WWL>Topics>>11-08 1110pm Scoot talks w/WWL listeners about election results

11-08 1110pm Scoot talks w/WWL listeners about election results

Nov 8, 2012|

Scoot talks to WWL listeners about the election 2012 results.

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We'll -- Ever -- so much hate the for the election so much -- after the election will it. Come to an end. Can we believe the United States of America -- how blessed we are to be Americans. -- how blessed we are to have the freedoms that we have. And I I realize that there are so many people who disagree my opinion. And they prepare for some reason there're there're people in this country who think that if your radio talk show she must be conservative. No you don't have to be conservative because it's all about freedom of speech. And as I said many times I don't know ward I hand it depends on the issue. I see every issue. As an individual. Not as a Republican or Democrat not as a conservative or liberal I see every issue with. As an individual and that's what you should do is well and this idea that you have to. Adhere to conservative ideology are are you so insecure with who you are. If you have to adhere to this this conservative like that this is your religion. Or your -- liberal that you have to adhere to being liberal. No we're individuals who were Americans. And we should judge every issue as we see them. As individuals. Not as conservatives. Or liberals. Can this country -- And you know I was really impressed with and with the speaker of the house John Boehner. When he said that he wants to work with the president. That's what needs to happen in Washington. And I would hope that. I would hope that President Obama would look to. Republicans would look across the Ohio. As he changes his cabinet an -- Certainly will be some changes in his -- we know secretary of state Hillary Clinton is gonna. A step down as secretary of state. -- is she planning to run in 2016 what perhaps but she's gonna sit down as secretary of state. I would love to see and and totally trust Colin Powell. As secretary of state. Now realize that he is supported Obama but. You know here's a guy who was part of a Republican administration as secretary of state and I think he was absolutely abused. By the Bush Administration. He was led to believe that. We needed to go to Iraq because of weapons of mass destruction. So much controversy about its -- board. Much less controversy about the war in Afghanistan because that's where the tell about voice. Those -- the people vets were behind 9/11. -- -- -- -- Not sure why we went to Iraq all of goal I hit it at at the time that Colin Powell made his speech. -- the United Nations. In the polls he was the most respected man in America. And poor Colin Powell. Believed his bosses. And they -- mount. They've let him do it. And there wasn't true. And Colin Powell was truly. Embarrassment that. By the way for the last couple of months on the show I have talked about New Orleans. Having a crime problem. Having our gang problem. I've asked the question does this city having gang problem the city doesn't wanna address. Well today may Michelin true. With local federal and state law enforcement partners. Announced the creation of a multi agency gang unit. To combat game and -- violence in New Orleans. The severely sync across the country if you career to visit New Orleans is safe nor is it safe for you and your families come on down. I live downtown I spent time downtown in the French Quarter. New Orleans is safe. The part of the city that is not safe. Is in certain neighborhoods. And there are gangs there are a little punk gangsters. Young and even older. Gangsters this city has. A gang problem the good news is. It doesn't infested. Downtown. Where the French Quarter but we need to make this city as safe. For residents. As we make it safe for our tourists. In river ridge showing your on -- WL. Stay giddiness Stoops. That as far as Ted Nugent goes I just don't understand why anybody would think political advice from the time came up with Wang dang sweet crude turn. -- It's a good points. -- but yeah I'm getting the. I'm right I'm glad you told the show thanks for additional listing. Share a year and a BW -- good evening. How are you I'm good Jerry. Could cripple I want to say how wonderful you have been speaking if you -- -- in a very true. What I am so tired of everybody trying to dump on -- than Barack Obama. He has done a wonderful job considering what was given to him I'm not making any excuses. But the way to Republicans do not want to work with you and what do they clicked for him to do. And an outlook and essentially saying in that -- -- -- on a few minutes ago. -- shame and bad John McCain wouldn't want to work with all Colin Powell and president Barack. We put political issues of flag it they steal one and that we. I hate that they have and almost say it's already extinct. Now he's an African Americans and they are given him such a whole attack and leave him alone. Comedian a wonderful humble man and you -- that he can't with a hail. It is put him to. Elect a president -- would he need to do things that ought to be wonderful. But it unitary hit. I'm Natalie because he's a Democrat but also because. He's black. And that's that's not fair. But this country blacks blacks did not elect Obama. This country did there are not enough blacks in this country to elect a president. The content for the portion of the population of African Americans in this country is not large enough to. May end -- to it to dominate an election. This election by Americans and -- and white people put Obama in office. -- right note with the white people not only defeated -- what my big -- this -- change. -- know this man is like everybody color doesn't matter to him. We grew sexuality you don't care about that diplomacy ever want a little bit that they paint common African Americans want more -- business. -- mostly because the president Barack Obama. -- I won't say it is great -- great. Because a lot of things that he had done when my -- was eighteen out of peaking in the public school I had to kick it off my shirt. You can't concern being not expensive that while -- certainly deeply into an -- sitting twenty feet I mean you know people a lot of wonderful things that he had done. Permanent Clinton hit a lot of wonderful things. But they didn't dump and President Clinton waited up -- -- president. My current look there are a lot of people who don't like the president because of his policies but there are a lot of people who'll never admit that they don't like the president. Because of his skin color and now we know stats. A bad yes right. Well you got a wonderful being empty cup and I didn't do we we have been doing it because you it is. Putting it out there and you're not ruling anything bad. You had come -- -- wing idiot troll everybody is open then I. It's a bad because to me -- Christine what all of look at situations. But he is doing a wonderful job you know what I keep it a cramp and I keep everyone at all how country in Korea. You know what I think issue is that goal and it -- it would he have to do not think it's going to be one of -- come out Petraeus. And you don't we just don't agree to a new and wanna put down. -- appreciate -- -- thanks listening to WWL and night you know when I'm in a Catholic church on and on Sunday. Wind they go through. Prayers. Offering prayers there are always prayers for. Our leaders and that includes. Our president and I think that's really appropriate I mean of course we wanna pray that our president does the best job possible. I'm from Midland Texas Paula you're -- Demi WLA good evening. They do it's -- I'm good Paul are you well. -- pretty good you know that's a pretty good discussions you know you're here river on the guy that mama used to saying at the Roosevelt or -- -- that's right yes -- remember that -- the cricket isn't as well saying the same rhythm and blues you're in the you're in the Twin Cities Midland Odessa. Yeah but fortunately I I I have to admit I don't think a lot like people here close at first Republican I voted for Clinton twice. Also you know our party platform. Believe -- a woman's right to choose I believe -- should be able to server to military. -- course like it'll have a looks like they'll lot of Republicans go over your republic too much to call me whatever you watcher of a 100% disabled vet Vietnam vet. But you know -- actually conception much -- call straighter. -- like this election was a popularity -- there's. I didn't vote for Barack Obama's first sudden I didn't vote for the second -- will -- you or. I'll give you don't really -- chaired -- is that they'll. Yeah he'll -- old saying is I wouldn't buy a used car for two or did you these. Prosecuted to Roche. Which -- personally. You know you think about the sex first of all Barack Obama was community organizer heated ready to release saying books and all and a woman before you know. That was a racial statement it yourself. You know. Barack Obama is not a black man in my opinion if you similar -- -- There was trample life edit out -- and I got called -- -- speculate for a potent form the parachute. So -- you're not a racist if you don't vote for Obama so what you -- -- -- vote against a white car the black car and the -- looked to be like it was simply did not know. -- know what I would Paula you know I I I I have had many conversations about and and gotten her many text. About Obama's race. Obama is black. Even though he's half white and half black. It is our society. That sees him as a black man so we just it is fair to say. That he's black is somebody is half white and half black we see them is black and I think that is part of the the intrinsic. Racism in America. The race trumps everything. Just like I was surprised at Colin Powell do what he did it. And I personally believe that race truck -- -- much Uranus is that they took big all the -- first of all. Always said bush didn't you know academic years deputies. -- you weren't there were churches were deputies were you know those are crucial I was saying. One on the Kurds. Kill women -- children -- and dog she killed everybody. And so actually -- -- chime in a military pressure under wartime or peace turned the Cold War. We supported Saddam Hussein. -- a bit old war in Iraq are are Iranians energy use no guesses on -- let me just get a quick rundown is why. Partial and total voting for Barack Obama -- first ball. -- the First Amendment. I checked out that the Tea Party a couple of times I did like chip and I left at that won't go back to -- -- -- to. I was called a racist by two people sugar because so what better -- And listen to a Second Amendment. I believe that every certain every person -- nation adult. Who is shall learn should have the right to keep and bear arms Hillary Clinton is now on both of the treaty which United Nations. General small arms treaty and how much you are -- don't have. You end -- -- -- more or else try to take. Oregon it's not gonna happen it's that's okay we are -- -- -- about tonight I think there's always talking. -- -- that capsule -- I have and I are traded -- don't. But you know. And interactions like there's the question it's a popularity contest. -- older that that that they're the Democrat just hurl these insults at that that -- You know ratios but it occurred -- it will change your Java -- overseas. -- -- question this one about chi chi is Jeffrey I'm -- there's there's Barack Obama's travel. She pays no taxes. Please steps. Well there are a lot of companies that says figure out a way to not pay taxes say and that's not me it's unfair I don't -- -- I was outlaw book all I don't know necessarily about Dynegy. Clinic -- health care that -- okay now perform my military disabilities or whether they're military related. I mean how much some veteran that they -- the result messed up I got messed up in direct duty of my country. But I managed to go to college -- that GI bill and Serbs. As a probation and parole are sure -- this year for a while mainly my mustache she was threatened child molesters -- Now when it -- -- displeased at the Beverly -- at work no more. I would have enough China with the states to have health insurance each submitted Obama channel sign. My health insurance which startling. And I'm haven't -- because. You know PH -- Jeremy but my poor wife she as far as chronic. Health care issues that are chronic immune to potentially -- which I'm not sure you want it's cute and harder and harder too cute -- search -- Because the premium has gone up so much to co pays and it has. But I do think that I I really think that what's going on and with with that with that release supersedes who's in the White House this is something that has been building for a very very long time. But the debate some valid point here. And it's just the fact is is that. You know what. I am I am concerned about you know our our split our nation you know -- purpose you know from any moment and and they need to get together. And get some things done. You know. And every site would quit but don't call me -- -- because I didn't vote sort of -- billion got to -- what has I wouldn't I want you island. We never did get back. Getting -- that. I mean I question you I mean anybody as a whole damn -- NB a creek Indian if you Google the trailer cheers. -- structured it best I haven't a -- Oklahoma City. Hoosiers look eighties he will not sharing a twenty dollar bill in this state because we have a hatred for an injection of what he did Jewish. We were just bad I mean it's like well -- nobody we were just as bad as anybody else but like. I don't know why don't you when you when you when you think about the the debate over illegal immigration. Those of us who think we're Americans -- -- ultimate to ones who came here and illegally immigrated. Exactly -- it would we will win that vote took what started. It's it's India's upper upper big northeast would open which held. Look this country dearly and I like I'm not able to do it anymore -- charity work as it's. They -- their church it was threaten and I was able to -- -- prepared and they do -- their respective. Or Chile to get the best saying go in -- you go and I'll leave you one last thing. If I was able to put on that uniform again. And Barack Obama -- -- the commander achieve. Our -- the -- salute. Mr. President. What are your order which. That's a very honorable attitude and told. God bless you and your wife and thank you so much for what you did for our country I appreciate you listening to our our show tonight. You protect your reps Belichick pushed it to -- you pretty but it. They're like -- the basics of its. -- -- -- -- If you're on most say what is this is the -- show we push boundaries and I were coming right back with more of your calls and if your -- attacks I will get to some of these text here. Coming up next under -- room. What sub human. -- believes others must pay for their obesity. -- cell phones birth control abortions. And lives. I tweets from the they're very bitter and angry. Ted Nugent. After the election. Head you know and I know our show reaches Michigan which is I know we're -- -- Ted I know Republicans who are obese. I know Republicans who drink too much -- I know Republicans who have cell phones. I know Republicans. On birth control. And I know Republicans. Who have had abortions. So what is your point. Why. In nobody's been able to explain to me why the right is so bitter. Limbaugh. We've lost this country. Rush we haven't lost this country and dammit you may make a lot more than I do. But you're wrong on this and I'm right we haven't lost this country. And just because the election didn't turn out the way you wanted it to and just because he didn't appease your audience. The sick offense in year old audience. The sheep that just follow you. It doesn't mean we've lost this country. And I will be here for years from now to talk about how we haven't lost this country. Here's a -- reason blacks are racist also. 93% of blacks voted for. The Prez because he's black. Shame on you for not discussing the fact that blacks voted for the pres because he's black pure racism if you voted for President Obama because he's black. That's wrong. And I agree with I I don't know if 93% -- I don't know what to visit the stats were but there are not enough blacks in this country. To elect the president. That the percentage of blacks in America is not. Large enough to vote for prefer white America voted in this election white America decided this election. They may not always be that way that is that way and now. Chris you're on WW a good evening. I. Hello Chris -- All right I'm just I'm a small business owner from New Orleans area and I was just call and ended it is because the effects of Obama care and -- -- that -- -- some anger among folks that are Republicans. There's so what -- what is it gonna do to your beautiful business. But you have over fifty employee you have either provide Health Care Reform more and they had 3000 dollar fine per employee. Just to make the numbers even if you have a hundred employees which we don't quite have that many bad just the -- We would have to pay 300000. Dollars. Time. So I mean that's that's incredible taxation. Why would anyone -- gonna ask are you -- this year if there is your business doing well. How well enough to pay 300 -- -- -- and actually why wouldn't you -- -- why would you wanna give your employees on health care. -- can't afford it we're gonna have to close some of our locations. And we're gonna have to try to get under their feet. In order to get stay in business and if you read a lot of business publications around the country. Everybody's making plans for how to do this situation. Because it's it's absolutely. Undo what you cannot pay that much. An extra taxes. And -- So I mean if I -- have a car to drive -- my kids. You know paper gas and -- -- So you can be going to have a business with so all these employees but you can't afford to give them -- health care behind. I know right now and if you went underwent 101000 dollars per employee. If you bought health care from blue cross. I mean do the man you just hit it mathematically impossible. Hurt small business to do that. Well so maybe one of the problems is that it's too expensive. And one of the reasons it's too expensive is because of of the contribution that patients have given to this lawsuit sand. It and I mean everybody has contributed to healthcare being out of control it I mean I I understand where you're saying but he shouldn't be that way it should be more affordable. -- indicative -- gonna make it more expensive. -- you know -- I mean bet that the worst thing you could possibly do to put the nation and it would pay but about an individual. We're the only civilized nation. That doesn't have health care -- warns that. I don't know. If I mean there was a time in my life and until recently that I I went years are when a couple of years without any health care insurance. And and I know what that feels like do you have you have health insurance. -- -- -- And then wait. We just great to do it I mean since I was in college back in the late eighties and I got out my mom always had. You got -- health insurance and back then it was like forty dollars a month. And over years and I'd a lot of money but you're addicted -- saying that and meet him but yet you. You're not helping your employees. Well or should I go bankrupt. No I'm a witness -- -- -- this is a discussion I mean I understand two I understand your dilemma. But that's not only my dilemma but that's the dilemma small business owners across -- -- and states. What who I mean -- -- -- if you ignore you on how to do it did. And then I've been to a two hour seminar obamacare and they most of it is or not sure yet we're not sure yeah. Pistol and shoot you sure everybody -- everything they are sure about it how to channel to whether or not you have fifty employees or not. And once you get to fifty. You're either -- and now add up like the number chip or employees to work ten hours each well that -- up one well it's really no way to get around it. Well then you're gonna have to believe that you will then you'll cut back in business so we'll know better that hurt the entire economy couldn't. Not I'm not only got to connect to do you really know this has got to -- the whole country either they're younger people. And you read in the news maybe they'd like some big restaurant chains are already planning on cutting everybody to know more than twenty hours. They're gonna have a bunch of part time employees. And there are there there are companies like Papa John's making millions and they don't -- provide health care for their employees they're worried about that I mean this is part of the whole American great concept. Well I think your twitch and I think it people. They should -- their own. You know -- really you paid him more would you pay them a little more -- the room and I went out -- up to be able to pay more. I mean but what happens is people make choices I was talking this summer employees. Are you can give catastrophic health care coverage per person but it pretty high deductible. For young person for seventy or eighty dollars a month. There we can't afford that. Well you're afforded so. You -- your -- I agree with you so that you make choices in life if you make choices and urge you. Well you can only blame you but so many people on our deciding now. Expect some and not been trying. I just heard about the -- on -- never heard it before I don't -- writer radio station next test but. I don't radio all the time that you keep your 3 o'clock like are you kidding me. Now that -- and NATO and. And and Chris in all honesty. The entitlement mentality transcends socio economic boundaries. It -- and -- -- dissident in the when I went to college back in -- Anyone in my political science class and I remember. There's just something special ops army remained they said basically. That democracy glad to long and it takes -- electorate. To figure out that they can vote compelled to share the public offer. And so we've almost got to that point in our society. -- I mean. That's what they're doing now Oden and so this year republic copper and eventually got like me. -- make a good live and work really hard. Are gonna quit put into the -- You know I mean period to decide you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that's our. You know watch it we're looking -- open it up another location. We decided well when our tax rate now. Having to pay athletic. And then taxes. Is just not where it. So really for the last two years people like me because of obamacare and all attacked situation I've not been investing because there weight issue. But if you have the means to go out of business and be fine in life then. You're set. Not really and I'm just willing to take. A lower amount of money into a different job. Joan I mean that and that's really what it comes down to -- were gonna make choices. I mean it initially and I I tell -- -- I totally understand your your your dilemma and I understand the dilemma of flow of every small business owner and put a lot of people in this country don't realize is small business drives the economy not big business not major corporations there. Collectively small business it it it runs this country and end. -- You'll see -- way you don't allow it where anybody what do you what do what do you what did you what did you think that Romney would do. Mean you think Romney would do anything to where it would probably really improve your plight in life is that this is owner. Probably not I think both parties there about this thing at this point he had he had his version of obamacare too is it a little different I mean. What I think it's. I mean you can say we haven't lost the country we have a lot of the country I know that I started discussion. The country is fundamentally different ended in a fundamentally different direction now than it was like in the seventies made. And it's it's been a direction that it's going to be hard to come out. You know I would tell him -- -- and last night I read an article. They're each person under the age of eighteen if you divided it up 2181000. Dollars per person. -- I know we've got some go to a bad debt. It didn't matter Romney is the President Obama the president. Debt debt is gonna do it sinks the ship. What happens is we're printing money like nobody's business it's like 8850. Million dollars a month. The QGQ and all we're gonna have inflation is -- that the best situation economically and there's a lot of people just sit around and don't realize. And then those people both. Not really understanding the economic situation. Can Chris Simon I have I have a little more optimism than you do but I enjoyed our conversation I took a break in and and good and good luck with your business and in and thanks for what you're doing for America -- providing jobs and that's a very important thing. We are already there thanks if -- -- say what is I'll get right back with your calls and more of your text coming up next. This is the -- show. Under the WLS. Good luck America you just voted for economic and spiritual suicide. Solis fools. A text from Ted Nugent. He also said. I cry tears of the line for the last best place and the warriors who died for this tragedy. If Ted Nugent. Refers to an election as a tragedy. That obviously this guy his -- pampered life. And doesn't know what tragedy really is for North Carolina dale you're into the W -- -- How do you or do you. Great thank you -- And if they want comedy -- yeah so the question who are those type. Look like they're firm control Arabian thirty years you'll be and delicately. Both food and he has. I'd like I'd like to be as rich and a buffoon as they are. -- -- -- I like -- how big a little bit. Everything is Barack Obama word and competence he really tobacco tax and not along actor that he -- our business. What was he telling the rest of America eating good do. It shouldn't. Well I don't think any president should do anything to her small business. As far as the tobacco tax I don't you know I'm not in favor I'm not a smoker. But I'm not in favor of smokers being punished as. Some citizens because they choose to smoke -- I have a lot of friends who smoke. I know it's not good for you. Point I -- I don't think because smokers there should be punished I don't think that our budget should be balanced in the back of those people who who smoke or. -- -- Alcohol. Okay. Okay well there but if you borrowed it there. -- and noisy that you just really got elaborate what I heard that I want. -- you were -- and that would respect to use. You don't have to respect maim and I'm glad you I'm I'm glad you called I I I just said I think there word there are you know the the idea that we have lost this country. I'm from Limbaugh and did this idea is that. America's slate had done in this is a tragedy. From Ted Nugent I mean these are ignorant comments we haven't lost in this country. Well he'd do everything opposite of what. President Ronald Reagan did little detective at crunch mobility and then what happens in the country. It's even that wouldn't happen until it -- -- he literally. That this country moving -- pure Reagan he's spent the morning. You know when he took care of the questions so you wouldn't -- -- -- similar rates. -- -- Probably not who -- we're in that's for certain. Well that's that that's true but this is what we do in this country we have free elections sand and even though many people disagree with the outcome. This is what we deal with and you deal with -- for four years. I I I think that I. I I I'm really hoping that this country heels and and comes together and you know deal honestly I'm. -- I'm I'm hoping that. Somehow we stopped defining ourselves as a liberals or conservatives and we define ourselves as Americans first. And I think the way. New Jersey governor Chris Christie has handled things in New Jersey and the way that he extended his arm to. The president because of the way the president was handling things. I think Chris Christie right now is a prime candidate for what I hope will be the mood in this country. In 2016. Okay. What are you Liverpool I hate I appreciate all of the public anger at me saying on this stating facts. I I I appreciate you called the show dale thinks -- -- in North Carolina if you're on hold just stay where this where common right back with more calls send. Target to a couple of these text -- coming up. It's the -- -- we push boundaries at night on WWL. Welcome back to our show look we're coming to the end of this hour if if you're on hold I'm gonna ask you to be patient Sammy got calls from. This area and all across the country if you're -- stay with a saga to your calls here when we come back our right after a brief news update. Here is a text that reads. That guy is wrong nobody -- seven dollars a month for private health insurance here's another text. And you just don't understand business and the cost of running wind. Just because someone owns is successful small business doesn't mean they're reaching can afford to ensure every going to. Or be able to just pay more -- no I I clearly understand that time. I I clearly understand that. But in a civilized nation though it is now.