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11-9 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Nov 9, 2012|

Dave talks about the Saints/Falcons game, the LSU/Mississippi State game, and the new James Bond movie

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Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition WW LR's it is November the ninth 2000 and wow it is finally TG -- half welcome -- Rotterdam. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This. Yeah. Again -- he's all right. If we needed the whole thing -- And that's a half ago ultimately from the beginning I. We go from the beginning if you won't again. -- -- -- -- -- -- All right we quantity eagle. Out of the ground the falcons. I sure would like to think so but I needle a few more amounts to have to work this out in my brain in this saves in the team that's whales. The perfect season but they hated hated Atlanta about fitness and national -- -- talking about the big south NFC rivalries. Maybe there is some indication the saints could spoil the party if the saints defense. Can bring the same kind of -- Sunday. That again Monday now on Michael things. Well that I think the -- Problem -- the Atlanta offensive -- Isn't a totally different class or they're in a different world and Eagles. Criminal Matty ice there all the time in the world if they gave him 479. Yards of offense I think I am. Before he was gonna find the end zone at the time for the Michael Vick yeah right. But that having all that said. If there is a team they can beat without him. Any rivalry. Condit's home field. Well -- -- -- to say it's right play out here -- these teams you know there and times of the records were so low. And -- like one win whatever and it's villains of being a battle. No matter who's got the about a program. That we will be. Sunday in the superdome. We'll get your prediction mr. Blake coming up in about twenty minutes right here Debbie WL first news guess where I just got back for a -- her. -- did at all but I'll be honest I didn't go see the movie. But I did go talk to people who saw the I needed a little like to sleep after that. Monday night game I went to this week after covering the election until after 1 o'clock in the morning this week -- don't forget the Monday Night Football games -- I was there to have to get started -- Average adding get out of the -- until midnight yeah I'm Monday. Then -- realize and adding get out of here until after 1 o'clock Wednesday morning from the election -- I really want to go through the midnight showing by. I just couldn't. But he did report for duty and James Bond getting rave reviews -- people who side. At elm wood at midnight and Alex do you what they had to -- coming up next few minutes here or carry about sky high. Ball I'm not gonna I'm not gonna hang around on this off all have those when in the back. Real soon my sons I'd been documenting cat tomorrow morning we maybe can't and that that early show -- 10 o'clock tomorrow as a plan. And all tickets you know five boxes. Before -- you know then you can spend the other fifty on the pop popcorn at the you know the price of the number two which is what I get is that the large popcorn and two large drinks what is and they get that 1985. Crazy and it was like 1295 a year ago it just keeps going up and up and now. It's like -- box first small Coke can thick that the that the -- detail why. You're -- you're thirsty you're just sit there for two hours of movie would not that he. You -- just people who smuggle it in its fiscal hole ladies who. Bring the popcorn in their -- like a bag full popcorn in their purse. 5:14 on your Friday -- the states can do it and they beat devout in text me right now it's 78 that he called me to six 1870 -- toll free 866889. Nearly seventy. And -- did -- do you feel about them on Saturday in Death Valley the last night game. Of the season. Talk about that as well with. Kristian -- coming up next here on WW LI MF them and I am also looking your weekend forecast. Size 18 on -- Friday morning welcomed us -- Some kind of bad and that's if the weather's gonna cooperate. Here's your Friday forecast mostly sunny today at a bit milder 74 for a high tonight partly cloudy. Lows near 52 on the North Shore and sixty south of the lake. For your Saturday partly cloudy skies we'll see highs hit in about 78. And on Sunday at 20% chance for a shower and warm for that saints day -- at 81. The Eyewitness News forecast sent Aaron meteorologist Laura backed out. This -- 44 at the international airport clearance 38 at the National Weather Service office in Slidell also another cool start to the morning Edwards thank you for calling WWL. Gonna say it spoil it for the falcons and pick up a win Sunday at the superdome. -- Burton that the -- -- should be respected but never matched this week. We did some ballot and let the American public they have good outlook report -- -- -- -- Power at world celebrate my candle that paltry gumbo and enjoy your birthday with the saints -- copyright two round thanks for Kanye on WW. You know you thank you gonna win. All there at the -- bring the patriot like eight Buick let -- night. They don't create a wonderful have a trained at -- trial. Right to money for his seventeenth at some confidence thing its fans vote -- a text message to donate 7870 to saints have. No chance it's. -- sideline reporter Kristian -- helped get us ready for the big game. Saints and falcons Sunday at -- the biggest rivals for the fans and the players Drew Brees. And SH are looking up at the dirty birds Atlantis sits atop the only division the conference and his entire league. You know so. Com. If we wanna get to where we wanna go. They stand in the way that it's an engineer delay an offensive tackles actually both missed practice for the second straight day. -- wideout Roddy White says Atlantic can go sixteen and -- run the table but it Will Smith what do you think those comments. Yeah I mean they ever -- and -- no hope for the girls Katrina and also a hot -- you know you know I think he's got a good look out of himself. Think you need to just take you want to Amazon. Atlanta is eight -- on the other -- a look at a climb out of three of five hole in the back half of the season the seventh ranked LSU tigers are home tomorrow night against the Mississippi State Bulldogs. Could the tigers suffer from -- angle -- a loss to Alabama last Saturday. WL simpler most of -- -- could be at some trouble -- I definitely think there's going to be a hangover I think it's just. And natural to have. Really basically have your entire season was focused on that team against Alabama and to end up losing -- the tiger to golf against the bulldogs tomorrow night at 6 PM right here. On WWL too angry way were on the road tomorrow taking on Memphis coach C jays team steadily improving this season looking for their third win of the year to 6 PM to golf. Tomorrow night for the wave coach money -- -- in the the world wants back in action. Tonight at home against the Charlotte Bobcats looking to atone for their abysmal shooting performance at a loss to the sixers on Wednesday night. It's one of those situations are great teaching moment. We're gonna take advantage of it and get ready for our next -- To ball from the high tonight at 7 PM on WWL FM at 105 point three playoffs begin at a football tonight across the state the top seeded five hey the rubble waiters. He -- he lost -- home against Lafayette. Its foray and a car is that to -- hosting Peabody magnet. Today at four undefeated as well as the fans in the pro myself and -- color analyst OK guys on hornets basketball on the BW LS 7105 point three starting at 7 PM. I'm Christie Garrett in -- early look at sports. Urgency right there after this timeout your prediction on four LSU. At home in Death Valley the last Saturday night's game. This season loss gonna get a feel for thinking about saints falcons activists. Sighs when he flying here Friday gave go and hang out with saints' sideline reporter Kristian -- on your radio Christian. Stuck LSU first its tires suffer a hangover they bounce back and get the big win Saturday night in Death Valley. A bit of one game by. And that you had done their talent that and that's that these statements in this slow start I think that all emotionally they spent last week in the way it turned out for. It's gonna have a residual affect the Logan. Over probably likely. -- we may be a little worried in the first half but they -- Fired off and storm back in a second -- yet that's exactly I would be surprised -- we get it you know really close ball game in the first -- -- people away. The fourth quarter -- members show up this week like he did last week ethics on the last week was that was a big steppingstone for him. In -- to take the next step as it is or one of their quarterbacks in college football league that's right. All right and how I feel and I know getting to your prediction in about 25 minutes on the saints in the falcons but how you feel and in general. About the saints heading into this game with the hated dirty birds were undefeated. Coming into this contest. They've been around -- Steve Lyle and I just like what I see from the states in terms of their preparation this weekend. And I'll get my prediction -- a little bit but positive. At this swagger is back thank you Christian talking about 25 minutes with more sports here on WWL. Harrell get double 07 reaction coming -- soon as well here at WWL right now. Get you to forecast in the general for weather center. Here's your Friday forecast mostly sunny today at a bit milder 74 for a high tonight partly cloudy. Lows near 52 on the North Shore and sixty south of the lake. For your Saturday partly cloudy skies we'll see highs hit in about 78. And on Sunday at 20% chance for a shower and warm for that saints day highs of 81. For the Eyewitness News forecast that Aaron meteorologists larva tell. 44000. Or 38 north of the -- Coming up game over for some Navy SEALs accused of divulging secrets that video game maker. Didn't make that last three minutes right now it's. I've -- -- bots opportunities and we say good morning to WWL dot com tigers columnist Jeff alarm -- I'm doing well how tiger is -- -- coming off of that last minute loss to top ranked Alabama they bounced back RB hung over Saturday night. And they welcome Mississippi State in the bulldogs did -- now. Well what while some players are as set all the right things this week that they're going to be ready for this game but I really think human nature. Is going to be eighty. There's nobody in a bullet some sort of -- or some sort of wiped out to really find your -- -- prepare your whole season. And he's done one game in beating Alabama coming up short -- game it it can be hard for it seemed to move. And be ready for Mississippi State just the fact of life -- it's going to be very difficult for them to bullet that. Well Kristian -- seems to think that they have a rough first half but LSU bounces back in the second half and puts it back together do you think that may be the case. Epic that's that department thank him in the game it can be a little sluggish. And that might very well be your true but. You know I think for that team is it's going to be struggle on Saturday night I really do I think they entered. There's going to be an emotional letdown I think you get a deal on the stand that it's going to be you know -- for the entire game majesty's first -- And I bottom line your prediction on final score. -- Celtic tiger's record count that in Mississippi State now period impact the bulldogs -- like that the and that's what he wants. Portrait artist sluggish tiger team topsy less talented bulldogs team read more of what Jeff thanks and it's five things to look born Saturday night's game. At WWL -- count thanks Jeff had yourself a great weekend man. It is doubtful I'm alive and direct from Matt -- I'm more on a Navy SEALs in trouble over a video game. CBS says that David -- at UW WL first news we'll hear from James Bond fans and get -- prediction as well for his saints and falcons. 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WW -- news it is the ninth it is November it is 2000 wow man it's TGI -- be some doubts Rotterdam and yeah. -- -- -- -- -- Well thank -- replied. Yeah. And yeah -- boom boom yeah. -- hold all around. Okay okay okay I. Everybody come on around the breakfast table round -- Center. -- closet every minute round. Stats are right are the states coming against us now stands. Any advance setting up big old trapped in the Mercedes-Benz. Superdome. Text messages today 7870. We are -- them very confident saints fans wanted -- think 31 Atlanta seventy. Those that did asserted noticed craft -- now hold painless is coming in it -- -- goal. Think when he far fountains dance seventeen new Kodak. Dirty birds can't fly with a broken wings and otherwise because of what they claim a falcons who. The fifth. Hello one of those guys players that -- is no -- -- -- played each other and allow the athletes the teams in the off the man. Yes and -- at the city of Atlanta just a football team. I did think it was like well. Put a lot of thought under I've got the falcons scoring 28. Points in this game and landing eight points potent. Matty I now fans the -- code and so although we do regularly there on the wrong thing but we're gonna prompt more well. Men. Get a late field goal in a nail biter 31 to 28 cents -- 31. When he eight. Saints spoil the falcons undefeated season they -- only lost on the beautiful portrait they've gotten a the runners Riyadh. Are you think it happens sun today in the super down I like that to noon game I know the saints they're like. Magic on Monday -- pride but can't play the game on Monday night and I guess noon on Sunday gonna have to do go away too in the dia. -- -- -- -- -- Our right we got big box office opening this weekend. At -- Two movies only opening the box office this week. Now commander bond yeah we dare put anything up against him some bond's loyalty to end his tested as her past comes back to haunt her. And is. Now -- double 07 must track down and destroy. The rats no matter how all personal. That cost sky follow opens also opening Lincoln. There are nuts you know lankans looks like just a well made heavy duty -- of land like a -- a big book as a civil war continues to rage America's president struggles with continuing carnage on the battlefield. And as he fights with many insiders. His own cabinet on the decision to emancipated the slaves now it doesn't open. Everywhere blanket and -- but it starts. Opening this weekend it'll expand. Coming up next weekend. Now I don't think truces. -- this is a no brainer who is out of that rather bond has a big big goal weekend. I love and to was of the Javier board team. Plays the evil guy yes and I was talking to about two hours ago coming out of me who's out at midnight. Said that he is an amazing -- yeah. Fantastic owed by the way the bond girls. But I didn't see that -- people whose side -- -- that's a surprise us not Don Nelson would have thought. All right do you are predicting bond will be number line over the current top five of racquet Ralph light argot of the man with iron -- and taken to. And -- -- -- -- -- and the saints pick up a nice victory. And not another one on the -- I think maybe you might be right finally this time on the box -- you've been struggling there and I'm hoping that your right again on -- -- our guys thank -- David what's it about twenty minutes -- -- person is Chris -- -- talk into The Who dat nation and joins -- with that as well coming up at the top of the hour. I'm doing soaking up this time yesterday I was sitting in the shaded in junior high school football game -- meteorologist Laura but well -- And I was shipped her name is cool but I walked out of as stadium into the sunlight and I felt much better. I and that's why -- yesterday that you know long piece probably for most of the day can I mean -- eight state pretty cool and it's pretty cool to start today as well yeah. Think we were in the upper thirties in Slidell and Hammond were right about 44 in this city. That upper forties and home and I'll say that it. Chile right in the warmup beginning at him through today you know really does organized decent mid seventies to about seventy fours so this -- so. If yesterday was too cool. Today will be just about perfect still plenty of sunshine -- few clouds -- Democrat on but it will feel -- T it's not too hot not too cool hopefully just right -- will be just right and -- -- -- -- -- and by race Saturday and Sunday we get kind of -- yeah we get around eighty out of both date -- percent in the -- right about eighty both Saturday and Sunday and dry Saturday but -- -- of rain on Sunday just 20%. And it's worthy after hours most likely along the coastline so I don't want -- still caters to worry too much about that -- chance. Definitely be for the game much like a game. Half hour here there and maybe just a little faulty before it became too you know -- sometimes that dense fog could be with -- pre fronts and a front coming through on Monday so. Sunday heading to the don't depend on how early get out there there may -- some fog around the nasty weather possible one month -- possibly out strong front on the -- Monday will be stronger storms Monday should pass through which with much cooler air for Tuesday and Wednesday. Our I'd rather rollercoaster ride continues continues as always that. And as always in the I -- some advice for it by. Lots of advice why app free I unsolicited come line if you're tired and you're near cornfield yeah. Not a good idea to go way down in the cornfield. Well. I don't know lie well I'll tell you okay because a combined may run you over the belt and I -- -- well -- -- -- sister -- law. It napping in Montana corn will. Was run over by a large harvesting machine. -- and all that any day he's lucky to be alive in here comment is that let me tell you those things are not quiet and now apparently -- man -- traveling the country by bias. And that attitude take it Rask stopped in three rows of corn was three rows deep in the cornfield on the outskirts of Billings Montana. -- -- a farmer harvesting. -- has -- -- hits something. And heard screaming I would tank -- machine. And found the man had been the close by the -- technologists shredded to pieces no amazing. Officials are saying it they can't believe he wasn't just cut and -- -- -- but he was. In snarled in the ladies' clothing ripped -- he does need to string skin grafting and -- But incredibly lucky they describe it as he survive. And in -- for Friday morning -- yeah it did the last pleasantly taken map. Is an accord that yes yes. You know that probably would have been -- in late for me but -- he definitely solidify that that I will ever be yet in the corn field. Or cotton field or -- -- -- -- when I'm tackling -- you hear about it and that's railroad tracks -- bad idea. And it. -- let me -- -- cloudy could be made it popular in the last I've -- get a good thing happen. -- have a great weekend you know think now what you predict how. Actually think we're gonna go into overtime in this game I think it can be one of his theory dramatic -- -- went by three in overtime and I shouldn't even ask you. A Bulldog you against the tigers then. -- fair weather fan and I look. Apple dogs so you can I don't think they'll lose well. That I'm -- pot you'd think your alma mater beat you know he never oh thank you navigate. Great weekend anyway. About now live in Iraq. From the Eyewitness News forecasts and it will get Kristian garic saints prediction he -- think that tiger's way and when it is saints prediction that the. Sports time now I'm WWL let's bring in saint sideline reporter Kristen -- -- take it away mr. -- With -- lineman Zach -- battling a groin injury Charles Brown will likely get his chance at right tackle Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons at home quarterback Drew Brees has -- Just fine now he gets a week actually craft you know prepare he knows he's playing tackle the and -- for for however long you know we -- -- we need be and think he's gonna do their job. Saints defensive end junior -- missed the second straight day of practice yesterday with an ankle injury. So what's been made of the saints and falcons rivalry coach Joseph bit -- nut by night I don't know about the robbery in fact I really don't I don't know. I don't think we have a pep rally and bonfire -- anywhere you know. I know that there are highly skilled football team the rivalry gets underway Sunday at noon right here on state radio the seventh ranked LSU tigers currently download after their loss. To Alabama last week Ellis who was back in Death Valley tomorrow night against Mississippi State Bulldogs. WWLs Jeff Palermo -- tigers over the loss Alabama but it's just human nature. After we don't want -- to do something so badly as they wanted to beat Alabama and not to accomplishing it. And now they came to go to the SEC championship game the tigers and bulldogs kick off at 6 PM tomorrow night. Right here on WWL the Tulane green wave on the road tomorrow to get on Memphis the hornets -- back and active tonight against Charlotte at home and hide the hornets are hoping to get topic Anthony Davis back on the court soon still waiting. -- cleared after suffering a concussion last week tip off. Tonight in the high between the hornets and bobcats on WW LS and at 105 point three. Starting at 7 o'clock -- football post season underway tonight across the state class 38. Fourth seed Roger at home against -- -- to eight John Curtis the number one seed there on their home turf against Pope John Paul the second today at four -- -- to be well as the fans in the pro. Put myself. And -- color analyst so you guys John hornets basketball against the bobcats on the VW LF in the 15 point 3 at 7 o'clock Kristian -- WW wells. Ports -- Christians at tonight's 62 timeout and then your prediction home for the saints in the falcons some -- techsters at 8787. Year making -- to crush the -- Matty ice that is as one of those as best time to play the falcons were riding the momentum. Most of the game will be closed with New Orleans leaving. And Atlanta and the cost of pulling it out but this saints. We'll find a way and eked out a victory -- saints will be damned dirty birds. And noses. Monday its bags he came alive and expect the same Sunday Matt Ryan will be running for his life. Who wound act. -- -- What's up for the next aren't upon you and analyzing about the saints falcons game yes absolutely and not back -- my -- -- strategy and I'm hoping for the best but preparing for the hours. It's gonna evacuate now Novak well. At least in my home. I don't know I don't know that it did exactly what it needs. Hoping for the best prepared for the worst we'll talk about steer the carjacked on. And more. Course a lot of things happy Friday.