. And in at least to my second point the second thing is that. It's a referendum Poland still relinquish -- of some of -- some power. So the white -- in this country it used is used to being in control. Absolute control and now. It's change you have to give up some of that -- Any and given up some of them how it very scary to some people. No it's scary to almost everybody who are currently has the power but I but I yeah I agree with you I think. I I I think they did the female vote we know the Hispanic vote. We know that there was a tremendous influence. Of five non whites. Male voters -- may have controlled this election. Bring an aunt relinquished -- -- power there relinquished -- of absolute authority. Is is like asking if tariffs are expected for those who exposed to people of other coaches. Aren't or haven't lived around the world haven't traveled a lot. And you know yeah what did you jury -- right because I'm a white male I live in a building. In downtown New Orleans where. I don't know the exact. Population of the apartment complex I live via the building and only event but I sense that I'm in minority. I've I've I've lived downtown I effect traveled the country. You know I I totally I totally agree with you there are people who don't. Who don't understand that there are enough people who understand that swayed this election. Which is very positive. If you look at the history of Louisiana where they beat curt Hebert Kyrgyzstan. Where did you. David -- Born in -- governor. Film their faith is very racially -- -- -- -- -- and I think there. Is no longer live right -- Runs on an extreme agenda. You know without wish they would have done it I'm it would have been as close -- it was. Home I think -- that they will act ever shot. No they would think they would they won't end that the very interesting thing is is that the far right. And I can also say the far left but let's just talk about this election that there at the far right wanted an ultra conservative. Candidates. The ultra conservative candidate would have been -- easily destroyed the tragedy with Mitt Romney is here's a guy and who was moderate who really cared about people. Who provided health care for people in his state of Massachusetts and the Republican Party pulled him to the right. That's why Mitt Romney lost because then when he came back to the middle before the election it looked like he was flip flopping. Yeah Anna Maria never. A real interest being in Obama care and everything. And me and I was up for everything I mean my mom had cancer twice you're unable to get insurance. Until obamacare. So I mean you're really plays a part in -- and I looked around me as a serious candidate. The -- he went against obamacare well even his own. Well exactly I mean that's what was so hypocritical it's like basically obamacare was or is. Where is based on the foundation of what he established in Massachusetts and then he had to distance himself from that. Romney was not allowed to be Romney had Romney been allowed to be Romney he might have been elected president. TJ and I agree with even our political Marmol in the maestro Obama supporters see if you commit themselves. Key word of attractive the last. Struggle minority vote. It is still in Louisiana. You know it's hard says Chad minority voters would be history -- Louisiana yeah. And that's why I -- -- Dominic say this again I think we really need to figure out how to do with. I don't think we can get rid of the Electoral College but. I think we need to figure out how to do what they do in Nebraska and Maine and that is a war to. A portion of the electoral votes based on the popular vote in our state. He liked it if Romney wins 70%. And Obama wins 30% Louisiana and then Obama gets 30% of the electoral votes that's the way it should be and they they do that in some states with. With with primaries and in the presidential election they do it in Nebraska and in Maine that's the way it should be because that's. A way to make the popular vote count. Thank you are pretty. All right Jerry -- show thanks for listings are from Baton Rouge Mike here on WWL. Base security in order good night. -- -- current level where it's a punitive. Our brief overlook the matter of policy it. Photo and what part -- all about the media -- parts moon growth Limbaugh. American BC. Are really. Kamal -- -- -- as it is but it's a bit in my opinion. I think the media editor of the lot to do. With the out -- -- split. Directed the last -- -- -- That Mitt Romney could have been this bill. You know you to go out hallmark ordered voters put -- -- word is that a lot of my -- hurt. That -- very useful made the emotional and election. And -- Barack Obama like he's not a leader they are secure. They expect our archer. Made an estimated one that maybe one run I couldn't wait to go what mattered very regards country -- -- are gonna -- -- -- -- -- Our main with the media. In my opinion control a lot of a lot of it. And they could -- those keywords. They people born angle hopeful President Obama. While that you know that the media will always focus on the negative because that is bigger news then then then then positive. But if if we allow the media to control. Our vote then it's our fault you know we need to be smarter then the media. And did the media is gonna present certain things and you you should not -- I don't think anybody should trust the media necessarily. But but you know the truth the truth is -- that. People don't. I don't think people. Are affected by -- -- bound to what Fox News did I mean Roger Ailes the CEO and founder of Fox News. He said in an in an article in Vogue Magazine. I think it was Vogue Magazine. Like last year that he wanted to use his network. To make sure he was gonna use his network to make sure the Republican candidate won. Is adequate rest -- them -- And and then you think about the Limbaugh's and Hannity Sammy all of these people on what they don't have the power they think they have. -- think that you know they do but they did they don't because I. But because of the opposite way that they intend. But they think it but but they don't have the power they think they have they think they can control elections but I think people. And this is it what I've learned from my studying of mass communication and communication theory over the years have been I've been in this business. I think people. Migrates. To show is. Because it reflects their opinion. Not because they -- mind is changed by the host if you think about how the Limbaugh's and their hand and he's railed against. Well and Limbaugh in particular railed against Bill Clinton and Bill Clinton won twice. And and if you think about what they did in 2008. That they don't have the power they they think they have power but they don't have the power they think they have. Because look what have they could not influence the selection. They thought they could. But they couldn't. And that they're poorly it's. It's they'll quote -- to go over Brazil. Well -- -- -- -- issue in and I -- I mean in in a negative way they they drove you to vote forward somebody else and then you know at at again when you think about just the we think about the female votes and the -- -- of Missouri and the Richard Murdoch of Indiana these senatorial candidates when you think about the ignorant statements that they made about rape and abortion and pregnancy. And -- and Romney did not go out of his way to distance himself you know I think Romney is a wonderful person. I don't know about his business life and and maybe he's done some things to be successful I mean that anybody who is successful has done some things that might be questionable. But this is a good family man and I think he's a really moral man. But. You know he wasn't allowed to be himself and if he was allowed to be himself. He might have -- Everybody is eating -- and reduce corporate bidders for the -- Order a lot of I think he wanted to Rush Limbaugh 100 dual or what a lot of people look at our. An opportunity you can look back on the of the campaign of John McCain before that the campaign of Bob Dole being too moderate guy is well actually -- we can talk about three moderate guys. Who were moderate who the Republican Party tried to pull the right and they lost two so win this the Republican Party could again it's. -- it was. Obvious -- -- -- it's been -- popular social obviously displayed. Integration. It's a hundred -- on Palestinian quality quality about it inaudible all. I mean it was just so obvious I mean everything when he when he went when he start to target to a moderate Mitt. I mean you know I think what happened and affirmed the big favorite President Obama or computer he would immediately and everything good that they're virtually anyone refers to papers agreed pretty much -- Obama -- Well I I I as I've said all along I think the problem with Mitt Romney was that he didn't say what he stood for. He ran a campaign. Based on the idea event. Vote for me I'm not the other guy you can't do that you've got to stand for so who who are you you got to stand for something. Mike enjoy our conversation thanks for listening to -- WL here's a Texan -- the liberal media controls elections because liberals. Can be told who to vote for puppets. Okay then it since the liberal media has been part of this country for a long time in the minds of many people. Then explained to me how George W. Bush. One not only. The presidency but -- reelection or what what about the liberal media event. And by the way I said all along for those if you who. Criticized the polls. The polls are not accurate they are skewed it's a liberal media. -- want the polls are going to be accurate but polls accurately predicted this election. I know a lot of you -- hurt us but this is America. Get over it let's relax and can we come together and beat the United States of America. I'm -- if you're an old stay -- your calls your text up next on WWL. Why did President Obama win and are you still a shock to dad's from Mitt Romney didn't win and what's gonna happen with the Republican Party. I still think right now the primary. And a lot can change over the next four years. But I think right now the primary Republican candidate for 2016. It's New Jersey governor Chris Christie. He him he crossed party lines. That's what this country wants. The far right doesn't get at the far left doesn't get it to the rest of us did -- its. -- Jackson reads. I think it is naive to think that Romney or any other candidates. What they've done better in an African American electorate. No matter what they sent. Color of skin trumpets content of character. Oh my god can you do the math. If it weren't for whites. Obama would not be elected. Look at the statistics. There are not enough blacks in this country. To elect a president. It takes -- to elect a president as well. I have I'm just amazed. By -- the ignorance. Of the electorate -- -- the Dick ignorance of people who comment on on the election. Anyone can you just be honest. Why don't you figured out. Byron York and Demi WL and good evening. -- -- -- this is PA from their lab mandate demanded it name I gave tours. It's like the dog -- my brother. Look. One to challenge you on their -- did it feel -- He won't themselves. -- when he defense guarantees there. Incorporated of people -- -- itself what he said -- would but we wanted to run its folks. And he said may become a market for the Serbs say he was this open that's why he lost. Do you truly itself. I think he was him I think he was hit I think he was himself when he he said that. Are out there but I don't like it but -- but he's but he's but he's -- so moderate in -- so many ways. But it's not about him into bad -- and we we keep it. None of those guys -- Republicans. None of those people -- bad that people wanted Ed about bread -- and they all love America. Now whether they whether you believe they're big they're going to if you want customers sport but they all love America okay so it's not about him look -- good bad -- good. This man was from our in our day simply does not exist. And we need to. He -- that we understand that grows. We actually we understand that the country is going to get great if not the color of his skin or if you say the right thing you can't get a big if they don't get that would doubt -- make our immigration legal. It's not about what you say is about what you believe in your heart. Do you believe that what did you want -- to -- with it and make this country stronger. Mitt Romney wanted to be there some in my opinion scoot it in part because strain which she is frightened of this book true legacy of his father. And no kidding and no real. There's got to be president yet they've been each and decrypt anywhere in less time on total different things got the master Cameron back. An -- a year yeah yeah I know you you you've got to be honest with yourself and if you look back at his legacy and the state of Massachusetts. And then you look at some of the things that he talked about on the campaign trail as a Republican nominee. If you'd -- you can't become a totally different person and be respected as being honest. Exactly and -- and I don't want that we let me go through all the people out there mystery in video land Vick keeps saying it's. We motive for this man because you'd like please please stop its. We have been voting for white and then -- -- why -- may allow us to. Is there really good point. Okay. We have been we had an editor at 90 why admitted long that we -- -- and the first man I bought -- -- -- was put it punch it out is. Okay. I don't open doesn't get him. Okay please stop trying and that debt debt is well if this everybody has organized kept them all there is what Byrd. All right -- I I also think it's it's it is ignorant to say advance Black America. Reelected to Obama because there are not enough I knew there are not enough votes in -- it takes what it takes the white vote to elect somebody also -- 13%. They that many kids he pulled up thirteen per share it gives you. Thirteen but it appeared that include wind and failed to golf. -- -- Now Obama and -- -- -- you're you're you're right about it -- you're right about that I mean and there are people just don't. They thought that they don't understand they don't -- understand they don't wanna see anything beyond their myopic view of politics. Republicans have to make a bigger chance they have to stop candidate. Gay rights tick tick -- the people aren't if a man and a woman want to -- this thing as -- You got a kick out of this you'll cute so what would do a. And -- they got to stay out of the portion they got to stay out of the abortion issue as well or they're not gonna they're not gonna they will never win the White House if abortion. And same sex marriage and these social issues are political issues -- never win the White House and that is a mirror on America speaks and that's why. I am so proud of this show. Even though I get criticism for not being right wing in a red state because Rush Limbaugh started his conservative talk show in a blue state. I am so proud of the ability to to. To do this show and not beat. Right wing or left wing because the majority of this country is an either. Would that what I hoped it would I think it may be a good today was all the Republicans thought it out would we wanna work. You cannot -- public elephant -- again imitate them don't you don't need that okay so what will they came out and say it. Our main goal is to make sure you're the one term president. And everybody is fit that every time he couldn't get a bill we just that bit. That was there was there was that was so wrong because I you definitely alright everybody should -- the president to do. A good job because that would help America. Because in reality what they -- -- it was felt blind if you will it take you cannot say -- -- -- killed in -- that you want you you -- -- held out. Yeah right when you got. We got the governor of upstate waving a finger and immense faith and keep -- Republican. Got Republicans I mean that this commander apartments in the Republican. Have to reinstall the software. And they have to reboot this system and they have to they have changed they have to come back with something different and it can't do it. Put somebody else says it's based speech we got to may give up there seems we have -- bad note you have to go all you have to change our minds to it. Different not eighteen standing -- abnormal baby. And I'm paranoid. I'm I'm glad you called thanks for residential listing. And and let's set the record straight. Black America didn't reelect. Obama. America did. Not like America America did. From New Orleans said you're on a VW elegant evening. Oh yeah I hate spewed. Get to talk with Europe and expand a -- -- do you think you are my are a moderating voice. That needs to be on radio. -- -- The district attorney dart tournament -- -- a little bit ago about the media. And -- stand -- the Jon Stewart chill in the cold air or. Instruments up being independent. But -- polite. -- -- They -- arts and a fourth estate. In what they're thirty years to the American pop you talk about it hey -- a lecturer at her some part of the electorate behavior period. It seemed that you. You know. Bad this media outlet in upfront about fox NBC eventually and -- artificially. Built by the American such as the British empire here. Or the British empire did in India -- between Hindus and Muslims and it created great state or straight stand conservative we're old when -- the kids growing up. And that's repeating -- you're proud to be in America knew what you went straight American -- artificially created divisions. So that a politician. Crossed party lines. And you -- only should it bear you know the medium -- the mass. Carl and Marcia McClellan is one of my heroes and for those of you who don't know -- McClellan was. That was one of the they're the gurus. -- when it comes to understanding the relationship between mass communication. And society and he was the one who in the seventies. Actually came up with the idea of a global village based on mass communication. We're -- -- you know I don't think it's Cuba think the American. -- feel what it's a column is. -- travel and Italy -- all hole where 15% of the popular belief that media -- countries the opposite. And and the point is that -- really come down thing you know the media to be like sixty minutes where they were a comparative analysis so. Problem was. Both were -- -- yeah the media has become -- -- but it. -- signal but it's it's it's it. And unfortunately. It's it's all about entertainment the media than the news is entertainment and I talk about this so a lot on on the show what it's -- think. Understandings that I have a sending the media over the years and a lot of people on business don't study the media. -- understand the relationship between what they do and and society. But did what media is entertainment and if if it's if entertainment is governed by. The ratings and -- and -- Then -- are always there and absolutely and then they're gonna be driven in a certain direction and you're and you're right. Divide and conquer is more compelling than everybody getting along. It will try to end it actually stupid but Kurtz. You know at least the British categories and you know their own hegemony I mean it's -- degrading -- now political -- the American -- was so. Our politicians in accomplishing things stand in -- -- I had to meet occurrence. Yeah they're an era of fourth estate is what they're talking about it Bush's second -- vacation -- Obama is where. A presidential candidate Britney or any. Think Walter Cronkite talking about I moved it church we're borrowing the. Now -- or not you -- happy you're absolutely right I mean news is entertainment just watched. The evening news even the network news just. At the height herbal treatment betraying. Or if they're predicting Kurdish career -- maybe. Someone actually works. Usually hear -- allowed them all of them all -- took on American for a pretty apologize -- society. Outrage anger for jury. The -- you know but in but in the in the context of of America and and and freedom of the press know why it's it's our it's our fault. As consumers of the media if we don't recognize it for what it is. Let me let me give you a quick picked up all like a lot of people -- -- people are sure Obama. Can -- they if they offered there really comparative analysis so what caused the bank quite the 2008. Tourism though you have to go back on here or collapsed people got working yield. They do an analysis of what happened Arctic blast people get in and acted in 33. -- -- were killed and not know -- it electric comparative analysis defeat -- immediate not a -- Steve. Tibetans showed us. How will the American people make an educated decision. It -- pressure. -- and -- media did that it at the news media is essentially. Entertainment Tonight -- with politics. Robert certain -- years ago won an Academy Award. Late seventies and it blended. Politics and entertainment -- think that was a really -- what was it network. Or worked yeah dark brooding nailed. And it -- -- is not David is open holes. Well listen I I talk about this all the time I mean this is a reality that people don't get the news is entertainment. Because if you're driven to get ratings. And revenue then how could you not be governed by the same principles that govern any other entertainment medium. Right but the problem is mostly American population. They get caught -- that the body. Well there aren't eating at you you're you're right -- good it would we can't blame the media we need to we need to put the responsibility on the individuals. Who buy into that. I I agree I agree. -- -- -- I can't believe also that the offer comparative analysis and show it to the American public I think of more intelligent decision. He may well I think it's I do think it's time for. The media to. To be radical middle to be radical moderates and not to to denounce the right to denounce the left. And -- to say okay wait a minute just because we're in the middle doesn't mean that we don't have a backbone we have conviction it just depends on what the issue is it's time that -- I think this is a real statement about America and I'm really proud of the show -- and I'm glad you called thanks for listening to WWL. If you're on -- stay with us. This is the -- show. And we push boundaries at night we'll be right back with more of your comments and more of your text and evident throughout the last night in his concession speech which was a really wonderful speech. Mitt Romney sent our leaders need to reach across the aisle. And put people before politics. In his acceptance speech President Obama said he wants to work with governor Romney to move this country forward I think it would be brilliant. If President Obama could find a place in his cabinet. For Mitt Romney. It I think this country is so tired through the media food hardcore right no hardcore left I think this country's so tired. A divisive politics. Why can't we celebrate coming together why is that a bad thing. This radio show will deliver change. And I think we celebrate dance. On the shown. I think we celebrates. The voice of the middle of the voice of the moderates. The voice of those who -- not politically hypocritical. The voice of those who don't see everything through a rightwing oral left wing perspective. Those of us who are honest. About who we are. And it is too damned time. That this country stopped looking at the middle. As being. On the fence spineless. No you're not. And I'm the wager with us tonight. From -- Greg -- under the W a good evening. Goody good -- I wanted to try to give a conservative perspectives to some of this and I I'm I'm hoping that they be somebody. Take a look at it from this angle to talk about fundamental fairness and award this year -- statistics was. At this time in America today there are sixteen million. Sixteen million people on Medicaid not Medicare that's Medicaid for the Cold War there another 47. Million people -- -- straight -- All of that out to be great force cute we now have a demographic in this country. Where did you not have the funds to aid that we promised to -- Egypt and Medicare and Social Security in addition those problems. Now we have Obama care. I wanna I wanna talk a little bit about fundamental fairness. Most of all though the higher what percent earth and concrete -- -- 40% federal income tax. The top 10%. Page 70% already. Meanwhile at this comment -- approximately 49%. Of Americans. Pay no federal withholding tax they do say that -- security. Income taxpayer no federal withholding tax we are now -- spotted America will quite literally. 50% of people -- a position to vote themselves more benefits whether Eric that's for Medicare Medicaid Social Security unemployment benefits. Food stamps satellites. While the other 50% continue to pay the federal withholding tax and I don't think that's fundamentally fair. I thought I'd I'd I'd -- I do agree with you I mean I agree I agree that one thing that this new Obama. Administration needs to do. Is. -- distance itself from the whole concept of entitlement mentality. We got. I'm gonna do with it -- -- -- you -- result of the moderates -- I don't know that that's the goal. I could tell you this that numbers of people that aren't food stamps during a -- and desperation. Has risen dramatically some by some seventeen Billy. The Medicaid numbers have gone up. Dependency and America has gone up under this regime -- a look at them. The blame it entirely on this regime some of that it would demographic demographics. Somebody has to do with the fact that we used to have manufacturing in this country we no longer how did you know type a jobs don't exist. And we do have a problem with with the medical care if from the standpoint that. And I and I charge the Republicans with this along with the Democrats. They failed to come up with a conservative. Prided. Option. They've failed to rein in the insurance companies are 2030 years on the rare opportunity to do that. And now open and I go my conservative friends -- I am a conservative -- to assert that a truck. Act you're you're used to sit back and all went 50% of the country's struggling to get health care. And you you basically larger health care if you lose your job after a certain period apparently you keep. Can you exhaust the year to have the grace period after that and you wonder why the -- people voted themselves. Barbara here. And you know so we the conservatives that this country. Has been part of their own and doing and I feel totally agree with you bet. I don't care what you believe persons. This site via event -- gay rights errant. And and abortion being. Attract and all of that is just bad is just bad politics you -- you want to see yourself losing. The election keep that up because if you will continue to lose. I appreciate your call I've got to get to a break here we'll be right back this is this good show I'm glad you're with us if -- on hold. Just hang on we'll get to you and more of your text here in just a moment. They were talking about the reelection of President Obama if if you're -- wanna be -- you were coming to the end -- of of this hour. If you're on hold please stay with us I will get to all of your calls here coming up right after the news I don't -- trying to. And squeeze are calling here before the end of the hour. Let me get to a couple of our quick text here and -- takes a reads -- -- 65 year old white woman I voted for Obama. Here is a -- reads and I was in mass can mean I was a mass communication major college graduated and currently work in local media. -- where we not talks that the news media. Were gatekeepers. Of information. If you make yourself out to be doing.